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Sexy Mandy Gulps a Black Boy’s Nut

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“A Lesson In Using A Mouth Organ”

“Damn it, DeShaun, suspended again!” fumed our lovely platinum blonde-haired Mandy Collins. “This is the third time in three months.”

Mandy Collins, a renowned porn star and business entrepreneur paced the dining room, upset with her adopted son.

Ms. Collins, always socially conscious, had adopted the eighteen-year-old black teenager. After her twin boys and adopted son, Jamal went away to college, and Mandy felt it was her duty to adopt a healthy black teen to give him a boost in his ghetto everyday life.

“Mother, it wasn’t my fault this time. I don’t know how your magazine got in my locker.” complained the muscular DeShaun. His smile all pearly white teeth and charming. “They are always on my ass because I’m your son and black.”

DeShaun craned his neck to watch as Mandy leaned over the dining room dish nook, searching the drawers for her cigarette lighter. Her white silk kimona rode up above her tanned asscheeks, giving the teenager a cock stiffing view of her butthole and smooth hairless split peach of her cunt.

Turning to face her son Mandy tapped her long lacquered nails on the oakwood surface. Lighting her Sherman Black and Gold cigarette with her found gold lighter, she took a long, thoughtful pull on her black cigarette.

Cupping her elbow as she smoked, she exhaled duel streams of smoke from her perfect nose. Giving the boy an amused smile as she licked her lips.

DeShaun grinned and shook his head, knowing what was coming next. Mandy leaned on the table, resting her magnificent 38DD boobs on the polished surface. Her movement made the creased kimona lapels drape open, giving the boy a delightful view of Mandy’s deep cleavage.

The teenager enjoyed how three strands of white pearls disappeared into the canyon created by the twin cantaloupe titties. Licking her full red lipsticked lips, Mandy exhaled a perfect ball of smoke in DeShuan’s direction.

“What am I going to do with you?” asked Mandy, a lascivious twinkle in her green eyes as her pink tongue tip worked the corner of her inviting mouth.

She stood up, and the silk robe fell open, exposing her slightly rounded mommy belly and tanned thighs. Her bald pubic mound protruded like a plump peach., ripe and waiting for closer inspection.

DeShaun stood up, and patted his washboard belly, then hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his Nike basketball shorts. Smiling, he worked his thumbs along the elastic circling his torso.

“You! Young man have been a very naughty boy!” purred Mandy biting her lower lip in anticipation of DeShaun’s next move. She traced her blood-red nails across the polished wood as she stepped around the table.

The lump in the eighteen-year old’s shorts pulsed. DeShaun had a thing for women karataş escort bayan in spiked heels, and the clear acrylic skyscraper cum fuck the hell out of me sandals Mandy was sporting had his cock begging for release.

DeShaun watched the white kimono drop to the floor, and his new mom’s hot cougar body was on display in all it’s naked glory. The strands of white pearls hung between his mom’s big titties, pointing to the wonderland between her thighs.

Mandy loved this little game she was playing with DeShaun. She felt the old familiar flip flop in her tummy that she felt in the company of a stiff young prick.

Her vagina was turning into a wet juicy mess, just thinking about that hard black cock she was playing hide and seek within those Nike shorts.

Frenching a mouth full of the gold filter-tipped cigarette smoke, Mandy slowly let the smokey exhale flood across her full breasts.

She thought back to the day the probation officer had delivered DeShaun Thomas on her doorstep. Mandy was delighted with her hand-picked personal plaything. Her friend, the assistant D.A., told Mandy the young blood was either going to the Collin’s house or the U.S. Army, and she could help him out of the jam he was facing.

Mr. DeShaun was a smart ass and had an aversion to finishing high school, and Mandy was determined to make the bastard graduate, and she had to admit having a stiff cock at her beck and call was worth all the problems with the kid.

Standing in front of the teenager, Mandy placed her cigarette between her red pouty lips, then touched her hands to the boy’s hairless chest. Tracing her sharp nails across his brown nipples, she felt him stiffen.

“You like that, Mr. Naughty?” smirked Mandy with a smokey whisper.

DeShaun reached up and cupped her big breasts, his thumbs worrying the erect thumb thick nipples. This made Mandy whimper softly. She blinked her eyes, looking at the black boy/

“You .like that, Mrs. Naughty?” he laughed, squeezing her firm titties, “Who’s punishing who?”

Mandy stamped her spiked sandals like an impatient school girl, “You Daddy!” she hissed, raining moist red lipstick kisses on the black skin of his chest. She kissed her way up his neck till she found his open lips, then she French Kissed him her long tongue, searching the boy’s open mouth.

DeShaun tasted the older woman’s cigarette smoke and her spit. Mom’s Mandy always had a particular taste to her mouth when she was hot.

It was a coppery cinnamon taste. The first time Mandy had kissed him, he knew it didn’t take much to get the juices flowing. Mandy had kissed him when the D.A. had dropped him off and five minutes later had her hands in his shorts.

“You bastard, you make karkamış escort bayan me wet!” growled Mandy moving her mouth down to his nipples. “I’m going to suck you off!”

“Of course you are bitch! You love DeShaun’s cock.” the black eighteen year old laughed as he watched Mandy kiss her way down to his belly. Her mouth was tattooing his smooth skin with red lip prints.

Reaching the waistband of his Nikes, Mandy bit the elastic yanking the shorts down.

The black teen grunted when Mandy’s mouth couldn’t pull the shorts over the lump in the material.

“Better us your fingers, mom, we got a meeting with the principle in one hour,” he added, humping his crotch in Mandy’s beautiful face.

Hovering her tanned asscheeks over her spiked heels as she squatted, she tugged the Nike’s to his ankles in a swift downward jerk.

“Whoa!” hissed Mandy when DeShaun’s erection whiplashed between his thighs, finally resting on her shoulder, “Oh God, every time I see that cock I want to call 911!” laughed our porn queen.

Mandy loved black cock and be damned if the boy doesn’t have the sweetest slab of black pork this side of Long Beach. She could feel the juices welling up in her belly.

Grasping the uncircumcised head of his baby-maker in her long red nails, Mandy pushed the shaft upward against DeShaun’s belly.

Touching her black cigarette to her pursed lips, Mandy positioned her free arm next to the mammoth cock resting against the boy’s stomach. A crude measurement, but Mandy saw the penis was as long as her forearm wrist to elbow measurement crude.

“Oh God, Sweetie, you’re a national treasure!” whimpered Mandy dropping her cigarette on the marble floor tile. “Gotta get you in the porn business.”

“Kiss it bitch!” DeShaun ordered his adoptive mother as he watched her spider walk her finger’s up the length of the black prick. When her long sharp red nails reached the shawl of the foreskin, she milked it back, exposing the golf ball-sized glans.

“Yes, Master D!” she purred, planting a wet smooch on the dark maroon tip. Smearing her lipstick across his urethra, she then searched the tiny lipped peehole with the pointed end of her tongue.

“Ahhhhhhhh, Fuck! Damn Lady, you know all the right spots!” grunted DeShaun, bucking his youthful hips. “Suck my black prick. Suck it like you was a teenager!”

Mandy smiled and thought I’ve had enough of this shit. She cupped the wrinkled pouch of his testicles, sinking her sharp nails into the skin, molesting his tender young eggs.

“Oh God, Mandy!” he screamed, his muscular torso spasmed, forcing a substantial pearl of pre-fuck out of the cum slit. The droplet clung for dear life, then dangled in slo-mo.

Holding her kilis escort bayan open hand under DeShaun’s weeping pee hole, she caught the clear semen, letting it pool in her palm.

“Deshaun, you’re full of it!” laughed Mandy licking the baby juice out of her hand like a sexy kitten lapping warm milk.

“Cum, that is!” Mandy giggled, taking another cigarette from the table. Taking two short snap inhales, she placed her moist hand next to her left fist.

Holding the gold filter tip against the shaft, Mandy gripped the teen’s erection in a vise-like grip.

“Time for Mr. Thomas to bust his nut!” she groaned wanking the young man.

Lacing his finger’s behind his neck, DeShaun gave his mom free rein on his porn star prick. He could feel his orgasm coming on like a runaway locomotive when he looked at the beautiful blonde masturbating him.

Mandy’s pussy was beyond wet. Her vagina was an oozing sperm depository. No matter how many cocks I have had in my mouth and cunt I can’t wait to have fresh young meat, she thought,

Teabagging one of the hanging testicles, she bathed it with warm spit. She was tasting freshly showered skin. She sucked one nut into her hungry mouth, as she nibbled on the leathery ballsack enlisting soft whimpers from the black youth.

Working the stiff black cock shaft, Mandy could feel the pulse of blood coursing through the veins road mapping the young man’s erection. The lad’s cock was alive with blood pumping through its shaft.

“Oh, Fuck, Mom! I’m close! Gonna cum!” DeShaun groaned, feeling Mandy’s small hands wank his cock. She rolled the foreskin over the head then milked it back again.

“Oh, Shit! Oh, Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” he cried out, his knees buckling as he started to cum. The teen’s penis slipped through Mandy’s fists quickly, her cigarette filter still pressed against the wrist-thick shaft.

The first spurt of semen erupted in a jet of cum that arced over Mandy’s shoulder, splattering across the tabletop

“Cum, Sweetie! Cum for Mandy!” she laughed, moving her head, trying not to miss the second round of jizz firehosing into her open mouth. “Goooood Cock! Good Cum!”

The third and fourth ropes of ejaculate hit Mandy in the cheek, the final dollops of semen snot splashing her heaving titties, glazing them with creamy droplets.

Squeezing DeShaun’s cock, Mandy smiled, showing her adopted son the mouthful of goodness coating her tongue. She gulped the black baby nut and dramatically smacked her cummy lips.

“Get dressed, honey.” purred Mandy in between drags on her cigarette. ” I have to convince your principal to let your sweet black ass back in school,” she added, tasting the dregs of his sperm on her tongue.

“Do you think a blow job will do the trick?”

Leaning down, DeShaun kissed Mandy, his tongue touching hers.

“It’s Mrs. Daniels, Principle Kelly Daniels. ” laughed DeShaun. “I don’t think a blow job will cover it, mother.”

Mandy clapped her hands, “Looks like I’ll be having a little taste of Daniels on my lunch menu.” she giggled playfully slapping the flaccid slab of meat between DeShaun’s thighs.

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Night Out

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Clarification: All characters in the sex scenes described in this work of fiction are above the legal age of consent in your state or country.

* * * * *

“You’re not fucking going out like that, you slut!” Screamed Bunny’s mum as she made her way to the door of their small flat. “You look like a fucking whore!”

“Oh fuck off, Mum!” Bunny screamed back at her mum. “I’ll wear what I fucking like!”

“Or not wear! Don’t you have any fucking knickers? Or are you gonna show your cunt to every fucker?”

“Fuck off!” Sneered Bunny. “You can’t tell me what to fucking do or wear!”

She glanced at her image in the hall mirror, half of which was obscured by piles of old magazines her mum hadn’t bothered to chuck out. Her face was heavily mascara’d and her lips were painted a very deep purple, but no amount of make-up could disguise the dark freckles around her nose and forehead. Her light brown hair was pulled off her face and held back by a large clip. Although they couldn’t be seen in the mirror, she sported brown, rubber-sole boots laced half-way up her calf. She also wore a black sleeveless tee-shirt with the word ‘CUNT’ artistically arranged in the middle of it, but it wasn’t that which annoyed her mum. It wasn’t her fault if the old cow couldn’t keep up with fashion, but Bunny knew that if you didn’t flash the gash in this neighbourhood you were fucking nobody, girlfriend! And it wasn’t as if she shaved it like some tarts. She kept the hair long enough so you had to get real close to be sure you could see the lips and clit and all. And her inner lips didn’t drop out like some fucking inner tube like some sad bitches.

“Don’t be back late!” yelled her mum, as Bunny slammed the door behind her and made her way out of the estate, past the graffiti on the walls and discarded needles and rubbers in the gutter, towards the spot by the park where she and her gang would meet for their night out. And there they were, or at least some of them, hanging out by the park bench near the lamp post where they’d carved their gang’s initials.

There was Puss, with her shaved gash, fat-thighed Rosanne and skinny, hairy twatted Dilly. The three girls sat around bored and sullen, knickerless, booted and with similar sleeveless tee-shirts. Puss looked up from her desultory stroking of the smooth shaven skin of her crotch and smiled at Bunny as she approached.

“Yo, Bun! Give it up, Girl!”

“Hey, girlfriend. Wassup?” responded Bunny kissing Puss on the cheek.

“Tongues, slut. Giss the tongues. Then I know you love me!”

“Just the tongue?” wondered Bunny, but giving Puss the full-on tongue to tongue that marked the gang’s closeness. The warm, liquid, toothy taste of burger. She pulled Puss to her as the two battled their tongues together.

“Hey, tart! Don’t you love me, too?” asked Dilly, pushing her face into the melee. “Giss tongue!”

And there the three were, watched by Rosanne who liked a bit of tongue but not so much as the others, as they took tongue to cheek to tooth, and rubbed each others’ backs as they did so, hands under each others’ tee-shirts, until, a few minutes later, their tongues sore from the probing, they pushed each other off and sank back onto the park bench.

“So, how’s it, Bun?” asked Rosanne, puffing on her joint. “Good day at school? Fucked any good boys?”

“Wouldn’t you fucking like to know, Ro?” Bunny replied. “My cunt’s so fucking sore and so fucking dripping you couldn’t tell it apart from fucking brillo.”

“Yeh. Right!” Rosanne agreed, not pursuing the subject further.

The four girls squeezed together on the bench staring out across the park as the shadows grew longer over the grass, the odd glint reflecting from the discarded condoms and broken glass. It was gonna be a normal night out tonight, Bunny could see. Her and her gang, and maybe the other girls, Snoot and Lizzie, out in the park with a few beers, a few boys and a few laughs. But just now there was nothing much to do. No drugs, ‘cept the blow that Dilly passed round, and no sex, ‘cept the tongues that didn’t really count. Fuck it! If it weren’t in the twat, it weren’t nothing.

“Hey, Bun! Girlfriend! It’s lager time,” Dilly asserted. “We want some amber in the long tubes. And sweetheart. Hey. Don’t you know it? It’s your turn!”

“Oh fuck it! I’m sure it was last time.”

“Don’t fucking lie, you cunt!” disagreed Puss, pushing her pale face into Bunny’s. “It’s your turn, and you fucking know it. It was me last time. And I still can taste Mo’s fucking sperm in my mouth!”

Bunny concurred reluctantly and just as reluctantly made her way to Mo Patel’s Liquor Store, a run-down establishment not too far from the park. She hung around outside, puffing a ciggie while Mo served a customer, examining her skinny reflection in the window. Finally, and not before fucking time, the old man Mo had been serving shuffled out, and before the door slammed shut, Bunny burst in, discreetly turning round the card reading ‘Open’, so that it now read ‘Closed’.

“It’s tittie Gaziantep Escort İlanları time!” Bunny announced, pulling up her tee-shirt to show off her long nippled, but otherwise rather small breasts. Mo, a stout Asian who clearly needed a sharper razor blade with which to shave his chin, smirked at the sight of a girl more than young enough to be his daughter.

“You’ll be wanting more of the usual, you rascal?” he asked. “It’s not gonna be no cheaper.”

“Yeah! Yeah!” agreed Bunny, stepping around to the back of the shop where Mo was leading her, and grimacing as he pulled down his pants and jockeys to reveal a fat, heavy prick already swelling with anticipation. “Let’s fucking get down to it!”

And so, behind the bamboo netting which divided the beer cans and packets of Marlboro from those in the store room, Bunny got down on her knees on the rough nylon rug, wiped her lips with the back of her hand and got down to business. A blow job was all it cost for an armful of ciggies and lager, and a blow job was what Mo was getting. He leaned back, supporting his bulk on a chipped, wooden table as Bunny ran her tongue up and down the length of his prick, stroking his balls with her fingers, and watched it grow and swell, the veins pumping up and pressing contours into her lips. And then, mouth fully open, she pulled his prick into her mouth while his heavy, hairy hands groped around her tee-shirt for the tiny titties he so enjoyed massaging. Bunny’s mind was as much on this prick as it was on thoughts of her school day and the boys she’d fucked with and how different their younger, smoother pricks were to this old fuck’s. And then she felt the spasms of his penis, and knew that she had to move fast to both release Mo’s come and to stop him staining her black tee-shirt. She didn’t want Mo’s sperm on the ‘CUNT’ on her chest anymore than she’d want it on the cunt between her legs.

And soon she was back with the gang, laden down with Marlboros, Bensons, Kronenbergs and Buds. Snoot and Lizzie had turned up now and were sitting on a patch of grass, passing joints around. Snoot was totally bald, more the result of chemotherapy for her leukaemia than as a fashion statement, and Lizzie was wearing one of her floppy hats which obscured most of her face, and above all the scar over her eye she’d got at that night club once.

“Yo, girlfriend!” Snoot cried. “Liquid refreshment. Gimme! Gimme!”

“Yeah. Wow! Give it up girl!” chorused Lizzie, scratching the ragged strands of her crotch.

And so the evening proceeded, six girls in the park, necking it down, choking on nicotine, phlegming on the tarmac and pissing by the bushes. The blow made them giggle, the beer made them piss and the dusk turned them into shadows.

“Fuck! My cunt itches!” declared Lizzie. “What it needs is a good seeing to! Ain’t there no dicks round here when you need one?”

“What you need is the good old lip suction, baby,” diagnosed Puss. “I’d do it, but I’m too busy rolling a fat one. How’s about you, Bun? D’you need some fish supper after Mo’s hot dog and juice?”

Bunny was more than obliging. The taste of cunt wasn’t an offer she’d often turn down. “You just hold me off, Puss. There ain’t nothing in the world that I couldn’t do more with than rock salmon pie!”

Lizzie’s wasn’t the tastiest vagina she’d ever tongued. That honour was still held by Dilly, but Dilly was never as keen as Bunny was. But Lizzie’s was a good one. Still quite smooth lipped, nothing hanging out, and the hair was relatively short so it didn’t get up her nose like Rosanne’s did. Bunny was on her knees a second time this evening, while Lizzie spread her knees allowing Bunny’s tongue full access to the folds and smells of fresh young vulva. As she busied herself, ass out in the air, knees resting on grass, passers-by could easily see what she was up to and discreetly averted their eyes so as not to attract the taunts and insults of the Westmoreland Park Posse.

“So, girlfriend. What’s it tonight?” speculated Puss, lighting up her joint. “Cod? Haddock? Roe?”

Bunny raised her head: saliva and warm cunt juice trickling down her tongue. “Nah! It’s the finest caviar! You can see the little black eggs in there!”

“I fucking hope not, Bun!” exclaimed Lizzie. “I ain’t had nothing wrong with me down there for weeks. And I ain’t never had warts neither. Not like fucking Snoot.”

“They weren’t warts!” Snoot disagreed. “I don’t know what it was, but it weren’t warts!”

And then the girls were back together huddled in the dark, jeering and laughing and cackling and puffing and swigging. Bunny was feeling a little shagged. A blow job and a tonguing and she was already a bit tired. Her mouth ached, but her cunt itched, so she knew there was more to do tonight to satisfy her urges.

“Oi!” shouted Puss. “If it ain’t that fucking prick tease Stephanie Dolores!”

Bunny looked up from the top of her bottle of Becks that she’d been contemplating the past ten minutes. Indeed there she was, Steph, the girl from school with the plaits who sat in her class and came top in almost every fucking test. Although she was so obviously a different class of girl to her mates and herself, Bunny always felt somewhat in awe of her. In fact, as she watched Steph approach, grabbing her shoulder bag close to the blouse which came below her breasts, but showed off her slim waist, she felt a strange feeling that she was sure was because she’d drunk too much strong lager. Steph’s long white legs strode by, a pair of white panties hiding not much thigh but all of her crotch, and small black lace-ups from which Steph’s sweet white cotton socks clung to her ankles.

“Oi! Stephanie!” shouted Dilly. “You not gonna greet your school chums, then!”

Steph looked up, perhaps because she was so rarely addressed by her full unabbreviated name, took in the faces of the girls, and then lowered her face and quickened her stride.

“You’re a fucking cunt, ain’t you!” swore Snoot. “No fucking manners!” She jumped up and ran over to Steph as she strode away, and then let loose a stream of piss which stained Steph’s polished black shoes, dampened her white cotton socks and splattered on her slim long calves. Steph strode off faster, not daring to look back. The girls started laughing and shouting and calling her names. All of them, that is, except Bunny who was actually blushing from a strange sense of shame which didn’t often trouble her, but did on this occasion.

Still, any residual sense of reserve she had was soon gone when Grolsch and Shadow spotted them later as they were coming home from wherever they’d been. The two lads were clearly a bit high on something, but not something that had fucked them up too much. “Hey, it’s the fucking fucking girls of Westie Park!” Grolsch cried, gripping a can of beer in his hand.

“If it ain’t the fuckers of fuck who cares where!” replied Snoot. “Or ain’t you fuckers no more?”

“We can fuck, girls,” Shadow countered. “We can fuck any slut or whore who wants the fuck of her fucking life.”

Bunny smiled. She quite liked Shadow and Grolsch. They weren’t as bad as some boys, though you couldn’t call them gentle. But they weren’t too rough either. Both of them were quite slim, in their black vests and thong-shaped cod-pieces that both hid and emphasised what they had to offer to a girl who might be feeling hard up. Like the girls they wore rubber-soled boots, but these mothers came higher up the calves and could kick the shit out of any cunt who crossed them.

But it was a fucking that Bunny wanted, and what she got along with the others, in the dark shadows of the bushes. Shadow’s prick was long and thin and black, just like the man himself: good for the ass and good up the front too. And in it was, his favourite hole, though not really Bunny’s, humping back and forth while Puss licked at his balls and Lizzie ran her tongue over her face. Soon the salty taste of saliva, which slightly itched against her cheeks were splattered with the warmth and stickiness of Grolsch’s own come; or that he’d not already loosed into Snoot. And the girls shrieked and yelled and cackled and swore as they took turns on the autumn grass under the dark skies. Bunny didn’t give a flying fuck what people thought of her and her mates. A good fuck was a good fuck, and she loved it. And then the night out would settle down with a few more tokes and a last tube of Bud as the boys and the gang collapsed in a heap under the half moon and the bright twinkle of the hovering space stations.

It was late. And her mum would give her an earful for it. But what did Bunny fucking care? You’re only ever young once in your fucking life!

In the morning, however, Bunny didn’t feel quite so smart, as bleary-eyed and hung over, she made her way to school on the bus, clutching her satchel and wearing the sweater and slacks that passed as a school uniform in this corner of Comanche County. She sat quiet and quite reserved when she saw Steph board the bus and pointedly sit on a seat by herself quite a way from Bunny. Oh no! thought Bunny. We dissed her last night. What should I do?

And then, quite uncharacteristically, Bunny got up out of her seat and approached the seat next to Steph’s. “Hey, Steph! Y’don’t mind if I join you?”

Steph looked up with barely concealed disdain, but had to go along with it. “No, of course not, Bunny. Feel free.”

“Look, Steph. I just wanted to apologise. You know? For last night and all. You know? When Snoot got out of hand. I mean it was just out of order. You know’t I mean?”

“Well, that’s very gracious of you, Bunny,” Steph replied, still looking ill at ease. “I wasn’t expecting an apology from you or any of your gang. But I can’t say I appreciated being urinated on.”

“No, o’ course not! Snoot’s just a bit wild like that. Must be the cancer and all, y’know. Makes her a bit wacked out.” Bunny wasn’t so bothered about a bit of piss herself of course, but she understood that it depended on the circumstances. It was one thing during a gang bang, and another when you weren’t ready for it.

“Are you sure it’s not the booze or the pills that make her like that?”

“Well, that and all, I guess!” smiled Bunny. “She’s a real wild gal!”

Despite herself, Steph smiled back and Bunny suddenly felt a thump of emotion catch her chest. Fuck! Steph was fucking gorgeous! Big smiling teeth in a wide red lipsticked mouth, that slightly retroussé nose and those pale freckles around the nostrils. Those girls from the better side of the park certainly knew how to look good. And as the girls chatted about school and teachers and tests and stuff, Bunny got to appreciate Steph even more. She was some sharp girl! Bunny just wanted to take Steph’s manicured hand in her own rather rough one and squeeze it tight. And maybe press her lips against Steph’s smiling lips. And maybe maybe maybe. After all. What delights did Steph have between her legs? And what would be the feel of her pale freckled skin against her own slightly olive flesh?

Oh fuck! What was she thinking? I mean, she liked girls. Well, girls were good. Not quite the real thing. I mean, there was no fucking dick to grab onto. But good nonetheless. A good rub together and a bit of tittie lick. Nothing better. ‘Cept, she was sure, a good hard fuck. But what she was feeling for Steph was something else. A kind of third thing. Not a feeling Bunny was really sure about. And she felt a kind of silliness and stupidity engulf her as she chatted and chatted with Steph with a kind of depth and openness she so rarely indulged with the girls in the gang. Even Puss. And Puss was her favourite girlfriend!

In the classroom, Bunny sat at the back by herself. Snoot had clearly not made it in today. And neither had Puss, but that was normal for her. However, not having her classmates around meant that she had a clear uninterrupted view of Steph who, as always, was right at the front of the class, right under the teacher’s nose, just next to that prissy Pru she was always sat next to. Pru wasn’t that bad-looking really, Bunny had to admit, even if she did wear glasses and all. She had long straight black hair and had a taste for pink and lavender clothes which matched well with her pale skin. But compared to Steph, Bunny could see that now, there was just no one at all in the classroom, or even in the whole fucking school, that could match her. Steph was a real babe, and she didn’t even seem to know it! Perhaps that was what Bunny was getting off Steph so strong. Whatever it was, it was strong, so fucking strong it hurt. Like a tightening of the chest and a flush on the cheeks.

“So, Bunny, what is the capital city of Canada?”

“You what?” responded Bunny, even more distracted than usual. “Canada? I dunno! Seattle, I s’pose.”

At this the rest of the class laughed at her ignorance. Normally, Bunny would react with at least a swear word and almost certainly a gesture, but today she felt quite subdued, even ashamed. What would Steph think of her? Not even knowing the capital of Canada. Perhaps she should have been paying more attention to the teacher rather than the girl sitting in front of him.

At lunchtime, while puffing at a Marlboro with some boys, Bunny could see Steph making her way out of the school gates by herself. At first she thought nothing of it, but as she saw the girl trounce off down the road with her plaits bouncing behind her, she suddenly thought better off it.

“Fuck it! I’ve forgotten something!” she lied to her friends as she ran out of the school throwing the half-finished cigarette away as she ran, hoping that she’d be able to catch up with Steph. She wasn’t sure why, but she knew she just had to chat with the girl. She couldn’t just let all that warm feeling in her just dissipate. Although it hurt, it was also warm and pleasant and squidgy. And, girl, you don’t pass up on a good thing!

“Hey Steph, you going anywhere in particular?” Bunny asked breathlessly when she caught up with her classmate.

“Well,” hesitated Steph, “not anywhere in particular. No. I just thought I’d go for a walk. Get away a bit. It’s a nice day.”

“You don’t mind if I come with you, do you, Steph?”

“Erm. Well. I mean, you’re not trying to trap me in some of your shit are you? Your friends aren’t waiting to attack me and piss on me again, are they?”

Bunny felt this retort like a smack on the face. She stood transfixed, somehow horrified that this girl who she, who she, who she quite liked, could think that she, of all people, could, y’know, could … Her face burned and she could feel some kind of a tear push against her eyelids. What the fuck was wrong with her?

Steph could see the genuineness of Bunny’s reaction, and she relented. “OK. I’m just going for a walk. Down to the canal. That OK with you?”

“Yeah, that’s sweet!” Agreed a somewhat relieved Bunny.

Conversation became more relaxed as the two girls walked along, Bunny on the best of her behaviour, not swearing or cursing that much, and hanging on every word that Steph uttered, enjoying the soft nasal burr of her voice, the lips as they opened and shut, and those shiny white teeth, clearly the better for all those years of having been encased in a metal brace.

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Ballet Lessons

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Mssr. Aubert was universally disliked by his students, but in an amicable kind of way. Having come from a traditional background, and knowing only the European way to be, the American girls found him uncaring and harsh; but he was growing older, beginning to grey, even, and so the girls sympathized with and respected him. His figure was slender and angular and he controlled every room he walked into while remaining mostly silent. His stone-cut Roman profile could not conceal a french glare or a serpent’s french tongue. A cold disposition came easily to him.

In his seriousness and professionalism, he had convinced everyone around him that he was that and that alone- without blood or warmth. He knew his pupils through his hands almost more than his eyes, knew their hips and collarbones, their thighs and buttocks and slender necks. But upon correcting her passe or arabesque, he was conscious not to make any blooming little college girl feel his humanity. And they didn’t.

At the same time- would he be a man if he had not, time to time, thought of the young flesh against the mirror? Or draped over the barre? Only one student truly lead Aubert to toe the line at which he could no longer leave these musings at home.

Elle was a fit girl- Aubert had no doubts. She had wide hips and a nice posterior, but he knew that these were tight, toned, and controlled. Even then, she had a softness about her body, a femininity that he had seen diminish in other pupils, that remained no matter how hard she worked. He knew this wasn’t the ideal for his line of work, but her grace was undeniable. Her face was pulled down in the middle, with an elegant, middle eastern expression. Her eyes turned down to her nose, her nose was sharply pointed to the earth as an arrow, and her smile made the shape of a V, like the bow of a ship.

She hardly spoke to Aubert, but when she did, she spoke pleasantly, looking up at him as a child might. Aubert was always on the hunt for little details of her life, glimpses of whatever went on- her little red car, the chachkis on her keychain, a glimpse of a young friend dropping her off at the studio. He felt that she had some money, probably roommates, probably some bottom ring job from which she wanted to climb. Perhaps Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort this was a projection of his own youth, but something repulsed him so slightly when he considered that dance was not her life or her future, but something on the side.

Aubert looked forward to Elle’s private lessons, but he could not shake the dread that they would culminate to something awful. Perhaps, he more feared that they would not. He hoped that she didn’t feel the want in his hands when he touched her, because for some reason, his whole body felt warmer in her company. She seemed oblivious, as he hoped she would stay. However, the inactivity, the irresolution, only allowed his obsession to grow. It did not help that it had been years since he had gone to bed with a woman. He’d begun to have dreams, over and over again, in which she’d let herself into his house, find him in his bed, and demand that he have her right there. And so he would, and as the two came close, he would dig his teeth into her neck and drink her blood. He’d wake up with his hair matted to his forehead and the feeling that all his blood was in one place.

It was a rough night before Elle’s next private lesson, and Aubert walked into the studio already hot all over, bothered, and dangerously hopeful. She spread a perfume in the air as she performed a fouette, in the center of the floor. He imagined her as a little doll in a music box.

“To the barre, please. Plie.” Eager to please, she glided almost as if in character to the bar and stood straight, tucking in her bottom. Lowering, lifting. Demi, stretch. Grand, stretch. Up and down. It was tradition in every company Aubert had worked in that the teacher would open a safety pin and patrol behind, shocking their dolls into formation. And so, Aubert brandished one of these from his pocket, plucked it open, and took close watch of her silhouette. The moment she dropped her bottom, he instinctively stuck the flesh of her thigh. Being so tense, he stuck the needle much deeper than he intended to, and she let out a yelp. Immediately, a red dot emerged on her tights.

“Desole! Desole, my dear, I did not mean to stick… so… deep.” As Elle rubbed the wound, wincing, the red dot grew. Aubert fell to his knees and put his face right up to it.

“That’s okay, I-“

Before she could finish her sentence, Aubert latched onto her flesh as a leech, and pressed his tongue against the dot. She gasped but did not move or object as he tasted her blood, even sweeter than it had been in the dream. He absently dug his fingers into the meat of her thighs as he bruised the wound further with his teeth. “Ouch” she said softly, leaning against the barre. He let go with his mouth, but held her leg and pressed his forehead against it.

“I’m sorry.”

Hesitantly, and to Aubert’s surprise, Elle rested her hand on the top of his head. “Is something wrong, Monsieur?”

“Only that perhaps i’ve soiled my career just now.”

“You need something, don’t you.”

“I do.”

Elle bent at the waist to turn Aubert’s head up at the chin and guide him to stand. “What is it?”


Full of pity, Elle ran her hand along his jaw. “Poor old man.” She moved her thumb to his lips, which parted slightly before carefully taking it in, biting down lightly, suckling. “You’re starved, aren’t you.” She slid her thumb out of his bite and leaned back onto the barre. “It must get tiring. Touching us all day and never being touched.”

“I only think of you this way. I’m so- I’m so sorry, I-“

“Don’t be sorry.” She tilted her head back, exposing her neck, looking over her nose at Aubert. “I have wants, every girl in this class has wants.”

“You have wants… right now?”

She only blinked.

He carefully stepped into her, placing a hand on her waist. When she didn’t waiver, he wrapped his other arm around her. Just under her jaw, he latched on again, nursing a purpling bruise. She softly moaned and draped over him as he worked his way up to her ears, nibbling and sucking, stopping once to whisper: “I have to have you, and it has to be right now.”

She whispered, “Then do it.”

He slipped his hands down to grab her ass dug his nails into the meat of it. Elle responded by pressing her front against him. They delved into each other’s faces and grinded and grinded until the both of them were desperate and very close to melting into each other. He slid down to her feet, and commanded she pull off her leotard.

And so, in one foul swoop, she did. Aubert was delighted to find that she wasn’t wearing underwear besides a rather flattering sports bra. She supported herself against the mirror as he sucked the flesh from her knee to her inner thigh, and reached one finger to press against her slit- dripping wet. He pushed her legs open from the knees and pressed his tongue into her. It was sweeter than her blood, delicious. He lapped up all of the nectar that he could before she began to shake, and it was then that he pulled down his pants and revealed a generous cock, adorned by dark pubic hairs, and he was sure, as hard as a diamond. A thread of precum dangled from the tip of it, which Elle caught on her fingers as she stood on her tiptoes and pressed his member against her pussy. The wetness was a shock, and it took everything in Aubert not to pull her to the ground and fuck her out of her mind. Instead, he took it in his own hand and pressed it against her entrance, teasing her, swirling around her clit with it, until she began to squirm.

“Please just fuck me.”

He pushed her up against the wall and lifted her to where she could almost sit completely supported by his pelvis (he’d developed and maintained an Olympian strength through his work) and slowly, gently, pushed himself into her.

“Ah! Oh- it hurts!”

“Oh, si serré, mon petit. Si serré. It will feel good soon. You’ve never had a man?”

“Not like you- I’ve never- nh- been so full.”

Aubert marveled at the young flesh, the prickly shaved mons pubis, the tightness of the skin, and the way she made enough wetness that it was already all over the two of them.

“Sale, n’est-ce pas, mon petit?”

He pumped hard into her, coming close. She seemed to pull her in, tightening and releasing, tightening and releasing. Up and down. His spine curled as he bit into the flesh of her shoulder and fucked her harder than either of them had expected him to. Elle very nearly screamed before managing: “Come inside me. Come inside me, please —”

And without a word, just barely breaking her skin with his bite, he released inside of her and rode out a shuttering orgasm.

He slowly lowered her as he removed his cock. She gasped as he rubbed his cum into her sore slit. He kissed her forehead gently and smiled.

“I’m sorry, my dear. I guess I’m a bit of a vampire.”

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I Look Like Jail Bait-Blind Date Ch. 02

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Kim meets a stranger, a much older man that she met online

Revised, rewritten, and continued from chapter one:

She didn’t have the courage to break it off with him. Instead, she was curious enough and sexually excited enough to meet him. As if she was curious who was the Wizard of Oz, she needed to meet the man behind her computer screen. Only, she wasn’t going to Kansas, she was going to Detroit.

With her not having a manly mentor in her life, she’d love to have someone who’d take the place of the Daddy and/or the Pappy she never had, always missed having, and always wanted. Tired of listening to her friends bore her to death talking about their dads and granddads, she’d wanted and needed to know what it would be like to have someone like that of her own. She’d love to have an older man in her life to call Daddy or Pappy.

Now, no longer confined to a chatroom, here she was already at the Detroit airport ready to meet her cyber lover. Surprising even herself, she couldn’t believe she was actually going through with this. She couldn’t believe she had boarded a plane and flown here.

Having never met anyone in person that she met online before, Kim was nervous. A big risk, a huge gamble, and a roll of the love dice crap shoot, with her already having second thoughts about meeting him, she didn’t know what to expect. A woman alone, a woman so young, so pretty, so sexy, so innocently naïve, she was a woman who writes erotica on a pornography site online and he was a man who reads all that she writes. He could be anyone.

‘He could be a real whacko,’ she thought. ‘He could be a rapist. He could be a serial killer. God, what have I done by agreeing to meet him? He could have a bevy of girlfriends. He could be married. I never should have agreed to do this. Instead of flying here, I should have broken it off with him. This is crazy and I’m nuts.’

For all she knew he could be just another harmless, dirty, old, lonely man and another one of her perverted, cyber fans, followers, and stalkers. For all that she knew, in the way she was looking for her Daddy, he could be looking for his daughter. For all she knew, and no doubt that was the case, he could be someone who just wanted to meet her for sex.

With this becoming so real, so fast, she’d never have sex with him, of course, a complete stranger. For her to have sex with him, he’d have to take her against her will. He’d have to forced her to have sex with him. He’d have to drug her for her to give him sex.

When thinking of him forcing himself on her, she thought of her sexual fantasy. She thought of roleplaying in person instead of over the computer of him stripping her naked and raping her. Then, again with those thoughts creeping in her mind again after watching so many crime shows on television, for all she knew, he could be a manic ready to rape her, sexually abuse her, and/or murder her. With her so naive and so innocent, she could be walking into some sort of diabolical trap.

### ILookLikeJailBait ###

A smart thing to do to protect herself, instead of going to his house, which is what he suggested originally, she decided to meet him at the airport. From there, she could go for a drink or for something to eat. After making some small talk, she’d know if there was anything there to start a romance. After spending some public, face-to-face time with him, she could tell if he was as nice as he portrayed himself to be in his e-mails and in their private chats or if he was a crazy psycho killer. After getting to know him better, she’d be able to tell if he’d be her boyfriend, her lover, her Daddy, and/or her Pappy.

With the airport so hustling and bustling, she felt safe enough in a crowded, public place. She’d feel much safer meeting him here than she would meeting him alone in his house. If she didn’t like the looks of him, she could just turn around and hop on the next plane home. If they hit it off, at least she’d have a ride to his house instead of having to pay for a cab.

Having a conflict of mixed emotions, she was as nervous to meet him as much as she was sexually excited to meet him. Even though he was much older than her, what if he was her knight in shining armor? What if he was the one special someone she dreamt about in her dreams and imagined in her sexual fantasies? With him always knowing the right words to write, maybe he was her Mr. Perfect. She hoped that what he portrayed himself as in his love letters was just how he was in person. Unless she met him in person, which is why she was here, she’d never know if he was the one.

She thought about all that he wrote to her and all that she wrote to him. Maybe this was her Mr. Right, albeit an older Mr. Right. Maybe this was her one chance in a lifetime to find everlasting love, that is until he died of a heart attack while they were having sex. There was no getting around the fact that he was more Gaziantep Escort Reklamları than 40-years older than she was. How would she really feel about a man who was so very much older than her? Could she love him as if he was her lover, her boyfriend, her Daddy, and/or her Pappy?

She had never dated anyone old enough to be her father, only never having known her father, she definitely did have Daddy issues. What the Hell, if this man wants to be her Daddy and shower her with gifts, who is she to stop him? Yet, if he wanted to be her grandfather, as well as her boyfriend, and her lover, that was fine with her.

If nothing else, instead of him being her lover, instead of him being her boyfriend, he could be her dad and the father she never had. He could be her grandfather, the grandfather she never had. Then, if she perceived him to be her father or her grandfather, how hot would that be to have pretend, roleplaying, incestuous sex with her surrogate father or grandfather.

‘Oh, my God,’ she thought. ‘I’d love to suck my pretend father’s cock. I’d love to suck my pretend grandfather’s cock. We could have so much fun roleplaying while he sexually and incestuously abused me and while I gave him oral sex.’

Chapter two:

His name was Walter and he lived on the Detroit River in an old industrial complex of mostly dilapidated buildings that had been reclaimed and modernized with large studio apartments, residential lofts, and swanky penthouse apartments. From buildings that looked as if they were targets in a bombing raid to buildings that were reclaimed, rebuilt, and refurbished, Detroit was returning back to life after the auto companies abandoned them. Detroit’s Riverwalk was a spectacular place where people walked, gathered, and dined at one of the fine restaurants that dotted the water view.

“Oh, my God,” said Kim when she saw what the city had done. “Wow! It’s beautiful.”

Detroit was the home towns of Christie Brinkley, Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford, Kristen Bell, Jerry Bruckheimer, Ellen Burstyn, Francis Ford Coppola, and Charlton Heston. Detroit is where Sugar Ray Robinson, Gordie Howe, Al Kaline, John Smoltz and Tom Selleck were born and raised. Detroit was where Alice Cooper, Madonna, The Four Tops, Aretha Franklin, Kid Rock, The Temptations, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Eminem, Sonny Bono, and Bob Seger all started life. Back in the heyday, Detroit was Motown.

Nonetheless, Detroit’s revitalization and transformation, Kimberly had a negative opinion of Detroit and of the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. With the guns, murders, violence, drugs, rapes, and robberies that happens there every day, with police roaming the airport with dogs and automatic weapons, she feared for her life leaving the relative safety of the airport. As bad as leaving O’Hare Airport in Chicago, she imagined being caught in the crossfire and a hail of bullets after leaving the airport. She imagined a terrorist randomly shooting people or setting off a suicide bomb vest in the airport.

If that wasn’t enough she was sexually accosted by a female TSA worker. Her first time flying, she couldn’t believe how familiar the female TSA security person got with her body. How dare she? For the woman to touch and feel her where she touched and felt her, the woman was obviously a lesbian hoping to get lucky with her. Unaccustomed to a woman groping her and having her sexual way with her body, the agent touched and felt her everywhere men usually touch and feel her on a first date.

### ILookLikeJailBait ###

After e-mailing her back and forth and exchanging photos, Walter asked her for explicit, sexual photos of her wearing her panties and bra, topless, and/or naked. She couldn’t remember the last time she sent anyone such revealing photos. He was an attractive man, yet something she seldom does, she didn’t know why she relented in sharing her sexually inappropriate photos with him but she did.

Then, after she sent him explicit, sexual photos of her in her panties and bra, topless, and naked body, he sent her explicit, sexual photos of his naked body, mainly his cock. With every photo of his cock taken with him having an erection, he seemed very proud of his big prick. For an older man, he did have a nice cock. Just as she wouldn’t mind stroking that big, hard thing, she wouldn’t mind sucking and fucking that big, hard thing either.

Making her sexually aroused and horny when she saw his engorged penis, he did have a nice, hard appearing cock for an older man. His cock was the first sixty-something-year-old cock had she ever seen. If she didn’t know his prick was as old, she’d never know it. Being that one of her favorite things to do was to masturbate a man and blow a man, she loved to see his big, hard prick in person. Now, with her on the way there, she couldn’t wait to hold his prick, to stroke his prick, and to suck his prick before fucking his prick.

‘God, on my way to being a whore, I’m such a slut,’ she thought to herself while laughing.

Unlike other women who don’t suck cock and who don’t swallow, and/or who don’t even allow men to cum in their mouths, even if they do suck cock, she not only swallowed but she enjoyed sucking men dry. She wasn’t like other women who dabbled when sucking cock. One of her favorite, sexual things to do was not only to flash and tease men but also to give them blowjobs. There was something so sexually satisfying about controlling a man with her hand and/or with her mouth, as well as with her pussy.

It was one thing to fuck a mana but it felt more personal for her to suck a man. She loved staring up at men with her big, blue eyes while teasing them with her tongue and while blowing them. She loved it when they became sexually aroused to get really hard and sexually excited enough to cum in her mouth. With them putting a gentle hand to the back of her pretty, black haired head, she enjoyed it when men humped her mouth and fucked her face while fondling her big tits and fingering her erect nipples. To her there was nothing like stroking a good looking man’s prick, licking his prick, and sucking his prick while fondling and cupping his testicles.

‘Hump my mouth, Walter. Fuck my face,’ she imagined saying. ‘Cum Walter. Cum in my mouth. I want to taste you. I need to swallow you.’

### ILookLikeJailBait ###

Other than his request for explicit, sexual photos, by judging him on the value of all that the wrote her, he seemed normal enough. Actually, not such an unusual request, there wasn’t a fan who read her erotic stories who didn’t ask her for explicit, sexual photos of her semi-naked and naked body. In the way that most men do without even asking, he sent her photos of his erect cock. He sent her videos of him masturbating himself. He even sent her videos of him cumming big, white, gobs of cum.

For an old guy, someone who was collecting Social Security, he did have a nice looking prick. For an older man, someone who was collecting Social Security, he sexually aroused her by showing him cumming. She couldn’t help herself from imagining stroking him. She couldn’t help herself from imagining putting her mouth on his engorged prick. She couldn’t help herself from imagining him cumming in her willing mouth and her swallowing his cum.

Unlike many of the older men she knew, he certainly didn’t have erectile dysfunction issues nor was he out of shape. Unless he took a Viagra, his cock looked as hard and at the ready as any of the much younger men she dated and sucked. With his photos and videos, as well as his written words making her horny, she wished she was there to touch him, fondle him, stroke him, suck him, and fuck him. She wished she could feel her lips stretched around his big prick. Most of the older men she had seen at the mall all had potbellies but he was slimly muscular and looked to be in great shape.

Then, once she was okay with all of the pornography he sent her, he sent her romantic love letters before he sent her a one-way, first class, airplane ticket to his city, Detroit. She was as stunned by his romantic love letters as much as she was stunned by his videos of him cumming, and as much as she was stunned by receiving an open ended, first class, plane ticket in the mail. Suddenly, shit or get off the pot, this was real. He wanted to meet her as much as she wanted to meet him. Nonetheless her eagerness to meet him, suddenly, she felt pressured to either meet him or end their online correspondence.

If anything, she was curious if he was as nice as he was in his correspondences. If anything, she was curious if he was as romantic in person as he was in his love letters. If anything, she needed to know if there was a romantic connection. If anything, tired of masturbating herself over his salacious letters and over his videos of his cock cumming, she needed to see, feel, stroke, suck, and fuck his cock in person.

“I’ll gladly pay your way home, if you decide to come,” he wrote. “I’m just dying to meet you. I’m just dying to see you in person. I’m just dying to hold you in my arms, stare in your big, beautiful, blue eyes, and kiss you,” he wrote.

‘Kiss me, my ass? Yeah, I bet that’s all he wants to do is just hold me in his arms, stare in my big, beautiful, blue eyes, and kiss me,’ she thought to herself. ‘What a crock of shit?’

She shook her head in disbelieve over the line he was trying to feed her.

‘No doubt, after all of the sexy letters, chatrooms, telephone calls, sexy photos, and salacious videos of his cock cumming, he wants me to suck his cock,’ she thought. ‘No doubt, after I confessed my sexual fantasies to him, he can’t wait to tie me to a pole and strip me naked. No doubt, he wants to finger my cunt while licking my cunt. No doubt, thinking that this is what I really want, he wants to rape me,’ she thought. ‘Then after he rapes me, he wants me to suck him and swallow his warm, oozy, load of cum.’

### ILookLikeJailBait ###

Going against her better judgment, she agreed to meet him. Yet, with her alone with him in a crowded airport, if he was a perverted weirdo, she could always turn around and take the next flight home. The plan was to meet him at Detroit airport. As if he was her personal, private chauffeur and as if he was her father, her Daddy, or her grandfather, her Pappy, Walter would be the one holding a ‘Kim’ sign.

This was it. This was finally it. After months of writing back and forth, they were finally about to meet face-to-face. She was so nervous to finally meeting him. She hoped he looked as he did in his photos. She hoped he was as nice as he was in his e-mails and letters. She hoped his cock was as big and as hard as it looked in his videos.

As if she had known him forever and as if he was her long, lost Daddy, immediately drawn to him, she saw him as soon as she left the departure gate. When seeing him for the first time and from a distance, especially with his snow, white hair, he looked older than his photo. He said he was 66-years-old and she was hoping that he’d look 56-years-old instead of 66-years-old, but he looked more like he was 76-years-old.

‘Oh, fuck,’ she thought while already ready to turn around and go home.

She had been with older men before, men who were ten and fifteen years older, but not this much older than she was. Even if he was 66-years-old, he’d be 43-years-older than she was. As she neared, with his white hair throwing her off, she could see that he probably was 66-years-old. Instead of looking younger or older, thank God, he looked his age.

“Oh, my God,” he said giving her a big smile. “You look just like your picture only much better in person. You’re so tall, much taller than you appear in your photos,” he said looking at her as if she was a model and he was a photographer. “You’re so shapely,” he said looking down at her curves. “You’re so sexy.”

Suddenly feeling in the way that Christie Brinkley must have felt with Billie Joel, she beamed him a smile at his compliments.

“I was sitting down in my photos,” she said with a laugh. “Moreover, I’m wearing heels and this hat that makes me look 6’2″ tall,” she said. “It’s finally so nice to meet you, Walter,” she said holding out her hand.

He frowned obviously by her calling him Walter instead of Daddy.

“Daddy,” he said wrapping his arm around her slender waist and pulling her to him

He slid his horny hand down and cupped her sweet, shapely ass through her short skirt in his palm. Not done there, whether inadvertently or intentionally, he lifted the back of her short skirt enough that she knew her white, bikini panties were exposed to any man walking behind her. Only, with her an exhibitionist, she didn’t care that he was exposing her panties to other men. If anything she was sexually excited that he was taking such exhibitionistic and voyeuristic views with her panties.

“Okay,” she said.

At that point, she would have agreed to anything. With him flashing her panties in a crowded airport terminal, she was becoming too sexually aroused to think straight.

“As you did in all of your sexy correspondences, please call me Daddy.” He gave her a sly, sexy smile. “I prefer thinking that you’re my dear, sexy daughter instead of my cyber, slutty girlfriend.”

She gave him her best smile and he surprised her when he gave her a peck on the lips. As if testing the waters, it was just a little kiss but then when he tried parting her lips with his tongue, too much too soon, she pulled away. While still holding her around her waist and with his hand still on her ass, he squeezed her shapely behind while trying to move his fingers under her skirt and between her thighs.

‘Good God,’ she thought. ‘He’s ready to finger-fuck me right here in the airport terminal.’

“Okay, Daddy,” she said moving his hand off of her ass by taking his hand in her hand and holding it.

He took her carry-on case and escorted her out to his car, a baby blue, 2011, Lincoln Town Car, the last of the Lincoln Town Cars. She knew that because one of her foster father’s had a 2011, Lincoln Town car. Actually, with them all looking so much alike and with Lincoln not making any real changes in the car other than adding side air bags in 2009, a 2007 looked exactly like a 2011.

With them immediately hitting it off, there was no reason to waste any more time at the airport having coffee, a drink, or lunch. Seemingly, as much as he was interested in learning more about her, she was curious to know more about him. Yet, surprising one another by their sudden silence, seemingly, they were already done talking. The lustful lull before the sexual storm, it was as if the only talking they both wanted to do was to have hot sex.

It didn’t take long for him to drive from the airport to his penthouse apartment. Less than 20 miles from the airport to his place, he even gave her a brief tour of his city. Her favorite part of Detroit was the new Riverwalk. She imagined strolling hand and hand with him after dining in one of the many restaurants.

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New Year’s Kiss Ch. 2

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We continued to party into the early hours of the morning. When everyone started leaving we just weren’t ready to stop partying. A group of us decided to go back to Amy’s house and continue our New Years festivities there. I kept thinking to myself, I hope it doesn’t last too long. I couldn’t wait to have her all to myself. Our earlier experience had ignited my interest and I was aroused by the anticipation of our naked bodies together.

Upon arrival at her house the drinks started flowing once more and I quickly regained my buzz. The atmosphere was more laid back; I think everyone was starting to tire out. Someone had turned on the TV and found porn on a cable channel. I watched with interest and kept everyone entertained with my smart-ass comments. I had to say something to cover my heightened arousal. I was afraid that if I just sat there everyone would notice my increased breathing and was hopeful that when I stood up the wetness between my legs was not noticeable. I kept glancing at Amy; trying to catch her eye and make sure she was as turned on as I was. I decided that I needed to take matters into my own hands and told the others I was tired and going to pass out in the spare room since I was not sober enough to drive home.

I headed that direction, making eye contact with Amy, wanting her to take the hint. In the bedroom I undress with the exception of my black lace bra and matching Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort thong panties. I quietly snuck out of the spare room, closing the door, and stepped into Amy’s bedroom. I partially closed her door and lay on her bed, waiting and hoping she would be there soon. I began to massage my crotch through my panties, feeling the wetness seep through the fabric. Damn, I was really wet. I slipped one finger under the lace and traced the inside of my pussy lips. Wow, I couldn’t remember the last time my pussy had been this wet and swollen. My clit was aching for release but I held back. I removed my finger from my pussy and put it in my mouth, savoring my sweet juice. Just then the door opened and Amy walked in.

Oh – I wasn’t expecting you to be in here, she said. Is that okay, I asked, hopeful that she would want me as much as I wanted her. Yeah, she barely spoke and came over to the bed. She didn’t say anymore, just placed one hand on my face and gently kissed me. Her tongue probed my mouth; played with my tongue, and caused such ecstasy I could feel my pussy getting wetter. She moved her mouth down my neck, kissing the entire way, down my shoulders, and down to my chest. Slowly she slid my bra off, caressing my breasts as her hands slid around my body. Lowering her mouth to my breasts, I moaned out at the intense pleasure of her mouth suckling my breast, tongue massaging my nipple.

As she continued to work her mouth over my breasts, I slid my hand into panties, wanting to feel her hard little clit and give her pleasure again. No, no, it’s my turn, you already had your fun – she said. She grabbed my panties and pulled up firmly, making the thin thong part slide over my clit. I gasped in pleasure and kissed her passionately. This was so amazing; I just couldn’t believe it was really happening. She sat up and removed my thong, commenting on how saturated with moisture they were. She moved her delicate fingers down my body and felt my almost shaved pussy. Hmm, nice she whispered. Her fingers massaged my pussy lips, slipping all over with the wetness I had created. Very slowly I spread my legs a little, exposing my clit to her.

She moved her fingers towards and gently rubbed and played with my swollen clit. She plunged one finger into my wet hole and started sucking on my breasts again. As she finger fucked me she moved her mouth down my body and, kissing my stomach and finally stopping with her mouth right about my clit. I raised my hip slightly in anticipation. She slowly licked me and sucked me, concentrating on my clit with her tongue and my hole with her fingers. The pleasure was so intense I was gasping and moaning, not caring who heard us. Just when I thought I was going to explode with orgasm, I stopped her. She looked at me puzzled but quickly figured it out. I quickly removed the rest of her clothes, almost ripping her panties I was in such a rush. I turned her around and had her lay on her side so I was staring at her beautiful pussy. Before she could react, I plunged my tongue into her wet hole, licking up her sex juice. I fucked with my tongue and sucked on her clit.

Soon she started up on me again. We were like animals, sucking and licking each other’s pussies. At the same time we started finger fucking each other and licking clits. I added a little bonus, and stuck a finger up her ass too. She almost screamed it felt so good, and quickly did the same for me. I was intent on making her cum harder than ever before. I could feel her hole tighten on my fingers and knew she was close. She started sucking my clit at a frenzied pace and was slamming her fingers into my pussy. I started shaking with pleasure and soon I was exploding with pleasure, as my orgasm shook my whole body I grabbed her clit between my teeth and screamed out in pleasure. Little did I know this would put her over the edge, she too began to scream out in pleasure. We were grunting, and groaning, screaming and moaning, as we both came hard. The orgasm shook through our bodies like an earthquake, leaving us trembling and weak. As we calmed down, I moved my face towards hers and kissed her gently. She had an evil twinkle in her eyes, so, she said, I have some toys we can play with later if you want. I hadn’t realized what I had gotten into.

Watch for part 3 – New Years Day

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How I Paid The Rent Ch. 04

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Double Penetration

This has been one heck of a year. Early on I was juggling two jobs, skimping on nearly everything and merely trying to make ends meet.

Today I got flowers on my doorstep.

Okay, lots of girls get flowers from guys. I know. But it’s not just the flowers, but the new job that I’ve really gotten good at, as well as the people I’ve met. I’ve got a few bucks in the bank, a little bit of a wardrobe and some security.

My wrists are toned from working out too.

Oh, I haven’t been to the gym, nor have I purchased any weights. I’m not lifting things around the house or the apartments I oversee for that matter, unless you consider the one trash can that has broken wheels. Nope, I haven’t become one of those workout wonders who hit the gym and work out several days a week.

The stronger wrists, for those who’ve thankfully read the first three installments of this series, were from stroking the cocks of several men who reside in Mr. Orvis apartment building. Uh huh, you read that right, I stroke dicks as an incentive to get the apartments filled. I’m embarrassed to say it, it’s somewhat humiliating, and those wrists aren’t the only parts of me getting a workout over the last few months.

Damn, what a ride this has been! On one hand, I’m happier than I was a year ago, more financially secure, and sexually, well, I’m very satisfied. But of course I know some of the things I’ve done were unequivocally wrong, but well, so very, very right.

Take Mr. Orvis. He took a chance on me. He had fired the former property manager of his building, and I, a resident working a couple jobs and struggling to make ends meet, was available. I volunteered; he took pity on me and gave me a shot.

Soon I had filled vacant apartments with Mr. Morley and a man simply going by the name of Thornton. Oh, he had a first, middle and last name on the lease, but to all his friends and acquaintances he insisted on his last name being his preferred method of greeting. The guys each drove a hard bargain, a deal that required them to pay top dollar for their space and sign an iron clad lease. Oh, and in return they got a nice apartment and once a month I had to give them each a hand job, but who’s asking anyway.

Various other deals were cut over the next several months as friends told a friend or whatever, and all of a sudden, well, I had my hands full!

Okay, so much for my sense of humor, but it was true. Once a month I’d visit my clients, those who rented in the building, and, well, took care of their naughty needs. Once was talked into jerking Mr. Morley off, once we had sealed the deal and the world didn’t end, the following escapades were somewhat easier.

Mr. Orvis was more than pleased with my success, and soon I was off probation, had business cards printed and even joined the local property manager association. My job was secure.

Oh, I know it’s wrong, I know some would consider me a whore — heck some of you have written and told me just that. So I guess I am. But for me, given my situation, I justified it all as part of the all is well that ends well syndrome. I got over it. Not that I’d tell my mother what I’d done, that’s for sure. But I am dealing with it.

My college loans were being paid off ahead of schedule, I had a nice apartment, had food on the table and had even been on a couple dates with local guys who didn’t know about my extra services, they not having the pleasure of having any of them.

So when Mr. Orvis called and said he wanted to meet and talk about a couple things, I was not all that worried about being called in to see the boss but was still a little apprehensive. He wasn’t a renter, so he didn’t get any of my special privileges, but he was my boss and on two occasions I’d, well, you know. I sucked his dick.

That sounds so wrong, but it was true. I did just that. Twice. Not to get the job, not to keep it, just, well, because. Besides, he didn’t know I put in a great word for him with Mrs. Spencer, the woman more his age who had me somewhat under her thumb. Well, between her legs too, was more like it, as I’d become familiar with her pussy when she did all but blackmail me into giving her the same kind of deal as the male tenants.

Mr. Orvis had been a gentleman about his lusty goal. Well, at least as much of a gentleman as a guy who asked a girl to go down on him could be. What I mean was he didn’t threaten or demand. He asked. Nicely. And sent flowers afterward. So, while we weren’t dating I wasn’t some girl off the street.

It was nearly 10 when Mr. Orvis arrived. He met me in my makeshift office in the basement, a place where files bulged and one of the lights always flickered….just enough not to be fixed. It was on the list.

Turns out the first think Mr. Orvis wanted was to thank me for my hard work and getting the apartments filled. I was doing a good job, he said, and he was appreciative. Second, he was heading out of town for two weeks, and I was going to be totally in charge. He told me Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort not to mess up.

I took a deep breath, that wasn’t so bad now, was it? Smiling at the man, I asked where he was going.

“Florida. Some old friends and I are getting together to play some golf. Relax and enjoy the sun. But I will be available if you need me,” said the man. “It will be my first vacation in a couple years, and I am counting on you to keep the trains running and all that.”

Telling him I’d take care of everything, and not to worry, I said everything would be okay.

Thanking him for the flowers, I said they were much appreciated and brighten my week.

“It was the least I could do,” said the man. “You were such an angel.”

We made small talk for a bit, he asked me about my new friend Caleb, the guy I’d dated a couple times. Mentioning he was nice, but it was still early, Mr. Orvis asked if we’d been intimate. Acting shocked, I said of course not.

My boss smiled an infectious smile. Something was going on in his head, laser flying around it, and we were for a moment both quiet.

He broke the silence. “So, uh, Kimberly, I will be away for a couple weeks, and I wonder if I could ask you a favor.”

“Of course, Mr. Orvis, what can I do for you?”

He smiled. “Would a blow job be out of the question?”

Damn, I walked right down the primrose path right into that one. So that’s the real reason for the personal visit. My boss needed his cock cleaned before he set off to the Sunshine State.

“Really, Mr. Orvis, is that what I am to you? A blow job queen or something? A receptacle that you can use to solve your man problems when you need me to?”

Hanging his head, the man stared at the floor. He didn’t demand, he didn’t order, he didn’t make threats. He just sat there.

What was I to do?

“Where do you want it,” was my witty reply. “Here? Now?”

The man’s face brightened and his body came to life. Tongue tied, he sat there with a big smile on his face.

“Mr. Orvis, can you help me with something upstairs?”

The man stammered, thinking his blow job chance was just lost.

Striding out of the room I pointed upstairs and told him to shut the door on his way out. Walking up the stairway I made sure my hips moved back and forth, the way they would have if I’d been wearing heels. But today I had on sneakers, so I had to work on my sway for the man.

Toward the top of the stairwell he caught up to me and grabbed both of my ass cheeks, fondling them.

“Mr. Orvis!” I said with vigor, “Keep your hands to yourself. Do not sample the merchandise.”

We walked upstairs, side by side now, back to being co-workers. We greeted a couple tenants, looked at some frayed carpet, and when the coast was clear I slipped him inside my apartment.

“We have to be careful, very careful, because I do not want others to know about this,” was my cautious comment. “I don’t generally bring guys here, and I surely don’t do what we’re going to do here.”

I really think the man was, well, caught totally off guard. I think he thought he was getting a quick salami munching session in my office, and instead he was deep in my lair.

Directing my boss to the chair in the corner, I slipped over and kissed his cheek while slipping my hand down to his crotch. There I found something growing as I played with it, slowly stroking his manhood while kissing behind his ear.

“So, do you think you will me missing me, sir?” I cooed. “Are you afraid that little Mr. Orvis down here might not get satisfied down in the Sunshine State? Let me see what I can do to ensure your visit ends and you are back here soon!”

Unzipping his fly, I slipped down onto my knees and reached around in his pants, eventually finding the man’s hard cock. It was silky soft, and I was starting to enjoy it. With my other hand I unhooked the clasp of his pants and started maneuvering them down. It was a feat, and soon I realized I had to let go of his cock to get the job done.

First came his pants, then his briefs, and there unveiled before me was a rock hard cock pointing up toward the ceiling. His did wasn’t the largest, but it was soft yet powerful. It throbbed to my touch. Touching it drew grunts from deep within the man.

“Oh Kimberly, you tease, oh that feels so very good, so very good indeed,” said the man. “You just have to suck it, please suck it.”

Continuing to stroke my boss’ dick, I asked if he was sure. If he really wanted me to suck his cock. The words coming out of my mouth just set him crazy.

“Yes, yes, yes, suck my cock. Please Kimberly, you have to do it, you have to suck my cock right now.”

Lowering my head, I licked the tip. Not exactly sucking his dick but he did love the feel of my tongue on his throbbing manhood. I licked around the top before starting down the stem, all the way down to his balls and then right back up. Alternating licks with kisses of his cock. The man when nuts when I simply kissed his dick.

“Don’t forget the balls, kiss my balls too, kiss them and lick them you angel.”

The guy wasn’t much for words but he did give pertinent quick direction. I did as asked, holding his hard cock in one hand and lifting it up and away from his midsection. Then I bent down and licked all over and around those hairy balls of his. Alternating licks with kisses, I made the man groan while laboring over his balls and stroking his cock.

“That is fantastic, girl, you are simply amazing,” were the words heard from above. “Oh yes, be careful, suck those balls, stroke that cock. Oh yes, you are going to make me cum you vixen.”

Guessing he liked what I was doing, I continued my licking and kissing ways on his ball sac. His cock seemed to grow to my stroking, and soon I heard a guttural moan. “It’s time, Kimberly, I’m going to cum. Get your mouth up there, suck my cock.”

It isn’t easy being a man toy. I mean, ordering me to do this and that while I’m enjoying myself. I liked licking his balls, but when he made his command I had the sack in my mouth. Extricating myself from that, without causing him damage, took a few seconds. I hadn’t stopped jerking him, so my the time my head was moving up toward his cock it had already began to spurt.

The first volley hit my forehead and hair, while the second was a direct hit just above my nose and right between my eyes. Subsequent shots of man sauce did make it into my mouth as I worked his dick and sucked out all his cum.

“Oh yes, that’s so hot, suck me off girl. Oh yes, you have a face full of cum, you look so beautiful,” said the man. I heard a click and looked up, but it was too late. My coated face was now saved for posterity on his phone camera. “Damn, girl, that’s so hot. Keep sucking. Oh yes, I will jerk off to this down in Florida. You are amazing.”

Pissed about the picture I didn’t complain until I had fully taken care of his still hard cock. Licking up all the cum, and making a production of using a finger to move it away from my eyes and into my mouth, I smiled at the guy.

“I must look a mess.”

Mr. Orvis smiled. “You look absolutely adorable….and don’t worry, that photo is just for me.”

The man kept to his word. I never heard a thing about that photo, although I later found out he had taken several of my naughty mouth actions. Yet he was a true gentleman and kept the photos to himself. In fact, when he called from Florida, he made note of the fact that he’s whacked off several times that week to the photos, so I think he had a thing for me and them.

With the boss away I was a little less careful with my time, but didn’t neglect any duties. I worked a new contract with the trash removal service, had a painter redo the basement steps in white rather than the darker shade of whatever that was left over from years before. I mean, it was like walking down to a dungeon, not that I’d ever been in a dungeon but you know what I mean.

On Tuesday night I provided my hand “service” to Mr. Morley, who couldn’t have been nicer, and the following night I took care of Thornton who actually took me out for a sandwich after the hand job nice guy that he is. On the way back to the apartment I actually fell into an embrace with him near an alleyway where we kissed and he fondled my ass. I made sure he knew that nothing more would happen. The following day he said I hadn’t completely satisfied him the night before as he had to jerk off after our little alley action. But he said it with a big smile.

Yes, things were going well.

# # # # # #

The second week of Mr. Orvis’ jaunt to Florida was filled with normal tasks around the building. There were bills to pay, to-do lists to complete, a broken window from an errant baseball (yes, whoever skipped without taking responsibility) and some general maintenance work. Just a normal week, all part of the job.

The job had become very likeable. Oh, not just the regular paycheck but also the people. By and large most of the tenants were really likeable people. Oh, I know what you are thinking; some of them liked things because of their special deals that I fulfilled, but I it’s not as if I was doing every tenant in the place or anything. Just a handful of special deals that I actually kind of enjoyed.

I enjoyed the give and take with Mr. Morley and Thornton, somewhat less with Mrs. Spencer and a whole lot more with Riley Johnson. The fact that Mrs. Spencer convinced and cajoled me to lick her perfectly trimmed pussy, something I’d never even remotely thought about in my wildest dreams before her. Look, I didn’t love doing it, but I did, and quite frankly, I’d masturbated a couple times since thinking about being between her legs and orally satisfying the older woman.

Riley Johnson was a whole different situation. The guy was really a nice, sweet man who was bitter about a bitch ex-wife that basically abused him because of his tiny cock. Anytime something went wrong in their marriage, it was his fault. Normally his pencil-sized dick fault, as he said it. I had no reason to disbelieve him, because everything about him said he was a nice man.

I did worry that he might spill the beans to Morley and Thornton — that sounds like a law firm by the way. I didn’t want to be on my knees sucking cock of every tenant now, did I? I mean, I didn’t want to be a Stephanie Crawford, did I? Who’s Stephanie Crawford? Why a high school classmate who allegedly sucked off more than half the male members of our graduation class.

Stephanie was the go to girl for a blow job and downright proud of it. She had some principles, like requiring a trip to the malt shop first before getting down on her knees or leaning across the front seat of a guy’s car. Once it was rumored she was out with Ben Friday and they were at the malt shop when she slipped out to go to the rest room. Only she went past and sucked off the football team’s starting quarterback in the back alley. That quick BJ took less than five minutes, and she was back sitting with Ben at the table in no time. Rumor has it she kissed him before sitting down.

No, I wasn’t a slut like Stephanie. But I knew that I’d pushed the limits of decency with some of my escapades at the apartment house. Still it was like the greater good. My actions had made things better for me, Mr. Orvis and hopefully the tenants too. Things were going well, and I liked that!

Riley was a pistol. He had been put down and humiliated so often by his ex-wife I actually think he was amazed he could convince me to be a bad girl. Okay, so I had my reasons, but he was so cuddly and friendly and just a real nice guy. Oh, a real nice guy with a miniature cock. I mean, there are girls with tiny boobs but I’ve never heard of a guy who didn’t want to suck them. And while Riley’s cock was small, heck, it was quite thrilling to see him go wild with a simple touch.

It was such a different experience for me, it was very exciting to know that I could work his dick is no many ways and just hear his enjoyment. I loved his excitement when I played with him, and while jerking him off was something I hate to admit orally satisfying the man was beyond that. I mean, it got me tingly all over playing with that little thing.

After our first interlude, Riley would stop by my office and see if I’d be available for a meeting…his code for me taking care of him. It was always 30 days after the last one because, well, we had a deal. And he told me he loved it so much he didn’t want to wait longer. But he always asked if it was okay, and that he’d understand if I didn’t want to get together. Point is, we had a deal but he gave me an out, and that was so sweet. It made me feel like we were, well, dating.

Our most recent meeting was very special. He stopped by early in the week and asked if the following night was good for a meeting. I agreed, and he asked if I liked Chinese food. I said yes, and he said to be at his apartment at 7:30. When I arrived the aroma of Moo Goo Gai Pan and ribs and wanton soup was evident. He welcomed me, handed me a glass of white wine, and said I looked adorable. I was in a bright pink tee top with knee length skirt and tennis shoes, not exactly dressed up, but he complimented the look.

We ate dinner and laughed at the fortunes in the cookies, adding “in bed” at the end of each of the sayings. We spoke for a while before he poured me another glass of wine and excused himself to take a shower. Well, he didn’t actually say he was taking a shower, but once he left the room I heard it running. Wow, he was cleaning up for me! It’s a little thing, but it made me feel special.

It was a fast one, as he couldn’t have been gone 10 minutes. In the meantime I looked around his room, noting the knick knacks and items on the shelves. He had some memorabilia from sports that was interesting, and a couple bowls of matches from places he’d been too.

He came back into the room in shorts and a tee shirt, casual but presentable, and smiled a beaming smile that I could read as anticipation.

“Thanks for waiting,” was all he said. “Can I freshen your wine?”

I stopped him with my glass half full, setting the goblet down on the table and patting the loveseat area next to me. Riley sat and I pulled him close, pushing his head against my neck where he proceeded to nuzzle against me scattering hot breath with kisses there. All the while I was stroking his leg, up and down but not touching his manhood. Glancing down I could see twitching, so I know my actions were having their desired effect.

Soon I was caressing his cock, still protected by his shorts and underwear I surmised. Moving my hand around, I played and stroked and felt it grow in his pants. His kisses on my neck felt wonderful, and I was getting a little tingly before coming to my senses and remembering what was the plan. Slipping onto my knees in front of the horny man I reached up and slipped down his shorts.

He was lying in front of me, a small tent in his undies, and I looked into his eyes as I caressed the little bulge.

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New Play Thing

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Denise stood outside of the club, her stomach nervous with butterflies.

“Come on,” she said to herself, “you can do it.”

She pushed the door opened and stepped inside.

It was nicer than what she imagined – a long bar against the back wall with a dozen vinyl stools in front of it, luscious velvet booths lined the back of the clubs – some had curtains surrounding them, some didn’t. Not to be noticed, she quickly took a seat at the bar.

The barmaid, a nice looking woman with brown shoulder length hair, beautiful complexion, and a curvy body, came right over to her.

“What can I get you to drink, sweetie?” she asked.

“I-I-I’ll have a gin and tonic,” Denise said.

The barmaid started to fix her drink, “You’re new to this place, aren’t you?” she asked.

Denise blushed a little, “Is it that obvious?” she asked.

“A little. But it’s ok to be a little nervous your first time in a joint. But don’t worry, we wont bite,” the barmaid said, setting her finished drink in front of her.

“Thanks,” Denise said, giving her a sincere smile.

She started on her drink, just checking out the place. There were quite a few women scattered about, talking to each other. It was pretty calm and relaxed. Denise was glad she came in.

“So, feeling better?” a voice said next to her.

Denise faced the woman. She was an older woman, probably in her 50’s, with graying blondish hair that fell to her shoulders, piercing blue eyes, and a full set of lips. She was wearing an expensive black business suit and 5 inch heels. She was stunning!

Denise gave her a little smile, “I do.”

The woman leaned a little closer and put her hand on Denise’s back, “You’re lucky none of the sharks are in here – they would have eaten you alive,” she said.

“I know. I didn’t mean to be so nervous, but, you know…” Denise said.

“I know. Is this your first time in a place like this?” the woman asked.

“Yes. I’ve always been curious,” she said.

“Curious about?” the woman asked. She knew exactly what she was curious about, and she planned to play it for all it’s worth. She had been looking for a young girl to play with, one to turn into a pussy loving pet, for a long time. She was starting to lose hope, but when this new piece of innocent meat walked into the bar, she knew she had to claim her before anyone else.

“Well, I’ve always been curious about being with….a woman,” Denise said hesitantly.

“You sound hesitant,” the woman said.

“I guess I’m just scared,” Denise said.

“There’s nothing to be scared about, child. It’s perfectly normal to be curious about being with the same sex. Trust me,” the woman said.

And Denise did trust her. She seemed so nice, and so personal. She liked talking with her.

“What’s your name, sweetie?” the woman asked.

“It’s Denise.”

“Hello Denise, I’m Nancy,” the woman said, sticking her hand out.

“Wow!” Denise said as she reached for the woman’s hand, “I love your nails!” Nancy had beautiful nails – they were two inches long and done in a French manicure.

“Thanks, sweetie. I’m so glad you like them,” Nancy said.

“Don’t tell anyone,” Denise said as she finished her drink, “but I kind of have this fetish about nails.”

Nancy tried to remain calm. She LOVED to use her nails on her girls – it was the reason she kept them so long and perfect, “Oh do you?”

“Yeah, I’m kind of embarrassed about Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort it, but I’ve always had a thing for women with long fake nails,” she said.

Nancy decided to use this information to her advantage. She lightly dragged her nails along Denise’s thigh and said, “Don’t be embarrassed – it’s good to know what you like.”

Denise just nodded yes. Nancy’s nails felt so amazingly good – it was like everything she thought it would feel like!

“And you like it when I do this, don’t you?” Nancy asked, as her nails traveled inward, lightly scratching Denise’s inner thigh.

“Yes,” Denise said, barely getting the words out, “it feels nice.” Ever since she came to terms with he fetish, she had always imagined what her first time dealing with it would be like. She has always been too shy to do anything about it, but now she has a beautiful, mature, older woman making the first move and it was what she always dreamed of!

But little did Denise know that she was falling into Nancy’s trap!

“How about this?” Nancy asked. All of the sudden, Denise felt one of Nancy’s nails lightly scratching her left nipple through her top. The move sent shivers down her spine, and her whole left breast to tingle. Denise suddenly remembered that she was in a public place, but the bar came up to her upper chest, causing her breast to be hidden below the bar rail.

Nancy took advantage of that fact and continues her nipple play. She knew Denise was enjoying it, feeling her nipple become bigger and harder with every scratch of her nail. Nancy LOVED big girls with big natural tits, so she was anxiously looking forward to having some fun with Denise’s.

Nancy got up from the bar stool and stood up close to Denise, while keeping a steady movement on her nipple. “I can’t believe how hard your little nipple got, just from my nail,” she said into Denise’s ear.

Again, all Denise could do was nod. With all of the intense feelings shooting through her body, it was near impossible to concentrate on what to say.

Nancy had the feeling that Denise was moments away from succumbing to her powers, so she decided to pick up the pace, “Do you like it when Mommy’s nails tickle your titties?” she asked Denise.

“Y-y-y-yes,” Denise stammered, closing her eyes and enjoying the teasing her nipple was receiving.

“Tickle, tickle, tickle, little girl,” Nancy said, as flicked her nail faster against Denise’s hard nub.

Denise grabbed onto the bar, trying to steady herself. How could one woman’s finger be causing her all of these emotions? Her pussy hasn’t even be touched, but she could feel it getting wetter with every flick of Nancy’s nail.

Nancy knew what a weakened state Denise was in and decided to go in for the kill.

“Why don’t you be a good girl and join Mommy in my private booth?” Nancy asked, removing her nail from Denise’s nipple.

Denise nodded, grabbed her purse, and stood up from the bar stool.

Denise found herself sitting in one of those plush velvet booths with the heavy curtain.

“Don’t worry, dear – no one will interrupt us in here,” Nancy said, as they sat down and slid towards the middle of the U-shaped booth.

“Now where were we?” Nancy asked, “that’s right – you were enjoying Mommy’s nails, weren’t you?”

Denise nodded.

“I want you to take off your panties and give them to me,” Nancy said.

Denise silently did what she was told and slipped her panties off under her skirt. She handed them over to Nancy.

“Looks like someone was a bad girl and creamed her panties,” Nancy said, handling the creamy panties, “Did Mommy cause you to do that?”

Denise nodded.

“Well you wont have to worry about that anymore, because when you’re in my company, you’re not allowed to wear them. I want my babies pussy available whenever I want,” Nancy said. She set the panties down on the booth behind her, and without Denise knowing, she pressed a hidden button under the table. That button activated the hidden infrared camera that was positioned in the corner of the booth. Nancy liked to have footage of the first time she was with a new play thing, she considered it part of her “family album”.

“Now lean back against the booth and show Mommy your pretty pussy,” Nancy said.

Denise did what she was told and leaned back. She brought her feet up a little so her legs would spread open more for Nancy.

“Mmmm, perfect,” Nancy said, practically drooling over Denise’s pussy. She could tell that her pussy hasn’t seen a lot of action, because it was so sweet and beautiful. It was probably super tight too, but Nancy planned on giving that pussy an eventual workout.

Nancy started to drag her nails up and down Denise’s soft inner thighs. She felt Denise hold her breath, and goose bumps appeared on her thighs. “What a responsive little girl!” Nancy thought to herself, “I’m definitely going to have fun with this one.”

Denise couldn’t believe what was happening! An hour ago she was a shy, innocent woman, and now she was in a public place with her legs spread open about to be violated by an older, more experienced woman.

But truth be told, Denise loved it.

“You have a beautiful pussy, darling,” Nancy said, as she started to run the tops of her nails on Denise’s outer labia. “I’m glad you shaved – it’s like you were almost expecting me, weren’t you?”

Denise nodded.

“And look how wet you are!” she said. Nancy dragged her index finger nail along Denise’s slit, getting it all covered in pussy juice. She brought her finger up to Denise’s mouth.

“Here, darling – taste yourself,” she said. Denise opened her mouth and Nancy stuck her nail in, letting Denise suck and lick the juice off.

“Good girl,” Nancy said, removing her finger from Denise’s mouth.

“Now,” Nancy said, “let’s play!”

Nancy used her nails to spread open Denise’s pussy, revealing how pink, wet, and sweet it was.

“Now,” she said, “where’s my babies little clit? Ah, there it is,” she said. She took her right index finger and used the nail to lightly scratch Denise’s clit, trying to get it hard.

Denise moaned.

“I thought you’d like that,” said Nancy, as she continued to work on her clit. It got harder and harder with every touch of her nail. Nancy rested her long nail on top of the clit, almost as if she were trying to hide it.

“Look – Mommy’s captured your clit,” she said. She removed her nail and started to flick her nail back and forth against Denise’s clit.

Denise moaned loudly. It was the best thing she had ever felt! The top of Nancy’s nail was so soft and smooth and it was pure bliss every time it touched her sensitive clit.

“Is it everything you’ve imagined it to be? Of course it is – you’ve been dying to give up your pussy to someone like me, haven’t you?” Nancy said, as she continued the assault on Denise’s clit.

Denise nodded.

“Since you like how my nails feel on the outside of you pussy, lets try them on the inside,” Nancy said. She removed her finger from Denise’s clit and brought it down to her hole. She traced the outside of it with her nail, and then slowly stuck it in. It was quite tight, and Nancy felt Denise instantly tighten her body.

“Just relax, darling. Mommy will be gentle,” Nancy said. She slowly pushed her finger in, feeling Denise’s pussy muscles tighten even more around her finger. Her pussy felt wonderful , soft and warm, almost like velvet. Nancy pushed her finger in up to her knuckle.

“Your pussy took that finger so nicely. Now lets try two,” Nancy said. She removed her finger and joined it with her middle finger, pushing them slowly into Denise’s pussy.

Denise moaned loudly. Even though it was only two fingers, her pussy felt extremely tight and full. She could feel Nancy’s fingers slowly going deeper and deeper inside of her.

“There,” Nancy said, once she buried her fingers in Denise’s hot, wet pussy, “Do you feel that, darling? Do you feel my fingers deep inside of your pussy?”

Denise nodded.

Nancy started to move her fingers around, “Do you feel my fingers moving inside of you? Do you feel my nails scratching your pussy walls?” she asked.

All Denise could do was nod. Nancy could tell by the look on Denise’s face that she was in pure ecstasy. Nancy turned her fingers upward and found Denise’s g-spot. She lightly scratched it with her nails.

“Do you feel that baby? Mommy is tickling your g-spot with her nails. You like that, don’t you?” Nancy asked.

Denise just moaned and bucked her hips slightly. Never did she feel so good, and it was all caused from a woman’s hand.

Nancy seemed to read Denise’s thoughts, “Look at you! Sitting here in a public nightclub, with a woman you had just met, with her hand buried deep inside your pussy? Such a dirty little girl. But you’re MY dirty girl, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” Denise whispered, as Nancy continued the attack on her pussy.

“You must have been so horny and desperate. Look at you, getting off on a woman’s two fingers. Actually, lets make that three,” Nancy said. She turned her hand slightly and started to flick Denise’s hard clit with her thumbnail.

Denise’s started to buck her hips even more. Her pussy was gushing as Nancy’s nails continued to have their way with her pussy.

Nancy knew Denise was almost ready to cum, so she went in for the kill. She sped up her movements, her two fingers scratching her soft g-spot faster, while her big, thick thumb nail continued to spank Denise’s vulnerable clit.

“Your pussy is mine baby, all mine. And there’s nothing you can do about that,” Nancy said.

Denise just nodded in agreement.

“I think my baby girl is ready to cum,” Nancy said, “cum for me darling, cum for Momma.”

Denise’s breathing was at her heaviest, and she could feel the orgasm building in her womb.

“Come on baby, cum for Momma. Cum on Momma’s nails!

And Denise did just that. Denise moaned loudly when it happened, but she had never came so strongly before. Her pussy walls clenched around Nancy’s fingers and her hip bucked furiously.

“There we go. Good girl,” Nancy said. She removed her fingers from Denise’s dripping pussy, and brought them to Denise’s mouth. Denise was so exhausted, she could barely open her mouth to accept Nancy’s fingers to suck on.

“My poor baby girl is so exhausted. Let’s go back to my place to rest up,” Nancy said with an evil smile on her face.

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How I Helped My Hubby to be Happier

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I remember the first time my hubby asked me to “force” him to eat his own cum. It was an out of left field kind of thing one evening. I was watching some tv and he came out to the living room and asked me to come to bed. I figured he was just feeling frisky. Turns out he was watching porno hub on his tablet (which wasn’t too out of the ordinary and I didn’t mind him getting worked up for me).

I started to undress when he ask me to do something for him. When I asked what, he showed me a couple of videos of women riding a man then hopping on their face once they came. I was shocked and thought it was a joke but he said he was serious and could I please do that for him. He went on to say that he’d lose interest after he came so he needed to be “forced” and that using our handcuffs might be a good idea.

So grabbed the cuffs out of the nightstand and cuffed his wrists to the bedposts on either side. I doubled check that they weren’t too tight and if he really wanted this. He said yes on both accounts, so I slipped off his boxers and straddled him. He came faster then I thought was possible, moved up and starting grinding my used pussy on his face. Needless to say I didn’t see the enjoyment for myself from doing this as he reluctantly licked me clean.

Time went on and occasionally he would ask me to feed him his cum but every time he seemed like he didn’t enjoy it. I figured maybe this was something I could say during sex to push him over the top when he was close and it wasn’t something he really wanted. The strange thing to me was if I gave him head and kissed with a mouth full of cum, he was fairly responsive and passionate kissing me back.

When I asked him about why the difference, he basically said when I kissed him there was no choice but to swallow it but when I fed him his creampie he knew he could back out. He also said the next day after I’d feed him he’d get so turned on thinking about it that it was hard to focus at work and that he wished he could taste himself every time we were together. After that I did some googling and read a few forums with people Gaziantep Oral Escort discussing cum eating, which in turn led to stories on Literotica. What i slowly realized is that in the beginning my hubby wanted me to leave him no option other than eating his cum for me.

I talked to him about it one evening to find out why he kept asking me to do something he didn’t seem to enjoy. His response was that it was difficult getting past the shame he felt for wanting that. That floored me, we had always open and supportive of each other. Getting deeper into the discussion I found out that he had tried a lot of times to work up the nerve after cumming to go down on me but couldn’t bring himself to do it from a combination of lack interest after finishing and what I’d think about him. As the conversation developed he explained the only reason he asked was “he’d get to point that he needed it”. I felt I might have been a bit selfish because I knew whenever he asked he had no stamina and I felt cheated because I didn’t get any pleasure all the while he wasn’t getting what he felt he needed from our sex life.

That’s when things changed for me. I started researching how to get him past his shame and make it a normal thing for us to do. I came across a story about training a man to eat his own cum over the course of week. With the final day him licking his own hand clean after masturbating. So with that framework and watching some of those CEI videos I went about training him.

On the first day I gave him head and kissed him, I started there since that was something he already seemed to enjoy. The second day I had him cum on breasts then rolled him and pinned him down. So I could keep him place while he sucked and licked them clean. The third day prior to having sex I put a collar and leash on him. After he finished I ran the leash under my thigh so I could pull his face right into my pussy and told him to lick me clean, then make me cum. The fourth day I sat next to him on the couch and gave him a hand job. Once he finished I put my hand up to his mouth and made him suck my fingers clean. Plus he had to orally please me each day, hey i can enjoy training too. Then like in the story I teased him for 2 days with no release.

We even went shopping for a nice martini glass while I teased him. On the seventh day I used our over the door restraints to lock him in place with his hands over his head. I alternated between sucking and stroking teasing him to the brink of orgasm. I did this for about a hour, I wanted to make sure this was an intense orgasm. I went and got the glass off the dresser and held the glass to catch the cum as I stroke him with purpose. He about collapsed when he came with the restraint straining to keep him up. I sat the glass down on the nightstand and undid the restraints. As he sat down on the bed I hand him the cum filled glass and said I wanted to see him drink it. I explained that all this was to help him get over his feeling of shame. I figured if he could drink his cum in front of me then he’d realize there wasn’t anything to feel ashamed of. I watched him work up the nerve and he quickly downed it it like a shot high proof liquor. I sat next him and held him for a bit til things got heated back again.

I’d like to say that week got him used to eating cum but it didn’t completely, he definitely was less reluctant and over time after that he finally was able to lick me clean without being “forced” (I will say he seems to enjoy it a bit more if I tell him to eat it in a firm tone though). We’ve incorporated his cum eating into usual routine and he’s become an even more attentive lover. I always tell him or ask him to lick me clean, though more as a way to reinforce I’m ok with it and to give him encouragement if he’s having trouble getting motivated to do it himself. Sometimes he gently licks me clean after sex, sometimes I ride his face, there’s times now I give him head randomly just because I want to see him lick his cum off my tits or just kiss him. He knows now that he’s gonna be tasting cum anytime we have fun, I truly believe that’s what eased his shame fully. And the best part is after he has tasted himself he becomes so eager to pleasure me any way I desire so it’s a win win.

I like teasing him by whispering in his ear about how he swallows more cum then me now. Or call him my little cumeater/cumslut in private. I find myself wearing skirts and dresses more now too. Mainly because it’s easier to play my favorite game. When we’re are out shopping or driving around, if find a secluded restroom (that’s clean of course) I’ll pull him inside. Once I sit on the sink I’ll pull up my dress and tell him to cum(i make him ruin it since real orgasm for him are for at home)on my pussy then eat me til I cum. It also works in the car or truck if you have a secluded place you can park. We still use the martini glass on occasion though I usually pour his cum somewhere on my body for him to lick up. He seems to enjoy that more then taking cum shots. He asks me about my fantasies on a regular basis now. Always saying he loves me and wants to help me fulfill any desire or kink I would like to try. And I might take him up on that in the not too distant future.

You may be wondering why bother indulging him since a good hubby will give wife oral anyways. My hubby was having issues lasting that started awhile before he first asking me to feed him. Looking back I think part of that was the anxiety of his fantasy. He’s back to normal in the stamina department now. Plus the trust between us has never been stronger and we’ve become more open with each other about feelings or concerns in other areas. My hubby seems more motivated and confident in general now. Funny how getting past one little hangup and indulging a harmless kink help him so much in other areas of life. So if your partner expresses a harmless kink indulge him if it doesn’t cross a hard limit for you. If you think he might be hiding one, find it. Maybe he likes wearing panties, maybe he’d like to be pegged. Tell him if wants to taste your moist juicy peach, he has to put on your panties first. Or give him head a slide a finger in his backside, if he doesn’t resist and enjoys it, try a small vibe or dildo. Maybe you’ll discover a kink you have yourself trying to find his. And discovery between a loving couple is a fun journey in itself.

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Navy Officer’s New Duties

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I knew something was wrong right away. A vehicle was stopped on the docks, a 2½-ton truck with a load of fruits and desserts–chocolate éclairs, trays of fudge, hard-to-get fruit like watermelons and cantaloupes, a whole collection of goodies. Men were unloading it and carrying the stuff toward an ocean-going tug moored at the wharf.

That boat was a US Navy unit, but an ocean-going tug (used to retrieve warships from the battle area and tow them back to drydock) had a small crew and certainly didn’t warrant the amount of food being taken aboard–or the exotic selection. On the other hand, swiping Navy supplies, stashing them on the ship, then escaping as the ship sailed out of port to its next assignment was a US Navy tradition probably going back to the days of John Paul Jones and the Bonhomme Richard.

At the other side of the harbor was an aircraft carrier in for resupply. The original destination for the truck’s cargo wasn’t hard to figure out.

I was a proud member of the crew of the USS Cormorant, a nuclear submarine. I felt particularly proud because, by the April 2008 declaration that female officers and sailors could join nuclear sub crews, I was submariner, a lieutenant JG. The Cormorant was in port, refitting from its previous mission, so I was not on duty, just doing my daily PT, jogging around the docks in just a T-shirt and shorts.

But as a US Navy commissioned officer, I had a responsibility to do something about the thieves.

Bad Decision

: It was laundry day, and I had one clean pair of underwear left, so I set out jogging without panties or bra, saving the last clean ones from the sweat so I could wear them for the rest of the day. And now here I am in a law enforcement situation with bouncing tits and probably–I looked down–Yep, nipples sticking out.

I didn’t have a radio, and running back to get my cell phone would take me long enough for them to empty the truck, vamoose, and leave me with an empty complaint. If I wanted to apprehend the crooks, I had to strike while the iron was hot.

Bad Decision

: Criminals aren’t usually hard to bluff, and this wasn’t an armed robbery or a burglary, just simple, against-the-regs sailor-mischief, so I hoped to bluster my way through the situation.

I walked up to the truck and approached the sailor, a female, with the clipboard. “Excuse me, what are you doing here?”

She turned around. “And who might you be?”

“I am Lieutenant Nancy Shea, US Navy!”

It worked: definite attitude change. “Ah, we’re unloading it, Ma’am.”

“Unloading it to where?”

“To, ah, the ship. Supplies for the ship.”

“What ship?”

She decided to come clean. She smiled. “Come on, Lieutenant, we’re just appropriating some rations. It’s not like we’re stealing from the Navy; it’s just redistribution.”

“Tell me your name, sailor!” As I spoke, I became a victim of Bad Decision
: I hadn’t paid enough attention to my environment, especially what was behind me–I wasn’t a cop, after all. A couple of sailors came up behind me, grabbed me, clapped a hand over my mouth, and the next thing I knew, they hustled me into a car.

We drove off, the female sailor behind the wheel, two others holding me captive in the back seat. I looked around at them. More females!

The car sped down the road and turned in at a warehouse, an old Quonset hut. Unpainted, it looked like it was due to be torn down. We got out. “Look, you idiots, I’m a commissioned officer! You’re in a lot of troub–“

–“Shut up! I think it’s about time you learned a lesson, commissioned officer.” She turned to the sailors holding me. “Bring her over there, behind those pallets.”

“Ladies, you are in a lot of trouble. Don’t make it worse.” I was scared, though. I took a deep breath. “Look, you let me go, and I think we can come to an understanding.” The second I said that, I was sorry. I just let them know I’m scared.

One of my guards sneered. “Ain’t gonna be that easy.”

Farm girl. Joined the Navy to get out of the boredom of the wheat fields.

I looked around, hoping to see someone else, sailors, anybody to stop what was happening, but the place was deserted. The leader spoke. “Take her over there. I’ll be right behind you.”

We moved to the huge stacks of wooden pallets and into the darkness behind them. My mind ran 100mph, worried as hell. “What do you want? What are you going to do?”

Seaman Hayseed pinched my nipple. “Looky here, Missy Lieutenant’s got the hot tits for us!”

I yanked my arm out of her grip and slapped her hand away. “My nipples are hard from rubbing on the shirt, not about you perverts!”

“Oh, yeah? Let’s see.” Behind the pallets were a few dusty crates and a dirty tarpaulin on the concrete floor. The four of us stepped onto the tarpaulin, and the leader, who had joined us, stepped up to me and pinched both my nipples. “Ooh, yeah, nice and hard. Okay, strip!”

“Do what?? Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort You can’t be serious!”

“Take your fucking clothes off, Lieutenant! All of `em! Now!” And she pulled out a gun!

Oh, shit. A Navy Colt. Where’d she get that? I wish I had mine!

With the tables very thoroughly turned, her two accomplices released my arms, and she watched as I slowly pulled the T-shirt over my head, trying to delay as long as possible.

She snickered. “No bra, Lieutenant? Not even a sports bra while you’re jogging? There are regulations about that, you know.”

Even though I was scared, I was also embarrassed as hell.

“Nice titties, honey.” One of the accomplices groped one of them, flicking the nipple with her thumb, but I slapped her hand away.

“Stop that!” But I had to admit it–the feeling of danger combined with the physical stimulation gave me a delicious sensation. Nevertheless, I moved back, out of her reach.

“Now the shorts, Lieutenant.”

When I pulled them down, I got the expected gasps: “Damn-o, look at that! Nekkid underneath! You getting’ ready for us, honey?”

“I’ll be ready for you when I see you clapped in irons in the brig, sailor!” Before I could react, one of them stuck her hand between my legs, and talented, well-trained fingers found my slit, quickly sliding up to press my Start-button. I meant to yell, but my voice came out as a gasp: “Stop that!”

“My, my, Lieutenant, you’re so wet it’s like a faucet.”

My face burned hot. I’d never been so humiliated in my life. Meanwhile, the wicked woman had, indeed, turned me on. Her massage of my clitoris, no matter how quick, was done perfectly. My cunt buzzed with growing arousal.

Then I discovered where all this was going. Occupied with the leader and the magic-fingers guard, I didn’t fail to notice the third one had pulled off her own boots, uniform, everything. Oh, shit. Never been raped, but it looks like my first time’s going to be with a woman!

Two of us were naked. The other two took turns holding the gun while they stripped down, too, and I had to fight off one, then two, then all three naked women from fondling me (fighting a growing heat between my legs).

With each new participant, my struggles were more hopeless, and our bare-skin wallowings built a strange, intense wave that swept through me like vodka. A psychedelic situation, really–four naked women struggling and wrestling together, writhing, tits against tits, hips against hips, intertwined legs, God!

Finally the leader pulled loose. The other two held my arms, and she spoke: “Lieutenant Nancy Shea, I think we should get acquainted. I’m Chief Angel Anson.” She snickered. “You can believe that or not, I don’t care. The redhead holding your right arm, the one with her finger in your pussy, is Seaman Clarice Kenny.”

It was true: Seaman Kenny, in a swift, skilled movement, had rammed a finger up my cunt, at the same time thumbing my clit in the most exquisite way, and in spite of the struggles, she had me glowing in a delicious thrill. Finally in control of myself, I gnashed my teeth! “Get your hands off me, you fucking pervert!”

Anson went on: “The able-bodied seaman at your left, the bleached blond, as you can see by her black pussy-hair, is Seaman Helen Hancock.” From her I got a squeeze of the buttock. Hancock’s salute.

Trying to think rationally–if I could keep a cool head, I might be able to figure out an escape–I appraised Chief Anson.

Very beautiful woman, really, especially out of uniform. Not a straight line anywhere on her body. All curves, all gentle transitions to other levels. Contours like a gently rolling sea. But firm. Graceful. In perfect proportion.

Soft blonde hair–I could easily imagine it longer, framing her face in glowing gold. Big blue eyes that somehow didn’t look appropriately criminal.

Full lips. Probably gave her a long list of panting sailors hovering around. Tall and willowy, I figured her at about 5’7″, a little taller than I, and maybe about 120 pounds. I’ll need this information for the Shore Patrol report. No skinny fashion model or husky, hay-pitching pioneer (like Kenny), Anson was a physical woman, a sexual creature who undoubtedly turned a thousand male heads.

I’d seen naked women before, of course, but Anson was something special. And maybe I was hyper because of the nightmare I was in. Maybe because of the arousal I fought as the indecent sailors teased my private parts.

Anson was much more beautiful than her henchmen, possibly the sexiest person I’d ever seen. And this is a thought I don’t need at the moment!

Hancock on my left and Kenny on my right kicked my feet out from under me, and they lowered me onto my back, spread-eagling me on the filthy tarpaulin, helpless. And scared.

Anson knelt between my legs. “You’re beautiful, Nancy.”

“That’s Lieutenant Anson to you, you piece of shit!”

She caressed my thighs, ending with gentle strokes just under my pussy, soft touches that were delicious tickles, and I gritted my teeth. I was growing wetter, I knew it. “Stop that! Stop it, goddamn it!”

But she went on, caressing, massaging, tickling all around my labia. And her very talented solo soon became a trio as Hancock and Kenny each teased and caressed the closest breast. Ohh, it feels so good!

I hated myself for enjoying it, but a glance down told me they had the keys to my gate. My body flushed in the red patches, the signs of female arousal, and I suddenly realized that if this went on much longer, I would–No! Never!

But–dammit!–my heart pounded in my chest as the hands roamed all over my body. Oh, god, yes!–Anson’s fingers finally played with my pussy! In a fever, I forced myself to speak: “No! Stop–please! I–like men–not–“

But I couldn’t finish. Part of me cried for them to stop, to retain my dignity and self-respect; my pussy, though, screamed soundlessly through my body to shut up! And it got worse. Hancock and Kenny turned up the wonderful torture on my breasts. Fingers became lips, tweaks became passionate kisses, and with both women suckling at my nipples, flicking them with their tongues, even–Ohhhh, god!–teasing them with the edges of their teeth, they were driving me to an orgasm!

Desperate, I tried to parry it! Emergency Measures: Pig shit! I’m up to my neck in a deep pit of pig shit! I’m about to puke from the smell! I’m coated with pig-muck!

It worked–the image was so sickening, I saved myself from the humiliation of climaxing in front of the perverts (but damn, I was horny there for a moment!)

But then Satan’s child Anson hit a home-run. She moved her hands away from my pussy, rubbing them up and down the insides of my legs from crotch to knees. Then her tongue, Lucifer’s tongue–a long, slithering, powerful snake that felt two feet long and probably forked–touched my drooling cunt, flicking up and down like a rattlesnake’s. I lost all self-control. Gasping, lurching, begging, my pussy screamed for more, and I yelped out its demands.

But the goddamned tongue was blind! Missed its target! It slithered over my labia, electrocuting me, making me shudder, panting with desperation, but The Tongue ended up above, wriggling meaninglessly through my crotch hair!

The bitch was teasing me, but out of my fucking mind, I reached down and pushed on her head, centering the flame-thrower tongue on my steaming pussy–knowing I just walked into her trap. I had surrendered.

My hands caressed her head–Ohhh, what thrills! Ohmigod! My hands on her head?? I gasped. They released my arms! They’re not holding me anymore! I can struggle away!

But I didn’t.

Anson’s tongue pressed into the seething cauldron that used to be my vagina and started an orgasm no thoughts of pigs could stop. I’d never been so hot. I could smell my own pussy–my own cunt-folds of moist, soft flesh puffed out, fevered, angry, and demanding.

Anson moved in for the kill. Her tongue scorched the inner edges of the swollen flesh, tracing up one lip and down the other. On the in-stroke, she hit the center of my lips; on the out-strokes, she dragged her viper’s tongue against the sides, and I screamed. Out loud. The keening high-C of a climaxing female.

Satan’s daughter saved my clit for last, and–right in the middle of an orgasm already melting me–she made deep, probing jabs, dragging the entire, mile-long length of her velvet-texture tongue over the sensitive nubbin! Ohmigod, Ohmigod! I went insane! An orgasm actually started on top of an orgasm!

I think I passed out. All I knew was that I floated like a jellyfish in a glistening, fiery red atmosphere, shapeless, solid only as the volcano-pussy between my legs. Beyond the definition of pleasure. Ecstasy I would never be able to describe if I ever came back to consciousness.

But I did come to. Gradually I heard lewd moans, grunts, and slurps. I heard myself gasping for air and knew I was still alive.

Unbelievable. The first cumming I ever got from a woman, the first climax I ever got without the straight-line, in-out, male-and-his-bitch seriousness of fucking a guy.

And suddenly I saw from the top of the mountain rather from than the bottom! A man can force me into an orgasm, but these three had pulled me into ecstasy ten times as intense, everything in round, gentle touches, everything in maddening, understated manipulations as light and teasing as breezes through leaves.

All without the ulterior motive of planting his seed. Without the ultimate male victory of impregnating me!

Anson knew what was going on, and with incredible timing, just as my climax began to fade, she lowered her face down to mine and kissed me. Insane, out of my mind, I kissed her back with a horny open mouth.

As that demonic tongue invaded my mouth, I sucked on it–I wish you had a cock I could suck, baby!” Poor me. Still cock-oriented.

Angel pushed against me, wishing to get up. I released my arms from around her and looked around. Hancock and Kenny sat watching us, fingering their own pussies. No manhandling. No “securing my arms.”

Am I no longer a security risk?

Angel stood up–I couldn’t think of her any more as “Anson.” She smiled. “You’re ready now, honey.”

What? There’s more? I was scared again. But I lay there. So far this is the most exciting kidnapping I can imagine.

From behind her in the darkness, Angel brought out–a dildo!

“Hey, wait! You not going to–“

–But she knelt between my legs again, and as she thrust the thing through my sloppy, joy-relaxed pussy, I screamed–but from outrage, not pain. In fact, as she pushed it in further and further, I stopped protesting.

I could manage no serious resistance, and Angel fucked me first with long, easy strokes, then faster and faster until I lurched back and forth, moaning and gasping. No doubt about it, she had me under control, again cumming nearly every minute. “Stop! Please, stop! Can’t stand any more!”

And she pulled it out!

That surprised me, actually. But there was more.

She reached behind her and came back with another dildo, but that one was weird. Two cocks attached at the balls, one a little thinner than the other. She smiled down at me. “A twofer, honey.”

Suddenly I realized what it was for. “No! Get that thing away from me! You’re not going to stick that thing in my aaaaaaa–“

She skewered me like a pitchfork through a side of beef. The big rod thrust back into my greedy, slobbering pussy, and the other pushed into my virgin asshole like a torpedo from the Cormorant. I screamed. It was worse than when Jimmy Joe got my cherry.

I’m roasted on a spit! Two cocks at once!

In a weird sort of multi-tasking, though, my brain shut the screaming pain in my rectum in a separate room, and Damn, that thing in my pussy was just what the doctor ordered.

The pain in my ass couldn’t be kept behind closed doors, though, but instead of screaming, “Take it out, take it out!” I found myself groaning in pain–but glowing at the same time, like two trains on adjacent tracks, one a first-class coach with passengers laid back in pleasure, the other a prison train with savage guards beating the captives. And as Demon-woman kept thrusting the devil’s horns into me, to my panting amazement, the two trains came to a spot where the tracks blended together, and there was a fiery crash!

I went into an orgasm both in my pussy and in my asshole! I didn’t know that was possible! My sex-train roared on, but as a supercharged, maxi-pleasure commuter, a fucking Orgasm Express!

Once she had me securely aboard the Vagina-liner, Devil-Angel started the torture. Skewering me deliciously with the wondrous double-prong, every time I was close to another orgasm, she pulled out the magic wands until the sensation subsided, then she started all over again.

Once more going insane, I heard myself begging her to let me cum again. Begging her to fuck me with those big rubber cocks. Still the torture went on, and my pleadings became hoarser, coarser, and more frenzied. I moaned and whimpered, brushing my arms over my eyes.

Finally, at the literal edge of madness, she pulled out the dual-dick, lowered herself down over me, and kissed me, open-mouthed, tonguing, ravaging me like a jungle animal. My arms and legs automatically wound around her, hugging my lover to me, and just as I prayed, her cunt settled down to mash onto mine, grinding against my clit, and

I died!

The motherfucking hottest orgasm of my young life! Like she had spread gasoline on my raging cunt, a prairie fire swept over me! Starting at my cunt, igniting the estrogen, it turned my whole body into a climaxing torch! I clamped myself against her, squirming in the sweat, rubbing my tits against hers, sparking mini-explosions as our hard nipples snapped past each other!

Everything went red, and I fell back, fucked into a floppy octopus, shapeless, slimy, helpless under her. I don’t know how long we lay together like that. I hoped she had the same ecstasy I did. My climax was so intense, I worried it might be like an overdose, straining my body past its limits.

But I’m sure as hell going to do it again! Suddenly Angel was an asset I could not let go.

She rolled off me, and we lay together, gradually breathing more slowly, cooling in the dusty breeze of the warehouse across our sweaty skin, reveling in the most powerful afterglow I’d ever known.

When I came back to the Land of the Living, Angel hummed a tuneless little song in my ear. It had to be a love song. Damn. I’m in love! I forced my mouth to speak. “God! That was fabulous!”

“Yeah. Thought you’d like it.”

I purred, too. “My ass. . .I never dreamed–“

“They never do.”


“That was wonderful,” I went on, speaking only in groans. “Mind-blowing!” “Can’t lose touch with you.” “Got to see you again!”

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How I Became a Daddy Ch. 04

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Feedback welcome. I want to continue the storyline, but simply don’t know where to take it. Looking for character evolution ideas.


Fucking Ali became a obsession, she literally molded herself to be a fuck toy. Everything about her screamed BIMBO, from her smell, extreme outfits, and crazy curves. She didn’t act like my new girlfriend, she made it known that she was my personal toy, her daddy.

Our relationship revolved around sex.

Here I was a few days from our excitement at the coffee shop using Ali how she wanted to be used.

Our routine quickly evolved into staying the night at Ali and Maddie’s dorm room, then waking up early for a quick fuck before classes.

I loved the sex with Ali but we weren’t really boyfriend-girlfriend, fuck buddies would be too liberal of a term for our relationship, I was definitely her “daddy” but I didn’t really know anything about her besides her Bimbo act.

On the other hand my relationship with Maddie was awesome, we talked about cool new music, argued about politics, and an amazing back and forth of ongoing inside jokes.

But here I was using Ali early morning, slapping her huge ass with Maddie watching me from across the room.

Ali’s ass was sticking straight up in the air at me, her huge ass curving so wide it made her waist disappear from my vantage point.

I started to pump into her at a steady pace, quickly speeding up when Ali started moaning. Grabbing her soft ass cheeks I started to pinch and play with her ass, spreading her cheeks apart pushing her ass up and down on my dick. Gripping from both sides.

Ali’s moaning was echoing off the dorms concrete walls. “Ohhhh…emmmmm…yes baby, use me, just a trophy for daddy!”

Maddie’s piercing blue eyes were watching me licking her lips, wicked smile across her face.

I absolutely hated when Ali would talk during sex, I was cool with moaning, but talking all types of crazy absolutely not.

To shut her up I pushed her head into the bed by placing my hand on the small of her back. This motion quickly brought her ass further up into Gaziantep Anal Escort the air.

Speeding up my motion in and out, Ali’s moans were quickly muffled by the bed sheets. I was lost in the motion of her amazing rear. Rapidly ascending and descending my dick.

Doggie Style was quickly becoming my favorite position to use Ali. The way I saw it, doggie didn’t allow me to see her face and recognize her as a human, from my vantage point looking down at her phat ass she was only a piece of meat for me to get off with.

Here I was pounding away at Ali, organisms rolling through her as I grabbed onto her ass cheeks so hard I left red marks.

Her pussy was slowing learning what I needed and she felt amazing, pushing back at me rolling her hips to give me just a little a more visual stimulation.

Suddenly I stopped thrusting, grabbed onto her waist, brought myself all the way into Ali and started unloading into her. I could feel the first large spurt eject out into her womb, unloading into her brought up my primal needs and made me feel invisible. I continued to ejaculate into Ali, loving the extreme warmth of her pussy.

After my climax ended I quickly removed my dick from Ali, she lets out a little sound, almost inaudible as her head is muffled by the sheets. I was getting use to our morning fucks where I simple enjoyed sex, not thinking about my partner or her sexual needs. For Ali’s part of the bargain she never mentioned anything about her wants or demands, she just had a smile on her face.

Quickly slapping her ass forcing her body to the mattress, I grabbed some boxer’s realizing I was probably going to be late to my first class. Frantically dressing and tying my shoes, I caught a glance of a well fucked Ali giving me her signature wicked smile. Looking at Maddie still staring at me from across the room, I said my goodbyes.

“See you Maddie, probably this afternoon or something.”

“Ok. Jonny, Like whatever you need, just text me. Have a good class!” Maddie replied.

Leaving the dorm, I didn’t care to really say goodbye to Ali. She was going to blow up my phone with sexts as soon as she came out of her post fuck comma, so I didn’t bother.

Walking to class I thought about how quickly everything was progressing, my relationship with Ali, Maddie, and how they treated me like a sex god.

I knew I couldn’t stop fucking Ali, but I definitely blamed her for making me use and abuse her, I still hadn’t come to terms with the extent of our relationship.


Ali and Maddie at this point never attended their classes. I on the other hand didn’t fully think everything was going to work out with Ali.

To top it off I really enjoyed school, it was easy and I especially enjoyed my major.

Usually around 10 or 11 am texts from Maddie and Ali started to flood in. Settling into my short break between classes I looked at my phone.

From Maddie, “Hey babe, see you after your last class of the day!”

From Ali I received crazy pictures probably taken by Maddie. Usually of Ali wearing lingerie and a bunch of pictures of her pouting her lips and pushing her tits together. After a week of seeing these pictures I still looked on as if I was admiring just another Instagram model. Instead I was fucking the slut so expertly reminding me that I was “her daddy.”

As hard as it was I had to avoid looking at my phone for extended periods of time.

After leaving my last class of the day, Maddie and Ali were waiting for me.

“Like Jonny! Over here hun!” Maddie said through the crowd of people.

Looking their way in the quad they were getting their share of attention.

Looking as slutty as usual the outfits they choose were always showing more skin than covering. I especially enjoyed their bare midriffs showing off their tight thin waists.

Ali was slowly changing Maddie’s sense of style and today this was in full view. Both were wearing matching red tops highlighting alot of cleavage. The type of top that required a female to always adjust the straps and pull up the middle to insure she wasn’t revealing too much.

Maddie’s cute C-cups looked amazing on display. Ali’s huge F-cups, probably G or H, who really knew were popping in for full effect. Maddie on her own looked amazing, the definition of slim fit, Ali on the other hand took it to a whole other level, male fantasy and the excess of an Instagram model defined Ali’s Bimbo look.

Walking up closer to them I noticed something was different about their appearance. I was trying to place it. As I approached I instantly knew the change.

“Like omg I haven’t seen you in foreverrr!” Ali screamed as she ran up to me and planted a hug and kiss on my cheek. She then proceeded to make sure she pushed her breasts into my torso.

“Good to see you too Ali”

Maddie interjected “Do you notice anything about us?!”

“We like did it for you babe!” Ali excitingly responded.

“Yeah, your lips are fuckin huge, what happen!?”

As I was saying it I was looking at Maddie, turning to look at Ali her already large lips had grown considerably. Their lips a matching pair.

“We like got twin lippss, aren’t they hot?” Ali said as she pouted her lips for emphasis.

“Yeah, we did a bunch of research and asked the doc for blow job lips.” Maddie quickly added.

Looking at their matching lips i was awestruck. Their size and expense were truly ridiculous, they were so thick and puffed off their faces so dramatically, shouting fake.

Ali grabbed my hand. “This is so we can be better fuck toys for you!”

“What do you mean we?”

“Well Maddie was thinking she could join us!”

Turning to Maddie, there was a look of concern and fear on her face.

I was tongue tied for a minute but managed to reply.

“Join us?”

“Like yeah! Another fuck toy for you!”

Ali replied as she rubbed by chest.

A little shocked by the situation I quickly replied to Ali’s comment.

“Um… I think we need to talk more about that.”

Maddie’s facial expression changed from fear to a look of rejection.

Ali tried comforting Maddie.

“Don’t worry hun, he will come around in no time! He’ll need you pretty soon.”

They both giggled and laughed at the comment.

I just gave Ali a weird look, trying to make sense of the situation. .

Shaking my head. “Let’s grab some food.”

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