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Step-Stories: Happy Birthday Ch. 03

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Group Sex

(See, Step-Stories: Happy Birthday, Parts 1 and 2)

She observed her husband and stepson in the water, dunking each other and generally rough housing as boys do. After a few minutes, they calmed down and began tossing a small football across the length of the pool. She loved watching them together, doing those regular father-son things she knew her husband had dreamed of when her stepson was just a boy.

“Just a boy,” she thought to herself. “Not anymore. I can’t believe how hot he’s gotten.”

The last time she saw her stepson, he was sixteen and just starting to fill out. Still an awkward adolescent, he had been more interested in video games than spending time with his new stepmother. It wasn’t that he resented her presence. In fact, he was happy to know that his father had a companion again and it was easy to see how much they cared for each other. He had just started noticing girls, though, and was disconcerted by the constant erections he would get in her presence. He felt guilty about getting turned on by his stepmother and spent most of his time hiding from her in his room or in the shower, jerking off.

Now, however, he was an eighteen year old stud: football star, junior fireman, and starting at the academy in a few months to become a naval aviator. She knew he had become sexually active, his mother had found an empty condom wrapper in the washing machine last year and called her husband to give them a heads up, and it was easy to see why. His 6’3″ frame, dark blond hair, and green eyes were enough to make any girl wet her panties, but he topped it all off with a perfectly cut physique, maintained by his rigorous routine of running, weight lifting, and sports. The fact that he was here, half naked in her pool, was just a bonus.

She squeezed her legs together again and glanced down at her erect nipples. Her husband had taken such good care of her that morning, bringing her to orgasm twice before breakfast, but she was getting wound up again. She smiled as she remembered the article about a woman’s sex drive peaking in her thirties. The only problem, of course, being that the same study stated that a man peaked at eighteen, which made complete escort gaziantep vip bayan satisfaction slightly more elusive. Her husband certainly knew how to fuck her but she was ready to go again in just a few hours, while he needed 24 to 36 hours to recharge his batteries. As a result, she spent more time masturbating now that she ever had when she was in college and had first discovered porn.

She refocused on the pool, watching the water churn her stepson dove to catch a throw from his father. He came up quickly, one hand on the football and the other reaching up to push his hair from his eyes. As he was retracting an arm to return fire, the sun caught the water on his muscled chest just right and the sparkle made his stepmother gasp. The sound was enough to break his concentration and, as his eyes flicked toward her, the ball flew from his hand, arching over his father’s head and into the tropical shrubs that surrounded the pool.

“Really, son?” his father shouted with a laugh. “Brought down by a pair of tits? Aren’t you used to playing in front of cheerleaders?”

He blushed and began paddling to the side of the pool to retrieve the ball. “Well, I can’t usually see their nipples during the game.”

Now, it was his stepmother’s turn to laugh. “Sorry, buddy. I’ll cover up.”

“No, no,” replied his father. “Leave them out. He needs to appreciate the presence of a beautiful woman instead of those little skirts he’s been chasing.”

His son hoisted himself from the water in front of her and she bit her lip at the sight of his arms. He gave her a little smile and flicked chilly droplets on her as he strode over to the bushes. When he turned, however, her mouth fell open at the sight of the tent in his swimsuit. At her gaze, he glanced down and, seeing what had attracted her attention, held the football in front of his crotch and ran back to the water. The splash of his re-entry caught her and she squealed.

“Get in here, gorgeous,” called her husband. “I could use you on my team!”

She stood up with a grin, removed her sunglasses, strode confidently to the water’s escort gaziantep yabancı bayan edge, and executed a perfect dive into the pool. Staying under water, she swam the length pool, pinching one and then another firm bottom as she passed. When she came up to breathe, both men were swimming toward her with purpose.

“Get her!”

She laughed as the two men chased her around the pool, hands grabbing at her and legs trying to capture her own under the waves. She felt two distinct erections rub her ass and her tits were manhandled more than once. Finally, the splashing stopped and, as the waters settled, she found her way to a sunny ledge in the deep end.

“Mmm,” she murmured, “the sun feels nice. This water is colder than I expected!”

“Baby,” her husband called, “I can see your thermometer from here.”

She cocked her head at him questioningly as he swam toward her, not understanding his reference. He pulled himself up between her legs and pinched her erect nipples. She giggled and arched her chest against his palms.

“Well, why don’t you warm them up for me?”

He glanced over his shoulder at his son, who had exited the water to turn up the thermostat for the pool. Using a free hand to pull down the side of her swimsuit, his hot mouth descended on her breast and he began to suck and nibble her cool flesh. With eyes closed, she ran a hand up his back and tangled her fingers in his black hair, pulling him firmly to her chest. She began to slowly hump his leg and sighed quietly at his expert attention.

The slight noise attracted the gaze of her stepson, who was making his way back to the water’s edge. As he surreptitiously watched his father nurse at his stepmother’s breast, his erection returned and he wet his lips. He could practically feel her fingers in his hair, pulling him closer, and taste her tight bud in his mouth. When he noticed her gentle humping of his father’s thigh, he dropped his hand to discreetly rub the ridge of his cock.

Her eyes fluttered open as the sun went behind a cloud. As her vision cleared, she saw the dark head of her husband escort gaziantep yaşlı bayan bobbing at her chest and, several feet behind him, the intense gaze of her stepson. She smiled dreamily at the boy and allowed her eyes to shut again, relishing each touch experienced under his view. She felt her husband begin to rub between her thighs and spread her legs for him, allowing him to brush the crotch of her suit. Pushing against his hand, she moaned quietly.

“More,” she whispered to his bowed head and was rewarded with the tips of his fingers slipping past the elastic of her swimsuit. He brushed her outer lips, teasing her before slipping two fingers deep into her hole. She moaned quietly and lifted her ass from the ledge, allowing him to enter her fully. Her lips parted as he began to stroke her and her head fell back. He continued to suck on her tight nipples and his thumb contacted her clit, causing the walls of her pussy to contract on his thick digits.

Her orgasm approached quickly and her husband strengthened his grip on her waist, holding her tightly to his hot mouth and hand. A stifled mew escaped her lips and he clamped his teeth down, biting her nipple hard as he furiously rubber her g-spot. Her eyes flew open at the sudden pain and made eye contact with her sexy stepson. No longer trying to hide his observation, he had turned fully toward them and was stroking himself through his board shorts. With a single cry, she began pulsing on her husband’s fingers while looking into her stepson’s deep, green eyes.

Movement at her chest caused her to look down and smooth the hair on her husband’s head. His hand slipped from her swimsuit and he raised his lips from her breast to kiss her.

“How was that?” he asked, with a smile.

“Mmm. You’re amazing,” she grinned and kissed him lightly, squeezing him under the water.

“Let me get you a drink.” Her husband pulled himself up, adjusted his erection, and went inside to pour her another cocktail. He passed his son with a wink. “Need anything from the kitchen?

“Uh, no thanks. I’m good.”

“Thanks for turning up the water. She’s feeling better already.”

As his father stepped into the house, her stepson was surprised to hear his stepmother quietly call his name.

“Huh?” he asked, wondering if she was upset and expecting a reprimand.

“Did you like the show?”


“Don’t even, you know I saw you watching. Did you cum?”

He blushed furiously.


“Too bad. Why don’t you join me? Things are heating up in here.”

To be continued…

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Stay at Home Ch. 03

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Chapter 4

I woke up with Kim spooned against my chest. I watched her for a moment before getting out of bed and heading to the bathroom. As I came out, Kim scurried past me and closed the door. I went back to the room and sat on the bed to wait for her.

When she came back, Kim sat on the bed next to me. She took my hand in hers, kissed the back of it, and said, “Thank you for the best night I’ve had in a long time.”

Smiling, I said, “I think Bill and Carol had a lot to do with it, Kim.”

“They had a lot to do with the sex, but that’s not what made my night. Having you hold me and cuddle is what made it great. I would have fucked you if you wanted me to, but for the first time in my life, I didn’t feel obligated to do anything,” Kim said.

I put my arm around Kim’s waist. “I hope I never make you feel obligated to do anything. I know we don’t know each other very well yet, but I do like you. I like you a lot. We don’t know what’s going to happen or when we’ll be able to return to what used to be a normal life. Until then, I want to enjoy the time we have,” I said.

Kim blinked, causing tears to squeeze from the corners of her eyes. Hugging me, we shared a kiss.

“I need coffee,” Kim said, and she kissed me again. “What’s the dress code around here?”

“Whatever makes you comfortable,” I said.

“So, no one will get upset if I’m naked?” Kim asked.

“Well, I love seeing your sexy naked body,” I said.

“Good, because I don’t like wearing clothes unless I have to.”

“I think you’re sexy dressed too,” I said.

Smiling, Kim said, “You know what? I believe you. I’ll dress sexy for you if you’d like.”

“I have an idea. Why don’t you wear a skirt and top without undies? It would drive me nuts,” I said.

“Are you telling me you wouldn’t be able to keep your hands off me if I dress as you said?”

I chuckled and nodded. “I’m going to have a hard time keeping my hands off you regardless. I think your brother will too.”

Kim laughed and got up. She said she was going to get dressed and would meet me in the kitchen. After she left the room, I put on a pair of boxer briefs and a tee-shirt. As I left the room, I saw Carol and Bill coming out of their bedroom.

“Goodmorning, Matt,” Carol said. “Did you sleep well last night?”

“Yup, I slept like a baby. I’m going downstairs for coffee,” I said.

“We’re heading for the kitchen too,” Bill said.

In the kitchen, I prepared the coffee maker. A few moments later, Kim joined us. She seemed giddy as she flitted around the kitchen. When Kim came close to me and lifted her skirt, I knew why.

I put my hand between Kim’s legs and rubbed her pussy, unencumbered by panties. She wiggled against my fingers and chuckled.

“Nice,” I said.

“What? My pussy?” Kim replied.

Removing my hand, I hugged Kim and kissed her for a moment, pushing my tongue into her mouth. She put her arms around my neck and held me.

“Alright, you two, get a room,” Carol said.

Kim and I laughed as we stepped apart. The four of us sat at the counter, drinking our coffee and talking about what we planned for the day. It was Saturday, so none of us planned to work.

“So, Kim, did you have a good time last night?” Bill asked his sister.

Grinning and nodding her head, Kim said, “It was one of the best nights of my life. I had a lot of fun, not to mention the greatest sex I’ve ever had.”

“Did you two have fun after we all went to bed?” Carol said.

“Matt and I cuddled and slept in each other’s arms. It was a couple of firsts for me. I never went to bed with a man and didn’t have sex. It was also the first time I slept with a man other than my brother. Tom and I had sex, but we never slept together,” Kim said.

Chuckling, Carol said, “I would have thought my horny brother would have been all over you, Kim.”

“Nope. In fact, it was Matt’s idea just to cuddle. It was amazing,” Kim replied.

“I’ll cuddle with you anytime you’d like,” I said.

Turning to me, Kim smiled and said, “Every night?”

When I nodded, Kim kissed me. She turned to Carol and whispered in my sister’s ear. The two girls laughed and got up.

“Matt, Bill, can you make breakfast? Kim and I have to take care of something,” Carol said.

“What are you going to do?” Bill asked.

“If Matt doesn’t mind, were going to move my things into his bedroom,” Kim said.

I laughed and said, “Do you need any help?”

“No, I think we can handle it. Bill can put the air bed away later,” Carol said.

Kim and Carol headed to the family room. Bill and I decided to make pancakes and got up to get started. I began frying sausage patties while he mixed the batter.

“I think my sister likes you, Matt,” Bill said.

“I like your sister, Bill. She seems like a girl I could get along with.” I laughed. “It seems the four of us are of the same mind regarding sex.”

“After last night, I have to agree with you. I didn’t upset you when we, you know?” Bill said.

I put my hand on my brother-in-law’s crotch. Smiling as I gently massaged his genitals, I said, “Not in escort gaziantep ucuz bayan the least. Maybe we can try it sober and see if we feel the same.”

Bill smiled and said, “I would like to explore, but I’m not interested in kissing, not on the mouth. As far as anything else, we can see what happens. I’ve curious how it would be to take a blowjob to completion.”

Removing my hand from Bill’s crotch, I said, “It isn’t as bad as you may think it is. When my friend and I experimented, we came in each other’s mouths.” I chuckled. “It’s not much different than tasting my own after I jack off.”

Carol and Kim came back into the kitchen. They were laughing as they sat at the counter.

“Did you get everything moved?” I said.

“We did. I have my clothes in the dresser and closet,” Kim said.

“Are you planning to move in here?” Bill said.

Carol and Kim chuckled, and then Kim said, “Maybe. Carol said I could stay for a while if I wanted to.”

“You know your welcome to stay as long as you want to Kim. That goes for you too, Matt,” Bill said.

“I agree with my hubby. We like having you two here with us.” Carol laughed. “We seem to have so many things in common.”

“There’s more to life than hot sex, you know,” I said.

“There is? What?” Carol said, and then she smiled. “I know there is more to life than sex. I also know there’s nothing wrong with four people who are so compatible enjoying sex. Last night was a real eye-opener for me. Since Matt, and now Kim, came here, Bill and I have been making some of our fantasies come true. There are so many other things I want to try.

“As long as all of us get along and we can live as a family, I want to find out what Bill’s and my limits are.”

I sat next to Kim, listening to my sister talk about living out her fantasies. Since arriving at her and Bill’s house, I too was experiencing things I never thought I would. Now, Kim was in the picture, and I realized I was fond of her. It was almost uncanny how attracted to Kim I’d become in such a short time. While I knew sex was part of my attraction, I felt something more deep-rooted.

Kim put her hand on my arm, leaned close, and said, “Want to go skinny-dipping?”

I nodded as I got off the stool and laughed when Kim began stripping in the kitchen. I shucked my boxer briefs and tee-shirt, took her hand, and led her out to the pool. Still holding hands, we jumped into the water.

Putting her arms around my neck, Kim kissed me. She pressed her chest against mine as her tongue explored the inside of my mouth. I gripped her bottom and pulled her closer.

“I hope you don’t mind me moving into the bedroom with you,” Kim said.

Shaking my head, I said, “No, not at all. I hope you don’t mind the fact I like to sleep naked.”

“Mind? Baby, I’m counting on it,” Kim replied.

Bill and Carol joined us in the pool. We swam, splashed, and horsed around. After about a half-hour, we all got out and relaxed on the lounges. Carol handed me a bottle of sunscreen and pointed at Kim.

Kneeling next to her lounge, I slowly coated Kim’s back with sunscreen. She wiggled as I smeared the lotion on her ass. When she flipped over, I started on her front.

“A girl could get used to this,” Kim said as I rubbed her firm breasts.

“I’m more than happy to make sure you don’t burn,” I said.

“I know one thing. If I stay here for a while, I’m going to have a killer tan.” Kim chuckled. “No tan lines.”

When I finished coating Kim’s naked body with sunscreen, she did the same for me. As she rubbed me, Kim paid a lot of attention to my genitals. She stroked my cock and fondled my balls with her lotion slick hands. My cock began to swell, and she stopped.

We spent the day basking in the sun. Because of our hefty breakfast, we decided to have cheese and crackers at lunchtime. Later, Bill and I grilled steaks while the girls prepared a salad.

At about nine o’clock, we headed indoors and up to the bonus room. Bill turned on the television so we could watch the news. We stayed up for about two hours before heading to bed.

In what had become Kim’s and my bedroom, I took her into my arms and kissed her. She wiggled in my arms as our kissing grew in passion. I guided her to the bed, and we stretched out next to one another.

Kim and I used our hands and kisses to communicate. I moved my mouth over her breasts, sucking her nipples before sliding down her body. She opened her legs, giving me access to her pussy. As I licked her vulva, she pushed at my legs, turning me around.

Lying on our sides, I continued eating Kim while she sucked my cock. I pushed a finger into her pussy, causing her to moan around my dick. After a few minutes of mutual oral pleasure, I flipped around and settled between her legs.

Kim smiled as I slipped my rigid cock into her wet pussy. She hooked her legs over mine, shoving up as I pushed into her. For the next twenty minutes, we made love. While it began as sex, it quickly transformed into tender lovemaking.

As my climax approached, I escort gaziantep ukraynalı bayan began thrusting faster. Kim held me with her arms around my neck, moaning as her orgasm matched mine. I pushed my cock into her as I came, and her pussy contracted around my shaft. As we recovered, I felt something I’d never felt before, a connection with Kim. My past sexual experiences were always fun and usually satisfying, but this was different. The closest I’d come was with my sister.

When I started getting off Kim, she held me tightly and said, “Please don’t move for a moment. I want to hold you.”

“Are you okay, Kim?” I asked as I lifted my head and looked into her eyes.

“I’m so far above okay it isn’t funny. Matt, it’s never been like this. It’s never been this good,” Kim said.

I kissed Kim, letting my lips linger against hers. She tightened her arms around my neck and pulled us together with her legs. Supporting my weight on bent arms, I peppered her mouth and chin with kisses. My cock softened and slipped out of her pussy, causing her to moan.

We rolled onto our sides as we continued kissing. I ran my hand up Kim’s side to her breast, holding it firmly. She wiggled against me and sighed.

“Do you want to take a shower?” I said.

“No,” Kim replied.

“We made a big wet spot in the sheets.”

Kim kissed me and said, “I don’t care if you don’t. I just want to lie here in your arms and fall asleep.”

Kissing her nose and squeezing her breast, I said, “Works for me.”

We kissed again, then Kim rolled over, putting her back to my chest. She took my arm, pulled it over her side, and put my hand on her breast.

“Goodnight, Kim,” I said.

“It was a marvelous night, baby,” Kim replied as she wiggled her ass against my crotch.

When I woke up, Kim was straddling my legs and sucking my cock. Our eyes met, and I smiled. She took my cock deep, moaning as she applied suction. After bobbing her heads for a few minutes, she scooted up and slotted my cock in her pussy.

“Goodmorning, Matt,” Kim said as she bounced on my cock.

Reaching behind her, I gripped Kim’s ass and guided her up and down. She leaned forward, kissing me as she wiggled against my groin. After a few minutes of Kim riding me, I pushed her off.

“As much as I’m enjoying this, I have to pee,” I said.

“Okay, but you have to come back and finish fucking me,” Kim said.

I headed to the bathroom, took care of my full bladder, and went back to the bedroom. Kim was on her hands and knees, wiggling her ass. I climbed onto the bed, fisted my cock, and slid it into her pussy. Holding her hips, I started fucking Kim hard and fast. She let out grunts between her moans as she shoved her ass back into my thrusts.

Kim shouted, telling me to fuck her harder. I did my best, pounding my cock in and out of her pussy. When my hips met her ass, it created a slapping sound. She reached between her legs, diddling her clit as our orgasms consumed our bodies.

Spent, I leaned against Kim’s back, pushing her down on the bed. As we caught our breath, I heard clapping. I turned my head to see Bill and my sister standing in the doorway, applauding.

“When you two lovebirds finish, the coffee is ready,” Carol said.

“Carol and I were in the kitchen when we heard Kim’s begging,” Bill said.

“I wasn’t begging. I was instructing Matt to fuck me harder,” Kim said, and then she laughed. “He is very good at taking instructions.”

“It appears he is,” Carol said.

I got up, took Kim’s hand, and pulled her out of bed. We told our siblings we’d be down in a few minutes and headed to take a shower. Kim giggled as she sat on the toilet while I started the water.

“This is the first time I peed with a man in the same room,” Kim said.

“I’m glad you feel comfortable enough to do it with me here,” I replied.

Kim nodded. She finished, flushed, and gave me a hug. When the toilet stopped running, we got into the stall. I picked up the shampoo, moved her under the spray, and wet Kim’s hair. As I washed her hair, she sighed.

“A girl could get used to this,” Kim said.

“What? Having your hair washed?” I replied.

Kim turned to me. She smiled as the suds ran down her face and onto her breasts. “I could get used to you washing my hair, Matt.”

“I’d be happy to be your personal bather. Whenever you need me to wash you, let me know,” I said.

“Just my hair?” Kim said.

I moved my soapy hands to her breasts, rubbing them. “Anything you want me to wash, Kim.”

We grinned as I grabbed the body wash. Kim put her hands behind her head, wiggling as I coated her body and rubbed her. When I finished her front, I turned her around and started on her back. She shook her ass when I soaped between her cheeks.

After I rinsed the suds from Kim’s body, I knelt on the floor, pushed her legs apart, and licked her pussy. She held my head and rocked her hips against my probing tongue. I stood up, gave her a kiss, and handed her the shampoo.

Kim washed me, sucked my escort gaziantep üniversiteli bayan cock for a few moments, then we got out. When we finished in the bathroom, we went to our bedroom to dress. I pulled on a pair of boxer briefs and a tee-shirt. Kim wore a tank-top and a short skirt without underwear.

Sunday was a repeat of the day before. We ate breakfast, went outside, and sat by the pool naked. The four of us talked, swam, and enjoyed the day. We ordered pizza for dinner, sitting at the patio table eating and drinking a couple of beers.

When Kim and I went to bed, we started making love, but it quickly turned into a night of ravenous sex. After going at it for over an hour, Kim and I collapsed, basking in the bliss of sexual satisfaction. Before falling asleep, we kissed and hugged one another.

On Monday, we all tended to our work. I finished my classes and went to the kitchen for a cold drink. Carol came up behind me, wrapped her arms around my waist, and hugged me.

“It looks like my little brother has a girlfriend,” Carol said.

Turning in my sister’s arms, I smiled as I shrugged my shoulders. “I don’t know if I do or don’t.”

“From what Kim’s told me, she’s really attracted to you. She said you’re the nicest man she’s ever met,” Carol said.

“I like Kim. She’s sexy, smart, and fun. I keep thinking of what’s going to happen when things return to normal,” I said.

“From what I heard on the news, you don’t have to worry about it for a while. The governor is talking about extending the stay at home order. Until then, let’s have a good time,” Carol said as she reached for my crotch. “Unless you don’t want to fuck me anymore.”

Smiling, I gripped my sister’s ass, pulled her close, and kissed her. She moaned into my mouth as I kneaded her butt.

Carol and I laughed and stepped apart. We sat at the counter, waiting for Bill and Kim to finish working. When they came into the kitchen, we made plans for dinner.

I had a lecture on Tuesday afternoon. After listening to the professor’s talk, I went to find the others. Not seeing anyone in the house, I went outside. I saw Carol in the pool, swimming laps. When I heard Kim moan, I turned and saw her riding her brother’s cock.

Bill was stretched out on a lounge while Kim straddled his legs. I watched her breasts bob and sway as she humped up and down on his cock. For a moment, I felt a pang of jealousy, but then I realized sex amongst all of us was part of our chosen life. Unable to stop watching, I felt my cock expand in my boxer briefs.

I was so engrossed in watching Kim and Bill fucking each other that I didn’t notice Carol come up behind me. She tugged my briefs down, causing me to turn around. Kneeling, my sister took my cock in her mouth, sucking it until it was hard. She stood up, kissed me, and pulled me to a lounge next to Bill and Kim.

Carol stretched out on her back, hanging her legs over the edge of the lounge. Not needing an invitation, I knelt between her legs and fed my cock into her pussy. She grinned, pulled me down, and gave me a kiss.

“I was wondering if you were ever going to come out here and fuck me, Matt,” Carol said.

“I know I shouldn’t disappoint my big sister,” I said as I stroked my cock in and out of her.

“Nothing is disappointing about having your big cock in me,” Carol said.

As I fucked Carol, I heard the grunting and moans from Kim and Bill. I put my hands behind my sister’s knees, pushing her legs back toward her breasts. As I thrust into her pussy, my body slapped against hers.

I continued fucking my sister for another twenty minutes. Glancing next to us, I saw Kim and Bill finished and were watching us. When I came in Carol, she moaned. I rested for a moment, then sat back, pulling my cock out of her pussy.

Kim chuckled, pulled me off the lounge, and straddled Carol’s head. As she lowered her pussy to my sister’s mouth, Kim leaned forward and pushed her face into Carol’s crotch. The two girls moaned as they sucked the cum from each other’s pussies.

Bill stood next to me, put his hand on my shoulder, and said, “Hey, girls, what about us?”

Lifting her head from Carol’s crotch, Kim said, “Figure it out, boys, Carol and I are busy.”

I watched Kim smile. Laughing, I leaned over and sucked Bill’s flaccid cock into my mouth. As I sucked him, I tasted my Kim’s pussy and Bills cum.

“Oh my god, Matt’s sucking the cum off Bill’s cock,” Kim said.

I smiled around my brother-in-law’s shaft as I felt his cock expanding in my mouth. Bill stroked my head as I sank to my knees. I heard Carol say something, but couldn’t make it out. A few moments later, Bill pulled me up. He dropped to his knees and returned the favor. When I glanced at the girls, they gave us a thumbs up.

Bill got up and turned to look at the girls. They clapped and smiled.

“You two are so fucking hot,” Carol said.

“No hotter than you and my sister,” Bill said.

Kim came over to me, grabbed me behind my head, and kissed me. When she pushed her tongue into my mouth, I could taste Bill’s semen and Carol’s pussy juice.

We jumped into the pool and cooled off. None of us discussed what we did, but I thought about the activity. The unbridled interaction between the four of us reminded me there was no room for jealousy. As long as the four of us were together, nothing was off-limits. The only thing I regretted was not being able to finish sucking Bill’s cock and tasting his cum. I smiled to myself, knowing there would be other opportunities.

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Spying Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Candy left school early on a sunny Friday afternoon. Pep rallies weren’t really her thing so who really cared if she wasn’t there. She started walking the two blocks to her Uncle Jamie’s house. He was usually home during the day and could give her a lift to her house on the other side of town. Even thought she was 18, her parents wouldn’t get her a car. And since they both worked during the day, she couldn’t use one of theirs.

Candy was a pretty girl. She had honey blonde hair and big green eyes. She was a petite girl. Standing only 5’2, she was slim with firm breasts, a narrow waist and slim hips. Even though she was short, she had long legs. Her ex-boyfriend always said her legs were great. And at the moment, they gracefully led her down the street away from her high school.

It was a warm day in May so Candy enjoyed the walk to her Uncle’s. The sun was shining, flowers were starting to push up from the earth, and the squirrels were happily running up and down trees. As Candy approached her Uncle’s House she walked around back, he escort gaziantep suriyeli bayan always left the back door unlocked. Her Uncle Jamie was a landscaper so he had a beautiful yard. There was an in ground pools right off the deck and behind that was a lush lawn filled with flowers and pretty little trees. She started up the deck when she heard a groaning noise. Puzzled, she slowly peered down the deck towards the pool. Her eyes opened wide in shock. Her Uncle Jamie was lying naked on a reclining lawn chair, his right hand moving up and down in his lap. Her uncle was masturbating by the pool! His eyes were closed and his fist was wrapped around his tool, stroking it gently. She could hear him groaning gently and muttering something. Candy quietly crossed the deck behind her uncle and came up on his right where there was a trellis that would hide her watching form.

Candy looked through the holes in the trellis at her Uncle’s naked form. She never noticed how attractive he escort gaziantep türbanlı bayan was. He was only twenty six, her mother’s youngest brother, and he had a tanned muscular body. He had dark hair and pretty hazel eyes. And from what she was seeing now, he had a huge cock. Candy felt her pussy grow wet in her tiny shorts. Uncle Jamie’s hand started to move up and down faster on his shaft. She could hear him better now. He was groaning loudly now and talking dirty.

“Oh Yeah, that’s it baby. Treat your Uncle Jamie right.” She heard him say. “Candy, baby, that’s it stroke your uncle’s big hard cock, that’s it baby. Yeah”

Candy’s eyes grew wide again. He Uncle just said her name. Her Uncle was thinking about her while he was masturbating! She didn’t know why, but this made her really hot. She stuck a hand down her pants and found her wet, waiting pussy. Her fingers dipped down to retrieve her juices and traveled back up to her clit. She rubbed the sensitive escort gaziantep ücreti elden alan bayan little nubbin like there was no tomorrow. Only a few feet away, her uncle was moaning her name loudly, slamming his fist on hi meat. Candy leaned against the wooden beams of the trellis, her free hand reaching up under her shirt, lightly pinching on her nipple.

Candy knew her uncle Jamie was close to cumming. His movements were more frantic, his moans louder than before. “That’s it baby girl. I’m gonna cum on your sweet little titties. You want that Candy? You want my man juice all over you firm tanned titties. Oh Yeah, I’m cumming baby, I’m Cumming!”

Uncle Jamie exploded all over his tanned muscular thighs. His load seemed to keep coming and coming. This set Candy off. She pinched her nipple hard while her fingers sent her soaring over the edge.

After recovering, Candy removed her hand from her shorts and brought them up to her mouth. She greedily licked her juices off her fingers. She noticed Uncle Jamie had put on his trunks and hopped into the pool. Quietly she made her way across the deck to the side of the house. Once there she adjusted her clothing and prepared to walk up the deck nonchalantly. Her mind was reeling. As she walked toward the deck she smiled mischievously. She knew what she was going to do. She walked over to the edge of the pool as Jamie came up from under the water.

“Hi Uncle Jamie, What’s up?”

To Be Continued…

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Spare the Rod Ch. 1

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At 17 Katey went to live with her big sister. Coming from a large family there was quite an age difference, with Mary being the oldest and Katey being the youngest there was almost 16 years difference in their ages, and a good 20 years difference between Katey and her Brother in law Scott.

Scott had always held a special place in his heart for Katey. It was hard not to. She was only 5 when he married her sister and moved to the neighboring state, and Katey came to stay with them many times. Snuggling up to him like a little kitten when she was younger, and retaining that playfulness when she grew older. He’d always felt very fatherly towards her and loved her. This had never been a problem until she hit her teen years.

Katey developed a very sexy body by the time she was 13, and with each year her package got sexier and hotter. Scott noticed, every man around her noticed. And Katey was so happy and friendly that she drew people to her like flies to honey. When Katey was 18 she came to live with Scott and Mary for the summer to help Mary out with her 10-year-old twin boys.

Scott found it more and more difficult to keep his hungry eyes from wondering to his sister in laws tight body. She spent most of the summer with the boys by the back yard pool, her tanned lithe body barely contained in the skimpiest of bikinis. When Mary commented on that, Katey called her a prude. Katey seemed very comfortable in her skin. Whereas Mary was very straight laced and not the fun girl that Scott had married all those years ago. Mary threw her whole self into motherhood, saving no time or energy for Scott or their marriage. Scott had tried many times to change this, but he finally just accepted that the distance between them had thrown them more into the role of roommates than lovers. Mary seemed to lose all interest in sex after the twins were born.

Scott found himself thinking about Katey more and more. He watched her day after day and found himself having more boners than he’d had in years. He enjoyed being aroused, and entertaining different fantasies about Katey as he relieved his aching balls. His favorite times were playing in the pool with Katey and the boys. This gave him an excuse to touch her, feel her firm young body, and rub against her ample breasts. It seemed her nipples were always hard as erasers, standing at attention, tormenting him. He noticed how they tormented others also. Each might Katey went out with a group of kids from the neighborhood, or had them over to swim. Scott noticed how at ease she was with everyone, playful, funny. There always seemed to be a lot of wrestling going on in the pool, and Katey seks hikayeleri was always right in the middle of it.

One day he took the afternoon off from work, Mary was taking the boys to a children’s play over in the next town. Scott thought he’d go home and change and then get in a round of golf. As he walked through the house he glance out by the pool and almost creamed in his pants. There was Katey, laid out on a lounge chair, topless, with one hand down her bottoms and one hand tugging at her nipple. The backyard was very private, and Katey thought she was all-alone. Scott approached the screen door and he could hear her moaning ‘mmmmmm yes Scottie, right there, touch me, it feels so good.’ Scott was paralyzed. Scottie, was what she had always called him, but never in that deep sexy voice.

Not even remembering moving, he was standing over her, casting a shadow over her half naked body. He was rubbing his cock through his pants when she opened her eyes. His heart stopped, he thought she might scream, or run, but instead she looked up at him through half open passion filled eyes and licked her lips.

‘K-K-Katey, what are you doing?’ Scott stammered.

‘Thinking of you……’ she moaned and he saw her fingers pinch her nipple.

Her eyes lowered to where his hand was slowly pressing against his hard cock. Again, she licked her lips.

‘Maybe you should go inside an get some clothes on…’ Scott suggested.

‘Maybe you should stay out here and take some clothes off….’Katey countered with a smile.

Scott was speechless. Here was his wife’s sister, smiling up at him so sweetly, and so invitingly, while she continued to play with herself.

She stopped playing, threw one leg over each side of the end of the lounge chair, and reached up for his hand. He held it out to her and she tugged him down til he was sitting on the end of the lounge, between her legs.

‘Scott, I’ve seen how things are with you and Mary. You act like brother and sister. I love my sister, but I see how devoted she is to those boys, and how she doesn’t take care of her man. I think it’s such a waste. I want to help…’ Katey pulled Scott’s hand to her breast. ‘Touch me, it’s alright. I’ve been wanting you for so long. Every boy I’ve ever had has been a poor subsitute for you.’

‘Katey what are you saying?’ Scott said hoarsely. He was lightly running his fingers over her breast and watching the nipple tighten up even more, matching the tightness in his groin.

‘I want you Scott. I’ve wanted you for a very long time but I knew that we couldn’t act on it . So I’ve been escort gaziantep şişman bayan trying to transfer these feelings I have for you to others, but it’s not working. I’ve seen you looking at me, and I know you want me too…..’ She moaned as Scott firmly cupped her breast in his hand.

‘Katey, I don’t think…’ that’s as far as he got, and as far as he thought, because at that moment, her hand found his hard erection and traced the long firm line of it in his pants. ‘Oh God….’ He groaned.

‘Just touch me a little, Feel how wet I am for you.’ Katey instructed as she guided his hand into her bikini bottoms.

She was liquid fire. He could feel her heart beat, there in the warm wetness of her pussy. That was the final straw; his fingers gently stroked her hot lips as his mouth found hers. Both of them groaned and gave up any thought of stopping. Before they knew it Scott’s clothes were gone and he was devouring Katey. Nibbling at her neck, down to her breasts. As he licked her nipples her hands tightened on his back ‘Oh yes Scottie, suck my nipples, that feels so good, it goes right down to my pussy.’

Her words spurred him on hotly. He gave the other nipple equal attention and she ground her bikini-covered mound against his leg, burning into him. He worked his way down to her stomach, tongueing her belly button. He could smell her musky heat and was salivating for a taste of her. He pulled off her bottoms and looked at her shaved pussy, it beckoned him to sample her delicacies.

They were both panting as he traced her outer pussy lips with his fingers. Katey made a deep animal sound. ‘What do you want little one? Tell me.’ All at once Scott felt very powerful, almost wanting to make her pay for all these weeks that he’s been lusting after her.

‘Please, Please, take me…’ she begged.

‘Are you sure,’ he said as he ran his finger around her throbbing nubbin, making her arch her back and squeeze her breasts. ‘I’m not one of those boys you’ve been playing with, I’m old enough to be your father.’ He saw an odd light come into her eyes.

‘You’d be my hot, sexy, Daddy. Making me so hot, Daddy. Making me so wet, Daddy.’ She groaned as Scott’s finger slid into her hot, wet pussy. He could feel her walls squeeze his finger every time she called him ‘Daddy’. And in turn, when she looked at him like that, and called him Daddy like that, he almost shot his load.

She rode his finger as he pushed it deeper and added another. He lowered his mouth to taste her juices. The moment his tongue touched her pussy she made a keening noise escort gaziantep sınırsız bayan that rang through him right to his cock. Her hips rose and fell, she pulled at her nipples. ‘Oh, yes, that’s soooo good. MMMMMMMMMore, I need more’

Scott now had 3 fingers in her as he sucked at her clit, she was going into a frenzy, making little animal noises. But Scott wanted more… He raised his head and withdrew his fingers, she panted, thrashing her head from side to side. She was so sexy, he loved watching her, knowing that he was making her this way, he wanted to play, he wanted to get nasty, ‘You are such a hot little girl, such a naughty girl. Laying out here, touching yourself, making yourself so wet, making Daddy so hard.’ He ran a finger from her clit to her puckered pink hole. Katey arched off the cushion. ‘Talk to me, tell me what you want.’

Katey looked him right in the eye and breathed, ‘I want your cock Daddy, Fuck me, I’m such a bad girl, I want your cock.’ She sat up and wrapped her hand around his engorged cock, her other hand ran up his torso until he leaned back a little and her mouth found his nipple and sucked. Her tongue darted out to play with the hard bud and then traveled to the other one, all the while her hand expertly stroked his cock. Her tongue snaked down his stomach, dancing in and out of his belly button until finally, her mouth engulfed what it could of his hard cock. Scott groaned, ‘You better stop or I won’t last long at all.’

Katey ran her tongue around his cock head and then pulled her mouth away and looked up at him with a dangerous glint in her eye, ‘Make me, Daddy’

Scott came over her until his body pinned her to the cushion ‘Well, you are a naughty little girl aren’t you, and you know what they say ‘Spare the rod, spoil the child’ I have a very special rod for you, young lady…’ and with that he plunged his hard thick cock into her dripping pussy.

Katey threw her head back and her arms around his back, ‘Yes Daddy, give me your rod, punish me hard Daddy. Oh yes, harder, such a big rod Daddy.’

Scott pounded into her welcoming heat. Feeling all the blood rush from his other extremities to the one that was getting all the glory. ‘Daddy’s rod is only for you Katey, Daddy loves giving his little one the rod, Take it Katey, Oh baby, baby….’


Scott gave it all he had as he emptied himself into her.

‘POUND ME DADDY, UGH, UGH, UGH, UGH AAAAAAA YES YES YES I’M CUMMING, FILL ME UP’ Katey cried as she wrapped her legs around him and came with him.

After a while, they both seemed to come to the present. They looked at each other, surprised and pleased and satiated. ‘That was incredible…’ ‘It’s going to be a long hot summer’ ‘And we’re gonna make it even hotter…’

This is my first try at a story, I’d love to hear what you thought. You can e mail me with suggestions or comments at the address in my profile and please vote.

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Sons , Lovers #03

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Ashley Alban

Chapter 3: Kitchen Work

One afternoon I was standing in my kitchen doing some housework. I didn’t think anyone was home so I was only wearing my house robe and panties. Feeling my house-robe brushing against my bare tits had aroused me and my mind drifted off. I closed my eyes as I slipped a hand into my panties and started to finger-fuck myself. I knew that I was making noises, but since I thought I was alone, I didn’t care. I was so deep in thought that I didn’t hear someone as they walked into the kitchen behind me.

I felt a pair of hands as they were placed on my hips. I let them pull my ass back until it was pressed against the naked cock that was grinding into it. The hands crept up to the front of my robe. They untied its cord and let it drop loose to expose my whole front. The hands went inside of my robe to caress my tits. I felt a familiar and pleasing wetness creep into my pussy and my knees buckled slightly. Groaning in ecstasy, I wanted to turn around when the hands came up to take my face between them and urge me to remain looking forward. Not a word was spoken by whoever was behind me.

I felt a thrill shoot through me as I realized that whoever was behind me wanted to remain anonymous. It could be my husband, my next door neighbor, the meter man, a complete stranger… anyone. At that point I didn’t care who it was. I wanted to follow this fantasy where ever it might lead me.

My mystery lover bent forward to kiss my neck. As one hand caressed my tits, the other hand roamed over my chest, down my stomach and into my soaking panties. I ground my ass hard into the cock behind me as a long finger began to probe the inside of my pussy.

“Mmmmmm… oh, yes… oh, that feels so good, lover… mmmmm, don’t stop… more…”

The finger was taken out of my pussy. The hand was brought up to my mouth and the finger caressed my lips, spreading my juices over my lips. I licked my lips and the finger, tasting my own juices. I sucked the finger into my mouth and sucked all of my love oil off of it. I was going mad with desire by now. The stranger knew I was ready for him.

The hands began to remove my panties. I lifted my legs to make their removal easier. As they dropped to the kitchen floor, the back of my robe was lifted up and draped over my ass. I knew that I was about to get fucked and I knew that I wanted to get fucked. I gripped the counter before me to steady myself and I bent forward to shove my ass back farther.

I felt the tip of the cock behind me being run up and down my pussy slit. It tormented me to feel it there without it going into me. With each pass of the dick rubbing along my cunt I could feel it getting slicker with my pussy juice. Just when I thought I was going to go crazy, the hands moved up to rest on my shoulders. Pulling me back by the shoulders, the stranger escort bayan şanlıurfa finally shoved his dick into my steaming pussy. As the cock plunged in and out of my cunt, a part of my brain knew that I had never felt this dick inside of me before and that the stranger’s fucking technique was new to me. It wasn’t my husband or anyone else I had fucked before. That realization made me go crazy as I knew that somehow, someone who shouldn’t be fucking me was fucking me, and they were fucking me right in my own kitchen.

I groaned loudly as I felt the strange cock slide inside of me. I didn’t care about anything in the world at that point except getting fucked. The stranger pounded his dick in me so hard that I was sometimes lifted off of the floor by his thrusting. He slid his hands down and mauled my tits as he fucked me. I came harder than I ever had before. I was getting the most glorious fuck of my life, and I didn’t even know who was fucking me. I didn’t even care. His hands came up and grabbed my hair. He pulled my head back by my hair like they were a horse’s reins.

“Oh god, lover, ride me… yes, fuck me, baby, fuck me… harder, deeper… yes, more… fuck me…!”

I could hear his breathing become ragged. His fucking became faster and more frenzied. I knew that he was about to come. I thrust my hips back to impale myself on his cock. He shoved forward until his was fully inside of me and filled me with his cum and I used my cunt muscles to milk his cock of its precious load.

Finally, he fell on to my back as his cum began to run down my legs. For a few moments we both recovered from our fuck-fest. Then he pulled his cock out of me and moved away. By the time I had regained enough energy to turn around, he was gone. I walked over to the door into the living room where I saw a sock and a pair of underwear that had fallen on the floor. I recognized them immediately.

Picking them up I headed upstairs and went to my 18 year-old son’s door. His light was shining under it. I opened his door and stood in it naked with my house robe open. He was under his covers pretending he was asleep. I stood there for a few moments and he opened his eyes to see if I had left. When he saw me watching him, he knew he was caught. I walked into his room and dropped his clothes at the foot of his bed.

“Mom… I’m sorry… I…”

With out saying anything, I walked over and pulled his covers back. He was lying on his bed before me completely naked. I could see his thick cock was still slick with my juices. I sat on the edge of his bed. I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth. I could taste my own juices as I swallowed his dick to the base, He groaned loudly as his dick grew in my mouth. I looked up at my son. His eyes were wide with shock and escort gaziantep sarışın bayan excitement.

“Your cock has an interesting flavor on it, son. Do you want to tell your mother what it is?” I said as I licked it up and down like a lollipop.

“Oh god, Mom. Suck me.”

I couldn’t believe I was really sucking my own son’s dick. Nor could I believe how hard it was getting so soon after he had already cum. I sucked on his cock like I couldn’t get enough of it. I couldn’t remember the last time I had been fucked twice in a row. Finally I knew that I had to have him inside of me again. I bent down on my hands and knees with my pussy facing my son. I looked back at him over my shoulder so he could see the lust in my eyes.

“I need you to fuck me again, baby. I want you to take me from behind again. Are you ready for me?”

My son got up on his knees and pressed his wonderful cock against my pussy lips as he prepared to mount me again.

“Oh yeah, Mom. I really want you. I’ve wanted to do this to you for a long time.”

“Good, lover, then do it to me for a long time.”

I eased myself back onto my son’s cock. It felt like I was being impaled. I had never felt as filled up as I did then. Placing his hands on my hips he began to pound his cock in me. I bounced back and forth on his dick like a fuck-crazed teen-ager. I was probably moaning loud enough for the neighbor’s to hear, but I didn’t care. My son reached around and grabbed a double handful of my tits and mashed them into my chest.

“Oh god, Mom, I’m fucking you, I’m really fucking you.”

“Yes, baby, you’re really fucking me, and you’re fucking me so good.”

My son placed his hands on my ass and dug into it as his jack-hammer cock kept pounding into me over and over.

“You’ve got a great body, Mom, and I just love your ass.”

“Oh, and my ass loves you, baby. Fuck me, son, fuck mommy harder.”

I was so lost in my forbidden ecstasy and almost continual orgasms, that I didn’t realize that my son was holding my ass-cheeks open. Before I knew it, he pulled his cock out of my pussy and placed its thick head right over my ass-hole.

“I want to fuck you in the ass, Mom.”

“No, baby, please, I can’t, I’ve never… and you’re too big.”

But he wasn’t listening to me. He was as lost in his lust as I was in mine. He started shoving his cock up my ass. I thought I would split open. My arms gave out and I fell on my face against his mattress. I was out of my mind but he kept forcing it in. Suddenly he gave one big thrust and then his whole cock was inside of me again, but in a place where I had never had a cock before. I could feel my own juices as they lubricated his dick deep in my ass.

“You’re so tight, Mom. God, it feels escort şehitkamil great.”

My son began to pull his cock back out and the feeling was like heaven as stretched muscle was allowed to relax again. Then he started thrusting back inside of me as he worked up his fuck motion. I could hardly even catch my breath between his powerful thrust. I just kept moaning. Then I found myself moaning longer and deeper. I realized that as my ass loosened up, any pain I felt was gone. Instead was a new feeling of pleasure I had never felt before. I started pushing my ass back against my son’s thrusts to force his dick as deep inside my ass as it could go.

“Oh god, lover, that feels so good. Mommy never knew it would feel like this. Fuck me harder, baby, Fuck Mommy in the ass.

“Like this, Mom?”

“Oh yes, lover, like that, yes.”

The feelings that were taking over my body and mind were unbelievable. I had never felt anything like this before in my life. Here I was on my hands and knees with my own son shoving his cock in my ass. Me reached around me to garb my tits as he fucked me, then he let one hand slid down to my cunt. I was on fire now and about to cum again. As soon as he started rubbing my clit my body jerked like I had been electrocuted and I came, moaning and yelling… not caring who might hear me.

“Geez, Mom, I love you.”

“I love you too, baby. God fuck me, lover. Fuck your mother.”

My son bent his body over my back as he continued to pound his cock in my ass. He leaned his head to my neck and breathed hard in my ear and bit my neck as he fucked me. He was just like a dog fucking a bitch in heat… and that is exactly what I was, his bitch in heat.

“Oh god, Mom. I’m going to cum again.”

“Yes, baby. Cum in my ass. Please, baby. Oh god it feels so good. Cum on baby. Cum in mommy.”

Suddenly my son thrust his hips forward as far and as hard as he could, driving his cock as far up my ass as he could. Then I felt his hot cum flooding into my bowels. His sweat was dripping on my back in streams and he collapsed on top of me only moving enough to spasmodically jerk his cock in my ass to force all of his sperm inside of me.

I dropped down on my son’s bed with him laying on me and his now shrinking cock inside of me. I hadn’t cum with him this time, but that was alright. He had given me more pleasure than I ever dreamed possible… and I was sure he would have other opportunities to show his mother what he could do and good he could make me feel.

“Oh god, baby. You were wonderful. I can’t believe how you make feel.”

“Geez, Mom, you are fantastic. Oh god, I love you so much.”

“I love you too, baby. I love you too.”

Then we both lapsed off into a light sleep as our bodies tried to recover from the tremendous drain of energy our lovemaking had caused. We woke up later and had a slow leisurely fuck. We then took a shower together to clean ourselves up and fuck one more time before his father returned home. Since then my son and I have become devoted lovers. No one else knows about us, but I don’t think I would care if they did. All I care about is the pleasure we give each other. What more could I ask for in a lover?

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Son and Mom Have Sex Ch. 02

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Alexis Fawx

Please read my original story “Son and Mom Have Sex” to see where this one begins.


Over the next three days, Mom and I talked several times on the phone.

The main theme of these talks was the fact that we didn’t feel guilty about what we had done.

“Harry, I feel so young, so alive, so free, freer than I’ve felt in years. I never imagined that a young, virile guy your age would even want to hug and kiss and touch a fat, old woman like me. I’ve never gotten so hot and wet so quickly in my life. My nipples never felt bigger and harder. You made me cum bigger, harder, more often than I’ve ever done. Harry, you woke me up sexually like never before.”

“Maybe it’s the incest thing, Harry, the fact that mom and son should never do what we did, but damn it, it was the best sex of my life. As soon as the ache goes away in my back, legs and pussy, I want to see if I’m still attractive to you and not just a one-time thing.”

“I love you, Mom, with all my heart and soul. I don’t feel the least bit guilty about what we’ve done. I know Dad treated you like shit, that he cheated on you more times than you can count. He ignored you physically and sexually, and you didn’t deserve that.”

“I promise you, Mom, never to hurt you in the ways Dad did. I’ll be there for you, any time, any where, any time you want. I’ll give you what you want, Mom, just the way you like it.”

“When I get over this soreness, Harry, I just want to do what we did the other night, nothing wild or crazy, nothing weird. I want, no, I need, Harry, you to hold me, kiss me, touch me and play with me like a man should do for a woman. I want that naughtiness of incest to turn me into a hot, horny woman who will fuck her own son without a second thought. Harry, one night with you has me spoiled already. I want you, Harry.”

And when the soreness passed, Mom invited me over for dinner and to spend time with the kids. I knew by the way Mom looked at me from the time I walked into the house that she had plans for me and her later.

Mom didn’t look any different, she didn’t dress any different. It’s just that every time she saw me look at her, she lowered her eyes, looking at the floor, acting shy, flirty.

At the dinner table we sat side by side, and her knee would press against mine every now and then: her hand would brush against mine and I would feel a rush of arousal. As we cleaned up the kitchen after the meal, her body would “accidentally” press against me and I saw the blush in her cheeks.

While I sat in the den with the kids talking, laughing, watching TV, Mom sat across from me in her favorite chair. Her knees no longer pressed tightly against each other, now slightly separated, and when she thought I was looking, her knees parted a little more, coyly giving her son a peek up under the hem of her housedress, up between her legs, a look at her thighs a son shouldn’t see. But she did want me to look, to see her as more than a mom, but as a woman who had wants and needs and wanted me, her son, to fill them.

As the kids gathered up their stuff and headed upstairs to bed, Mom picked up the newspaper, opened it and started to read the paper. As the kids went upstairs, Mom rustled the paper to get my attention, then slowly made a move to cross her legs. It was a slow process for her, giving me, her son, an opportunity to look way up under the hem of her housedress, way up the length of her stocky thighs, all the way up to the flash of her tightly packed panty crotch before she finished the move. Even after she finished the move, I could escort gaziantep sahibe bayan see a good deal of her thighs. She sat like that for several minutes, acting like she was reading the paper, showing me her forbidden skin, until it grew quiet upstairs.

She then put the paper down, slowly uncrossed he legs, then got up and walked across the room to the kitchen doorway. She stood there in the doorway and shyly looked over her shoulder at me. When she saw me begin to get up, Mom walked further into the dimly lit kitchen.

I followed her into the kitchen, saw her standing in the middle of the room, her eyes diverted to the floor. I turned off the last light in the kitchen and walked up to her. I took her hands in mine and felt the electricity in the room.

I leaned down and kissed her lightly on the side of the neck. Mom jumped, aroused by my touch.

“I love you, Mom, like a man loves a woman.” I kissed her neck again, then her cheek.

Mom turned her head and we kissed lightly on the lips several times.

“This is so very, very wrong, Harry, but I can’t deny the feelings surging through my entire body this moment. I ache for your touch, your kiss, the feel of your body against mine.”

I left go of her hands and now held her by the hips. Her arms found my shoulder and the back of my head and she pulled me to her for a lover’s kiss, a long, slow, deep intimate kiss between a man and a woman, the forbidden kiss of a mother and son. The moment was extremely erotic as Mom’s full-figured body pressed against my muscular young body. I felt her large, hard nipples against my chest, even through her bra and dress, her rounded stomach, her puffy pubic mound pressed tightly against my steely erection.

As my hands now found her mature, full-figured ass and I began squeezing, stroking, feeling up her ass, Mom moaned, her mouth opened, her tongue began to work against mine and her hips began to rock and roll, rubbing herself openly against her son’s manhood.

This lasted for several minutes, the two of us discovering just how into each other we really were. Mom wanted and needed the kisses, she wanted me feeling up her ass, caressing her back, she needed to feel my aroused body pressing against hers. She wanted and needed to be seen as a desirable, sexual being. The fact that it was her very own son turning her on to such a fever pitch, the fact that it was her attractive son turned on by her full-figured body, the forbidden, taboo thought of wanton, animal sex with her own son was intoxicating, erotic.

We stayed in the kitchen, kissing, touching until it was quiet upstairs.

I stepped back from Mom, took her by the hand, and we now walked quietly out of the kitchen into the den. We went around turning everything off in the den then moved into the living room. I left go of her hand and watched Mom move to the front door to lock it up. I turned to close and lock the French doors, again closing us off from the rest of the house.

The room was dark, the only light being the streetlight dimly shining through the front window’s curtains and blinds. Mom was in the middle of the room, again standing there, shyly looking at the floor, looking coy, flirty. She reminded me of the girl at the party, across the room, looking at me, acting like she wasn’t really looking.

I walked over to her and took her by the hand, leading her over to the sofa we made love on the other night. Like that previous night, Mom sat with her ass perched on the edge of the escort bayan şahinbey cushion and I sat next to her the same way.

I slipped one arm around her, beginning to stroke her back.

“I like that, Harry, very much. You have the magic touch when it comes to what I need.”

My other hand touched her cheek and Mom turned her head to me.

“Touch me, play with me, make me even hornier than I already am, Harry. My nipples are hard, my pussy’s dripping, I want your big cock in me, fucking me senseless.”

We kissed deeply, intimately, tongue against tongue as my fingers moved down and explored her 42DD titties and large nipples. Man, she was aroused, whimpering and moaning into my mouth, her legs slowing opening and closing, fanning the flames of arousal. Her one hand found the back of my head, pulling me even deeper into her mouth as her other hand briefly felt up my chest and stomach before it settled on my hard cock. I moaned.

Mom’s hand slowly stroked and squeezed my cock, learning everything she could about her son’s love muscle.

“So big, so hard, so thick. Harry, I can’t believe you fucked me so thoroughly the other night, that I so willingly took such a big cock so very deep in my pussy. You were in places I didn’t even know I had, places no man had ever been, driving me crazy with the strength you had, the stamina to fuck me again and again, the desire to please me so completely. I want you now, Harry.”

I ignored her request for immediate satisfaction and again kissed her deeply. My hand moved to the buttons on the front of her housedress and I undid the first two. This allowed me to slip my hand inside her housedress onto her large bra cups, feeling her breasts and nipples even more intimately. She loved it, moaning, feeling my fingers sliding up enough every now and then to touch her bare tit flesh.

Mom emphasized her need for sexual action by pulling down my zipper and pulling out my nine inches of manly cock. She stroked it slowly, enjoying the feel of this cock, her son’s cock, the most taboo of cocks, jacking off her own son. The precum that bubbled out of the head she rubbed into the head with her thumb.

My hand on her tits now moved down across her rounded stomach, down her thigh to her knee, then up along the inside of her thigh. Mom sighed and spread her legs for me. Her panty crotch was hot and wet and she again jumped when I touched her crotch.

“Yes, Harry, yes, your mom needs you to touch her there just like that. I need you to work your magic on me, baby, give me what your dad couldn’t or wouldn’t.”

I slipped my hand under her, grabbing at her panties and pulling them slightly off her ass. This loosened them up enough that I could bring that same hand back to the front of her panties, up to the waistband. She let out an “Oooh!” as my hand moved down inside the front of her panties, over her hairy, puffy mound and into her pussy from the front.

“Nice hot, wet pussy, Mom. You want my hand here, don’t you? You want your son’s hand in your panties, in your pussy, getting you off, don’t you?”

“Yes, Harry, I admit it. I think about you and me, sexually, time and time again during the course of the day. I think of you, your lips, your hands, your muscular body. I think about your monster cock in my hand, moving between my legs, pressed against my pussy lips. I think about your big cock in me, in my tight little pussy, how naughty, how nasty, how erotic the fucking is, mom and son, and how much I want to cum on escort şahinbey your cock and feel you cum up inside me. How, except for a few years, how dangerous your cock, your cum would be to me when it comes to making babies. Yet how much I’d like that.”

We French- kissed for several minutes while I finger-fucked Mom’s pussy and she stroked my cock. Her hips rocked and rolled, driving my finger even deeper into her.

“Shit, Harry, I’m close, very close. Your cock in my hand, your finger in my pussy, your tongue in my mouth……”

“Maybe my tongue licking your nipples, Mom, my lips sucking your nipples, my teeth nibbling of your nipples….”

“Harry, Harry, Harry, my son, my lover, ooooh…..”, Mom wailed, as her body was consumed by the biggest, most painful orgasm of her life. “Harry, Harry, Harry”, Mom whimpered again and again as her body shook from head to toe.

Her ass finally settled back down on the sofa as the orgasm passed and she fought for breath for a minute or two before her eyes opened.

“Take off your panties, Mom. ”

Mom slid her panties down her thighs, past her knees and they now fell to her ankles. I watched intently as she moved her feet and her panties lay pooled on the floor.

I stood up and turned to face her. I watched my mom now turn and lay on her back on the couch. Then she drew her legs up, bent at the knees and made sure I was watching as the hem of her housedress slid up her thighs. Mom slowly opened her thighs wide, her open pussy and rounded ass on display for only her son.

“Take off your pants and boxers, Harry. Take them off and come fuck me before I explode. I want your dick, Harry, up inside me, now.”

I did as I was told, removing my pants and boxers and climbing up between her forbidden thighs. I stretched out over her and felt the large, swollen head of my cock press against Mom’s pussy lips.

“Do me, Harry. Fuck me, fuck your mom. Fill me with your cock, your cum, your spunk. Make babies with me, Harry. Please!”

I pushed and felt Mom’s pussy yield to my rigid cock. Little by little, inch by inch, she took her son’s incestuous cock deeper and deeper into tight little pussy.

“Mom, your pussy is stretching for me, fitting my cock like a glove. Oh, Mom, I love you.”

“Give it to me, baby. Fuck me hard, fast and deep. Make me cum. Cum in me. Make us one.”

And for the next hour or more, I fucked Mom just like she wanted. I fucked her relentlessly, making the couch creak and squeak, making Mom moan and groan, her legs wrapped around me, her heels digging into my ass, her fingers ripping the shit out of my back.

And time and time again, I heard “Harry, Harry, Harry”, as Mom had orgasm after orgasm. And I pumped cum into her again and again and again, orgasming like it was my last night on earth.

Believe me, Mom fucked me every bit as furiously as I fucked her. Her legs worked to lift her full-figured ass off the couch every time I stroked into her, her legs relaxing on my out-stroke. She breathed hard, sweated like an athlete, matching me one for one. It was a valiant effort, but eventually we had nothing more to give each other. We both were totally spent.

Like the previous night, I again rolled us over on our side, still locked together, and spent a fair amount of time enjoying each other’s body and the afterglow of a proper fuck.

“Mom, you are definitely not a one-night stand. You as a woman and a mom turn me on emotionally, sexually. I want to please you every way I can. I know you’ve been deprived of love, attention, sex for a long time, so whenever you want me back here to hold you, kiss you, touch you and fuck the daylights out of you, just say so. The ball’s in your court .”

“Thank you, Harry. I love you and love how you make me feel. Once you leave tonight, stay close to the phone.”

And when I left her, I knew there was more to come.

And there was…

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My Sweet and Sexy Daughter

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My Daughter

This is merely a fantasy.

I have been married to my wife for 25 years. She was my high school sweetheart and is the mother of my children. We have 2 together.Mark, our oldest is 20 and has moved away to go to school on a lacrosse scholarship. Bethany is 18 and getting ready to graduate from high school. She will be attending a university in the fall on a soccer scholarship. I am very proud of my kids and what they are turning out to be.

Bethany started developing at younger age. She was in that awkward stage of adolescence for what seemed like forever. She had lemon bites for breast, but a firm round ass. Her hair was shoulder length and blond. She was always in great shape from playing sports and was always tan from about mid-May through September.

I was always very open with my children. They both knew that they could come to me for anything, at any time. I would get up and go, when ever they called, to get them from a bad situation, or if they had been at a party and gotten drunk. I was also the one that had ‘the talk’ with both of them. It was not out of the ordinary for either of my kids to come into the bathroom while I was showering or shaving. Nudity in our house was not seen as something to be ashamed of. But it was also very well known that private lives and public lives had to remain separate. They knew to respect me and follow my rules, and as a reward for being well behaved, they were allowed more freedom than most kids their age. They both knew the dangers of premarital sex, STDs and the sorts. It was my job as a parent to do my best to teach them right from wrong and hope that they made wise decisions. My kids told me everything that was going on in their lives, from sports and school to friendships and relationships.

By the time that Bethany had turned older she was a knock out. She still kept her natural blond hair shoulder length. She had blue eyes that would cut through your soul and her ass had filled in more. Her breasts, too, had grown from two little mosquito bites to very perky and firm C-cup. She weighed no more than 100 pounds, dripping wet. She was very fit and attractive, and she knew it.

It was one Saturday afternoon in April. She had not been 18 long. My wife was at work so it was up to me to make sure Bethany got to soccer practice on time. I had the day planned out. We would go to her practice, then from there I would take her to a nice lunch for some quality father/daughter time. After lunch I would take her home, tell her to get cleaned up for a surprise. That surprise was going to be a new car, of her choice.

When her practice was over she ran up to my truck and got in. I asked her where she wanted to go for lunch.

“Dairy Queen please!” she said. She always loved going there and getting a blizzard.

“OK! Buckle up.”

We walked into the restaurant, ordered our food and ice cream and sat in the corner booth, away from the rest of the people.

“So, tell me what has been going on in your life lately.” I said.

“Well, you know Lucas right, my ex-boyfriend?”

“Your ex?” I questioned “I thought the two of you were dating, you seemed to really like him.”

“Eh” she said as she shrugged her shoulders. “I thought I did until last Friday night.”

“Go on, what happened.” I said concerned. I knew that it was inevitable that both of my kids would have broken hearts at some point, but the thought of some dirt bag teenage boy breaking my girl’s heart infuriated me. She could tell.

“Relax daddy, let me tell you.” She said, in her normal soothing manner. “Last Friday night we were all hanging out at Riley’s house.” she started to explain.

Riley was exactly one month older than Bethany. She had an older brother that was 6 months younger than Mark. Her family lived on the same street as us since our kids were all born. My wife and I were very good friends with her parents, the kids were practically inseparable.

“Lucas came over to hang out with us,” she continued “And we were having a great time. We were dancing around like idiots to 80’s music, playing spin the bottle and truth or dare.”

“Sounds like a good time.” I said

“Yes it was. That is until Lucas took spin the bottle a little too far.” She looked around the Dairy Queen, “Can we get in the truck and drive around so we can talk more in private?”

“Sure thing.”

After we got out of the parking lot I started the conversation back up.

“What did you mean by he took it too far?”

“Well at first when he would kiss me, he would put his hands on my breast, on top of my shirt. No big deal right? Then he would work his hand up my shirt. Still ok with me. Then he got gutsy and worked his hand inside my bra. I was a little uncomfortable with it, but I let it go because I was worried he would break up with me if I stopped him. Besides, other than me and Riley, the rest of our girlfriends have at least had oral sex, some have gone all the way. I let him play with my boobs, hoping to fit in.”

“Baby , don’t ever compromise your comfort for what other people think. You do what you feel right. You go as far as you are comfortable with. You know the dangers, we have had this conversation. If you need me to take you to the doctor to get on birth con..” she stopped me mid-sentence.

“Daddy, let me finish first.”


“After we finished playing the games, we all sat in the basement to watch a movie. We had cut the lights off and Lucas and I were sharing a blanket. After everyone settled in to watch the movie, Lucas started to rub my leg. With each pass of his hand, he got higher and higher until we was lightly brushing my….privates. I did not stop him because again, I was nervous that he would break up with me. Also, it kinda felt funny, but in a good way. After he continued that for a few more minutes he changed hands and reached over to my inner thigh. I was really starting to get uncomfortable, so I told him to stop. He kept begging and persisting. He rubbed his hand further up my shorts and tried to get his fingers into my panties. I told him to stop again. He kept on and kept on. Finally I got up and sat on the floor next to Riley. Lucas got up and left. He texted me about 20 minutes later and said that if I was not gonna put out for him, I was not worth his time. So I told him to fuck off, I have more self-respect than to give myself to the first swinging dick that wants me. Sorry for my language daddy, but that is what happened. And I wanted you to know that. I don’t keep anything from you, but please don’t tell mom.”

I took a second and just admired my daughter. She was so beautiful and so innocent, but she was also good hearted and very smart. I was proud of her.

“First of all, Bethany, don’t apologize for your language. I don’t care if you cuss, just be lady-like in front of other adults, your mother included. Secondly, I am so very proud of you for standing your ground and not letting Lucas touch you where you did not want to be touched. You are a special girl and are worth more than just an easy lay for a guy. I am not telling you to wait until you are married, that is unrealistic, but I am telling you to wait until you are absolutely sure and ready before you spread your legs. Lastly, baby girl, I am glad that you are comfortable enough with me to tell me these things. It makes me happy that you are so open and willing to talk to me. I am here for you, for anything, any time. And your secrets are always safe with me. I love you.”

“I love you too daddy. But I want to correct you on something.”

“Whats that?”

“Well, it is not that I did not WANT to be touched, because I did, I DO. I just did not want him to be the one to touch me. I want to be touched by someone that I know loves me, not just some guy that is looking to get laid.”

“That is very admirable, darling. Just be patient, that guy will come along. And when he does, take my word for it, you will be most happy that you waited.”

I pulled the truck into a parking spot at a near-by park. It was a warm day so I rolled the windows down and shut off the engine. After a few moments of silence, Bethany spoke up.


“Yes baby?”

“I know someone now who loves me, who is very handsome and who, I am sure, would touch me like no one else in the world could. This guy is the only guy that I would ever want touching me.”

“Well tell me, who is it? Why don’t you try to talk to him and let him know how you feel. Take things slowly and see where it goes?”

“Daddy, that guy is….” there was a long, nervous pause “..You.”

I was baffled. Admittedly I was turned on, but I knew that this is a line that I could not cross.

“Wow, I-I’m flattered baby. But surely you are not serious…”

“Yes Daddy, I am. I have heard the way you make mom moan in the bed. I have spied on you two having sex and can see that you know how to please the woman you love. I don’t need to put on my make up in the bathroom when you are in the shower, but I love watching you through the shower doors. I want you to be the first to touch me to be my first everything.”

“Bethany. You know that’s not possible.”

“Why daddy? Am I not pretty enough?” she got teary-eyed.

“No baby, just the opposite. You are stunning. You are very, very attractive.”

“So whats the problem?”

“Well for starters you are so beautiful and sexy, family or not, if someone finds out about it, I would go to jail. Secondly, you are my daughter, incest is illegal. Bethany, if I could do it and get away with it, I would. But risking my freedom, risking losing you and Mark and your mother, its not worth it.”

I could see the disappointment in her eyes. She looked crushed. She just sat in the passenger seat of my truck and stared down at her feet.

“Bethany, you do understand where I am coming from don’t you?” I asked her.

“Yes daddy, but I just want you to be the one. The thought of allowing anyone else to touch me is weird. I don’t think I will be able to fully give myself to anyone until I have fully given myself to you.”

I thought for a few seconds. I stared at my beautiful daughter. She was sexy as hell, even if she was my daughter. The thought of being her first had my cock semi-hard in my shorts. I had an idea…

“Bethany, I will tell you what. If you promise me that you will remain a virgin, untouched until you are 18, I promise to be your first once you are ‘of age.'”

“Ahh… ok dad, but that is so long from now.”

And you never know, you may find a guy that knocks your socks off by then.”

“Doubt that. But ok, you have a deal.”

I thought to myself, “Whew, dodged a bullet there!” I was sure that by the time she was 18, she would have forgotten about the deal.

Her visits to the bathroom while I was showering went from her putting on make up to her sitting on the toilet and talking to me. When it was just the two of us, she would walk around in next to nothing. Sometimes she would be in a sports bra and thong. Sometimes it would be a waist length t-shirt, with obviously teased, hard nipples poking through and no panties. There were a few times she would walk around topless and once or twice she called me into her room when she was naked.

On the weekends, when my wife would be out shopping or at work, Bethany would come and sit on my lap, knowingly tease me, then giggle and leave. When she would hug me, her hugs became tighter and lingered longer. In public, she still kissed me on the cheek, but when we were behind closed doors, she insisted on kissing on the lips. Never with tongue though.

Over next years we still had our normal conversations. She told me all about the guys that wanted to date her, sleep with her or fool around. She told me that her standard answer was “No. I need to concentrate on soccer and school work. I don’t have time for boys.”

She had also told me that her and Riley had made a promise to each other to stay pure. They did not want boys and sex to ruin their friendship. They were practically sisters and kept each other accountable.

I was so proud of her, but worried that I was actually going to have to live up to my end of the deal. I was definitely turned on thinking about sleeping with my hot daughter, but felt dirty, a dad should not think that way.

Bethany’s birthday fell on a Friday. I was expecting that she was going to want to have a big party with her teammates and friends. When my wife and I asked her what she wanted to do for her big day, she said that she just wanted Riley to come over for the night, and all of us go out for dinner. Mark was out of town helping with a Lacrosse camp for kids, so My wife and I took Bethany and Riley out to a very nice supper.

Both of the girls were dressed in short little dresses, but were still very modest in nature. Those two girls knew how to dress sexy without looking like whores. Their make up and hair was all done. Riley had a bit of a bigger frame and thicker build than Bethany. She had D-cups, a very firm and full ass, jet black hair and hazel eyes. She weighed probably 125 pounds but was very fit and in shape. Her skin was naturally darker than Bethany’s and she was very tan to boot.

After supper, we all got in the truck to head home, the girls laughing, giggling and whispering in the back seat. On the ride Bethany spoke up, “Daddy?”

“Yes baby?”

“Do you think you could stop and buy me and Riley some beer? We promise that we won’t leave the house or have anyone else over.”

I looked at my wife. She just shrugged her shoulders as if to say it was ok with her.

“Sure baby girl. What kind do you all want?”

“Blue Moon?”

“Ah..that’s my girl!”

I stopped and got enough beer for the two girls and myself and a bottle of Moscato for my wife.

After returning home, the girls went upstairs to change, I fixed 3 Blue Moons and a glass of wine for my wife. We all sat down in the family room to watch a movie. Before the movie started my wife asked the girls what plans they had for Saturday.

“I am hoping to sleep late and then just kinda hang out all day and chill. What do you think Riley.” Bethany said.

“That sounds like a plan! Its been too long since I have had a lazy Saturday!”

“Why Mom, do you want to do something?”

“Well, I have some work to do in the morning and then the girls are talking about going to Seaville for shopping and dinner. But if you wanted to hang out, I would put them off.”

“No mom, you go, have fun. We’re just gonna lounge around all day.”

The wine my wife was drinking kind of snuck up on her. About half way through the movie she announced that she was drunk and needed to go to bed. She asked me to help her up the stairs to the bedroom. I told the girls to keep watching the movie and I would be back down to join them shortly. They all said their good nights to each other and my wife and I headed for the room.

We had not even gotten all the way into the doorway of our room when my wife suddenly turned around, dropped to her knees and pulled my zipper down. Within a matter of seconds she had my cock out of my pants and her mouth on it. I wanted her to stop long enough to get into the room, but I did not want her to stop since she hardly ever blows me.

“Honey, we need to get in enough to close the door. If they come around the steps they are gonna see.”

“Shut up. They are adults. I want to suck your cock before I go to sleep.”

The chance of getting caught by my daughter and her hot friend was exciting. I placed my hands on the back of my wife’s head and started to face fuck her while she was sucking me. My wife has never been great at giving head, but there have been times, like that night, when she was drunk enough to be lose, but still sober enough to have her wits, that she would suck me like no other. I let my moans escape my mouth. Loud enough for us to hear, and hopefully the girls to faintly hear, but not so loud that it was obvious. I could hear the girls downstairs moving around and giggling. I looked down at my wife who had her eyes closed, her right hand on my shaft and her left on my balls. She was making love to my cock with her mouth.

I heard footsteps and noticed that one of the girls was heading toward the kitchen. I heard them pop a few tops to pour more Blue Moons. My wife never stopped sucking. Then I heard the footsteps come towards the steps, down the hallway. I panicked and tried to pull out, but my wife put both of her hands on my ass and held me firmly in her mouth. The feeling was intense. My wife continued her cock sucking frenzy, only with a faster pace. She wanted my cum, and she wanted it now. My wife has never let me cum in her mouth before, but she was gonna get that if she continued.

“Hey Mr. D?” Riley called out.

“Yeah?” I replied, trying to sound normal.

“You coming back down or what?”

It was that one moment when I busted. I shot 3 immediate strings of cum into my wife’s mouth.

“Uh-HUH!” I replied back

“OK cool, because I just poured you another beer.”

I shot 4 more smaller loads into my wife’s mouth and on her face and chest as she continued to suck and stroke me while I was talking to Riley.

“Go back down and hang with the girls, Honey.” my wife said, “Thank you for filling me up before bed. I needed that.”

Once I got myself put back together, I went back downstairs. I saw Bethany and Riley snuggled up under the same blanket. They were laughing when I sat down and grabbed my beer.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, concerned that they heard us upstairs.

“It has been a long time since we have been drunk together dad. We are just talking about memories. That’s all.”

“Oh, OK.”

By the time the movie was over, the two girls were pretty drunk. I was feeling tipsy as well. I told them that I was going to go to bed.

“Can you help me up the steps Mr. D? I don’t think I can walk that well.”

“Sure thing Riley.” I said as I put out my hand to help her up.

“Come back and get me daddy!”

“OK, I will.”

I helped Riley keep her balance going up the steps by placing one arm around her waist and the other on her arm. I stayed a step behind her. When we got to Bethany’s room Riley turned around and said “Thanks Mr. D.!” and gave me a hug.

It certainly was not the first hug I had gotten from her since I had seen her grow up, but it was the first one where she held so tightly. I could feel her erect nipples pressing against my chest and she seemed to be trying to press her entire body against mine.

“You’re welcome darling. Now sleep well.” I said as I pulled away.

I went back down stairs to help Bethany get to bed. She was not as drunk as her friend, but still tipsy. “Will you hang out with us tomorrow daddy?” she asked as she put her arm around me to start walking.

“Of course I will baby, what do you have in mind?”

“I don’t know. We just like having you around.”

“I like hanging out with you all, you’re fun!”

When we got to her room, I turned her around to give her a hug. She, too, leaned into me as Riley had. Holding my daughter like this had become somewhat normal over the last two years. I looked down, kissed her on the lips told her I loved her and good night.

The next morning I woke up with my wife. We ate breakfast together and then she left for work and for a girls day full of shopping and eating out. After she was gone, I went up to take a shower.

When I reached the top of the steps, I went towards Bethany’s room. The door was shut, so I put my ear up to it to see if they were stirring. I heard nothing, and assumed that they were both sleeping off the night before.

I went into the bathroom, stripped off my athletic shorts and got in the shower. I had been in there probably 10 minutes when the door opened. It was Bethany, she was wearing a tank top and thong panties. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail.

“Morning daddy!”

“Morning baby, how’d you sleep?”

“Really good!” She said as she pulled her thong down and sat on the toilet to pee. “Ahh I had to piss so bad.”

It was the first time she had ever peed in front of me. Even though I did not actually see her peeing, I knew she was, and something about it was oddly a turn on.

“Why did you come in here to pee baby?”

“Riley is still asleep. Besides, you know that any chance I get to come in here when you are in the shower I do.”

“Oh Ok, well we just need to be careful. Do you girls want breakfast?”

“Uh, not right now, daddy. I’m gonna go back in there and lay down until she wakes up.”

“OK baby. I will check on you in a little while. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Sure will.”

Bethany kicked her thong all the way off, bent over to pick it up and then stood up to leave. As she walked towards the shower, I could see through the door that her pussy was completely shaved. Over the last 2 years I had seen her with many different hair styles down there, from full bush to landing strip, but never before had I seen her pussy shaved. It looked fantastic. But, as quickly as I had dirty thoughts of her, I pushed them out of my mind. She left, pulled the bathroom door closed and went back to her room.

I got out of the shower and started drying off. I tried to push the image of my cleanly shaven daughter out of my mind, but it was stuck. My cock started to swell at the sight and thought of her standing bottomless in front of me. I put on some clean mesh shorts and sat down in front of the TV in my bedroom for a few minutes.

I was in the middle of watching some sports highlights when I thought I heard some whispering coming from Bethany’s room.

“Ah, They both must be awake now.” I said to myself as I got up from the chair and started towards her room.

When I got to her door, it was partially open. It is customary for me to poke my head in just to check on her, so I thought nothing of it. I pushed her door open and what met my eyes was nothing short of glorious.

There, laying on top of the covers of my daughter’s bed was Riley, completely naked. Next to her was Bethany, just as naked, with Riley’s right tit in her mouth. There are a few things about Riley’s naked body that caught my attention. First of all her D sized tits were more firm and upright than you would expect from tits that big. Secondly her skin was very, very tan, but there were no tan lines whatsoever. But the most intriguing thing was that her pussy was almost just as bald as my daughter’s. The only hair that she had was jet black and extended about 2 inches straight up from the top of her slit. Her landing strip was perfectly lined and no thicker than a bold permanent marker. The sight was so hot that my cock started to rise. I did not want to bother them, but I did feel guilty for standing there watching them when they did not know I was there.

“Good morning, what are you girls doing?”

Riley jumped, she looked as if she was terrified. She struggled to get the blankets to cover her body and her beat red, embarrassed face.

“Hey daddy,” Bethany said. “We talked last night and decided that since neither of us have any experience sexually, we would explore each other’s bodies. I mean we have seen plenty of porn on the computer but we want to be prepared the first time we do have relations with someone.”

“That sounds good baby girl. I will leave you two alone. I will be downstairs if you need anything.”

“OK.” Bethany said.

“But before I go, Riley, please look at me.”

She peeked her face out from under the covers, clearly mortified that I had seen her completely naked.

“You have no reason to be ashamed. You are a beautiful girl. You have a great body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Bethany will tell you, nudity around this house is not something we frown upon. As a family as a whole, we all regularly walk around in whatever we are comfortable in. When it is just me and Bethany, she is usually pretty close to naked. So, that said, when I am the only parent here, walk around in whatever you want, or naked if you want. This is your home away from home, so be yourself. I would be careful around Mrs. D. though, she may not want you flaunting your sexiness in front of me. Cool?”

“Yes, Mr. D.” Riley replied obviously more relaxed.

“Now, you two have fun. Just holler for me if you need anything.”

“Ok daddy!” Bethany said as she leaned back over to Riley’s right tit to resume sucking.

I left Bethany’s room and headed downstairs to watch some more highlights, although I must admit, my mind was not on the games, it was on what was going on with my sexy daughter and her hot, best friend.

It was probably only 20 minutes that had gone by, but it seemed much longer. I had gotten lost in my thoughts with the occasional baseball highlight in between.

“Daddy!” Bethany yelled from her room.


“Can you come up here for a minute?”

“Sure thing.” I replied, not knowing what I was walking into.

When I got to Bethany’s room, they were both still lying naked on her bed. Riley was visibly more relaxed and their arms and legs were both intertwined. The room was full of the sweet scent of two young, virgin pussies. They were both visibly wet between their legs and both of their faces were flush.

“What can I do for you?”

“Well we have kissed and made out, sucked on each others tits and played with each others clits. We agreed that we did not want to put our fingers in, we want the first thing to penetrate us to be a penis. So, what else is there for us to do?”

“Well, have you all tried oral?”

“We talked about it, but neither of us know what to do.”

“All there is to it is to do it, If you go down on Riley, she will tell you what feels good and what doesn’t.”

“Yeah, but I learn better by watching, dad. Do you think you can go down on her to show me how to do it?”

“Bethany!” Riley yelled.

“Its ok Ri, my dad will be gentle and won’t tell anyone.” Bethany said.

I thought about it for a few seconds. I knew that if I crossed the line, there would be no coming back.

“Riley, will you be ok with me going down on you? I promise not to hurt you and I will stop whenever you say.”

“Yeah, that is cool Mr. D. Just remember, no penetration with your fingers.”

So I got on the bed, in between Riley’s legs, with Bethany to her right side. I started kissing up Riley’s legs rubbing my hands up her thighs to her tummy and up to her tits. When I reached her pussy, I took in a deep breath to smell her sweet scent. I began to kiss and lick around her outer folds, pressing my tongue in deeper with each pass. Her breathing started to get heavy, her hips instinctively started to grind against my face. I slowly started to bring my hands down from her D-cup tits to her tummy and down to her puss. I spread her lips apart, revealing her wetness and swelling clit. I started to massage her clit with my right index finger as I licked her down to the entrance of her virgin pussy. She started to moan as I brought my tongue slowly back up to her clit. I flicked my tongue across her clit several times before I closed my lips around it and started to suck on it. I felt her hands on the back of my head.

“Oh Mr. D. that feels so good… Oh yes, Oh my God!”

I looked up and saw Bethany staring at me, watching my every move. She had her right hand on Riley’s tits, pulling on and playing with her nipples. Her left hand was on her own tits, tweaking her own nipples. I moved my hands under Riley’s hips, allowing her pussy lips to close around my mouth. I began to make out with her cunt. I licked and sucked all of her from her virgin fuck hole to her clit. I moved my face up and down, back and fourth. I tasted every bit of her most sacred, private area. I picked up my pace, allowing her to buck her hips against me. Her moans became louder, her breaths shorter and more shallow. I could tell that she was on the verge of her first ever orgasm, so I slowed down. I could sense the frustration building. I looked up from Riley’s pussy to my daughter.

“Bethany, I want you to be the one to give Riley her first orgasm. You need to be the one to do it.” I said as I put my fingers on Riley’s clit to keep her primed and ready.

“OK daddy, but I am still not sure I know what to do.”

“Baby, just go down and start kissing and making out with her pussy. She knows what feels good, she will tell you.”

“I know, but I have an idea.” Bethany said, with a lustful look in her eyes, “How about you go down on me, and I will do to Riley what you are doing to me.”

“Uh, Bethany, I don’t think that is such a good idea.”

“Don’t worry daddy, Riley knows about our deal.” she said as she winked at Riley.

“Um, OK… lay on your side with your face in her pussy.”

Bethany did as I instructed and laid on her right side with her left leg bent at the knee to give me ample access to her clean shaven, virgin and very wet pussy. My heart was racing as I ran my hands up my daughter legs. I was touching her in a sexual way for the first time. It felt incredible, it felt right. I started to kiss up her thighs and noticed that she was doing the same to Riley.

I took my time with my daughter. I wanted her to feel the passion, and show the same passion to Riley. I started to massage her smooth cunt with my hand as I was licking around her upper, inner thighs. With each circular motion of my hand on her pussy I applied more pressure, finally pushing her lips apart to allow my fingers to gracefully touch her clit. About the time I started to put pressure on her clit, I could hear the two girls moan in unison. I knew that my daughter was doing exactly to Riley what I was doing to her.

After several moments of playing with her clit and teasing the rest of her cunt with my tongue, I slowly started to lick on her clit before licking down to her virgin entrance. She rocked her hips towards my face and I put my right hand under her left, propped up leg and on her ass. I held constant pressure on her ass, helping her grind her pussy into my mouth. I closed my lips around her clit, giving it a little nibble with my teeth and started to suck.

My daughter’s pussy tasted fantastic, better than Riley’s. Perhaps that is because it was my daughter, but I was pleased. I continued making out with her pussy, forgetting that there was even anyone else in the room with us. I could hear her muffled moans escaping Riley’s legs. Riley, in turn, moaned loudly letting me know that my daughter was pleasing her.

I got so lost in eating my daughter out that I instinctively pulled her over on my face. I was now on my back, my daughter was doggy style over my face with her mouth firmly planted in Riley’s pussy. I pulled her hips down and started to furiously lick, suck, kiss and nibble on every part of my daughter’s cunt. My cock was rock hard, tenting obviously in my shorts.

“Oh Bethany, this feels so fucking good! Please don’t stop.” Riley cried out.

Bethany lifted her head for just a second, allowing her pussy to bear down on my face even harder.

“Oh daddy, you are such a good teeeacher!” She moaned before going back down on her friend.

I had my hands on Bethany’s ass lightly playing with her asshole as I continued working to bring my daughter to her very first climax. Her hips started to buck as she was learning to ride my face. I laid my head still, just working my tongue and mouth as she started to rock on my face faster and faster.

Riley’s moans were getting louder, Bethany’s moans, although still muffled, were audibly louder.


At about the same time, Bethany put all her weight down on my face. She stopped rocking. Her body began twitching and my mouth was suddenly flooded with my daughter’s sweet nectar. Her twitching was obviously uncontrollable, her hips started bucking hard. I could hear her screaming into Riley’s cunt, Riley was thrashing on the bed.

When I was a younger man I was always fascinated by women squirting. Early on in my marriage I had an affair with a woman who was a squirter. It was such a turn on and ever since then I always tried to make my wife squirt, to no avail. I was very pleased to learn that my daughter was a squirter.

After both of the girls settled down, I sat up from between my daughter’s legs. I let her fall over on to her best friend, now female lover. My daughter’s sweet pussy was smeared all over my face, dripping from my goatee and tasted fantastic in my mouth.

“I hope you girls enjoyed your lesson.”

“We did daddy!”

“Yes Mr. D. Thank you!”

“No problem.”

“It looks like you enjoyed it too, daddy.” Bethany commented, motioning toward the tent in my mesh shorts. My 6 inch cock was fully hard, fighting for relief from the confines of my shorts.

“Yes I did! Now, I am going to go in here, rub one out and let you two relax and hang out.”

“Well, Daddy, neither one of us knows how to give a good blow job. Maybe you could teach us and we can help you cum.”

I thought “well I have already come this far, why stop now.”

“OK, you two get on your knees in front of me.”

They both slid off the bed, Riley got on her knees to my left, Bethany to my right.

“Riley, with your right hand, Bethany your left, reach up and pull my shorts down.”

They complied. Riley instinctively put her hand on my shaft and started stroking, slowly. Her soft 18 year old hand on my cock felt magical. The lust in my daughter’s eyes, as she looked up to me was incredible.

“I am ready to do this daddy, to learn how to give a good blow job, to please you… but only under one condition.” Bethany said.

“What’s that?”

“Well, when you are ready to cum, I want you to give it to me. I want to taste and feel your cum first. I will share it with Riley, if she wants, but I want it first.”

“Good with me.”

“Yeah, me too!” Riley said.

Riley continued slowly stroking my aching cock with her hand. Her grip was perfect. Not too tight, but tight enough to feel intense.

“OK, Bethany, I want you to have the first taste of my cock.” I said as I put my right hand behind her head. “Open your mouth.”

Riley let go of my cock, and I aimed it towards my daughter’s waiting mouth. She raised her hand to my shaft and wrapped her fingers around it. It was the first time my daughter had touched my cock, besides teasing me when sitting on my lap. She opened her mouth and guided my cock into it. She let her lips close around it and started bobbing her head and stroking my cock.

“Ah baby, that feels nice. Just watch your teeth. Yeah thats it, now, let your tongue slide across the bottom while you are sucking. Yes baby, just like that. Work your tongue. Oh my baby…you are a great learner. This is something your mother rarely ever does for me.”

As my daughter was sucking my cock, RIley watched intently. And without any prompting from me she reached her right hand down between her own legs and started to fondle her pussy. I watched as, with her left hand, she reached down to Bethany’s cunt and started rubbing her clit. Low moans started to escape my daughter’s mouth, around my cock as she started to escort gaziantep olgun bayan grind on Riley’s hand.

“OK baby, I want you to take my cock out of your mouth, continue to stroke it slowly while you lick and suck up and down my shaft. Oh yes, like that. Play with and suck on my balls too.”

She followed my instructions and did this for several moments before opening her mouth to resume sucking. All the time, she never took her hand off my cock and Riley never took her hands from her own or my daughter’s pussies.

“OK baby, I want you to take your hand off my shaft, open your mouth as wide as you can and take my cock as far in your mouth and throat as you can, don’t worry about gagging or drooling, it is all part of it. I will help you go as far as you can.”

“MMM ok daddy.”

Bethany proceeded to do as I told her. She relaxed her jaw and opened her mouth as wide as she could, she placed both hands on my ass and pulled her face into me. I had my hands on the back of her head to encourage her to go deeper. Her lips were now pressed all the way to my pubes, and I continued to push on her head. She did not resist at all, and was doing a great job of fighting her gag reflex. I bucked my hips, driving my rod deeper into her throat. She coughed a little around my cock and pulled back. She replaced her hand on my shaft and leaned in to suck and lick a few quick times before she stopped.

“OK Riley, I want you to taste my daddy’s delicious cock. Are you ready?” Bethany asked of her friend, who was still playing with both pussies.

“Yes. I am!” Riley replied eagerly.

I turned my hips, pointing my cock, wet with my daughter’s mouth, at Riley.

“I want you to do the same things I had Bethany do.”

“Yes Mr. D.”

Riley took her hands from her own, and my daughter’s cunts and put one hand on my shaft. Without instruction, Bethany replaced her hands where Riley’s had just been. A low moan escaped Riley’s mouth as my daughter parted her pussy lips and started to massage her clit. Slowly stroking my cock and moaning, Riley opened her mouth and fed my stiff rod in. She looked up at me, with my cock in her mouth, her hazel eyes full of lust and passion, as I tenderly brushed some of her jet black hair out of her face before letting my hand come to a rest on the back of her head.

Riley started bobbing her head and working her tongue just as she had seen Bethany do. She was stroking my cock with her right hand and playing with my balls with her left. I rocked my hips forward to fuck her face some, but gently. She was doing a fantastic job, sucking and stroking at just the right pace. She was using her tongue expertly well.

She pulled her head back, letting my cock escape. She pulled it up and licked and sucked all around it, from the base of my shaft up to my head, just as I had instructed Bethany to. She then licked and sucked on my balls as she was stroking me.

“How am I doing Mr. D.?”

“You are doing fantastic Riley! Do you want to deep throat me like I had Bethany do?”

“Please…” she was practically begging.

“OK, open wide and give it a go.”

She did what she saw my daughter do, placed her hands on my ass and pulled her face into it. Her jaw was not as relaxed as Bethany’s had been, so she did not initially go as deep as my daughter, so I placed both hands on the back of her head and pushed my dick as far as I could. I felt her warm wet lips press against my pubes which sent a rush of passion through me. I pulled her even deeper as I thrust up into her mouth and down her throat. She gagged. She tried to fight it but she gagged. I allowed her to pull of to catch her breath, but before I knew it, she was deep throating and gagging on me again. Finally with some drool dripping from her chin and tears forming on her cheeks she pulled back.

“Good job. Now, I want the two of you to share me. Kiss and make out around my cock. Feed my cock to each other. Stroke me, suck me. I want you two to also play with each other, make each other feel good while you are pleasing me.”

The girls turned to face each other. Riley pointed my dick at Bethany who took it into her mouth. She bobbed on it a few times before letting it escape. Riley then leaned in and started to kiss and tongue my daughter around my cock. I was in heaven watching these two teen girls, one of which is my daughter, sucking my cock.

After kissing and making out around it, Riley took it back into her mouth to suck some more. The girls had their hands in each other’s crotch, they were both moaning and gyrating. Bethany leaned over to suck on Riley’s tit. She then sat back up and for the next 5 or 10 minutes the girls frantically kissed, made out, licked, sucked and stroked my cock. I was getting close to my point of explosion.

“Bethany, are you ready to taste your daddy’s cum?”

“Yes, YES!” she cooed as she turned herself to me, seemingly cutting Riley off from any further contact with me.

She took my cock into her mouth and continued sucking. She had one hand on my ass, the other on my shaft and was sucking as fast and hungrily as she could. Riley’s hand was still working my daughter’s clit, and she leaned over to suck on her tits.

Bethany was sucking and stroking my cock like it was a drug that she was withdrawing from. She was doing better on her first time than her mother ever had, in 25 years.

“Oh baby, I am about to cum!”

She kept sucking and stroking until I shot 2 strings of cum into her mouth. She pulled her mouth off but kept stroking me, allowing me to shoot 4 shots of my love seed on her face, neck and chest. She stroked me until I was completely tapped, and then she started to slow down. I could see her swallowing some of my load. Finally she let her hand fall off of my softening cock.

She leaned in to Riley, placed her hand down to her clit and they continued to rub each other while they kissed. Bethany shared my cum with her friend. Riley started to lick around Bethany’s face, neck and chest to get some more to share together. They laid in the floor, next to each other, rubbing each other’s clits and smearing my seed all over their bodies.

I stood there and watched in amazement as my daughter and her friend brought each other to climax while sharing the taste and feel of my cum.

“Thank you girls, for allowing me to teach you today. I am going to leave you two alone now to just enjoy this moment.”

I went back to my room and cleaned myself up a little. I could still taste the girls pussies in my mouth. I was in shock at what had just happened, but I was happy to have been a part of it. I had a feeling that this would not be the last time, certainly with Bethany, but with Riley either.

“Daddy?” Bethany called from my doorway.

I turned around to see both girls, naked, with the gleam of my cum all over them. They each had an arm around each other. Their faces were flush, but glowing with satisfaction.

“Yes baby?

“Are you sure mom won’t be home soon?”

“I will call her.”

I picked up my cell phone and dialed my wife.

“Hello?” my wife said on the other end.

“Hey honey, how’s your day?”

“Good, whats up?”

“The girls were just wondering if you were still going to be gone until after dinner. I think they are finally stirring around enough and want to plan the rest of their day.” I said, standing there naked, in front of my naked daughter and her friend.

“I can come home if they want, but yes that was my plan. It will be after 8 probably.” It was noon now.

“Girls, do you want her to come home?”

“No, tell her to have fun.”

“Did you hear that honey?”


“OK, well we were just checking on you. Love you.”

“Love you too, bye.”

“Daddy, I want to tell you something.” Bethany spoke up, still standing in my doorway with Riley.

“What’s that baby?”

“Well, I know you said that mom does not give you head that often.”


“Well, anytime that you want your cock sucked, you just tell me. I don’t care what time it is. If you wake up in the middle of the night wanting a blow job, sneak to my room and I will suck you off. I love you and I loved doing that for you.”

“Ok. deal.”

“Mr. D.?”

“Yes Riley?”

“Same thing goes. Once Bethany goes off to college I will still be here since I am going to community college for a year. Anytime that you want your cock sucked, call the house, I will be right over to service you. As long as Bethany is ok with it.”

“Oh yeah. I am.” Bethany replied.

“OK, sounds good.”

They stepped into the door way and walked up to me. Riley was the first to look up to me and kiss me. It was a simple, but passionate, loving peck on the lips. Then Bethany turned my head to her. She leaned in for a kiss, and for the first time our tongues met. We kissed and made out passionately while Riley looked on. She pulled away.

“I love you daddy.” and looking at Riley “Our pussies taste good out of his mouth!”

“I love you too baby.”

“Daddy, can we use your shower to get cleaned up?”

“Sure thing!”

“Want to join us? Its big enough.”


The girls got the water running and to the correct temperature. Riley stepped in first, then me, and Bethany last. I was in between the two girls. They each got some soap and gave me some. We all washed each other’s bodies forever, making sure that we covered every inch of each other. Bethany and Riley leaned in to make out in front of me, then I made out with Riley and Bethany separately. We continued this passion until the water started to run cold. We all rinsed off and stepped out. We each helped each other dry off, kissed and made out some more before we left the bathroom.

The girls went into Bethany’s room to get dressed. I followed because I realized that I had left my shorts in there on the floor. The girls continued to make out while they were getting their clothes on. I decided to leave them be and went down stairs.

When they came down, they were wearing the same type of outfit. My daughter was in a white tank top, no bra ( I could see her brown nipples poking through the fabric of her shirt.) And white, lacy, boy short style underwear. I could see her pussy lips through the lace. Riley’s tank top was white as well. She, too, was not wearing a bra. Her panties were different though. They were a shear white, see through thong. I could see the jet black, perfectly lined landing strip pointing directly to her plump pussy lips. Both girls were really tan and the contrast of the white fabric on their skin was exotic.

We spent the rest of the day talking and flirting. Each girl would steal kisses and grabs of my cock when the other was not looking. The girls were sitting on either side of me on the couch, each with a hand on me, slowly stroking my cock. I had my arms around both of them. I was hard, but they were not stroking to make me cum, they were stroking to feel close to me. Bethany leaned over, sucked me into her mouth, gave me some quick kisses and licks, then looked back up to me.

“I can’t wait to be with you completely daddy, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

They both continued to play with my cock until Bethany fell asleep on my stomach, her face looking directly at my cock. Riley made sure that she was sound asleep before breaking the silence.

“Mr. D.?” Riley whispered


“Bethany told me I should ask you this, but I was too nervous earlier…”

“What’s that?”

“Well, after you take her virginity, would you be willing to take mine? I have had a crush on you and Mark since I can remember. I want him, but I want you to teach me everything that will make him happy.”

“Well, Yeah. But like you said, after I sleep with Bethany. I don’t want to betray her.”

Riley said nothing more, but started stroking my cock a little faster. It was feeling good, but I did not want to wake Bethany.

“Don’t worry Mr. D. She would be glad to know that I am stroking you. She told me upstairs when we were getting dressed that she did not care what I did with you, as long as I did not go further than the two of you had.”

I told Riley to spit in her hand and continue on. She did as she was told and started to really stroke my cock. I let my hand wander on her body, landing on her tits. My other hand, instinctively, was wandering over my sleeping daughter. Riley’s stroking was feeling fantastic, and I guess between my heavy breathing, my moans and my hand on Bethany, she woke up.

She did not speak a word, she just opened her mouth and let the head of my dick in. She licked and sucked my cock head while Riley continued to stroke me. It did not take me long to cum, and I did with out warning. I shot 3 thick strings of cum into my daughter’s waiting mouth. She closed her lips around my cock head to make sure she got every bit. Riley continued stroking me until I was completely empty. When I told them I was done, Bethany sat up, looked at Riley, and with a mouthful of cum, kissed her. Deeply. They shared my cum once again until they both swallowed what was in their mouths. The girls then settled down, hands across my chest and fell asleep on my shoulders. I fell asleep sometime later, after realizing the fantastic situation that I was in.

It had been nearly a month since I had first experienced my daughter, Bethany, and her hot friend Riley. The end of school and high school graduation for both girls were rapidly approaching. With final exams coming up both girls were at our house most every evening during the week ‘studying.’ I put that in quotations because both girls were very bright and hardly had to study for much. Over the last month Riley had really started to dress in less and less while she was at our house. Most of the time she would come over after her tennis practice, in which she wore the typical short tennis skirt. After going up to Bethany’s room to drop her books, she would take off her shirt, revealing her sports bra, and strip off her panties. Usually, she would come back down to the fridge to get something to drink. If my wife was not watching, she would bend over exposing her bare ass and shaved pubic mound to me, much to my delight. There were a few evenings when she would come down, my wife would either be in the bathroom or in another room, and Riley would, after giving me her show, come up to me, grab my cock through my shorts and plant a quiet but passionate tongue kiss on me.

Also during the last month, after Riley would leave to go home Bethany would come watch TV with my wife and I. Most nights she would sit next to me on the couch and rest her head on my shoulders. We would have normal family conversations talking about everything from school, sports, friends and so on. It was not uncommon for me to smell a hint of Riley’s pussy on my daughter’s breath as she spoke, which turned me on immensely. It also confirmed my suspicions that they were not actually studying. Most of these nights Bethany either wore her favorite long T-shirt or a modest but sexy silk nightie. If my wife got up to go to the kitchen or bathroom, Bethany would reveal to me that she was not wearing any panties. Sometimes she would just spread her legs and show me, and other times she would take my hand and place it on her still hot and very moist mound. I would place slight pressure on her clit and rub a few times, working her up before her mother came back to join us.

It had become routine over the last month for my wife to retire to bed around 10pm and Bethany and I to stay up watching TV and talking. Bethany usually waited about 5 or 10 minutes before she would drop to her knees on the floor in front of me, rip my shorts down and suck my cock. She had grown to really love having a dick, her daddy’s dick, in her mouth. She had gotten extremely good at is as she practiced each week night with me. Her rhythm, suction, grip and tongue use had all been perfected. She, too, had learned to sense when I was going to cum and slow down, prolonging the inevitable. It was rare that she would let me touch her, beyond fondling her breast. She told me that she wanted to please daddy, and that the next time I was going to please her was when she finally gave herself to me fully. I did not complain as I truly loved watching my 18 year old, beautiful blond daughter express as much love and passion as she knew how on me. Each night, she took my entire load in her mouth, not a drop wasted, and swallowed.

One Tuesday morning my wife and I were having breakfast together and talking. We had been talking about mundane topics like work, gossip and the like. After a brief pause in the conversation, my wife spoke up.

“I have noticed over the last month or so that Riley has been dressing very risqué when she is over here.”

I nearly choked on my coffee as I tried to quickly think of something to say.

“I have seen you checking her out too.” she continued.

“Well, I don’t know what to say. I mean she is a beautiful young lady, and I am a living breathing man.”

“Oh no, no worries.” my wife laughed, “If I had a body like hers, I would probably be naked all the time. She is sexy, and she knows it. Just be careful when you are checking her out. We don’t need her thinking you are some kind of pervert or something.”

“Oh yeah, definitely not!” I replied, thinking about the actual truth of the situation.

“I have also noticed our daughter doing the same thing. I know we have always been open, but she hasn’t seemed to gain the need for modesty in front of her parents yet. Not that it is a bad thing; I am just surprised is all.”

“Yeah, me too. But I am glad she is still comfortable enough with us to be like that. Think if it was the other way and she was scared to even come to us for anything.”

“Very true.”

The following Friday, Bethany announced that Riley was going to be spending the night. The four of us had a nice dinner out on the deck as the evenings had become warmer. Riley, in her typical fashion as of late, was dressed in a short tennis skirt (no panties) and a white wife beater tank top. She was not wearing a bra, which allowed me to see her erect nipples standing out from her perky, D-cup, 18 year old tits. Her jet black hair was pulled into pigtails. Bethany, too, was wearing a white tank top that came down to just above her belly button. She was also braless and was showing off her dark brown, hard nipples and areolas atop her C-cup breasts. She was wearing white cotton boy short underwear that fit snugly enough around her pubic mound to accentuate her pussy lips. There were visible, but not obvious, signs of wetness on the crotch of her panties. Her blond hair was pulled back into a pony tail. Needless to say, I was fighting back a hard on throughout dinner.

After dinner, the girls and I sat on the deck and talked as my wife cleaned up. Each time my wife took a load of dishes in the house the girls would fondle each other, quickly kiss or rub their hands on the tent in my shorts.

After everything was cleaned up, my wife came to the door and asked me to step inside for a moment. She did not sound angry, but her tone was unusual. I was sure that she had seen the teasing going on out on the deck and I prepared myself for the worst. I adjusted myself as to not let my tent be too obvious and started towards the door.

“We will be right back girls. I think we are just gonna hang out on the deck tonight if that is cool.” my wife said.

“Yeah mom, that’s cool!”

When I got in the house, my wife grabbed me by the arm and led me into the living room, which was out of sight of the girls. She leaned in to kiss me and pulled me close to her.

“I love you.” she said.

“I love you too dear.”

“I was thinking, and I wanted to run this by you, that since it is such a nice night out, I would go change into something more comfortable and we would all hang out. Once the sun goes down, we can light the candles and torches and just drink some beer and wine out on the deck.”

“Ok, sounds good to me. Why would you need to run it by me?” I asked.

“Well, hum, I want to get really comfortable. Comfortable like I used to do before Mark ‘came of age.’ I just don’t know if it will embarrass Bethany or Riley.”

I knew that she was talking about wearing some sexy next-to-nothing garment as that is how she would dress in the past. Even though both of the kids were mature enough, even at a young age, to be comfortable with it, my wife seemingly stopped dressing like that, afraid of what the kids would think. It was crazy to me, because as I mentioned before, nudity was never frowned upon in our home and seeing the kids naked or them seeing us was never a big deal.

My wife stands at 5’4″ and weighs around 145 pounds. She is a thicker lady, but not fat by any means. Her eyes are crystal blue and her hair is (dyed) black. She dyes it due to the grey hair that started to appear in her early 20’s. Her tits are DD-cup, very full but saggy. Her ass was full and round, but dimpled from age. Time, gravity and having 2 kids took its toll on her, but in my eyes, she was still sexy as hell.

“Honey, look at how those two are dressed. Look at how Bethany has always walked around here. I doubt that you will embarrass either one of them. Besides, you are still very sexy. Go on and get comfortable. I will meet you back on the deck.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence honey. Be right out.” she leaned in, gave me another kiss and headed for the stairs.

I quietly approached the sliding door leading out on to the deck. I was hoping to catch my daughter and Riley in a compromising position. I was not disappointed. When I looked through the window, I saw both girls sitting next to each other on the wicker couch. Riley was on her left hip facing Bethany with both legs curled on the cushion behind her. Bethany was sitting normal, with her legs spread. She had both hands on Riley’s face and was kissing her passionately. Riley had her left arm around my daughter and her right hand was inside Bethany’s boy short underwear massaging her clit. I stepped through the door slowly and cleared my throat when I reached the deck. Both girls jumped back and started laughing. I walked up to Riley and took her right hand. I brought it up to my mouth and licked and sucked my daughter’s entire flavor from her fingers. Then I leaned over to Bethany and started to kiss her passionately. After we kissed, I leaned in to Riley and kissed her the same.

Standing up and heading for my chair I said, “Your mom went upstairs to change into something more comfortable. She will be back down in a minute.”

I sat down in my chair and looked at the two beautiful teens sitting on the couch in front of me. I admired their beauty and their love/lust for each other. They continued to fondle each other and kiss.

“You girls need to be careful. Mrs. D can walk out of the door at any moment, and here you two are, obviously being sexual.”

“I know daddy!” Bethany said, “We are just so horny. I mean look at this…” she said as she forced Riley’s legs apart, exposing her glistening virgin pussy to me. I could see her cleanly shaven lips, moist with excitement just below her well manicured, very thin black landing strip.

“…I mean, can you blame me daddy?”

“Well no, I guess I can’t”

“MMM” Riley piped up, “I can’t wait to put my mouth on you tonight Beth.”

I was rock hard at the sight and conversation I was witnessing. I hardly noticed when Riley snapped her legs closed, seeing my wife come to the door to come back out on the deck.

“Wow Mom, you look hot!” Bethany said.

I turned to look at my wife. My jaw hit the floor. There she stood in the doorway topless. She had on her lacy pair of pink boy short panties and nothing else. Her panties did not fit as snugly around her pussy as Bethany’s, but they were still very sexy. As a matter of fact, when my wife turned to her side to shut the door behind her, I could see in the gap between the fabric of her panties and her pussy. She kept her mound trimmed but there was still hair, and from that angle, I could see her swollen lips. My head was spinning with delight.

“Thanks baby.” My wife commented, “I was hesitant to come out here like this, I don’t want to make you girls uncomfortable.”

“Nonsense Mrs. D.” Riley said. “I think it’s great that you are proud of your body, and that this family is so comfortable around each other. Mind if I join you?”

“No, not at all….?” My wife answered with a question.

With that, Riley stripped off her wife beater and tossed it to the floor of the deck, exposing her gorgeous tan breasts. All that she had on now was her short tennis skirt. My heart was racing, my cock was as hard as could be, and my eyes must have been as big as quarters.

“Well, I’m certainly not going to be the only chick with a top on!” Bethany announced as she ripped her tank top off and threw it to the floor.

“WOW!” is all I could manage to say. Although I thought that I just said it in my mind, I must have actually uttered the word.

“You OK dear?” my wife asked.

“Well, YES. Yes I am! I mean I have three very attractive, sexy ladies, on MY back deck, in front of ME, TOPLESS. How could I NOT be ok?” I said as I reached in the cooler for enough beers to go around.

The conversation returned to normal after the initial shock of what had just gone down passed. My wife was seated in the chair to my right, the girls still on the couch to my left. I tried to maintain some composure, but it seemed that I could not help but to stare at the 6 wonderful breasts in front of me. I was doing my best, and a pretty good job, I might add, at keeping my aching hard member from producing an obvious tent in my shorts.

After several more beers each, the talk, as you would expect, turned to sex.

“So, this conversation will stay between the four of us, agreed?” My wife asked.

We all replied with the affirmative.

“I want this to be a completely open and honest conversation. No questions are off limits, and no judgments will be raised.”

“OK.” Bethany said.

“Great, first question, to both of you…. Is it fair to assume that the two of you are still virgins?”

There was a long pause, some giggles and then blushing. I, of course, already knew the answer, but I waited to hear what the girls would say. Bethany spoke up first.

“Well yeah mom, for the most part.”

“For the most part?”

“Yeah. I mean neither of us have had a penis or anything, even fingers for that matter, enter us. We are both waiting for the right guy and the right time. Butttt….” there was a pause as Bethany looked at Riley, smiled and then back to her mother. “Riley and I have fooled around…….quite a bit.”

“Really?” My wife asked, excitedly, “What do you mean, ‘fooled around’?”

“Well, we have made out, sucked each others’ tits, given each other oral and just the other night, we watched some porn on the computer and decided to try what the girls were doing on there and started grinding our pussies together. We just wanted some experience under our belt before we got out to the ‘real world’.”

“Wow, so the two of you are lesbian?”

“No, not at all Mrs. D.” Riley chimed in. “We are both still VERY attracted to men, and want to experience them. We just wanted to try all aspects of sexuality. And to be honest, as long as Beth wants to continue, I am all for it. Bisexual may be a better term.”

Just the visual of my daughter and her friend were enough to make me want to cum in my pants, but I was able to maintain.

“I wonder if Mark has lost his virginity?” I asked, changing the subject

“Nope.” Bethany answered matter-of-factly.

“You know for sure?” My wife asked.

“Yes, you know we talk all the time. I flat out asked him if he had since going away to college and he told me no. He did say that there were two girls, roommates that the Lacrosse team uses for relief and relaxation before and after games. He said that these girls would do anything from hand jobs to blow jobs and full out sex. He said that before his first game he was nervous, and one of the seniors recommended that he go see the girls. He was nervous to do it, but figured why not. On his way to their room, he passed another teammate who had obviously just gotten some. When he walked in, both girls were naked and had cum dripping from their faces and chests. He told me that one of the girls was on her back on the bed, with her pussy gaping open, obviously just fucked, and the other girl was lying next to her. He said that after seeing that, he could not think about actually having sex, or much less a blow job from one of them, so he just got them to jerk him off. He said it was awesome to have two girls working on him, but he just could not bring himself to have sex. He went on to say that he did not just want to have sex with anyone, but that he did not want to be a bumbling idiot on his first time with a girl that he was really into. I told him that he and Riley should lose their virginity together. He mentioned that he has always wanted her, but would be too scared.”

“Too Scared?” Riley exclaimed. “Too scared? That would be my dream come true!”

“Well Riley, I am going to pack him up and move him home tomorrow. You should start working on that when he gets here.” My wife said.

I was proud of my son, but shocked on two accounts. First, that my son had two, undoubtedly hot, chicks willing to fuck him, and he didn’t. Secondly, that my wife was so willing to condone that he and Riley have sex.

“Trust me Mrs. D., if you are still OK with me walking around your house in this manner, I will certainly give it my best try. I have had a crush on Mark since I can remember. Heck, since we are being honest, I have had a crush on Mr. D. too. But I know that he is off limits, so I focus all on Mark. I never pursued anything with him since he is my best friend’s older brother.”

I was shocked at Riley’s confession of her crush on me to my wife. I was nervous as to how my wife would respond.

“Well, Riley, if Mark is anything like the lover his dad is, you will be most pleased. Even after 25 years of marriage, our ups and downs, Mr. D. is still the only person that truly knows how to make me cum, and he does every time.”

I was unconsciously playing with my hard member through my shorts as the conversation continued.

“I know he must be a good lover mom,” Bethany said. “I have listened in on the two of you having sex, and have actually spied on you a few times, and I can tell just by your moans that daddy is really good!”

“He is Bethany, any lady would be lucky to have a lover like your father. MMM. Just thinking about it is getting me horny. And, I guess as a parent, I should be upset that my daughter has watched me have sex. But in all honesty, I think it’s hot. I guess from now on, we need to leave the door fully open so you can watch anytime you want. Maybe we will put on a show for you.”

My heart was racing. My head was spinning. My ego was inflated from all of the praise my wife and daughter were giving.

Catching me playing with my cock through my shorts my wife said, “Honey, are you enjoying yourself over there?”

“Oh yes. This is great. You are telling these girls how great I am, and I am witnessing conversation that is straight from any man’s fantasy.”

“What about you Bethany?” My wife turning her attention to our daughter, “Do you have any prospects as to who will be the lucky guy to take your virginity?”

I tensed up, knowing that my daughter’s only prospect was me. I put more pressure on my cock as I waited with anticipation for her answer. Part of me wanted her to tell my wife that she wanted me to take her virginity, but the wiser part of me knew that it would be a bad thing.

“Actually, mom, yes. There is one guy. He is all I can think about. He is the only man that I want to touch me. I know that he is a great lover, or at least that is what I have been told. And he is so handsome, hot even. I know that he and I will never actually be officially together, as a couple, as he is attached. He knows that I want him to be the one; he has known it for around 2 years now. He also knows that I will remain untouched until he and I can get together. I am going to make it happen, and if him being attached makes me a whore, then so be it. But it is what it is; He is the only man that is going to be allowed to take my virginity.”

I was amazed. My brilliant daughter was completely honest in answering the question, without giving our secret away.

“Well, tell me, who is it?” my wife asked anxiously.

My stomach turned flips and tied into an instant knot.

“Honestly, Mom, I would rather not say right now. Maybe I am superstitious, but I don’t want to jinx myself.”


I took an audible deep breath. I was relieved that she had not blown our cover. I was excited because I knew that she was talking about me. My grabs on my cock were now as firm as I could manage. There was a wet spot from my pre-cum on my shorts that was barely visible in the dim light of dusk. My wife got up to go inside to get the matches to light our candles and citronella torches. After she was out of ear shot I looked over at my daughter and Riley.

“Good job on being honest, baby girl, without giving away our little secret.”

“Thanks daddy!” Bethany said as she wrapped her arms around her topless best friend, squeezing their breasts together.

“Riley, do you still want me to be the one to take your virginity, or do you want to wait for Mark as you indicated to Mrs. D.?”

“Mr. D., since I can remember having sexual feelings, I have wanted you. I mean since I was younger . You are going to be my first, after Bethany of course, no matter how long it takes. I do want to be with Mark, and when I am he will still think I am a virgin, but the three of us will always know that you are the one that holds that title!”

“Good deal!” I replied just before my wife opened the door to come back out.

When she walked through the door, my jaw hit to floor again. While she was inside, she had stripped out of her pink boy short panties and was now standing before us, completely naked. She walked around the deck lighting the torches and candles, as the rest of us just stared intently at her.

“What?” she said when she noticed that we were all silently taking in her beauty. “From all of this talk, the crotch of my panties were soaked through. I had to get them off. We are all adults here. If it makes you uncomfortable, I will go put something on.”

“NO MOM!” Bethany shouted. “It’s been a long time since you have been this comfortable around, well at least me and Mark. I think it’s great and you should keep it up!”

“Really? You sound like you missed seeing me like this.”

“Not just me, mom, all of us. I mean, dad gets to see you like that all the time, but when you started wearing more clothes around the house, Mark pulled me into his room and asked if we had done something wrong to make you change. We were both naked and he confessed to me that he liked to look at you and jerk off. I told him that you probably thought that maybe we were uncomfortable and did not escort bayan gaziantep oral yapan want to over step any boundaries. I then told him that as long as he was OK with it, we could still be naked around each other. That is something that has never changed, even though I have never looked at him sexually.”

“Wow, I had no idea. Yes, I did start wearing more clothes because I was worried what the two of you would think about me flaunting around naked in front of you.” my wife responded. “But since I know now that you all miss it, I will start undressing more!”

There was a long pause. I had no idea that my son had jerked off to my wife, but I was happy about it. I was also very happy that Mark and Bethany still had a very close and open relationship. That was something rare between teenage siblings and it made me proud. My pride went further to know that neither of my kids, even though with hormones racing through their teenage bodies, ever tried to seduce one another. I would not be upset if they had, I mean after all, I had several incestuous relations when I was their age, and tried numerous times to seduce my little sister, to no avail. But I was proud that MY baby girl was, in fact, totally MINE.

“So, he jerked off thinking about me?” my wife broke the silence.

“Well, I have never actually seen him jerk off. But he did show me a pair of your panties that he got out of the dirty clothes. He said he use to sniff them while he was jerking. But when the smell wore off, he started cumming in them. After you stopped being naked, or near naked around us, he asked to borrow a pair of mine. I took the ones I was wearing at the moment off and handed them to him. From then on, once a week I would trade him the ones he had, for a new pair of dirty panties. He always liked for me to loan him the ones I would wear during soccer practice, he said the scent was unbeatable.”

“Wow. I had no idea, did you dear?” my wife asked.

“Nope. I sure didn’t. I guess normal parents should be upset at such a thing, but I think it is great that you two could have that kind of relationship.”

I looked over at my wife and could tell, even in the glow of the torches, that she was flush. Perhaps it was the alcohol, but I am sure she was turned on knowing that her son thought of her sexually, and expressed it verbally to her daughter, not to mention that he used her own panties for relief. Her hands were unconsciously stroking her nipples and rubbing her tummy down to her clit and back up. There was silence all around, just the crickets chirping and the sound of our neighborhood whippoorwill singing, as we reflected on the confessions that had just come out. I was also playing with myself. At this point, I did not feel it was necessary to hide my tent, or the fact that I was stroking it through my shorts. I was leaning back in my chair with my legs spread out to the front. I had my hand on my crotch and was looking intently at my wife touching herself with her eyes closed. I heard a low moan from my left and turned my attention to the girls. Riley had her face buried on Bethany’s chest, sucking her right tit with her hand down the front of my daughter’s panties. Bethany saw me looking at them and smiled. She winked at me, licked her lips and blew me a kiss.

“Mom and Dad?” Bethany spoke up; breaking my wife from her fantasy land where I am sure she was thinking about Mark.

“Yes?” we both replied in unison.

“Since this is an open and honest discussion, I have a few questions.”

“Go on, like I said earlier, nothing is off limits.” my wife replied.

“Well first off, I think since you are naked mom, we should all join you, dad too. If that is OK.”

Riley wasted no time in standing up and dropping her tennis skirt. Revealing to my wife, for the first time, her panty-less, perfectly manicured landing strip that extended up from her bald virgin lips. Immediately following her, Bethany stood up and pulled down her boy short panties, stepping gracefully out of them once they hit the floor. Her pussy was still shaved as it was when I first tasted it. My wife’s eyes were glued to the two girls.

“Wow, you too are stunning.” my wife commented. “If I looked like either of you, I would never have any clothes on!”

“Your turn daddy!” Bethany squealed.

I was obviously embarrassed a little. I mean I had been naked in front of both of the girls, in a sexual way already. My daughter, her entire life, had seen me naked countless times. But never had I ever been sexually aroused in front of them with my wife present. Awkward is putting the feeling I had at the moment lightly.

“Well go on dear. It is only fair.” my wife cooed.

After another moment of pause, I stood up, pulled off my t-shirt and tossed it to the floor. I looked over at the two girls, and then to my wife. All three of them were staring intently at the tent in my shorts. Slowly and nervously I pulled down my shorts, letting them fall to the ground before I stepped out of them. Now, at 6 inches, 3 in girth, I was not huge by any account. I considered my package to be average at best. But I had a lot of experience in using it and was confident in both its looks and function. There I stood in front of my wife, daughter and daughter’s friend, all who were naked, naked myself. My cock was pointing straight out, fulfilling its entire length and thickness.

“Wow Mr. D.! You have a very nice looking cock!” Riley exclaimed.

“Yeah dad, I see where Mark gets it!” Bethany said laughing. Both of the girls covering the fact that they had already seen my fully engorged member.

“Thank you girls.” I said as I sat back down.

“What other questions do you have dear?” my wife asked of Bethany.

“Well, Riley and I have talked and we are nervous about one thing when it comes to sex with guys. I mean we know about intercourse, and that is pretty self explanatory, but we have heard a lot of guys comment on how some girls give good head, and some girls don’t seem to know how. We don’t want to be the latter. Do you have any pointers you can give us?”

I was shocked at the question. Both of the girls knew that my wife did not give head very often, so why would she ask that? Furthermore, as I had told Bethany many times during our week night sessions, she was the best at sucking cock, and was getting better each time. I knew my daughter had an idea up her sleeve, but I was not sure where she was going with it.

“Well, girls. I have to be honest here. Giving blow jobs is my least favorite thing to do in the bed. I don’t think I am very good at it and I don’t really do it too often. I know your father would like for me to do it more, but I just don’t.”

“Actually, dear,” I retorted, “When you have had a few to drink, you are quite exceptional at sucking cock. But you are right, you don’t do it often, and I would love for you to do it more.”

“Well, ok. Thanks for the compliment honey! Bethany, I am not sure how to tell you to suck dick. I guess I could show you though, since I now know you like to watch.”

I was dumbfounded. Was my wife really offering to blow me right here on the deck in front of our daughter and her friend? My question was quickly answered as, without hesitation or a response from either girl, my wife got on her knees in front of me. She put her hand on the base of my cock, brought her lips up to the head and turned to face the girls.

“Ok, watch carefully. I will do the best I know how.” she said as she lowered her mouth on to my stiff rod.

My wife started to suck, lick and stroke me slow and with purpose. She moaned around my cock as I placed both hands on the back of her head. I looked at the girls with a face of joy as my wife slowly and deliberately made out with my cock. Bethany had her hand between Riley’s legs, Riley’s hand was between hers. Bethany looked me in the face, smiled and mouthed the words “You’re welcome” which was followed by a low giggle. I smiled back to my daughter and continued to stare at her and Riley pleasuring each other as they watched my wife blowing me. I was pretty sure, at this point, that I had died and somehow ended up in the heaven of porn. I was sure that this scene that I was living had been the very fantasy of most teenage boys and grown men alike.

My wife continued to suck me slowly, as if she was actually enjoying what she was doing. It was feeling exquisite and I was quite happy that my wife had let down her inhibitions as she was showing off for our daughter and Riley. She seemed really into what she was doing, but I know that she was just enjoying being a teacher of sorts, the center of attention. She was gripping my shaft tightly as she slowly stroked and sucked my cock. At this pace, it was going to take me forever to cum, which I think is what she wanted. Don’t get me wrong, it felt wonderful, but her pace was slow enough as to not get my juices pumped to the brink of spewing.

After about 10 minutes of her slow love making to my cock, my wife looked up at me, leaving her hand slowly stroking my wet cock.

“How was that lover?” She asked.

“Fantastic!” I told her.

“Yeah mom, that was really hot! I can’t wait to do that when I get a chance!” Bethany said as she looked at me and winked.

“Yeah, me neither! As much as I enjoy eating Beth’s pussy, I know I will love sucking cock.” Riley commented.

My wife noticed, as the girls were talking, that they were playing with each other. Her gaze was fixed on the two as they continued to manipulate each other’s clits. I noticed, as her one hand was still slowly stroking my cock, she licked her lips and let her other hand fall between her legs. She started to writhe under her own self pleasure as she continued to stare at the girls.

“Are you ok mom?” Bethany asked.

“MMM, yes baby, I am. Sorry, I did not mean to stare; I have just never seen a sight so hot in my life.”

“It is ok mom. I figured since we had already told you that we messed around, it would be ok to play with each other while you were pleasing daddy.”

“Oh yes, it is ok, more than ok. It’s hot!”

“So, Mrs.D., is it safe to say that you have never experienced a woman before?” Riley asked.

“Yes, that is a safe bet. Mr. D. and I have talked about it in the heat of the moment, and it always turns me on, but I…or we, have never actually done it. After seeing the two of you, I think that I would actually LOVE to try it!”

“I will have to remember that!” Riley said coyly as she turned her face to Bethany and started to passionately make out with her.

My wife released my throbbing member as she laid down on her back in front of all of us. She told the girls to keep going as she continued to massage her own clit. She started rubbing herself fiercely with her right hand as she brought her left up to her tits and played with her nipples. Riley repositioned herself to let Bethany lay down fully on the couch. Riley got between my daughters legs and started licking her sweet virgin cunt. I watched, along with my masturbating wife, as Riley licked from Bethany’s virgin love tunnel up to suck her clit and back down, over and over. Riley was bent over with her ass pointing in my direction, and since my wife was in the throes of her own, deck shaking orgasm, she did not notice when I reached over to Riley’s love mound with my left hand to massage her swollen clit. Or so I thought. I had my right hand steadily stroking my cock as I watched the spectacle in front of me. Riley reached her hand to mine and encouraged me to rub faster. The screams from my daughter being brought to an orgasm in front of her parents mixed with the screams of my wife’s ongoing climax and the moans of Riley. Riley started to thrash about as Bethany and my wife’s orgasms started to subside in her own climax. I started to beat my dick like it owed me money until I shot 6 hot sticky strings of cum up and onto my chest, the first string hitting me on the cheek. I withdrew my hand from Riley’s mound as I laid back to enjoy what had just happened. Riley collapsed on top of my daughter and they embraced. She watched as my wife sat up in front of me, took my left hand and brought it up to her mouth. She licked it, tasting Riley’s love juice.

“Shit, I’m busted now.” I thought to myself.

“MMM.” My wife moaned as she looked at Riley and winked. “You taste divine my dear.”

My wife moved up my body, smearing my cum between her bare chest and mine. She licked the bit that was on my cheek off, gave me a kiss and announced that she was going to bed.

She left me out on the deck, naked, covered in my own cum with my naked daughter and Riley entangled on the wicker couch.

“So I guess your new goal is to fuck the whole family, huh?” I said to Riley.

“Well it wasn’t until just now. That, of course, is if Bethany is cool with it.”

“Of course it is, baby, my mom deserves to be pleased the way you please me.”

After a few moments of silence, I gathered myself and my clothes. I stood up to go inside to go to bed. Being the good parental unit, as if it mattered now, I told the girls to ‘not stay up too late.’ They giggled as I turned to go to bed where my wife was laying naked, sound asleep.

The next morning, my wife woke up earlier than normal to get ready and go help Mark pack and bring him home for the summer break. I stayed in bed, awake and talked to her as she was getting dressed.

“Crazy night last night…” she said as she stepped out of the shower.

I replied with a cautious “uh huh.”

“I don’t know about you, but I had a fucking blast!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah it was fun, definitely hot!”

“I really enjoyed blowing you in front of them, but my favorite moment, aside from the girls being so open with their sexuality, was watching you rubbing Riley’s clit while she ate our daughter out.”

“Yeah that was cool. I was hesitant to do it, worried about what you might think or say, but I just couldn’t help it. She had her ass pointed directly at me, her bald virgin cunt was like a magnet, beckoning me to touch it.”

“No worries about upsetting me. Like I said, I loved it. Besides, I know she did too, since she has had a crush on you for years. And hey, who knows, maybe she is the girl from our fuck session fantasies. I mean, as good as she tasted off your fingers, I would love to taste her first hand.”

I fell silent. I did not know how to react. Last night I was sure that it was the alcohol that was driving my wife’s wild side, but now, it seems that she has had a sexual awakening of some sort. I knew that I would eventually have Riley, as she promised me her virginity, but now it was becoming obvious that my wife wanted a piece of her too. Without thinking, I blurted out excitedly, “Well you know she is staying home to go to community college for a year after Bethany is off to school, right?”

“No, I did not know that. That is interesting. Why do you know that?”

Oh no, I just blew it.

“Well, she told me last month, when you and the girls from work went to Seaville for some shopping. It was just normal conversation. I asked her about college because I had not heard for sure what she was doing.”

“Oh, ok. Well, we will have to work on her.” My wife said as she winked at me and gave me a devilish, sexy grin.

I let out a deep breath, relieved that I had dodged that bullet.

“Honey,” my wife said as she walked to my side of the bed. “How do I look?”

She was wearing a very low cut top, revealing most of her cleavage, her tits in an obvious push up type bra. Below that she was wearing a denim short skirt that did not even come half way down her thighs.

“You look sexy as hell!” I replied.

“Imagine I am picking up a box of stuff from Mark’s room,” she said as she turned around and bent over. “Tell me what you see.”

She was not wearing any panties. Her pussy was freshly shaved and was crammed in between her thick thighs, just below her voluptuous ass.

“Well, I see that you took some extra time in the shower this morning. I can’t remember the last time you shaved your snatch.”

She laughed and said “Yeah, I thought about what Bethany and Riley looked like last night and thought that it was time for me to change it up. You like?”

“Oh yes, I do. It also looks as if you are looking to get fucked by a bunch of college lacrosse players today.”

“No, not a bunch, just one.”

It took me a second to process her last comment. She had said it with all the seriousness one could muster, but surely she was joking. And just one? I mean, we had been to most all of Mark’s games and knew 90% of the players. None of which I thought she was even remotely attracted to. I was confused.

“Just one?” I asked.

“Yeah. The one that is still a virgin. The one who turned down two girls because he has standards. The one that does not want to be a ‘bumbling idiot’ on his first time. The one that has used my panties, and still uses his sister’s to masturbate.”

“Are you seriously going to seduce our son?” I asked, more shocked than anything.

“Well, don’t you think I owe it to him? I mean after teasing him being naked most of his life? The poor guy wants to get laid, but is too scared to mess up. Who better to teach him than me?”

“Well, you do have a point there. But please be careful. That is a tricky subject. It sounds good, hot even, in theory, but it could go drastically wrong and here you are fucking up a perfectly good and open relationship with your son.”

“Yeah, true. But I get the sense that you are jealous, like you don’t want me to do it.”

“Well, I will put it to you this way. If you are going to get some strange cock, I would rather it be my own son than some Johnny nobody off the street.”

“Well, that settles it then. I am going to toy with him, see if he takes the bait. I am not going to pressure him, but I will not stop him either. I will tell you all about it, if you want that is.”

“Of course I want to know, spare no details.” I told her.

“And just think of the possibilities, knowing what we know about Bethany and Riley, and if Riley and Mark get together.”

I have to admit, the thought of double teaming my wife and/or Riley with my son was intriguing. My cock was starting to swell. My wife walked over to me, still lying in the bed, and leaned over to kiss me good bye. I put my hand up her skirt, in between her legs, and rubbed slowly up her thigh to her pussy. I could feel her heat and wetness.

“Looks like someone is excited!” I commented as I broke away from our kiss.

“I’m so turned on, it is not even funny. Welcome to our new sex life, welcome to the new, revived me.”

She leaned back in to kiss me. She told me she needed to leave, told me she loved me, and headed out the door. I fell back to sleep not long after she left.

I have no idea how long I slept after my wife left. I woke up to the feeling of my cock in a warm and soft mouth. When I opened my eyes, I saw my beautiful daughter lying next to me in the bed, naked. She had her mouth on my growing erection and was gently and slowly stroking it with her hand. I moved my hand to the back of her head and stroked her soft blonde hair down to her back and lightly rubbed her back. My hips started to gyrate as my cock came fully to life.

“Good morning daddy!” she said, looking up at me, leaving her hand on my dick.

“Good morning baby girl. How’d you girls sleep?”

“Very well! After we came inside, we 69’d to another great climax and fell asleep holding each other. We woke up still in the same position. Last night was so great!”

“It was, indeed. I know your mother had a great time! Speaking of Riley, is she still sleeping?”

“No, I sent her home.”

“Oh…OK.” I said, kind of disappointed.

“Well, daddy, Mom will be gone all day, probably until after dinner, getting Mark all packed and moved home. We have all day and the house to ourselves. I am ready to give myself to you fully. I am not saying that I never want Riley involved, as a matter of fact, I think the three of us together will be fun, but for my first time, I want it to be something special, something that only you and I share. I told her I would call her later, after we were done, and she could come back over.”

I pulled her up to me, face to face. I took her hand off my cock and wrapped my arms around her. I held my 18 year old daughter in a lover’s embrace. I looked deep into her eyes as our lips met in the most passionate kiss we had shared yet. I let my hands lightly trace down her back to her full and firm round ass and back up over and over while we made out. The feeling of her soft, warm and tan skin was exquisite. I broke our kiss and ran my fingers through her hair.

“Bethany, I truly do love you. You are my special girl.”

“I love you too daddy, and just as I know no other man will love me the way you do, I will never love another man as I do you.”

“Bethany, I am not prepared right now to take your virginity…” I said, sadly.

“Why not daddy?”

“I don’t have any protection.”

“Oh, don’t be silly. Mom took Riley and me the Monday after the three of us first fooled around to get on birth control. We are both on the same cycle!”

I was given the green light. There was nothing but courage stopping me now. I had been my wife’s first, almost 30 years ago. I have not had another virgin since then. I was definitely excited, but I was nervous all the same. I did not want to go too fast, like I would with a chick who knows the ropes. I wanted to ensure that my lovely daughter had the best time imaginable.

We started to make out again as I rolled her from her side to her back, with me on top of her. My cock was pressed against my stomach, between us, with the head just about the top of her moist slit. She started to grind her hips and reposition herself for my entrance into her love canal.

“Whoa baby, don’t be so eager.” I calmly told her in between kisses.

“Please, take me now daddy. I need you!” she cried out.

“Baby, I am not going to just fuck you. I am going to make love to my sweet daughter. You are going to experience true, unbridled passion and love.”

She kept working her hips, as if she ignored what I had just told her. I continued to resist as I started to kiss my way down her body. I took my time kissing and licking on her neck, nibbling on her ears and telling her how wonderfully beautiful she was. I continued down, slowly licking every inch of her upper chest. I teased each nipple for what seemed like forever. Finally, with encouragement from her forceful push on the back of my head, I engulfed as much of her C-cup tits, one at a time, as I could. I paid special attention to her nipples, licking, sucking and lightly biting. Her breathing was getting heavier and more shallow, her moans were louder with anticipation as to what was to come.

I continued kissing down her body with my next stop being that sensitive area just above her pubic region, the underwear line (if she had been wearing any). I slowly licked her from the front, around to her left hip, tracing the imaginary line with my tongue. I slowly, keeping my tongue pressed lightly to her skin, traced the same line back around to her right hip. I could smell, from there, the scent of her very wet pussy. I knew that I was teasing her, that I was driving her crazy. I could tell by her moans that she was rather frustrated that I would not just get on with business, but her gyrations told me that she liked the treatment she was getting.

I continued licking down the front of her right thigh, kissing softly around, but never making contact with, her pussy. I licked her inner right thigh down to her knee and back up. Lightly grazing her virgin slit with my tongue, I crossed over and did the same thing to her left thigh. She was pulling at my head with all of the strength she had, begging me to put my mouth on her most sacred place. She was driving her hips up to meet my licking, partially spreading her lips with each thrust.


That’s all she needed to say. I pushed her legs as wide as they would go, revealing her wetness and willing cunt. I went directly for her clit with my mouth and as I sucked it in, she let out a loud sigh.

“Yessssssss… Oh…My…..MMMMMM.”

I let my tongue fall down to her virgin entrance and pressed it firmly inside as far as it would go. Her hips bucked up to meet me and she started to fuck my tongue. I held my face in one place as she worked her pussy on it. When her hips fell for the last time, my tongue was firmly in place on her clit. I started lick it vigorously and then sucked it back into my mouth. About this time she let out a loud scream.


Her hips were thrashing violently, but with the pressure of my hands on her legs and my suction on her clit, I never broke contact. Her pussy began to gush, and again I was pleased that my daughter was a squirter. Her fluids quickly smeared across my face and ran down her ass to the sheets below, leaving the start of what would become a giant wet spot.

I laid there on top of her, gently kissing her still very sensitive clit. Her body shook with each touch as I caressed her body with my hands. As her orgasm subsided, she cleared her throat and looked down to me.

“Daddy, that was amazing. I am completely ready for you to finally enter me. Take my virginity please dad. Make me yours. Make love to me like I know only you can.”

Without saying a word, I moved up her body, never breaking eye contact. I leaned in to kiss her, and she wrapped her arms around my neck to pull me in. She kissed me deeply, tasting all of her fluids. She bucked her hips, again, trying to get me into her. I resisted as I continued to make out with my lovely daughter. She groaned in frustration.

“Daddy, I am begging you, please fuck me.”

“I told you, baby, I am not going to just fuck you. I am going to make love to you.”

With that, I pushed myself up and brought my knees forward. I positioned myself between her spread legs and started to rub my cock head up and down her pussy, starting at her clit. With each pass I put more and more pressure until finally I pushed the head in to her tight, virgin opening. It was the first time that my cock had touched my daughter’s sexy heaven. The feeling was intense as I thought about the fact that I was not only taking another girl’s virginity, but my own daughter’s. To top it off, I was taking her virginity in the very bed that she was conceived in 18 short years ago.

“Are you certain you want this baby?” I asked before I made my entrance.

“Yes daddy. I have never been surer about anything.”

I started to slowly grind my cock into her. She was incredibly tight, since she had never had so much as a finger inside of her. (She later told me that she had also learned about Kegel exercises, and did them regularly.) This was truly unchartered territory, and knowing that made the moment so much more intense.

As I slowly pushed into her more, I could feel her lips, slick with her love juices stretch around my 6 inch cock, and her velvety walls close in around it. She winced in pain, not due to breaking her hymen, as that had been broken by her being so active in athletics, but due to her tightness and the stretching. My daughter, my princess, was no longer a virgin. Her father, me, was the one who had the honor of deflowering her. It was a moment that can only be described as amazing. No porn producer or story writer could have ever come up with a scene as magnificent as this.

After several minutes of slowly pushing in, pulling part way out, and pushing in a little deeper, I was finally completely in her, balls deep. Our eyes never broke contact. She was looking into me, not just at me. She had a look of passion, love, lust and pleasure all in one. I held myself in her for a few moments to allow her to adjust to having me inside of her.

“I love you daddy.” She said as she started to grind her hips into me.

I took this as my clue that she was adjusted properly and I began to rock in time with her grinding. With each in stroke I pushed as deeply as I could. With each pull out, I left just the head in before plunging back into her. I started to massage her clit with the thumb of my right hand as I played with her nipples with my left. She started to moan louder and grind harder. I could tell that she was on the verge of another climax so I picked up my pace to meet hers.

Within minutes she was thrashing about the bed wildly under me. I could feel her pussy gushing around my cock so I pulled out and felt her squirt with more pressure than I ever imagined possible. I kept my thumb on her clit until she relaxed on the bed. I gave her a moment to gather herself and asked her, “Are you good?”

“Yes daddy. Please let’s keep going. I need to feel your cum in me!”

I rolled her over to her stomach and got her up on her hands and knees. I got her to arch her back just right and positioned her entrance perfectly. I knelt behind her and slowly eased my throbbing unit into her from the rear.

Now I have to be honest, I don’t know everything there is to know about the female anatomy, but what I do know, what I have experienced at least, is that a woman’s pussy gets much tighter in the doggy style position. Normally I save that position for last, because it always makes me cum faster. But today, with my daughter, I was feeling like a rock star, and I had the stamina of Ron Jeremy.

Once I was completely in her from the rear, I told her to reach back and play with her clit, if she wanted. She did. I told her that I would let her control the pace, that all she had to do was rock back and forth on my cock as I stood still. And she did. She started slow at first, but as her hand quickened on her clit, her rocking on my cock got faster.

“Oh yes daddy! You are a great lover and a great teacher. I already love fucking you. Please don’t ever stop.”

She started to rock faster and faster as another climax was building. I looked down at her beautiful ass, her tight little hole staring up at me. I decided to lick my thumb and work it into her virgin ass. With my right thumb thoroughly lubed with my spit, I placed it on her anal entrance and started putting pressure. She stopped rocking on my cock, wondering what I was doing.

“Keep going baby, you will enjoy this, I promise.” I told her as I thrust my cock deep into her.

She resumed her rocking, and with each move back towards me, I pushed my thumb in a little deeper. Finally, after a few minutes of easing my thumb into her, I was in to the third knuckle. This sent new sensations through her body as she frigged her clit hard and slammed herself onto my cock. It did not take long after that for her to have another glass shattering, screaming orgasm, with yet more fluids added to our already sizable wet spot. She collapsed on the bed in front of me, my cock pulling out of her pussy, my thumb from her ass.

“Oh, daddy, mom was right, you are a great lover.”

“Funny thing is, I have never gone this long or had her cum as much as you have with her.”

“Good for me! Sucks for her!” she said as she was catching her breath. “Ok, so what’s next daddy? Can I ride you?”


I laid on my back next to her as she timidly climbed on top of me. Her knees were still weak, hell, her whole body was weak from three back to back squirting orgasms. As she positioned herself above me, she reached between her legs to grab my cock and guide it in. In one swift motion she came down and impaled herself on my six inches of love. She fell forward and her body was shaking with another mini-orgasm so I started to drive my hips up into her. I started kind of slow, but soon picked up my pace. As she was still laying on me she was moaning in my ear letting me know that I was pleasing her in more ways than she could imagine.

“Daddy, I just came again!”

“I know baby, I could feel your juices gushing out from around my cock.”

My cock and balls were completely soaked, the bed sheets ruined. She pushed herself up and brought her knees forward. She held my cock in her by clinching her internal muscles. I reached up with both hands and started playing with her nipples. Her right hand fell to my chest for balance as her left went to work frigging her clit again.

She started to slowly grind on my cock, and as she regained strength her pace got faster.

“Oh daddy, you feel so good inside me. I am glad you made me wait these last two years. I was not ready for this at 16, but from now on, no more waiting. You are the only man I ever want to make love to. I am yours forever.”

“Thanks baby,” I said in between breaths as I could feel my balls start to tighten, “I know that there will be other guys that you fuck, but you will come to daddy for a good love making session.”

I began to force my hips up to meet with her grinding pace. Our rhythm was in sync.

“Fill me with your cum daddy. Fill me up!”

“Uhhgggffnneff….I’m cumming baby, I…..ahhh….ohhhhh!!!!”

At the very moment the first of 6 strings of cum shot into my baby girl’s cunt, she had another mind bending orgasm which threw her body on top of mine. I pumped several smaller strings into her as her muscles involuntarily milked my cock dry.

We fell asleep, her on top of me, me still inside of her. We were laying in a mixture of our love on the sheets below us. It was heavenly

Sometime during our post-sex nap, Bethany had rolled off of me, but was still lying naked next to me with as much of her body in contact with mine as possible. The feeling of our bodies together was amazing. I was brought back to reality from my sleep by her voice. I laid there with my eyes closed, pretending to still be asleep, as I listened to her talking on the phone.

“Hey!” she said. “Oh my God. It was amazing… no, fucking amazing. And that does not do a good job of describing it!”

There was a pause as she listened to the person on the other end. I could only assume it was Riley.

“Hell yes I came. I came like 5 times. The sheets on their bed are completely soaked!”

“Yes, he came inside me. That was a great feeling. I could feel his cock pumping and the cum shooting inside of me. That is what sent me over the edge the last time.”

“No, it did not hurt. Well, a little at first since I was so tight. But it was a good hurt. The stretching of my lips around him, and feeling my walls close in around his cock, mmm… you have no idea. It is a good thing we learned about those pussy exercises. It allowed me to keep him in me when we were changing positions. Also, it will help tighten me back up after every time we do it.”

“Are you kidding me? YES!!! I am going to do it as much as I can. He thinks that now I will end up fucking other guys, and him too, but I won’t. There is no way I will ever be pleased by a guy the way he did. I don’t know, maybe sometime in the distant future, I will find a man to be with in a relationship, but one thing is for sure, as long as he is willing, he will be my number one.”

“Well, Ri, honestly, we fucked for almost an hour. I am sure he would love to, but don’t be disappointed if he does not otele gelen gaziantep escort bayan have the strength. When we were done, I passed out on top of him with his cock still in me. I just now woke up to call you. He is still lying here asleep.”

“Sure, come on over, the door is unlocked. We are in my parents’ room. I mean, I agree, the sooner the better, but be prepared for him to tell you another time.”

“Oh, I hope he doesn’t either. It was so fantastic, I can’t wait for you to enjoy it. And I can’t wait for all three of us to have a good time together.”

“Ok, see you in a minute.”

I opened my eyes as Bethany was hanging up the phone. She laid back down on the same pillow as I and started to rub her hand up and down my chest.

“Hey baby,” I said, “Are you ok?”

“Yes daddy, I am more than ok. I am great. I just lost my virginity to the most important man in my life.”

“So, no regrets?” I asked.

“Life is too short for regrets, daddy, but no, never. I have never been so happy!”

“Well, I am glad baby girl.”

“But dad, I want to clarify something. Just before you came, you said that there would be other guys that I would fuck. That may become true as life goes on, but for right now, I can say with 100% certainty that you are the only man I will have touching me.”

“Well, as flattered as I am, that is not realistic baby. Especially once you go off to college. There are going to be plenty of guys that are going to show you attention and as sure as the day is long, you will fall for one. And you never know, ” I said half jokingly, “Now with your sexual awakening, you may end up fucking Mark.”

“HA HA,” she laughed, “I have actually thought about that. But I would only do it if Riley was ok with it, and if you knew about it.”

Stunned. That would be the best way to describe my feeling after hearing that. But surprisingly enough, I was actually turned on by it. I was imagining this family of fuck-hungry people. I could see, in that moment, Riley and my wife, My son and daughter, Me and the three women….. I was thinking of the possibilities when all of a sudden I was broken from my trance.

“Wow! You were not kidding Beth, the sheets are soaked!” Riley said as she came in the doorway to my room.

I was lying on the bed, naked, the covers nowhere in sight. Beneath me was the huge wet spot that was created during my love making to my beautiful daughter. Riley came over to the bed and sat down next to me at my midsection.

“I told you!” Bethany laughed, “These sheets are ruined. Well maybe not ruined, but we will need to wash them before mom gets home!”

“Good God Bethany!” Riley said as she reached for my flaccid, sticky cock “You really soaked your old man!”

She started to stroke me and then bent over to put her mouth on me. She sucked my cock slowly, bringing it back to attention. I laid there with one hand behind my head, and the other around my naked daughter as we watched her friend blow me.

“MMM, and it tastes so wonderful too!” Riley said as she took a break. “So, how about it Mr. D., are you up for taking another virginity today?”

“Well, I think I can manage that.” I replied in my most serious voice.

She stood up and started undressing. At the same time Bethany also got up and off the bed.

“Well, I am going to get dressed and go out for a while and leave you two at it.” Bethany said.

“No Bethany,” Riley said as she started to position herself to continue sucking me, “You don’t have to leave.”

“No, I want too. I had you leave. I shared a special time for my first time with him. You deserve the same. There will be plenty of times when the three of us can get together, but for your first, it needs to be something special with just you and him.”

Bethany walked over to the side of the bed and leaned in to kiss Riley. They shared a long intimate and passionate tongue kiss. Riley’s hand fell to my cock and she started to stroke me while I was watching her make out with my daughter. After Bethany broke away from the kiss, she leaned over to me and started to kiss me deeply. I placed my hands on either side of her face, running my fingers through her blonde hair. At the same time, Riley started going back down on me. She was sucking me slowly while I was making out with my daughter. Bethany leaned in to my neck and whispered in my ear.

“Thank you daddy. You are amazing. I love you so much.”

“I love you too baby. Please be careful while you are out.”

“I will. And I will call before I come home to make sure you are done.”


She stood up and started towards the door to her own room. As she walked past Riley she ran her hands down her body, starting at the top of her bobbing head down her back to her ass where she gave her a loving slap.

“You two have fun. I know you will!”

After Bethany went to her room to put on some clothes, I pulled Riley up so we were face to face. I wrapped my arms around her and started kissing her. I could taste my daughter’s pussy that had been transferred from my cock in Riley’s mouth. She had her jet black hair pulled back into a tight pony tail. I ran my fingers through her pony tail and started to lightly caress her soft tan skin. I was still on my back and she was on her left side to my right. Her right leg was draped over my legs and I could feel the heat escaping her virgin cunt on my thigh. We kissed each other and enjoyed our body contact until Bethany came back in the room.

“Ok ya’ll, I’m outta here!”

I looked at my beautiful daughter standing in my door way. She was wearing a short denim skirt, a white spaghetti strap tank top and no bra. She had on a pair of black flip flop sandals. Simply stated, she looked amazing. From the distance of 10 feet, from where my head was to the doorway she was standing in, I could see her perky tits topped off with her nipples.

“You need to be careful going out like that baby girl. You are likely to be picked up by some guy and I will lose you to him.” I commented.

“No way daddy. Like I have already told you, you are it! I just feel awakened and I want to flaunt what only you can have.”

“Well you look hot. Have fun, be careful!”

After Bethany went down the steps, Riley and I continued our kissing and fondling. She was lightly stroking my cock and running her hands up and down my body. After we heard the front door close and Bethany’s truck pull out of the driveway Riley looked up at me.

“Ok Mr. D., the coast is clear. Lets have some fun!” she started to climb on top of me. I stopped her.

“I am going to tell you like I told Bethany earlier. There is no rush. I am not going to just fuck you. Not for your first time at least. You need to know what love and passion is. I want you to enjoy every moment we have to share.”

“Hum, OK…” she said, half disappointed, half questioning.

We continued to kiss as I let my hands explore her body more. We had only been together the one time a month ago. Today was only the second time she had sucked a cock, and it showed. She still had a lot to learn and I was going to take the time to show her the ropes.

“Riley, I just want you to know that Mrs. D. commented on how good you tasted off my fingers last night. She said that she would really like to taste it first hand. She thinks that you may be the girl from our fantasies. If we play our cards right, you will be joining us. It may not happen until Mark goes back and Bethany starts college. I told her that you would be staying around here for the year going to community college. She is excited to ‘work’ on you.”

“Oh man, I can’t wait.”

“And this needs to stay between us. I am sure Bethany will find out soon enough IF it happens, but I feel you should know this.” I said. “I think Mrs. D. is going to try and take Mark’s virginity today. If she succeeds, think of the possibilities. Especially once Bethany knows. All 5 of us will be one big happy fuck family.”

“MMMM that sounds fun.”

“But like I said, keep this to yourself. I think Mark will try to pretend he is still a virgin.”

“As will I.” she said with a sly grin.

We started kissing again. I rolled her over on her back, with me on top of her. She was not as anxious as Bethany as she did not try to rock her hips up to meet my aching hard cock. Supporting myself on both elbows, I rested my body on hers. Her D-cup tits were pressed firmly against my chest as we started to make out again. I could tell she was nervous, so I took my time. I kissed her deeply and slowly started moving down to her neck. I kissed, lightly nibbled and licked her neck. I made my way up to her left ear and took her ear lobe into my mouth. She started to breathe heavily, but was still seemingly nervous.

“Riley, are you sure you are ok with this?”

“Yes sir.”

I continued kissing and licking on her neck as I slowly worked my way down to her chest. Much in the same way I treated Bethany, I teased all around her big tits, lightly brushing her nipples with my tongue as I passed over them to the other side. She let out a deep breath and then a low moan. She was becoming more visibly relaxed as she brought her hands up and lightly placed them on either side of my head. Her encouragement was not as forceful to suck on her tits as Bethany’s had been, but still she was lightly pushing my head to engulf her swollen nipples.

After a few long minutes of lightly kissing and licking around her tits and nipples I quickly took her left nipple into my mouth and started to suck and nibble. She spread her legs a bit more and gyrated her hips up to me. I was positioned so my cock would not make entrance, but I could feel her heat and wetness below me. After sucking her left tit, I moved over to her right, treating it as I had the first. She moaned a little louder this time letting me know that she was relaxed and enjoying my company. She pressed her tits together with her arms allowing me to suck on both nipples at the same time. This is something that my wife would do often, but Bethany, with her smaller C-cups, had not done. I sucked both nipples hard, nibbling and licking in between breaths. She was eager for me to continue as she started begging me to fuck her.

“Mr. D., I need you in me so bad. Please, I am begging you. I need you!”

“In due time my love, in due time.”

I started kissing down her body, from under her tits to her belly. When I got to her trim landing strip I licked her down, following the straight line. When I reached the top of her slit, she bucked her hips, encouraging me to go on and lick her. I didn’t. Instead, I licked back up and down it a few times, lightly, to tease her. Then, as I did with Bethany, I started to kiss down the top of her right thigh. Once I got down to her knee I moved to the inside of her thigh and licked back up. I paid special attention to the crease between her leg and pussy before teasing her willing clit while crossing over to the left side. Once on the left side I licked down her inner thigh and back up to the top of her leg. She moaned with frustrated pleasure as I teased her in that manner a few times.

Finally, on my last pass over her clit, she forcefully put her hands on my head and pushed me down as she raised her hips. I obliged and went directly for her clit. She started to moan loudly and gyrate. I sucked on her swollen love button, working my tongue around it as I kept a constant suction on her. This drove her crazy. I barely had a chance to lick down to her virgin entrance before she was in the throes of her first orgasm.

“Oh Mr. D. You eat pussy so fucking good! That’s it…suck my clit. Suck my young virgin pussy. Make….Me….Oh….I….am….CUMMMMMMING!!!!!”

I continued working her clit until her thrashing became so violent that I was knocked away from her. After her orgasm subsided I slowly moved up her body, kissing and licking as I made my way back up to face her. With each lick and kiss her body shuddered. She kept making the guttural sounds that only a woman experiencing a euphoric moment could. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in to kiss her. She probed her tongue around my mouth as we shared a passionate moment. She then pulled her face away and went to licking around my goatee and cheeks. It seemed as though she did not want any of her juices gone to waste. Although she was not a squirter like my daughter, she was plenty wet enough and she had ample juices to clean off my face.

“MMM, I just love the way my pussy taste!” she said as she finished her licking.

By this time, my cock was not fully rigid. Under normal circumstances it would have been, but since I had just an hour or so before had an earth shaking cum myself, and since, for the last 10 minutes I had not had any stimulation of my own, it had started to wane. I pushed myself up to my knees and leaned back, extending my legs towards her head, against the foot board of our sleigh, queen size bed. I reached forward and grabbed her hands to pull her up.

“I want you to suck my cock some more. Get it back hard, and if you are still willing and ready, still sure, I will take your virginity.”

“Mr. D., let me first tell you,” she started to say as she reached forward to stroke my cock, “I absolutely love Bethany. Like lover type love, more than just best friend/sister type love. But I also find myself feeling emotionally connected with you.” Tears formed in her eyes as a rush of emotions over took her body. “I am falling in love with you too. And I know it is not fair of me to say that, especially since you have Mrs. D. and Bethany in your life. I can’t ask you to extend the same love to me, but there is one thing for sure, I am totally wrapped up by you and want you to be my first. And in all honesty, my only. I will fuck your son to keep up appearances, but I know I will never have the feelings for him as I do you.”

I was silent, taking in all that she just said. At first I thought ‘oh great, now I have 3 women that will be jealous of who I am with when they are not around.’ Then my thoughts turned to the possibilities of what could come out of this. I sat staring at Riley sobbing, her hand still stroking my cock, slowly bringing it back to life. I came to the realization that this would not be a bad thing. I now had 3 sexy women that would do all my bidding, that would be at my beck and call. I had three women, that soon enough, would all know about each other, and be OK with it!!! There was no need to have reservations as I had just become the luckiest man on Earth. I reached forward to wipe the tears from Riley’s face and to comfort her.

“Riley, you have been a part of this family nearly all your life. I love you too. I know Bethany loves you as well. Although she as never verbalized it to me, she looks at you the same way I look at my wife, the same way they both look at me. Mrs. D. and I will be exceedingly happy to have you in our family, as our lover. Mark and Bethany as well. Once everything is out in the open, I want you to move in with us. You can stay in whatever room, with any of us. We will be a true family.”

Although she kept the tears flowing, her face brightened up and a smile formed on her face. She looked at me with love and passion in her eyes as she leaned forward to kiss me. We shared another passionate kiss before she slowly let her face fall to my aching manhood.

She started to suck me slowly. It was different than it had been just a few minutes before, when she first came into my room, sex hungry. It was different than it had been a month ago when I taught my girls how to suck and deep throat. No, this time it was meticulous. This time she was working on showing me her true love and affection. She was making out with my cock, slowly and deliberately as she had seen my wife do the night before. She was channeling all of her emotions to her mouth and tongue, working me over like a champ. All that she lacked just a little while before seem to become instinct with her confession of love to me, and mine to her. She was making our relationship official. I was happy to oblige.

“Baby, you are doing such a great job. Ah yes, you have learned more in the last few minutes than my wife ever has.”

“MMM” is all she replied with her lips sealed tightly around my shaft.

After Riley sucked me back to my full state of arousal I pulled her back up to face me. Again, I started to kiss her with the most passion that I could muster. She let her hand fall to my cock and continued to stroke me, slowly. After a few tugs, I pulled her hands up and wrapped them around my body. I, too, wrapped my hands around the body of my new lover. I held her in an embrace that only true lovers can share. I pulled my face away and looked her in her eyes and told her I loved her. My next move was to lay her back down on the bed, on her back. I positioned myself on my knees between her legs.

“Are you absolutely sure you want this?” I asked again as I started to rub the head of my swollen love tool up and down her slit.

“Yes, sir. I don’t just want it, I need it.” she said quietly.

I scooted a bit closer to her to apply more pressure with my cock with each pass over her love slit. After the third time down, she arched her back, raised her hips and I partially entered her virgin entrance. Her face scrunched as she winced in pain. Although she was thoroughly lubricated, she was just as tight, if not tighter than my daughter had been. I placed my right thumb on her love switch and started to rub with firm but gentle pressure as I eased more of my 6 inches into her. I looked down to admire my 3 inches of girth stretching her bald, virgin lips. She let out a low moan as I continued working myself into her tight entrance. Just like my daughter, Riley’s hymen had be broken due to being a very athletic person. Once I got about half way in, I started to slowly pull out and gently work back in. Riley had her hands on my lower back, just above my ass and was pushing me, encouraging me to go deeper into her. After I worked the first 3 inches in and out of her, never letting my cock head exit, I plunged slowly all the way in. It seemed that her tight cunt sucked my cock in like a vacuum until I was balls deep into her, our pelvic bones mashed together. I stopped grinding to allow her to adjust to having me in her.

“Mr. D. Oh my God, you feel amazing inside of me!” she cried out as I could feel her velvety walls clinching and releasing around my shaft.

I thought for a moment that since I was now fucking her, had taken her virginity, she could call me by my first name, or anything she wanted that was not as formal as ‘Mr. D.’, but I decided that I liked that she was calling me that. It gave me a sense of authority over my new, young lover.

She started to grind her hips into mine. I leaned forward to fondle her perky D-cup and play with her nipples. I brought my mouth to her left nipple and started to suck as I was grinding into her slowly. She pulled my face up to hers and began kissing me with animal-like aggression.

“Fuck me like you fucking mean it!” she said, looking deep into my eyes breaking our kiss.

I leaned back up, grabbed her tits roughly and started to ram my cock into her cunt with as much force as I could. As I was driving my cock as deep as I could, I was using my tight grip on her tits to pull her body into my every thrust. She instinctively reached for her clit with her right hand and started to ferociously rub it. Every few strokes she would rub her hand down with my cock splitting the gap between her middle and ring fingers to feel me pounding in and out of her.

I looked at the face of my lover, my daughter’s best friend, and could see her eyes rolling back in her head. She pressed her head firmly down into the pillow, my wife’s pillow, and arched her back. She was letting out moans and screams that can only be released by someone experiencing total bliss. I knew that she was about to cum. I started to pinch her nipples and squeeze her perfect breasts even tighter. My rhythm picked up and I started slamming her with every ounce of energy I had. Her pussy was becoming more and more wet, and the sound of my cock working in the moisture was filling the room. My balls were slapping against her ass. Her right hand was now a blur as she was rubbing her little bud as fast as she could. Suddenly, with out warning, her eyes snapped open, almost crazed like, and she gripped my right arm with her left hand tightly.

“Holy! Fucking! Shit! OH! MY! FUCKING! GEEZ! GOD! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” She screamed through clinched teeth in between breaths.

As her bucking started to slow and her second orgasm of the morning began to gently calm, I pulled my cock out and laid down beside her.

“Riley, you ok baby?”

“Yes, sir! That was amazing.That is the hardest cum I have ever had!”

She rolled over on top of me. She positioned her still sensitive, no longer virgin, cunt over my rock hard member. Instead of letting it make entrance, she forced it up and pressed it against my stomach. She started to rub her wetness up and down the length of my shaft. She did this for several minutes while we kissed passionately. Slowly she started kissing down my body and just before reaching my sticky wet cock, she looked up at me.

“I need to give my pussy a little break. I don’t think I can take you again for a few minutes.”

I nodded my approval.

“Besides, I just have to taste myself off of you.”

She then lowered her mouth over my cock and started to slowly suck. She was savoring her flavor off of me.She sucked with purpose and licked my damp balls. She was treating me as her lover and had my head spinning. At her pace and amount of sucking, I was nowhere near cumming. I was just enjoying the feeling. For 10 minutes she treated me in this manner.

After she was satisfied, and sure that her pussy could take another pounding, she sat up and grabbed my wife’s pillow. She had me stand up on the floor at the side of the bed. She put the pillow length wise under her body and straddled it, making sure that her pussy was exactly in the center. She then leaned over and put her face in the wet spot that had been created by Bethany. She inhaled a deep breath.

“Ahh, I just love the smell of Bethany’s sex.” Then, she looked back at me with a seductive, devious look. “I want you to pound my pussy hard, make me wet, cum in me….all on Mrs. D’s pillow. Tonight, I want her to smell my sex, our sex. I want her to have a preview of what she will gladly be given.”

At first I thought it was a bad idea. I mean, I was not even sure if I would let on to my wife that I had fucked either of the girls. Especially if she came back and said that her mission with our son was unsuccessful. After only a moment of thought, my dirty mind reverted back to reality, and the thought and knowledge that my wife would be laying her head on the very spot where I had fucked Riley was an intense turn on.

I looked down at my lover, she had her hand under herself, diddling her clit. I positioned myself behind her and started to rub my cock from her tight virgin asshole to her love tunnel and back up. She was rocking her hips, grinding on her hand and the pillow, smearing her wetness on it. Her face was still firmly down on the wet spot and she was inhaling deeply with every breath. Truth be told, I could have probably have done nothing. With her own stimulation and the smell of the sex I had with my daughter an hour earlier would have probably been enough to push her to her own climax. But lets get real. What man in his right mind would let a displayed, 18 year old, tight pussy go to waste? Not this one!!

With her next hip rock upwards, I slid my entire length into her. And just as it had been with every other female I have known, the doggy style position made her pussy incredibly tight. Tighter than just moments before. She let out a loud moan as I put my hands on her hips and started to pull her into my fuck strokes. I started slow, and without any real rhythm. I would alternate the depth of my cock with each stroke, but I never took my cock all the way out. The suction and tightness of her pussy was driving me closer to the brink of another mind numbing orgasm. I knew that I needed to be slow and deliberate with my fucking or else I would be cumming like a teenager, way too soon.

“Oh Mr. D…You feel so fucking good.” Riley moaned with anticipation.

I started to pick up my pace and get into a set rhythm, one that she could grind with, one that was sure to bring us both to the point of extreme pleasure at the same time. I brought my right thumb up to my mouth, as I had with Bethany, and got it well lubricated with my spit. Once I was satisfied that it was lubricated enough to insert into her ass, I grabbed her pony tail with my left hand and placed my thumb at the entrance to her ass. I pulled her head up by her pony tail and started to push my thumb into her. Unlike Bethany, she did not pause in her fucking. She moaned and pushed her ass back, encouraging me to keep going. And that I did. With one motion, I pushed my thumb into her willing ass and she let out a scream in both pain in pleasure. This set something off inside of her and she started to buck wildly against me.

I was now finger banging her ass and pounding her pussy for all I was worth all while pulling her head back forcefully by her pony tail. It only took about two minutes of this before we were both in the throes of our mutual orgasm. I felt her ass tighten around my thumb and her pussy clamp tightly around my cock.


“Fuck yes!!!” I grunted back as I started to spill copious amounts of cum into her. I shot 5 thick strings of my love seed into her. I thrust deeper into her as I felt her cunt milk every last drop out.

I collapsed on top of her and kissed the back of her neck.

“I love you Mr. D.” she told me

“I love you too.”

We returned to laying normal on the bed, but not before she made sure our love cocktail was well smeared on my wife’s pillow.

After laying there for about 10 minutes she suggested that we take a shower. I agreed and we got up and headed for the bathroom.

“Riley, go on and get the water the temperature that you like, I will join you after I call Bethany to tell her we are done.”

“Ok!” she replied with an excited, relaxed tone.

I grabbed my cell phone off the night stand and dialed my daughter.


“Hey baby girl, what are you up to?”

“Oh nothing really, I just came to the mall to walk around and window shop. Is everything ok?”

“Yes baby, everything is great. I was just calling to let you know that Riley and I are done. We are getting ready to hop in the shower. You can come home any time you want.”

“Oh, ok, great! How was it?”

“It was great. Don’t tell her, but it was not as great as you, but still very, very good!”

“Well, good, I am glad daddy! I will be home in a little while.”

“Ok, be careful. I love you.”

“I will, love you too, bye.”

As I set the phone back down on the night stand and turned towards the master bath, I felt my heart start to beat hard and I had this feeling that I cannot describe in my chest. It was not the feeling and heart beating of a person who had just had marathon sex with two, 18 year old, virgins in the same morning. No, it was the feeling like a man gets when he first feels an emotional attachment to a person. It was the feeling, the butterflies, that a man gets when love is something new. I really don’t have any better way to describe them.

I slid open the shower door and my heart skipped a beat. There, standing in the steamy hot water of my shower was Riley. Her tan skin shimmering with the hot water rolling down her body. She had taken her jet black hair out of its pony tail and it was hanging down to just below her shoulders. She really was beautiful. I really did love her.

As I stepped in, she turned to face me. She pulled me into the spray of the shower and, without a word, leaned in for a kiss. I wrapped my arms around my young lover and made out with her while the hot water poured down over us. All of our kisses, from the first time, have always had a sense of passion behind them. But this one was different. This one reminded me of how my wife and I use to kiss. Of how we still kissed from time to time, but not as often. It reminded me of the kisses I had shared with Bethany. This kiss with Riley was deep. Sure, there was passion and lust, but there was something else. Something that I can’t put into words. But one thing is sure, It felt good. It felt right.

Breaking our kiss, but never letting her eyes release mine, she reached for the soap. She put a good amount on the poofy thing (I am not sure what it is called, I am a man after all), and began gently washing and caressing my body. She made sure she did a good job of cleaning me top to bottom, paying special attention to my flaccid penis. The entire time she was washing me, her eyes never left mine. After she was done washing me, she handed me the poofy thing.

“My turn.”

I added more soap and began to rub her down. I ran my hands down my lover’s body. Her skin was so soft, her eyes were peering into my soul. I was lost in the moment as I kept washing her all over. I got a good amount of lather in my left hand and slowly slid it down her stomach to her pussy. She parted her legs slightly and then put her hand on top of mine as I began to wash her. A low moan escaped her mouth.

“This is yours, as long as you want it.” She said.

After we were both thoroughly clean, we held each others soap slick bodies together under the shower spray. We had just finished rinsing each other when the water started to run cold. I had no idea that we had been in the shower for so long.

We stepped out of the shower and started to dry each other off when we heard the front door open. It was Bethany.

“Hey! You guys decent?” she said with a laugh.

“Hey baby, we are just getting out of the shower and drying off.” I yelled back.

By the time I got the words out, Bethany was standing in the bathroom door way.

“So Ri, how was it?”

“Absolutely amazing Beth, so fucking great!” Riley responded, giving me a loving smile.

“I am glad you enjoyed it. I told you it would be good.”

The conversation between the two continued while Riley and I got some clothes on. I put on some khakis shorts and Riley just put on her thong and bra.

“So, how was the mall?” I asked.

“Well, dad, funny you should ask. Something fun happened to me.”

“Go on…”

“Well, I was on a high, glowing if you will, thinking about the incredible morning I had just shared with my dad. I could feel my pussy getting wet, and since I am not wearing any panties, I am sure that if the wind would have hit it just right, I would have cum! Anyways, as I was walking past the food court, I felt some wetness starting to run down my legs. I decided to go into the bathroom to see if I was really THAT wet. When I got into the stall, I put my hand between my legs and when I looked, it was your cum flowing out of me. Not wanting it to go to waste, I gathered what had come out and stuck it in my mouth. Well, this turned me on so much that I decided to prop my leg up on the toilet and get as much out of me to taste as possible. Well, one thing led to another and there I was, in a public bathroom, rubbing my clit and tasting my dad’s cum out of me. I lost all sense of inhibitions and began moaning. I did not know it at first, but another woman, probably about mom’s age, had come into the stall next to me. Just as I was about to cum, she asked me if I was ok. I screamed ‘YES’ as I squirted a lot of my fluids on the wall separating us. I could not stop though. I kept rubbing and fingering, trying to get more cum out. I noticed that my first squirt was dripping down the wall and onto the floor. I looked down and saw this lady’s hand catching some of it. When there was a small pool in her hand, she removed it and I heard her moan. She asked me to unlatch my door so she could join me. Without thinking I did as she asked and when she entered she immediately got down on her knees in front of me. As I said, she was probably mom’s age, or a little older. She was not attractive, but she did have her white shirt completely unbuttoned and no bra on, showing me her saggy tits. I told her that I was getting my daddy’s cum out of me and got so turned on that I had to rub one out. She wanted me to continue and squirt on her face and chest. She never tried to touch me, and I would not have let her anyways, and I continued rubbing and tasting. She sat there on her knees, playing with her own nipples watching intently with her mouth open and tongue out. In a matter of a minute or two I was cumming again. This time I directed my squirt at her, moving closer to her face. I gave that poor lady a shower in my love juice. It was all over her face, in her hair and mouth and was dripping down her chest. Her shirt was drenched. I did not know I had that much left in me. After I came down from my orgasm, she stood up, said thank you and started buttoning her shirt without drying off. Her white shirt clung to her heavy breasts and became see through almost immediately. She walked out, face and hair all wet, with a big smile on her face. A few paces behind her, I walked out. Her husband was standing there waiting for her and asked her what happened. “Oh, the damn sink went nuts when I started to wash my hands.” was what she told him. I made eye contact with her, gave her a smile and wink and walked out.”

“Wow Beth,” Riley piped up, “That is hot! I love it when you squirt in my face. When your dad was fucking me, from behind, on your mom’s pillow, hehe, I had my face buried in your wet spot. I kept smelling you and imagining you squirting on me!”

By this point, we were all sitting back on the bed. Riley was next to me, with her legs crossed indian style. Bethany was across from us, sitting in the same manner, showing off her panty-less pussy. I did not think it was possible, but my cock was starting to grow again. After listening to my daughter talk about her random encounter in the ladies room at the mall, and sitting there gazing at her pert breast through her tank top and her bald, bare pussy, all I wanted was to fuck again. As I was about to suggest it, Bethany piped up.

“Dad, did you cum in Riley?”

“Yes honey, of course I did.”

“Riley, come here and take your panties off.” she said as she laid down. “I am still hungry for cum, I want to eat your pussy until I get it all out.”

Riley did as she was told and straddled my daughter’s face.

Just as they were getting started, my cell phone rang.


“Hey honey!”

“Hi, how is your day?”

“It is good,” my wife replied, “How is yours?”


“Good. I just wanted to let you know that we are all packed and loaded. We will be home in about 2 hours.”

“Good, good, be careful.”

“I will.”

“Was your mission a success?” I asked of my wife.

“Yes, it was. We will talk about it later.”

“Mark is there and awake I take it?”


“Just say yes or no, was it all you hoped?”

“Yes, and more.”


“What are you doing?” She asked me.

“I am sitting here watching our daughter eat my cum out of Riley.” I told her, since she admitted her mission was a success.

“Oh, so your day was a success too?”

“Yes it was, I will tell you all about it when you get here. See you soon. I love you!”

“I can’t wait to hear all about it. I love you too!”

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Dr. Mabuse’s Stories of Incest: Dan and Connie

Hello, my name is Dan. I graduated from high school in 1971 and attended community college the following fall. My part time job just barely covered college expenses and party money, so I was still living with my parents. My sister, Connie, graduated high school the year before me and married her longtime boyfriend this summer. Connie and her husband had a one bedroom apartment in a brick four family flat which are very common in the south end of our city. Connie’s husband had received his draft notice later that year and to avoid being drafted, he enlisted in the state National Guard.

While he would not be away for several years, he still had to do six months of basic training starting in March. The neighborhood they lived in was relatively safe but Connie did not want to be by herself for those 6 months. They asked me if I would live at their apartment with Connie while he was gone and that I could use their living room as my bed room. The living room had the good stuff, their stereo, tv, and a couch that had a hideaway bed. My sister and I were not that close but we got along very well together and I didn’t have to live with my parents for six months. I was all for it.

March rolled around. Connie gave me a key the morning her husband was shipping to boot camp and I moved in the next day. I didn’t have much, just a box of clothes and my favorite records. We didn’t see much of each other during the day because of our schedules. Connie worked for the city government at 8 in the morning and my first class didn’t start until about 10. I went to work after classes and wouldn’t get to the apartment until about 8 in the evening. I usually brought home fast food for us as neither one of us were much for cooking. Connie has quiet that first week when her husband left. She eventually perked up. It was much like when we were younger in the evenings. We would sit on the couch and watch TV until Carson was over. I would be wearing briefs and maybe a T shirt while Connie always wore oversized college T shirts. Connie looked the same after a year or so marriage, same platinum blond hair in a flip, big green eyes, and nice petite body with about a 34c bust and hips that could be somewhat smaller. The only real hassle about living there was pulling the bed out of the couch and pushing it back in the morning.

Everything was going good except when May rolled around. Connie’s husband told us that they would be in a 2 month security black out and that she would not hear from him and she could not contact him by phone or mail. Connie was assigned a special project at work that required overtime and weekends for that month. I was concentrating on finals and trying to work as well. May was all work and no play. Connie and I made a deal that when her project was over in June that we would celebrate and have some fun.

Summer came early that May. The temperatures were in the high 80’s during the day really didn’t cool off in the evenings. It was very uncomfortable as the only window air conditioner was in the bedroom and the living room stayed warm. Connie and I were watching TV on the couch after my sleepless warm night.

“Dan, it is too hot in here for you and really too hot to watch TV in here. Let’s move the TV into the bedroom and you can sleep in my bed. There should be plenty of room for both of us in that king size one.” said Connie.

I completely agreed and moved the TV to the top of her bedroom dresser. It was so nice to be in a cool room and a very comfortable bed. Lacking sleep from the other night, I feel asleep before 10. I woke up around 5 in the morning snuggled next to Connie with my arm around her waist and my hard dick in my briefs pushing on her back. She appeared to be asleep and I slowly untangled myself as I didn’t want to cause any embarrassment for me or her. As the hot days continued, I slept with my sister in her bed.
There were more times that I snuggled with her and at times she was asleep holding me and sometimes had her head resting on my chest. I enjoyed her snuggling and loved to smell the perfume in her hair from the day before. Neither one of us said anything to each other about it. I wondered if she enjoyed it too?

Eventually, the first weekend of June came around. My classes were over and Pam’s project duty had ended with a large overtime check to spend. Connie suggested that we go to a nice place for dinner (on her) and go dancing somewhere. She used to go dancing with her husband every Saturday night and she really missed it. Connie even commented that it was like having a date but it wasn’t cheating since I was her brother. I was anxious to go and be in the company of an attractive woman. Honestly, since school was out and my co workers were all male, there were not many opportunities to meet new women and go out on a date. I could see that Connie had a couple of tough months and really needed to be treated right with a lot of attention. escort gaziantep özbek bayan I told Connie that I would take care of everything and she would have a special evening. Little did either of us know how special it would turn out.

Saturday afternoon and we were busy getting ready for the evening. There was some real excitement in the air as we were anticipating having a good time which we hadn’t experienced for awhile. I had this black low turtleneck T to with this great leisure outfit. It was about 6 o’clock and I was killing time watching TV, waiting for Connie to finish getting ready. She walked out of her bedroom and I was stunned. She had on this great green blouse, white mini skirt, wide leather belt with a lot of brass, and knee high white boots.

“What do you think?” asked Connie as she twirled around

“I think every man will be jealous of me tonight” I said as I could not take my eyes off her. I put my arm around her waist and said “let’s go”. We walked down the stairs of the flat and it was then I noticed that Connie wasn’t wearing a bra that night. They jiggled so nice as we descended to the street. We walked down the street to where we usually park our cars and stopped next to this black El Dorado. Putting out the keys, I opened the passenger door and said “step in”

“Where and how did you get this great car?” exclaimed Connie.

“My boss let me borrow his since I wanted something nice for a special occasion and he owed me a favor for covering for one of his screw ups. You like? Feels nice not having to drive those wrecks we’re driving. Sit back and enjoy!” said Dan as he pulled away from the curb in the smooth comfort of this El Dorado. Connie was impressed!

“Where are we going for dinner?” asked Connie

“Its’ a surprise” I said

“Well, here, you need this” said Connie as stuffed a roll of bills into my pocket. “This is my treat from the overtime money but I know you don’t want me giving you this at the restaurant or paying the bill, myself”

“Thanks Connie, you know how guys are even if they are as broke as I am” I said with a laugh. It was when she was sliding the money into my pocket that I noticed what nice nails my sister had. They were very smooth and polished with a pearl color that matched her lipstick. We drove down the highway with the radio turned up. The station was playing Billy Preston’s “Will it go round in a Circle” and Connie was bobbing side to side, singing along with lyrics. We pulled up to a brightly neon lighted building as two valet parking attendants opened our doors and ushered us in.

“The Playboy Club!” exclaimed Connie, “How did you manage this?”

I leaned over and whispered in her ear, “My boss gave me his club key. He said the steaks are the best in town and the dance floor on the second level is great.” We were escorted to the front counter where I showed the house bunny the club key and told her we had reservations for dinner. Bunny Diane came over, escorted us to our table, and asked us for our drink order. Neither one of us was 21 yet but if you got in you were served. Connie just looked at me funny not knowing what to order but I told the bunny to bring vodka Collins for both of us which broke Connie into a big smile.

“I’m glad you know what to order. I don’t want to look stupid here.” Connie whispered to me. “Was does a Collins taste like?”

“They are kind of like lemonade but real tart with some orange flavor” I said. The bunny brought our drinks and handed us our menus. The food order was going to be easier than our drink order. We toasted our drinks and I could see that Connie really liked the taste of her Collins. We placed our steak orders and as expected, the meal and service was exceptional. I kept the conversation light and avoided bringing up the subject of work or her husband. We had ordered our third round of Collins drinks and Connie was feeling the effect as she was very relaxed, almost giddy. I paid the tab and we took our drinks up to the second floor were everyone was dancing. There was a DJ playing records with the volume cranked up and as many lighting effects as you could pack into a single room. Connie and I danced for about an hour before I went to get another set of drinks.

As I came back, Connie said “So many guys really liked the way we danced and wanted to dance with me. I told them that you were my husband and we don’t share dance partners!”

We took a breather, finished our drinks, and danced for another hour or so. The DJ finally played a slow big band song as it was getting later in the evening. Connie and I held each other close and we slowly glided across the dance floor to the music. I could feel Connie’s nipples pushing into my chest and for the first time ever, I was getting a hard on just being close with my sister. It felt nice and I was enjoying the moment. When the song ended, Connie wanted to leave as porno videolar her feet where starting to really hurt in those white boots. I put my arm around her and we walked to the entrance where the valet parking attendants had the El Dorado waiting. I slipped them a few bucks, they closed our doors and we were headed for home. While we were dancing, apparently a big thunderstorm has passed through the city. Everything was wet and large puddles of waters slid across the polished Cadillac. We were both quiet for about half the trip home and I guess we were catching our breath and feeling the effects of Tom Collins and dancing. Connie starting talking, telling me what a great time she had and how nice the surprise was. It was the best time she had in a long while. Me too! As we parked close to the apartment, I could see that the thunderstorm had knocked out the power in our neighborhood. The street lights were working so getting to the building wasn’t too bad. I held Connie closely with my arms around her waist as I didn’t want her to trip from the wet pavement or the dark streets.

We felt our way up the darken stairway and spent what seemed to be the longest time trying to fit the door key in the lock. For some reason, we broke up in a fit of laughter over it and finally the key slid and we were able to open the door. The apartment was very dark with only some ambient light from the street lamps below. I told Connie to feel her way to the couch and I’d find some matches to light a candle or something. I felt my way to the kitchen and searched for the stove. The pilots never worked well and I knew that we had some matches lying on the top of the stove. I swept my hand across the top and grabbed a match book. I felt my way to the bedroom where Connie had some scented candles that were more for scent than for light but it was all we had. I lit a match to see where the candles were and got one lit before the match burned out. I lit another match and ignited another scented candles. I found two more and lit them from the candle in my hand. It felt real stuffy in the room so I opened the windows and let some rained soaked cooler air in. I took the original candle and went back into the living room to guide Connie into the bedroom. It was so quiet with no power in the area. Connie said there was an old transistor radio in the top drawer which might work but she had no idea how old the battery was. I rustled through the drawer and found the radio. I fiddled with the station dial and got a classical station to come through clear and didn’t sound too bad through its small speaker. Connie was lying on the bed with her boots hanging off the edge. I slipped off my jacket and shoes and climbed in.

“Dan? Would pull my boots off? My feet really hurt and I can’t get them off” exasperated Connie.

“OK and hey, I’ll even massage your feet too” I replied.

I walked over the edge on the bed where her feet were dangling. Her feet must have swelled somewhat from all the dancing and the boots were on tight. Very gently I angled each boot to one side and each slid off with a slight whooshing sound. I started to rub each foot, starting with the arches, working to the toes, and back. Her feet were very warm from being in those boots and I could tell that her arches had been cramping. I worked her feet until the muscles started to relax and her “that feels good” subsided. I took my socks off, climbed back in bed, and propped myself on a pillow next to Connie.

“I’m sorry about the power. It wasn’t the best way to end this evening” I said

“No, this is actually very nice and I had wonderful time this evening” sighed Connie. Connie turned to me and gave me a very nice kiss. As she pulled back slightly, I watched her lips smile in the candlelight.

“I would like to that again, it was very nice also” I whispered. I kissed my sister again and this time the kiss was lasting longer. I’m not sure why I did it but I slipped my tongue into Connie’s mouth. Instead of turning away, her mouth was eager to share mine. I think I knew at that point what we going to do and that we were both hungry for sex. The french kissing continued for awhile as I slipped her green blouse from underneath her belt and slid my hand to her breasts. Her breasts were so firm as I massaged each one and rolled each nipple. My cock was so hard in my pants. I rolled on top of my sister, her thigh across my hard imprisoned cock, feeling her breasts, and kissing down her neck. I unzipped her blouse in the back and eased the blouse through arms and over her head. What beautiful breasts! They slung down low from her shoulders but rose high from chest making her nipples stick high in the air. And what nipples! Each one was small but each harden nipple stuck out another a quarter of an each. I kissed down to each breasts and I don’t think that I ever sucked on such great nipples as these. Connie moaned every time I sucked on her nipples and rus escort bayan gaziantep she was pushing her thigh harder in my crouch which pushed my hip more on her pussy.

“Let’s get naked” I whispered to my sister.

She looked me with a very sexy smile and happy green eyes as I stepped off the bed and removed my clothing. As my briefs slid down, I knew from the look on her face that I was hung bigger than her husband. I bent over Connie and unbuckled her belt and unzipped the side of her miniskirt. Slowly sliding the skirt off, I could feel the heat of her body, the smoothness of her pantyhose as my hands and her skirt ran down her legs. Very gently, I peeled the pantyhose from her legs and there my sister, Connie lay naked in front of me, blond hair, green eyes, small hard nipples, light brown pussy hair, and a wanton smile. I worked my mouth up her calf and thigh while climbing back into bed. kissing and licking on the way to where I wanted my tongue to be. I began slowly kissing around her pussy lips, gently spreading them to where I could place my wet tongue between them.

“Mmmm, no one has ever done that to me” sighed Connie “I have wondered what it felt like” “It gets even better” I mumbled through her muff.

The more I licked, the more I was able to feel, kiss, lick everywhere. My tongue ran up and down the insides of her pussy lips, her clit, the folds, and at the edges of her passion hole. As she was enjoying every lick, I pushed her legs over each shoulder. I sucked on her hard little clit and ran a finger in her. She was getting very wet as my tongue replaced that finger. Her breathing started to get harder, and her moans louder. I took my mouth back to her clit, sucking on it and tonguing it at the same time. With that Connie screamed out in orgasm and pushing my face hard on her pussy. After a few orgasms bucked through her body, she relaxed enough for me to start kissing across her stomach back to her face. We exchanged some very delicate kisses as she finally touched my naked cock for the first time. It was already sticky from precum as I was eating her.

“I told you it got better” I whispered

“God, that was so good!” she panted “I want that every night!” She started to stroke me, playing with my balls, and feeling my ass. “I can’t wait, get in me!”

I maneuvered between her legs and slowly slid my cock between her pussy lips. Connie has very wet but she was so tight. Her pussy had the warmest, softly tight hold of my cock of any girl I had been with. She let out a few grunts as I eased my entire shaft into her. Very slowly at first and then faster, I began to pump her. As I was going faster, I raised her ankles over my shoulders. I was pumping her very rhythmically and with a free hand alternately massaged a breast and her clit. Connie has rolling and bucking her hips towards me, moaning loader.

“Oh God” she screamed as she hit her ultimate orgasm.

I kept pumping as I was not quite ready yet. Then I came to the realization that I’m fucking my sister, my real sister! We both loved what we are doing! With that, I came the hardest I ever had in my life. We both collapsed and I rolled on my back. Connie rolled over and snuggled with her face on my chest.

“Oh that felt so good” I whispered

“Dan, you are the best” Connie whispered.

Connie snuggling me prompted a question. “Connie, did you know that we snuggled a lot over the last few weeks and did you like that? I asked

Connie replied” Yes, I really liked doing that but didn’t know how you felt. I loved waking up to felt your hard cock against my back but this felt even better. Now get some sleep, I’m tired”

With that we both dozed off. I woke up about 10 the next morning. Apparently the electricity came back on. Connie had fresh coffee waiting for me. She had closed the windows and had the AC on. The candles had burned down and extinguished themselves and the transistor radio battery went dead overnight. I sat up, propped a pillow, and took a drink of coffee with a freshly showered Connie next to me.

“Connie, I had a great time last night and I’m not talking about the time at the Playboy Club. I know that being brother and sister, we shouldn’t be doing it but I have no regrets and I loved it” I said.

Connie looked lovingly into my eyes and gave me a light kiss. “Dan, I loved it too. It was the best sex I ever had. I know what people say about incest but I don’t care. I’m not ashamed of what we did, we both enjoyed it, and I feel that I really not cheating on my husband either. I want to do this as often as we want and snuggle as close as you want” said Connie “In fact, I think fucking my brother is so erotic and so nasty. Now go get a shower. You’re still sticky from yesterday”

I climbed out of bed and grabbed a quick shower. As I was rinsing off the soap, I thought about what Connie said and agreed with it all. I dried off and jumped back in Connie’s bed, just your average naked brother and sister drinking coffee together.

“You look and smell better now” laughed Connie “would you like this for breakfast?” as she spread her legs. “I really enjoyed getting my pussy licked”

I sat my coffee cup down and rolled my sister on top of me in a sixty nine position. “If you want more licking, you better get used to this position!” I said.

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Tight pussy – experience of my life

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Tight Pussy – Experience of my Life

I shall describe my amazing encounter with a lady who was my e-mail/chat friend. Her name was Shikha from near to Goa. She was 25 years old, married. Our acquaintance on the Internet originated as friendship, turned to romance after developing faith, trust and confidence on each other spread over two months. The ultimate inevitable was to happen one day as we craved to meet discreetly for intimate physical relationship. I and Shikha had planned to meet in Goa and I had already booked a double-bed room in a good hotel for us, obviously as husband and wife. Due to different arrival time of ours, I had also informed the hotel that my wife would check-in first.

Shikha reached Goa one hour before me. She went straight to the hotel, told the reception about our booking and collected the key. She told the reception that I, her husband, had gone to attend some urgent job and would be joining her soon. She went to the room on the second floor. As I reached the hotel one hour later, the reception told my wife had already arrived and gone to the room. I reached the room, gently pushed the door which was not bolted from inside. I went in and looked around. There was no sign of Shikha. But I found a small suitcase on the rack. I smiled to see some clothes lying thrown on the double-bed. I thought she must be taking a bath, so I wanted to give her a surprise.I kept my suitcase hidden behind the rack.

Clitoris massage

You should hear her scream when it’s touched.

Young and pretty

But she’s a dirty bitch.

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I heard Shikha humming a song and water splashing. I went near the bathroom door, turned the handle to open it slightly. But she had bolted it from inside. I inspected the door for any opening to peep inside but I could not find any. Disappointed, I went to the bed and sat on it. I saw on the bed the salwar-kameez, bras and panty she wore and removed before she went to bath. Then I remembered her fantasy, as expressed in one of her mails including throwing her bras and panty at me to make me hot. I took the bras lying on the bed and inspected its cups. They were big and I smiled imagining how I was going to treat relishing myself with those beautiful things which were covered by the bra-cups till a few minutes ago. I held the bras with the cups rubbing on my face. I kissed both the cups and sucked the nipple-portion of the cloth. I got the sweet smell of a perfume. Then I softly held one of the cups as if squeezing. Then I took the panty and kissed it madly as if it was a precious treasure. Next I turned the panty’s inside to outside. I inspected the portion which covered and touched her pussy. I found some faint stain marks and wetness on that portion. The very sight of it made me crazy. I brought the wet portion to my nose and smelt it deeply. What I could smell really made me intoxicated. In extreme madness, I began licking the wet portion of her panty the way a thirsty dog licks milk from a bowl. Not satisfied, I took the entire portion into my mouth and began to chew the cloth. My madness did not end there. I took the front portion of the panty and rubbed it on my cock over my pants. I knew my actions were crazy but then there was absolutely nothing a man would stop at when excessive lust goes into his head .At this time, I heard Shikha unbolting the bathroom door. Throwing the panty to the bed, I rushed to hide behind the almirah just in time she opened the door. I peeped to ..Look at her coming out of the bathroom. She really made quiet an entrance!! What I saw of her made me …Catch my breath sharply. I

Missed many of my heartbeats. She wore a new pink-color panty and bras only. Her fair, fleshy body looked electrifyingly sensuous as if made of marble. She literally appeared like an enchanting temptress from head to foot. Her nonchalant steps made her hips swaying to either side mesmerizing me. Water dripped from her long, untied hairs. With water drops still on her body refracting light through them, she appeared like a live dazzling diamond. While walking to the room, she wiped her hairs with a towel. Any creative art director or photographer of an Advertising agency would love to shoot her for a cosmetic or toiletry item. She looked stunningly escort gaziantep ofise gelen bayan beautiful and sexy from head to foot than what I saw of her in her picture she had sent to me earlier. I felt an inexplicable and uncontrollable urge to rush and take her in my arms.I found her suddenly fumbling, so I took my guard. She hastily looked toward the front door. I heard her curse herself. She rushed to the door, nearly running, and bolted it. I imagined she had forgotten to bolt the front door before going to bathroom. I saw her return to the dressing table, now in a relaxed mood. She stood in front of the full-length mirror, smiled and admired her own reflection. She hummed another song under her breath. She began to wipe and dry up her whole body with the towel. Then, to my pleasant surprise, I saw her hands reaching her back and unhook the bras. What I saw nearly petrified me. Her big boobs now released from the clutches of the bra-cups charged out menacingly.. I felt a chill run up my spine. I could see parts of her white beautifully shaped big melons. The bras still hanging on her shoulders, she ran the towel beneath the bras and over the boobs wiping. I shook my head sharply to bring me back to senses. Then she hooked back the bras neatly placing her boobs back into its cups.Next, she pulled down her panty up to the knees…That was a real testing time for my willpower. I felt sudden gush of hot blood all through my veins and into my head. I felt being inundated by wave after wave of sexual desire.

I nearly took a step from my hiding place behind the almirah to outside to rush and jump at her like a cat in ambush pouncing on a rat. I became aware my hot cock kept confined under my clothes was writhing inside unable to stand fully erected. With much difficulty I controlled my rising erotic feelings and watched her intently. I could see her beautiful naked ass, buttocks and reflection of her love triangle on the mirror. She had shaved her pussy removing all pubic hairs and it was glazing like crystal. She adjusted her standing posture keeping the legs widely apart. Then, bending a little, she began to wipe her pussy with the towel. When the cloth touched her pussy, I saw she closed her eyes and released a soft moan as if imagining about the sweet coming events with me. After that, she pulled up her panty to place.I found her applying talcum powder all over her body. Then she took a bottle of perfume and sprayed on her armpits. Later, she raised both the hands up in the air and made a stretch of her whole body. It was at this time I made a foolish movement which made a sound. She turned sharply, made a hiss sound in fear as she held the towel across her body to cover whatever nude she could hide. She looked towards the almirah and demanded in a strident voice “Who is there”? I thought for a second and came out from my hiding place fearing she might call the hotel staff. Seeing me, she released a soft shrill in fear. As I smiled and waved at her to relax, I found her recognizing me soon.”Oh…Anand, my Darling…was it you? When did you come? I didn’t know? You gave me a shock and nearly killed me”, she said.Soon she came running to me. In the melee, the towel fell off her body leaving the bras and panty

Only on her. I felt as if I consumed a bottle of raw scotch whisky when I saw her boobs bouncing and dancing as she came running towards me. But then she did not care either. She hugged me tightly with her big boobs pressed on to my chest. Then she stood on her toes, circled my neck with her arms and kept her face upward looking at me. I found her mouth opened with rosy lips parted. I noticed her lips trembled while she implored:”Anand..my sweet Anand, kiss me, kiss me hard…it is our first kiss”.As I was bringing my face down on yours, she could not wait any longer. She held and brought down my head and rammed her lips into mine locking in a long passionate kiss. ‘Pplleeuu” our kiss produced a long sweet sound. I heard her hissing while she sucked my lips hungrily often chewing them. I held her tightly clasped to my body, her boobs crushing on my chest. While I was trying to suck her lip, she inserted her tongue into my mouth playing with my tongue.Later, escort gaziantep öğrenci bayan I brought her to sit on bed, saying: “My loving Shikha, I am too glad and excited to meet you in person. I am blessed with your love and presence in my life”. In reply, she said: “Anand, that makes two of us”.While we sat on the bed side-by-side and talked, my eyes wandered and hovered on her bosom and pubic areas, visibly thrilled. Seeing this, she grinned and told “Hey naughty Anand, are you giving a treat to your eyes probing my body? It is not fair you remain dressed up while I am semi-nude”. With this, she shoved me to the bed. She stood up, removed my pants, shirt and banian and threw flying to the corner of the room.

I was in my underwear only. She eyed the bulge in front of my underwear, touched it as if it was made of egg-shells and remarked: “Anand, it seems this sharp weapon of yours would rip my velvet pussy into pieces. I was dying to be stabbed repeatedly with this”.. I said smiling: “Me too”.There was sudden silence between us as we remained in a long gaze looking intently into each other’s eyes. We were panting slightly and knew our bodies had boiled up. We could see the lust, libido and hunger for each other building up. My hands went around her body, found the metal on her bras and unhooked it. The bras remained hung on her shoulders and her melons popped out threateningly. I said: “Shikha darling, why are you keeping my these two lovely assets in captivity?”. To this she said “No, actually I wanted you to release them by yourself as they are all yours now”. As my hands began to caress all over her big boobs, she leaned onto my body moaning slightly. My palms ran all over the mounds of flesh in soft massage. I titillated her by squeezing her soft nipples and aureoles. Soon, the brownish nipples became erect and hard.

While moaning, she whispered: “Anand, you know, I have been waiting for these beautiful moments and experience for months together. Please don’t feel soft not to hurt me. Squeeze your assets and take out the entire milk from them and enjoy”. I sat behind her, removed the bras and brought my hands to her boobs from under her arms. My legs remained at either side of her. I cupped both her melons and began to squeeze them simultaneously with heavy pressure. While doing so, I licked her back and shoulders. She turned her face towards the ceiling and moaned softly. I continued to squeeze the boobs for more than ten minutes.Later she turned to utter in sexy voice: “Darling, I think my milk is almost oozing. Do you want to waste it?”I knew what she wanted me to do. I made her sit facing me. Bending a little, I Brought my mouth to her left boob. I took it inside greedily and began to suck mildly for two minutes. Then I stepped up my force and began to suck very hard. She began to moan fiercely. Then I began to squeeze her right boob while sucking the left one. After five minutes, she

Said: “Look, my right boob is Complaining now”. So, immediately I left her left boob off and took the right boob into my mouth and began to suck it very hard. At this time, I noticed she made gyrations with her pelvic while she continued to moan.She said: “Anand, while you enjoy these two assets, your most precious asset is complaining now”. I smiled at her and said “Yeah, it is the turn to take care of that asset”.I got off from the bed, made her legs hang down. Then I pulled down and removed her panty. I went on looking at her love triangle for few minutes. I felt thousands of volts of current pass through my body. I made her lay on her back with her legs hanging but widely separated. I placed myself between her legs, standing on knees on the floor. First, I ran my hand on her velvet pussy. With the touch of my hand on the pussy, her body writhed in pleasures and titillations. Her pussy lips were throbbing and pulsating a little.I said: “Shikha darling, my most valuable asset within you was waiting to be robbed and assaulted mercilessly” She replied “Yes Anand, what are you waiting for?”I brought my mouth and touched her pussy in a hot kiss. The touch of my lips on her vulva made it throb violently. I showered on her pussy with hundreds of incessant hot kisses. escort bayan oğuzeli I found her pussy began to dampen a little. I kept my nose close to her hole and smelt it deeply. The odour emanating from her pussy made me reach Heavens. I inhaled so deeply in order that the aroma was imbibed by each and every drop of my blood and carried to every parts of my body. I wished if I could get this sweet smell all through my life.I separated her pussy-lips with my hands and brought the clitoris visible. I ran the tip of my tongue all over it. She wriggled in pleasures. Suddenly I took the clitoris inside my mouth and began to suck it violently. This made her release a wild shriek in utmost ecstasy.

She yelled: “Darling, eat it….eat it fully”. In response, I began to suck it vigorously the way a child sucks a lollipop keeping it inside his mouth. Also, I bit the clitoris with my teeth painlessly at several places. Her pussy lips contracted and expanded involuntarily. Later, I turned my attention to her pussy orifice. It was now palpitating more. I found it wet, rather fully drenched in juices. I divided the outer and inner labia wide apart. Now I could find the slightly reddish pussy hole. I remained looking at it for a long minute. So, she urged me: “This is the most precious possession you have with me. What are you waiting for Anand? It is all yours now. Give no consideration and treat it as roughly as you can”. Her words pierced like welding sparks into my head. Since I found her hole a little tight, I wanted to make it accessible for my tongue. So, I slowly inserted my middle finger into it. She yelled in pleasure with every inch of its penetration. My finger slid through her pussy flesh the way a hot rod passes through a lump of cheese. I finger-fucked her and churned my finger inside her tunnel in circular motion. Later, I took the finger out and examined it. It was fully covered with her oily pussy juice. I sucked my finger and enjoyed the juice smeared on it the way a child sucked his finger dipped into a bottle of honey.I brought my mouth close to her hole now.

I extended my tongue and touched it. Then I pressed my tongue with force the way one drills a hole on a plate. She moaned and bounced on bed as my tongue touched her G-spot and further traveled into her tunnel. Soon, my tongue began to work. It probed, twisted and licked inside. The sensation of my tongue Touching the inner walls of her tunnel was too much for her to sustain as she bounced and wriggled on bed like a fish taken out of water. Suddenly, she jumped out of the bed to stand on floor in front of me while I sat on the floor. She stood keeping the legs wide apart in such a way

My head was between her Thighs and my face close to her pussy. I found her panting heavily in uncontrollable sexual urge. I knew she wanted to feed me in standing position so that she can also make thrusts with her pussy. As I began to mouth her pussy again, she bent forward a little and grabbed my head with her hands. She guided my tongue into her hole pressing my head very hard on the pussy. While still holding my head tightly pressed to her pussy, she made forward thrusts with the pussy onto my face and said: “Here you enjoy my pussy darling. I am going to open my dam now and you quench your thirst with all my juices. Don’t stop sucking till it is drained out completely”. While I sucked, she trembled like a person possessed by an evil spirit. As my sucking continued for more than five minutes, she shivered violently and I felt a spasm between her thighs. I found a trickle of colorless oily liquid oozing from her hole. I knew she reached orgasm. Madly, I sucked and gulped her juices down my throat as if I was thirsty for a month. She was watching my action merrily. I ran my tongue wiping her pussy to enjoy the last drop of juice when something I could not imagine happen.I was really taken unawares. She gave me a heavy push sending me sprawling on my back on the floor. In one quick jerk, she pulled down my underwear and threw it flying aimlessly. To my utter surprise and disbelief, I found her eyes glowing and burning like ember with lust and libido. She eyed my hot cock now standing fully erect freed from the imprisonment of underwear. As she sat beside me and grabbed it with her right hand, I said smilingly: “Shikha, this is your most valuable asset I was keeping for you. This is not a knife but a hot gun spraying milk. I wanted to kill you by drowning you in the ocean of its milk. Also, I wanted to fill all your holes with it. Come on…don’t wait any longer…pull its trigger by yourself”.

Guys second part soon leave. Your comments

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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August 5 Dear Diary, Wow is college gonna be fun, my new room mate, Sally is such a dear, and let’s be honest about this, she has a wonderful mouth!!! The thing I think I like best is the communal shower area, where it looks like you can get either as much cock or pussy as you need!!! When I told mom about the shower, she got kinda envious and wished she was gonna be able to suck all that fine young cock!!! I don’t think I’d better tell Isaac about that part though, he’s not exactly the jealous type, but if he thought that yours truly was gonna be gettin’ all the strange hot cock a girl could want, well, he just might go off the deep end!!! Amy visited her college last week too, and from what she tells me, she already has one course aced!!! She ran into her professor in Lit 100, and of course being the ingenious little pussy that she is, she fucked him six ways from Sunday and practically gave the old guy a heart attack!!! Just when he thought they were finished, Amy took him in her very practiced mouth and sucked the poor devil off one last time, an he thought small town girls were shy and reserved!!! Anyway, he filled her mouth with spunk and she made him promise that she’d be gettin’ no worse than an A!!! Sally and I didn’t meet any future instructors, but we introduce ourselves to the librarian!!! She’s probably about mom’s age I’d guess, around forty five or so, but it’s important to get to know her, cuz we both need part time jobs to help with our room and board, and the library is a prime place to get a job!!! Everyone wants to work there cuz when you have some slack time, you can crack open your own books and get some studying done while you’re still getting paid, so me and Sally went into her office and just to say hello!!! The way she looked at us made us both think she might be a little on the queer side, so that crazy Sally opened up her blouse and escort gaziantep minyon bayan calmly asked Miss Barton if she’d like to suck some eighteen year old tit!!! I was a little stunned at her forwardness, but the old biddy practically tore our clothes off and hers as well!!! We both took one of her big hard nipples into our mouths and had a really nice time nursing on her huge jugs!!! While we were sucking, she reached down and diddled both of our pussies until we came like little hussies!!! Then for the next half hour we took turns sucking on her big hairy muffy, which had some of the biggest lips I had ever seen!!! She musta cum ten times if she came once!!! When we finally left the library we both had our fall quarter jobs all wrapped up!!! Whoa, it’s gettin’ late, signing off now, see ya!!! August 14 Dear Diary, I’m really anxious for college, diary, but I hafta say that I’m gonna really miss Isaac!!! He has this sad look on his face all of the time now, cuz he knows in another couple of weeks we’ll both be going our separate ways!!! It seems like all he wants to do is either suck on my nipples and have me baby him, or have me sit on his lap with his cock up my cunt!!! The other day we went straight to my room and right away he pulled it out and I just threw my legs over his waist and sat down on it!!! We sat there like that for almost two hours until mom came up and said it was time for dinner, but Isaac didn’t want me to go so mom said I could eat later!!! When I sit on him for hours like that, I usually have orgasms, but they are fewer and far between than when he’s really driving his spike into me hard and fast, but these climaxes are really deep and fulfilling, the kind that make you feel very close to your lover!!! Isaac doesn’t even cum, he just sits there and relishes the sensation escort bayan nizip of being inside of me, he’s such a dear!!! When I finally get off of him, I feel so totally reamed out, cuz he’s so fucking big and my cunt has just been stretched to the max for at least two or three hours!!! You should see his cock though, it’s all wet a sticky with my juice, and it’s really hard cuz he’s been kept on edge for so long!!! My mom came in to help me stand up, and of course, being mom, she just had to suck poor Isaac off right then and there!!! I sat down on the floor with my legs wide apart so he could see my incredibly worn cunt as mom sucked him off!!! Dad poked his head in the door and was shocked to see the condition of my pussy, and being the great guy that he is, he went and got a nice warm wash cloth and softly dabbed at my gaping pussy lips!!! That felt really nice, but by accident he kept bumping into my clit, and seeing mom suck off Isaac was too much for me to take, and I couldn’t help myself but I had a really hard cum right then and there!!! That musta done it for Isaac too, cuz he filled mama’s mouth with a hot load just seconds after I climaxed!!! I gues you could say it was a real family affair!!! Gotta go now, see ya!!!

August 23 Dear Diary, Amy came over to spend the afternoon and we spent some time trying on bras and panties!!! The lucky bitch has such a big chest and she kept trying on my bras and watching her big boobs spill out over the top of the too small cups!!! I acted hurt, but she knew I was just kidding, and her real goal was to get me to suck on her hard nipples!!! She knows how much I love her chest, and a little teasing as foreplay always makes it more fun!!! Anyway, I nursed on her for a good half hour or so until we were both hot as chili pepper, and then we decided to do a little sixty escort bayan nurdağı nine!!! Diary there is nothing quite like having a mouth on your clit while you have a wet cunt pressed hard against your mouth!!! We musta cum five times each, and they were all together too, it was really great!!! Afterwards we went into the bathroom and took turns trying to piss standing up!!! I did better than her at that, cuz I pretty much hit the pot every time!!! I must look kinda funny seeing two eighteen year old girls standing over the john, and holding open their pussy lips and trying to pee into the pot!!! Mom happened to walk in, and after giving us one look she said she didn’t even want to know what we were doing and then she left!!! We both nearly laughed our butts off at that one!!! Well, it’s time to hit the hay, see ya!!!

August 30 Dear Diary, Today’s the day, I’m leaving for college!!! I spent last night with Isaac, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!!! We drove down to the lake and I sat on him for about an hour, but then he just rolled over on me and gave me a brutally hard fucking!!! After an hour of letting the tension build up it felt unreal to all at once have him really take me!!! I just held on while he did all of the work, and believe me, he was doing a lot of it!!! I’m really gonna miss that big spike he has between his legs, but when I think about getting up in the morning and taking a shower with six or seven hard studs, well that sounds pretty good too!!! After he dropped me off at home, Amy showed up and we spent quite a while just kissing each other’s pussy, it was so sweet!!! We both started to cry, and to calm me down she had be suck her nipples for a while!!! Mom came in a little weepy too, so she ate both of us and we had really hard cums!!! Mom was so hot, and we could tell that what she really needed was a big cock, so I ran to get daddy, and being the dear he is, he dropped everything and fucked her right in my room until she was good and satisfied!!! Well, diary, it’s been quite a summer and I’m gonna keep a separate one for my college, year!!! So for the last time ’til next June, this is Nancy saying, see ya!!!


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