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Last Night was Crazy, Thanks

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Sarah and Matt were driving to Vancouver for the weekend. She drove as Matt slept in the passenger seat beside her. It was a Friday night, and they got stuck in a little traffic as they drove north out of Seattle.

Sarah, bored, glanced at Matt and noticed a tent forming in his shorts. She reached her hand up inside his shorts and squeezed his cock, feeling the heat of it as it started to throb. She started to stroke him slowly, running her thumb over his head as she ran her hand up and down his shaft. She waded through stop and go, sneaking glances at him as he stirred softly in his sleep.

After stroking him for about half an hour, Matt groaned gently and came all over her hand. The huge load caught her completely off guard, and she got off at the next exit to clean him up with some napkins. He was still asleep and she licked the last bit of cum off of his cock before getting out to stretch her legs. As she stood up, she realized how wet that made her.

Sarah got back in the car with a cup of coffee as Matt was just waking up. She leaned in and kissed him deeply. “Good morning, sleepy head.”

Matt looked around, confused. “Why are we stopped?” he asked, gently stoking his own cock.

“I wanted to get some coffee, and I had to clean you up.”

“What? Wait, did I have a wet dream?”

“You came in your sleep, but I did help you out a little bit. What were you dreaming about?”

Matt groaned and stretched. “Well thank you, but let me think for a minute.”

Sarah started the car and they start rolling to the highway. Matt was quiet for a moment and then the dream hit him. He smiled a wicked smile as he leaned toward Sarah, slipping his fingers under her skirt. As he touched her clit, he realized how much she enjoyed getting him off. He whispers his dream into her ear.

“I was sitting in an unfamiliar room in a chair facing a bed. There was nothing tying me down, but I couldn’t move at all. You were sitting on the bed in front of me with a young guy standing in front of you with a huge hard on. You pulled him close to your face by the waist band. You watched me while you removed his shorts to reveal his short, fat cock. It was so thick that when you gripped it there was at least an inch separating your fingers. You stroked it and you two smiled at each other. You knew he wouldn’t last long and you wanted him buried in your pussy. I was still motionless, all I could do was watch. This guy was obviously a virgin as he clumsily played with your tits and pussy. You reveled in his eagerness, I could see the desire turning you on. You pushed him flat on the bed and licked him from his balls to the tip of his cock. You hovered over his dick and looked back at me as you lowered yourself onto his thick cock. You groaned with deep satisfaction. That’s when I came, and that’s the last thing I remember from it.”

In the car, Matt was rubbing Sarah furiously. She bit her lip as the car swerved gently. She was so close, but begged him to stop. “We’re gonna crash,” she said as she tried to pull his hands away. The effort was wasted as Matt continued, ignoring her please.

“Then pull over,” Matt instructed. They passed a sign that indicated that the next exit was a mile away. Sarah agreed to stop.

They stopped just off the exit and Sarah turned off the car. They both jumped out and met at the front of the car. Without saying a word he dropped to his knees and unbuttoned her jeans. Instantly, Sarah’s jeans and panties were around her ankles and she was pressed to the hood of the car. She could feel the heat of the engine all over her as she felt his tongue slip inside of her. As fast as she was stripped and pushed against the car, his cock was inside of her. It took no more than five strokes before she was cumming. As her body and mind finished spasming she heard the honk of a horn and a bunch of young men jeering. Apparently they enjoyed the show. She pulled her pants up quickly and Matt and Sarah rushed back into the car and sped back to the highway.

They made quiet conversation for the rest of the way up. At one point Matt mentioned that every one of those guys was going to go home and jerk-off thinking about fucking Sarah like that. The idea got into the back of Sarah’s head but she tried to pass the whole thing off as no big deal, even though it was secretly turning her on.

They arrived in Vancouver and went straight to the hotel. They barely made it to the elevator before Matt was all over her. As she tried to open the door to the room he was behind her, grinding into her while his Anadolu Yakası Sınırsız Escort hands grabbed at her breasts and he kissed the back of her neck.

They fell into the room and he was on top of her before the door was closed. He worked her up and down. His hands were all over her, touching her everywhere. Almost instantly, she was naked and they rolled on the floor together. His cock pressed on her clit. She was so wet her juices soaked his cock before he even entered her. One moment his mouth was smashed against hers, his tongue tickling her lips. The next moment he was grinding his fingers in and out of her while he nibbled on her neck. He continued for ten minutes, constantly changing the way he pleasured her. He did everything from licking her slowly from her toes to her clit, teased her nipples, sucked on her earlobes, and flipped her over to rub his cock against her asshole. He slid his cock down, poised to enter her, then stopped and told her he was going to take a shower.

She was laid on the floor, naked and abruptly abandoned. She decided to use her charms to get laid, rather than wait for all of the things he had promised to do to her “later.” She entered the bathroom and bent forward over the sink, facing the mirror and giving him an amazing view of her ass and pussy. She began to finger herself slowly, gently rubbing the area around her slit before penetrating herself with her middle finger and slowly extracting it. She made eye contact in the mirror as she sucked the juices from her finger.

“You can do that all you want, but I’m not fucking you until later.”

She continued and he noticed her checking to see if he was watching or not. He was, of course, but he was doing so nonchalantly and showing little interest. This only fueled her fire and she started to do it more quickly and audibly.

“Would you stop moaning and shower, we have reservations in half an hour.”

“Just a quickie,” she begged, wiggling her ass enticingly.

“I said later.” He laughed, knowing how bad she wanted it and how much she was going to enjoy it later. Defeated, she gave up and got in the shower. He washed her off and teased her a little, and she quickly grabbed his cock, hoping it was a sign that he had changed his mind. He shook his head and rinsed off.

“Tonight is going to be a lot of fun,” he said as he dried off and left the room. Frustrated and annoyed, she stayed in the shower for another thirty minutes, until Matt started yelling to hurry because they were going to be late.

“Just call them and tell them we’ll be there in twenty minutes, they’ll hold the reservation, she said as she emerged from the bathroom.

Matt’s jaw dropped. Sarah looked stunning in a black lace garter, with lacey black briefs and a bustier that lifted her C-cup tits just right. He was speechless.

“I just have to put my dress and shoes on, then we’ll go.” Sarah watched Matt as she grabbed her shoes, noticing the growing erection in his pants. Now that he wanted her, the tables had turned and she enjoyed the power swing.

She allowed Matt to run his hands up her back for a few seconds before echoing his earlier sentiments and saying, “You can do that all you want but I’m not fucking you until later.”

They head to the elevator, Sarah wearing a sexy black dress with a plunging neckline and a devastating slit up the to her thigh, and Matt wearing a suit, complete with painful erection. They hailed a cab and, the whole way to the restaurant, Matt ran his hands up and down Sarah’s thighs while she stared out the window and pretended not to notice., secretly loving his puppy-like desperation and obvious desire for her.

Dinner was fun and romantic, and they each enjoyed a few glasses of wine. They were both tipsy and getting handsy under the table, enjoying a few private gropes as the check came. Matt paid and Sarah whispered that she wanted to dance a little and have another drink before they locked themselves away for the rest of the weekend. Matt agreed, but only because he was enjoying the agony of being forced to wait.

They went next door to a dance club. The place was packed with people, dancing and grinding on each other to the pulsating beat. They went to the bar and Matt ordered a round, but before the drinks arrived, the bartender brought a drink for Sarah, sent from a quiet looking guy across the bar who looked barely 21. Sarah smiled and waved at him, then glanced at Matt to see his surprise.

Their drinks came and she grabbed both of hers and Anadolu Yakası Suriyeli Escort sauntered down the bar to talk to you young admirer, making sure that Matt was watching the whole thing. Matt, suddenly thrown into a weird place devoid of his usual self-assurance, hung back and watched as the guy flirted and she tried to hide her ring. He slammed his drink and set it down.

Deciding he had had enough, Matt started to head over to her but lost her in the crowd. Now he was concerned, thinking he should have given it to her when he had the chance. He wondered where they went, and how this not-so-smooth looking guy had disappeared with his wife. Matt squeezed his way to the balcony and spotted her in that sexy dress. The young guy was all over her, and she was grinding into him in such an overtly sexual manner, it drove Matt nuts. He could see her scanning the crowd.

Matt watched for a few minutes, until he was insane with rage and ready to tear this guy limb from limb. Sarah, however, spotted him and saw the look in his eyes. She stared for just a second and then turned her head toward his. She ran her hand up his back, his neck, and into his hair. She whispered into his ear and kissed his neck. She ran her hands down his front, grabbed his hand, and left the dance floor.

Matt started moving immediately, hoping to cut them off, and caught up to them in a quiet booth. The young man was on her left and Matt sat on Sarah’s right. Sarah introduced them, and an awkward silence followed. Matt stared at her, confused, and Sarah leaned over to him. “I want you both tonight,” she whispered.

The new guy was exceedingly quiet, a bit shit, intelligent, and clearly inexperienced with women. Matt was shocked. The three of them made small talk, Matt and Sarah barely touched as the other guy possessively ran his hand up and down Sarah’s back, rubbed her thighs, and whispered in her ear.

After a few minutes of personal backgrounds and job talk, Matt went to the bar for another round. When he came back, Sarah smiled at Matt as the young guy squeezed one of her tits with the arm thrown around her shoulder. He was clearly bothered to see that Matt has returned, thinking of him as just another cock block.

The young guy did not want to leave for fear of losing his hard won prize, but nature took over. He eventually had to excuse himself, stating several times that he would be right back. Sarah leaned closer to Matt and grabbed his crotch. “What do you think?” she asked. Matt’s cock was rock hard.

“He’s eager,” he replied, “is this what you want?”

“Yes, he’s so desperate it’s making me soaked.”

“Do you want to invite him back or should I?”

“You do it.”

After a few minutes he returned, obviously relieved to see that Sarah had not left. Matt got straight to the point. “We are about to head back to our room for some after drinks, do you want to join us?” The young guy was stunned, then destroyed, then propped back up, and finally confused. He paused, then nodded his head yes.

Matt went outside to get a cab, Sarah and the other guy dragging behind as he desperately tried to convince her to skip Matt’s “after hours” invitation and go home with him. Sarah smiled and told him that she promised it would be fun.

They all got in the cab and went back to the hotel, the young guy clearly annoyed. When they got back to the room, he immediately cornered Sarah on the couch as Matt poured three glasses of wine and brought them over, just as the guy was suggesting to Sarah that this was boring and that she should come back to his house.

Matt sat beside them. “Look, dude, if you haven’t noticed,” Matt held Sarah’s hand up next to his own, “we’re married. And she wants us both tonight.”

Sarah smiled at the young man’s confused expression. “So are you in or out?”

After a moment or two of shocked silence, he chokes out, “Yes.”

Sarah’s smile widened, and the two guys smiled back. Matt gestured for Sarah to come sit on his lap across from the young man. Matt hiked up his dress to give the guy a good look at her nylons. He ran his hands across her pussy and up the front of her dress. He kissed her neck and removed the shoulder straps of the dress. She grinded her ass into his cock as he unzipped her. She stood and let her dress fall to the floor.

She sat back on Matt’s lap, feeling his cock pulsing against her. Trembling, she gestured toward the young man as Matt slid his hands into her panties. Matt kissed and nibbled the back of her Anadolu Yakası İranlı Escort neck as he heard the unbuckling of the other man’s belt. His heart was racing and he was shocked at how wet Sarah’s pussy was.

Sarah pulled the man’s pants and shorts to his ankles and gasped. His cock was about as long as Matt’s, but much thicker. Matt whispered, “That is really going to fill you up later,” as Sarah kissed his cock’s head. She told him that he had a beautiful cock and ran her tongue up and down it.

The young man was clean shaven, and Sarah took a minute to inspect his package. His balls were full and tight, clearly not far from cumming. Sarah took his entire cock in her mouth as Matt unhooked her bra. The young man reached down to play with her hard nipples, moaning softly as Sarah started to bob her head up and down along the length of his shaft. Matt played with her clit faster.

Suddenly Sarah stood up and started pushing the young man towards the bed. “Take off your shirt,” she told him, then turned to Matt. “Strip,” she ordered her husband.

The young man hit the bed and Sarah was immediately blowing him and playing with his balls. Matt took off her panties, leaving Sarah wearing nothing but her nylons. She was on all fours sucking his cock when she felt Matt’s tongue inside of her as his fingers once again found her clit. Before Matt could really get going, he heard the sounds of the young man moaning as he approached climaxed. Matt slipped his finger inside her and moved back to watch, knowing how much Sarah enjoyed sucking him off. The young man cums, his eyes widening with pleasure as he filled Sarah’s mouth with more cum than she could swallow. To Matt, it seemed to go on for an eternity. “Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow…” he groans, then collapses back on to the bed.

Sarah wiped her chin and moved up towards him. Matt entered her from behind as she laid on her side. She kissed the young man and said, “That was your warm-up, I can’t wait to have you inside me.”

She then turned to Matt and said, “Now you, come on and fuck me.” Matt began fucking her slowly, feeling her wet pussy slide up and down his cock. He could see it in her eyes that she would not last long. She grabbed Matt’s hand and put it on her clit. The young man slid down and began sucking her tits. Matt leaned down to kiss her, pushing his cock deep inside her, just as she started to cum.

Sarah exploded for what seemed like five minutes. She grabbed Matt’s ass, holding him inside of her as she screamed out in ecstasy. When she was finished, she laid flat on the bed, panting softly. Matt and the other guy laid on either side of her and each began to suck on a tit and slid their hands down to Sarah’s crotch. Sarah laid back, enjoying the simultaneous pleasure the two men provided.

After a few minutes, she was as intense as before and she asked them both to lay back. She laid on her back, took both of their cocks in her hands, and started stroking. She closed her eyes periodically to enjoy the feeling of two hard cocks in her palms.

She started sucking Matt, but the young man was immediately jealous of the attention Matt was getting. He put his fat cock in Sarah’s face and she pushed him away, telling him to lay back on the bed and wait his turn. He does so, and Sarah kissed Matt deeply before squatting over the young man. She grabbed his dick and rubbed it on her clit before plunging it deep inside her. It was thicker than any cock Sarah had ever had inside her and she stopped for just a moment, feeling it fill her up. The young man’s hands grabbed her ass and bounced her up and down on his thick cock.

Sarah grabbed Matt’s cock, but could do little with it as she groaned in ecstasy from the young man’s dick. As she came, the young man bounced her up and down vigorously and she pumped Matt furiously. She started bucking and convulsing, screaming out with pleasure. Matt had never seen her like this.

She collapsed and Matt helped the young man roll her over so that he could pound her from behind. Sarah was on another planet, the only noises coming from her were gasps for breath and deep guttural moans of satisfaction. Matt knelt next to her, stroking his cock as he watched Sarah start to re-awaken, ready for another orgasm.

Matt kissed her neck and told her to cum for him. Her breathing got harder, and her pussy spasmed around the young man’s cock. “Oh God I’m cumming,” she moaned, and that single gasp caused the young man to cum inside of her, collapsing back on to the bed. Sarah looked sleepily up at Matt, on the verge himself, and smiled. She wrapped her lips around his cock, and he stroked himself off into her mouth, draining himself of everything he had left.

The three of them collapsed onto the bed and almost immediately fell asleep. In the morning, Matt and Sarah awoke to what felt like a dream and a note that said, “Last night was crazy, thanks!”

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La Playa Ch. 06

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Edited by Sussurrus

Tuesday Morning at the Spa

Tuesday morning dawned with the broken, puffy clouds typical of a summer day in the Caribbean. A few couples and small groups still slept or stumbled groggily back toward their rooms from where they’d collapsed the night before. Some people, sticky with cum, oil, or other fluids, took advantage of the showers by the pool, while others stopped at the patio restaurant for a Bloody Mary and breakfast. As the refugees from the previous night’s revels sorted themselves out, other guests who had not made such a late night of it headed for sunrise strolls or runs along the beach.

John and Carolyn were joined by Lisa and David in a leisurely jog, Lisa having finally been convinced that it was unlikely she would have another encounter with their host such as she’d had the day before. Therefore, the quartet – dressed only in running shoes and socks – ran slowly past the pool and down onto the beach.

The usual maintenance, cleaning, and prep work proceeded on course as the staff prepared the resort for its second full day of operation. The use of vacuums, power tools, and other noisy machines was strictly forbidden before 10:00 AM, but that left plenty of other work before then. A group of Dungeon staff, led by Mistress Claudia, was making an early start of preparing the ballroom for that night’s BDSM 101 class. They rolled cartloads of leather, metal and plastic implements and toys from the dungeon toward the catering section of the hotel.

Breakfast was busy both poolside and indoors. Guests and staff were easing into a routine already. Casual sex took place side by side with lap swimming, yoga, sailing classes, and all the other traditional pursuits of a tropical resort. Fishing expeditions were also fitting out, and the large catamaran was boarding a full load of 20 passengers for the six-hour Sex Cruise: an opportunity to make love on the high seas. There was even a Mile-High Special with an airplane specially fitted for up to four people to fuck, while taking a two-hour aerial tour of neighboring islands. Four flights a day were booked solid for the week. The barge plied busily back and forth from the beach to the Isle of Eros, and a few clothed groups could be seen in the lobby, hiring taxis and mini-mokes for shopping and sightseeing expeditions around the main island. One couple, called home early by an emergency, were sadly checking out as the concierge staff arranged for their air transportation back to Peoria.

Melinda and Bill arrived at the reception desk of the Spa around 9:30 AM. Since their poolside epiphany watching Steve take on Lisa and David the previous morning, they were less shy about the nudity and sex that surrounded them. However, they were still dressed conservatively in shorts and T-shirts. Julie, concerned about how well they were fitting in and if the guest screening process needed adjustment, had bought them a round of drinks and asked them bluntly about their swinging experience and sexual preferences. They earnestly assured her that they were enjoying themselves and that they planned to participate in many of the resort’s activities. They convinced her they had met a couple and had a play date that evening. Tentatively reassured, Julie suggested they try the Spa the next day, so here they were. What they didn’t know is that Julie had put the word out to the staff to test these guests and report back to her.

“Good morning!” Carmen, the Spa receptionist greeted enthusiastically. She was a cheerful, sexy Hispanic woman dressed in the staff uniform of shorts, T-shirt, and tennis shoes.

“Welcome to the Spa. I’m Carmen. May I show you the Spa menu or did you get a chance to review it on the closed-circuit TV channel in your room?”

Melinda smiled and answered, “Buenas tardes, senorita. We’re in room 315. We’d like the Couples Relaxation Package, por favor.” Melinda had read the travel books extensively, and was following their advice about making the effort to speak the native language.

“Como no, senora, that package includes cleansing in a Japanese-style bath, a sauna, and a massage for two. By your armbands I assume you would like the heterosexual service, no?” Bill and Melinda each wore two blue armbands.

“Yes, er… si, gracias,” answered Melinda.

Bill thought all the Spanish was a bunch of nonsense, but was looking forward to getting a massage from a beautiful Hispanic girl, fucking his wife, and maybe even hooking up with another couple. Melinda knew her husband well. She knew she would have to fuck him later in some uncomfortable position, and was determined to enjoy the feel of some young, virile masseur’s hands pampering her before that happened.

“I know just the staff members for you,” said Carmen. “Rick and Debbie are a married team, both expert massage therapists who can guide you through the entire service. If you’ll just have a seat I will call them up.”

Bill and Melinda sat down on a couch along the wall opposite Anadolu Yakası Öğrenci Escort Carmen’s desk. The desk was a modernist design made of aluminum pipe and wood, and afforded Bill an excellent view of Carmen’s shapely legs. Carmen made a call, and in a few moments an absolutely stunning couple, dressed in lab coats, entered the reception area.

“Debbie, Rick, this is Bill and Melinda from Room 315,” she emphasized the room number and passed Debbie a note to remind her about Julie’s instructions for this couple. “Please guide them through Couples Relaxation.”

“With the greatest pleasure!” answered Rick, flashing a movie star smile from a deeply tanned face, topped with bleached blonde hair. He actually bowed to Melinda and stretched out his hand to help her up.

“Welcome to La Playa,” added Debbie, smiling at Bill, also from a perfectly tanned face. She flashed the note at Rick, who nodded understanding, and they led their charges back to the changing area.

As Bill and Melinda were led to the back, Carmen was delighted to see Joan and Peter enter the reception area. The entire staff knew these two guests, as they were newlyweds on their honeymoon. Carmen knew they were already enjoying themselves, as they had shared a standing fuck surrounded by all the guests and staff during the welcome reception. Not many people had noticed, since the Activities and Dungeon staffs had joined the resort owner that evening in putting on a fantastic sex show for their guests, but the word had gone around quickly that, despite their youth, these two were going to get their money’s worth out of this week. She was also pleased to see them both wearing the one blue/one pink armband combination denoting bisexual curiosity. She would love to jump in the Roman Bath with this hot young woman, and immediately began figuring on her morning break. Joan and Peter were dressed in matching thongs, and gauze shirts.

“Hi,” Peter said. “We’re Joan and Peter, room 212. We’d like the Same Sex Special, please.”

“Good morning and welcome,” replied Carmen. “The ‘Special’ includes colonic enemas, douche, hot oil massage, and sudsy body bath, with masturbatory orgasm possible at the discretion of the attendant, who will be of the same gender as the guest. Do you want the service individually or as a couple?”

“As a couple, please,” answered Joan, with a slight flush. “And we’d like to have attendants who would be willing to masturbate us, if any are available,” she added, flushing full red.

“Of course, I’m sure that won’t be a problem at all. In fact, I think I can offer you your choice of staff. Would you step over to this monitor, please?” Carmen led the newlyweds to a large, flat screen TV mounted on a wall, with a keyboard on a stand next to it. Another couple came in the door as she began accessing the staff directory.

“Welcome to the Spa, I’ll be with you in just a few moments,” she said to the new couple with a smile. They took a seat on the couch and watched the selection process with interest.

“I think either Andrea or Margo would be ideal for you,” Carmen said to Joan. “Both are highly skilled at a variety of tissue and erotic massages, and they truly know how to please a girl.”

The screen split into two parts, displaying multiple pictures of each female staff member, with their names at the top of the screen. Andrea was a nicely proportioned blonde who looked like she was a runner, and Margo a taller brunette with D-cup tits and shoulders that spoke of hours in the gym.

Joan, reddening even further because of the other guests in the room but gathering her courage, said “I think I’ll try Margo.”

“An excellent choice,” Carmen said as she used the keyboard to send a notification back to the staff ready room.

“And for you sir,” she said, turning to Peter,” I think you’ll be most pleased by either Mark or Steven.”

She typed in more commands and the screen was filled with two hunks. Mark was of obvious Latin descent, with dark curly hair, bulging abs and a fat cock, while Steven looked Scandinavian, with fair hair and freckled skin over a slender figure with a long, slim penis.

Peter actually found himself licking his lips as he said, “Steven, definitely Steven.”

Joan squeezed his hand, because the man on the right side of the TV screen was the exact physical type they had described in their personal ads on several bisexual and swinger websites.

Joan and Peter had been married four days. She was 27, he was 24, and they had dated and lived together for two years before deciding to tie the knot. She had made some good money doing one of those “nude girls live on the web” sites with two girlfriends during grad school, and had been introduced to Sapphic love in that setting. He had actually masturbated to her site, but had not joined the legion of men sending her both disgusting and sweet emails. They attended grad school at the same university, and had met at a mixer for Anadolu Yakası Çıtır Escort the Sailing Club. He, of course, had recognized her instantly, and thought she would be unobtainable, but their eyes met in one of those rare, truly electric moments between individuals, and to their great credit they had not let the moment pass.

He was surprised to learn that, even though she displayed her body and made love to her roommates on a web cam, she was actually a shy, intelligent girl. Inspired by the many lies and half-truths aimed at men on adult sites, he thought of himself as a metrosexual, and had kissed and made out with men in some of the college bars in town. As they talked and began to share more intimate knowledge, they both realized that their view of the world was a little rosy. They shared a couple of threesomes, both MFF and MMF, in which he had lost his anal cherry and she let go of a few of her own inhibitions.

When they decided to get married, they also decided that they would move to New York and develop a hip, urban lifestyle. This included developing themselves sexually, and they had booked their honeymoon to La Playa, thinking of the trip as immersion training in swinging.

Margo and Steven came to the front and were introduced to Joan and Peter. Peter blushed profusely as his cock hardened at the sight of Steven in the flesh, stretching his thong out in front of him. Margo took Joan’s hand, put her at ease with a knowing, frank look, and launched into a steady stream of girl talk about the wedding as she led the group toward the changing area.

Meanwhile, Carmen had gone to meet her next customers, Len and Judy. She was a fiery looking short redhead with curves that were just short of rubenesque. Dressed in a mesh serape and a G-string, Judy looked hungrily at Carmen as she approached. He was a distinguished, slightly overweight businessman type with salt and pepper hair, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and Speedo. They ordered the same basic services Bill and Melinda had selected, but wanted individualized treatment until they met later in the Roman Baths.

Carmen took them through the attendant selection process, with Len selecting Stephanie and Judy picking Ron. Stephanie was a statuesque brunette whose physique resembled some of the female wrestlers on TV, while Ron was a guy-next-door construction worker type with strong looking arms and hands. They came to the front, met Len and Judy, and led them to the back of the Spa.

In the changing room, Debbie and Rick passed Bill and Melinda terry cloth robes, towels, and bath slippers. All public restroom areas at the Resort were unisex, so Bill and Melinda chose adjoining lockers, slipped out of their clothes, and into the robes. From here, Debbie and Rick led them into the Japanese Baths.

This was a low-ceilinged room with several of the free-standing square bathtubs commonly used at Japanese hot springs. Each tub was about three feet deep, and filled with very hot water. Next to each tub was a small wooden deck that held a low wooden stool and a wooden bucket and ladle, with a stainless steel hose topped with a showerhead hanging on a tall rod. A collection of brushes and natural sponges, soaps, oils, and shampoos were located on a small shelf.

Debbie took Bill’s hand and led him to a tub. She helped him out of his robe and hung it on a hook, then surprised him by shedding her lab coat to a reveal a gorgeously tanned body and perfect 38C breasts. His cock sprang to attention faster than it had in fifteen years, but deflated somewhat when he saw an already nude Rick helping Melinda out of her robe with lots of care and touching.

Bill saw that Rick sported a very healthy looking uncut cock and washboard abs. He knew he needed to get over it, but still felt a pang of jealousy as he saw how intently his wife was watching this young stud’s ass as he hung her robe. Debbie recognized the play of emotions on Bill’s face and body, and decided that a little ego stroking was in order.

“Ooh, is that for me?” she asked, reaching out and lightly caressing Bill’s half-hard cock.

Bill’s head snapped around and he found himself face-to-face with a beautiful, mature, self-assured woman who smiled at him and lewdly licked her lips. He had expected a native hooker like he had known in Thailand and the Philippines, but this woman was the complete opposite of that.

“We’ll have to see how this tiger purrs later on, won’t we?” she asked with a twitch of her hips.

Any thoughts of wife, fidelity, jealousy, or self-restraint were dumped as Bill’s small brain took over all higher functions and he reached for Debbie. A very experienced sex surrogate, Debbie had been expecting this reaction and easily deflected his advance by pulling down sharply on his cock and directing Bill to take a seat on the stool.

“Let’s just take our time and focus on you, shall we?” she said, dipping water from the bucket with the wooden ladle and pouring it over Anadolu Yakası Elit Escort his shoulders. She proceeded to wet all his skin in the same fashion, preparing him for a sudsing.

Meanwhile Melinda was in heaven, forcing herself to forget Bill and place herself in this gorgeous younger man’s hands. Rick was an expert who quickly had her covered with jasmine-scented suds and was using a horsehair brush to bring her skin alive. After a vigorous scrubbing he rinsed her with the hose, then applied a jasmine scented oil with a natural sponge, being careful not to over-stimulate either her nipples or clit, but making her intensely aware of her erogenous zones. Her eyes were closed, and she felt any cares she had melting away.

Rick whispered in her ear, “Now, my beauty, we’re going to carefully immerse you in this tub. Notice the steps at this end,” he helped her rise and step up to the side of the tub.

“You step in very slowly, sitting on the edge for a while, then moving down one step at a time until your body adjusts to the temperature. This is very hot water, but it will not scald you, and I’ll be here the whole time to help.”

He held her hand as she stepped down to the first step. At first she felt nothing, but then as she bent to sit and moved her feet she felt the intense heat of the water. Steam rose from the surface, and Rick scented that steam with more jasmine oil, directing her to breath deeply. As she sat, he ran his hands lightly up and down her back and arms, stopping to occasionally knead her shoulders and check that she was adjusting to the water.

“Move at your own pace. We have all day,” he said in a low, sultry voice.

She smiled at Rick, and a hunger greater than any she had ever known lit a fire in her eyes. She wanted this man more than anything she had ever wanted in her life. She knew she could not fully have him, for unlike Bill, she remembered that Spa staff were only allowed to masturbate guests. However, she decided she would live her fantasies to their fullest extent today, and if Bill couldn’t handle it, it was better to know now than later.

The Spa was a sprawling complex built lengthwise along one contour of the hill that framed La Playa. Most of the bath and massage rooms faced out over the beach and lagoon. Many were actually outdoors, while the more intense spa treatment facilities, such as the enema rooms and other more medically oriented treatments were in rooms built deeper into the side of the hill, with no windows.

Dug even deeper into the hillside were the many rooms, passageways, and public spaces of the Dungeon. While both the Dungeon and the Spa had only one access point, large double doors could be opened between one of the Dungeon public areas and the Roman Baths of the Spa. As well, each had an independent access point into the Caves and a water slide communicating with the River.

Margo and Steven led Joan and Peter, now dressed in robes, into the colonic treatment room. The guests had been given slippers with non-slip rubber soles, and Margo and Steven had donned nurse’s shoes for safety. The room was filled with stainless steel equipment, including four treatment chairs with stirrups like in a gynecologist’s office and two treatment tables. Both the chairs and the tables included vinyl covered pads for comfort that could be easily removed for cleaning. Joan and Peter were asked to disrobe and take their places in two of the chairs. Margo and Steven remained in their lab coats, and went to a cupboard where they put on rubber surgical gloves.

“The goal of the Same Sex Special is to help prepare the guest both physically and spiritually to appreciate same-gender sex,” explained Margo as she and Steven moved about preparing the opening procedure. “To do this we cleanse you as completely as possible, both inside and out, and provide you with maximum same-sex stimulation throughout the day. Steven and I are thrilled to be a part of your sexual exploration, especially so early in your marriage, and want to do all we can to provide you with maximum pleasure today.”

“Of course, you are aware of the limitations placed on Spa staff behavior. I can’t let you fuck me no matter how nice I think your cock is,” Steven said to Peter. “However, both Margo and I want you to know that we welcome your touches, kisses, and any other contact you wish to initiate.”

Joan and Peter’s chairs were swiveled so that they faced each other at an angle. This way the two young lovers could be voyeurs to each other’s treatment while enjoying the physical feelings of the enema.

“The colonic enema takes a while to complete. You’ll feel some discomfort in the forms of fullness, some minor cramping, and an urgent need to expel the water at various times during the treatment,” Steven explained as he and Margo raised Joan and Peter’s feet into the stirrups and reclined the chairs to the proper positions.

“Notice that Steven said some discomfort, but you must tell us immediately if you feel sharp pains,” added Margo. “The treatment is intended to cleanse you, not hurt you. We want you to resist the urge to expel, but please don’t be embarrassed by any leakage that might occur. You will actually be helped to expel a few times during the process, and of course we will all take showers after the treatment is complete. Any questions?”

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Kris and Kelli Ch. 04

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The arse of my dreams was there on the carpet, stuck up in the air with a glistening pussy slung underneath it, trapped between two hot thighs of someone I would dearly love to fuck.

And here was my opportunity as Kris swayed her arse around in circles as she teased me mercilessly, knowing that I desired her, lusted after her; and dearly wanted to fuck the arse off her. And now I had the opportunity.

I wasn’t going to pass up what could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I needed to make the most of that opportunity right now before I shot my load of hot cum all over her arse.

With her head buried between Kelli’s thighs, and her knees pulled in close to her body; it made her buttocks stretch apart giving a fantastic view of her sodden pussy and the winking puckered hole that seemed to be crying out ‘Finger me, finger me.’

I dropped to my knees and gripped the underside of her pear shaped buttocks in my appreciative hands. They felt so warm, tender, welcoming, firm; and best of all ….. all mine. I cupped and massaged the firm flesh so I could see the way it squashed & then pulled her pussy lips.

Kris groaned out loud in appreciation from deep between Kelli’s spread thighs. Less than a minute later Kelli was groaning out loud as well, no doubt on the end of Kris’s tongue.

“Please be gentle Kris, my pussy is so tender …… Please be gentle with me,” she begged out loud, desperation in her voice. Kris must have heeded her words and respected her new lover’s wishes as over the new few minutes all that could be her from Kelli was soft moans and gentle intakes of breath.

I looked down in utter amazement at the sight beneath me. Kelli was laid back on the carpet, her arms pushing her tits together into a lovely cleavage as she ran her hands through Kris’s hair in case she needed to pull her off her now tender, swollen pussy. Kelli’s thighs were spread wide either side of Kris’s flowing ringlets as they draped over the supple flesh of her thighs. Between her thighs I could hear Kris gently kissing, licking, & lapping at Kelli’s mound, pussy & thighs. Continuing my look down I could see the sweep of Kris’s curved shoulders as she rested on her elbows with her hands cupped under Kelli’s arse holding her lips against Kelli like a limpet mine of old. The smooth, light tanned skin of Kris’s back was immaculate & inviting as it swept up to her waist & gloriously shaped hips. Her hips rounded out into two pear shaped buttocks that would make any man want to devour them like a cannibal. Her thighs swept down to the floor where she knelt with her lovely calves reaching out towards me on the floor, tipped by her trim feet buried into the carpet.

Guys, can you picture such a stupendous scene? It is the stuff that every teenage wet dream was ever made of …….. and probably some more mature ones as well.

Ladies, have you ever dreamt of making tender love to another woman in just the way that you would enjoy having done to yourself? and also having the best of both worlds by having a spunk charged, rock hard cock just inches from entering your already excited y as you massaged the cute, tight, globes of her buttocks in your hands? As they say on the TV ads for the lottery here in New Zealand, “How good would that feel?”

I reluctantly had to take my hands off her buttocks as I so needed to fuck her ……. But first I ran my middle finger lightly between her pussy lips, the full length of her slit.

“God, that felt so nice,” Kris purred, “I’m ready for you.”

I didn’t need any second invitation ….. to be honest, I didn’t really need the first either as ever since she had stripped naked I knew I was going to fuck her before she left the room tonight.

The arse of my dreams was just two inches in front of my rock hard cock as I eased my hands firmly over her buttocks making her pussy wink at me for the last time as I nudged the head of my cock up against her warm lips for the first time and gently gripped her rounded hips to steady myself.

I rested the swollen head of my cock against her lips, easing them apart slightly as my eyes continued to feast on the sight of two gorgeous female bodies in front of me and I thought for the hundredth time that evening, ‘You lucky, lucky bastard.”

Kris’s head eased up from between Kelli’s thighs as she huskily demanded “Stop teasing me for Christ sake; are you going to fuck me with that cock of yours or just play with me all night?”

I smiled and released her hips as I slid my hands under her to search out her swinging breasts. As my fingers took two very swollen I thrust forward so my cock pierced her pussy like an arrow straight on target; and I breathed “Both, in answer to your question.”

“OH GOD,” Kris cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain as I lanced deep inside of her and Anadolu Yakası Esmer Escort hauled her backwards towards me by her nipples.

“Fuck yes,” I groaned in absolute pleasure and appreciation as her arse slammed into my thighs. I was buried up to the hilt in my favourite receptionist’s pussy, with the swollen buds of her nipples trapped between my fingers as I abused her stunning body for my own selfish pleasure; but Kris didn’t seem to mind too much. Then she brought her pussy muscles into play, and boy did they want to play as I stayed still deep inside of her. She was unbelievably tight and unbelievably wet. But she stroked, massaged, and squeezed my hard length inside of her making my eyes roll around in utter amazement and bewilderment; before she shook her hips as a rapid, but short orgasm pulsed through the lower half of her body. Her juices flooded around my prick as she pulsed around my length. Folks, I was so privileged to be buried to the hilt in such a beautiful and amazing woman.

“Now finish me off properly if you can,” she demanded in a challenge to my manhood.

I was determined that I could match or beat the satisfaction & enjoyment that she was obtaining from administrating to Kelli. I was just too far gone to last a long time, but she was going to get a quality fucking.

Reaching under her some more I stretched out both hands to grip as much of her tits in my hands as possible, at the same time pushing her erect nipples back into her firm breasts. Gently I eased my hips back until just the head was still inside her, then I weaved my hips around, up I wanted to be able to remember the touch of every inch of her body from tonight. I wanted to know that when I saw her fully dressed behind her reception desk that I would be able to imagine & remember the feelings of her skin hidden under her smart work clothes. Maybe I would get the chance to get her naked again in the future, maybe even take her to her own bed! But for now I wanted to enjoy this amazing woman lodged on the end of my prick. Then I withdrew again before sliding back full length into her, feeling the cheeks of her stunning full arse absorb the gentle force of my hips coming down onto her and my balls pressing hard up against her spread pussy as I reached the end of my stroke.

Several minutes of slow sensual fucking had us both groaning out loud and our heart rates increased; and our breathing became pants of much needed air to feed our bodies. The feel of slapping my hips down onto her buttocks and watching the energy dissipate through the hot flesh made me want her so much, to take control of her body, to slam my meat up to the hilt inside her, to massage her firm breasts hard against her chest; to tease & tantalise her bullet hard nipples. Folks, I was definitely in heaven.

Now it was time for some serious, hard fucking of this amazing, sexy woman. I placed my hips into park tight against her arse for a couple of minutes while I played with her tits, teasing and tugging on her nipples; making her squeal out loud and grind her hips back onto my buried length.

“Stop teasing me and fuck me now,” Kris demanded, and Kelli looked up & smiled as she felt Kris’s fingers sink into her own thighs for support when I slammed forward into Kris’s rear.

Holding and squeezing her hot globes I eased my hips back for the final slow slide in her pussy, taking the head of my cock right to the edge of her lips; Kris grunted thinking I was pulling out of her; but then I slammed forward. Her arse rippled as she absorbed the force and her face dropped back down between Kelli’s thighs again. Tugging on her tits I slammed in and out of her, taking in a fresh intake of breath with each withdrawing stroke. As the speed of my fucking increased so did my breathing as I expended energy fucking the arse off this unbelievable lover. Kris’s juices coated & cooled my prick as her pussy became looser under the onslaught of my slamming length of meat. I hunched down a little more to alter the angle to increase the friction as I fucked into her, feeling the head of my prick slide along the top side of her pussy. The air was filled with the sounds of an orgasm of fucking and pussy licking, groans, sighs, whelps of pain & pleasure reverberated off the walls & ceiling.

I couldn’t hold out much longer; the sensations felt through my cock and my hands of the lovely Kris was just too much. Looking down at my hips slapping into the cheeks of her magnificent arse, and the sight of Kris’s head buried between Kelli’s thighs was again too much. My cock felt fit to burst as it swelled & throbbed in its final few fucks deep into her cunt. My balls heaved out wads of spunk as ammunition for my cock to shot hard and deep into Kris. My cock sprayed wads of hot cum to coat her pussy as I slammed Anadolu Yakası Eve Gelen Escort deep into one last time and pulled down hard on her nipples, stretching her tits cruelly to take her over the edge.

Kris screamed out loud as her arms wrapped around Kelli’s spread thighs and her head shot upwards in automatic reaction to her back arching and her arse thrusting hard back against me. Her pussy just creamed & creamed floods of juices around my pulsating prick which was awash in the fruits of our excited bodies.

I must have been so excited, so spaced out by this experience as it seemed to last forever. Looking down I saw Kelli wrapping her arm & legs around Kris to support her through her orgasm as one caring lover to another. After the third spurt of cum I was spent and I sagged forward over Kris’s still heaving body and we both pressed down onto Kelli in our mutual ecstasy of orgasm.

Fuck, I was so fortunate to be in this position atop two stunning lovers with my swollen prick buried upto the hilt in one of them.

Slowly I pushed up off Kris and slid out of her well fucked pussy; before sitting back on the carpet to admire Kelli & Kris. Kelli pulled Kris in tight and hugged her long & hard as she came down from our shared orgasm & threesome. Slowly we regained our senses and breath.

A few minutes later Kelli gently rolled Kris off her and came over to me. She bent down to kiss me passionately on the lips as she gently pushed me backwards down onto the carpet. Slowly she kissed her way down my chest until she came to my semi hard juice covered cock. Gently she lifted it upright and lowered her warm mouth over my glands. I nearly died of an electric shock as my sensitive nerve endings rebelled at this amazing feeling. Slowly, so very slowly and tenderly she started to lick & taste the juices on the head of my cock. Her breath felt cool compared with my super heated cock as she administered first aid to my well fucked member. I ran my fingers through her hair as I groaned out loud “Gently my lover, be gentle.”

Kelli was a first class nurse to spent cocks as she slowly cleaned up the length of my cock enjoying the cocktail of juices that coated its softening length.

I just lay there, as happy & contented as a pig in shit. I was thoroughly wasted, totally spent, but grinning like a Cheshire cat as I had certainly had the cream of my two lovers tonight.

Eventually Kelli released my cock and climbed up my body to kiss, snuggle and share our mutual heat together. After a couple of minutes Kris crawled up behind me and pushed her tender, abused breasts into my back as we hugged tight together, a mass of sweating, spent, but content bodies.

Typical male, I nearly fell asleep, but I was jolted back to life as I heard Kelli whisper in my ear “You haven’t cum inside of me yet.”

‘Jeez,” I thought, ‘bloody youngsters always demanding more.’ I didn’t think I had another fuck left in me as I smiled inanely back into her sweet, beautiful, young face.

Finally I eased Kelli off my chest and climbed to my feet to fetch some drinks for ourselves. I got a bottle of wine each for the girls and a bottle of beer for myself.

“You dirty old man,” Kelli laughed out loud, “are you trying to get us pissed so you can have your wicked way with two young girls?”

Kris laughed and I looked like a stunned mullet.

“Once I’m pissed are you going to fuck me and cum deep inside of me?” Kelli asked.

‘Fuck, I don’t believe this,’ I thought, ‘does she think I am fucking superman?’

Kelli climbed to her feet with her bottle of cold white wine in her hand and extended her hand down to Kris, “Come dance with me some more while he recovers.”

‘Fucking hell, she is serious,’ I thought, ‘what do I do now?’ I am in my early forties and there was no way I had another stiffy left in me to fuck this young lass, let alone fill her with cum. Taking a long pull on my beer I was desperate for inspiration.

Then I remembered that Mike, who is my age, was giving Carol one, in accounts. I left the boardroom and walked naked through the office, laughing to myself at the distinctive change in appearance from my normal office attire. Once in Mike’s office I had a rummage through his desk drawers and his filing cabinet. I laughed even harder when I found what I was looking for taped to the back of his wife’s photo on the bookcase – a packet of Viagra, along with a packet of condoms; I left the condoms in place. Stopping off at the water cooler I washed down one of his stolen tablets and headed back to the boardroom.

On my return I found both girls dancing together with their arms wrapped around each other, each with a bottle of wine gripped in their hand behind each others back. Their slow dancing alternated between Anadolu Yakası Evi Olan Escort long hard snogs on each other’s lips, and long pulls on the bottles of wine. I was amazed to see that they were each half way down the bottle. I admired the sight as I took a long pull on my beer to ensure the tablet was fully washed down – I didn’t want it stuck in my throat and ending up with a stiff neck!!!!

Putting my beer down I joined my lovers for a slow dance while I waited for the tablet to kick in. Standing alongside them I leaned in to kiss each of their cheeks as my hands reached each side to grip a buttock in each hand. Kelli’s was small, firm, tight and curvy as my fingers arched into the bum cleavage. Kris’s on the other hand was large, reasonably firm, and large enough to massage in small circles; my fingers unable to reach the crack of her arse. They both released one arm to loop it around my neck so that we danced as close as possible. Fortunately Kelli didn’t smack the back of my head with the bottle as it came around my back. Then the girls moved tight together, squashing their excited & tender breasts together. I looked down at Kris’s full breasts swamping Kelli’s perky tits, but it had the desired effect and I felt life returning to my prick. As we danced for the next ten minutes blood started to flow back into my cock, swelling it into a thicker length, but far from stiff.

Kelli broke her latest snog with Kris and reached between them to take my cock into her hand.

“Not quite ready for me yet,” she announced.

I had a cure for that as I stepped tighter to my dancing partners. This increased my reach and I was able to run my fingers down the crease of their arses as I curled my fingers down and around to search out the pair of sweet pussies that I wanted to invade. My fingers were wet with their juices before I eased between the swollen lips of two honey pots. I couldn’t believe my great fortune as they sank into their juice drenched hot love tunnels. Both girls groaned into each others mouths as they continued to snog each other. Kelli started to smile as she felt my meat start to harden in her hand. Slowly she started to wank the length of my cock as I slowly and very gently started to frig their pussies. But after a couple of minutes Kelli released my cock and reached down to my wrist to extract my finger from her pussy, much to my disappointment on both scores. But then she dropped to her knees to take my semi hard length deep into her throat.

“God girl, that feels so good,” I praised as her tongue licked along the sensitive skin of the underside of my cock. Then she took me fully in so that the tip of my cock rubbed along the roof of her mouth as it headed towards her throat and the increased friction that would give. Kelli reached behind me to grip my arse and to rake her nails across my cheeks; that made the blood flow back into my cock I can tell you!!

I gave myself to the attention being paid to my loins. Whilst I would have loved to run my hands through Kelli’s hair as I fucked her mouth, I had Kris stood before me looking a little forlorn. I reached forward with both hands to gently grip her nipples between my thumb & finger. A long sigh of appreciation escaped her lips as I gradually pulled her towards me so she was tight against Kelli’s back and leaning forward towards me. I leant forward as well so I could kiss her incredible mouth while I transferred my hands down to cup and massage her fantastic breasts.

This night just kept getting better and better all the time, from girlie sex to threesome sex to the amazing situation of having one girl sucking heavily on my dick while a busty maiden French kisses me to perfection as I fondled her heaving, full, hot breasts in my welcoming hands!!!!! I was having no problem at all getting hard again with this unbelievable stimulation, although the Viagra was obviously helping a man of my age after two orgasms already. I didn’t think I had a third shot in me, but hell, we would have a fun time trying. And I certainly had no objection to Kelli trying hard to suck another cum necklace from my now rock hard prick. My heart was beating fast, whether due to the Viagra or the hot bodies drawing on my tongue and my cock. I had no worry about cumming prematurely in this amazing threesome; if I managed to shoot another load of spunk then I would be immensely proud of myself.

As stunning as Kris’s tits were in my hands, I still admired and lusted after her fantastic arse. I gently released one of her breasts and stretched my hand around her to run down her spine and rest at the top of her bum cleavage. I fondled the sensual skin between the base of her spine and the upper slope of her cheeks; thoroughly enjoying the feel of her skin as I consumed her tongue in my mouth and milked the firm breast in my hand. Kelli was now pressed tight between our bodies, unable to move, with my cock embedded tightly into the back of my throat. If I hadn’t cum twice already her sucking and beautiful throat would have had me spurting within the first couple of minutes. But the glory of Viagra was giving me endurance and a blood pumped cock that I had never experienced before.

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Cabin Trip Ch. 01

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As I climbed into the passenger seat, he handed me my bullet vibrator. I took it, but paused, intrigued. I hadn’t expected anything to start just yet. Just as I came to the realization that I’d made a foolish assumption, he gave me a stern look and said “Panties. Now.” As a quiver ran through me, I jerked into action, stuffing the vibe down the front of my pants and wedging it between my lips. I didn’t look in his direction; I knew he’d fire off instructions when he damn well pleased. As he saw me complete his first instruction efficiently, and then sit at attention, I could hear the smile in his voice as he said “Good girl. Half power.” I turned on the vibrator, feeling the blood flush into all my sensitive spots, and set it at half, as instructed. He held out his hand, and didn’t have to say a word. I placed the controller in his hand, and he chuckled and started the car.

I suppose I wasn’t quite as distracted as I’d expected to be. There’s a bit of vibration from any car ride, anyway, and the toy wasn’t near full power. He disarmed me by striking up conversation about some of our favorite subjects, mostly various geekery, with the occasional philosophical topic sneaking in there. I never fully relaxed during this, as the vibe would make its presence known when there was a lull in conversation, or when we hit a pothole. I’m pretty sure, after the first one made me yelp a little, that he was aiming directly for them. Nevertheless, I mostly relaxed into the conversation. The presence of the vibe meant that it took my brain just a second or two longer to process anything he said, and that I had a persistent pleasant tingly sensation, but otherwise I could call it a fairly normal ride. Until we got off the highway near the cabin, that is.

I hadn’t even noticed where he’d pulled them from (remember that second or two delay on processing anything that happened), but suddenly my nipple clamps landed in my lap. These were my favorites because they were adjustable, so they didn’t bite too badly, unless you really wanted them to. They were his favorites because they had a chain linking them, which he loved to make Anadolu Yakası escort me put weights on. He never put them on himself; I think he liked watching the series of expressions that went across my face as I anticipated the tug, attempted to put them on as gently as possible, and then startled in surprise, which happened every time, no matter how many times I’d gone through the process. I guess I was a bit slow, though, because although I knew their arrival meant I should put them on, I heard his stern voice again: “Now.” I hurried into action, pausing momentarily when I realized that we were stopped at a light, and the people in nearby cars would be able to tell what I was doing, but I didn’t slow down much, because I knew that he would have already considered that, and clearly it pleased him. His voice relaxed, but he warned me, “you’d better have them on before this light changes.” By some miracle (and by skipping the step of putting them on a looser setting than they had been for our last play session – ouch!) I managed to do this. It wasn’t a long light. I suddenly was very thoroughly aware of the sensations in my body, and I’m sure my face showed it.

He patted my leg, and then handed me the bag containing the weights. In a very kind and loving tone, he told me to put on one each time we stopped at a light. Very meekly, I squeaked out a “Yes, Sir.” Suddenly he was rewarded with a startled moan of pleasure, as he dialed up the intensity on the vibrator. I’d forgotten he had the controller. The increased sensation caused more blood to push against my nipples, which were already uncomfortably clamped on the too-tight setting. That resulted in my moan of pleasure getting bitten off by a little whimper of pain competing for my attention.

“You like that, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“That’s because you’re a little slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Do you think I do this because you like it?”

“No, Sir.”

“That’s right. Why do I do it?”

“Because it pleases you, Sir.”

“Exactly. And what are you?”

“Your plaything, Sir.”

“Good Anadolu Yakası escort bayan girl. Don’t forget it.”

“Yes, Sir. I won’t, Sir.”

The vibrator settled a bit as we came to a stop at a light. A little piece of my brain was flagging me that I was supposed to do something, but through my haze, I couldn’t quite remember what it was, until my hand hit the weights in my lap. Oh, right! I couldn’t risk pausing to even think about doing it softly, because the time it took me to remember my instruction had already probably eaten up any wiggle room he might have been willing to provide. The weight was up off my lap, under my shirt, and hanging from the chain in no time flat. I let out a small wail of pain as it jerked on my nipples, and continued to whimper slightly as the light changed and the car’s vibrations caused it to swing and tug. When he noticed my arms pressing my breasts inward to reduce the bouncing, he chided me. “Ah, ah. Arms against the seat back. Keep your hands on the seat next to your legs unless you’re adding weight.” This process repeated a few times as we followed the GPS directions to the cabin. All the while, he played the vibrator up and down, laughing at my responses to all the stimuli.

By this point, I was completely unaware of my surroundings, desperately trying to cling to enough consciousness to continue to follow instructions. His words made it through my haze, though it took me a minute to parse what he said. “A few people have noticed you, sitting there acting like a damn whore. Think I should open the windows so they can hear you, too?”

“N-no, Sir,” I managed to stammer out. “I- I think I might get the– mm” (he chose that moment to kick up the vibrator; he loved making me force my way through a sentence.) “the… wrong kind… of… attention…” I managed to get the rest of the sentence out, then had to use all my focus to keep myself from cumming, which was, naturally, allowed only when it pleased my Sir.

“Hmm,” he said, with that devilish air of nonchalance he used when he had a plan to torment me further. “I escort bayan think you’re right. You’d better be careful not to make any noise, then.” I heard the windows slide down just as we arrived at a stoplight, and my breathing became about 5 times faster as I desperately tried to get the next weight on without making further noise. He’d turned the vibrator back down to around half while talking to me, and he now shot it up to full power in a fraction of a second. I clenched down on the moan that desperately wanted to escape me and just barely managed to keep it from being audible, purely by the physical force of not allowing any air through my windpipe. With all of that, my hand had been shaking as I tried to put the weight on, and I hadn’t noticed that it had dropped without catching the chain.

“I’m disappointed in you.”

“What? Why, Sir?”

As we pulled away from the light, he said “figure it out,” just as the GPS announced that our destination was in about a mile on the right. I looked around, and saw that there was a weight sitting on my lap. “Sir, is that the weight I just tried to add?”

“Yes, cunt, it is. Better try again.” I quickly picked it up and got it on the chain, and bit down on my whimper as we passed a family with small kids; I didn’t want those parents to have something odd to explain. “I think we’ll take the scenic route. You’ve got too many of those weights left in the bag, and clearly you’re not really trying to wear them. We’ll need to work on that.” He drove on past the entrance for the cabin check-in, and the GPS started jabbering about U-turns and recalculating. He laughed at my struggle as I worked furiously to keep enough focus to maintain all my instructions: not making noise, keeping my hands to the seat, and adding weight at every stoplight. I was getting a bit of a handle on it, but it was very definitely turning me into a pile of putty, and fast. “Oh, a gravel road! That looks fun!” He joyfully turned onto it, and I have to admit, I don’t remember much of the rest of the ride.

I do remember the vibrator turning off completely as we pulled into the parking lot at the administration booth. Sir watched me as I slowly became more aware of my surroundings. “I think you’d better stay in the car while I go get us checked in. I bet you’re sitting in a puddle.” I thought for a second, and admitted that I was. “Good girl. Keep your hands on the seat. I’ll be back in a minute.”

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Author’s note:

This is my contribution for a writing challenge “A Song from My Story, a Story for My Song“. As always, each and every vote and comment are dearly appreciated.

I don’t have the patience for poetry. Even when composed into songs it’s often not the whole lyrics but one idea, a line or two, that stick to my mind and demand my attention. Even more so with songs/lyrics in foreign languages, which English is for me. Recently in my life, and for this story especially, it’s these lines from this song:

“We’re one, but we’re not the same

We get to carry each other”

U2 / One

My sincerest thanks to my beta readers! You guys are the best.


The new girl seemed startled, when Rhonda introduced her.

“I’m…I’m also Stella,” she stammered as they shook hands.

“Don’t worry about it,” Cooper said, smiling warmly. “You can call me Cooper, or Coop. Everyone does. When I was in school, there were three Stellas in our class, so we went by our last names.”

“Oh, okay,” Stella said and managed a shaky smile. “Nice to meet you, Cooper.”

“Yes, nice to meet you, too,” Cooper said as she settled at the coffee table at their office. “And hey, at least I’ll remember your name. When did you start again? A month ago? I’m at location so much I hardly ever stop by here. At the customer site, I mean. In a few months I’m switching to another site, and then I’ll be here, at home base, every Friday.”

“You sneaky bitch,” Rhonda said, laughing, and nudged her side. “You only chose Friday, because that’s the best food day at the cafeteria.”

“Who, me? No,” Cooper said, feigning innocence but grinning widely. “Wouldn’t dream of it.”

Stella seemed relieved that the focus wasn’t on her anymore. She was maybe in her thirties, it was difficult to say. She was tall and slim, and of the type that probably looked exactly the same at fifteen and forty-five. Cooper, at her forty-two, wasn’t that much older, but somehow she felt ancient. It had been a busy autumn, and it was getting to her.

“What are you doing for Christmas?” Rhonda asked. She was maybe Cooper’s best friend from the office, and her question went deeper than one could’ve guessed from the surface. Cooper’s eighteen-year-old daughter, Mindy, was just overcoming an eating disorder. She was doing vastly better than she had been in the summer, but spending holidays with relatives, expected to stuff her face every few hours, sounded hazardous.

“We are going up north with Mindy,” Cooper confirmed. She knew Rhonda could hear the things she left between the lines. “Grandma’s not so well, and we will all gather there over the holidays. Me and Mindy will probably come back for New Year’s, though.”

Rhonda nodded and stirred her tea. She never drank coffee, which wasn’t a bad decision, considering that awful muck the coffee vending machine produced. Cooper grimaced as she tasted it.

“Blargh, this I haven’t missed at all,” she said. “What about you and John?”

Rhonda told about their upcoming Christmas cruise. Her youngest, Sam, had recently moved away from home, and she and her husband were enjoying their newfound freedom like newlyweds. Cooper was openly envious. She was divorced, and Mindy’s condition had taken so much of her time in the last months she hadn’t dated for what felt like ages.

Whereas Cooper was originally from up the coast, Stella had moved from the south, and she was going back down there for Christmas. Everyone joked about getting tanned on Christmas Eve, and she smiled politely. She seemed shy and reserved, and Cooper wondered how she would settle into their work gang, which was often raunchy and rambunctious.


Weeks went by, and Stella relaxed a little, but there was something about her that kept tugging at Cooper. It was the same unease she was used to associating with Mindy. She wondered if Stella also had an eating disorder, but nothing in her behavior at lunch breaks hinted in that direction. Eventually Cooper shrugged it off, thinking she was imagining things, that Mindy’s condition had rendered her paranoid. She also felt she was at the office so seldom it wasn’t her place to say anything about Stella. It seemed she did her work well, and that was all that mattered, professionally.

On a train up north for Christmas, Cooper conspired with Mindy to set up practices that would allow both of them to live over the holidays. It felt twisted to come up with practices that would excuse her daughter from eating, when she’d spent the last year or so trying to get her to do just that, but now it felt more important to maintain some sort of mutual mental equilibrium. Mindy appreciated her efforts, and they formed a sort of alliance. Cooper made sure Mindy ate something every day, and their relationship seemed to deepen over the ordeal of dealing with the rest of the extended family.

On Boxing Day, Cooper sat in the neighborhood Anadolu Yakası escort bar with her old boyfriend, Ben. They had separated on good terms, and still got together regularly—usually when Cooper came up north. They had gone through each of their current news, getting pleasantly buzzed on eggnogg and mulled wine, and were now contemplated whether to switch to scotch or call it a day.

“So, tell me,” Ben said and sniffed his whiskey appreciatively. “How are you doing, really?”

“What do you mean by really? I’m okay, really.”

“I mean personally. You haven’t really been involved with anyone since you divorced Caleb, have you?”

Cooper cast him a stern look. “No. I’ve had my hands full with Mindy. I don’t have energy to pamper some guy on the side.”

“Pamper?” he asked, bemused. “I thought you could maybe do with someone pampering you. And if not a guy, how about a gal?”

Cooper shrugged and sipped her own drink. “Well, I’d have nothing against having someone pampering me. There just aren’t so many candidates throwing themselves at me.”

“No? I guess not. You should work a little less, live a little more.”

“Yeah? You always say that.”

“And you never listen.”

They grinned at each other. This was their usual conversation. The bar was very quiet, there were only a few other customers. Cooper waved her hand to gesture over the room.

“See all the people lining up to be with me?”

“I could be with you,” Ben offered.

“Yeah?” Cooper said and sipped her drink again. “I might take you up on that.”

Ever since they had broken up, they had a habit of casually hooking up when they weren’t otherwise committed. Their friends had often commented that their breakup didn’t follow any rules, because they failed so utterly in having any animosity towards each other. They also failed to mess up their relationship, or their relationships with other people, by continuing to have sex.

It was true it had been a long while. Between work and Mindy, Cooper didn’t have the opportunities nor the energy to pursue anything for herself. She wasn’t very lonely, and she felt like she was holding up well in relation to her responsibilities, but the comfort and pleasure of having sex and cuddling with someone was tempting. She considered returning to her parents, to see if Mindy was okay, but decided it would be enough to call.

“Alright, lover boy,” she said and gulped down her drink. “Lead the way.”


Cooper didn’t get back to the office until the second week of January. The gang went over comparisons of family holidays in the cafeteria, laughing and comparing whose relatives were the thickest.

“I don’t think any of you can compete,” Cooper said and gestured over the table with her fork. “My uncle Phil is so annoying. Oh, god. We’ve been through all of everything for so many times with him, and still he can always surprise, and not in a good way, either.”

“Oh I remember,” Rhonda said and chortled. “What did he say this time?”

“Well, you know his son is gay, right? Trevor? It was a struggle, when he came out. I really wonder how Trev hasn’t completely severed ties with him. Well, anyway, Trevor is living in this commune of ‘the rainbow people’, as Phil calls them, and that’s an endless source of misconceptions and disbelief for Phil. Now there’s a new resident, someone who’s transgender. Phil gave a ten-minute speech on how ‘you don’t need a doctor, you need a shrink, because the fault is in the head and not between her legs.’ He refuses to acknowledge their gender. Are you okay there?”

The last sentence was directed at Stella, who had dropped her knife and was now bent under the table, fishing for it.

“Oh, yes, sorry,” she mumbled from under the table. “Please, don’t stop on my behalf.”

“Well I know how thick uncle Phil can be, but I just couldn’t avoid taking the bait,” Cooper continued. “I asked him how much therapy would it need to turn him into a woman, because that’s how it’s supposed to work, right? Trev nearly choked on his eggnog, and we had a spectacular fight with uncle Phil. I shouted that what your gender is and who you wanna fuck are two different things, and Phil shouted that it was impossible to change his gender because he was all natural and like God had created a man, and well, you can just guess it went downhill from there. I hope he’s not talking to me anymore, but I suppose I’ve got no such luck. But God, he is stupid. Are you okay?”

The last sentence was, again, aimed at Stella. She was now coughing with something apparently stuck in her throat. Rhonda, sitting beside her, patted her back a few times. Stella just shrugged and waved as if to say please, don’t mind me.

“I’m half hoping that Trevor would start dating the transgender kid,” Cooper said with a smirk. “Don’t know his sexual preferences, though, Trevor didn’t say. But that would teach Phil right.”

Rhonda laughed Anadolu Yakası escort bayan at that. “Oh, well,” she said. “What about you, Stella? Are your family members as dumb as the rest of ours?”

“Well, I’ve got this one aunt that doesn’t understand time zones,” Stella said with a shy smile. “My cousin Calvin, her son, lives on the west coast, and Aunt Myrtle just can not understand that the time is different there than it is here. We’ve been explaining it to her a gazillion times, using beach balls and flashlights to represent Earth turning, but it’s just beyond her abilities. She just keeps calling Calvin when he’s still at work and such. I’m amazed she is qualified to live on her own.”

“Hear, hear,” Rhonda said. “It’s a good thing we’re all so intelligent. Regular crown jewels of our respective families, right?”

“Right,” Cooper said, laughing, and raised her glass of water. “I’ll drink to that.”

They toasted and got on with their lunch.


Cooper’s client ran into financing problems, and her time at their site was cut in half. For the remaining two days each week she worked on a project Stella was working on—training events for software their company was developing, including the training material and slideshows. Stella was efficient and intelligent, and working with her was a lot of fun. She had very good ideas, and presented them with growing self-confidence. She was going to be the one giving most of the training sessions, and Cooper knew she would ace it.

Cooper had hosted these kinds of training sessions for many years. Now she was purposefully holding back, letting Stella handle it herself. She stood at the back of the classroom, making sure the taping was proceeding as planned, and she felt pride swelling in her chest. It was similar to what she felt over Mindy’s achievements, and she smiled at herself. Surely Stella wasn’t hers to be proud over, but she really was acing it.

After the course completed, and they had reviewed the recording and judged it to be perfect, they went for a drink to celebrate. Stella was much more relaxed now, and they joked around and had a friendly chit chat. She didn’t go into anything very personal, and neither did Cooper. It was just nice to spend time together.

After that they considered each other friends, and often stopped to talk when their paths crossed at the office. Cooper had another project coming up, again restricting her “home base time”. As much as she liked the variance, she was disappointed to see less of Stella. Cooper didn’t like so many people, but with Stella she felt like they clicked, and enjoyed their deepening friendship.


In March, Rhonda started planning for an annual recreational event for the team. Before Rhonda joined the company it had been a rotating job, but she had such a knack for it that it had now become her sole responsibility. She arranged something different every time, and sometimes struggled to keep to the budget. The rest of the team assured Stella it was going to be something good, and even if they needed to pitch in a little of their own money, it would probably be worth it.

Stella seemed to enjoy spending her free time with her workmates. She and a few coworkers had shared sessions in beauty salons, and went out for a few drinks, or a dinner. Everyone kept telling her the best parts of previous year’s recreational endeavours. She giggled in all the right places and seemed generally enthusiastic. She seemed to have settled well into the work community. Cooper was pleased—she liked the girl, and while she was away for too much to help, she was glad that the rest of the crew had taken her in so well.

Rhonda announced she had found a new thing for their recreational get-together: a ship that did 24-hour cruises, just out of their own harbor. It was a new concept, like a swimming hotel. It had nightclubs and restaurants and the patrons would stay overnight. Everyone was excited, although the timing and arrangements raised a few questions. Rhonda promised to get back to them after she’d made the reservations. They agreed on the weekend when the event was to take place, and after that the meeting dispersed.

Two weeks later, Cooper was just finishing lunch with the rest of the team, when Rhonda barged into their cafeteria table, all excited. She made room in the middle of the table, pushing their trays aside, and spread brochures and papers for them to see.

“I’ve made a preliminary suggestion on how we’re gonna share the cabins,” she said. “See, the cabins we have are marked on this map of the ship. The most cabins are for four people, but I think the budget is big enough to have only three per cabin, so we don’t have to squeeze in quite so tight. This is the list of how I thought it could go.”

Everyone leaned closer to see, when Rhonda listed names and pointed at the respective cabins. Cooper craned her neck as well, but escort bayan then a sudden movement made her lift her head. Stella was scrambling up from the table, she was in such a hurry she almost pushed her chair over. Her eyes darted from Rhonda to her other coworkers and back, and she seemed positively panicked. She looked like she was going to say something, but then she just turned and hurried away from the table, towards the bathroom. She left her bag on the back of her chair. Everyone was so immersed in the preparations they hardly noticed.

“I’m going to see where she went,” Cooper said, stood up and picked up Stella’s bag. Rhonda nodded absently, talking to Maria on whether it was preferable to have a cabin with or without a window out to the sea.

The bathroom had three single stalls for women, and three for men. All the women’s ones were unoccupied. Cooper wondered if Stella had just run off somewhere else, when she came out of one of the men’s bathrooms, her face flushed and damp.

“Are you all right?” Cooper asked. “Did you throw up? Couldn’t you make it to a women’s bathroom?”

Stella turned sharply to look at the door, and blushed when she saw the symbol on the door.

“I….I…” she stammered.

“What happened?” Cooper asked. Stella opened then closed her mouth, distressed. Cooper looked at her, and with every passing second her instinct to intervene in some way grew stronger. She told herself she was overreacting, but then decided it was better to overreact than under-react. She stepped closer to Stella, took her by the elbow and steered her towards the door to exit the building.

“I’m gonna take you home now,” Cooper said. “It’s clear you’re not okay. I’ll tell the others you had food poisoning or something, okay?”

Stella didn’t reply, but didn’t object, and in a few minutes they were sitting in Cooper’s car. Stella clutched her bag against her chest. Cooper switched the navigator on and asked for the address. “You normally come in by public transport, right? So your car isn’t left behind?”

“No, I mean yes,” Stella said, confused, and gave her address.

They drove in silence. Stella was biting her lip and looking out the window. Cooper glanced at her occasionally, but didn’t want to ask anything before they could get to a more private place.

Stella’s apartment was nice, small but nicely furnished. Stella set her bag down on the table in the hall, and looked at Cooper.

“Thank you,” Stella said, clearly embarrassed. “You didn’t have to do this. I’m feeling much better now.”

“Really?” Cooper said. Stella nodded, but it didn’t look convincing at all.

“I just remembered that I maybe can’t go on the cruise after all, because…because…something’s come up.”

“Oh?” Cooper said, raising an eyebrow.

Stella blushed a little but didn’t say more.

Cooper debated whether to press the matter, then decided she had already gotten involved.

“Not good enough,” she said. “Just come here, I’ll show you something.”

“What?” Stella said, alarmed, but she followed Cooper to the living room.

Cooper sat on the sofa. “This is something I’ve learned in my daughter’s therapy”, she said. “Sit here and turn your back to me, your feet on the sofa. Come on.”

Stella looked apprehensive, but did as Cooper asked. Cooper lifted her own feet up, and carefully they settled to lean on each other, back to back.

“You okay there?” Cooper asked quietly. “You know my daughter is recovering from anorexia, don’t you? I think I’ve told everyone about it. This is something her therapist made us do, starting with the first session we did together. Relax as well as you can and lean on me. Feel me breathing.”

Stella shifted a little, and leaned back. Cooper pressed back, feeling Stella’s slim back relax against her sturdier one, and how they unconsciously searched for the same rhythm in their breathing. Cooper slowed hers deliberately and soon she felt Stella relax some more.

“So now what?” Stella asked.

“Now you tell me what’s wrong,” Cooper said. “Don’t try to explain, don’t decorate it, just breathe in, and then blurt it out. I’m not gonna judge you, whatever it is.”

“But, I…” Stella said.

Sternly, Cooper said, “I know there’s something wrong. So just give it up. Don’t overthink it, just let it go.”

Stella breathed in and held it for a second. Cooper was sure she wasn’t going to co-operate but Stella shifted again, took another breath, then blurted, “I’m transgender.”

Cooper was surprised, but she had experience in staying still and not letting it show. The whole point of this exercise was to let the other get the issue off their chest, whatever it might be. She leaned against Stella, breathed in, breathed out, and waited for her to continue. Stella didn’t, but she didn’t dart away, either.

After a few moments, Cooper prompted, “And?”

“And what?” said Stella, sounding on edge.

“And how is that a problem?” Cooper asked. “I mean, it’s not like it’s an acute crisis, is it? What made you so upset at lunch?”

Stella breathed out. She relaxed a little, but very little. Cooper sat still, breathing in, breathing out, deliberately slowing the rhythm to pull Stella along and make her calm down.

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In A Star’s Footsteps

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In A Star’s Footsteps

Domino sat at the large vanity table, littered with cosmetics of every hue and shade with a large collection of brushes. The large mirror was surrounded by a series of bright lights. She was emphasizing the fine, highly arched lines to represent her eyebrows. She had undergone painful waxing to remove all traces of her brows so she could style them differently every day to match her dress and mood. Electrolysis had removed all facial hair to her chest area. Every inch of her body was waxed weekly and kept in perfect shape. Her head was shaved and glistening

Domino spent several hours each day to apply her makeup. Today her eyeshadows were a blend of bronze, gold and grey. Her large one inch false lashes were heavy with mascara. Pink rouge highlighted her high cheekbones. The mouth was an inviting bright red that had many layers of paint and gloss. Many applications of powder sealed in the colors and foundation.

She held a small battery operated fan to her face as she completed her makeup. Her breasts, a perfect shape and 38D, with big prominent nipples seemed a little large for her narrow frame. But this was the image of Domino, a beautiful and sexy goddess with something extra between her legs. Their perfection was the work of the best cosmetic surgeon. She wore no bra at the moment under her thin robe which was wide open..

She admired herself in the mirror and was satisfied. With her long red tipped fingers she withdrew a cigarette and lit it. She took three deep drags and stubbed it out. It helped her relax and she waited impatiently for her assistant.

There was almost two hours more before she went on stage but she needed everything to be perfect. As headliner for the Diamond Hotel Cabaret, she had an image to uphold. Domino was a consummate artist with song, wit and some rather risqué jokes.

Keyshia, her assistant, was putting together several matching outfits and shoes, Domino would choose from one. Keyshia was just 22 years old and wore a showgirl costume studded with blue sequins. The bust portion had a net section where her two large globes could be observed. They appeared quite large for her slender frame. She wore matching blue heels at least 4″ high which made her the same height as Domino without heels. Her makeup was heavy with darkened eyebrows, heavy long false eyelashes and a bright red mouth. Her lips were full and inviting. Her corseted waist was narrow and emphasized her womanly figure. The dark brown hair on her head was piled high and banded with a matching blue sequin studded clip.

Keyshia’s cell phone pinged. Hesitantly she looked at the caller ID and answered. She was busy arranging the outfits from which Domino would chose tonight. It was always a last minute decision.

“What? Where are you?” Keyshia paused and listened for a moment.

“What’s up?” Domino asked seeing the distressed look on her assistant.

“Hold on, Andy,” Keyshia said and held her hand over the mouthpiece.

“It’s a friend from back home and in trouble. He’s here and needs to see me. I will be back in five, I promise.” Keyshia hastily exited the dressing room without waiting for a response.

Domino looked at the girl and her mind flashed back. It had been over a year since she met the girl as she was about to enter her apartment complex. It was around 2 am and Mario, her beau for the night, had dropped her off at the elevator of the basement parking lot so Domino could take the elevator unseen direct to her penthouse apartment. He had taken care to satisfy an insatiable Domino several times that night. She knew how to use her mouth to bring her partner’s member back to life within a short space of time. A low moan near the elevator caused Domino to look.

The girl was huddled in a thin shabby coat in the alcove by the elevator shivering from cold and hunger. Domino had been through the school of hard knocks and lived on the streets for some weeks. Something touched her and she went to the girl. Her face was bruised and she had a black eye. Obviously beaten up.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. Let me help.” Domino helped her up and escorted the dazed girl to the elevator.

After offering her a little food and wrapping a blanket around her shoulders, she discovered the truth. Even though her lip was cut and face distorted by the black eye, Domino discovered that the girl was a boy — just like she had once been. She had been approached by some guy as she begged for money. He offered her $ 10 if she would use her mouth. Even as the thought repulsed the boy-girl, hunger and cold overcame the fears. Until the man went to touch her breasts and found them flat. He beat the boy-girl who had crawled to the parking garage and tried to hide in the alcove. Domino had taken the boy-girl’s plight to heart and helped her overcome the pain and coached her into being a proper girl.

After some weeks, she offered the girl, now Keyshia, a job as her personal assistant. This also urfa escort led to a deep gratitude that also extended to sexual favors.

Domino’s thoughts were interrupted some minutes later with a soft knock and the door opened the door.

Keyshia entered with a slim young man in T-shirt and jeans, around the same age as herself. The looked at them surprised.

“Sorr,” he began to say, when Domini interrupted him.

Domino swung around and observed the visitor. The robe fell open showing the large globes. “What the hell do you mean by bringing a guy into my dressing room?” she shouted. “Do I need to call security?”

“Domino, no please, he is Andy, my best friend from high school. He just arrived here. We are close. His mother kicked him out and he has no place to go. We grew up together. Please, let him stay so he can go home with me tonight.”

“So, he knew you as Kenny before you came to work for me?”

Keyshia nodded. “We talk on the phone and I told him how happy as I was and he should visit me if he didn’t mind who I had become. But I never sent him a pic and this is the first time he has seen Keyshia.”

Domino observed the slender youth, about 5′ 8″ tall with very slim figure and baby face. His short curly hair and coloring indicated mixed parentage, like Keyshia and Domino herself. She saw Keyshia look at Andy. Her slim waist with heavy breasts and showgirl uniform with very short flared skirt was her typical attire during preparations for Domino’s show. Her makeup was heavy, just as Domino liked and taught her. Like Domino, she was a girl full time. Andy’s eyes were staring at the two creatures, especially transfixed by Domino’s near nakedness.

“We’ll talk about this later but I need to get dressed now and be ready. You know what you have to do.”

Keyshia looked at Andy and pointed to a small stool near a rack full of bright dresses, obviously designed for Domino. She gave him another look and went to Domino and knelt at her feet, in full view of Andy. Domino rose and allowed Keyshia to pull down her panty. A semi-erect penis some 7 inches long popped out. Keyshia stroked it with one hand massaging the sac with the other. She kissed the head. She didn’t look at Andy who was trying to keep his mouth closed.

“Has Andy seen your stud?” Domino asked gently

Keyshia turned, still with her hands around Domino’s penis, opened her mouth and displayed her stud. Her smile was big with those bright red lips. A moment later, her mouth was full again and she sucked, then taking each ball into her mouth and bathing it in saliva. The cock disappeared in her mouth. Domino and Keyshia were looking at each other. It took over ten minutes and the eruption filled Keyshia’s cheeks. She swallowed and kept at it until the penis was soft and very clean.

“That’ll keep it down for a while.” Domino stood up and dropped her panty. Keyshia had another thong like garment which she drew up. Inserting the now flaccid cock into the pouch. She inserted her hand and pushed the balls back into their cavity. When the thong was pulled up, Domino’s crotch was flat. The robe fell and Domino stood there in glorious nudity. With the bald head and dramatically made-up face she was a beautiful woman with an amazing 38-26-34, figure. Domino was proud of her lithe body and looked at Andy, who looked gob-smacked.

“The gold dress with blonde wig today,” Domino said.

Keyshia stood up and rushed around. Domino stared at Andy who was transfixed by her body.

“Yes, they do look great. Cost me a small fortune but I got them in the size and shape I wanted,” Domino said to Andy with a big smile of her red lips and showing gleaming white teeth. Her long fingernails painted a bright red, contrasted well with the light tan of her breasts.

Soon Keyshia returned with some items. She knelt and attached a slim lace trimmed garter belt around Domino’s flat waist. Sheer 10 Denier stocking were rolled up each leg and attached to the tabs hanging from the garter belt. Domino was feeling her breasts provocatively, her eyes always on Andy who appeared mesmerized at what had transpired since he entered the room. His friend Kevin, now Keyshia, appeared very happy and doing what she liked.

Now Domino was stepping into a spectacular gold mini-dress: it barely covered her stocking tops and was studded with bright gold sequins, with slim straps over the shoulder and a deep V split that showed the rounding of the breasts. A gold buckle below the bust held the two sides on the garment together to prevent a breast spilling out during the performance. Keyshia ensured it hung well and as Domino turned, Andy could see that the back was open almost to the waist and there was no bra.

“No need to wonder. The supports for these puppies are built into this specially designed dress and so the buckle,” Domino said with that big smile placing her hands on the breasts. “They do weigh a lot.”

Keyshia knelt at Domino’s feet balıkesir escort again and slid on the matching gold sequin studded stilettos that were probably 5″ high taking her height to over six feet. Andy stared at this apparition: a beautiful woman, extravagantly made up and bald for the moment. Domino turned back to her vanity and sat. Keyshia placed a tall wig full of tight blonde curls in an elaborate updo on Domino’s head and tugged into place. With her hands she rearranged some curls. Domino had a tube which she applied to the foremost edge of the wig and glued it to her glistening pate. She used a comb and brush to tug some strands into place, Keyshia then inserted long dangling golden earrings and Domino was ready.

Domino inspected her face in the brightly lit mirror and then in the full length mirror on one wall. A stroke of blush, mascara and another application of lipstick and a spray of an exotic perfume and she was ready for her audience.

“I’ll see you guys later. Keyshia, bring Andy with you backstage to see the show and we’ll have a drink later. Call reception and get a suite set for 11 pm and order a light dinner and champagne.” Domino swept out of the room confident on those spikes.

Keyshia picked up the house phone and called to the manager in reception. As the star, Domino was allowed a suite for some hours or even a night after her performance to entertain important guests, hers or of the hotel who wanted to show attention to important guests. A private dinner with a star was always a winner.

Andy stared at Keyshia wondering how his school friend Kevin, a slim and gentle person, now had become a beautiful and voluptuous female. He marveled at how Keyshia was able to take in all of Domino’s long cock deep in her throat. He didn’t know any girl who could do that to his own that was around 7″ when fully erect.

Keyshia came up to Andy who stood up. She hugged him tightly pressing her breasts to him. “It’s great to see you again,” she said softly. With those heels they were about the same height and they looked at each other. Andy couldn’t believe that he was hugging his old friend in this manner. Her open red lips were inviting and he naturally leaned in to kiss her.

“Are you su…” Keyshia began but was silenced with Andy pressing his lips to hers.

A moment later her arms went around his neck and she pulled him into a deep kiss. It lasted some minutes. Keyshia could feel the bulge against her groin. Still with lips glued, she moved one hand to the bulge and rubbed it. It was exciting that she could bring her old friend to this state of excitement.

Andy watched her go to her knees and unbuckle his jeans. She seemed at ease in those long fingernails painted to match her lips. Her eyes never left his looking for signs of disapproval. She saw none. Andy was wearing briefs which were soon around his knees as Keyshia stroked his already hard cut member. She kissed it and sucked in the head. Then it was deep in her mouth and being sucked exquisitely. A few minutes later with some massaging of his sac, Andy erupted. Keyshia didn’t miss a beat, swallowed and slowed down her sucking till all juices were extracted. She kissed it and rose.

Andy was speechless as Keyshia looked at him waiting for a reaction. “That was amazing Kev.. I mean Keyshia.” He finally said and hugged her tight. “You’re more beautiful than I could ever imagine.” He kissed her lightly on the head.

“Lots of things have changed as you can see. Let’s go see Domino perform and we can talk later.” She freshened her lipstick in the light of the big mirror, held Andy’s hand and led him out of the dressing room. “We have to pick up the key at reception for the suite first.”

The receptionist knew Keyshia and Domino and provided a key to the suite. They confirmed dinner would be delivered at 11 pm to the suite.”

Domino was at the side of the stage as the MC introduced her. She strode on stage confidently in the skyscraper heels to a thundering applause. Keyshia and Andy watched from the wings as Domino went through her routine. Her audience appeared to love her. Andy had never been this close to a performer and certainly not near a beautiful star that was more than her appearance suggested. The same with Keyshia. He couldn’t believe that this was his old friend. For a moment he forgot his problems.

Domino’s set lasted some forty five minutes. The audience loved her and she gave several encores. Even though Keyshia had seen this daily over the last nine months, she was mesmerized, dreaming that she might even one day be on the stage. She didn’t have the talent to sing or dance and tell those jokes, but she had come a long way since Domino found her curled up by the elevator.

Domino swept past them backstage with a big smile. Another great performance and she was happy with her performance. She would be in a terrible temper if she didn’t perform well or the audience did not react appropriately. trabzon escort She was very demanding but a rising star on the cabaret scene.

Keyshia led them to the elevator and they went to the suite silently. Andy couldn’t help but stare at Domino who smiled knowing she had a new admirer. She liked to excite men and see the bulges at their crotches. Even though they knew who she was, the bulges were real. Domino very rarely entertained men sexually. She had two or three men who she called when she needed a hard pounding. She knew they were discrete, clean and satisfied her thoroughly.

They had hardly entered the suite when there was a soft knock. A waiter pushed in a cart with several covers and a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket. There was a small dining table near a wet bar. The waiter laid the plates and cutlery and set the covers in the middle.

With a dazzling smile Domino asked the waiter to open the bottle and pour three glasses. The waiter took a little longer admiring Domino and Keyshia as he poured three glasses. “Please call if you need anything else,” he said and left the room.

“Welcome,” Domino said as she sipped her drink. Her eyes were constantly on Andy and the poor boy’s bulge indicated his embarrassment. Domino enjoyed this and saw Keyhsia note the same. She wondered at the relationship between Andy and Keyshia. She herself had been thrown out of the house by her father when Derek, as he then was, came home in drag after a party. Life was hard but he managed to find work in small clubs often having to use her mouth or behind. It helped her climb the ladder and with her natural talent, she was able to move to bigger venues.

“Andy, why don’t you refill our glasses and let’s eat,” Domino said moving to the table.

Keyshia undid the covers and Domino took a little of each dish. There was a mixture of appetizers, salads and small pieces of cold chicken. After all three had food, Domino asked, “So, Andy, tell me a little about you, what happened at home and what you hope to do here.”

Andy was ravenous and tried not to hurry with food. He noticed that Domino and Keyshia ate sparingly, tasting the food. There was plenty there but he struggled to take slow bites rather than gobble his food.

“I really am sorry to impose,” Andy started, “but I had nowhere to go. I spent the last few Dollars for Greyhound to get me here. I hoped that Kev.. I mean Keyshia would help. She had said I should visit whenever.” Andy paused to take a bite of food. “My father came home drunk and tried to hit my mother. I stopped him and may have broken his nose. They fought a lot but he had never beaten her. My mum gave me some dollars and put a few spare clothes into a bag and told me to go away. I should call every week. Keyshia was the only person I knew so I came here. I lost my cell on the bus so couldn’t call her to warn her.”

Domino and Keyshia each ate three or four mouthfuls of each dish and were done. “Eat up, don’t let this go to waste,” Domino said seeing the hunger in Andy. The ladies had long since finished their meals.

“Keyshia, why don’t you light me a cigarette?” Domino asked, watching Andy eat his plate clean.

Keyshia got Domino’s purse and took out her pack of cigarettes. They were long and with a gold band around the tip. It was a carton from an admirer. She lit it with a gold lighter, inhaling briefly until it was well lit and gave the cigarette to Domino who inhaled deeply. Keyshia liked to think of this as another sign of intimacy. She only smoked when Domino wanted a cigarette.

“So, Andy, what are your plans? What work do you do?” Domino asked.

Andy moved his cutlery aside and wiped his mouth with the napkin. After a few days of hunger, the meal felt great.

“I was hoping to go to school. I like design but that is a dream now. I have little money and no job and if Keyshia didn’t help, I would be sleeping in the streets.”

Domino took a deep drag, exhaled a cloud of smoke upwards thinking. “So, how far are you prepared to go to find a job?”

“I’ll do anything,” Andy replied immediately. “I don’t expect much but if it’ll pay for a room over my head and food, I guess that’s the first step. College can wait.”

“Anything?” Domino asked looking at Andy with a stare.

“Well, yes. I don’t have much choice. Even if I want to go back home, I need the money for the bus. I also need to buy a new phone. So, anything. I mean anything legal is OK.”

“Have you ever been around people like Keyshia and me?”

Andy looked at them not knowing how to express his thoughts. This was all new to him and he didn’t want to offend the person who bought him a great dinner.

“Well, I have seen some guys dressed on TV but not close up like this.”

Domino’s expression changed. Her tone was severe. “Keyshia and I are not guys dressed as women. We are female in every way except we have something extra between our legs. Look at me! Do I look like a man in a dress?”

“Sorry, no, I’m sorry I didn’t mean that. I saw you in the dressing room and everybody can only see a beautiful woman. I meant I have never seen anybody like you so close.”

Domino took another deep drag and blew out smoke. She handed the cigarette to Keyshia who took a deep drag and stubbed out the cigarette. Domino just smiled.

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The Moonlight Ch. 01

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The moonlight shines through the window, throwing a pale shadow across the lounge-room floor. Relaxing in the chair in the corner, I am in total darkness, sitting there, waiting for your arrival. I have read and re-read your emails to me, and I wonder to myself how much is truth and how much is imagination. How I wish I had actually seen you like that! I have no idea of what you actually look like, so my imagination is running riot.

I shiver slightly, thinking of you dressed up in your Angora top, breasts straining against the tightness, midriff showing, your skin slightly rough with goose-bumps, and the tartan skirt, barely long enough to cover the curve of your ass cheeks. My mind’s eye wanders down your shapely legs, picturing the smoothness of your thigh, the curve of your calf, ending in the white ankle boots you have described to me. Are you petite? Are you more womanly? How tall are you? Do your breasts defy gravity, or will they spill downwards when released from your bra? These are the questions running through my mind, as I sit there, aroused, breathing heavily, and waiting, waiting for you to enter the room…The room I have booked is on the top floor of a hotel, looking out over the ocean. Looking out the window there are no other buildings in sight. I chose this room for exactly that purpose, I want tonight played out in the moonlight, at least at first, and I don’t want you to worry about someone seeing you…not yet, at least. We have also agreed on a “safe” word, something for you to use if I am too much for you. We have chosen “Armageddon”, as it seems appropriate to use a term that means “the end of the world”.

I have told you not to knock, that the door will be unlocked, and that you should come straight in and lock the door behind you. You should then just stand there, looking at the door, awaiting my instructions. I hope you do, I hope you understand that I want to control the situation; I want to take you and use you, as you have told me I can. The room is warm enough that I am comfortable to sit here in wrapped in a satin robe, but cool enough that your skin and body will react to it. My hand rubs along the length of my cock as it strains against my underwear. I wonder what you will think of me, whether you will like what you see, or whether I will be man enough for you, but then I dismiss those mardin escort thoughts. Tonight is for my pleasure, for me to use you, and I will not worry about your desires yet. The urge to grasp my cock and pump it till I come is nearly overwhelming, but I force that urge down. Why should I waste my effort on doing that, when you will be my willing sex-slave for the night?Is that a noise I hear? Yes, footsteps coming down the hall. My heart flutters in anticipation as I hear the steps falter and stop just outside the door. I can almost see your thoughts:

“Do I go in? I have never seen this man before; I have no idea what he looks like or what he’s going to do to me. Should I just turn around and leave, or should I go through with this? Oh, I want him to fuck me so badly, but I’m scared as hell! What do I do?”

It seems that your desire to be used, to be well and truly fucked, overrules your arguments, and you turn the handle, pushing the door open. I can’t believe this! I can’t believe that you’re actually coming through the door, a willing participant to this whole crazy thing!

But there you are! I see you as you come in, the moonlight shining on your face. You hesitate, looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming car; you quickly glance around the room, straining to see me, to see if I am here, but then you remember what I asked of you. You step further in the room, turn around and shut the door, then you stand there. I can see that your breathing is very heavy; you are scared, but as your nipples briefly showed in the moonlight before you turned around, you are extremely turned on.

I sit in my chair, hand still idly stroking my cock through my underpants, looking at you. My earlier vision of what you would look like is proven fairly accurate. Your gorgeous body is only just covered by the flimsy garments you are wearing. I am even more turned on, and my cock throbs viciously. I want to bend you over, rip your panties aside, and take you there and then…but no, I want to make this last. I want you to know that I am in control, and that you will do as I say.

I let another few seconds go by, watching as you start to fidget.

“Hello Little Sally.”

You jump slightly at the sound of my voice, and start to turn towards van escort me.

“Don’t turn around.”

“S-sorry…h-hello M.” You call me by the initial I asked you to use. Little do you realise that “M” stands for “Master”, but you will learn that lesson soon.

I smile. A nice voice to go with that tight body. And you can follow instructions! My smile widens.

“It is very nice to finally see you. You look amazing, as I thought you would. Did you enjoy walking through the hotel dressed like that?”

“Sort of. I felt cheap and under-dressed, but I got some amazing looks from people.”

“Of course you would have, who could not look? You did not see me as you entered the room?”

“No M, I didn’t. That’s how you wanted it, wasn’t it?”

“Yes Little Sally, yes it is. And tonight is about how I want it, isn’t it? That’s what we agreed on?”

A slight pause, then “Yes.”

“Yes what, Miss Sally?”


“Very good. Tonight is my night. You agreed to meet me here, and to allow me to use you as I feel fit, did you not?”

“Yes M.”

“Does that scare you? Be honest.”

“A bit, yes; I only know you from our e-mails.”

“But our e-mails have been fairly explicit haven’t they? You should know what to expect.”

“Yes M, they have, but I didn’t know if they were what you were really like or not.”

“Well you are about to find out, aren’t you? Are your panties wet?”

“A little…”

“What colour are they?”

“Black lace, as you asked for. Would you like to see?”

“No Little Sally. I’ll tell you when I want to see them. Now, close your eyes and turn around. Make sure you keep your eyes closed.”

“Yes M.” You turn around slowly, your eyes squeezed tightly shut. You stand there, legs slightly apart, arms crossed beneath your breasts, emphasizing them even more. Your nipples are very erect I notice, and I want to see them, to lick and suck and bite them. I whistle, long and slow, in approval.

“Very nice Little Sally. Now take three steps towards me, eyes still closed remember.” You take three paces towards me, your skirt lifting slightly on each movement, almost giving me a peek at your panties. Each step brings you further into the moonlight, so I can see you more and more clearly. ankara escort I squeeze my cock with the hand that is stroking it, wanting to take you so badly…

“Okay, now stop and turn around again. But stand with your legs tightly together.” You turn away from me, and then put your legs together. “I want you to slowly lift the back of your skirt so I can see your ass in those panties.”

You put your hands behind you and grab the hem of your skirt, then slowly begin to raise it, revealing the curve of your cheeks, and then the panties I have longed to see.

“Mmmm-mmm. Very nice. But I can’t quite see you, let’s see if this helps. CLICK! I turn on the lamp that I have beside me, and it spotlights you perfectly. I can now clearly see your milky-white skin, your smooth ass cheeks, and the black lace panties that you are wearing. You drop your skirt quickly and stand up straight.

“What are you doing Little Sally? Did I say you could move?”

“Th-the light…scared me a bit.”

“Did it really? Well that’s a bit of bad luck. Now get back to where you were, and if you forget my name again I shall have to punish you.”

I hear you swallow back a retort, and I can see you struggle with yourself, the urge to tell me to get fucked battling with the urge to let me fuck you. In the end, you slowly bend over again and raise your skirt.

“Good girl, Little Sally. Now what do you say to me?”

“I’m sorry…M.”

“Very good. Now, where were we? Ah yes, you were doing exactly what I asked. Turn around, it doesn’t matter now if you have your eyes open.”

You turn around, but because of the lamp you are unable to get a look at me; you can see a vague shape just beyond the light, but the glare makes it impossible to see any details.

“Remove that sweater. Now.”

“You hesitate slightly; “Now I said!”. You quickly grab the bottom of your sweater and pull it over your head, your breasts bouncing up and down with the force of your movements. As you drop it to the ground I stare at your breasts, only just enclosed in a black lace bra that looks two sizes too small. No wonder your nipples were so prominent!

“Okay, now the skirt, but slowly…”

You reach to the side and unhook the buttons on the skirt and slowly, starting to tease me a little, you unwrap it from your hips. Yours panties come in to view and you throw the skirt aside, standing there in you bra and panties. I feel a bit of pre-cum ooze from the end of my cock, and I wish I could get you to lick it off, but I want to keep you right where you are.

“So, are you uncomfortable? Are you ready for the next stage?”

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Husband Becomes Helen’s Submissive

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My name is Philip. I am married to a beautiful woman called Helen, and a few days ago… I did something very stupid!

My wife, her mother, her beautician, my P.A. from work, and any of their friends, (in fact, anyone that they choose,) are now completely in control of my life. They are my Mistresses, and I am fully subservient to their every desire. In fact, I am now nothing more than their sex-slave!

Recently, whilst I thought that my wife was visiting her mother, and would not be back all weekend, I decided to indulge myself.

I resolved to use the time to pamper myself, and to pander to my secret fantasy. As soon as she’d left the house, I stripped naked… I showered, and then depilated almost all of the hair on my body below the neck, leaving only a tiny amount around my pubis. I took out my secret stash of women’s clothing, separating the various items, and I lay them on the bed.

I sorted out what it was that I wanted to wear, and without pause, I began to dress. I could hardly contain my excitement… it was not often that I had the opportunity to become my ‘alter-ego,’ and I relished the thought of becoming a woman for the rest of the weekend!

I have been a ‘closet’ transvestite for many years now, but I had never found the courage to reveal this fact to my wife… I believed that she would be less than understanding, and that it might even threaten to destroy our relationship. I was not prepared to risk a divorce over it!

Little did I realise how severe, and how life-changing a reaction, I was to incite…

I began by putting on my lace-topped, fishnet hold-up stockings. I followed this with a bra, filling it with some silicon ‘falsies’ that I had bought a few months back… and gluing them to my chest with the adhesive which had come with them at the time of purchase.

I pulled on a pair of ‘Sex-Cache’ knickers, especially made to hold my cock between my legs, thus hiding my manhood, so that there would be no bulge through my clothing. I decided to wear a waist-clincher… a corset that I’d bought, which could reduce my waist to a very feminine twenty-four inches!

With my undergarments on, I chose to wear a leather mini-dress, which only came down about three inches below my panties… and that showed off the lacy tops of my stockings. I chose some ankle-boots to wear on my feet… they were the highest heels that I owned, and at six-inches in height… I would need to concentrate whilst I walked, so as not to topple over!

I sat at my wife’s make-up table, and began to transform my facial features. I thinned my eyebrows, plucking them just enough that I could return to my male persona with minimal explanation.

The foundation came next. I applied it quite thickly over my face and my neck, so as to cover any stubble that might grow during my ‘dressed’ phase. I lined my eyes with Kohl pencil, and used super-lengthening mascara on my lashes. I delicately applied colour to my lids, added some blusher to my cheeks, and then went to work on my lips. I outlined them with a dark lip pencil, and then chose a scarlet red for my lips. I covered the lot with an ‘extreme-shine’ lip-gloss, highlighting the lusciousness of my now very visible mouth.

I decided to go the whole hog, and I attached long false nails to my fingers… I did so using very strong glue, knowing that I had at least two days before I’d have to remove them. Once they were attached, I varnished them, using a high gloss red that matched my lips. From my collection of wigs, I chose a shiny, straight haired wig in pure black. It was long, and it came down as far as my lower back. I enjoyed this, as I could swish it around as I walked. In the mirror, I was pleased to see a very sexy looking woman in the reflection!

I was sure that any men who laid their eyes on me, would think that I was a ‘dirty bitch,’ and would want to try getting into my knickers!

I went downstairs, and decided that I would have a quick nap before deciding what my plans would be for the day. I lay down on the couch, and I closed my eyes, deciding that I would wake up in an hour or so… Something disturbed my sleep, and I slowly drew awake.

As I awakened, I opened my eyes, and gently lowered my feet to the floor. I hadn’t bothered to remove my boots, and so when I stood, I wobbled slightly as I found my footing. Although everything was silent, I ‘felt’ a presence behind me. Slowly, and with some trepidation, I turned around and faced the entrance to the room. Standing there, framed in the doorway, I saw the outline of three women.

My blood went cold! As my eyes adjusted to the light, and the shapes in doorway became clearer. I realised who it was that I was seeing. Standing there, as still as statues, shocked by what they were seeing, were three women… My wife, Helen… her mother, Susan… and my P.A. from work, Karen!

I was stunned, afraid and humiliated. I had been caught, in a most embarrassing situation… I was standing before them, crossdressed in fully bursa escort feminine attire… including my sexy undergarments, my high heels… and a wig! I was fully made up, too… not only facially, but also including the long, varnished false nails that I had applied to my fingers… and the silicon breast pads that realistically filled the cups of the bra that I was wearing!

“How long have you been standing there? What are you doing home? I thought you weren’t coming back here until Monday night, after your visit to your mother’s.” I stammered out, not knowing what to say.

“Obviously!” Helen replied.

“What’s Karen doing here? I almost understand that you could return with your mother in tow… but how come Karen’s here too?” I blurted out, blushing profusely.

“Oh… We were just lucky, I suppose! She came to deliver an important document to you, so that you could sign it tonight… and so that she could get it in the last post.”

I blushed once again, glancing briefly in Karen’s direction. I hadn’t noticed Susan reaching into her bag, and taking out her mobile phone, until a bright flash appeared from her hand. I realised that she had switched her phone to ‘camera’ mode… and now had photographic evidence of what I was wearing, and of the way that I currently looked… evidence of me, fully ‘feminised!’

I tried to move behind the sofa, so that I could kneel behind it, and hide from her camera… but before I could do so, my wife sternly said:

“Don’t you dare try and hide! Stay exactly where you are. I want you in plain sight, so that we can take more photos of you! You chose to dress like this… so you will live with the consequences!”

I froze in place, unsure of how I should react. Helen had always enjoyed having something over me. She liked being in control, and being able to force me into doing things that I wouldn’t normally want to do.

Having the upper hand was a power play for her… and it was just the way she liked our relationship to be! Until now though, the things she’d made me do were of no real consequence… cleaning the house, and fashion shopping with her… things like that. Now though, she had me over a barrel!

All three women now held their camera phones in their hands, and I saw them all taking pictures of me in my predicament!

“We can all see that you prefer being dressed as a woman… no, as a tart, and a slut… so, if you two ladies agree with me… I think that you should remain in feminine clothing for the rest of the weekend… the whole of next week… taking a week’s holiday from work… and next weekend too!” Helen said, looking at her mother and at my P.A. for their support. The three women agreed at once, grinning broadly to one another… and my fate was sealed!

“You can’t do this to me. You can’t make me do it against my wishes. What if I say no? You can’t force me to keep these clothes on! I live here, and all of my own ‘male’ clothing is here… it’s in my room!”

As soon as I’d pointed this out to them, I knew that I’d made a serious mistake. Helen undid and removed her belt from the waist of her jeans, indicating to her mother to do the same, and Karen removed the long scarf from around her neck.

Within seconds, I’d been surrounded. I could feel my body being immobilised, as Helen grabbed my arms, securing them behind my back with her leather belt, whilst my knees were bound together by her mother, with hers… and before I could protest, Karen had gagged me, tying her scarf around my head, securely in my mouth!

My wife left the room momentarily, and went up to our bedroom… the next thing that I knew, a duvet cover was pulled over me, and the three women had carried me out of the house… dumping me unceremoniously into the boot of my mother-in-law’s car!

I heard the women getting into the car, the engine starting, and off we went!

I could scarcely believe what was happening to me. I was being kidnapped, by my own wife, her mother, and a close work colleague… all whilst I was made up and dressed as a sexy woman! God only knew what they had in store for me, but it was sure to be highly embarrassing… and humiliating enough to furnish them with more than enough evidence to allow them to force me to comply with their every wish… maybe even to allow them to blackmail me into repeating this experience in the future!

‘How did I get into this situation?’ I thought to my self. ‘This is entirely of my own doing! It’s my own stupidity that got me into this, and I am the only one to blame!’ We drove for what seemed like hours. The engine stopped, and I felt the girls hauling me out of the boot. I was carried a short distance, and dumped onto a solid floor. The duvet cover was removed. I was pulled to my feet, and my gag was taken out of my mouth.

“Are going to be a good girl, Pippa? We can’t call you Philip anymore… it’s a boy’s name… and for the next eleven days, you’ll be a girl. malatya escort A slave-girl, in fact… or, more accurately… OUR slave-girl! If you promise us that you’ll be obedient, and will do exactly as you’re told… we will release you from your bonds. If not… well, you can imagine!” Susan, my mother-in-law asked me.

Looking at my surroundings, I realised that we were in my mother-in-law’s weekend cabin. It was miles from the nearest town or village, in a large forest… so, I had no chance of help arriving, and even if I tried escaping, it would mean several hours walk… fully crossdressed, in six-inch heels… only to arrive somewhere that may give a ‘feminised’ man a hostile reception.

My goose was surely cooked!

“Yes… I’ll be good. I have no choice, do I?”

“Karen… You’ve been awfully quiet so far.” My wife said. “Why don’t you tell us what you think we should do with our new girly, ‘submissive’ sex-toy?” Helen asked.

“I’d love to,” she replied, “as he’s very demanding at the office. I’d love to turn the tables on him for a while, but you don’t think that he’ll fire me for it later… Do you, Helen?”

“He wouldn’t dare, Karen.” My wife replied, “Remember… we are going to record a lot of this… photographically, and on video! If he tries anything at the office, just tell me… and I’ll post it all over the Internet!”

I gulped… having no doubt at all that she meant it!

“Let’s untie him then, and see how subservient he/she really is!” Karen laughed aloud, as she suggested this to the others.”

My arms and legs were released from their bondage, but I knew that any resistance was futile, so I bowed my head, and I asked:

“What do you want of me? How can I keep you from destroying my life with these photos and things? Why are you doing this, Helen? I didn’t want to hurt or upset you… I just wanted to have a weekend fulfilling my fantasy, and dressing up for a bit!”

“You never told me that this was one of your fantasies… a pretty major one too, by the looks of things. This certainly wasn’t your first time doing this! So… by omission, you have lied to me! When I was a kid, my mother always taught me that it was wrong to lie… and that if she ever caught me doing so, I would be punished! Isn’t that so, mum?”

“Yes dear… and I think that you are doing the right thing. How can you trust a man who lies to you? I’ve always preached that the punishment must fit the crime… I’m with you all the way on this one. He wants to be a girl… so… let’s show him everything that a girl must do! What’s more, Pippa must be punished for lying! Karen, you and I must discuss how best to do this! Do you both agree?” Helen and Karen both nodded in agreement.

“Mum, I think that we three should talk in private!” Helen said.

“Let’s tie her ‘spread-eagle’ to the bed then!” Karen added, getting an immediate vote of agreement from the other two.

I was immediately led to the Mistress bedroom, where I was instructed to lay on my back, and where my arms and legs were firmly secured to the bedposts! The three women exited, leaving me alone… bound, helpless, and feeling very vulnerable!

I couldn’t believe it… although I was alone and tied up… I was beginning to get excited!

My ‘Cache-Sex’ panties were made to hide my dick in my femme clothes, but were not designed to do so if I were spread-eagle on a bed… and with my legs spread widely apart. I could feel my hard-on, trying to free itself from its knicker-clad prison. I hated to think what would happen, if the women saw that I’d begun to get excited, due to my imprisonment and my servitude to them!

“Helen, you are my daughter, and I love you with all of my heart. I’m sure that you know that any advice that I give you is only that which I believe to be in your own best interest. Karen, it seems to me that you have arrived here at a most fortuitous moment… and, I hope that you will be willing to help my daughter and me to teach her perverted husband… your ‘kinky’ boss… a lesson that he’ll never forget!” Susan said to the other two ‘shocked’ women.

“You’ve got something in mind, haven’t you mum?” Helen replied.

“What are you planning Susan?” Karen asked.

“Well, first of all, he/she must remain fully feminised until we say otherwise! We’ll keep him dressed up as our fully feminised, crossdressed, transvestite slut and sex-slave until Monday week!” Susan told her accomplices.

“I like it.” Helen responded.

“Can we do it so that the changes will be really noticeable?” Karen queried.

“Like what?” Helen asked.

“How about taking him to a beauty salon… and getting him a full make-over? You know… including things like shaping and plucking his eyebrows… and making them pencil thin! How about making him pierce his ears, and wearing girly earrings? We could have permanent eye-liner tattooed around his eyes… He could be made to wear long false çanakkale escort lashes… and maybe, we could get him a ‘Brazilian’ style bikini-wax… What do you think? Shall we do it? I think it would be great to do these things to him!” Karen suggested.

“It’s a bit severe… but, it sounds like a plan to me!” Susan agreed. “It would certainly teach him a lesson!”

There was a short pause, and silence filled the room as Helen considered the proposition, but moments later, she nodded her acquiescence, and added:

“We don’t even need to go to the salon… I have a friend who is a beautician… I’m sure that she’d come over and do the necessary!”

“Excellent!” Karen noted.

“Let’s go ahead and do it all!” Susan replied.

Still bound and immobile, I heard the door to the room as it opened, allowing my three Mistresses to enter once again. I wondered what they had decided my fate to be… and, I tried desperately to hide my ever growing excitement from them. It was an impossible task. My rampant cock was throbbing through the silky fabric of my panties!

“Look girls… We’ve excited our girly ‘slave!’ Her ‘boy-clitty’ is hard and throbbing!” Karen said, excitedly!

“My goodness! After we’d forced her to be our submissive too! I think that she is beginning to enjoy her subservience to us, Ladies! It seems to me that she likes being forced into her role as a ‘feminised sex-slave’ for us!” My wife Helen observed!

“You see… Deep down inside, she really wants to serve her Mistresses… as a submissive slut… forced to comply with our every wish!” Susan observed.

“Call your friend, Helen… The visiting beautician that you know. Ask her to come over, tonight… as soon as she can… I think that you should explain to her that it’s so that she can feminise your husband. Explain to her that Philip/Pippa needs a complete make-over, and that you will be imposing no limits as to what she can do to complete her job! Tell her that once she has finished, we will all be expecting to see no masculine traits in Philip’s physique…” Susan instructed her daughter.

“Yes, let’s do it!” Karen agreed.

“Okay then, I will!” Helen agreed!

Helen picked up the phone, and called her friend, Alice… the ‘mobile,’ visiting beautician that she knew well. She asked her if she could do her a big favour, and if she would be willing to come straight over to her house…

“Can you come over immediately? Please… drop whatever it is that you’re doing… and come straight over! You probably won’t believe what I’m going to ask you to do for me… but, I promise you that I’m not joking… and that I consider it to be really urgent. You know that I’d never fool around with you. We’re much too close for that… but, only you can help me with what has to be done!”

Alice agreed to drop everything, and promised that she would be at Helen’s house within the hour!

Thirty-five minutes later, Alice rang the front door bell, and entered the house, intrigued to discover Helen’s secret! She was shown through the house, and into the room within which I had been bound and immobilised!

Shock showed on her face!

“I need you to give my husband a full make-over… I expect Philip to have been fully transformed into ‘Pippa,’ (his feminised ‘alter-ego…’) including things like the thinning, plucking, and shaping of his eyebrows… making them pencil thin! The piercing of his ears… and his being made to wear girly earrings. Permanent eye-liner should have been tattooed around his eyes… He must have been made to wear long false lashes… and he should have been given a ‘Brazilian’ style bikini-wax…”

“Is he willing to undergo these alterations?” Alice asked Helen.

“Yes… He feels that he has no alternative!” Helen replied.

“Once these make-over techniques have been applied to him, we intend to continue with his feminisation, until he is indistinguishable from a real woman!” Susan added.

Alice instructed me to strip naked, removing all but my make up. I did so immediately, and without complaining once. A few whispers passed between the four women, before they made me sit in a chair that Alice had brought with her to the house. It looked very like a dentist’s chair, with a headrest, arms, and a long leg-rest.

Within moments, my neck had been secured to the headrest, using a leather collar… my arms were secured with leather straps, and my legs were bound apart to the base of the chair, using ankle-cuffs, separated by a leg-spreader bar!

I was naked… except for my make-up, my wig… my long, glossy, scarlet finger and toenails… and my silicon breasts, which were glued to my hairless chest with adhesive. I was bound and immobilised to the beautician’s chair, and I felt very vulnerable… surrounded as I was, by my three Mistresses and their ‘visiting’ beautician!

I saw my wife, Helen, approaching me, and then realised that she was placing a thin strip of material over my eyes, blindfolding me from everything that was to take place. Next, I felt a rubbery, ball-shaped item being placed into my mouth, and I immediately appreciated that a ball-gag had removed my ability to speak… or to scream! My head was immobilised, using a neck/head brace, and I was finally ‘prepared’ for the next stage of my transformation/feminisation!

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Bound and Determined

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The door to the hotel room was slightly ajar, just as he had told her it would be. With a mixture of excitement and anxiety her hand reached to push the door open.

She had, on some whim she didn’t fully understand, answered his Craig’s List ad a few weeks before. She hadn’t consciously planned to end up in a hotel room with a stranger. And she certainly had not planned to find herself with a stranger who was both married and expressed an interest in exploring his dominant side. But their e-mail exchange had continued and had become more sexually explicit as time went on. They had exchanged their real first names. They had flirted with sharing their fantasies and desires.

Those e-mails led to a first meeting at the cafe tucked into a side street just off the main campus of the university. The balcony area offered a level of privacy they would have been unlikely to find at the larger coffee shop chains. That first meeting had been awkward. She remembered playing with the cardboard cuff wrapped around the cup holding her latte; eventually she had folded and refolded it so many times it ended up in shreds on the table. But they both felt compelled to follow this through. And that is how she found herself here, opening the door to a room in some chain hotel not far from the airport.

He was sitting on the queen-sized bed waiting for her; his dark blue polo shirt accentuating his broad shoulders. His back was against the headboard and his jean clad legs were casually stretched out before him. A black and grey duffel bag sat on one corner of the bed. He slowly stood up, walked towards her, and led her into the room. The door to the hallway closed silently behind her.

He towered over her 5’6″ frame; his size both intimidating and exciting. He leaned down, lips gently touching hers, whispering, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

With a certainty that surprised her, she returned the kiss and whispered, “Yes.”

He took a step back. “Undress for me.”

She reached down to the hem of her simple black t-shirt and pulled it up over her head. As she kicked off her sandals she also undid the button on her jeans and slowly pulled the zipper down. He watched the jeans slide to the floor. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra and exposed her large breasts to his gaze. Her light blue panties joined her jeans on the floor. His gaze moved from the sway of her breasts, down her belly, to a soft triangle of hair. As they made eye contact he smiled and signaled with his hand for her to turn around in a circle so he could take in all of her. Which she did.

She hadn’t noticed the strip of silken fabric in his hand until he pulled her wrists together and bound them in front of her. He maneuvered her now naked body towards the wall next to the bed. He took her bound hands denizli escort in his and raised them above her head as he turned her to face the wall. As she stood, leaning against the wall, he caressed her back. His hands moved to cup her breasts and tease and pull on her nipples. She couldn’t see his smile as he heard her breath catch and felt her nipples quickly become raised and hard.

He slid his right hand across her ass and down between her legs. Her breathing became heavier as his fingers slid across her slit. He could feel how wet she had already become. He felt her stiffen slightly in surprise as he slid a single finger, and then another, into her already moist vagina. He moved his fingers in and out of her and pressed insistent kisses along her neck and back.

He leaned into her. “Don’t move.”

She felt him pull away and heard a sound that must have been the zipper on the duffel bag she had noticed on first entering the room. Remembering his command, she stayed perfectly still, even as she felt him return. His hands reached for her breasts and to her surprise he attached a nipple clamp to first one, and then the other. A long chain hung between the two. She moaned and arched her back as his slight tug on the chain pulled at the clamps and sent intense and crazy sensations directly to her clit.

One of his hands continued to tease her breasts, alternately playing with the chain and squeezing and twisting her nipples. The play was gentle at first but became more forceful as her arousal increased. His other hand snaked between her legs and he began to caress the lips of her vagina, then he was sliding his fingers up to her clit and teasing and playing as she began to moan. Eventually his fingers moved away from her pussy to play and press against her asshole. His voice sounded huskier as he told her, “Maybe, we’ll save that for the next time.”

As he began to fuck her pussy with his fingers again, her legs began to shake. She moved her head back slightly to rest on his shoulder. “Fuck! Please. Please. I’m going to cum.”

She felt his body become still and felt him take a step back. There was a sharp sting as his hand slapped hard against her ass. She couldn’t keep her body from jerking slightly; more from surprise than pain. The first blow was quickly followed by three more. And then she felt him lean hard into her, pressing her to the wall.

“There is only one rule,” he whispered. “You don’t cum until I tell you to cum. I’m going to keep taking you right up to the edge. But you don’t cum until I say it’s okay. Understand?”

She leaned into the wall, catching her breath. She could feel the length of his still fully clothed body pressing against her and his hard cock pressing into her back. She barely whispered. diyarbakır escort “Yes.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes I won’t cum until you say I can. Oh, God. Please say I can.”

She couldn’t see his face, but she swore she could feel him smile as he said, “No. Not quite yet. I think there’s a bit more for us to do before that.” He turned her around to face him and unbound the cloth wrapped around her wrists. He set his large hands on her shoulders and pushed down with light pressure. She followed his lead and sank to her knees. Her hands moved to unzip his jeans. She smiled and a laughed a bit when she realized he was not wearing any underwear. She buried her face in his crotch savoring the scent of him and the feel of his pubic hair as it brushed against her cheek. She pushed his jeans down to the floor. Cupping his balls in one hand, she held his large cut cock at the base in her other hand. Slowly she began to trace her tongue around the ridge. She licked the length of it before she pulled it into her mouth. He used his hands to hold her head still. As he thrust into her, fucking her mouth, her throat muscles began to relax and she took in more and more of its length.

He slipped his cock out of her mouth. Stepping out of his jeans he lifted her to her feet and led her to the bed. He clearly had arrived at the hotel room early and made preparations. Before she knew what had happened she was spread eagle on the bed with her arms and ankles cuffed into restraints that he had attached to the bed frame.

He pulled off his shirt and sat next to her on the bed. She was keenly aware of his naked body as she watched him reach down into the duffel bag. He had moved it to the floor by the bed, just out of her line of sight. He clearly didn’t want to her see to be able to see what he had planned for the rest of the afternoon.

As he brought up his hand, she saw that he was holding a vibrator. It was a dark deep blue in color, with ridges and veins molded into to the material to resemble a large, hard cock. Her eyes widened slightly as she noted its size. Sitting next to her on the bed, he teased her with it, turning it on low to start. Her body squirmed as he ran it along the nipple clamps. He played with the chain connecting the clamps as he teased her inner thighs with the vibrator. He pressed the vibrator against her clit but moved it as soon as her body arched to meet it. He slid a finger into her pussy and finding it dripping wet sunk the vibrator deep within her. As he fucked her with the vibrator, he reached to turn it to the highest setting. He watched as she raised her hips to meet each thrust.

He noted her face and chest begin to flush as she approached orgasm. And as suddenly as he had begun, he pulled the vibrator antalya escort away and pulled hard at the chain attached to the nipple clamps.

“Oh Shit!” She hoped no one had been in the room next door to hear her startled scream. He moved to place the length of his body over hers, trapping her beneath his weight. Not that she could have gone anywhere with the restraints. He kissed her gently and moved his lips to whisper in her ear, “Do you remember your safe word?”


“What is it?”

“Violet,” she panted. “The safe word is violet.”

“Do you want to use it now? We can stop this.”

She smiled a surprisingly relaxed smile. “No. Whatever you do, don’t stop now.”

Chuckling, he kissed her again and moved his body so his erection pressed in between her legs, causing her to moan and press against him. He sat up and again reached into the duffel bag. It didn’t take him long to rearrange the restraints. She now found herself still lying on her back, but her feet were flat on the bed close to her ass and her knees were bent and spread so as to fully open her body up to him. Her wrists were now cuffed to her ankles. He placed one of the pillows beneath her ass.

She stifled a gasp as he removed each nipple clamp. She thought that action must have distracted her because she wasn’t sure where the condom came from. He must have pulled it out of the duffel bag at some point. She stared as he ripped open the packet and rolled it onto his throbbing cock.

“Tell me what you want me to do.”

“Fuck me. I want to feel your cock inside me. I want to feel your body pounding into me.”

His hands on her knees to spread her wide open, he pushed his cock into her in a single thrust. Her breathing became more ragged as she felt him move in and out of her body with increasing intensity.

“I need to cum.” Fully expecting to be denied, she pleaded with him, ” Please.”

She wasn’t surprised to feel him stop thrusting; to feel him slide out of her. He had spent all their time together taking her right up to the edge of a momentous orgasm and then stopping and pulling her back. But she wasn’t sure she could stop this time. And she wasn’t sure what was supposed to happen if she came before he wanted to her to.

He smiled down at her. He thrust into her and began to move again, albeit somewhat more slowly. He kissed her, saying “Do it. Cum for me. Now.”

He felt her legs begin to shake slightly. He felt her pussy, tight around his cock, contract. And he heard her moan and scream as her orgasm exploded around him, bringing him to the edge himself.

He pulled out of her, removed the condom and knelt next to her on the bed. She stared up at him as she watched his hand reach for his cock. With almost a single stroke he was shooting his cum. She felt it, warm, slick and wet, hit her stomach and breasts. A line of cum hit her cheek. She was startled by how much she liked to watch him. She could barely breathe. He reached down and kissed her.

He removed the restraints from her wrists and ankles and they lay next to each other on the bed. Neither one able to say a word.

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How Nathan became Natalie Ch. 06

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Jennifer and I have been married for six months and everything was going great for the most part. Our jobs were going well. I was working as a PR rep for a large national company and Jennifer was working in marketing for a different large company with business all over the globe. We loved living in the Atlanta area minus the traffic. We lived just north of the actual city but it was so much faster paced and so much more things to do than where we grew up at. You could see and do and find almost anything in the area. We discovered the Fox Theater and bought season tickets to their Broadway series and we were looking forward to seeing Phantom of the Opera in January. Our house was in a very nice neighborhood and while we met a few of our neighbors we did not get to know them very well over the summer. Was nothing personal but everyone was just too busy with jobs and family to be that social. We did chat with them when we saw them outside and everything but we did not get close to any that we would call good friends. Honestly I think most of the wives felt threatened by Jennifer and the looks their husbands gave her.

One time I teased Jennifer about how the men ogled her and she laughed, “Me? Do you see the way Nancy looks at you? I think she likes the pretty boy type. I also saw Frank checking you out one day when you were cutting the grass. I think he may be in the closet.”

Everything was going great, we never argued, our sex life was wonderful and just like on our honeymoon, and Jennifer controlled that. When she wanted sex we had sex. She would initiate it all the time and then times I tried to she would tell me she was not in the mood and then ten minutes later she would “seduce” me. I knew after several times of that happening when I tried to initiate the sex she wanted to but she feigned she was not in the mood because she liked to be in control. She even had me remove the hair from my body telling me she found it sexy when I did so before.

She controlled almost everything around the house, not that I complained at all. It was just the way it was and I was happy to let her. She controlled the money and paid the bills, we had a joint savings and checking account but also our own personal accounts that Jennifer would allocate equal amounts of money into monthly. She was not trying to hide anything from me and would show me the balance or let me check it online if I wanted to but I never did. I trusted her completely. We both made very good money and enough to set aside in savings and even for what she called a “fun account”, which was for vacations or just to buy frivolous things.

Jennifer controlled the decor of our new house, the landscape layout, all of it. I was not lazy and did the yard work and was her “helper” when she needed me to be. She even suggested we join the local country club; which we did. Neither of us played golf but Jennifer enjoyed the tennis courts and the gym they had there. It was more a social activity and a place for us to get all dressed up and eat dinner at once a week.

The one thing I found lacking was my desire to be Natalie. I craved to be her a great deal, craved to dress up in the female clothes I stashed in two suitcases I hid in the attic, to be so pretty and feminine looking for a man to fuck me and use me or even for Jennifer to fuck me. I refrained from my desire to be Natalie and it was sometimes a struggle but I did it out of love for my wife.

It was early October and the weather was getting colder and I came home after having to go into work on a Saturday for half the day due to one of the department heads making a huge error that caused a scandal and the company needed a press release for the stockholders and the public. All smiles and feeling horny I walked into the house from the garage.

“Jennifer, I’m home.” I called out.

“In here…the bedroom.” I heard her say but there was something wrong in her voice.

I walked into the bedroom and saw my wife sitting on the bed still wearing her pajamas. That was so unlike her. She normally got up and took a shower and was dressed for the day before ten in the morning. I then looked closer and her eyes were red and watery and puffy like she had been crying. My first reaction was someone died, maybe her father or mother or one of my parents. Her delicate, perfect hands were balled up in a fist resting on her knees.

I went to sit next to her but she moved away from me as I sat down. As I went to put my arm around her she flinched and moved even further away.

“What…baby, what’s wrong?” I asked in a scared voice.

She turned to me and sniffled. “How long? Just tell me how long have you been doing it?” Her voice held a hint of anger.

“How long what? Doing what?” I asked.

“Don’t Nathan. Remember when we were kids and we made a pact that we would never keep secrets?” I nodded and she continued, “Seems we have lied to one another and kept secrets and…and I can’t do it anymore. I tried, baby, I tired so any yalova escort times to tell you and to get you to tell me. I did…on our honeymoon remember? After that I tried and I hinted but you did not tell me so I never told you.” She started crying again. “I can’t do it anymore. The guilt is eating me alive. All day I thought about how to confront you and tell you.”

“Tell me what? What…what’s going on, Jennifer. You…you are scaring me.”

She ignored me and continued as she cried. “All morning I thought how I tell the man I love so dearly that I know and…and other things…other secrets we kept form one another. I really did, baby. And…and then I went into the attic to get our winter coats out…and…and I found them.”

My heart felt like it stopped. I now knew what she was talking about and what she found. “Jennifer…please…I…I can explain.” I begged.

She looked at me and opened her fist and in her right hand she held a pair of black lacey panties. I knew they were not hers; I knew because they were mine.

“How much longer were you going to hide it?” She almost screamed and threw the panties on the floor.

Divorce flashed in my head. All I could do now was beg her not to think less of me, to beg her to forgive me for cheating on her, and tell her everything and hope she would not leave me.

“Jennifer, baby, please…I…I have not since we have been married. I swear…please…I am sorry…it was just a phase…you know exploring like you did with Denise.” I begged. I did not know how much she knew so that was as far as I was going to tell her.

“A phase? I told you about Denise. Were you ever going to tell me about Kevin? Oh don’t looks so fucking shocked. Of course I knew. I knew all along, N-A-T-A-L-I-E.”

I gave a loud moaning whine of despair and was about to try and defend my actions or at least explain them somehow. Jennifer put her hand over my mouth and took a deep breath to calm herself.

“Don’t talk. Don’t say a word until I finish.” She told me and I nodded. “It was not that you had sex with Kevin. I did not care and I don’t care.” She started calmly. “It was not like you enjoyed dressing up as a girl for him and for other men I am sure. It was…you kept it a secret after I told you about Denise. I gave you so many chances to tell me and you never did. You just lied about it.”

She removed her hand from my mouth and when I was going to say something she shook her head and I kept quiet. “I love you, Nathan. God I love you so much. People used to ask me…my father…hell even you own father…why do you date him? He is such a sissy and so feminine and you can do so much better. I heard that ever since I was thirteen. But I told them I loved you. How else could I explain it? I told them that you are my soulmate and regardless of anything that may happen or we may do or even if we were separated by the entire world you would always be my soulmate and the man I would marry. I…”

Jennifer gave a little sob of emotion and choked up and I felt so guilty, so terrible, so much like an evil person for what I did and my desires after what she just told me.

She took another deep breath before continuing. “I cannot bear the thought of you not in my life or spending my life without you, baby. I just can’t. We are so codependent on one another and it may be so unhealthy for a relationship for us to need each other so much, but I don’t care. It’s how we are.”

I nodded and felt the exact same way. Jennifer gave me a half smile, “Don’t worry we are not getting divorced. We could not live without each other in our lives. I am not angry at the fact you dressed up as a girl for Kevin or that you sucked his dick or that he fucked you. I have not right to be, trust me. I am upset you kept it a secret.” She smiled again, “At least it makes me feel better about the secrets I kept from you I have been feeling so guilty about.”

“What…what secrets?” I asked. I was relived she was not going to leave me.

“No, you don’t get to know them now…not yet. If you would have told me about that,” she pointed to the panties on the floor, “I would have told you my secrets. I will one day but not now. You don’t deserve to know all of them now. I will give you one secret however.” She smiled at me and I knew by that smile she was not going to tell me a secret out of honesty and love for me but out of revenge or spite. Jennifer was not a cruel or spiteful person but right now she had a right to be.

“Ask me how I knew about you and Kevin.” She said.

I swallowed hard, “How…how did you know about me and Kevin?”

Jennifer grinned, “He told me one night after he fucked my brains out. I was really surprised you did not know I was not a virgin on our honeymoon.”

I was stunned. I knew my mouth was hung open but I could not seem to close it as I looked at my lovely wife smiling at me. I felt so many emotions; fear, anger she edirne escort never told me, so many more I could not even think in my confused state. One thing I did not feel and I felt that odd was jealousy. For some reason was not jealous my one time dorm mate, my male lover who I pretended to be a girl for was fucking my girlfriend who was now my wife; then I realized Jennifer was the mystery girl Kevin was seeing. It took a moment but then it also hit me the things he told me about the “mystery girl”; the thing he did to her, she did to him, how she liked to be treated, and even the things she told him about her past.

I finally closed my mouth and found my speech again. “He…he told me things…about you. Things…well things about sex with you and about…about things you told him about your past.”

Jennifer frowned, “No…I told you that you don’t get to know or understand those things about me right now. I would have told you if you would have told me about you and him when I told you about me and Denise or even later when I gave you every chance to.” She grinned again, “By the way, he fucked me and Denise at the same time one night. I talked her into it.”

“I…I…how…why…when…I don’t know what to say.” I admitted.

Jennifer leaned in and kissed me gently on the lips and pulled back and took my hand in hers. “I owe you a little explanation I suppose. All my life I have been pampered and people have treated me like a doll, a fairy princess that would break if they upset me or said anything unkind to me or hurt me in anyway. You do and always did, my parents, your parents, your sister, all my friends, everyone. I know I am beautiful, Nathan. I am not stupid. I see myself in the mirror every day. You know me better than anyone…”

“I thought I did.” I interrupted and she gave my hand a gentle squeeze.

“Hush and let me finish. You know my looks don’t make me stuck up or conceded even if I have the right to be. You know how I have always controlled and sometimes manipulated people because of my looks. I mean let’s be honest with one another like we used to be.” I flinched a little at her jab about honesty. “You take a hundred of the prettiest girls you and your friend know and put them in a room and then you bring me into that room and I will be the most beautiful girl in that room hands down.” I nodded and could not help but agree.

Jennifer took a deep breath, “But I never thought I was ever above anyone else. Not once in my life. Denise is my best friend and she is cute but nothing compared to me and I never thought I was better than her or prettier than her even though I know I am. It gets annoying after so many years. At times I wanted to scream for someone to call me ugly or insult me or my looks but they never did. Then I discovered something about myself on my eighteenth birthday. I met a guy through a friend on the softball team and we went to buy some weed. I never smoked it and she did all the time and I wanted to try it. So we went to her dealer. He was a twenty-three large black man…I mean total gangster type. I was a little scared. Anyway I tried to use my looks to get the price down but he was not having it. The first time in my life a guy ignored my looks. I became immediately attracted to him for that reason alone. He was not all that nice looking and had a large scar on his cheek but he did have a nice body. Anyway as he gave Stephanie the weed and I payed him, he took my hand and pulled me to him and told me if I ever wanted to know what black dick was like to get in touch. No one ever talked to me like that and it excited me.”

As I listened to Jennifer’s story, much to my shame I became aroused knowing what was coming next.

“I did and he took me to a motel, even made me pay for it. It was a cheap dirty motel. And he fucked me. Took my virginity and when I told him he was hurting me with his large cock…and I was large, baby, bigger then Kevin’s and I know you know what his was like. Anyway he did not care and just kept pushing it into me and I even cried at first. But as he fucked me it stated to feel so good. He fucked me that first time for a long time and I came two times before he did. But it was more than that. It was the way he treated me that turned me on so much. He did not treat me like a doll or princess or sweet and kind and nice, he treated me like a cheap whore. He even called me his white slut many times. He made me suck his cock until I chocked on it, he fucked me four times before he was finished with me and even when I told him I was too sore he did not care, he fucked me again. After he was done he left me naked and wore out in the bed and told me he would call me when he needed a white whore to fuck.”

I was amazed and stunned by my wife’s confession and did not know what to say. I shifted my body so she would not catch sight of my erection and think I was an awful person to be aroused by what she was telling me.

“I met erzurum escort him often that summer before we went to college and he even fucked my ass on more than one occasion. Oh it hurt…hurt bad the first few times but he did not care when I begged him to stop. But soon I started to enjoy it…enjoy it a lot.” She smiled at me, “I am sure you know how great it can feel. But my point, besides to be spiteful, which I am doing I admit, is that it was the way he and Kevin treated me that aroused me so much. It was just so great and a huge turn on to be treated like that when my whole life I was treated with kid gloves.” She smiled again, “I also found out I have a fetish for strong black men.” She actually giggled at that.

“Was…were they the only two?” I asked.

“No…not fair. I told you more of my secrets than you deserve after you lied to me.”

I was confused by her logic but in a small way it made sense I guess. If I would have told her just about dressing as Natalie and being Kevin’s sissy girl she would have told me everything.

“Have…have you been with anyone since we have been married?” I dared to ask.

“No…that I promise you just as you promised me you have not dressed as a girl and been with a guy since we have been married. Which I believe you but I need you to tell me everything and be honest. I know about Kevin but were there anymore men or women? God please no other girls that I don’t think I could handle right now.” She whispered the last part more to herself.

“No. You are the only girl I have even ever kissed. But yes there were others.”

I told Jennifer everything and I mean everything including playing house all last summer as James’s trophy wife. When I was done she looked at me and slapped my shoulder hard and in anger.

“Over the internet!” She screamed at me. “You…that…you could have met some nut job and he could have killed you!” She yelled with a great deal of concern in her voice. “Don’t ever be that stupid again! I could not live if anything happened to you!”

I could not help but chuckle at her but also felt a lot of love for her and her concern touched me.

“So…so what now. Do we…do I need to go to a hotel and well…are we over?” I asked frightened by the answer.

“Don’t be silly, dear husband. I already told you that you are my soulmate and I love you. I am not going to leave you. I forgive you for keeping Kevin a secret and all the rest. It’s up to you now. I will understand if you want to leave me.”

“I…I don’t want to. I love you and I would never leave you.” She smiled at my answer. “But…what now? Do we just go on like nothing happened and everything be the same?”

Jennifer shook her head, “Remember what I told you on our honeymoon about sharing our desires?” I nodded, “Well I am going to share one of mine. One I was hoping would have come to light much sooner but someone was a bad boy and did not tell me.” She smiled at her jab but it was a kind smile.

“What? I will do anything I promise.” I assured her and in my guilt and desire to keep my wife I would have even if that included her telling me she was going to go out that night and get fucked by some random black stud.

“You know as an only child I always wanted a sister.” She giggled. “Well maybe stepsister because I would want to fuck her. If I did have one I would want her name to be Natalie.”

Once again she stunned me but this time I smiled, “Really? You want me to?”

“I really do…and…well…I was turned on about when you told me about James and how you were Natalie for him all the time. That was hot.” She blushed.

“Jennifer I have wanted to dress as Natalie for you for a long time. I…well my makeup sucks but I can do everything else so well and even been told I was very passable and can go into public as Natalie and no one would know.”

Jennifer grinned, “We will see how pretty you look…which I am sure you will cause you are already pretty and feminine as a boy. And I can help with the makeup. Remember my first job at sixteen was working the Clinique counter at Macy’s.”

“Will you show me?”

Jennifer kissed me on the lips, “Of course, baby. I got those suit cases down with all your clothes in them. Pick something sexy but not trashy and definitely don’t wear those panties,” She pointed to the panties on the floor. “God they are so white trash. And take a shower first and make sure you are clean shaven…all over. Use the guest bath since I am going to shower in our bathroom.”

I giggled and actually rushed out of the room and into the guest bathroom. The first thing I did after I removed my clothes was to make sure my body was not only hairless but smooth with no stubble anywhere including my face. Everything seemed nice and smooth except. Once Jennifer had asked…well told me…to go back to being hairless for her I made sure I was nice and smooth everywhere on a daily basis. Then my eyes went wide when I saw on top of the counter for the sink a package and it was one of those disposable enemas I used almost daily when I was dressing as Natalie to make sure my ass was very clean and hygienic for my male lovers. I started to wonder if the idea of me being Natalie for my wife was not as spontaneous as she led me to believe. I used it of course.

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