New Year’s Kiss Ch. 2



We continued to party into the early hours of the morning. When everyone started leaving we just weren’t ready to stop partying. A group of us decided to go back to Amy’s house and continue our New Years festivities there. I kept thinking to myself, I hope it doesn’t last too long. I couldn’t wait to have her all to myself. Our earlier experience had ignited my interest and I was aroused by the anticipation of our naked bodies together.

Upon arrival at her house the drinks started flowing once more and I quickly regained my buzz. The atmosphere was more laid back; I think everyone was starting to tire out. Someone had turned on the TV and found porn on a cable channel. I watched with interest and kept everyone entertained with my smart-ass comments. I had to say something to cover my heightened arousal. I was afraid that if I just sat there everyone would notice my increased breathing and was hopeful that when I stood up the wetness between my legs was not noticeable. I kept glancing at Amy; trying to catch her eye and make sure she was as turned on as I was. I decided that I needed to take matters into my own hands and told the others I was tired and going to pass out in the spare room since I was not sober enough to drive home.

I headed that direction, making eye contact with Amy, wanting her to take the hint. In the bedroom I undress with the exception of my black lace bra and matching Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort thong panties. I quietly snuck out of the spare room, closing the door, and stepped into Amy’s bedroom. I partially closed her door and lay on her bed, waiting and hoping she would be there soon. I began to massage my crotch through my panties, feeling the wetness seep through the fabric. Damn, I was really wet. I slipped one finger under the lace and traced the inside of my pussy lips. Wow, I couldn’t remember the last time my pussy had been this wet and swollen. My clit was aching for release but I held back. I removed my finger from my pussy and put it in my mouth, savoring my sweet juice. Just then the door opened and Amy walked in.

Oh – I wasn’t expecting you to be in here, she said. Is that okay, I asked, hopeful that she would want me as much as I wanted her. Yeah, she barely spoke and came over to the bed. She didn’t say anymore, just placed one hand on my face and gently kissed me. Her tongue probed my mouth; played with my tongue, and caused such ecstasy I could feel my pussy getting wetter. She moved her mouth down my neck, kissing the entire way, down my shoulders, and down to my chest. Slowly she slid my bra off, caressing my breasts as her hands slid around my body. Lowering her mouth to my breasts, I moaned out at the intense pleasure of her mouth suckling my breast, tongue massaging my nipple.

As she continued to work her mouth over my breasts, I slid my hand into panties, wanting to feel her hard little clit and give her pleasure again. No, no, it’s my turn, you already had your fun – she said. She grabbed my panties and pulled up firmly, making the thin thong part slide over my clit. I gasped in pleasure and kissed her passionately. This was so amazing; I just couldn’t believe it was really happening. She sat up and removed my thong, commenting on how saturated with moisture they were. She moved her delicate fingers down my body and felt my almost shaved pussy. Hmm, nice she whispered. Her fingers massaged my pussy lips, slipping all over with the wetness I had created. Very slowly I spread my legs a little, exposing my clit to her.

She moved her fingers towards and gently rubbed and played with my swollen clit. She plunged one finger into my wet hole and started sucking on my breasts again. As she finger fucked me she moved her mouth down my body and, kissing my stomach and finally stopping with her mouth right about my clit. I raised my hip slightly in anticipation. She slowly licked me and sucked me, concentrating on my clit with her tongue and my hole with her fingers. The pleasure was so intense I was gasping and moaning, not caring who heard us. Just when I thought I was going to explode with orgasm, I stopped her. She looked at me puzzled but quickly figured it out. I quickly removed the rest of her clothes, almost ripping her panties I was in such a rush. I turned her around and had her lay on her side so I was staring at her beautiful pussy. Before she could react, I plunged my tongue into her wet hole, licking up her sex juice. I fucked with my tongue and sucked on her clit.

Soon she started up on me again. We were like animals, sucking and licking each other’s pussies. At the same time we started finger fucking each other and licking clits. I added a little bonus, and stuck a finger up her ass too. She almost screamed it felt so good, and quickly did the same for me. I was intent on making her cum harder than ever before. I could feel her hole tighten on my fingers and knew she was close. She started sucking my clit at a frenzied pace and was slamming her fingers into my pussy. I started shaking with pleasure and soon I was exploding with pleasure, as my orgasm shook my whole body I grabbed her clit between my teeth and screamed out in pleasure. Little did I know this would put her over the edge, she too began to scream out in pleasure. We were grunting, and groaning, screaming and moaning, as we both came hard. The orgasm shook through our bodies like an earthquake, leaving us trembling and weak. As we calmed down, I moved my face towards hers and kissed her gently. She had an evil twinkle in her eyes, so, she said, I have some toys we can play with later if you want. I hadn’t realized what I had gotten into.

Watch for part 3 – New Years Day

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