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Lesson Learned?

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She had been teasing him all day. Lifting her skirt up slightly when she knew he was watching. Brushing up against him. She hadn’t worn a bra or panties that day just to tempt him. She thought it was fun to get him hard and ready to go and then make up an excuse why they had to stop. They were finally home and she’d have to pay.

“Take off your clothes and get over here.” he told her when she walked into the bedroom. She smiled and pulled her shirt over her head then slipped off her skirt. She laid down next to him on the bed. He pulled her close and kissed her deeply. He could tell that she thought he was going to be sweet like he normally was. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and she gasped.

“You’ve been a cock teasing little slut all day, haven’t you?” He said as he kissed down her throat.

“Mmmhmm” she murmured enjoying his kisses.

“What do you think I should do with you now?” He asked her as he lightly pinched one of her nipples.

“Do whatever you want with me.” She panted arching her back.

He roughly turned her over onto her stomach. He squeezed her ass.

“Put your hands behind your back” he demanded.

“Why?” She asked.

He slapped her ass hard. “Just do it you fucking slut”.

She immediately obeyed and put her hands behind her back and he put the handcuffs on her.

He reached back down and rubbed her ass where he had slapped her. He could faintly see a red handprint in the darkness.

“Are you going to be a good girl now and do what I say?” He asked squeezing her ass again.

“Yes. Yes, I’ll be good.” She said softly.

He turned her back around. He xslot slowly ran his hand down her body, across her breasts and down to her pussy.

“You’re already wet, you little whore.” He said as he slowly slid two fingers inside her. She moaned and moved against his hand.

“Do you like it when I finger fuck your little cunt?” He asked her as he moved his fingers in and out of her.

She moaned again in response.

He pulled his fingers out and slapped her clit. “Answer me!” he demanded.

“Yes! Yes, I like it!” She gasped. He smacked her clit again. “What? What do you like?”

“I like you finger fucking my little cunt! Please!” She begged arching up her pussy to his hand.

He slid his fingers back in and started moving them in and out while she moaned. He leaned down and started making circles on her clit with his tongue. She was squirming and gasping but he knew she was helpless with her hands cuffed behind her back. He kept flicking his tongue around and around her clit while his fingers moved in and out of her pussy. She started to shudder and he knew she was cumming. He pushed his fingers inside her and left them there while he sucked her clit until she cried out and he felt her body relax.

He didn’t give her any time to recover and instead moved up to her face. He grabbed her hair and shoved his cock into her mouth. She fought him for a second in shock but then relaxed and he started fucking her mouth. He could hear her moaning on his cock while it went deep into her throat. He reached down and squeezed one of her breasts while pushing his dick as deep as it would go into her warm mouth.

He xslot Giriş pulled out of her mouth and laid back on the bed.

“Get down here and suck it like a good girl” he told her and then watched as she struggled to move between his legs with her arms still behind her back. When she was there she took him in her mouth again and started moving her head up and down.

He reached down and held her head gently and slowed her down.

“That’s such a good cocksucker.” He told her as he moved her head up and down slowly on his cock.

“Are you going to be a good girl now?” He asked as he pushed his dick deep in her throat.

“Mmmmhmmm” she murmured as she tried not to choke on it.

He liked the feeling of controlling her. He knew she couldn’t stop him.

He pulled her mouth off his cock and laid her down on her back. He gently kissed her swollen mouth and then kissed his way down to her nipples. He slowly licked them one by one. He kissed down to her wet pussy and gave it a long lick down the middle.

“I like good girls” He told her as he continued to slowly lick her pussy.

“I’ll be a good girl!” She promised desperately.

“I don’t believe you.” He said as he moved up and positioned his hard cock to fuck her. “I think you’re still a bad girl who likes to tease me” He said as he roughly shoved his cock deep inside her. She cried out loudly. He put his hand down across her mouth and pushed down hard.

“You better be quiet you little slut.”

She nodded her head and he moved his hand and started fucking her. She was trying so hard to be a good girl and stay quiet as his cock xslot Güncel Giriş moved in and out of her warm wet pussy.

He started fucking her harder. She was biting her lip trying to be quiet. He pressed his hand down on her throat and kept fucking her. He could hear her little squeaks as his hand lightly squeezed her throat. Again he felt a rush of power over her as he realized he was in complete control. He squeezed her throat a little harder and then released. She gasped.

He pulled out of her and roughly moved her to the edge of the bed and bent her over. Her hands were still cuffed behind her back. He spread her legs and pushed his cock inside her. He grabbed her hair again and pulled her head back as he roughly fucked her. She started to make a louder noise so he shoved her head back down into the bed and smacked her ass hard.

“Quiet!” He demanded. She bit the sheet in her mouth to stifle her noises.

He squeezed her hot ass and held her hips as he fucked her.

“You’re such a little slut. You’re such a little slut for my cock, aren’t you?” He said as he pounded her.

“Yes. Yes. I’m your little slut. Fuck me.” She whispered.

He could feel his cum building up inside him.

“I’m gonna cum all over your ass. Beg me for it, you fucking whore” He said as he slid his cock in and out of her.

“Please. Please give it to me. Please cum all over my ass. I want to feel your hot cum on my ass.” She begged.

He pulled out just in time. His cum shot out all over the handprints he had left on her ass. He squeezed her ass with one hand while he held his cock in the other and watched the cum drip down her round ass.

“Have you learned your lesson? Are you going to be a little cocktease again?” He asked her.

She turned her head slightly to look up at him from the bed, her hands still cuffed behind her back. She grinned sweetly. “Yep!”

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Licks – Another Fun Night Out

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George yanked on her chain making her nipple clamps suddenly push together intensely. Jocelyn winced as her nipples tighten, then tingled intensely. She felt a satisfying ache. A surge of juices darted through her, moving towards her soaking wet pussy. She sighed and continued to endure the endless state of arousal that her new dom was inflicting on her.

He told her to do things to herself while they drove. When he was rock hard she took him in her mouth and sucked his cock with teasing, swirling licks and deep penetrating thrusts. He pushed her head down around his cock and moved his pelvis in rhythm to the tune on the radio, orgasming into her mouth; the steering wheel pinning her in place.

As she swallowed his sweet and salty taste she thought of her Master and her “sisters”. They all lived together in big beautiful home with many rooms. Sergio insisted they all get along and there was never any bickering or jealousy. A few lesbian encounters, but no fights.

She recalled how this had all started.

“My darling, I have other plans this evening but I want you to go out and enjoy yourself. I have arranged for a friend, George, to escort you on your adventure this evening. I promise you, you will enjoy yourself immensely.”

Sergio looked deep into her eyes as he added, “This adventure appeals to all your whims, curiosities and erotic fantasies my beautiful Jocelyn. Plus I have an added surprise. I am going to make a dvd of this adventure that we’re going to watch together. Then every time we watch the tape together you’re going to suck my cock and take my seed into your mouth.”

Hearing this made her tremble.

“Agreed!” he said forcefully, not so much a question, but rather a command as he inserted his cock between her pretty lips. “And no one but you is to know about the filming, do you understand my gorgeous pet?”

She looked up at his stern face and understood the importance of his request.

“Yes Master,” she said with an equally serious look on her face.

With that comment Sergio kissed her lovingly on the top of her head and held her close feeling the heat and excitement in her beautiful nude body as she sucked his cock. He noticed her ass was leaking wet cum from the pounding she took from him earlier. He liked her filled with his cum; it made him smile. Sergio spurted wetness between her lips then sent her off to the shower. He knew she would clean every hole completely so she was ready for anything that was requested of her.

Jocelyn put on a robe, got them both some coffee and looked around at the elaborately decorated home Sergio owned. She still couldn’t believe she lived there. She lived in luxury like she had never known and she would do anything for Sergio. He was a handsome and kind man. His strong Italian looks and lean fit body inspired sexual workouts like none she had ever experienced before. Jocelyn looked at the beautiful art work adorning the walls as she brought Sergio his coffee.

Jocelyn didn’t know what he did for a living but she did know he was very rich and enjoyed spending money on her. He helped her dress for the evening. Standing in the mirror she gazed at the small tight candy apple red corset with black fish nets and tall black heels he had chosen for her. After doing her hair and makeup, she put her clothes on. Jocelyn knew she looked amazing when she looked up from the mirror at the sensual smile that lit up Sergio’s face.

As he attached the nip clamps to her big beautiful breasts, he teased her and told she would get fucked like never before and experience more orgasms then she ever thought possible. The thought gave Jocelyn another jolt of pleasure.

George and Jocelyn drove swiftly through deserted streets until they found the underground restaurant LICKS, that catered to a certain clientele. A high end clientele with specific tastes kept this restaurant rolling in cash. Discreet little Pay Per View specials of the Specials of the Day also drew in a hefty sum of cash.

LICKS has a variety of daily specials along with special hiding places for fucking and sucking. Jocelyn didn’t know it, but her Master was one of the owners and was profiting handsomely.

Today’s Special of the Day, as posted on the online calendar, made for a full restaurant. Reservations were a must here and had to be made months in advance. The Specials of the Day were planned ahead and were very popular, first come, first serve attractions.

It was a new experience for some, but the membership was exclusive. Booths had been set up in certain locations along the floor for tonight’s Special. Today the owners would lend out their most prized pussies to be devoured by the men that wanted them. The subsequent DVD would become the most expensive and highly sought after Pay per View show published to date. It would make all the owners even more wealthy than before.

On the LICKS exclusive web site was a calendar like no other. Each day had special days along with other “Straight Days” where the restaurant functioned as a regular restaurant so that credit card slips weren’t questioned by suspecting wives. Some Starzbet people were in the know and some weren’t. Most men preferred that their women were in the “not know” category.

Many men have told their women that the lobster there was so decadently delicious that it was worth the $299.00 charge. The unsuspecting wives would be told that they are worth it. That this was a once in lifetime opportunity. Women would look at their men like they were crazy but in the end they would agree that they were, indeed, worth every penny.

The $299 did in fact buy tonight’s special; Dom for 15 minutes. One by one, the customers were led into the fashionably decorated rooms around the restaurant that the beautiful subs resided in. The bouncer would knock on the door to indicate a 2 minute warning. Satin sheets, red and shiny set the stage, along with long velvet drapes that offered a sense of classy elegance.

Appointments had all been prearranged online and the people knew what to expect and what was expected. The chances the patrons would see themselves on the very exclusive DVD was slim and discounted by the owners. The price per viewing was too high for anyone but the ultra rich.

Roland was Jocelyn’s first customer.

“Suck my cock bitch,” Roland said as he pulled Jocelyn’s pretty face toward his raging hard on.

Jocelyn was turned on by the aggression in his voice. She liked being the willing pawn in the adventure ahead of her. Jocelyn recognized Roland’s need and forgave him for clumsy interpretation of what it meant to be a dom.

She recalled the events that brought her here. Her Master loaned her out for the evening and requested she get to know his friend, a fellow Dom. She knew that she would do whatever her Master told her for he knew what made her happy. Now here she was in a room with the promise of a fresh cock coming through the door every ten minutes. She would barely have time to clean up between men. Each man had their own dom adventure in mind and had fifteen minutes to enact it. That was the time it took for the men to excuse themselves from the table under the guise of going to the bathroom.

What a club. Their wives happily gorged on the most succulent lobster available, while their husbands satisfied some of their wildest fantasies. Men that had been pussy whipped now needed to feel dominant, and tonight would be their opportunity. They loved the thrill of being in charge and fucking the women 20 feet from the table they were sitting at.

Each man had been given a time and a location in the restaurant to enjoy their specials by email. It gave them a powerful sense of control. An erotic fantasy fulfilled with a very hot topping. He hoped the room was sound proof because thinking of his nagging wife so close while he fucked the girl of his dreams was so intoxicating he could hardly stand the level of pure enjoyment.

Roland fucked and commanded Jocelyn with reckless abandon. He didn’t hurt her, but he did like it rough. Some of the positions they tried were near impossible but Jocelyn was very flexible and eager to please. Roland left feeling powerful and very satisfied.

The bouncer greeted the next customers. Next up were two beautiful fit, tanned females that looked like they held corporate jobs. They looked like they had strong looking personalities and were use to being in charge.

The bouncer looked at the computer and smiled.

A typed message appeared.

“This is stroke worthy.”

Obviously the hidden camera situated at the entrance to the club was working well.

The bouncer laughed at the cameraman’s comments, knowing full well that if he went into the camera room this evening the smell of sex would greet his senses. The specials were too hot to not greet them with stroke sessions.

The bouncer set aside the sash and let the ladies in. A bouncer wasn’t really necessary, because by the time the clients had gotten this far, the club knew they were committed and deeply devoted to enjoying the pleasures and privileges of the club. People were always on their best behaviour. Why wouldn’t they be. This club and it’s variety of activities was now their drug of choice.

The customers gladly gave in to whatever cover charge or special requirement that was asked of them. Each customer knew that the morsel that awaited them would be of the finest quality. It was a 5 (o’s) restaurant. O’s as in orgasms. This place was on the top ten of the thrill seekers rare opportunities list issued only to people with a black credit card.

The two women entered the lush boudoir. Their lovely lips greeted Jocelyn’s soft skin with french exquisite kisses. Her slender, luscious body moved like a wave in a current of passion as their lingering touches, soft caresses and soft kisses adorned her.

Then there it was. The blonde’s aromatic pussy pushed down on waiting lips. Both lips parted with passion. Jocelyn’s tongue explored the dips and secret passages of her pussy with a darting tongue. When she found her clit she sucked on it, making it nice and hard. Behind her she felt a very big strong protruding dildo Starzbet Giriş at the entrance to her small pussy. Jocelyn gasped and felt her face being pushed into the blond’s pussy. She almost suffocated.

“Keep her cuming,” was the gruff voice behind her.

The stunning brunette had chosen the biggest strap from the toy products. Jocelyn wondered if she could handle it. The dildo was so big.

“I’m going to fuck you with this hard cock bitch, and you’re gonna love every inch you hot little slut.”

“Yes, I will Mistress. You are my empress and I am your slave girl.”

“Good” she purred as she drove the cock fulling into her willing pussy.

At the sound of those words Jocelyn felt herself being penetrated hard and deep and fast. The woman behind her had something to prove and Jocelyn knew she was the object of communication.

Camera 10A blinked. The cameraman in the booth noticed it right away. He didn’t want anyone to see it. The beauty of his Pay Per View movies, and thriving business, was that they were real. The participants usually had no idea they were being taped. Jocelyn was enjoying every minute so her performance was very real. She wanted to help to make it look good, and that she did.

Strong, demanding thrusts going all the way out and all the way in were sure to be a sensual feast for the cameras. They were catching every angle, along with some spectacular close ups. Jocelyn managed to arrange things for the best viewing. She was licking the blonde’s sweet fragrant pussy while getting fucked hard from behind. These women were gorgeous. Just as she was thinking this, the blonde pulsed her release into Jocelyn’s mouth.

The three continued playing in many wild and different positions, with Jocelyn being commanded, spanked, whipped, and called nasty names like bitch and whore. It all added to the excitement. Jocelyn loved every moment and her orgasms tonight were intense. Her tongue was numb from licking pussy and her legs were throbbing from the dildo that nearly ripped her apart, but she was happy. Because it was two of them they got 30 minutes and used her every second. Jocelyn didn’t know if she could continue, but she wanted to. She couldn’t resist the excitement of finding out who awaited her next.

The cameraman looked at Jocelyn in the room by herself. She looked vulnerable. She looked ravaged. While watching her freshen up, he thought about fucking the sexy ass that was getting a nice angle shot on camera 5. He spit in his hand and lazily continued to watch the show, his cock in his hand.

An older man was next. His smile was lecherous; his grin oozed pure sex. The scars on his face and the tats on his body showed he was a man not to be messed with. When Jocelyn saw him she trembled. He looked so strong and forceful. When he took off his shorts she thought he would faint. His cock was huge. Enormous.

“Play with yourself,” he told her and watched as she slowly circled his nipples and dipped her fingers between her pussy lips into the soft moist canal.

“Tell me how you’ll please me,” he said forcefully in a low voice.

Jocelyn became more and more excited as she spoke.

“I’m going to slide you between my pussy lips and feel your fully engorged cock glide between my soft folds forcefully.”

He approached her quickly, twisting her arm behind her back.

“You think this is going to be easy sub?”

He pushed her over the bed against the bed post and roughly fingered her pussy feeling her juices. Then he stuck two big fingers inside her and started whipping them quickly in and out of her.

“Tell me to stop! Tell me you don’t want this,” he taunted her.

Jocelyn couldn’t find her voice. He fucked her with his fingers even more forcefully.

“Tell me bitch! Tell me to stop!”

She felt as if he was ripping her apart.

She did as she was told and he started fucking her cunt with his fingers even faster. She could tell he was over the top turned on now.

She came for him just then and he slowly released his fingers.

“I’m going to fuck you now.”

He roughly pushed her onto the bed and instructed her to raise her legs up high. He raised Jocelyn’s torso to the right level and began to slide his enormous cock into her already very swollen pussy. He spit on his enormous cock to easy the glide inside. He watched her take him; he pussy enveloped his enormous cock and took him in deep.

His gluts flexed. Her moans filled the room, and they fucked. And fucked. There was a knock on the door. Time was up. He slipped her his card. They would fuck again.

Next, a teenager, 18 exactly, shuffled through the door. He looked uncertain of what to do, but there was a definite mean streak in his eyes. He pulled a whip from the display of sexual gratifiers and a pair of cuffs. They started kissing. His mouth took control. He became more and more aggressive in the way his tongue commanded her mouth. Looking at her, he bit her bottom lip. When he released his grip her bottom lip was throbbing. Jocelyn felt her excitement surge.

He told her to kneel on Starzbet Güncel Giriş the lengthwise post on the bed. It hurt but she did it. He then pushed her forward so her sexy little ass was perched up high. As she was kneeling in a very advantageous position for him, she vocalized that she was uncomfortable.

“I don’t give a fuck wench. I’m the one that counts here whore.”

She sighed and rationalized that with this mildly uncomfortable positioning Jocelyn really felt like she was being punished. She eased in, turned off her mind and started to absorb the thrill. She liked being punished. It made her feel new again afterwards. She felt like her demons were being washed away. Jocelyn welcomed it every time. It made her wet and sent tingles through her. Being punished was a pure feeling.

Jocelyn knew her obedience would be richly awarded with sexual deviance that would heightened her orgasms to an even higher level of satisfaction. So she endured, winced, and remained kneeling on the log post while her newest dom for 15 minutes decided how to treat her.

She smiled into the camera at her sexy Master, hoping he would be pleased when he saw the film. She wondered if he was watching her now.

Handcuffs clicked around her wrists and the poster she was using to support her hands. Jocelyn heard the young man go towards the wall of toys and felt her excitement grow.

What would he do to her?

She inhaled his heady aroma just before he lifted her chin and thrust his big hard cock between her lips. He was semi hard and expanding rapidly in her delicate mouth.

“You look good bitch! I’m gonna rip you apart baby, just like you like it.”

She murmured her agreement around his cock. He fucked her mouth wild and relentlessly, sliding from cheek to cheek and then ramming her mouth deep and defiantly. Then he took his cock out and shoved a dildo in her mouth. She was happy he chose the one made of glass. It felt good in her mouth.

“You look like you can’t stop sucking cock you crazy horny bitch,”.

He shoved the glass dildo in and out of her mouth watching her. She enjoyed it for the cameras, and gave him a good show. Leaving it in her mouth was what he opted to do. He would make her suck it hard later. For now he enjoyed her being uncomfortable. He didn’t know why it thrilled him, but he liked it and he liked pushing the limits and seeing what will happen. He looked at the beautiful wench with the glass dildo in her mouth kneeling with her ass in air. She was gorgeous.

Helix swirled around behind her and took his cock out. He thought about how hungry he was to fuck her. He had another vibe. A big one. Nine inches of thick hard cock. He took a bottle of vibe juice and lubed her pussy and ass up so she was sopping wet. Taking the 9 inch cock he shoved it up her pussy. She screamed in surprise at the girth and power that overtook her pussy suddenly, then she gently eased into it.

After positioning himself at the entrance to her sexy ass he resumed shoving the glass dildo in and out of her mouth. He pushed into her well used ass easily and popped in deep. Now he was fucking her pussy, ramming her mouth and filling her sweet ass. And they rocked, and rocked.

The cameras ate up the action. He was given an extra 5 minutes it looked so hot.

Leaving the dildo inside her wet pussy, shoved in deep, gave him a free hand to slap that sexy ass of hers. He gave her a good slap, licked his hand, then rubbed her reddening cheeks. It seemed to turn him on even more she noticed as he started pumping her ass even deeper. He hit her again, and again, and again. She could really feel it now. He didn’t seem to be able to stop. The eye behind the camera must have noticed too because he got a two minute warning that time was up. He slapped her red cheeks again, and again, then his cock exploded hot cum inside her. He pulled out and soaked the well in her back. It captured his cum beautifully.

Undoing her handcuffs he got dressed and reluctantly let himself out. Jocelyn cleaned up quickly and just in time too, because all of a sudden the lights in the room went out.

The cameraman shut off all the cameras and took the footage to the video editing room. He would pour over the film for days until the perfect combination of erotic teasing was revealed. He knew already from the preliminary footage that this evenings special would be a best seller.

Then it was pitch black. Jocelyn couldn’t see her hand in front of her face. After a minute two tiny flashlights emerged and revealed two strong men wearing masks. One was carrying something. Then the lights went out and she found herself carried to the bed. Not a word was spoken. She was laid on the bed as warm compresses were placed on her bottom. The men kissed her as her pain subsided.

Her nipple clamps were removed. They kissed her everywhere, urging her sexy body this way and that, and moving her slightly to suckle on a tender breast or lick her wet pussy gently. Jocelyn felt loved and free now. She eagerly licked the cock that was gently inserted between her lips. It tasted and smelled familiar. Her body melted in submission when she realized it was her Master. She recognized every crevice and licked him with zealous passion. She loved the feel and texture of his hardness. Long tender tantalizing licks of pure perfection surrounded his cock now.

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Letter from Peoria

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Dear Shoeblossom

I would never have guessed that there was so much kinkiness in the quiet state of Illinois, but we do kind of live it up in a Midwestern fashion!

There are dungeons in Cicero and Skokie and Champagne, and I’ve been bound and tortured, teased and tormented in all of them.

During my college years in Chicago, as a fairly rich preppie, I was able to sample the cruel and entitled Goddesses that reigned that city.

I did a year of study abroad, and learned to answer to the appellation “Kleinschwanz”.

And, for the past eleven years, I’ve been the slave-sub to the various tenants in the building I own.

I am a man of means and so I can give very good breaks in the rent and I meet a lot of attractive and impoverished artists of both sexes who need an inexpensive place to live.

Most of the world isn’t aware that I, T. Burrows Mondrian IV, studly captain in competitive polo is also is the biggest pussy-boy in all of Peoria!

I was once a player on an indoor football team and all star in five sports in high school and two at university, but I seemed to lean towards submissiveness in my sexual arena.

Before I bought the apartment building, I got a lot of my training from my first wife, Auburn…she was a good example of what you give up for to get the thrills, right?

I had been living it up as a wealthy bachelor, and I met Auburn, a former Hollywood starlet extra, working as a drama coach at the University of Illinois. Auburn had been an ice blonde given to tight black dresses and pearls, and she made me give up a lot of my friends so she could have the kind of social life she liked…

She re-decorated the place in ways that disgusted me, but when I complained, Auburn would take my pants down and whip me with her racquetball paddle.

And, when I wanted to go on golf trips or see my pals, Auburn would strip me and diaper me in these horrible Depends adult diapers, and make me sit around the parlor in the diaper, sucking a pacifier while her crazy artist friends poked fun at me…in my house, eating on my bill!

The first time I complained coming home to Auburn making it with our landscaper she made me lie down naked on the floor and she stomped my balls with her high heel, and then had the damn gardener take off his belt and give me thirty!

I spent the last six years of the marriage…when not working, kneeling in a corner and awaiting her commands. I missed my broader life, but found my adoration of her to be so all consuming.

And then Auburn found someone more compelling in Tunisia, and heartbroken, I sold my mansion and purchased the apartment building and filled it with sadists!

And life is wild here. Last night I spent sitting naked in the bathtub of Rick in Apt B-109. Rick had wrapped a chain around my testicles, and attached a Y clip to my nipples so I had to sit crouched in the tub.

If I straightened up to ease my aching back, my nipples and my balls were both strained and pulled, HARD.

Up my rectum, Rick had stuffed an ear of corn, doused in habaneras peppers and garnished with Icy Hot.

And Rick clipped a Victor rattrap to my balls, just below where the chain pulling my nips was.

This so that when I did relax into the hunch to relieve my nipples there would be increbi9le pinch with my testicles pushing against the horrible wood and metal trap.

My mouth and asshole were exhausted Starzbet as a result of Rick’s earlier ministrations with his big cock, and of course he is a master with the blacksnake whip, three feet long, that I bought him.

At some point in the evening, Rick invited Orbit O’Neill, known on our block as the “Albino Wino” to come in and urinate in my mouth, and of course I had to give him a hummer and eat the dingle berries out of his ass, and give him a hundred dollar tip afterwards.

I’m not gay and I don’t think Rick is either. On my non-sub days, we go and get brews together and watch Bulls and Cubs games, and sometimes we work out, tell dirty jokes, that kind of thing.

I’m a fairly masculine guy and so is Rick, and I can actually kick his ass when we do arm wrestling or Tae Kwon Do, but now and then the masochistic itch hits me, and I text him upstairs and ask if “Master Richard” is available.

Then, instead of showing up in a concert tee and ripped jeans, I put on (as I did last night) a frilly pink nighttime, a sort of baby doll horror show from the Doris Day flicks of the early sixties. (Which would make Rick Rock Hudson?)

So last night was quite typical. After I texted, Rick called and said “I haven’t had my dick sucked by a cute little sissy, get dressed in your lingerie and come down here!

Make sure those legs are shaved and your nut sack too, I will pull any strays out of your scrotum with tweezers, bitch!”

So, after applying bright blue eye shadow and rouge and cherry lip-gloss and of course a silly wig, I stepped into my transvestite store size fourteen double wide high heels.

I began mincing down the hall. One of the doors burst open and Theodosia McIntyre stuck her bitchy head out.

Theo and her husband Alston are nice people I met at a leather bar in Cairo, and it didn’t take much to get them to relocate here, and they do enjoy being residents in my kinky digs!

Alston is locked in a chastity belt and telecommutes approving small business loans, so he can be a sub full time!

“I got the call from Rick that you were getting into your precious negligee and were going to be dancin’ down the hall. So, I let Alston do his monthly jack-off a day or two early and look how much waste we have here!”

She paused. “You better drink up, Burr, or I’ll tell Teddi!”

I have an odd relationship with Theo, in that her niece, also christened Theodosia but nicknamed Teddi.

Teddi is only nineteen, and goes to Princeton (on my dime) and only comes home on vacations.

Last Christmas, Teddi inserted a ring in my urethra, a nasty metal thing and it allows urination but not orgasms. Teddi sis an adorable chestnut haired minx and I love her dearly, but she is a handful.

Teddi has long mandated that she will only take out my urethral ring out when she comes home for breaks, about four times a year. (She summers in New Jersey, too) and if I want out of the ring for orgasm purposes I have to please Auntie Theo.

Theo sends pictures and reports of my progress, and then when Teddi’s back, I can jerk off on her toes! Whee!

So, when Theo peeked out of her apartment last night with a full glass of Alston’s backed up, vile semen, I knew I had to drink the whole thing.

“Normally I fill an ice cube tray with Alston’s monthly ejaculate” Theo went on breezily, “You know that, Burr, as you’ve been down to suck on them with Alston Starzbet Giriş now and then when you watch Bulls games.

But when I heard you were coming down the hall, I decided to let Alstie jack himself twice in a row, since he’s that horny. I seriously considered having you suck him off…you’d like his Willy! Oh, don’t make a face, Burr!”

I thought of Alston, who was probably kneeling with a sounding iron in his pee hole and a metal anal intruder up the back…he must have been so damn grateful for two cums in a row, and now it would be going down my hatch.

“It really looks like a lot” I said, viewing the contents suspiciously.

“Well, I had some semen saved from old Mr. Chase, who lives in the next building [yes, I own that one, too] Mrs. C gave me her husband’s chastity key on her deathbed.”

Theo laughed nastily, sounding like Jeff Green’s wife Susie on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” I thought of old, disgusting Mr. Chase.

And then Theo continued ” So Mr. comes here to clean our place under my whip and then, if it’s sparkles, I let him go down on me, and then I unlock him. I give the old geezer a long teasing with my French manicure, and when he gets super excited…”

Usually I have Alstie suck him off, but Alston did have strep recently, so I had Mr. Chase jack into a glass, so you have the benefit of both men’s sperm, lucky you, Burr!”

She leaned down and flicked the end of my cock with her French tips and then gave the ring a nasty twitch.

“And there’s so much there, you can have a nice swallow. Don’t choke! And you’d better do it quick or I will shoot Teddi a text and she won’t even come home for her spring break and you will be backed up cum-wise for months, Burr!”

I knew there was a chance that Teddi would be tempted not to come home. She has begun dating a fire chief who lives quite close to where she lives in Princeton-Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Apparently, Teddi has somehow turned the fire chief into a full time maid for the other firefighters around the firehouse. Firefighters kind of hang out in the firehouse, waiting for the bell to ring…they play pool and watch television, and now big, manly Chief F__ has to sexually service them all, men and women, and wears a similar lingerie set to mine!

Teddi is in love, and so if I made the slightest mistake, she would just stay there. Apparently the Chief has asked her to marry him about five times, although if she split up with him, I am sure the other firefighters would keep him busy, beating his ass and taking unlimited oral from him. I wonder how long it takes the Chief to get out of his lingerie when the siren rings…or does he just put his raincoat on over it?

As I chugged the glass of sperm miserably, Theodosia again took my suffering cock by the urethral ring and neatly ran a needle through the head. She loves playing Pincushion.

“You have to leave this needle in-Lemme put a few more in, on your foreskin, until Rick lets you go tomorrow morning. Burr, stop wincing. It’s not masculine or terribly attractive.”

Theo laughed as I downed the last few droplets of Alston’s repulsive sperm.

“I’d put a metal ball press on you as well, a nice addition but it’s on Alston right now just to show him that although I let him have two jack-offs to maximize the amount of backed up scuzz his buddy Burrows would have to swig, Alston shouldn’t expect further tenderness Starzbet Güncel Giriş from me!”

Theo chuckled again and slammed the door in my face after snatching the glass back. I was lucky in a way that Teddi wasn’t there.

Teddi might have unlocked the evil ring in my pee-hole and added a heavy barbell, maybe a two gauger that would have bounced on the end of my schlong as I continued to plod down the hall in those ill fitting high heels.

Teddi had recently sent me an e-mail with pictures of a ball stretcher that I’m to purchase on her next visit. She is a demonic little thing, but she has huge full lips that she likes to gloss hot pink and perfect 36C honeys…

And Teddi sometimes lets me suck the nipples if I can take 20 from her heated fireplace poker.

I’ve tutored her a bit over e-mail. She is unable to memorize much, and I had the details of the Magna Carta memorized as well as the order of English kings and all the American presidents-I’m also good with formulas and cosines and love the sciences…

But being bright isn’t quite what turns Teddi on, methinks.

Teddi is seriously considering putting me in a Prince Albert piercing but instead of putting rings in the holes of my scrotum and glans just shoving a padlock through the piercing and letting it swing heavily between my legs while she’s back in school.

How I miss that cruelty…

But there are distractions. Further on down the hall in B112 is “Peoria Pumice” who once ran a whorehouse on the West Coast as “Pomona Pumice” and then “Pasadena Pumice” before she itched for the Midwest.

Pumice is a tease denial queen who lives off the generous contributions of the men she holds keys on, the poor chastity belt boys.

Pumice loves dealing with me because she can diddle around with my stiff erection when I drop in, and never give me a release, as that is Teddi’s department when she comes home on vaycay.

Sometimes Pumice’s former fellow California whores, Zuki, Skye and Kyra visit and then all four women strip me down, tease me and have me perform between their legs for hours.

I leave with a stiff cock, the damn ring bouncing at the end, soaked with pre-cum and such numb jaws.

And last night was much of the same. Pumice called me in and her rich curly strawberry blonde mop bounced as she giggled at my tranny regalia.

Pumice’s father, a geologist who named her after the Pumice stone, is apparently a notorious ladyboy in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The poor creature has to go out in full drag and suck off cowboy-ish drug dealers and bring the tips back to his cruel older daughter, Flinti…

“So let’s see how Burr’s little boo-boo is doing” Pumice said last night as she pulled my junk out from under my nightie and twisted and tickled the evil ring at the tip.

I watched as she paused to put on a fresh coat of hot pink lip plumper, and gaped at that jiggling cleavage.

“So you’re going to see Rick and be his little faggot queen, are you?”

Pumice rubbed my swelling glans with the flat of her palm, and then tickled the underside of my cock with her sparkly nails and I gasped in acute frustration.

“Teddi hasn’t been home to give you a release in a while has she, my little homo?” Pumice giggled again and her carriage rose and fell majestically.

She has such dexterous fingers!

After my full balls bounced out of there, I went to see Rick, and he put me through it, and all day today I have been uncomfortably sitting on a chair, typing term papers to send to Teddi at school so she will have time to relax…

I’m quite happy, but worry that I’ve lost my mind!

Best, Burr the Boob

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Lisa – Destiny Unfolding

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All persons or entities appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, or entities, existing or previously existing, is entirely coincidental.

“Hello, WC Auto Service, how may we help you?”

“I need to get a service done on my Toyota Corolla” said Lisa. “Can you do it in my driveway this Saturday at 11am?”

“Please hold while I check our bookings.” There was a brief pause on the line. “That should be fine. Our mechanic, Brad, will be able to do it.”

“Great,” said Lisa. “My address is 285 Altona Street. I’ll be expecting Brad on Saturday. Bye.”

Lisa Jackson was 35 years of age, 5’8″ and was an average weight for her height. She worked out at least three times a week and also tutored self-defense classes on Tuesday evenings at the local high school. Her body was toned with well-defined curves. Her hair was shoulder length and brown, but she kept it in a loose “up-do” showing off her long neck. She had an aura of confidence and good health about her.

Lisa was currently head of security at a nearby shopping mall, with 25 people reporting to her. She worked for IXX Secure, a top-notch security firm. She had been in that role for two years and was extremely shocked and disappointed when she was recently passed over for a promotion to area manager covering five malls. Lisa had always been career-focused and achieved her goals through commitment and hard work. She had started her working life by joining the police department where she spent eight years as a uniformed officer and five years as detective. While she was a detective, she spent a year doing undercover work and a year doing hi-tech surveillance. She left the force as a Detective Sergeant to take on the security role at nearly double her police salary. Lisa maintained strong friendships with half a dozen officers still on the force and kept regular contact with them.

Lisa’s private life had included a couple of steady relationships that lasted 2 – 3 years. She blamed her shift work as a cop as the biggest reason the relationships went cold. When she was not in a relationship, she couldn’t fight off the urge to get off at least once a week. She even had a collection of toys in her bedside drawer. Sexually, she was a late bloomer but learned how much she enjoyed getting off when she was 18 and found her parents’ stash of porn videos. She always took the opportunity to watch the tapes and play with herself when her parents went away for the weekend and left her home alone. Through watching the tapes she had found she wasn’t adverse to the girl/girl scenes. In fact, they turned her on. Over the years, she had a couple of one-night encounters with women, finding little interest in pleasuring them but intense sexual satisfaction when they went down on her.

Lisa now lived in her own house and planned to pay off the mortgage within 12 months. The house was a modest two story with three bedrooms upstairs and the living areas downstairs. There was a garage on the side of the house and in the back yard was a semidetached small studio/guest room with an en suite bathroom. Lisa had the studio set up as her gym complete with a mirror wall, floor mats and a treadmill.

It was now Saturday and Brad was browsing his mornings schedule on his PDA. “No big jobs. I should easily finish by lunchtime,” he thought to himself. Brad worked for WC Auto Service and operated their mobile service unit. He had done his trade training with WC Auto Service and stayed on as a mechanic. Being a mechanic was natural to Brad. He had developed a passion for motorbikes in his teen years and spent many hours working on his and his friends’ motocross bikes. He was now 24 years old, but living at home with his parents. Brad was 5’10” and on the lighter side of average for his height. He had a steady girlfriend of two years and they were planning to get their own place once their finances allowed.

At 10:55 am Brad pulled into Lisa’s driveway. Brad rang the doorbell and Lisa appeared at the door in her gym leotards. “Ms. Jackson?” Brad asked.

“You must be Brad from WC Auto Service,” Lisa said, smiling. When Brad looked at her questioningly, she continued teasingly, “It says it on your shirt.” Brad grinned sheepishly when she gave him the car keys.

“This is only a minor service. So I’ll be about 40 minutes,” Brad explained.

“Follow me,” said Lisa as she wandered past him and across to the garage.

Brad admired Lisa’s form in the leotard as he followed behind her.

“Well there is the car. I’m about to start my exercises, so I’ll most likely be in the gym when you finish. You can just go through the door at the back of the garage and you will find the gym.”

“No problem,” Brad replied as he turned back to his vehicle to get his equipment.

Lisa disappeared back into the house.

Brad completed the service, packed up his equipment and grabbed his bookwork from his van. He went to the glove compartment of Lisa’s Corolla to fill out the service log. When he grabbed the book, he noticed Starzbet something else in a plastic bag in there. Curiosity got the best of him. He pulled it out and his pulse raced as he recognized that it was a vibrator. Quickly glancing over his shoulder to make sure he was alone, Brad undid the bag seal and brought the bag to his nose. Inhaling deeply, his cock went instantly rock hard at the strong women scent filling his nostrils and Brad’s images of Lisa in her leotard. Reluctantly, Brad put the plastic bag back and completed the paper work.

He went to find Lisa by going through the garage and out to the gym. The gym door was open and fast beat music was pumping inside. Brad stood in the doorway, greeted by a rear view of Lisa on all fours doing thigh stretches. Lisa slowly stood and muted the music when she saw him watching her.

“How did it go?” she asked.

“All done. It comes to $250,” he replied. “Would you like to pay in cash or with a credit card?”

“Oh. That’s a little more than I was hoping to pay. Is there anything I can do so you will reconsider the fee?” Lisa asked coyly as she dropped her gaze to his bulging pants and lingering there before making eye contact again.

Brad’s mind began to swim. His pulse raced. He always thought he would be faithful to his girlfriend, but now his hormones were making the decisions. Lisa knew Brad’s hesitation meant that she had him. Before he could reply, she stepped forward and put her hand on his pants, pressing against his cock.

“Let’s say we fire the rocket and call it an even $150,” said Lisa softly into Brad’s ear.

“O-O-OK,” Brad stuttered as he thought he was going to come in his pants. “T-T-That sounds fair but you won’t tell anyone?”

“Of course not,” Lisa purred, pretending to be offended. “It’ll be our little secret.” said Lisa. “Well, I need a shower first and from the looks of you, you could use one as well. Just go through that door and jump in the shower. I’ll go grab a rubber from the house and come back and join you.”

Brad entered the en suite, quickly took off his clothes and threw them in a pile on the floor. He got the shower temp right and stepped in. Lisa returned with a condom and placed it on the sink top. She then peeled off her leotard while Brad watched. He was mesmerized by her toned body; firm breasts and neatly trimmed bush. She entered the shower cubicle and embraced him under the full flow of water. Brad’s cock was pressed up between their stomachs. Lisa moved back a little and grabbed his cock with one hand, maneuvering it so the head pressed against her pussy lips and started rubbing the shaft. Brad lost control of himself and came all over Lisa’s bush and inside her thighs.

“Oh,” Lisa said, with a wry smile. “And you have me all turned on. How about sucking my clit and making me come,” she said as more a statement than a question.

“Sure” said Brad feeling a little more embarrassed than disappointed at the fact that he didn’t get to actually fuck her.

Lisa then washed the come off of her pussy and thighs. They both got out and toweled off in silence.

Lisa led Brad to a floor mat in the gym. She laid back on it, parted her knees and motioned for Brad to eat her. Brad had the knack when it came to eating pussy and eagerly took up the task. At first Brad slowly and gently ran his tongue up between Lisa’s pussy lips, avoiding direct contact with her clit. He repeated this couple of more times until Lisa grabbed his head and thrust her hips upward to get direct contact on her clit. Brad knew then what she wanted.

There was more to Lisa’s arousal than just the skilled oral assault. She thought maybe it was her position of control over Brad. She lay there as the pleasure built and turned to the wall mirror. Lisa watched as Brad’s hand caressed her buttocks and his head bobbed around her crotch. Brad moved his hands around to the insides of Lisa’s thighs, using his thumbs to part her pussy lips, He sucked Lisa’s clit into his mouth, swirling his tongue against it over and over again. Lisa came powerfully watching the action in the mirror.

When Brad came up for air, he moved to lay beside Lisa on the mat. “Well I wouldn’t like you to feel unsatisfied with the arrangement Brad.” said Lisa. “So come back in the evening next week and you can screw me proper.”

Brad thought for a moment. “How about Thursday?”

“It’s a date,” said Lisa, smiling coyly.

They got dressed and Brad changed the docket from $250 to $150. Whistling to himself, he left.

After Brad left, Lisa went into the house and sat at her PC. She carefully reviewed the hidden camera video of Brad eating her pussy. It clearly showed Brad’s face but not hers and not showing the unique tattoo of the flock of bluebirds on her inner thighs. Lisa sighed with satisfaction. It had all gone to plan!


Four Weeks Prior

Lisa was in her office at the mall and the phone rang. She looked at the display and recognized the number as Steve Black’s, the national manager of her firm, IXX Secure.

“Hi, Starzbet Giriş Steve.” she answered.

“Hello, Lisa. Bad news I’m afraid. We are promoting Dave to area manager. You were very close to getting the job but there was a red review provided by the beauty salon, Oh Yeah Beauty, which dropped your score.”

Lisa was stunned for a moment. Then suppressing her anger, she replied tightly, “Oh, thanks for letting me know, Steve,” before hanging up the phone without letting him say more.

“That is bullshit!” Lisa exclaimed. “What the fuck did that bitch Cara say about me?” Lisa puzzled out loud.

Cara was manager of Oh Yeah Beauty, a salon which offered waxing and manicuring services as well as selling boutique beauty products. Cara had seven people working in the salon and split her time between the business admin and servicing customers. She was 26 years old, 5′ 3″ tall, had a slim build and blonde hair which she kept short.

Lisa left her office and headed down to see her confident Angie in the mall administration. Last year Lisa had helped Angie track down her 16 year old daughter when she ran away from home with her boyfriend. So Angie was keen to repay her debts to Lisa.

“Hi, Angie.”

“Angie, I need to see the last mall customer feedback report from Oh Yeah Beauty. Do you have it?”

“Now Lisa, you know it’s against company policy for me to show you confidential documents,” Angie said for effect in case anyone was listening. She rifled through her filing cabinets and found the document Lisa was looking for. She gave the copy to Lisa.

“I know you will not let anyone know I gave this to you,” said Angie in a conspiratorial whisper.

“Thanks. I’ll make sure it’s cool,” Lisa said, pocketing the form.

Lisa reviewed the report when she returned to her office. In the comments section on the form, Lisa read the damaging text: “The head of mall security never provides a timely response when we advise of suspected thieves.”

“What the hell?” Lisa nearly shouted. Her team had apprehended persons on every account where the salon had called.

“I don’t know what that bitch Cara is up to, but I’m going to screw her life up,” Lisa vowed. On Thursday, that section of the mall was due to have locks, cameras and other security devices inspected. Lisa scheduled herself as part of the three-person team to do it.

On Thursday, Lisa prepared her equipment bag for the inspection. She had brought along some extra equipment which she slipped into the bag. She stepped out of her office into the security staff room where Adam and Wayne were waiting with their bags to start the inspections.

“I’ll do Oh Yeah Beauty, Books R Us and Bats n Balls. You guys cover the other six stores we have listed for today.” Adam and Wayne headed off to begin their assignments, thinking to themselves that it was good that the boss got involved in the shop floor tasks.

Lisa entered Oh Yeah Beauty, checking the glass door locks and magnetic sensors on the way in. There were two cameras in the business, one over the cash register and one over the retail stock. Lisa checked with her monitoring crew via radio and confirmed the function of the cameras. She proceeded to the rear of the store where there was a stock room, office, and ablution. The office had a rear door that allowed access from the service corridor. Lisa took a breath and knocked on the office door, knowing she was most likely to see Cara. Cara opened the door. When she recognized Lisa, she nervously said, “Hi. What’s up?” Lisa fought her emotions to act cool. “Just doing the quarterly checks. I need to check the service door.”

“Go for it. I’ve got an appointment now, so excuse me,” said Cara as she brushed past Lisa.

Lisa entered the office and closed the door behind her. She placed her bag on the desk and quickly placed an audio bug under the desk and a discrete IP monitor on the PC network cable. She went on to check the service door lock and magnetic sensor. She exited the office and passed Cara on the way out.

“All good,” said Lisa.

“Thanks,” said Cara.

Over the next week, Lisa recorded Cara’s office conversations and monitored net traffic from Cara’s office. From the conversations she overheard, Lisa deduced that Cara was in a steady relationship with Brad, a mechanic with WC Auto Service. She also worked out that Cara still lived at home and was planning on moving in with Brad when they were in a financial position to do so. It was also apparent that Cara was doing part time study on Thursday evenings for a B Bus.

Overall, network traffic showed nothing remarkable except for a number of visits to www.missdom.org. “Wow a lesbian Domme/sub site” Lisa said to herself, a bit intrigued by her discovery about Cara. Lisa went on to the site and created a login under the username ” MizzDesire.” She monitored the comings and goings of other users, cross checking with the IP traffic on Cara’s PC. It was obvious that Cara was logging in as “veenus.” After reading through several Starzbet Güncel Giriş posts to “veenus,” it was clear that Cara desired to be a sub. The other thing that became clear trawling through the site was that it made Lisa extremely excited. On a number of occasions she had to lock her office door and rub her clit to get off.

Over the next week Lisa, under the guise of MizzDesire, nurtured a relationship with Cara on missdom.org until Cara asked if Lisa wanted to go into a private chat room. “MizzDesire” agreed.

“Would You be my online Mistress?” typed Cara. “I desire to serve You.”

After a slight pause Lisa responded, “Will you do what you are told, without question or hesitation?”

Cara replied quickly, “Yes.”

Lisa typed, “you will address me as ‘Mistress.’ you will be online at 1pm tomorrow to do as I say.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Cara replied. Lisa gave Cara instructions for offline activities that she was to do to prepare herself.

Lisa went offline, jumped up and locked her office door as she sunk her hand down the front of her pants to her soaking pussy, bringing on a quick orgasm. Lisa sat back in her office chair and planned her first assault on Cara’s life by wrecking her relationship with Brad. She found the number for WC Auto Service and picked up the phone.


It was now Monday, Brad was heading off to his first job on his list but couldn’t stop thinking about his encounter he had with Lisa on Saturday and the date for Thursday. These euphoric thoughts were countered by anxiety at his cheating on Cara and cheating his employer.

Lisa had got her must do morning jobs out of the way and headed out in the mall and down to Oh Yeah Beauty. She entered the store and saw Cara at the checkout finalizing a sale. Lisa approached the counter and made eye contact with Cara who acknowledged her with a quick smile as she gave change to the customer in front of Lisa.

“Hello, Cara. I want to get a bikini wax on Friday afternoon. I am a little shy and am wondering if you can fit me in.”

Cara flicked the pages on the appointment book and ran her finger down Friday’s page. “I can do 2:15,” she said.

Lisa felt herself being turned on by the encounter with Cara, as she knew she was gaining some control on her. “That would be good, I’ll see you then,” Lisa said as she turned and exited the store.

At the end of the day, Lisa returned home and ran herself a warm bath. She sat on the edge of the bath and shaved her pussy and legs before sinking into the bath and rubbing her clit to an explosive orgasm.

It was Tuesday. Lisa was wearing her camel colored skirt suit. In the afternoon Lisa logged in to missdom.org for her planned meeting with Cara. Lisa locked her office door and grabbed a USB camera from her drawer. Cara came on line and they went straight to private chat.

“Hello, Mistress,” typed Cara.

“Hello veenus, were you a good girl and do as I said yesterday?” asked Lisa.

“Yes, Mistress. I put clothes pegs on each nipple and one on my clit for an hour last night,” typed Cara.

“Did it make u cum?”

“Sorry, Mistress. i tried to resist… but i was so horny when i removed the pegs that i couldn’t help myself. i had to rub my clit… i came.”

Over the past week Cara had intimated in the chat room to Lisa about her private life and boyfriend. She learned even though Cara had been online pursuing her fantasies she had never physically been with another woman.

“You know a good submissive would have done exactly as they were told. you came without My permission. you will be punished. I forbid you from having sex with your boyfriend for a week. Tell him you have woman trouble and can’t be intimate.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good girl.”

“Now, veenus, I have a treat for you. I’ll be back in a minute.” Lisa then stood and pulled down her panties. She pulled her skirt up high, sat back down and removed her panties over her shoes. Lisa hooked up the USB cam and positioned it on the desk looking back at her crotch. She then spread her legs placing her heels on the desk. She looked at the cam window and adjusted the cam so it had a nice shot of her pussy and inner thighs, including her tattoos. Finally she clicked on the camera icon in her chat window.

“I’m back. do you like what you see?” typed Lisa.

“Oh yes, Mistress!”

“What would you do if you were here?”

“Anything my, Mistress desired,” replied Cara.

“I would make you lick the juice from my pussy and suck my clit.”

“Yes, Mistress. Would You like me to suck Your clit until you came?”

Lisa didn’t reply, but Cara could see Lisa’s hand go down to her pussy when she convulsed in orgasm. As this happened, Cara put her own hand down to her crotch and pressured her clit through her pants making herself come.

“You will be online tomorrow at 2 pm,” typed Lisa. She disconnected before Cara could reply.

It was now Thursday afternoon and Lisa had just returned home from work. She quickly showered and dressed up with black suspenders, stockings and G string with matching lacy bra. She put on a black mini skirt and lemon blouse. Then, she over finished with some black glossy stilettos. Lisa double checked the shot of the two hidden cams focused on the sofa. Everything was ready to roll when the doorbell rang.

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Little Teases Need to be Fucked

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I was talking with Lynn when I saw my phone on the table begin to buzz. I had thought I turned on Do Not Disturb, but I was so excited to see everyone when we got to the booth that I just threw my purse and phone down and started hugging everyone. It had been about a week since we all hung out and I had missed the gang.

I leaned over to see who it was that was texting, and when I read the name, Oscar, I was confused. Oscar was my new boyfriend, and he was sitting right next to me in the booth, chatting it up with Jose about some fight they watched the weekend before. When my phone read my Face ID and showed what the message entailed, I snatched up my phone as fast as I could before I thought anyone else would see what was on the screen.

I’m going to destroy that little pussy of mine after this…

I felt shivers run up my spine as I turned towards him, shoving his shoulder while he was explaining the details of a rear-naked choke he witnessed, and he feigned ignorance.

“What was that for babe?” he said.

“You know what it is for,” I said.

He didn’t acknowledge it out loud. He looked at me in this way that made my knees get weak and my chest begin to flutter and then he went back to his conversation.

“So you really like this one, huh?” Lynn asked me a little bit after that. She was leaning in and whispering and I leaned into her so that we could both kind of talk in private.

“Oh my God, he is amazing,” I said.

“I can tell Jo, you are really into him. There is this glow that you have. He must be taking care of all of those needs.”

I blushed at first from the comment she had made, because yeah, she was right, Oscar was amazing. Especially… in bed. But the real reason I blushed so deep that night was because at that moment, under my dress and without anyone else seeing, Oscar had snaked his hand under my ass and was now feeling me up while the whole table was talking.

I gasped and bit my bottom lip and almost confessed what was happening with me, but I didn’t. It was fun. Oscar knew exactly what to do to my body. I simply leaned back into his touch and turned my head and placed a soft peck on his chin. He took a hold of my face and kissed me back, deeply, with our tongues playing outside our mouths. I never would have done that in front of my friends Starzbet before Oscar, but when he kissed me like that, I couldn’t help it.

The table began to whistle and hoot so we stopped, but his hand stayed where it was. When he finally took his hand away, I felt an emptiness fill the space where he was previously, a void left in my heart and mind. I wanted him back immediately. I wanted to grab him and mount him right there, in front of everyone while they watched, but I didn’t. I let out a staggered breath and then took a long pull of my drink, doing my best to cool myself down.

But he wouldn’t let me. Oscar kept texting the dirtiest, nastiest things. That he was going to fuck me and then stick his cock in my mouth. That he would make me scream out his name. That he was seeing how I was putting my lips around my glass and all he could think of was my lips around his dick like that.

I tried to excite him too. But it wasn’t the same. I snuck my hand under the table and began to rub his bulge as he was telling a funny work story and he just kept on talking like nobody was the wiser. As if nothing was going on. I grabbed him, hard, squeezing his shaft and moving all the pressure up towards his head, and he didn’t flinch at all.

I tried to rush our goodbyes when it came time. I was happy that we didn’t have to go far too. I just lived a couple of streets down from the bar. We had walked there and we would be walking home. The summer night had a soft breeze and I could feel it against the small hairs on the back of my head. It sent a shudder through me and then he was on me. We had walked about a half-block before he grabbed me. He pulled my body into a doorway and his hands were up my skirt and down my bra at the same time. I went limp into his grasp, letting him bite my neck and lift me into his arms. Before I knew what was happening, my back felt the cold marble of the building and then the heat from Oscar’s lips.

“You make me so fucking hot,” he whispered into my mouth. “Such a little slut. No wonder my dick gets so hard. Get on your knees, slut,”

He let my body drop and I barely landed on my feet before I was down at his crotch like he had ordered. His cock was hard the moment I touched it. I took it out and placed it in my mouth and no sooner than I had Starzbet Giriş I felt him begin to force himself down deeper.

“That’s it, all of it. All of it down your throat, Jo. Just like the little slut you are.”

I nodded and let him slide down farther and faster. I looked up at him and I let the drool hang from my chin as he pulled two handfuls into his fist and began to hold me down his length. Then, he was out again. His cock slapped against my cheek four times before he put it back in and began to move my head for me.

There wasn’t anybody else on the street, and the only sound I could hear was the traffic a couple of streets down and his moans as he slid in and out of my mouth. I then felt my head being placed against the stone behind me and then he was pumping his hips by himself, letting me stay frozen there for him to enjoy.

I began to rub myself, and that is when I noticed how wet I was. It was sliding between my fingers and when I pulled away I could feel my grool was so thick that it left a trail to my skin that broke once my hand slipped far enough away. I swear, I could have come right then if I touched myself but the next thing that happened was him grabbing my hands and pulling me up before slipping himself back into his jeans.

“Get up and move. I want you. I need to fuck you now. Hurry.”

He pulled me up by the back of my scalp and then his hands were between my legs as we walked. We walked the rest of the way with our hands all over each other. At one point we stopped at a lamp post and sank into one another, his arms wrapped around me while he stood at my back. He lifted up my skirt, and I let him, leaning into his arms as he began to rub me. I grabbed a hold of his head and began to lightly stroke it through the fabric. He began to pant in my ear and then he said, that’s it, come for me. His fingers focused on my clit, and it was like was an expert down there. He only took maybe a half a minute to get me there. I don’t know if it was his skilled hands, the anticipation, or a combination of both, but I let out a yelp before clasping both hands over my mouth. I leaned forward and rested my head against the pole while I came. I did my best to keep quiet, but I could hear my voice echoing against the empty street.

When we got to Starzbet Güncel Giriş our destination, he began barking orders at me before we even closed the door.

“Get naked. Now. All of your clothes except your heels. Then get on the bed, on all fours. I’m going to come inside you.”

His voice was steady and filled with confidence and I could barely make it to the bedroom, my knees were so weak. He stood, frozen, watching me while I walked away, shedding first my dress, and then my bra and undergarments. When I got to the bed, I got into position and looked at him from over my shoulder. He was stroking himself then, walking towards me with measured steps.

“Look what we have here. A little tease. Are you a little tease, Jo?”

“Yes, I am your little tease. I’m such a dirty little tease too.”

“Oh, is that so?”

I felt his fingers in my hear, pulling my head back while his free hand began to spread my folds. His cock head was right against my opening, frozen, waiting. I tried to lean back into it, but his grip on my scalp tightened and he held me where I was.

“What should we do with little teases like you?”

I knew he would ask this. It was something he always asked. When he first did it, I didn’t know how to answer, but now, after enough time and enough conditioning, I knew the next part of the script like the back of my hand.

“Little teases need to be fucked.”

“Is that what you really want? To be fucked, like a dirty little tease?”

“Yes… So badly… I want that. I want to be fucked by you.”

“Good girl. Let’s do that then.”

He shoved himself all the way and in and began, fast. I could hear him slapping against me. My nipples became rock hard and my heart began to race. I came again. I was about to reach under me to rub myself out, but it just came in one huge wave and my eyes rolled back and I finally let out a scream worthy of how I was being mauled by Oscar and then, not very long after, I felt a rush of warmth and then his teeth on my shoulder blade. He let out a few sharp grunts as he bit down harder, and I sank into the mattress, letting him fill me with his amazing seed.

When he finished up he pulled out of me and held me close, kissing the bite mark and rubbing it before turning me around and taking me into his arms, kissing me sweetly and holding me against his chest until I felt his breathing slow and then his familiar snore. After that, I let my body drift off into slumber myself, feeling the soft ache of the bite mark he left and reliving those thirty seconds again over and over until I fell asleep.

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Lord Benford Mistress of the Night

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*Dedicated to my male and female submissive anal sluts… this story is not one of male/female submission, but rather Domme/male submission. Benford puts his Queen of Debauchery through her first test, as a Mistress.*


Lord Benford woke the next morning to see his Queen lying beside him. Her breathing was calm and sedate, yet he knew that in the midst of passion she was so much more. He had always dreamed of finding her. After years of searching among the elite that live the same lifestyle as him, the search seemed almost impossible. His search seemed in vain; he had given up. Now he realized what gold diggers had known for years. Sometimes the best nugget may be isolated and alone, in the strangest place.

His mind drifted back to her as he watched her sleep. Angelic… that was the word he thought of when he looked at her. Her brunette hair covered the pillow, appearing like a halo. Dark eyelashes framed the slightly upturned almond shaped eyes that beckoned him at times. Her eyelids fluttered and opened. He looked into the deep brown eyes, speckled with light brown flecks that stared back at him. She stretched her arms and wrapped them around his neck, pulling his mouth to hers.

“If you keep this up, you will be my breakfast my sweet Queen.”

“Are you complaining, my Lord?”

“On the contrary, but we have things to get accomplished today.”

“Please, will you make love to me this morning?”

“No, my Queen.”

“Why?” She pouted.

“Because I say so, that is why. As soon as you figure out that I am in charge, the better off we will be.”

“What is so important that you will not bed my sweet pussy this morning?”

“Oh, you do know how to utilize the tradition “guilt trip”, my Queen,” he laughed.

She smirked and stretched again before moving to get out of bed. He grabbed her and reined her back.

“Where do you think you are going?”

“Well, you did say we have things to do today.”

“Yes, but I would enjoy lying in bed talking with you before we start our day.”

She rolled back over and looked at him, knowing something was on his mind. “What do you want to talk about?”

“I know what a sexual creature you are but I am curious if you have ever been the one in charge during a sexual encounter.”

“In charge in what way?”

“Well, first of all have you ever been with a woman?”

“Yes, my Lord.”

“Have you ever been the one to fuck her?”

“Oh yes, that is fun, although it is also nice to go both ways.”

“Now, the next question. Have you ever been with a man in that way?”

“You mean to fuck him?”


“Oh no, my Lord. I have not had that experience yet, but it is on my list of things to do,” she chuckled softly.

“Tonight will be that night, my Queen.”


“Yes really, now get you cute ass up and out of bed. The shower is in there, he pointed toward a doorway. I will have Rose bring you a nice daywear outfit to put on. Meet me on the sundeck when you are ready.”

She kissed him playfully then jumped out of bed and headed for the shower while he watched her. Her spirit was contagious and infectious. If he weren’t careful he feared he would fall madly in love with her and he did not want to do that and lose all his senses. He recognized already that he needed to keep control of her and that meant keeping control of his self first.

She saw him sitting at a small patio table and stopped. He was about 10 years her senior with graying temples and a close shaven beard. The receded hairline accentuated his handsome tan features. His eyes were what mystified her; they were a bluish gray color, like that of a wolf. In the few times she saw his smile, her heart melted. He was in a casual pair of slacks and shirt sipping coffee when she finally approached.

“Would you care for some coffee, my dear?” “Yes, please. Am I suppose to call you my Lord all the time?”

“That is your choice when it is only the two of us. When we are among others, yes… you will address me as your Lord.”

“Thank you, my Lord.” She smiled. He smiled back at her, while pouring her a steaming cup of coffee.

“You’re very welcome, my little imp.” He chuckled.

She blew on the hot coffee, waiting for it to cool, “What did you mean when we spoke earlier? What plans do you have for this evening?”

“I am still working the details through in my mind.”

He wanted to see how she preformed as a Mistress, but without prior experience he was not sure if the natural sexuality in her would guide her or if he would need to work her into it slowly. He decided to test her buy picking various videos from his collection, to view together.

“Are you still thinking?”

“Oh yes, I am truly sorry my dear. When you are finished with your coffee I have some videos for us to watch.”

“What kind?”

“You shall see.”

They walked to his personal library. He unlocked a wooden bookcase and told her to look for videos on the 3rd shelf. Judging by what she chose he would be able to see what intrigued Starzbet her. When she had chosen 3 videos they walked to the sitting room. He put the videos in for viewing and sat on the leather sofa with her. Ironically the videos she chose were very aggressive with very little in the way of plots, which pleased him.

After viewing the first video for a while he noticed she was beginning to squirm. He took the opportunity and reached his hand down the front of her pants to find that her pussy was sopping wet.

“Does watching this turn you on?”

“Yes, my Lord, it really does. I am a voyeur at heart.”

He smiled, “I was not wrong about you, my Queen. You truly are my Queen of Debauchery, but tonight I think you will become the Mistress of Debauchery.”

“Oh heavens, that sounds so decadent.”

“Yes, it is and it will be. I have a male servant that especially enjoys anal sex. He has numerous toys that I have purchased for him.”

“Have you ever fucked him?”

“No I haven’t yet. I have tried to keep the employee/boss relationship.”

“Have you ever fucked another man?”

“Yes, I have.”

“How did it feel?”

“It felt like a nice tight warm ass.”

“Did it turn you on?”

“Only enough that I was able to get off. I very much prefer the delicate and soft whimpers of the female species while my cock is buried to the hilt.”

“I understand, but I am happy that you have experienced this.”

“Aye, so am I my, dear one. It is how we grow, learn and expand our minds.”

“How will tonight transpire?”

“You will find out when I have all the details worked out.”

“Can I watch the rest of the videos sometime?”

“Sure, but only with my permission. For now we are going to walk to my dungeon so you can choose your tools for this evening.”

She followed him to the secret passage. They entered the dungeon that she was first brought to when she met him. The gray stone walls and the stone tables allowed her to reminisce that first evening. She reached to touch one of the sexually oriented charcoal drawings on the wall, admiring the priceless work of art. He pulled her from the trance-like state she was in, by speaking.

“Here are Edwards toys of preference.”

She walked to view the open drawer of toys. Some of the toys were gigantic, making her gasp.

“Does he really fit these in his ass?”

“Yes, my Queen. He is an anal slut and has trained his body for many years.”

“This one is the size of my forearm.”

“Yes, I see that. That is something Edward would enjoy.”

“My forearm up his ass?”

“Yes.” He waited to see her response.

“I can try, but I am not sure how to do it.”

“You will learn. Come let me show you another video.”

He took her to the library and pulled out a fisting video, handing it to her. I will let you view this one in private while I make preparations for tonight. When you are finished come to my office. Summon Rose and she will show you the way.

“Thank you, my Lord.”

She watched the video with fascination and some other emotion she couldn’t put a name to. It was apparent that the people in the video were either naturally gifted or had trained very diligently to perform the acts she viewed. One woman allowed her lover to shove a champagne bottle up her pussy. In another scene a man sat on a large cock while another man climbed between his legs and shoved his cock up his ass at the same time. The ultimate outcome of watching the videos was very clear. Her inner thighs were soaking wet.

She summoned Rose to come and tell her where the office was located. When Rose arrived she was just finishing the video. Rose looked at it with intrigue.

“Why are you viewing this, my Queen?”

“Tonight my Lord and I have plans.”

“What kind of plans?”

“I am not sure if I am allowed to talk to you about it.”

“I understand, my Queen.” She said softly. “If you follow me I will show you where my Lord’s office is located.”

“I have to put the video back first.”

Rose followed her into the library. She turned and bumped into her; she was so close. Rose blushed and excused herself.

“It’s ok Rose, I didn’t see or hear you behind me.”

“There were some servants that sneaked to watch you last night, my Queen.”

“Really, and what did they say?”

“That you are a very sexy woman, my Queen.”

“Do you find me sexy, Rose?”

“I do, my Queen.”

“Perhaps I will have to speak to my Lord about spending special time with you.”

“I would enjoy that my Queen. I have never been with a woman.”

She held Rose’s small face in her hands and planted a kiss on the very tip of her nose. Rose was unmoving but moaned softly. Slowly she lowered one of her hands and found the front of Rose’s apron, pulling it up. Underneath she found satiny panties that were soaked. Slipping her fingers inside the panties she slid two fingers up into her waiting snatch. Rose gasped and squatted into her hand. Before doing something that could get her into Starzbet Giriş trouble, she withdrew her fingers. Slowly she placed the fingers to her lips to taste the other woman, only to find that she tasted very sweet. Her fingers moved to Rose’s lips, rubbing her juices over her own mouth. Rose licked her lips and smiled.

“Come, my Queen. We must not keep my Lord waiting.”

Damn, she was so horny right now but Rose was right. She followed her, looking at their direction so she could find the office on her own in the future. Rose left her just outside the door and scampered back to where she belonged. She knocked on the door.

“Please enter.”

She entered to find a rather handsome young man sitting across from her Lord.

“Please meet Edward, my Queen.”

“It’s nice to meet you Edward,” she spoke.

Edward rose from his seat. His six foot, sculptured frame towered over her. He bent on one knee and reached for her hand, kissing the Benford ring before rising again.

“You are dismissed Edward.”

“Thank you, my Lord,” he bowed and left.

She stood for a moment and looked at him, before asking if she could sit. He motioned toward the chair. She sat and waited for him to speak.

“Did you finish the video?”

“Yes, my Lord.”

“Do you have any questions?”

“Yes, my Lord, but I am a bit embarrassed to ask.”

“Ask, my Queen.”

“How do they do this and not have shit all over everything?”

He laughed heartily, “Well, you really are very blunt in your asking. I like that.” Continuing he told her that many times an enema is performed or a person restricts their diet prior to an upcoming event, as well as increasing their intake of water.

“Ok, thank you my Lord.”

“I have sent Edward to see the nurse so she can administer an enema for him.”

“Oh my!”

“Does this interest you, my sweet?”

“I would enjoy watching.”

Hastily he stood and whisked her from the room, “We must hurry then.”

They found the nurses’ quarters with Edward on an exam table, but held their distance. She watched Edward lying on his left side as the nurse put on her latex gloves. Taking a tube of lubricant she put some on her fingertips then told him to raise his leg slightly. He did as instructed while she slid her finger inside to spread it around. Edwards’ cock started to grow, but he tried to hold it at bay.

She reached for the hose attached to a full water bottle hanging on a metal IV pole. Carefully she lifted his ass cheek to insert the nozzle into his waiting ass, before speaking softly to Edward.

“Are you ready Edward?”

“Yes Ma’am, please set it to go slow.”

“I shall Edward, that is best.”

The hose did not have the typical clasp that locked and unlocked; it had a round dial on it. She turned the dial to 3 and pushed the button it to let the water flow through. When the warm water started to enter his bowel Edward moaned softly.

“This always absolutely wonderful, Ma’am.”

“Yes Edward, I know how you enjoy this. Please inform me when you feel as though you can’t take anymore.”

He nodded and laid there quietly. His eyes closed and he breathed slowly. Soon he was breathing more in a panting fashion. His hand went to his tummy to massage the cramps that developed. Before long he moved and changed positions to get on all fours.

“Are you ok Edward,” the nurse asked.

“Yes Ma’am, I want to take as much as I can so I can be thoroughly clean for my Queen tonight.”

“The Queen?”

“Yes, my Queen, the Queen of Debauchery is going to enjoy me this evening.”

“Oh goodness Edward! You are truly blessed from what I hear.”

“I met her before I came here. She seems quiet, demure and lady like. I am not sure if she will be able to do what I need, to satisfy this horribly insatiable need that my ass demands.”

He almost seemed disappointed in his assessment of her. The nurse stood by and watched the bottle slowly drain until it was empty. She pulled the nozzle from his ass and inserted a large anal plug into his ass. He continued to stay on all fours, massaging his stomach. The nurse reached between his legs and grabbed his cock.

“You know Edward, this really is such a fine cock.” “Thank you, Ma’am.”

She started to stroke it and milk it, like you would a cow’s teat. Edward moaned softly at her stroking. Lord Benford watched his Queen through narrowed eyes, while she fixated on the interaction between the nurse and Edward. Soon, he touched her arm and pointed back the direction they came from. When they were out of ear shot he asked her, “Did you enjoy that?”

“Yes, but why did we have to leave so soon?”

“We need to prepare for tonight also, my Queen.”

Disappointed, she spoke, “Yes, my Lord.”

“Now, now, no pouting. You will have your turn with Edward this evening.”


“No but’s. You act like we only have a limited time together. Remember, you are with me forever my Queen.”

He stopped walking and reached to touch Starzbet Güncel Giriş her cheek; her eyes lit up. She loved his touch and couldn’t seem to get enough of him. Looking deep into her eyes, he spoke again.

“Tonight you will be my Queen, but to Edward you will be his Mistress of Debauchery.”

“That sounds wonderful. Do you think Edwards account of me is correct or do you think I will be able to satisfy him?”

“That I do not know, my dear. Edward is very well trained; he is an anal slut. It depends on your limits and how far you are willing to push yourself to please him.”

“Do you have any magical potions to assist me?”

“We shall see.” He smirked.

He took her to her bedroom where Rose was waiting. “Please dress her for this evening Rose, assist her in any way she requests.”

“Any way, my Lord?”

“Within reason Rose. I know your fantasy but tonight is not the time for that.”

Her cheeks turned rosy red, her head lowered, “Yes, my Lord.”

Benford left the two women to prepare. On the bed laid several black leather pieces of apparel. They both converged on them at the same time. Before long the Mistress of Debauchery was fully clad in the perfect outfit. She stood before a full-length mirror in the room to admire their work. Knee high leather boots hugged her petite calves and knees before flaring slightly at the top, at her mid thigh. The heels on them gave her added height. A black corset hugged her narrow waist and thrust her ample breasts upward until they looked as though they would pop out. A black leather thong covered the front of her mound while leaving her ass cheeks open to complete view. Her hair was brushed back and put into a simple pony tail to remove it from her face. Lastly, Rose had her sit at the vanity to apply her makeup. She watched as Rose transformed her into a vamp, a seductress and the type of Mistress that Benford and Edward envisioned.

Her dark brown eyelashes were accented with black mascara, after deep brown eye shadow was applied to accentuate the hollow of her eye lid. A light dusting of blush was subtle but the crowning touch was the deep red lipstick and liner that Rose applied. Her full pouty lips wore the color so beautifully that Rose gasped in delight at the finishing touch. She stood aside when the Mistress rose and towered over her with the heeled boots. She reached to touch Rose on the cheek.

“Would you like me to ask my Lord if you can be in attendance this evening?”

“Aye, my Queen, but I am not so sure I could sit and watch without joining.”

“I will ask him for you, my precious Rose.”

“Thank you, my Queen.” She curtsied and left.

Lord Benford came for her within moments. He stepped back abruptly.

“Wow, you are such a succulent Mistress. If I didn’t enjoy women so much, I may consider converting.”

She saucily snapped the crop in her hand toward him, “Never say never.”

He laughed a deep belly laugh, “Come, our guests await us.”


“Yes, my Queen… guests.”

“I thought this was just us and Edward.”

“One of the ways that I earn money is by filming these events. I have even been known to sell tickets to view.”

“Who will be here this evening?”

“Other male whores.”

“I don’t even know if I can do this and you have people attending?”

“You will be fine.”

“That’s easy for you to say.”

“Yes, it is. I know you.”

He walked her to the vanity and had her sit. She saw the bulge in his hands and reached toward it. He slapped her hand away. Reaching into his breast pocket he produced a small pill. Placing it in the crack of her cleavage he told her that it would be there if she needed it.

“What is it?”

“It is another of my magical concoctions.”

“What does it do?”

“It will give you all you need to satisfy Edward, and our guests.”

“Thank you, my Lord.”

Other magical potions of his, in the past, had worked so she felt more confident knowing that she had it at her disposal. It may just give her that mental edge of dominance, if she faltered. He took her hand and helped her stand then kissed her deeply. Reaching for her red cape, unfurling it, he tied it at her throat and ushered her from the room. They walked to the secret passage and entered. She watched his tall, lean body before her, admiring him.

He stopped briefly at the entrance to the dungeon and turned to her. He placed a tablet on his tongue while he watched her. His eyes closed momentarily, then opened again. Pulling her mouth to his, he kissed her. His tongue, which normally darted as any human tongue did inside her mouth, was now very long and thick, reaching to her throat. She stepped back and looked at him. He opened his mouth to display his tongue. It unrolled and formed a tiny penis. He rolled it back up and looked at her with a smile.

“Would you like one?” “Yesssss, I think Edward will love it.”

“Yes, I do as well.”

He placed the tablet on her tongue. The mind altering pill caused a kaleidoscope that made her eyes close. When she opened her eyes she felt no different but opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She could see the tip of the tiny penis under her nose, curled it back in and closed her mouth, smiling at him.

“By the way, I almost forgot to ask if Rose can watch tonight?”

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Love in Chains Ch. 13

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Big Tits

After an hour of ‘play’ Adam and Nye stood together under the shower in one of the changing rooms, soaping each other and enjoying each other’s bodies without the drive for colouring the simple pleasure of just being together. They were both tired and calm and replete.


“What?” He nuzzled Nye’s shoulder, licking the water from his skin.

“Do you love me?”

“You can ask me that after what we just did?”

“I… I’m not just another plaything for you am I? Something to use up and throw away when you get tired with me.”

“Nye, you are not ‘just’ anything. You are the most amazing creature in existence. I am madly and completely in love with you and I would give you anything you ask of me, anything. I would die for you.”


“Really.” Adam pressed himself against the deliciously slick slender body, feeling the smooth muscles bunch under his hands, shivering with the delicious beauty of the emerald eyes that gazed adoringly out of the delicate face turned up to his.


Smiling Adam kissed him gently. “Anything.”

“Then you won’t mind if I go and visit my family tomorrow.”

“What?” Adam looked startled, the smiling slipping from his face. Nye looked a little uncertain but jutted his chin.

“I haven’t been for a very long time and I am missing my mother and my brothers, not to mention Mir. We were always so close.” There was wistfulness in his voice that was entirely lost on Adam.

“You know I don’t think that is a good idea right now. You’re fragile Nye. You’ve been so ill and what happened with Kane hit you hard. I’d be worried about you if you went.”

Nye laughed. “You weren’t worrying about me being fragile just now.” He turned, his soapy body sliding over Adam’s and reached up to entwine his hands behind Adam’s head. “Please Adam, support me in this. I need it. I need to see my mother and my brothers… please.” He pouted and looked up at Adam through lowered lids.

“Why now? Why is this suddenly so important to you?”

Nye faltered in the face of Adam’s frowning censure. “I… it’s just… It hurt when Kane told me he didn’t want to see me anymore. He’s my oldest friend and I can’t understand why he would do something like that. I… I really can’t understand what I have done to him to make him be so cruel. I… I… was thinking about it and I got so afraid that it would be the same with everyone. I hate to think that my family and friends don’t like me anymore.”

“You don’t need them anymore Nye. It doesn’t matter if they like you or not; you’re mine now. I will protect you from them, give you everything they could have given you and more. Why do you need to go there?”

“Because… because they are my family and because I need to KNOW.”

“You see…?” Adam gently disengaged Nye’s hands from behind his neck and pulled back slightly. He took Nye’s face between his hands and looked into the beautiful emerald eyes. “It’s already disturbing you. Your eyes look feverish and you’re shaking. You don’t understand how hard it’s been for me these past couple of weeks. You were out of it but I wasn’t, I had to watch you get more and more ill and be helpless to do anything for you.

“I couldn’t even call a doctor because how would I explain the fact that you were poisoned by a rare Uruguayan nerve toxin? I sat by you every minute and watched you go through it terrified you were going to die and leave me. I did that Nye, not Kane, not your parents… me. And then when you started to get better I took care of you, looked after you in every way I could.”

“I know Adam, and I’m grateful, really grateful but…”

Adam touched his finger to Nye’s lips silencing his words. “Aren’t I enough for you? Don’t you love me enough to make all those others not important?”

Nye frowned and shook his head. “It’s my mother Adam, my brothers and sister… you’ll never be more important than them… no one ever could… as important maybe, but never more. Surely no one could ever be more important to you than your mother.”

“You don’t know my mother… come to think of it neither do I. I don’t have a family Nye. I was brought up in care. I have no family, only you.”

“Wow. I didn’t know that. I’m sorry Adam. That’s harsh. But the fact remains… I do have a family and they are very important to me. I want to see them. I need to see them.”

Adam gave him a long strange look, a look that made him shiver and his eyes widen. “I’m sorry Nye, but I can’t allow that.”

“What do you mean ‘can’t allow’?”

“You’ve been ill and you are fragile. If you visit your family now and they reject you then I believe it will break you and I will not allow that to happen.”

“But Adam…”

“No, Nye. If your family reject you then you will be hurt too badly… you may feel strong but I know you can’t take that hurt right now. If they haven’t rejected you then they will be waiting for you when you are strong enough.”


“I said no Nye.”

“But they’re my family. You can’t stop me seeing my family.”

“Yes Starzbet I can.” Adam pulled Nye close to him. “You made a commitment to me. I gave you half of what I have and you gave me all of what you are. You agreed to submit to me, to accept me as your master. If you break that commitment Nye it’s over. In this game there is no half measure. You keep to the commitment or you leave.”

Nye was confused, his emotions in tatters, his shadowed mind confused and struggling to understand what was being said, being asked of him.

“I… don’t understand.”

“You accepted me as your master Nye. That is an unbreakable commitment. As long as our relationship continues you are completely under my control. Just like I am with Lian. I am a kinder master and my love for you makes me care for you in the way that no other master has ever done… but the fact remains… your master I remain. If I give you a direct order and you deliberately disobey it then the contract is broken, the commitment reneged and our relationship is over.”

“But I… I didn’t… I never… we talked about it but I didn’t ever agree.”

“Yes you did Nye.” Adam said quietly. “When you were ill and I was caring for you, you made the commitment more than once. You begged for it so that you would not have to worry anymore, fight anymore, have to deal with the world anymore.”

“But I… I don’t remember.”

“Does the fact that you don’t remember make the commitment go away… no, it doesn’t. You are mine Nye, whether you like it or not.”

“When… when you say… our relationship would be over … what exactly do you mean?”

“I mean you move out of the apartment, give up your job at The Club, never set foot in it again and never see me again. It’s harsh but it’s our rules.”

Nye blanched and if Adam hadn’t been holding him he would have fallen. Adam tightened his arm around him as he started to shake.

“Everything? I have to obey you in everything? And if I don’t it’s all gone.”

Adam stroked the wet hair away from Nye’s face and shoulders. He traced his trembling lips with one finger.

“It’s not so bad Nye. I have my own commitments and I swear I will never ask you to do something just for spite or in anger or for any reason other than that I truly think it is the best for you.”

“And you will stop me seeing my family?”

“Not forever Nye. I would never do that. I swear I will not stop you seeing your family or your friends forever, only for so long as I think that seeing them could hurt you badly.”

“I… Can’t I change my mind? Can’t I stop this?”

“It’s done Nye. It was your choice.”

“But I was ill. I obviously didn’t know what I was doing. I can’t do this Adam. I can’t.”

Adam stroked the side of his face and ran the hand soothingly down over his throat and shoulder. “Don’t you want to please me Nye? Don’t you want to show your love for me and give me an opportunity to show my love for you? I have given you everything I have to give and you have given the same to me. It’s just that with me it is material possessions which you have none of… you have returned the commitment with the only thing you have to offer me… yourself.”


“Are you so sure that isn’t what you want?”

“I didn’t say… I…” Nye was lost, confusion raging in his mind. His natural personality warred with the conditioning that he was not even aware had been implanted into his subconscious. Lingering traces of the drugs in his system fogged his senses and made him feel light headed and unable to concentrate, to comprehend.

Adam stroked the other side of Nye’s face with the back of his hand, trailing his fingers over the pale cheek while pulling him close with the other hand and grinding their hips together. Nye sighed and closed his eyes, melting into Adam’s embrace.

“The fact is that this is all academic Nye. It’s done and it can’t be undone.” He kissed Nye gently. “You’re mine.” And then his eyes hardened and his voice snarled. “And you had better fucking get used to it.”

As he spoke he released Nye and simultaneously hit him as hard as he could across the face with the back of his hand. Nye was unsuspecting and relaxed, liquid in his arms and the blow took him completely by surprise, sending him crashing into the wall face first. Stunned he slid slowly to the floor and curled up, sobbing with shock and pain as Adam walked calmly out.


When Nye finally picked himself up off the floor and limped out of the shower, the changing room was empty. He stared at himself in the large mirror, fascinated by the haunted eyes that just didn’t seem to belong to him anymore. There was a large bruise already staining the pale skin over his cheek and his lip was split dribbling blood over his chin. Another cut over his eyebrow trickled down his face.

Nye touched the cut gingerly and winced. Pressing his cheek provoked the same automatic response and he was afraid to go near the cut on his lip. Even more afraid to look into his own eyes he forced himself to do Starzbet Giriş so and didn’t like what he saw. It was a stranger who looked back at him, a stranger whom he didn’t understand and didn’t like at all.

With a moan he let himself sink onto the couch and curled up, hugging himself. His head was throbbing and he felt sick and frightened and shaken to his core. How could Adam have hurt him like this?

After a while he realised that he was shaking uncontrollably and was bone achingly cold. Dragging himself off the sofa he dressed, fumbling with trembling fingers. Still shaking he stumbled from the room and made for the bar. Jon looked up and saw him coming. Dropping everything he ducked out from under the counter and caught Nye around the waist. He sagged against him, weeping softly.

Calling to one of the bar staff, Jon supported Nye to a booth and then let him slip from his grip onto the seat. Nye was boneless, no strength, no heart. He let himself slump forward resting his head on his arms. Jon simply sat with him, rubbing his back, letting him cry, shielding him from the rest of the bar.

When the barman came over with the brandy he handed it wordlessly to Jon and then stood for a moment staring at Nye.

“Tell him Jon.”

Jon looked up and shook his head.

“He’s going to end up killing him. And if he does that I am going rip his heart out with my bare hands.”

“You’ll be in a queue mate.”

“Don’t let it happen Jon.”

“What do you think will happen if I tell him?”

“He’ll escape.”

“For how long? Adam will go after him.”

“We can stop him.”


“We’ll find a way. I don’t know how but we’ll find a way. It’s what he does Jon… he ruins people.” The young man bowed his head, letting shining chestnut hair fall over his face. “He did it to all of us but Nye’s different. He’ll kill him before he breaks him like he did to us.”

Jon’s face hardened. “Over my dead body.”

The two men’s eyes met for a long moment and then Jon nodded. “Make some calls Luke, get Riz over here…” he paused. “Do you have Marco’s number?”

Luke’s eyes widened slightly, then he nodded and turned away. “Luke…” Luke turned back… “I’m not saying that I am going to do anything. I’m just going to talk to him.”

Jon turned back to Nye who had remained entirely oblivious to the conversation. Jon doubted that he had even been aware that Jon was present, let alone another person and certainly not what they had spoken of.

“Nye… here… have this.”

Nye lifted his head and looked at him with dull eyes. John was shocked by the state of his face. He very gently touched the cut over his eyebrow. Nye was so numb with shock he didn’t even flinch.

“What happened?”

Nye took a deep drink of the brandy. “I… wanted to go and see my mother and Adam thought it was a bad idea.”

“Adam hit you?” Nye nodded. “Because you wanted to go and see your mother?” He nodded again.

“I… he said it wouldn’t be good for me. He said that he’s my master now and I have to do what he says. I… I do love him Jon… of course I love him and I want to make him happy but… I don’t know if I can do this. But if I don’t…”

“Adam’s a hard man to negotiate with Nye… but he’s not a monster. He wouldn’t make you do something you really didn’t want to do. I’ve never seen him with anyone the way he is with you. He really does love you.”

“Maybe but…” Nye ran his tongue over his torn lip and shook his head. “I’ve never seen him like this. Why is he like this?”

Nye’s eyes pleaded with him and Jon flinched away from him. “He does it because he can. The relationship between master and slave is a complicated one and there is room for compromise and friendship and even love but… You’re in his world now Nye and in his world there are absolute rules… and slaves absolutely don’t say no to their master, not when they insist. This was a lesson, nothing more, at least not to Adam.”

“But…” Nye shook his head, unable to even begin to put what he felt into words.

“Didn’t you understand Nye? Didn’t Adam explain it to you, the rules, the contract?”

“I don’t remember agreeing to it.” He licked his lips and swallowed, closing his eyes. “Adam said it was when I was ill. He said I asked for it, begged for it more than once because I didn’t want to have to worry anymore.”

“And you don’t remember that?”

Nye shook his head, staring into Jon’s face with such pain in his eyes it was all Jon could do not to flinch. “I must have been out of my mind. It’s just not me Jon, you know that. I… I’ve tried really hard to please him, to… to do whatever he wanted willingly and he…” For a moment his voice broke and he couldn’t continue. He took a swig of brandy.

“He… we were… I did everything he said. I did everything, no matter how hard, how much it hurt. I let Lian… I… Why wasn’t it enough?”

Jon frowned. For a moment he looked down and when he looked up there was something in his eyes that scared Nye.

“I Starzbet Güncel Giriş warned you about this Nye. Do you remember?” Nye nodded, his eyes enormous. He was shivering, looking lost and young and distraught. Jon sighed. “I also told you that you had friends who would do everything they could to help you, to watch out for you… and I am going to do that now. You may not appreciate it. You may not want to hear it but… Nye, what do you remember about when you were ill?”

“I… I don’t know what you mean?”

“Think about it Nye. What has Adam told you?”

“Only that the poison made me ill and that he took care of me.”

“Do you remember how he took care of you?”

“I… I don’t remember very much at all.”

“Think about it Nye, think very carefully. What’s the last thing you remember before you got ill?”

“I… I was at home… with Adam. We had… we had a fight but… we made it up and I… we ordered Chinese and we had a glass of wine and we were looking out over the city and… and…” He shrugged. “Then I remember… dreams…crazy dreams and… pain and… I remember Adam being… so… kind.”

“What kind of dreams Nye?”

“I don’t know… crazy ones. Adam… doing things… making me… Just crazy… dreams… and…” he faltered to a halt staring at Jon, chilled by his expression. “They were dreams right? He wasn’t… he wasn’t really doing those things to me when I was ill. He wouldn’t have… not when I was ill.”

” ‘If’ you were ill.”

“What do you mean?”

Jon looked away, unable to meet his eyes and took a deep breath. When he turned his face back his eyes were hard… set. “You weren’t ill Nye… you were drugged. Adam drugged you. He got the drugs at that meeting he was at the day after Lian left, the day I talked to you. When I got back to the club he told me about it. He told me that… he said that he was afraid your experience with Lian would undo all the hard work he had put into training you, making you compliant, dependent on him and he wasn’t prepared to take that risk.”

Nye shook his head. “No.” The world was a whisper, but Jon could see in his eyes that he knew the truth.

“I tried to argue against him but you know that there is no arguing with Adam.”

“Does he really hate me so much?”

“No. He doesn’t hate you. He doesn’t hate you at all. In his own way he loves you very much.”

“In his own way?”

“Adam is not like other men. He lives in a different world with different rules. If you understand the rules and stick to them it’s not a bad world, it’s safe and close knit and protected. But if you don’t understand the rules, or if you can’t or don’t keep to them.” He paused.

“It’s because he loves you that it all went to hell. In the beginning he really didn’t want to hurt you. He couldn’t bring himself to train you in the usual way. He couldn’t bear to break you. So he tried a different way… and maybe it might have worked if he had been able to change himself too, to have been able to bend a little but there is no compromise in Adam.”

“He’s been manipulating me this whole time?”

“Manipulation is a strong word. He’s been moulding you, training you.”

Nye sagged back against the leather seat, his face blanched, his hand shaking uncontrollably. Jon wondered if he had done the right thing because he thought that Nye was on the verge of collapse.

“So what… what can I do now? I can’t… I can’t…” He put his hand up to his face and raised his eyes to Jon. There was blank horror in them.

“Nye, there’s more.”

“More? What do you mean?”

“Nye… I can’t tell you this… I can’t. You have to find out for yourself. If you want to know the truth?”

“The truth about what?”

“Just the truth Nye.”

For a moment Nye scanned Jon’s face, his own a picture of shocked confusion. He nodded. “I want to know everything. I want the truth.”

“Adam has left. He left word to bring you home when you were ready. You won’t be disturbed.”


“Go upstairs Nye… to the room you were in before.”

“Why? What’s there?”

“Go and see. Give me five minutes to distract the goons on the door and then slip up there as quietly as you can. I’ll make sure no one disturbs you.”


“Just do it Nye. Then you’ll know for sure.”

Nye opened his mouth to speak but, at the look on Jon’s face he shut it again and nodded. Jon put a hand on his arm. “Remember… you have friends here, real friends. We won’t let you get hurt Nye, not anymore.”

Stunned Nye could only nod again and watch as Jon slipped out of the booth and went over to the bar. After a quick conversation with the three bar men he moved towards the door. His mouth dry and his heart pumping Nye got up and walked over to the bar. He was met by Luke.

“Are you going upstairs?”

“Do you all know?”

“Know what?”

“What’s been going on.”

Luke ducking his head, unable to look at him, and nodded. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m not angry with you Luke. I know the score. I know Adam.”

“Don’t let him hurt you anymore Nye, please.”

Nye looked up and met his eyes, nodding. “I won’t.”

Luke smiled and nodded. “Walk over to the steps down to the dungeon. Wait until you get a sign and then head for the stairs as fast as you can.”

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Lucy’s Hotel Experience

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Lucy felt distinctly uneasy as she walked nervously through the dimly lit hotel lobby with its subdued night-lights between each anonymous door. As Lucy passed one of these darkened recesses where cleaning trolleys are usually kept, she suddenly felt a presence and almost immediately felt herself being grabbed from behind, her arms pinned behind her by another, stronger pair of arms. Before she had time to speak or think her assailant shifted position so that Lucy was in an inescapable arm lock and gagged. “Don’t struggle and do as you’re told and no one will get hurt” hissed the voice in her ear. It was a voice with an authoritarian ring to it, and it was female.

Lucy was quickly bundled through one of those anonymous doors. The other woman who was clearly stronger than Lucy and obviously trained to handle Herself, she threw Lucy to the floor and ordered her to stay there. Lucy was aware vaguely of a bed and several candelabra burning at several points in the room.

As Lucy lay there, not daring to resist, she heard the other woman start to undress. She heard the sound of a zip and of garments being tossed onto a chair. The woman then began to walk around the room, moving objects, making rustling sounds. As she walked past Lucy’s prone position she crossed Lucy’s line of sight revealing that she was barefoot and wearing black stockings over what appeared to be a shapely leg.

Presently the movements ceased and the woman ordered Lucy to her feet. Lucy at last could see her captor-she was seated in a large leather armchair completely naked except for the black stockings and matching suspender belt. She was clearly of Mediterranean extraction, possibly Greek. Her olive skin was only enhanced by the candlelight. As she sat there almost regally, her hands resting on the arms of the chair, Lucy could see her small, perky breasts with dark almost black nipples-small but very erect. Her slightly parted breasts revealed the bushiest black triangle Lucy had ever seen.

“Get undressed. If you refuse , your disobedience will not be taken lightly!” Demanded the woman.

As Starzbet she complied and started to strip for this woman Lucy felt strange, as if it was another Lucy meekly obeying the command. It was a warm summer evening so there wasn’t much to remove. The blouse was followed by the bra and as Lucy stepped from her skirt she stood there in just her panties, aware of how her own large breasts with their hugely prominent nipples contrasted with the other woman’s.

“I meant everything!” came the command from the chair, Lucy hesitantly complied, stepping from her panties to reveal a closely trimmed blonde pubic bush, so unlike the other woman’s.

“Now I am clearly stronger than you and as you know by now I can easily overpower you” exclaimed the woman.

“So you will be obliged for your own sake to obey me. Is that clear?”

“Yes” replied Lucy.

“You refer to me as “Mistress” ” barked the woman.

“Yes mistress.” repeated Lucy.

“I shall either call you nothing or bitch, is that also clear?” said the woman icily.

“Yes, Mistress” answered Lucy.

“Now bitch, walk over to the foot of the bed, stand facing the bed head and lean forward with the palms of your hands on the bed.”

Lucy did as she was told. It was in that position that she felt the woman approach her from behind.

“Spread your legs, bitch!”

Lucy spread them. She felt the woman’s hand between her legs-she was being examined. The most intimate of her body was being spread open to this woman’s gaze. She seemed to keep Lucy spread like this for an, just looking, occasionally probing one opening then the other, until she had had her fill. She then crossed to another part of the room, there was the sound of a drawer being opened and closed, the woman returned and began to stroke Lucy’s buttocks very gently.. Then without warning she brought the palm of her hand down hard making Lucy yelp with pain.

“Did you like that bitch?” The woman asked with a smirk.

“Yes, mistress!” was the reply, Lucy knew the answer she must now give.

Further Starzbet Giriş hard slaps followed, Lucy trying hard not to cry out as she obediently received a spanking. Suddenly the spanking stopped. There was a pause. What next? Lucy felt a cold flat object placed across her buttocks. Lucy had no sooner worked out that it was a ruler than two swift, smarting blows made her cry out loud.

“You are still liking this, bitch?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Well, we’ll see about that!”

Again the sound of a drawer being opened, then Lucy gasped as the other woman reached underneath to grasp Lucy’s dangling breasts and attach what appeared to be a heavy metal clasp to each nipple. The sensation, not really pain, shot from Lucy’s breasts to her pussy. She felt her clitoris tighten. She became wet. She was becoming aroused.

Standing by Lucy’s head, the woman grabbed Lucy’s hair, twisting her head around so Lucy was forced to stare at the other woman’s pussy. In between that black, hairy bush Lucy could discern two very dark brown, swollen lips and a very large, hard clitoris protruding between them.

“I think it is time to stop your fun, bitch!” the woman exclaimed . With that she released Lucy’s hair and gave her breasts a slap causing them to sway into each other, the weights pulling them down caused Lucy’s juices to flow even more. The woman now moved to another part of the room and returned with a candelabra. She removed one candle, holding it above Lucy’s buttocks. As the first drops of hot wax fell onto Lucy’s unprotected flesh she gave a whimper, she was experiencing both pain and pleasure.

“Want more, bitch?” said the woman.

“Yes, mistress.”

Suddenly the woman blew out the candle and Lucy felt the blunt end between the cheeks of her buttocks. The woman applied a gentle pressure, as if to penetrate and then, without warning changed target and plunged the candle deep into Lucy’s gaping cunt.

It went in easily, Lucy’s lubrication was flowing copiously as the slurping sound witnessed as the woman Starzbet Güncel Giriş worked the candle in and out.

The woman’s mood seemed to change. She removed the nipple clamps and instructed Lucy to lie spread-eagled on the bed. She had obviously pre-planned this as Lucy’s wrists and ankles were quickly secured by ropes previously tied to the legs of the bed. From a bedside cabinet the woman produced a soft leather cat o’nine tails.

Lucy tensed as the first blow fell across her breasts. To her surprise it was not a hard blow- more of a caress. A very erotic caress at that. The woman worked Lucy’s body over expertly- the liquid oozing out between Lucy’s legs leaving no doubt about the effect it was having.

When the woman at last laid the whip aside, she mounted the bed and straddled Lucy across her middle facing Lucy’s feet.

In this position she reached forward to part Lucy’s dripping wet cunt, and after pausing briefly to study the effects of her handiwork, began to fondle Lucy. Lucy moaned as she responded to the other woman’s caresses. The woman’s breathing was becoming rapid and deeper. Suddenly she moved backwards still facing Lucy’s feet, but this time her knees were at either side of Lucy’s head.

In this position she lowered her streaming wet cunt over Lucy’s face. Lucy’s tongue was like a snake-darting in and out of the other woman’s pussy, gently lapping at her hugely aroused clit, the smell and taste of sex was overwhelming.

The woman could last no longer-she exploded into an orgasm of such intensity that her whole frame shook to its foundations. Her juices flooded over Lucy’s face-she was sobbing with pleasure as she collapsed forward onto Lucy, her full weight crushing Lucy’s still form. She lay like that for what seemed an age, motionless, sometimes letting out a groan or a sob. At length she rose like a prizefighter dragging himself of the canvas and dressed herself.

She stood over Lucy and released the ropes, and as she did so she pushed an object into Lucy’s gaping wet pussy. As she opened the door the woman paused, “Same time next week, bitch?”

“Yes, mistress.”

After the door closed, Lucy removed the object from her pussy. It consisted of ten fifty- pound notes, tightly rolled and secured with an elastic band. Lucy’s best client had indeed been very generous.

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Just Imagine

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Her small dinning table was set against the wall.

We sat at opposite sides chatting amiably over a glass of wine as we had done many times in the past. We had known each other for many years and enjoyed each others company, but our relationship never got beyond the friendly cuddle stage.

Since finishing college as a mature student she had found a new and very attractive confidence, able to question subjects that before she would have run a mile from, and now she was ‘grilling’ me about my predilection for dominance, which she had known about but had never shown the slightest interest in before.

‘What possible pleasure can you get from tying or being tied up and having someone mess about with you’

My only defense at this moment was ‘you have to have the courage to try it to see how it affects you’.

The conversation went along those lines for some time and as the evening wore on we moved to the settee and she put lit candles on the table and the mantle and we settled into an even more relaxed mood, the wine and dim lights working their mellow magic.

“Just take my word, it is one of those things you have to try”, I had run out of justifications and knew I was resorting to ‘because I say so’.

“No, I can’t see any fun in it at all”. Her words were ever so slightly slurred so I took all my courage in both hands and said “if you won’t try it give it a go in your imagination”. This seemed to give her food for thought. “What, you mean like masturbation?” “No” I replied “a little more imaginative than that”.

With mounting excitement xslot I explained what I had in mind.

“Close your eyes”, she was lounging on the opposite end of the settee with her feet up between us. She gave me a long questioning look which I repaid with an ‘I dare you’ look.

She closed her eyes and lent her head back on the settee arm. “Ok, lets see what it’s like”

In for a penny in for a pound, I started speaking in a tone I imagined a hypnotist might use.

“You are with someone you trust completely, you are warm, comfortable and relaxed”. She purred and settled into the cushions on her back with her knees raised between us.

“Take yourself into your bedroom, you are laid on your bed naked, your wrists are fastened above you to the bed head and your legs to the bottom posts, wide apart: you have a blindfold over your eyes”.

A gentle smile played around her lips, her body limp and relaxed.

“A movement at the bottom of the bed tells you where he is, a gentle touch against your ankle which starts slowly to wend its way up the inside of your open legs”.

An almost imperceptible movement of her bottom pressing into the cushions told me she was along for the ride.

“It is starting to dawn on you that your really are unable to do anything and your tormentor really is in control. His warm palms stroke the inside of your thighs and you can just feel the touch of his finger against the hair surrounding your pussy”.

I watched her face as closely as I could, as she slowly sucked her bottom lip into her mouth, her xslot Giriş imagination joining the game. Her hands had found their way to the front of her hips where they rested lightly, ready, I thought, to move.

Some of the candles glowing round the room were scented and their aromas were melting into the mood and seemed to be making all my nerve ends tingle, I hoped it was the same for her.

I looked at her laid there and tried to keep myself under control, this was after all her fantasy.

A few moments had passed since I last spoke.

“Go on”. Her whisper had a note of demand about it, so I did as I was told.

“As his fingers trail little circles on your thigh you feel another movement as he leans forwards and lightly kisses your navel, after the kiss his tongue stays and makes small circles on your tummy and those circles slowly, so slowly, move down. His fingers are still stroking your thigh, his tongue is coming to meet them, and their meeting place, well now how is that feeling?”

Being brought into the script caught her on the hop. “Wet and warm”. She breathed the words rather than said them.

Her hands had now moved to her crotch and she was pressing rhythmically against the seam on her jeans.

“Go on”. This with more urgency than last time.

“You feel a firm touch on your nipple, his thumb and fore finger squeeze and roll the bud between them”.

A very slight but definite moan escaped her lips as more pressure was applied to her crotch.

“His fingers and lips meet, his tongue finds your clitoris, xslot Güncel Giriş his finger slides into your pussy, slow, slow movements, your nipple being squeezed in his other hand”

I could no longer see her face; her head was pushed back over the arm of the settee. I could tell she was going on her own way.

Her hands were now both playing, one having unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, the other had found its way into her blouse and was making free with her nipples.

“Please”. She whispered the word to me, demanding I continue

“The wet warmth of his tongue is flicking round your clitoris, two fingers are working in and out of your pussy, his other hand is caressing your nipples, the wetness from your pussy is running down across your anus”.

As I watched her hips started to rise, her breathing stopped and her legs came together trapping her hand. She seemed ready to burst when she let out a long groan and curled up rolling towards me. I put my arms around her and held her as her orgasm continued to shake her body. She pushed her face into my shoulder and eventually whispered “wow”.

When she had come down a little she move round so she was sitting between my legs leaning against me.

She smiled a wicked little smile and said, “You obviously enjoyed that too”.

I circled her with my arms ignoring the remark and asked “Now what did you do wrong”

She looked at me with a slight frown. “Nothing, it was lovely”. But it was clear another thought had hit her.

Her eyes were shinning and kept hold of mine in anticipation of what was to come.

“No, you were supposed to be tied, unable to move, instead you, well you moved” I said in an accusing tone.

Her smile had a kitten like quality as she said, “Well what are you going to do about it?”

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Late , Clothed

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Its been a few days since I have spent time with my Liam. Busy lives have taken our time, but tonight we get some back. A date, per se, although I haven’t decided if I want to take him out or spend the entire evening together here at home.

I dress to go out, beneath my long deep blue dress, are garments fitting for staying in. Even though it isn’t one of my many corsets I would usually use for alone time with him, I think the bra, garter, panties and stockings, all in the matching hints of blue, will be more than adequate.

Finding I have some time before he arrives, I slip into the library to read for a bit. I curl up in my chair near the fire, smiling to myself as I know he will be here soon. I do miss him. I pick up my book and begin to read, getting caught up in the story, I look up at the clock on the mantle and frown. He is late, over thirty minutes late.

Setting my book aside, I head back into the bedroom and remove the dress, returning it to the hanger. No sense in keeping it on, we won’t be going out now. As I change the bra for a tight fitting corset, I can feel the disappointment rise. The directions were quite clear, I gave him extra time to get here already.

I stride to the playroom, although it wont be for play tonight. I check the clock again, forty five minutes now. Shaking my head, that boy of mine is going to be very sore come morning. I settle into my chair and wait, I can feel the impatience build and the disappointment deepening.

I hear him come thru the front door, I can hear as he searches room to room trying to find me. The hesitation at the door to the playroom audible. I glance at the clock almost an hour late. I know my look speaks volumes. I wait for the door to slowly open.

He peers in, sees me in my chair and rushes over; falling to his knees halfway across the room, xslot almost crawling to me. He has made yet another mistake tonight, he comes clothed. A soft sigh escapes my lips. He looks up at me, he wants to make excuses, he knows I won’t accept them. He knows sorry isn’t enough and because of that he knows not to speak.

I watch him, wondering how long it will take before he decides to remove his clothes. I can see him squirm, I close my eyes as I realize it is going to be a very long night and not the one I had planned on. I open my eyes and look down at his form. I rise walking around him and stride toward the fireplace.

Staring into the flames, my voice is harsh as I say, “Naked boy, NOW!”

He gasps in horror as he realizes his extreme error. He should have known on entering, he should have anticipated it after being an hour late. As soon as he walked thru that front door, he should have stripped. I can hear him scrambling to remove all his clothes, when the rustling stops, I turn to look at him.

He is so beautiful, such incredible form. He is there kneeling, all the way down, head pressed to the floor. His breathing is harsh, erratic. A sheen of sweat already forming on his back, the hair on the nape of his neck curling from the dampness.

Grabbing a handful of hair, I pull his head back so he can see how very upset I am. I can see the tears begin to pool, he knows. I lean in close and speak softly, “Not a word unless I ask you to speak, any sound other than a cry or a scream and I will gag you. Do you understand me?”

He swallows hard, stuck trying to figure out whether to speak or try and nod with my holding a fistful of hair. Seeing his dilemma, I say, “Speak boy.”

“Yes Mistress. i understand.”

“Good.” I release his hair and begin to circle his form. “you xslot Giriş have greatly disappointed me tonight boy. First, an hour late and then you come to me dressed. you know better than both.” Pressing my foot into his back, adding enough pressure for him to understand the gravity in my words, “Don’t you?” His response is a grunt.

I stand over his body, straddling it. Again grabbing a handful of hair and bringing his head back, I lean in and whisper into his ear, “I had planned on making love half the night, over and over again. I wanted to spend our night in slow sensual foreplay followed by a lengthy period of time riding your hard cock. I wanted to savor your body tonight, taste you and have you do the same for me. This..” Pulling hard on his hair, “wasn’t in my plans.”

Pushing his head back down to the floor, I return to my chair and watch him quiver. Letting him kneel there, wondering when and with what.. and for how long. I wait, knowing the time is dragging on for him, in my mind I am going over a reasonable way to deal with both offences. He flinches as he hears me rise and walk to the cabinet, I know he wants to turn his head, to see what I will use.

“Rise, hands linked behind your head.” He does so immediately and as soon as he has his stance, the whistle of the cane thru the air warns him of what I have in my hand.

“This is for your clothing. One for each article you had to remove. “

In quick repetition, the cane lands four times on his ass; the first at the top, then each consecutive one an inch below the previous. “The shirt, the suit jacket, the boxers, the pants.” A single long cry at the speed in which the cane landed escapes him. Three more snaps at an angle to the previous four, watching the welts start. “The socks, the tie and the shoes.” Another scream, xslot Güncel Giriş louder this time. I trace the welts tenderly with my fingers, a part of me not liking to make them.

I replace the cane and pick up the matching pair of floggers. Walking around his body, I stop in front of him and show him the floggers. “With two, I can make it thru the once per minute late much faster.” His eyes go wide at my words. I nod, “yes boy. One strike per minute you were late.” I can see the internal battle to speak, its in his eyes. I wait to see what part of him wins, he slowly dips his head.

“Cuffs, ankle and wrist.” He scurries to the chest and brings them back to me. I attach all four cuffs and point to the table.

“Face down.”

Once he is settled, I clip his limbs down. I push the button and tilt the table, at enough of an angle to work his body but not so much that he would slide down. Gently tracing the shapes on his ass, I smooth my hands over his torso and down his thighs before stepping back.

Starting with the right hand, I begin. Right then left, the flogger’s tresses landing hard. He fights to hold still, cries and screams slipping out every few landings. Over his back, avoiding his lower back and concentrating on his ass and upper thighs, the right and left handed strikes working up and back. Watching the skin go from light pink to dark pink., the marks from the cane almost red, I stop.

Returning the table to flat, leaving my floggers on the side table, I pick up the lotion and begin to sooth the skin. Hearing him whimper as the cool lotion works into the burn, I gingerly work everywhere he is marked. I unclip the cuffs, leaving them on.

I lean in and whisper, “Well Done boy. you can speak now if you wish.”

His voice raspy, “Thank You Mistress.”

I stroke his hair softly, pressing my lips to his cheek. “Can we work on some of those plans now, Liam?”

He rolls carefully off the table and kneels before me, smiling up at me, ” please Mistress.”

Leaning down to attach his leash to his hardened cock, I lead him down the hall to our bedroom.

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