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Lost Touch

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There is nothing better than the touch of your lover. Feeling their hands run through your body, creating pure passion on every inch of your body.

Anna who hadnt felt this touch in a long time was reminiscing, and flicking through her photos on her phone when a notification popped up. It was a friend request from Darren Jizzon. Anna paused for a moment and suddenly she felt her whole body tingle. It was her old boyfriend who stopped pursuing her when her dad warned him off when she was 19 and he was 25. I suppose they did get caught having sex in the back of Darren’s car. Anna laughs to herself and quickly accepts the friend request.

Anna beamed as she looked through Darren’s photos. He was now in his 50s slightly chubby and balding but he still gave Anna tingles. Anna headed upstairs her phone firmly in her hand. She jumped on her bed and stripped off her nightie. Her boobs sagged a little but her pussy was lovely and wet as she peeled her panties off aswell.

Many of his photos were of him on a beach so she got to see more than she hoped. She stopped on one particular photo of him and she zoomed in a little and started to stroke her clit…

A message popped up!

Darren: Hi Anna,

Anna: Hi Darren long time no speak

Darren: Never forgot about you though

Anna: Well that’s good to hear! Do you have a family?

Darren: I split from my wife years ago..Our sex life just kind of stopped…I wanted something more exciting. Do you have a family?

Anna paused for a moment. She is a 45 year old unhappy married housewife with fatih escort grown up kids…

Anna: I’m free and single

Darren: I still want you

Anna: Well book me a hotel and I’m yours

Darren: mmmmm well I will see what I can do

Anna: See you soon x

Anna flicked back to her picture of Darren even more excited than ever now. She hadn’t even noticed the little puddle she had made on the bed while texting. She continued to stroke her clit. As she imagined everything that Darren is going to do to her.

The phone dropped out of her hand as her eyes rolled back, she grabbed her breast. She tugged on it hard as her fingers on her other hand slipped inside of her.

Anna started moaning loudly covering the noise of her juices splashing around as she fingered herself. In and out… Round and round… Stroking her gspot. Teasing herself…

Anna’s legs lifted up as she bent forward and felt the most intense orgasm she has had in a long long time…

“Honey I’m Home..” John called out. Anna panicked… She could hear John’s footsteps coming up the stairs. He opens the door. His mouth is agape. “Get on the bed now” Anna orders.

John does as he is told. Anna strips him quickly, barely stopping to avoid tearing his grey suit. John was lying naked and before he could even question anything…Anna had her lips round his cock. “Oh God” John moans. In seconds Anna felt John’s cock push against the roof of her mouth. She releases his cock, gives a quick glance at John before climbing on top of him.

She decides istanbul escort to do it in reverse facing away from John. She turns around and grabs John’s cock and slides it into her pussy. It sinks in deep and Anna’s eyes close as she starts to fuck John fast and hard. The only thing she can see is Darren’s face. She keeps fucking him harder and harder. Gasping for breath as she keeps going… Moments pass and She can feel her orgasm coming her feet twitch as they dangle off the bed. She keeps fucking him, his cock pounding her deep until suddenly… Her teeth clench together and her hips shake. Anna could only babble…Her hips would not stop shaking. Anna screamed as John’s cum finally entered her. She grabbed John’s legs as she struggled to stay on top. As she calmed down, she kissed John and headed for a shower.

Bzzz Bzzzz Anna’s phone rattles. She checks it quickly before getting in the shower. It was a picture from Darren. Anna opens up the picture with a grin on her face. There beaming out of her phone was a picture of the hotel booking. Her heart was racing. She looked a little closer to see what hotel it was. As she did this she noticed in the background there was a mirror and Darren was completely naked and was quite excited.

That’s not the only thing that has grown since we last met. Anna smiled. She quickly sent a text to Darren…

Anna: Can’t wait for the hotel…PS love your mirror by the way x

Darren: I was thinking about you… In my bedroom completely naked…

Anna: Well I’m completely naked now…

Darren: Show kağıthane escort me!

Anna took a close up as she licked one breast. Careful not to give too much away.

Anna: Picture sent x

Darren: Oh my God! You don’t know what I want to do right now

Anna: tell me x

Darren: I want to break down the door to the bathroom and grab you by the hips and push you up the shower wall. Kissing you hard

Anna: My pussy tingles against you as I kiss you back

Darren: I move down to your neck and tease you further. My chest grinding against yours

Anna: I manage to find my feet and I kiss down your chest before reaching your dick

Darren: My knees buckle

Anna: I grab my big breasts and wrap them around your cock as you start thrusting.

Darren: oh my God…I keep thrusting feeling my cock slide in and out of your big juicy breasts.

Anna: With each thrust I lick the tip of your cock

Darren: I feel my cock ready to explode. I drop to the floor and lean up against the wall. Eye level with your perfect pussy.

Anna: You mean this pussy.

Picture sent

Darren: it’s perfect!

Anna is fingering herself so quick and hard, her knees buckle and she sits on the shower floor imagining Darren’s big cock inside of her. She needed something bigger, she grabs her electric toothbrush and slides it inside. Switched on of course.

Darren: This is what you do to me! Picture sent

Anna’s mouth was agape. Darren had exploded all over himself. His cum was everywhere. She wanted nothing more than to lick it up. This sent Anna over the edge and she started babbling over and over. Her legs twitched and head dropped as her orgasm flew through her… She murmured quietly as the orgasm subsided. Before collapsing on the shower floor panting. Toothbrush vibrating.

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Seducing Jennifer Pt. 19-20

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Part 19

I awoke to find Jennifer still cuddled on my lap, her golden hair spread across my chest. My neck crackled as I raised my head from the back of the couch. I twisted my head carefully from side to side. Damn; I was going to have a hell of a stiff neck for a while. That was when I noticed that I also had a hell of a stiff prick. It was beginning to ache worse than my neck. I was definitely going to have to whack off as soon as possible. I really didn’t know if that was normal at my age or not, but I suspected that it was, despite the stated opinion of my Sunday School teacher.

As they used to say, “Nine guys out of ten jerk off regularly. And the tenth guy is a liar.” Well, I’m not a liar.

I shifted Jennifer on my lap as gently as possible to restore the circulation to my legs. It was totally coincidental that this action also shifted my dick into a position where it rubbed comfortably against her slender thigh. It felt really good, and I was extremely sorry that we still had not dealt with the issue of what she saw me doing to her mother last week. Or, more accurately, what she had seen her mother doing to me. I was clearly guilty either way, and she had every right to be pissed at me. Maybe if I could come up with the right kind of apology she would forgive me…in time.

Meanwhile, as I pondered these weighty subjects, I was surreptitiously rubbing my aching dick against Jennifer’s thigh. It was starting to feel good. I hadn’t jacked off all week. (Wet-dreams don’t count, obviously.) And my sperm reservoir was close to record-high levels. It was starting to feel REALLY good when Jennifer stirred. She looked up at me, and I thought I saw love in her light blue eyes. They had the faintest ring of green around the irises…like flowers with greenery peeking out behind them. She kissed me then, and my doubts began to fade. She would forgive me. Eventually.

She broke the kiss, wrinkling her tiny nose enchantingly. “Ewww. I bet my mouth tastes like a cat-box. Sorry, Jacky.”

I captured her lips again, briefly. “It tastes like true love, to me.”

She turned her face away. “Well, if we’re going to do that I need to go brush my teeth.” She started to slide off my lap, but I restrained her with hands around her waist. She struggled for a moment and then relaxed. “So I guess that means you don’t want to do that. Too bad, then.” She rested her head against my chest and began exploring my pectorals and down to my abs, and soon one slender hand encountered the bulge in my pants where the head of my cock was trapped against her thigh. Her eyes widened. “Good Lord, Jacky! Did you leave the pressure cooker on the stove too long?”

“Kind of feels like it,” I croaked.

She scratched the underside of my cock-head with her thumbnail and I had to stifle a moan. “I had the strangest dream just now, Jack,” she said dreamily. “We were in this odd little mud house, and there was this really ugly dog…and we were all really sad, because…well, because of something that happened.”

The hair prickled on the back of my neck even as the sensations in my dick began to become more insistent. “When you say ‘we,’ do you mean you and me?”

“Yes…” She removed her hand from my groin and picked at a button on my shirt.

“I’m beginning to think we both had the same dream.”

She laughed. “You’re so full of it, Jack. You’re just trying to get back into my good graces. Or something else.” She blushed.

“No, really. I can describe it to you exactly.”

“Ok, Mr. Smarty-pants: what happened next?”

“You gave me corn and bean soup with corn cakes and then we…”

She froze against me. “And then we what?”

I shifted uncomfortably. “And then we did something we’ve never done, in this version of reality anyway.”

“Like what?”

Now I knew she was playing with me. “Like sex things. You know. We DID it. And we both liked it. A lot. Speaking of which, it would be really nice if you would do that thing with your thumbnail again that you were doing a few minutes ago.”

“What will you give me if I do?” she teased, lowering her hand to the bump in my pants and scratching once, lightly.

“I’ll give you a thousand dollars,” I said, plucking the cash envelope out of my shirt pocket. “In advance.”

She snatched the envelope and stuffed into her top. “I can probably give you an appointment for next week sometime. I’m pretty booked up, you know.”

“Please. I’m in pain here.”

“Well, I AM dedicated to relieving the suffering of others.” She scratched at my frenulum again, harder.

I did moan then. And she kept scratching. Without warning, hot semen spurted into my pants, soaking through my underwear and staining my trousers. She scratched more vigorously and I continued to come until my shorts were completely soaked. “Damn, Sweetie,” she said. “You really were about to explode. And it looks like you just did. Was it worth a thousand dollars?”

“Easily,” I said, flopping back against the couch. I felt like I could bursa escort float away and bounce on the ceiling. “And there’s more where that came from.”

She took advantage of my relaxed state to slither off my lap. She pulled the cash envelope out of her top and used it to fan her face. “Hot in here. And since I already have your thousand dollars, what do you mean, ‘there’s more where that came from?'”

“I wasn’t talking about the money.”

She colored prettily. “You pig. Tell you what: I’m going to go upstairs and brush my teeth and take a shower. While you go and change your underpants. For the second time today.” She turned to the stairs and stuck her tongue out at me. “And maybe you could order a pizza after that. I’m starving.” She scampered up the stairs.

“You’ll have to loan me the money,” I called after her.

I went to the downstairs bathroom and took my pants and shorts off. I was still at half-mast, and my entire pubic patch was syrupy with come. I washed it off with a warm cloth and considered just hopping into the shower while I was at it. Then I remembered Anna saying, at the lake house when she was playing ‘Little Virgin Annie,’ “I was hoping you would just come in and get in the shower with me.” What the hell. Mama knows best, right?

I pulled on a clean pair of shorts from my back-pack, rinsed out my mouth, and drained my bladder before going out to the front door and peeking out the window. A hefty security guard sat on a lawn chair just outside the door. I unlocked and cracked the door open. “Hey, Dude? I want to order a pizza. Let me know when it gets here, OK?”

He turned to look at me. “Sure, kid. Good idea. Maybe you could order one for me too. And a six-pack of Old Milwaukee would be nice. It’s boring as hell out here.”

“Yeah, no problem. I can order the beer but you’ll have to take delivery of it. I’m only 18.”

“Gotcha covered, kid. Order a six-pack for yourself if you want. I don’t give a shit.”

I closed the door and locked it again, then plugged in the house phone and called the local Domino’s. Two large with extra cheese, pepperoni and mushrooms. And two six-packs of Old Milwaukee high test. None of that ‘lite’ shit for my homeboy out on the porch, or for me either.

I ran upstairs and found the bathroom door cracked open. The room was filled with steam, and I could vaguely make out Jennifer’s sinuous shape behind the glass shower door. She was washing her hair.

“I need fifty dollars,” I said loudly.

“For what?”

“Pizza. It’s on the way.”

“Well you’ll have to wait until I get out of the shower. And the sooner you get out of here the sooner I can get dried and dressed.”

I gathered my courage and dropped my shorts, peeled off my shirt, and slipped into the steamy bathroom. I tapped on the shower door. “I’ll come in and help you. The pizza guy could be here any minute.”

“No WAY!”

I opened the shower door and climbed in. She had just finished rinsing her hair, and was wringing the water from it. Droplets streamed off her body and dripped from her engorged nipples.

“You horny pervert!” she shrieked, hammering at my chest with tiny fists. But her light blue eyes belied her actions, and when I captured her slippery body she met my kiss with parted lips. When she broke it she was nearly breathless. “Oh all right then. You can wash my back, as long as you’re here.”

I did so, admiring every muscle and curve of her sweet little body. I finished her back all too soon, and my hands began to wander towards the front. Ah, the delectable front, with its small, firm breasts, peaked with saucy pink nipples…

“Enough already!” she giggled, grasping my wrists. “If you wash them any more I won’t have any skin left!”

“Sorry. But as long as we’re both here, I have something that needs to be washed too…it’s kind of dirty so you’ll need to wash it pretty thoroughly.”

“I’m sure you can do that yourself,” she laughed, slipping past me and stepping out of the shower. “Just don’t commit any mortal sins while you’re doing it.”

I washed and rinsed hurriedly, remembering Anna saying, “I was being a bitch and you should have just dragged me out of there and thrown me down on the bed.” What the hell. She’d been right before.

I stepped out of the shower and grabbed Jennifer around the waist. I carried her, wiggling and protesting, to her narrow bed and tossed her onto it, then flopped down beside her. I moved to kiss her and she pushed me away. “No, Jack. I’m serious this time. We have to talk before we do any more fooling around.”

“Let’s see how fast we can talk,” I suggested. “I bet I can recite the Gettysburg Address in under thirty seconds. Wanna hear it?”

“You ass. I’m trying to be serious here. Get up now. You’re getting my comforter all wet.”

Just then the doorbell rang downstairs. “Shit,” I groaned. “The pizza is here.”

“So go get it. The money is in my jeans in the bathroom.”

I’m pretty sure she was looking bursa escort when I walked naked to the bathroom to get the money. When I came out to put on my shorts and shirt, however, she had turned to face the wall and covered herself with a towel.

I ran downstairs and peeked out the window. The security guard was standing there waiting patiently. I cracked open the door and slipped him a hundred-dollar bill. “Tell the pizza guy he can keep the change,” I told him impulsively.

He turned, paid the surprised and grateful delivery guy, and passed me a flat pizza box and a six-pack of beer. “Guy said thanks, call anytime,” he grinned. “And I appreciate this too. Big time.”

I closed the door and ran back upstairs, hoping that Jennifer would still be lying naked in the bed. It would be fun to sit in bed naked and eat pizza. Warm olive oil might drip off the fragrant pizza and run down her slender fingers, trickle off onto a breast…and I might feel inspired to catch the drip with my tongue just as it reached her nipple…

She was sitting on the edge of the bed in a long nightshirt, brushing out her damp hair. I stopped abruptly. “Uh, wow. I mean, the pizza’s here.” I held up the grease-stained box.

“You didn’t have to bring it up here. I was just about to come down anyway.”

“Oh. Okay. Shall we sit on the couch and eat it, then?”

“Sure. I’ll be right down. You don’t have to wait for me if you don’t want to. I’m sure you’re as hungry as I am.” She looked directly at the lump in my shorts. My cock was behaving rudely again. “Maybe you’re a lot hungrier than I am.”

I walked back downstairs. Things hadn’t turned out the way I’d hoped, but it wasn’t all bad. She had looked gorgeous in her tatty old nightshirt. And I strongly suspected that she wasn’t wearing anything under it. So there might still be some hope. If the talking part went well.

I set the pizza box and the beer on the coffee table and went to the kitchen for a couple of plates. I brought a stack of napkins and couple of glasses too. Might as well try to class things up a little, rather than drinking right of the can. Neither of us had ever consumed much beer. Three cans each should get us pretty well hammered. And maybe in the mood for something more satisfying than a thumb-job through my pants.

She came walking demurely down the stairs just as I was topping off the glasses with foaming beer. My heart leapt into my throat. I thought she looked like a princess in her faded blue nightshirt. Or at least like Cinderella, just before the fairy godmother got involved.

She sat next to me on the couch. “Yummy! That smells so good.”

I opened the cardboard pizza box and lifted out a slice for her, putting it on a plate. She accepted it gratefully and put the plate in her lap, then tasted the pizza. “Heavenly,” she moaned, licking grease off one pink fingertip.

“Ought to be. It cost a hundred dollars, including tip.”

“It’s worth it. Only ten percent of what I get for two minutes work, actually.” We devoured our first slices quickly, and I passed out seconds.

She sipped at her beer experimentally and wrinkled her nose. “I don’t like this stuff much. Kind of yucky.”

“Neither do I,” I lied. “But it’s very good for you. And we have to keep our strength up, you know?”

She slapped at my thigh playfully. “You geek. Hey, you want to watch the news?”

“Not really. It’s all BS anyway.”

“We ought to at least see what they’re saying. Even if we know it’s probably not true.”

We watched a couple of boring commercials before an anchorman appeared, looking grave. “This just in regarding the explosion near the downtown nightclub, Cherry Poppers. Authorities have tentatively identified one of the three bodies found within the burned limousine as being that of billionaire investor Hyman Hershkowitz. Another is suspected to be that of his driver, identity unknown, and the third, a young female, also remains unidentified. Anyone who has information regarding the possible identities of the victims should call the downtown police department immediately.”

I looked over at Jennifer. “I guess that’s good news. If it was your mom, they’d know by now, wouldn’t they?”

“I guess.” She dropped the remains of her third slice of pizza onto her plate and licked her fingers moodily. “Could we just turn that off now? Obviously it’s just the same old nothing. And we really do need to talk.”

I flicked off the TV and gobbled the last of my third slice, then finished hers as well. “OK. Let’s talk.” I drained my glass and popped open another can of beer.

She set her plate on the coffee table and moved a few inches away from me, tugging her nightshirt down to cover her knees as she tucked her feet under her. Beautiful, delicate little feet. “We need to talk about Mom. And you. And what I saw that time.”

I gulped beer before answering. “Okay…uh, well…I’m sorry you saw that. It just kind of happened. We were talking about bursa eskort you and me, you know, doing stuff without getting in trouble, and she was trying to explain some things to me, and we kind of got carried away. No excuse, I know. And I’m so, so sorry.”

“I get that, Jack. But I was so horribly jealous. I had hoped that you and I could have our first time together, I guess. And I was mad because there you were, doing it to Mom, when you could have been doing it to me.”

“If I had done that to you we might be in a lot of trouble right now. Yeah, yeah; I know that’s not the point. But as crazy as it sounds, she was just trying to help.”

“I know, Jack.” She pulled one bare foot out from under herself and put it in my lap. “She mentioned that in the letter. In a way it makes sense…but mostly it just sounds crazy. But she can be like that. I figured out a long time ago that the whole Church Lady thing was an act, but I pretended to go along with it because it made her happy. But…Oh, Jack. It may be the last vivid memory I have of her, and I hated her at that moment.” She put her other foot in my lap. The nightshirt had ridden up to above her knees, and I stroked her lithe calf muscles comfortingly.

“And then I think about those weird dreams, both last night and today. Seriously, Jacky. Did you really have the same dream I did this afternoon?”

“Seriously, yes. It was like an out-of-body experience for me. More real than reality. And if you had the same dream at the same time, I’m starting to wonder if we were actually there. Together. Somehow.”

“That’s just so crazy. But I felt you inside me…and it was so real…and you know we’ve never done that, so how would I know what it felt like? Of course, since I don’t know, maybe what I felt in the dreams is not what it’s really like.”

I tickled the back of her knee with my fingers and inched upward along her thigh. She snatched her feet back and curled them under herself again. “I’m so confused,” she moaned. “I know this is not a good time to make decisions. But I want you, Jack, and I think you want me too.” She directed a significant glance toward my shorts, where my semi-erect cock was clearly outlined, then looked away, coloring slightly. “Oh, why does it have to be so hard?”

I looked down at my swelling cock. The head was about to pop out of my waistband. “Because otherwise I would have to tape a stick to it to get it in,” I said.


Chapter 20

Jennifer hopped off the couch, pulling her nightshirt down, but only after I got a thrilling view of her thighs almost up to heaven. And, as I was hoping, she was not wearing any panties under the nightshirt. My cock sprang to full attention.

“You goof! When I said, ‘Why does it have to be so hard,’ I was talking about the whole sex thing, not YOUR thing!”

“Oh,” I said, eyeing the purple head of my dick, which had just exposed itself above the waistband of my shorts. “My mistake.”

“I think you’re obsessed, Jack. I’m not sure you ever think about anything but sex.”

“Do too. I think about you all the time. And how much I’d like to have sex with you.”

She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms under her lovely little breasts. I couldn’t help noticing that her nipples were showing saucily through the fabric of her nightshirt. “That’s not going to happen any time soon, Jack. It’s going to take at least a month before we know the pills are working right. We have to be responsible. And one of Mom’s biggest worries was that I would get pregnant right away, like she did I guess, and that it would spoil all the fun for me.”

I reached for her and she backed away. “I’m with you all the way, Sweetie. Totally. And while I’m sorry you were jealous about me and your mom, she made that all about me and you, and one of the things I learned is that getting there is most of the fun, and I don’t want to rush it. I think that the time to actually DO it will come when neither of us can stand to wait another minute.”

That was probably a bad time to remind her of my ‘training sessions’ with her mother. Jennifer’s eyes narrowed. “It’s SO not fair. You know what we’re missing out on, and I don’t. Unless what happened in the dreams is realistic.”

“I think you can trust the dream that far. And I don’t really know what we’re missing either, except for the dreams. Because in the dreams…it was far better than anything I have ever felt in this reality.”

She searched my face for signs of prevarication, and, finding none, smiled faintly and turned toward the stairs. “I’m going to go upstairs and read for a little while. Come up and join me whenever you’re sleepy.” She started up the stairs, then turned, and with a distinctly ‘come-hither’ look in her sparkling eyes, and said, “But don’t stay up too late…I suppose we ought to expect Mr. Vholes to show up right around nine in the morning.”

“I’m pretty sleepy already,” I said, stretching and yawning. “I’ll wash up down here and be there in a few minutes. Maybe I could read to you until you drift off.”

I got up and took the dirty dishes and remains of our meal to the kitchen, then started towards the bathroom. As I passed the house phone it rang, and I picked it up automatically. “Hello?”

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