Sexy Mandy Gulps a Black Boy’s Nut



“A Lesson In Using A Mouth Organ”

“Damn it, DeShaun, suspended again!” fumed our lovely platinum blonde-haired Mandy Collins. “This is the third time in three months.”

Mandy Collins, a renowned porn star and business entrepreneur paced the dining room, upset with her adopted son.

Ms. Collins, always socially conscious, had adopted the eighteen-year-old black teenager. After her twin boys and adopted son, Jamal went away to college, and Mandy felt it was her duty to adopt a healthy black teen to give him a boost in his ghetto everyday life.

“Mother, it wasn’t my fault this time. I don’t know how your magazine got in my locker.” complained the muscular DeShaun. His smile all pearly white teeth and charming. “They are always on my ass because I’m your son and black.”

DeShaun craned his neck to watch as Mandy leaned over the dining room dish nook, searching the drawers for her cigarette lighter. Her white silk kimona rode up above her tanned asscheeks, giving the teenager a cock stiffing view of her butthole and smooth hairless split peach of her cunt.

Turning to face her son Mandy tapped her long lacquered nails on the oakwood surface. Lighting her Sherman Black and Gold cigarette with her found gold lighter, she took a long, thoughtful pull on her black cigarette.

Cupping her elbow as she smoked, she exhaled duel streams of smoke from her perfect nose. Giving the boy an amused smile as she licked her lips.

DeShaun grinned and shook his head, knowing what was coming next. Mandy leaned on the table, resting her magnificent 38DD boobs on the polished surface. Her movement made the creased kimona lapels drape open, giving the boy a delightful view of Mandy’s deep cleavage.

The teenager enjoyed how three strands of white pearls disappeared into the canyon created by the twin cantaloupe titties. Licking her full red lipsticked lips, Mandy exhaled a perfect ball of smoke in DeShuan’s direction.

“What am I going to do with you?” asked Mandy, a lascivious twinkle in her green eyes as her pink tongue tip worked the corner of her inviting mouth.

She stood up, and the silk robe fell open, exposing her slightly rounded mommy belly and tanned thighs. Her bald pubic mound protruded like a plump peach., ripe and waiting for closer inspection.

DeShaun stood up, and patted his washboard belly, then hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his Nike basketball shorts. Smiling, he worked his thumbs along the elastic circling his torso.

“You! Young man have been a very naughty boy!” purred Mandy biting her lower lip in anticipation of DeShaun’s next move. She traced her blood-red nails across the polished wood as she stepped around the table.

The lump in the eighteen-year old’s shorts pulsed. DeShaun had a thing for women karataş escort bayan in spiked heels, and the clear acrylic skyscraper cum fuck the hell out of me sandals Mandy was sporting had his cock begging for release.

DeShaun watched the white kimono drop to the floor, and his new mom’s hot cougar body was on display in all it’s naked glory. The strands of white pearls hung between his mom’s big titties, pointing to the wonderland between her thighs.

Mandy loved this little game she was playing with DeShaun. She felt the old familiar flip flop in her tummy that she felt in the company of a stiff young prick.

Her vagina was turning into a wet juicy mess, just thinking about that hard black cock she was playing hide and seek within those Nike shorts.

Frenching a mouth full of the gold filter-tipped cigarette smoke, Mandy slowly let the smokey exhale flood across her full breasts.

She thought back to the day the probation officer had delivered DeShaun Thomas on her doorstep. Mandy was delighted with her hand-picked personal plaything. Her friend, the assistant D.A., told Mandy the young blood was either going to the Collin’s house or the U.S. Army, and she could help him out of the jam he was facing.

Mr. DeShaun was a smart ass and had an aversion to finishing high school, and Mandy was determined to make the bastard graduate, and she had to admit having a stiff cock at her beck and call was worth all the problems with the kid.

Standing in front of the teenager, Mandy placed her cigarette between her red pouty lips, then touched her hands to the boy’s hairless chest. Tracing her sharp nails across his brown nipples, she felt him stiffen.

“You like that, Mr. Naughty?” smirked Mandy with a smokey whisper.

DeShaun reached up and cupped her big breasts, his thumbs worrying the erect thumb thick nipples. This made Mandy whimper softly. She blinked her eyes, looking at the black boy/

“You .like that, Mrs. Naughty?” he laughed, squeezing her firm titties, “Who’s punishing who?”

Mandy stamped her spiked sandals like an impatient school girl, “You Daddy!” she hissed, raining moist red lipstick kisses on the black skin of his chest. She kissed her way up his neck till she found his open lips, then she French Kissed him her long tongue, searching the boy’s open mouth.

DeShaun tasted the older woman’s cigarette smoke and her spit. Mom’s Mandy always had a particular taste to her mouth when she was hot.

It was a coppery cinnamon taste. The first time Mandy had kissed him, he knew it didn’t take much to get the juices flowing. Mandy had kissed him when the D.A. had dropped him off and five minutes later had her hands in his shorts.

“You bastard, you make karkamış escort bayan me wet!” growled Mandy moving her mouth down to his nipples. “I’m going to suck you off!”

“Of course you are bitch! You love DeShaun’s cock.” the black eighteen year old laughed as he watched Mandy kiss her way down to his belly. Her mouth was tattooing his smooth skin with red lip prints.

Reaching the waistband of his Nikes, Mandy bit the elastic yanking the shorts down.

The black teen grunted when Mandy’s mouth couldn’t pull the shorts over the lump in the material.

“Better us your fingers, mom, we got a meeting with the principle in one hour,” he added, humping his crotch in Mandy’s beautiful face.

Hovering her tanned asscheeks over her spiked heels as she squatted, she tugged the Nike’s to his ankles in a swift downward jerk.

“Whoa!” hissed Mandy when DeShaun’s erection whiplashed between his thighs, finally resting on her shoulder, “Oh God, every time I see that cock I want to call 911!” laughed our porn queen.

Mandy loved black cock and be damned if the boy doesn’t have the sweetest slab of black pork this side of Long Beach. She could feel the juices welling up in her belly.

Grasping the uncircumcised head of his baby-maker in her long red nails, Mandy pushed the shaft upward against DeShaun’s belly.

Touching her black cigarette to her pursed lips, Mandy positioned her free arm next to the mammoth cock resting against the boy’s stomach. A crude measurement, but Mandy saw the penis was as long as her forearm wrist to elbow measurement crude.

“Oh God, Sweetie, you’re a national treasure!” whimpered Mandy dropping her cigarette on the marble floor tile. “Gotta get you in the porn business.”

“Kiss it bitch!” DeShaun ordered his adoptive mother as he watched her spider walk her finger’s up the length of the black prick. When her long sharp red nails reached the shawl of the foreskin, she milked it back, exposing the golf ball-sized glans.

“Yes, Master D!” she purred, planting a wet smooch on the dark maroon tip. Smearing her lipstick across his urethra, she then searched the tiny lipped peehole with the pointed end of her tongue.

“Ahhhhhhhh, Fuck! Damn Lady, you know all the right spots!” grunted DeShaun, bucking his youthful hips. “Suck my black prick. Suck it like you was a teenager!”

Mandy smiled and thought I’ve had enough of this shit. She cupped the wrinkled pouch of his testicles, sinking her sharp nails into the skin, molesting his tender young eggs.

“Oh God, Mandy!” he screamed, his muscular torso spasmed, forcing a substantial pearl of pre-fuck out of the cum slit. The droplet clung for dear life, then dangled in slo-mo.

Holding her kilis escort bayan open hand under DeShaun’s weeping pee hole, she caught the clear semen, letting it pool in her palm.

“Deshaun, you’re full of it!” laughed Mandy licking the baby juice out of her hand like a sexy kitten lapping warm milk.

“Cum, that is!” Mandy giggled, taking another cigarette from the table. Taking two short snap inhales, she placed her moist hand next to her left fist.

Holding the gold filter tip against the shaft, Mandy gripped the teen’s erection in a vise-like grip.

“Time for Mr. Thomas to bust his nut!” she groaned wanking the young man.

Lacing his finger’s behind his neck, DeShaun gave his mom free rein on his porn star prick. He could feel his orgasm coming on like a runaway locomotive when he looked at the beautiful blonde masturbating him.

Mandy’s pussy was beyond wet. Her vagina was an oozing sperm depository. No matter how many cocks I have had in my mouth and cunt I can’t wait to have fresh young meat, she thought,

Teabagging one of the hanging testicles, she bathed it with warm spit. She was tasting freshly showered skin. She sucked one nut into her hungry mouth, as she nibbled on the leathery ballsack enlisting soft whimpers from the black youth.

Working the stiff black cock shaft, Mandy could feel the pulse of blood coursing through the veins road mapping the young man’s erection. The lad’s cock was alive with blood pumping through its shaft.

“Oh, Fuck, Mom! I’m close! Gonna cum!” DeShaun groaned, feeling Mandy’s small hands wank his cock. She rolled the foreskin over the head then milked it back again.

“Oh, Shit! Oh, Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” he cried out, his knees buckling as he started to cum. The teen’s penis slipped through Mandy’s fists quickly, her cigarette filter still pressed against the wrist-thick shaft.

The first spurt of semen erupted in a jet of cum that arced over Mandy’s shoulder, splattering across the tabletop

“Cum, Sweetie! Cum for Mandy!” she laughed, moving her head, trying not to miss the second round of jizz firehosing into her open mouth. “Goooood Cock! Good Cum!”

The third and fourth ropes of ejaculate hit Mandy in the cheek, the final dollops of semen snot splashing her heaving titties, glazing them with creamy droplets.

Squeezing DeShaun’s cock, Mandy smiled, showing her adopted son the mouthful of goodness coating her tongue. She gulped the black baby nut and dramatically smacked her cummy lips.

“Get dressed, honey.” purred Mandy in between drags on her cigarette. ” I have to convince your principal to let your sweet black ass back in school,” she added, tasting the dregs of his sperm on her tongue.

“Do you think a blow job will do the trick?”

Leaning down, DeShaun kissed Mandy, his tongue touching hers.

“It’s Mrs. Daniels, Principle Kelly Daniels. ” laughed DeShaun. “I don’t think a blow job will cover it, mother.”

Mandy clapped her hands, “Looks like I’ll be having a little taste of Daniels on my lunch menu.” she giggled playfully slapping the flaccid slab of meat between DeShaun’s thighs.

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