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A Wife Transformed Pt. 05

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Cum Slut

Part V– Month Two:
Changes and Fun Times Multiply — No Turning Back with Some Pretty Permanent Changes


5th Part of a multi-part story of how a wife in just nine months comes out of her cocoon to be become a sexual dynamo. This section covers the bigger physical changes and Sheila really embracing her changes.


The Miracles of Modern Medicine

Monday was a quiet day; the store was closed and Sheila and Anna made sure that everything the doctor’s office had directed was completed before noon. In medical terms Sheila’s boob job was only a minor procedure, so no being put all the way to sleep, just a local anesthetic and a lot of pain killers. The new method her doctor had recommended would also use a two part approach. There was the traditional implant, but not nearly big enough to give petite little Sheila the DDD’s she had selected.

After the silicone pouches were placed inside her natural boobs, the doctor would use a series of shots all around the breast to insert new fat cells to be absorbed and enlarge the breasts to their targeted size. Her breasts would jump to between a D and DD cup right away, and over the next weeks the implanted fat cells would spread out and grow to make her a DDD. The idea was there was more natural breast tissue and a smaller implant, but the result was still the same, just a lot more natural to the touch and as her new breasts moved.

That afternoon the operation went very well, they were done in two hours and on the way home. Sheila was pretty out of it, it turned out she was very receptive to the local anesthesia and the pain pills. She barely noticed that Anna had convinced the doctor to combine the dermal filler shots into her lips with the work on her chest. Sheila had to be on bed-rest till Friday night, no activity allowed so she could heal up and allow the fat cells to begin to expand. She then had to wear special bras till the weekend and limit activity over the weekend and the following two weeks. The drugs were great and she was pretty woozy all week. But she did notice that as she went to pee her entire body was different. She had a very curvy upper body, even under the shapeless gown she was wearing and her entire center of gravity had changed.

The bandages came off on Sunday night, per the post-operative treatment sheet. Sheila was amazed, and so turned on, when she looked at herself in the mirror. Her tits were world-class now, and the rings in her nipples made her large chest look slutty and super sexy. Even now her tits, she had a hard time calling them breasts now, were full and round, jutting out like two huge cantaloupes from her body. They were sitting high without any sagging on her narrow frame, so though she had to wear the support bra in recovery, she wasn’t sure it would be essential afterwards. Better yet, she knew they would continue to grow over the next week. As she moved her hands around to wash and put on the support bra, her tits were at least twice as sensitive, just brushing her piercings almost made her cum…awesome!

On Tuesday, still pretty doped up, but taking less and less painkillers, Anna insisted that Sheila work on tan lines for her new body. She had found some swimsuits online at Wicked Weasel, and told Sheila to wear one each day and to tan at least 4 hours, using her special tanning lotion to avoid burns. She told her that later after she had started the tan and her breasts were recovered, she would supplement the time in the sun with using their tanning bed in the basement. Anna told Sheila that she had to have no tan lines and be a golden brown all over before Dan got home.

The first swimsuit was one piece bright aqua but would have gotten her lynched back home. The whole suit fit in the palm of one hand easily. It was made up of just a set of thin strings that had slightly wider patches to cover her nipples and pussy. In back it was only strings. Sheila lounged around, basically stoned on tropical drinks, wine and weed the whole week, laying in the sun in the morning and afternoon every day.

When Anna and Brad came back each night, she sat up on the deck where she had been laying out. Anna and Brad loved the stretchy outfit how it showed off her toned body and new chest. They told her she was now a newly minted fucking machine and that in another two weeks, after the doctor’s restrictions were done whey would prove it. Anna and Sheila typically kissed for about 10 minutes, and Sheila normally fingered or ate Anna to orgasm, but followed doctor’s orders on no sex or upsetting Sheila’s new enhanced chest.

On Wednesday, Anna gave her the second same style suit, just in red, so she could alternate days. Sheila followed the directions perfectly and was already amazed at how brown she was. She was now off the painkillers and was happy there was only a tiny bit of soreness at the incision. The wound had really healed up already, unless you knew where to look kuşadası escort you didn’t know there was even an incision…but let’s be real she thought, nobody has an DDD cup on this body!

Sheila took the instructions seriously; she couldn’t have sex or engage in any activities that would bother the stitches or her healing breasts in any way. She did notice that the injected fat cells were already expanding. Her boobs seem to grow a little almost every day. However just sitting around her quiet place or over at Anna’s she realized she couldn’t be totally celibate. Every day she woke and either finger fucked herself while playing with her clit ring or pulled one of the toys that Anna let her borrow out to play. She loved that long dildo with the handle, routinely slamming the entire length in and out of her wet pussy till she had a nice morning orgasm. In the evenings she would start with her butt plug and either fuck herself while the plug filled her ass or pull the plug out and use that metal dildo with lots of lube up her ass. That anal play, combined with some vibrating balls up her pussy was a nice end to her long boring days of enforced inactivity. She did pine for some hard dick and rough fucking though.

In the second week home Sheila was a little stir crazy. She decided she needed to relearn how to strut in her favorite heels with the huge weight she now carried around. So, each day Sheila pulled on some high heel sandals and practiced walking around the condo and then the block. She now could easily strut with up to 7-inch heels, which normally had 2-3-inch platforms. She got used to her new center of gravity and practiced bending over with her legs straight and other moves to tease everyone around her.

Establishing a Salon and Fitness Routine

She was both little stir crazy, and a lot horny. She knew that Brad and Anna had stopped their special drug cocktail, but the effects seemed now to be permanent. She also took advantage of the healing period away from work for a full day at Anna’s favorite spa and salon. Sheila knew what she wanted. The look I saw when I first set eyes on her in our kitchen started with this visit.

Beyond the typical facial mud wraps and waxing her legs and pussy, she had them dye her boring brown hair a dark black, weave in extensions so it suddenly came down to just above her ass, and had the hairdresser put a lot of body into the look. She also had new blood red; inch long nails glued on. The promise was that the nails were virtually indestructible, and as her natural nails grew, she would soon have inch and a half dagger like nails. For her face Sheila had them trim her formerly unruly brows so they were very narrow and very arched. The salon glued on some fake lashes that were super thick and very long. All in all, my southern belle was now replaced by a chic New York girl

So, it might have been more than her high heels that attracted attention as Sheila exercised. When Sheila went out to stretch her legs each day, she noticed she had at least one and sometimes three or four teenage boys basically following her in the park down the block. It might have been her tight ass, or the big boobs she now had, but it also might have been the tight latex and leather miniskirts and the skin-tight spandex tops. And it might have been the wild hair and dramatic nails and face, with those huge puffy lips. But whatever the reason, the boys were clearly loving what they saw, and the new Sheila loved the effect her body and teasing could have.

Sheila spun around towards the end of the third week, “like the view?”

The one boy who had been following her that day stammered a yes. Sheila laughed and made him crouch down and snap a pic on her phone looking up at those long legs, tiny tight leather and spandex pieces and her wild hair that she messaged to Anna. It simply said “his tongue wants to be up my pussy, or maybe my ass” Sheila also let the obviously aroused boy snap a few pics on his phone. It was only fair. Anna messaged back, that she looked amazing and she would return the favor over the weekend in spades.

After she returned from her walk and tease experiment near the end of her recovery, Sheila had a sudden understanding. Before she would never dream of walking in heels higher than two inches. Now for whatever reason, unless it was in running shoes at the gym, low and no heeled shoes almost hurt. The higher the heel the better they felt and not just in her legs. She got a sexual turn-on from wearing high heels. It turned out that Anna and Brad had allowed her to understand how sexual she really was.

The sexual charge started to be noticeable at four inches and her six to seven-inch heels were as good as 15 minutes of foreplay. After wearing them for a short while, her pussy never failed to be so wet she almost sloshed as she walked. Sheila smiled as she filed away yet another change that had crept up on her. Her favorite pair was probably the bright red spike heels seven inch heels with straps around her ankles. They were very stable, but very sexy at the same time. She loved that she was almost six feet tall with them on, and as she had with the anal sex, she could use them for all sorts of improved, useful leverage.

She was sure that Dan would love that outward part of her changes immediately. In fact, with all his bothering her since they had started to seriously date to go for a sexier look, she was betting Dan would love all her new outfits, as well as the boots and shoes, not to mention the big makeover at the salon. Sheila wasn’t as sure that Dan would love the more assertive and sexually aggressive Sheila, but knew that aspect was truly core to her identity now as well.

A Weekend Learning Experience

Saturday of the third week was a quiet day as the healing finished up, but on Sunday everyone got together for an intimate little party to admire Sheila’s new body and some of her outfits that could still be worn with her hugely enlarged bust. As they shared some snacks and a lot of wine, Sheila showed off her new tits and lips with several different lingerie looks. All agreed that underwire bra’s and bustiers that showed off her new assets were best. Her ass was still great and Anna and Brad really liked her new party outfit that started with seven inch heels, thigh highs that ended just below a tight leather skirt and then a corset type top that just about exposed Sheila’s nipples. However, all three of them were still very careful to not start anything too physical, the stitches were in till Monday evening after all. So, with all the restrictions in mind, after they had a few drinks and smoked a bit of weed, Sheila proposed some fun that day to expand her sexual skill set.

She explained to them that she felt she was now very skilled at fucking Brad in all her holes. Her muscles were strong and Sheila had mastered the art of either squeezing Brad’s hard cock and nearly stopping his thrusting, but also in rippling her muscles backwards and forwards to literally milk Brad of his cum in a very short period, whether he was in her pussy or ass. She also had gotten very good, after all the practice with Anna at the store, in eating out a girl. Sheila knew how to tease and play with a girl’s lower lips and clit, while also massaging the G spot expertly; a routine that almost always made Anna squirt all over Sheila’s face and upper body. But Sheila pouted and looked over at Brad,

“but lover, I can barely get the head of that wonderful cock inside my mouth. I want to be able to swallow all of you, just like Anna does easily.”

Brad laughed and told Sheila that he would be happy to help her develop her skills right then and there. So, for the next two hours, Brad and Sheila, with additional pointers from Anna, worked on Sheila’s sword-swallowing skills. Sheila told them that she had used some of her alone time while healing to work on her skills. She had used some large bananas and of course Anna’s huge dildo with that handle at the end. Though Sheila told them that although the exercises were fine, the real thing tasted so much better, and she told them with a big grin,

“and if I do it right, with your hard dick Brad, I get a creamy snack.”

Brad groaned at that, and dropped his pants right there on the patio, to get started. Sheila was able to get his head to the entrance of her throat at the start and able to jerk him off with her left hand, but that was Sheila’s standard method till now. But she had told Anna she would not be satisfied till she could take all of Brad’s eight inches down her throat, but knew it would be a challenge, he was not just long but very thick. Anna told her that today’s goal was to start down the road to deep throat pro. Anna promised to give Sheila her best tricks, but said that had taken her a couple of months. Sheila took that as a challenge, to do a lot faster than Anna.

In that first two hour session before dinner Sheila coaxed two big loads of cum from Brad and by the second time was able to relax her throat and get about four inches of Brad’s wide dick in her mouth and throat. There was a lot of gagging, choking, and lots of saliva all over Sheila’s chin and new boobs, but she was starting to make real progress, even if her jaw muscles felt really sore. At least the steady intake of wine and Gin and Tonics kept her hydrated and relaxed. They took a break for a meal of grilled chicken and a salad, and agreed to try again later.

After dinner they went for it again, this time in the basement. At least there Sheila could knee on a thick carpet. She tried all sorts of different angles and tricks, getting another load of cum as she played with Brad’s balls and then massaged his prostrate with one very wet finger as she went down at least half way towards his stomach. Brad needed a break, but agreed, reluctantly to one more try. Sheila had quite a bit to drink by then, and she and Anna had shared about six joints, making her forget about her sore jaw for at least a while.

Finally, in the last sessions they had a breakthrough. Brad’s dick was finally worn out, but Sheila had claimed success in only one day of sustained effort. Anna had been coaching her all afternoon with hints on how to widen her mouth and relax her throat. Finally, in the last blow job seminar, as Anna was calling it, her gag reflex had totally disappeared and she had no gagging or choking as she swallowed Brad’s long thick cock not just to the entrance of her throat but all the way till her lips touched the edge of his ball sack. Sheila realized triumphantly that she had finally managed swallow Brad’s huge tool.

Sheila pulled away and gave her phone to Anna. She had Anna take pictures of the entire process, ending when Anna took a shot of Sheila’s tongue lapping at Brad’s balls. Sheila then had Anna shoot a video clip to demonstrate her skills. She did tell Anna she would save that till Dan got back, he might now like how she learned to suck cock like a porn star. Not only could Sheila take a huge dick down her throat, she also now could ripple her throat muscles up and down and was able to play with her tongue up and down the underside of Brad’s shaft as she sucked on his wide cock. As she achieved her goals for the day, she understood there was value to being a natural nose breather.

As they joked about the day Sheila knew she had swallowed some big loads of come, but after the second time, she made sure none of it escaped her mouth, even though Sheila had decided that scooping up extra cum off her face and sucking it off her fingers made a very sexy picture. Frankly Brad was exhausted anyway, and Sheila had to admit her jaw was probably permanently affected. For once, after Brad’s fourth orgasm, even Anna and Sheila could not get his dick hard again.

The gang pounded down a final pitcher of G&Ts and called it a weekend. They were now ready to get Sheila’s stiches out and hopefully have her cleared for unlimited activity at their Monday appointment.

The Doctor is happy, Sheila is ready for a test drive

Monday was another lazy day, with only the doctor’s appointment on the schedule. Anna and Sheila worked on their tans, did some low impact yoga, and generally lazed around. Late in the afternoon Anna took Sheila back to the doctor’s office. It had been three weeks now and there was no swelling or soreness near the incisions. Sheila felt distinctly under-dressed in baggy sweats, no makeup and a pair of trainers. Anna giggled and said they had plans afterwards and she had packed a much more fun outfit, but first they had to be ready for whatever the doctor wanted. Sheila sighed, making a pouty face, and said ok.

The doctor was very happy, checking the new work every which way. He was also happy that the injected fat cells had distributed themselves and begun to expand as desired. The doctor measured and told Sheila that she had already gone from a D to a DD in just three weeks. He told her that in only a few more weeks she would stabilize, likely as a very healthy DDD. The surgeon was very proud of his technique, telling Sheila that this approach not only healed a lot faster, but it also made her new boobs look nearly natural. Sheila loved all the touching, even the examination had her on the edge of cumming, her skin was staying as sensitive as it had been right after the surgery. And she kind of doubted anything could make her huge chest look “nearly natural”. What woman had a pair of DDD breasts on a 5′ 4″ slender 110 pound body.

After they checked out at the front desk, setting up the six-month follow-up, Anna pulled Sheila into the big ladies’ room suite. It had everything, even a couch to set yourself down on while you primped. This luxury was kind of a surprise to Sheila, but it was a lady’s room in a medical complex of plastic surgeons. What was nice was that as they were the last appointment of the day, and thus the room was totally empty. Anna put a “closed for cleaning” sign on the door, closed and locked it from the inside. She then stripped Sheila out of her baggy sweats until she was standing in front of her totally naked. Anna then pulled Sheila close, towering over her in her six inch heels and kissed her for a minute. Then, still in their tight embrace, Anna reached down between their huge matching tits, pushing her fingers inside Sheila’s bare pussy, telling her how much she had missed her body and having no limits on their play time.

After a few minutes they took a break and Anna told Sheila she would have to see if she agreed with Anna’s fashion choices, post-surgery. Anna started by passing her a black tiny lacy thong but no bra. Sheila pulled up the thong, it barely covered her lips, and showed over her piercing, very visible through the intricate lace pattern. She finished Sheila’s lower half with some classic thigh high black stockings which looked hot as they slid inside some new six inch leather pattern pumps that Anna slid on Sheila’s feet. Sheila was a little puzzled at the lack of a bra, but new her big fake tits really didn’t need a bra every day.

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A True Story

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This is an actual experience. My present wife knows all about the many things my ex-wife and I did years ago, and enjoys hearing them. A few months ago I remembered this experience and related it to her and she encouraged me to write it down and post it. I hope you find it as enjoyable as she did, and as I have in recounting the memory. It’s quite long, so I don’t know how many parts it will be, but I have attempted to write it exactly as it happened. Of course, names have been changed J

In my early twenties I discovered I was bi-sexual, and even though I would never give up pussy, playing and sucking a cock was also a great turn-on. After I married, my wife loved to hear the various sexual experiences I had had and I would have hours of enjoyment watching her masturbate as I related them to her. Gail was not adverse to practically any fantasy, and through the years we did have chances to bring some of them true. Being in a small town where “everyone knows your name”, and business, we had to be extremely cautious. The addition of three children to our life caused much of our “extra” activities to be curtailed. We would get a baby sitter but yet there was the responsibility having to get back home at a decent hour.

All the kids had grown into their teens and always on the go. Liz and I found ourselves having more free time as the kids would go and spend a night or weekend at friends homes. Our sex life and fantasy life increased significantly. Years earlier I had seen Liz and a girlfriend do each other that had turned into some erotic threesomes. The thought of me and another guy still never failed to excite her beyond belief, that along with my desire to see her get filled by another man then tongue her full pussy always got us both off.

I was just drifting off to sleep when Gail turned towards me and spoke softly. “Do you remember Dave and his buddy Larry?”

“Sure. Why?” Dave had been about twelve when he started babysitting for us, his buddy Larry would join him once in a while to keep him company. Dave lived a few blocks away and as he had grown up and graduated high school we still saw him often. He was in his twenties now, married and divorced. His best friend, Larry, was still single but from the stories I had heard around town those two were ‘tearing up the female population”.

“He stopped the other day and visited for awhile.” Gail reached under the covers and softly gripped my flaccid cock. “I guess his ex is giving him a bunch of grief and wanted to talk.”

“Ummm…” I loved the feel of her hand on me as we chatted. Having known Dave for as long as we had I was concerned with his well being at the same time. “So is he doing ok?”

“I guess he hasn’t been out much lately, she’s wanting more money or some damn thing. He and Larry haven’t been out much…well Larry has but Dave said he just hadn’t been in the mood. We talked for a quite a while and he mentioned it wasn’t difficult being single during the day but the nights sure were long.” She giggled.

I was enjoying her touch and my cock was beginning to harden. “At least he still has his fist.” I laughed.

“That was my first thought too. I laughed and told him so. I went into the kitchen to get us a couple beers and out of the corner of my eye saw him looking me up and down, with ‘that’ look. Damn Jon, I’m old enough to be his mother!”

“That’s true, but you’re still a fine looking for an old lady.” I laughed.

“I thought the same thing and said that when I came back from the kitchen. But what was strange was when I came back in I couldn’t help but notice he had a hard on that was pressing against his shorts…”

“So you dropped your shorts and pulled out his cock and fucked him. Right!” I laughed as I slipped my hand in between her thighs. I couldn’t help but notice how wet she was! Maybe she had fucked him, I thought to myself, which that and the quick mental picture made my cock come to full staff!

“No, I didn’t either! You seem to like the thought though.” She giggled and squeezed my hard cock. “You know as well as me that he’s been like another son, we’ve even remarked how he shares things that sometimes we really don’t need to know.” It was true we had talked about that a number of times and both of us chuckled as some of those times passed through our minds.

For as wet as Gail was I knew there was more, she had parted her thighs a little more from my caresses and finding her clit began to circle it lightly. “You’re pretty wet, the conversation must have been quite something.” Turning slightly towards her I slipped two fingers into her depths and continued caressing her clit with my thumb.

“Ummm, that feels good..” Gail pumped my cock in rhythm with my pumping fingers. “Actually he wants to talk to you about something, he didn’t say what but will be over tomorrow sometime. He did ask me a couple questions that really ‘floored me’ at first. Then as we talked I thought I was going to cum in my panties!” Gail’s body jerked. “Oh gawd Jon! I’m..I’m going to cum…ohhhhyesssss….”

I kuşadası escort had increased pressure on her clit and had felt her body building to a climax. “Will you tell me all about it if I get you off?..” I smiled in the semi-darkness.

“Yes…YES! YES!” Her inner muscles spasmed against my fingers as I fucked her. I watched as her hips lifted and her body shuddered, slowly her body relaxed and I waited for her breathing to return to normal.

“Feel better now?” I smiled down at her, admiring her body as my fingers slipped out from inside her. Now in her mid-forties gravity had begun to take over. Her 38D breasts weren’t firm anymore but enticingly fell to the sides. I loved to hold her big nipples together and suck them at the same time. They were sensitive and when hard were the size of the cap that goes on a valve stem. Her hips had broadened, and there were a few stretch marks (I called them her war wounds) from bearing three children. The dark, nicely trimmed triangle of thick dark brown hair hid, the pink outer folds of her pussy.

What I had always found erotic, as had others, was the prominence of her pubic bone and her clit. The pubic bone was very pronounced and when she wore a bathing suit or a tight pair of jeans the curve of it was unmistakable. The hood didn’t completely cover her clit even when not aroused. As the clit became excited the hood would slip back and her clit would extend beyond the outer lips. It never failed to excite me as she would take it between her finger and thumb and literally jack it off. Years earlier I had seen her fuck her girlfriend and was amazed when they both got off. Now that was erotic!

“So what did you two talk about?” My fingers circled her erect nipples leaving a trail of her juices.

“I knew he wanted to talk about something, but was hesitant then it just tumbled out of him. Apparently his ex wasn’t very open minded or knowledgeable about sex. He wanted to know if something was wrong with him because he wanted to see her masturbate!” Gail’s fist was working faster now. She had my full attention and I could feel my own orgasm building.

“So what did you tell him?” My thighs began to tighten.

“In the same breath he said she would never let him go down on her. I couldn’t help but stare at the lump in his shorts and my nipples were hard and as he talked he would look at them then his eyes would dart around the room and back to my breasts.”

“NOSHIT-T-T-T!!!” I erupted with as strands of cum shot up and all over my belly and Gail’s fist. “ohhhhdamnnnnnn…”

“I told him all guys jack off, but girls sometimes just didn’t know how to do it and as for going down…well, I told him that was the best I had ever experienced. And tried to assure him there wasn’t anything wrong with him.” Her motions had slowed now that I was empty and she gently stroked my softening cock. “Dave said he really enjoyed it too but his dream was to watch her do herself.” Taking the hand towel we always kept handy she began cleaning me up. “I did tell him how much you enjoyed it.”

“So what happened?”

She looked over at me and shrugged. “I don’t know. His cell phone rang and it was Larry needing something so he left. But I’ll tell you what! He left with one hell of a hard on and by the bulge his ex sure gave up a good sized cock!”

Gail curled up to me and as I heard her breathing even out into sleep, I held her and wondered what he was wanting to talk to me about as I too drifted off.

Over breakfast we discussed what Dave wanted to see me about. Neither of us had any idea, so finally I got myself moving and did my Saturday chores of mowing and trimming. Gail had gone into town to do her shopping and I went in and fixed myself some lunch, but still couldn’t stop wondering what he wanted.

I had found myself an old Willy’s Jeep that I was attempting to restore and had the engine all spread out on a table. My favorite oldies station was playing and I was having a beer trying to figure what my next step was when the side door opened and Dave walked in.

“Hey Jon! I still think you should drop in an old short block 283 engine in there.” He laughed

I turned and laughed motioning to the fridge. “Hey Dave! What ya up to? Grab yourself a beer out of the fridge there, and bring me another.” He was always giving me a hard time about my old Jeep but would from time to time give me a hand with it. “Damn you look like you’ve had a rough night, out partying huh?”

“No…actually I’ve been thinking…” He smiled weakly and pulled up a stool and sat down handing me a beer. “You and Gail have been like parents to me…well not parents because I have my mom and dad, but I have always been able to talk to you two about things that I can’t with them…ya know?” He took a swallow and glanced over at me.

I nodded and waited. One thing about Dave, when he had something to talk about he ‘jumped in with both feet’. So I knew I was going to be listening for a few minutes and turned away from my workbench and readied myself.

He went back over about his short conversation with Gail the day before, although he was more graphic with me of his description about what Linda, his ex, would and wouldn’t do. I had to shift on my stool as he didn’t mince words and I found myself getting hard just listening.

“One reason Linda wouldn’t go down on me was because…well… because I’m not circumcised…and…and she said it…I…was all dirty ‘down there’…” He blushed slightly and glanced up at me.

“Dave listen,” This bitch had really messed up his mind, I was thinking to myself. “There are alot of men that aren’t cut, as well as though that are. I am but I’ve also done some reading too and as long as you keep the head clean under the foreskin it’s no different than any other….cock. Actually they say that an uncircumcised cock is more sensitive than a circumcised one…”

“Yeh, that’s what Larry has said..” Now he really blushed and took a quick drink of his beer.

I quickly glanced at him and couldn’t help but feel that he had just said more than he had wanted to.

“Jon, I…we..Larry and I…” Dave hopped off the stool and went for a couple more beers. I sat quietly waiting to hear what was coming. He handed me mine and we popped the tops. “When I got in my teens and babysat for you and you guys would come back from a night out… I had an idea of what you were doing…I mean you two looked like you had just fucked and…and…sometimes you all smelled like…well you smelled like cum…”

“Oh.” That was the first intelligent thing that came to my mind. I had never thought about that when Gail and I had returned home after an evening with our friends.

“Larry and I used to talk about how you guys would go out and screw in the back seat of your car or something. That was until one night, it was just before your kids got old enough to not need a sitter and you didn’t need us so much.” Dave took a deep breath and a long pull of his beer. “Remember that weekend you went for overnight and Larry and I stayed with the kids? Well, I hope you don’t get mad at me for this, but I…ummm…I accidentally found something…”

I smiled remembering ‘that’ weekend and nodded. Gail and I had been with two other couples, and it had been a wild weekend! Whatever the fantasy the six of us had done it. “Snooped? Dave you know that this has always been your second home, and we never put any restrictions. Well, except for no alcohol and parties. We trusted you..and Larry completely.”

“The kids were in bed sleeping, and it was late. We had watched a movie and decided to turn in. We flipped a coin to see who would sleep on the couch and who would sleep in you guy’s bed.” Dave got one of those ‘shit eatin’ grins’ on his face. “I won. Anyway, as I was getting into bed I smacked my knee on your nightstand and the door popped open. When I went to close it I saw some video tapes…”

It was my turn to be embarrassed! I knew that tapes he had found. There were a couple store bought, actually one is an original of ‘Debbie Does Dallas’, but there were other ‘homegrown’ ones in there too. “Well, guess you’re going to tell me you had some Sex Education 101, huh?”

“Yeh, and then some…” Dave visibly relaxed when he saw that I wasn’t going to get upset. “Dad. I mean Jon…I know you…well, neither you nor Gail are gay or anything. I mean I’ve learned over the past few years that you just like sex, and have a kind of open marriage and that…” he hesitated, “…you two are swingers and bisexual.”

I chuckled and went for a couple more beers. “I don’t know as we are…were swingers, but yes we are bi. We are both comfortable with our preferences and feel as long as noone is offended then it’s ok.” I could see Dave looking at the outline of my cock as it pressed against the leg of my shorts when I walked back towards my stool, and could see that he had the start of one in his pants.

“I put one of your tapes in and when I saw it was you guys and some friends I went and got Larry. We watched it and we got…damn Jon! We got so fucking horny! We were both ready for bed, ya know, and just had our underwear on. I mean we had seen each other’s dicks before when we were growing up, but never like this. The next thing I know Larry had it out and was jacking off watching you guys in the movie. So I..I took mine out and started doing it too.”

I didn’t even attempt to hide the fact that I was hard as I adjusted my hardness to a more comfortable position, and noticed that Dave followed suit. As he did I couldn’t help but notice that he appeared to be somewhat larger than me. I’ve always been proud of the size of my cock. I’m not overly large or think I’m hung like a horse, but at full erection am almost eight inches from the top of the base to tip and almost six inches around. I could only guess at the thickness of his cock, but the length looked to be at least another two longer than mine!

Dave chuckled. “It didn’t take us long watching that movie before we made a mess on your bed! But we kept watching and playing with ourselves and got hard again. I’ve never forgotten, it’s as if it was yesterday, this other guy was really fucking Gail hard and she pulled his cock out…then it, I mean you..”

“I finished him off, didn’t I?” Dave nodded and squeezed his cock through his pants. “If I remember right Gail took his hard prick and jacked him off into my mouth…right?” I looked from Dave’s hand up into his eyes. Setting my beer down I found the tab of my zipper and in the moments silence in the garage the sound of my pulling it down was evident.

“Yeh you did…and I don’t know how or what happened but I felt Larry’s hand on my cock and my hand was on his…and we were jacking each other off.” I had pulled my cock from my pants and was slowly stroking. Dave stared at my moving fist. His fingers fumbled for his own zipper.

“So did you two go down on each other?” I moved the stool a little closer and as I did I reached in and pulled my balls out so that they were exposed.

“No…we never did…then…I mean not until a few months ago.” Dave stood up and still staring at my now exposed cock and balls undid his pants and pushed them along with his underwear down to his ankles. “A few months ago Larry and I got to talking about that night. I…I never have…but Larry went down on me and did..did the same thing to me that you did to that guy.”

I stood back up and pushed my shorts down, sitting back down I let my legs open as Dave stared at my nakedness. “Did you like it?” I would never have guessed at his size! He was much thicker than me and my estimate was close. He had at least another two inches on me, and each time he pulled up on his shaft the foreskin would roll over the head.

“Yeh, it feels great! He’s done me a couple times a week since then. But I..I haven’t..I have just jacked him off…”

“Do you want to though?” Dave nodded yes. “Would you like to try it?” I held the base of my erection, circling it with my finger and thumb, pointing it towards him. “I learned how to satisfy a woman, years ago, by watching closely as Gail masturbated, and then when she was with another woman. They like a lot of tenderness and caressing, and when the clit becomes erect they don’t just start sucking it like there is no tomorrow, but caress it gently with their tongue and fingers. Then as the body begins to respond she will increase the intensity of what she is doing.” Reaching over I took Dave’s rock hard cock in my hand and marveled at its thickness and length. “What it comes down to is that a woman knows best what another woman wants, and it’s the same between two guys. Does Larry just go down on you and get you off, or does he take his time?”

Dave had listened while I talked and seemed more comfortable. “I know what you’re saying. Yeh, there are times he gets me off real quick because he knows I’m really horny. But then sometimes he really takes his time. I never thought about it, until now, but yeh it’s like he reads my body language or something…” Dave had taken my cock and balls in his hand and watched his fingers wander over my hardness.

“Yup! One guy knows best what another guys wants, and if men would get more comfortable with their own sexuality or bisexuality, then there would be alot more satisfied women in this world.” Watching our hands on each other’s cocks was erotic and I took a deep breath. “Want to go in the bedroom and see what happens?”

Dave didn’t take his eyes of my cock but nodded. Squeezing his fleshy hardness I slid off the stool. Dave moved off and going through the adjoining door went towards the bedroom.

“What about Gail? Won’t she be coming home?”

“Probably, but that’s nothing to worry about. She has told me how she has seen you ‘looking her over’ and it has excited her to. She just doesn’t think you would find an old lady like her desirable.” Pulling my shirt off I laid down naked on the bed, my cock erect pointing up my belly, dripping with precum.

Dave stood with one knee on the bed, his prick throbbed and a long strand of precum oozed down from the tip. “That would be awesome! I always get off dreaming of those beautiful breasts..” His tank top followed mine to the floor.

I raised myself up on one elbow and took his cock, pulling him towards me. “Her nipples are really sensitive, but as they say you haven’t seen anything yet!” He moved towards me and as I stroked his shaft the foreskin would slide up but now he was so hard it would only come up past the crown. “Do you mind if I….”

“Her nipples seem so big…She..she’ll join us?” Smiling I looked up at him and nodded, he watched as my tongue licked his precum and circled the purple head. “No I don’t mind. OH FUCK!” He fell forward as I took the head fully in my mouth. Grabbing the headboard to steady himself he reached down and grasped my own hard cock.

I could sense that he was close so I held the rim gently between my lips and enjoyed the velvety softness of the turgid purple head resting in the warmth of my mouth. I cupped his heavy balls in my palm and teased them and the underside of his throbbing shaft.

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A Warehouse Lust Story

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I’ve had a lot of jobs in my life. Unfortunately, I’ve bounced around, never really finding something long-term, or something I’d call a career. I did, however, have a very long stay at this one warehouse position. I was for more than a few years, which outdid anything I’ve had before and since. This place was enormous, and there were hundreds of people employed there. Most were your typical warehouse lot: guys, older people, lower class types, etc. However, it did have a handful of sexy women that worked there. I found myself checking them out, thinking about them, even fantasizing about them. It’s hard not to do when the dress code pretty much allows them to wear whatever they want except for skirts and spaghetti string tops. I know, that eliminates a lot of sexy clothing from this place, but it allowed for pretty much anything else: very short-cut shorts, tight jeans, low-cut shirts, and even yoga pants.

This one woman in particular, let’s call her…Zoe, was one amazing masterpiece of womanhood. She had the gorgeous face, sexy blue eyes, long blonde hair, a beautiful rack, great curves all the way down, and an ass that you just want to have on your face every night. As luck would have it, I ended up having to work alongside her quite frequently. The days always seemed to go great when I had her to talk to and look at while I worked. If she only knew the things I fantasized about. I had whole scenarios in my head where we’d find a corner of the building and make out, or duck into a closet and she’d suck my hard, throbbing cock until I came down her throat. I especially liked the fantasies of getting her anywhere private, peeling off her skin-tight pants and fucking her from behind.

God, nothing beat the image of my cock drilling her sopping-wet, tight, shaved pussy from behind, as I smack her perfect ass until it’s red, and pull her gorgeous blond hair while she yelps in ecstasy. I’d often fantasized about blowing my load all over her back, or cover her perky tits with my seed. The thoughts of filling up her pussy or asshole with cum were especially nice. What I wouldn’t do to be able to grab her tight little ass and fuck her right there in the stock racks…

It was during one of these daydreams that I must’ve forgotten that she was working near me, because the next thing I know, she’s looking at me and I realize I’m pretty much salivating over her round ass in her tight pants. Shit…I’ve been caught. I decided to act casual about it and just shrug it off as being tired and needing a break or more sleep. She doesn’t really buy it, but doesn’t say much about catching me. Was that a slight smile I caught at the end too? I’m just imagining things and being hopeful.

As the weeks passed, we worked on and off together, and I failed to notice how flirtatious she was getting with me until someone pointed it out to me. Apparently, I’m quite oblivious to the whole getting hit on thing. Once I’m made aware, however, I can’t stop noticing it myself. She has been working much close to me than usual, asking for help with this, or tips with that. There are more smiles and laughs with our basic conversations. I was enjoying the attention she was giving, and simultaneously not believing my luck. This girl was way out of my league, and I’ll be the first to admit it. But I’m not just going to say no to the opportunity to be flirty with a beautiful woman.

I decided to start getting a bit bolder and more time passed, and flirted a bit back. I found excuses to touch her, making sure it seemed completely platonic and not sexual, but the feeling I felt inside when I even brushed against her made my dick twitch. I eventually grew brave enough to verbalize how I felt about her beauty, but I made kuşadası escort it sound as much like a friendly compliment as I could, which she took with a smile. I was liking the progress I was making. It was slow, but it was definitely steady.

Some time later, I’d say probably a month or so after getting caught thinking about her sitting on my face, we ended up on a discussion topic about alternate universes and alternate versions of ourselves. We laughed and joked about the possibilities. I must not have been thinking straight, because the next thing I know, I’m blabbing away about an alternate universe where her and I are lovers and I’m fulfilling her every fantasy. I notice after a few minutes of my mindless yammering that she’s no longer participating in the conversation. I stopped talking. Damn… I crossed a line. There goes all of this progress. Surprisingly, she didn’t complain or have anything negative to say about the alternate us scenario. Instead, she just smiled and laughed, telling me that doesn’t have to be an entirely different universe.

Naturally, I am oblivious to what she’s hinting at here. So we just both laugh, and finish out the day as usual. It’s not until I get home that I realize what exactly that comment entailed. Pissed off at myself, I spend that night thinking about what that could mean. Of course, I got myself all worked up and had to bust a nut thinking about how sexy she must look riding on top of me, bouncing on my rock solid dick, her tits bouncing in my face as she forces me balls deep inside of her with every bounce. Before I know it, the thought of blowing my load inside of her while I have her tits in my hands and mouth has caused me to blow my load for real, and it’s one for the record books. I fell into a deep, satisfied sleep that night.

The next day, I decided I’m taking a step and seeing how she reacts to it; I’m gonna ask for her number. The only problem is, we weren’t working near each other that day. I worked for hours, completely distracted by the thought of wanting to ask for her number. I have no idea how much work I’ve done or if it’s even enough to make the day’s productivity numbers. It was at lunch that I finally got to see her. We sat together at the end of a table, no one else near us within earshot. So I did it. I asked for her number, deciding I wanted to take the shot. She says yes! Minutes later, I’m shooting her a text so she has mine. Nothing crazy, just a “Hello, This is Marcus. This is my number!” She laughs when she reads it. I get back a “Hey, This is Zoe : )” from her.

I’m so excited that I barely pay attention for the remainder of the day as well. I’m clocking out when I hear my phone go off. It’s her. Asking where I am. I tell her I’m clocking out, heading to the parking lot in a minute. She sends back an “Okay. Watcha doing after work?” text. So I let her know I have no plans, just chilling around the place. I had to turn the phone screen off, power it back on, and double check that it was the right number when I read “Can I join you?” pop up on my screen. My heart is racing, I’m at one of those moments where I have completely forgotten how to form sentences to a woman. I manage to finally text back, “Well Yeah! Of course!”

She’s already in her car and waiting when I get out to the lot and to my car. She follows me all the way home, which isn’t far away, actually. After I park, she takes the spot next to mine. I watch her get out of the car, like a gorgeous model stepping out of a vehicle on a game show. I can’t fucking believe this absolute goddess is about to enter my home with me. I drop my keys as I go for the lock, of course. My brain has lost all function thanks to testosterone and the blood that’s already finding its way down into my dick. I do my best to just laugh it off and get it unlocked. As we’re walking in, I attempt my best shot at some casual small talk.

“So I don’t have much going on. What were you thinking?” I ask her.

She shuts and locks the door behind us. “I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. Then I’m gonna let you decide where you wanna shoot your load on…or in me.”

Holy…mother…of…God. This isn’t real. I’ve fallen asleep in the goddamn car or something. Before I know it, her tongue is in my mouth and we’re ripping each other’s clothes off. I have to hold back my mindblowing excitement when I get her tits out and they are even more perfect, perky, fuckable, and suckable that I could have ever imagined. She’s gotten me down to just my boxer-briefs, and she can already see the absolute cannon of a cock bulging through the material. Before she takes it out, I decide I wanna see her ass first. So I forcefully spin her around, causing a moan to escape her that nearly makes me cum in my underwear. I peel off her tight little stretch pants and reveal an ass that was just made to be smacked, and licked…and bitten. I can’t help but smack it hard, once on each cheek. She cries out in pleasure, I find myself fighting back my dick’s desire to blast out a load already.

She smiles, not just the work smile this time, this smile is full of lust. She is giving me a smile that tells me she is ready to fuck like an animal. She moves me over and into the big chair in my living room. I let her slide down my underwear, releasing a magnum of a rock-hard dick. She smiles and licks her lips. The moment she takes my cock in her hand, I know I’m not lasting long. She slides her hand up and down my shaft, her hand is so soft and gentle with it, I almost think it couldn’t feel any better. I was wrong. She plunged my dick deep into her mouth, the warmth of her wet tongue sliding down the underside of my cock sent me into a world of pleasure I’d never known before. A second later, she was sucking my dick up and down, as she worked her hand up and down as well, along with a nice little twisting motion that was making me twitch and jerk in pleasure. I knew it. I’m not lasting.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum already!” I practically yell out to her.

I’m expecting her to stop, or maybe be disappointed. Nope. That’s not what happens. Instead, she smiles and sucks even harder, cupping my balls as she does. The feeling that builds inside of me and in my balls is nothing short of an out of body, blissful experience. My entire body lights up with pleasure. I can feel this orgasm in my goddamn toes as I feel a torrent of cum spew out of my dick and into her mouth. She catches every drop in her mouth and moans in pleasure as she swallows it and smiles at me. I’m completely spent. I can’t move. I’m out of breath. But that look in her eye. It shows that she’s not done. She wants more. She licks my frenulum. A damn shockwave hits me. I damn near jump out of the chair.

“You fucking sexy bitch,” I say to her as I get up.

I pushed her hard onto the couch across from me, she yelps in surprise, but also in lustful pleasure. I gently pull down her perfect, tiny, purple thong and I throw it aside. I moved up and kissed her deeply, not giving a fuck that she just had a load of my cum in her mouth. I move down her body, biting, kissing, licking, and sucking every inch of her I can get. I stop at her amazing tits. I grab each one and suck on the nipples. I nibble a bit at each one. I can hear and feel her breathing harder with each touch. She’s moaning as I lick her right nipple and suck it into my mouth. I decide to move down, kissing her flat stomach and around her inner thigh. She’s squirming now, breathing even heavier.

I decide not to keep her waiting too long and dove into her clean shaven pussy. It’s already soaking wet, and it’s the most delicious pussy I’ve ever tasted. I can’t get enough. I shoot my tongue deep inside her and move out to her clit, flicking that thing faster than I thought possible. She’s crying out even louder now. Grabbing my hair and pushing my face into her snatch. I tongue fuck the shit right out of her tight pussy. I can’t help myself, I move out and put my tongue into her asshole. The move must’ve taken her by surprise, because she screams out “OH FUCK!” as I tongue fuck her asshole. As I flick her clit furiously with my right thumb, I put my tongue back into her delicious pussy.

“Fuck, keep going, I’m gonna….” Is all she manages as she starts to quiver and tremble.

She spasms over and over as I keep my tongue against her pussy, each movement making it pass over her clit, intensifying her orgasm. When it finally resides, she’s completely out of breath. I move away from her pussy and watch her come down from her ecstasy. She looks at me a minute later, and sees that I’m still rock solid.

“Fuck me. Any way you want. Fuck me now!” she demands.

I don’t need another word. I’m starting with my favorite fantasy. I picked her up from the couch and led her to the kitchen table. I bent her over and looked upon a sight I thought I’d only see in my dreams. Her smooth, round ass was just waiting. I put just a little bit of spit on the tip of my cock and I waste no time pushing myself balls deep into her. She cries out and arches her back.

“Fucking shit! That’s so big.” She moans.

I grabbed her pretty blonde hair and pulled it back, forcing another cry to escape her. I pull out until only my tip is still inside her. Then I slam it back in hard. “Oh fuck!” She yells out. I begin to fuck her harder. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” she begs me. I pushed her face down into the table and smacked her ass as hard as I could. I’m slamming her so hard, my table is rocking back and forth. My balls slap against her ass as I pound her over and over, her scream of ecstasy getting louder with each thrust until she starts to grab at the sides of the table and yell out.

“I’m gonna fucking cum again!” She yelps to me.

I feel her pussy start gripping my dick and pulsate as she yells in orgasmic bliss and starts to spasm once again.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” she yells out repeatedly.

I let go of her hair and grab onto her tits as she arches herself back up. I’m squeezing her perfect tits in my hands as she takes over the thrusting and pushes her pussy up and down my shaft. She turns back and kisses me as her ass slams against me with each hip thrust. I start to feel it again. A mindblowing orgasm is building. Somehow she can tell.

“Fucking cum for me. Anywhere you want.” She tells me.

The words are the final nail in that coffin. I can feel her pussy squeeze my cock until it’s ready to blow. I pull out my massive dick, spin her around, force her down on her knees, and I let it go. After the first orgasm, I didn’t think I had anything left in me. I was wrong. I shoot rope after rope of hot cum at her. I cover her face, her tits, and fill her mouth. She loves every goddamn second of it. She moans in satisfaction as she takes the time to scoop it all up and swallow it all.

We decided to take a shower after that fuck fest. I couldn’t keep my damn hands off of her in there either. We fucked two more times that night. I fucked her in every way I ever dreamt about. It’s a damn good thing it was a Friday night, because that fuckfest wore us right out. We ended up sleeping in until almost noon before waking up and starting it all over again. But that’s a story for next time.

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A Very Good Morning

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I woke early this morning in an oddly good mood. I stretched a bit and as I brushed against my nipples they grew instantly hard, sending a wash of pleasure over me. I smiled a secret smile. How could I forget? As I played with my breasts, echoes of his pinching and gripping rippled across my body and I found myself aching for his touch again.

Sliding my hands down, over my smooth skin, I found my pussy dripping wet with merely the thought of my new lover. Slowly and gently I ran my fingers over the outside of my pussy, teasing myself as I used my other hand to cup my breast, twisting or pinching my nipples here and there. As I slid my fingers into my hot, wet slit, I slipped into a bit of fantasy.

Picturing him with me, watching me, directing me… It was almost enough to make me cum right them. I turned my head into a pillow to muffle my moans and pictured him covering my mouth and nose with his large hands restricting my air.

Right as I was about to cum he walked in the room. “You’re a good girl, but don’t cum yet.”

I was happy to see him but aching to cum. “Please, please I need to. Please don’t make me wait. Please I’m right there.”

“No,” he said taking off his pants kuşadası escort and shirt, “you will not cum until I tell you to. I want to taste that sweet pussy first.” And without another word he dove face first between my legs and started licking.

“Oh god damn PLEASE can I cum! Your tongue is amazing! Please!”

He didn’t answer. He just kept licking my pussy and sucking on my clit when suddenly he had two fingers inside me rubbing the sweet spot and I thought I was going to explode. “Please! anything you want just Please let me cum!”

With his fingers still going at jack-hammer speed he lifted his head and said “CUM for me slut”.

I came so hard I squirted all over him as my hips bucked and I cried out. When I opened my eyes he was at the foot of the bed stroking his cock.

“Crawl to me slut.”

I eagerly obeyed, I love sucking cock… but when I got to the foot of the bed he only let me lick it before he pushed my head away.

“Turn around slut. Let me see that ass.”

I turned around on all fours so my ass was facing him and my feet were hanging down the edge. I looked back to see what he was doing.

*CRACK* He smacked my ass right across both cheeks. “Eyes front.”

I quickly looked toward the head of the bed. Slowly he slid his hands all over my back and legs. Pulling apart my ass cheeks, grabbing handfuls of thigh, scraping nails down my back. This inspection was turning me on and I found myself relaxing under his touch. Gently he placed is thumb over my clit and slid his fingers into my pussy. My head dropped and I moaned with the feeling of his fingers fucking me again. Slowly this time, in and out, no rush. I could feel another orgasm building and I tried to urge him faster by bucking against his hand but he’d have none of it and kept up the steady rhythm.

“I’m going to fuck you now dear slut, and when I cum, you can cum. But NOT before. Understand?”

I could hear his hand working on his well lubed cock. I knew he had to be as turned on as I was and I hoped he wouldn’t take long to cum because I felt ready to burst again. “Yes, please. Please fuck me, I’ll be good.”

And without another word he put both his hands on my hips, shoved his cock in my ass, and held it there. I was shocked. I couldn’t tell if it hurt or not. I knew he couldn’t be all the way in because his legs didn’t touch mine but his cock felt huge. I wanted to turn around to make sure it was still him but I didn’t want another spanking.

“Breathe lil girl. Big daddy’s gonna take good care of you. Breathe and you’ll see it’s all good.”

I took a few deep breaths and I felt my ass relax a little. He moved his hand back to my pussy and slid his fingers in.

He said, “See? You’re so wet you’re dripping. Your pussy knows you want this”, as he slowly slid a bit more of his cock inside and started rubbing my clit.

Bit by bit he slowly worked his whole cock inside my ass with words of encouragement and plenty of clit rubbing. By the time he was all the way in I was starting to enjoy the feeling, and with plenty of lube he started to fuck my no-longer-virgin ass.

Slowly he built up speed, fucking me in a way I never realized could feel so good. As he started to pant and moan I realized I was too. As his strokes slowed I could tell he was getting close and the thought of the whole thing brought me to the edge.

As he reached over and squeezed my nipples he shot his load in my tight ass, and the combination of those feelings brought my own orgasm crashing down around me. We collapsed together in a sticky pile of sweaty limbs and cum soaked sheets.

He pet my hair and whispered in my ear, “Good morning.”

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A Memory

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First timer – feedback welcome!


The night air was cool against his skin, but he hardly felt it. Perhaps it was his rapidly beating heart that made him feel like he was on fire, fingers still tingling as they yearned to reach out and take possession. All he knew was that he needed to move, to get away before something happened. Something that could never be undone, that he would not want to have undone. Making himself walk towards the main road was just as hard as not looking back. Thankfully, there were plenty of taxis around. As he took a seat and absently gave the address to the driver, he schooled himself to stillness and tried to process what had just happened. Admittedly, it was not so much to ‘process’ anything as it was to imprint the night’s events to his mind, never to be forgotten.

It was he who had made the original suggestion of dropping by her place, to pick up a book of hers that she had recommended to him. He chuckled as he thought back, not quite sure what was more amusing – the thinly veiled excuse to spend some private time with her, or the fact that he was genuinely interested in the book itself. They had been at a dinner with mutual friends, and he had ended up next to her by chance. Or perhaps it had not been as random as it seemed. All he knew was that he had had some difficulty keeping up the conversation with the others as he tried to steal glances at the woman next to him. She had worn simple garments, a singlet and shorts that revealed more than what they covered up. The fair skin on her thighs was like a magnet to his eyes. Simply turning in his seat would give him a passing touch of her arm, and when a friend showing something on his phone she would lean over to get a better look.

He had tried to not make it obvious as he inhaled the smell of her auburn hair. It was a delightful torture. Towards the end of the dinner he had brought up the suggestion of dropping by her place ‘sometime’ to pick up the book that she had mentioned. Trying to make it sound casual, he wondered aloud if she was busy on this particular night when he knew he could spare some of his precious spare time without anyone asking questions. His excitement at her positive response was almost ruined by her backhanded comment “unless I’m fucking my boss”. He tried very carefully not to think about that. He knew that he had no right to her, and wanted her to be happy. She was a free spirit, one that should never be restrained. At the same time, he could not fool himself into thinking that her fucking somebody else was not upsetting on a very primal level.

On the day, he found himself checking the time on his laptop every hour. The day at the office seemed to drag on forever, a feeling that did not change as he hit the gym. He was out as soon as he could, feeling an excitement he had rarely felt since almost two decades ago when he had allowed his life to be guided by his heart rather than wisdom. A voice in his head whispered suggestions, ideas, temptations. He silenced it by reflex and instead thought about what could go wrong. Embracing the worst case scenarios always helped him, giving a measure of protection. It was a technique he had taught himself in response to past disappointments, and it would serve him well here. Inspiration had come from the samurai, who had embraced their own death before going into battle. The mindset allowed them to fight without fear or hesitation, as they already considered themselves dead men. He thought about what he would do if he walked in on her fucking her boss – he would leave, and that would the end of it. He thought about him having completely misread her signals, which should become apparent during the upcoming conversation. Again, he would leave. He thought about letting go of his self-control, as hard as that was to imagine, and allow his passion to rule over his actions. It was an intoxicating thought, but the results would probably, no, most certainly lead to the ruin of his marriage. He firmly forced himself not to think about his situation at home. In a way, it was part of the reason he was walking down these unknown streets tonight. A brief thought flickered to the unlikely best case scenario, and he burned some self-inflicted rules into his mind – no touching, no kissing, no sex.

The building had some character, in what the useless real estate agents in this city would refer to as ‘art deco charm’. He paid it little mind as he pressed the intercom. After a quick buzz he was in. As he approached the elevators, he realized he was muttering to himself. A habit that manifested when his thoughts kuşadası escort became too jumbled, too conflicted. He was startled as the object of his thoughts popped out a side corridor. Greeting him with a smile and quick hug, she turned around and led the way to her apartment. He noticed she was wearing the same shorts she had worn to the dinner. Coincidence? He had complimented her on the shorts that night – he had had little choice, as she’d caught him looking. Had to say something. Hopefully she had not noticed the hunger in his eyes. Now, he watched as she walked ahead of him, taking in as much as he could of her legs. That was the benefit from the ’embrace death’ mentality; you appreciated what you got, however small.

As they stepped into her unit, he felt slightly relieved that they were alone. At least that worst case scenario could be crossed out. He looked around as he put his bag in one of the many random armchairs in her lounge room. The absence of a couch and the TV standing on the floor stood out to him. Apparently she was towards the end of her dinner, so he asked to use the bathroom to give her some time to finish eating. It was a pretty small apartment, so he got an incidental house tour as he passed her kitchen and bedroom on the way to the toilet. For some reason his mind stuck to a pink stain on her white bed sheets. It looked like lipstick, slightly smeared out. As if someone’s face had been pushed down on the sheets and moved by force. In the bathroom he washed his face with cold water, telling himself to stay cool. Phone was turned to silent. He most certainly did not linger on the scent of her towel as he dried his face. Stay cool.

They spoke for some time about general things. Training, diet, workout supplements. She had been going at it hard for months and had the physique to show for it. Didn’t stop her from pouring herself a glass of wine thought. As there was just the two of them, he did his best not to look at her body. Obviously, he refused the wine. Every scrap of self-restraint was needed tonight, however it went. The book was easily found in one of the piles of books in the corner. He wished she had a proper bookshelf; you could often learn a lot of a person’s inner workings from their choice of literature. Truth to tell, there were a number of things that her place was missing. It did not matter. Her worth did not come of superficial things like jewellery or other belongings – hers was a richness of heart, of personality, of passion. Still, he quietly decided to keep an eye out for her in case any of his friends was looking to get rid of a couch. Wouldn’t hurt to have her owe him a favour, either. To keep the conversation going, he led the conversation onto her hometown. This was an interesting topic, but he still found it hard to stay focused. Beaches over there, snobs here, normal people almost everywhere. He was not overly fond of ‘normal’ people; they had a tendency to judge you if you did not fit into their view of the world. He realized that he was just working up his confidence and took a deep breath. Enough mucking around. Time to play the gamble, all or nothing.

Weeks before, he had quietly asked if she was working on a particular weekend. This ‘workplace’ was a strip joint, and her ‘work’ was to dance for patrons. And by the gods, did she dance. He sometimes went out drinking with friends, officially to get a chance to vent frustrations and escape the tension for a few hours. Lately, it was always with the ulterior motive of visiting her at work. It was stupid. If he was caught, the price to be paid was very high. It was a waste of money, obviously. Worst, it only left him deeply frustrated as sensual thoughts and vivid images would haunt his mind for days, weeks, afterwards. Awake or in dreams, it did not matter. On the other hand… for a few moments he would get to watch her in all her beauty, sometimes even steal a touch, and dream of things that could have been.

Watching her move, a perfect blend of curves and muscles was deeply arousing. She had the perfect body type, and the heart and soul to match. Being so close to her and enjoying the sight of her supple body was a privilege, if a painful one. It was what he had hoped for when he asked if she would be working that weekend. And so he had went, only to find that she was nowhere to be found. Being there without her had made two things abundantly clear to him. One, she was the only reason he ever went there. Two, a strip joint could be a really, really depressing place. That night had ended in a definite low. When they spoke next she apologized as she had forgotten that he might coming that night and that she owed him one. He only felt a little regret for letting himself play the guilt card.

And now here they were. Trying not to stammer, he reminded her how that night had been ‘a bit of a letdown’ and how much he had looked forward to watching her dance. Taking a breath, he suggested that she danced for him tonight. He was astonished to see utter surprise on her face. Could she really not have seen something like this coming? After a moment, she did not quite decline but explained to him that it would be hard for her to ‘just dance’ for him then and there. There was a ritual involved, one that allowed her to transform into her on-stage persona for these nocturnal adventures. It involved both physical and mental preparation, as well as a compulsory Salt-N-Pepa soundtrack to set the edgy mood that such work required. So it could be done, but perhaps not tonight? He tried very hard not to let anything show on his face.

In spite of his mental preparations, a part of him had still had its hopes up and a second disappointment would not go down well. He thought furiously. This had not been anticipated, but perhaps something could be salvaged. That ritual sounded pretty sexy in itself. Perhaps a version of that could take place? She nodded thoughtfully, but pointed out that it would still require the soundtrack along with generous amounts of wine. That, he replied with a growing smile, could be arranged, no? Her eyes did not leave his as she raised the glass to her lips. He knew that look – he recognized it from himself. It was the look of mischief, of daring. The thrill of taking a risk, doing what you shouldn’t. She smiled as she finally nodded in agreement and told him to make himself comfortable while she took a quick shower.

He tried to busy himself in her absence but found it hard to concentrate. Thankfully, the shower was over as quickly as she had promised. She came back into the living room wearing nothing but a dark towel around her body, hair wet and a wide smile on her freckled face as she reached for the wine glass and told him to come with her to the bedroom. He almost lost it then and there. The large bed dominated the room, and a lamp in the corner provided a soft light. As he sat down on the bed – far away from the pink stain – he finally started to accept that things were not going towards any of the worst case scenarios. In fact, quite the opposite. Whenever she had danced for him in the past, there had been an element of a service being provided to a client, however well they knew each other in private. This was better, much more intimate. Just a man and woman, him and her. Alone. No touching, no kissing, no sex.

She reached into a drawer in her bedside table and pulled out a soft, velvety bag. As she came over to where he was leaning back against the bed’s many pillows, he tried very hard to look relaxed and in control. She could probably tell he was faking, but he had a feeling she was going through the same motions. She let the towel drop to the floor as she bent down and reached into the bag, and he felt the usual thrill that the sight of her naked body always gave him. A sly look told him she knew exactly what she was doing, and the effect it had on him. She was quite short, with a slim physique. Not skinny, though; there was a curvature to her body that no amount of exercise could ever change. That said, her fitness regime had added to the appeal, with toned muscles now giving her body an added suppleness. He loved it. People in general seemed to like the model look; tall, skinny, aloof on top of their fragile pedestal of glamour. He scoffed. So much for normal people. Personally, he had always had a thing for short women, with a preference for curves that came from muscles. ‘Like an off-season fitness model’, he had told his friends. And here she was, the woman of his dreams.

She straightened up as she pulled one of the stripper uniforms out of the bag, and began to put it on. He honestly could not remember what the first outfit was, as watching her move, watching her eyes, was too captivating. Focus. A transparent housewife apron came next, followed by a crimson bikini she had worn to a stripping competition. She turned around to show him how the bottom piece hugged her sculpted cheeks, and he suddenly wished he had accepted that glass of wine. Even though the bikini covered more than most of her scant pieces of clothing, it was one of the more seductive outfits. For some reason, nudity was often seen as the peak of sex appeal, but he disagreed; the teasing promise of lingerie and naughty outfits, even everyday clothing like her shorts, held much more attraction than full nakedness. She watched him watching her, clearly enjoying the attention. When the Naughty Santa outfit came on, he could not stop his hand from reaching out, fingers running down the smooth skin of her thighs. No touching. She gave him a look that he recognized; unwilling to ask for it, yet still wanting him to touch. He remembered the game and its unwritten rules, but he was not playing tonight.

The final piece was a black see-through lingerie dress with slits on the sides, showing off her thighs and calves but still giving a tantalizing view of the rest of her body. Moving slowly and delicately, he made her bring the back part of the dress to the side so he could get a full view of her legs and ass. And it was a sight to behold. She was close to him now. The dress came off, and there she stood. All he wanted in a woman, right there in front of him. Looking over her shoulder, she gave him a steaming look and arched her lower back. He couldn’t remember who moved first, but moments later she was in his arms. Her skin was still warm from the shower. Could it be that she was aroused as him? He took a deep breath and tried to empty his mind, to immerse himself in the moment.

She smelled… pure. No perfume, only the enticing scent that was hers alone. He firmly decided to keep his own clothes on – he would need all the protection he could get against this temptation. Should probably have brought a straitjacket, truth be told. His hands, however, could not get enough of her. Finally being able to freely explore her body, he ran his fingertips along her spine, down to the curving of her lower back, and beyond… Her ass had always mesmerized him, a sculpture of perfection. It was surprisingly soft in his hands. Somehow he had expected it to be hard, tense to the touch. Not as tender as this. He realized that she was giving herself to him, allowing him to do as he wished. His hands were now on her hips. If only he could… No.

Climbing into the bed, she straddled his thighs with a hungry look in her eyes. Hands still on her hips, his mind was racing with images of what it would be like to take her, his cock deep inside her, their bodies moving as one. He tried to throw her off, but that only lead to her landing on all fours next to him. It was as if her body was begging him to take her. A moment later he was on top of her, a hand grabbing a fistful of her hair, knees separating her legs, another hand between her thighs. She gave him a look over her shoulder, daring him to go further. His diminished self-control managed to stop him from touching her pussy, but only just. Tracing the inside of her legs, his fingertips explored the valleys and mounds, balancing on the border of intrusion. Her breathing was almost as ragged as his. She made a remark about how impressive his self-control was. He snorted softly. If only she knew how close he was to the edge, to rip off his clothes and do what they both yearned for. She was on top of him now, petite breasts in front of his face.

His lips parted without his consent and he kissed her body, her nipples, her neck. No kissing! His hands were back on her ass, lest they do something even more stupid. With enormous effort, he stood up. ‘Time for me to go, I think’ he said, unable to keep the inner turmoil out of his voice. She rose from the bed, smiling as she nodded in agreement, but her hands on his chest shouted of objection. Looking down into her eyes, seeing the irrepressible mischief he knew so well from his own heart… it was too much. Her lips enveloped his as he kissed her, and she kissed him back. The long suppressed passion in his heart now rose to a raging bonfire, threatening to consume him. Definitely time to go. A last scrap of wisdom made him use the bathroom again; after being this close to her, her scent was probably all over him. When he came back out, she was wearing a tiny pink singlet and panties. He still couldn’t stop himself from looking at her. His body and heart made him steal one last kiss before his mind forced him out the door.

The taxi came to a sudden stop and he reluctantly returned to the present. No touching, no kissing, no sex. He gave a quiet chuckle. One out of three was not bad, all things considered. Time would probably make him remember things differently; a phrase forgotten, details changed. But some things would never fade. The two of them, together – her body in his arms, eyes hungry, skin warm against his fingers. The raging inferno of pure desire, still burning inside him. He would cherish what she had given him – a memory of true passion.

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A Date To Remember

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I moved away from my parents house into the city after the summer. I got myself a little flat and a job as a barmaid in quite a cool bar. I was really enjoying the freedom, and, for the first time, I felt completely free to be who I wanted to be, do what I wanted to do…

There was no uniform at work, and I had got the job wearing quite a skimpy top, so I took it to mean they wouldn’t mind if I showed a bit of flesh off. I tended to wear short skirts and either shirts that were open low so you could see my bra (if I wore a bra!) or tops that showed my midriff, and when I reached above the bar to get a glass, the top would stretch and show the bottom of my bare breasts. I was so used to wearing small clothes now, that when I went shopping I automatically got tops a couple of sizes too small, so my round breasts would be heaving to be released, often pushed up by the tight material.

Working behind a bar I got a lot of people staring at me, and quite a few people would try and pick me up, but I usually said no. Then one night this really gorgeous bloke began to chat me up. He had the most captivating eyes, and he stayed behind the bar, chatting to me all night. By the time I was closing up he had persuaded me to go on a date with him.

‘I really like your top, by the way.’ He looked at it. That night I was wearing a black corset type top which laced up at the front, only because it was too small the gap at the front was really wide, and it only just hid my nipples.

‘I’m glad you approve.’ I purred.

‘So I’ll see you Saturday night then?’ He asked as he stood to leave.

‘Yeah, here’s my address.’ I handed him a bit of paper with my address scribbled on.

‘Great, I can’t wait to see what you’re wearing, or should I say what you’re not wearing!’ With that he walked out of the door.

I went shopping especially on Saturday, I couldn’t disappoint the poor man! I got ready and looked at myself in front of the mirror.

I was wearing a short black dress, it did actually cover my ass, until I decided to undo the two zips at each side, that happened to run all the way up the sides. For now I pulled the zips down. That would be for later. The top of the dress has spaghetti straps which widened into the dress just above my nipples, and the neck hung low, revealing a rather large proportion of my breasts. I leant forward and I could see my nipples were clearly visible, pushing my arms together they completely popped out. I carefully placed the straps in the right place and reached for my handbag as the doorbell rang. I felt quite sick as I made my way to the door, I had never done anything like this before, I almost went to change my dress, but changed my mind and answered the door.

He saw me and görükle escort his mouth dropped, he hadn’t been expecting me to wear something this revealing, it was having exactly the effect I was looking for.

‘I’ll just grab my jacket,’ I said, turning to get it.

‘No,’ he grabbed my arm, ‘I think it’s quite warm out tonight.’ It wasn’t, I knew it was quite cold, but I played along.

‘Oh really? Great.’ As we walked down the street I had so many people staring at me, I looked down and could see that my nipples were hidden, but my aureoles were clearly visible. My nipples were hard and long underneath the thin straps. It must have been the cool night air…

We reached the restaurant, and were seated in the centre of the restaurant. The table was clear glass! It couldn’t have been more perfect. We were sat opposite each other, and as the waiter took out order I slipped my shoe off and ran my slender foot up his thigh. He desperately tried to look normal as he stuttered his order, with my foot rubbing his crotch. I could feel him growing underneath the pressure of my foot. As soon as the waiter had gone he reached down to open his fly. I replaced my foot and found his cock, no underwear, I noticed. I nimbly took it in my foot, rubbing up and down, circling the tip with my toe.

‘I’ve,’ he was breathing fast, ‘I’ve never done this before.’ He threw his head back and I felt the tip moisten. I pulled my foot away.

‘Don’t worry,’ I said, ‘there will be plenty of time, later.’ My breathing was getting faster as I realised what I was about to do. I reached for the bottom of the skirt and found the first zip, undoing it to waist height, then repeated this action with the second. The only thing that was stopping my naked ass from being revealed was the fact that I was sitting on the bottom half. I lifted myself off the seat and quickly pulled the bottom half from under me, placing my bare ass on the cool leather seat. Now anyone who looked, and plenty would, would be able to see my ass cheeks, and the only thing hiding my now very wet pussy was a thin piece of material that was gathering between my legs.

‘Is it just me,’ I whispered, ‘or is it hot in here?’

He was intently looking between my legs, shocked at how I was behaving. He didn’t even notice that his cock was still jutting out of his trousers, visible to the whole restaurant. I was gradually opening my legs, the material of my skirt falling between them, hiding my pussy. My legs were now really wide apart, the dress revealing my ass cheeks even more. I reached into my handbag and retrieved a small vibrator. I placed it on my clit and turned it on. I closed my legs again and enjoyed the waves of intense joy wash over me as the bursa sınırsız escort bayan little vibrator worked its magic. I couldn’t control myself and was thrusting now, working my way to a fast climax. I leaned against the table as I tried to control my moans, and as my orgasm ended I leaned back against my chair, looking around I didn’t think anyone had noticed.

I looked over at Greg, my date, and smiled as he started open mouthed at me. ‘You’re amazing,’ he said. ‘Unbelievable.’

I laughed and popped the vibrator back in my bag. ‘It sure is hot though, huh?’

‘You’re telling me.’ He wiped his forehead.

The waiter arrived with our food and we both began to eat. Greg had put his cock away, but I could still see it straining against his trousers, I couldn’t believe it was still hard, he must have been really turned on. After we had eaten I leant back, I ran my hands up my thighs and began edging my zips higher. I stopped when they got to waist height and looked at Greg. He was watching my every move, torn between ripping my clothes off right there and then, and fear of me being caught in this busy room. I continued lifting the zips, and as they neared the top I stopped just before the dress split into two completely. Any chance of being covered up then was gone. Now it was hanging loosely. The front half was bunching towards the middle, revealing the smooth curves of the outside of my breasts. From the side it must have looked like I was naked! As I shifted in my seat the zips split completely and my nipples broke free as the dress bunched into the middle, hanging down the centre, hiding nothing. I laughed as I saw people in the restaurant notice me. A lot of men were staring at me and women shaking their heads, although there were some very hot women staring at me too! I looked and saw the waiter coming over to our table now, I was too turned on to even care, but he wasn’t looking very happy.

‘Excuse me sir, madam,’ he kept his voice low, ‘but if you would just come through to the back with me?’

Greg stood immediately, I noticed him smiling and wondered what was happening. As I stood to follow the dress bunched at the back too, showing my butt off. I walked and the dress swung from side to side, showing off my shaved pussy to a few lucky people.

As we walked into the back I began to feel ill, what was I doing? How stupid had I been? And now they were going to call the police or something. After feeling powerful all night I suddenly felt like the little girl I had been just a few months ago, the shy girl who had never had sex, let alone show herself off in public. I tried to cover myself up as we walked past the kitchen, but as I covered my bursa otele gelen escort bayan pussy my tits fell lose, so I held the material there, only to find my pussy free again. I began to panic, asking where we were going. No-one answered, but as we headed towards what looked like the back exit I realised we must just be getting thrown out. As we headed outside I realised it was raining, real ran, the type than drenched you in thirty seconds.

As soon as the door shut I expected for us just to leave, but the waiter was still with us.

‘What’s going on?’ I asked, rain dripping of my face onto my still bare breasts.

‘Mae,’ said Greg, ‘meet Brian,’ he pointed at the waiter, ‘a friend of mine. I told him you might be good fun.’ With that Greg pushed my back against the nearest wall and began mauling at my breasts. He completely removed my dress and threw it to the floor.

‘You’ve been teasing us all night,’ he whispered, ‘now it’s time for the fun part.’ I was too shocked to say anything. I just stood there numbly as he bit and sucked my breasts. Before long I felt two mouths on my breasts, and I looked down to see two grown men sucking on my tits. It felt so erotic I melted and began to enjoy the scene. not only was it sex outdoors, but it was sex with two people! I looked around to scan the area, it was all pretty deserted, the back of shops and maybe a few flats.

‘Mae, suck Brian’s cock, now!’ I looked down as this man unzipped his fly and I eagerly went to work, falling to my knees and licking up and down the shaft circling the tip. Then I put my mouth around his wide shaft and began bouncing my head up and down his cock, in and out, in and out. I felt some hands on my ass, then another cock rubbing up and down my pussy from behind. I was dripping wet, and when he slammed his cock into me I accepted easily, enjoying the feeling of being fucked by two men at once. They both pumped faster and faster, and I wondered who was going to come first.

Brian did, and as I prepared to swallow, he pulled his cock out of my face and began spraying his hot come all over me, beginning on my face and hair, working his way down to my breasts which were hanging below me, swinging and wet, now covered in his white come. Soon after Greg came and began to come inside me, then he pulled out, I fell to the floor without his support, and he began spraying his hot some on me, covering my breasts. I lay there for what felt like ages, letting the cool rain wash my body, I heard the two men leave. I was still feeling so hot I began working on my own clit now, lying there on my own, and before long I was bringing my self to another hot orgasm.

After I recovered I stood and looked for my dress, finding it crumpled in a corner. I stretched the drenched item over my head and attempted to cover myself with it, but the straps kept slipping and in the end I gave in, walking home the long route, enjoying the feeling of the water bouncing off my bare breasts. I decided that I was going to have to do something really extreme to top that little adventure…

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A Few Good Girls Ch. 06

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“I’m pretty sure there’s one of those gas things back here.” Wanda said, turning the key in the trunk lock and sliding her fingers back and forth above the license plate, searching for the latch. She found it, yanking the trunk open, her unsupported breasts jostling heartily in the skimpy towel around her chest. Her tight bikini bottoms dug into her butt as she bent over, moving junk out of the way in search of her gas can.

Jess stood on the road side toying with her dried out and no longer transparent bikini top, her towel slung around her waist, not even baring a hint of the totally bare flesh underneath as she stepped over and bent in to scan the cluttered, unlit trunk. “I don’t see one… Oh ho, what’s this?” She reached in and tugged at a clumped blanket in the back to dislodge a very generously molded vibrator, clicking it on with a buzz.

“Ah, there it is!” Wanda said as my eyes went from Jess’s new toy to the now-uncovered gas can, on my side of the trunk. “Do you mind?” She looked at me.

“Oh hell no. I’m not reaching all the way in there.” My towel being my only remaining piece of clothing, if you could call it that, I wasn’t even able to keep both my dark nipples and my freshly-shaved and unprotected pussy covered simultaneously. I wasn’t about to bend over and grab crap.

“I’ll let you play with John Jr!” Jess waved Wanda’s not-so-miniature boyfriend at me, the hot pink rubber waggling in her grip.

“Oh, whatever.” Wanda reached in and around to the far corner on my side of the trunk and grabbed the gas can, letting out a sigh. “This certainly doesn’t feel full of gas.” She unscrewed the cap and frowned. “I guess you hafta fill these things up after you buy them, don’t you.”

“Awesome!” Jess laughed, still waggling the toy as Wanda slammed the trunk.

“Hey Jess!” I turned and saw Dave come around the corner. “Cindy, Wanda!” He waved and I grumpily smiled back.

“I told you that was him walking.” Wanda frowned at Jess, whispering.

“What? Cindy was having too much fun in the back, I didn’t want to interrupt her.” Jess said loudly as Dave came up. He looked at me, eyebrows raised.

“Don’t let me interrupt. Please, continue.” He smiled amicably, his eyes scanning the dark circles peaking out the top of my towel. I tightened my grip.

“Hey, didn’t you leave, like, forever ago?” Jess smiled, the vibrator held up accusingly, with her hips cocked and her towel dangling precariously on the verge of coming undone. There must have been a good six inches between the top of her towel and her belly button, too. It didn’t need to move much to start showing something.

“The bus never showed, so, I dunno.” He shrugged. “I’ve been walking.”

“Ya, I’ve done that.” I nodded in sympathy. Buses suck.

“So, Dave.” Wanda held up the gas can. “Where to?”

“Well, I guess we should continue on this way, but, like.” He shrugged. “I’m not really from this area, so I don’t really know. I know there isn’t one back that way.” He gestured behind him and Wanda frowned. The road followed the coastline out here, and there weren’t really any side roads to speak of.

“Super.” Wanda snatched the vibrator from a pouty Jess and tossed it in the car before making certain all the doors were locked. We all started walking.

“Anyways, like I was saying, Cindy was totally getting off in the car, like, you know, really going at it.” She paused. “With that hot pink vibrator back there!” Jess looked back at the car, “I should go get it and show you how it works! I can use Cindy to demonstrate!” Dave glanced back at me.

“I should just pull off her towel.” I glared, whispering angrily to Wanda, who shook her head.

“Oh ya, like she wouldn’t love that. And get you back for it.” I nodded, agreeing with Wanda, as Jess went on in great detail about my favorite positions and started listing a variety of sex toys I apparently had a preference for. Or maybe she had. “Besides, she’s showing off well enough on her own.” Wanda pointed as Jess slipped her thumb into the side of her towel, shoving it down another half an inch. It draped low across her butt now. It probably wouldn’t be on much longer.

I jumped as a car honked and spun around to see a muddy, raised pick-up zoom by, crunching to a halt on the gravel a ways ahead of us. As my eyes followed it, I walked right into a now-bottomless Jess, bent over double to retrieve her lost towel. The hand holding the bottom of my own towel pressed firmly into hot flesh between her thighs.

“Jess!” I smacked her in the butt, annoyed, and she jumped up, towel in hand. She turned to me and grinned.

“Cindy, that’ll have to wait until later.” She wrapped the cloth unhurriedly around her waist, Dave’s eyes not leaving her bare flesh for a second as she casually tied the twisted corners in a knot at her side. “There, that should hold better.” She smiled, the fabric now so wound up that it barely fell below her crotch. I could only imagine what showed behind her.

“Yo, Dave, is that you?” A heavy-set guy hopped out of the truck and headed toward us.

“Hey Jack, https://bursali.org I thought that was your truck.” Dave waved and smiled.

“Was that you guys’ car back there?” Jack looked at the three of us, his eyes pausing on my half-bared nipples before deciding to come to rest on Jess’s towel.

“Ya, we ran outta gas.” Wanda held up the gas can. “Can you give us a ride?”

Jess grinned at Dave, “It might be a tight fit, but I’m sure we could all pile into that cab.”

“Um, well, I only got seatbelts for one of you in the cab. The rest’ll hafta ride in the bed.” He shrugged.

“That makes no sense.” I squinted at him.

“Hey, it’s the law.” He shrugged again. “Seriously.”

“That’s stupid.”

“Well, you girls want a ride or not?” He scratched his head. “I guess I could just leave three of you here, if you prefer, just take one of you to get gas.”

“What Cindy here means to say is that we very graciously accept your extremely generous offer. We would love nothing more than to climb into your bed.” Jess smiled, holding our her hand. “I’m Jess. And this is Wanda and, of course, Cindy.”

“Great. Let’s go.” He nodded amicably at Wanda and me, peaking briefly at my dark flesh peaking out at him before turning and heading toward his truck. Jess jabbed my shoulder as he turned.

“What? It is stupid.” I shrugged and Wanda rolled her eyes as we walked up to Jack’s pick up. It was raised up, so even after he pulled down the tailgate, it was still at my shoulder height. Dave scrambled up easily and I sighed. This was going to suck.

“So, who wants to ride up front with me?” Jack jerked his thumb up at the cab.

“I’ll go.” Wanda raised her hand, “Knowing these two, terrible things might happen to you otherwise.”

Jack smiled, “Missed a bullet there, I’m sure.” He turned to me and Jess, “Up you go.”

“Okay then.” Jess nodded, stepping up confidently to the high tailgate. She held on firmly and hopped, making it barely high enough to hook her small breasts over the edge, let alone climb up. She slid down, her top miraculously staying firmly in place, and frowned.

“You girls, uh, want a hand?” He cupped his fingers for her and she readily stepped on them. I wondered if he saw earlier when she’d fixed her towel. I figured he’d certainly see now if he hadn’t, but Jess was just as able to surprise as always.

She hooked up the leg opposite Jack’s face, instead of splitting her thighs directly in front of him. Not only that, but the loose corner of her towel, which sat high enough to bare considerable flesh behind her, somehow slid naturally into place between her thighs and exposed absolutely nothing. I sighed. My turn.

I licked my lips and stepped onto his fingers, keeping my hands tight on the top and bottom of my towel. He lifted roughly, and I tried to hook my knee onto the tailgate and scramble up without hands, but failed. My knee slipped out from under me and I landed roughly on the cold metal, knocking the wind out of me.

I coughed and looked back as I realized that I hadn’t quite ended up with Jess’s skillful placement. This time, Jack’s face was inches from my bared, bikini-free ass. I let go of the bottom of my towel and pulled myself up, giving him a clear view of more than just my ass in the process.

“You sure you wouldn’t want to give that another try?” Jack offered, his eyes scanning the other girls’ towels with a new curiosity as I stood, my butt bared to him, my front bared to Dave and Jess. I struggled vainly to draw the now twisted and ruffled cloth in place around me without baring my chest. “Maybe you’ll hook your leg next time! C’mon back down and we’ll give’er another go!”

“I’m good.” I nodded as I sat on the wheel well across from Jess and Dave, crossing my legs in frustration, the twisted towel split open well above my belly button, quite plainly baring my lap. “Thanks.”

“Well, Dave, I can see why you got stranded with these girls.” He grinned as he shoved the tailgate into place, giving Wanda a happy smile as he walked around to the cab. Wanda tossed the gas can in back next to me as she stepped up to the passenger door.

“They were actually stranded like this before I even showed up.” Dave smiled at me and I stuck my tongue out at him, making Jess laugh.

“The next gas station is a few minutes down the road, it won’t be too long.” Jack slid open the rear window of the cab and started the truck. “Woulda been a bit of a walk, though.” We pulled off the shoulder with another crunch of gravel.

As we picked up speed, the wind was awful. The chill was pretty bad, particularly with wet hair, but the worst was how it caught my towel. Wanda was chatting it up with Jack in the security of the cab, and Jess was literally sitting on her tightly-tied towel, but mine had too many free corners now to hold them all and half of it just billowed freely open beside me. I tugged at the secure side and shifted in my seat, the cold steel a sharp ache against my burning crotch with my legs crossed. The distraction just made it that much harder to bursa escort kız hold the bucking towel over my breasts.

“Gosh, Cindy, I’m sorry. I didn’t think the wind would be such a big problem.” Dave frowned.

“Psh, Cindy’s the only one with a problem.” Jess smiled and I glared at her.

“Here, let me see if Jack can slow down for a bit, or pull over so you can fix your towel.” Dave leaned into the cab and talked with Jack for a second. We pulled over and Dave sat back up.

“Go ahead.” Jack looked back through the window to watch and I frowned at him. Wanda turned back too, pressing up against Jack to see through the small opening. I turned to face the side of the road, which was just trees here, and whipped open the front of my towel when the truck jumped forward with a lurch as we suddenly took off.

I caught myself hard but safely on the tailgate, the truck still moving. I’d dropped my towel into the truck bed. Naked, my ass in the air, I looked behind me and glared at Jess’s laughter, catching Jack’s glances back through the rear window as Wanda smacked him almost playfully.

I looked over at my towel and grabbed for it, picking it up to try and wrap it around me. Lifting it off the floor of the bed let the wind catch it and it flew up and off behind us before I even had a grip on it. My heart stopped and I froze.

“Fuck…” I whimpered, falling to my knees, my eyes wide with shock as I realized the only cover I had left was the sides of this truck. I rolled over to sit on the grungy bed, pulling my knees in front of me to cover myself. I looked up. Jess was laughing hysterically.

“You suck, Jess.” I sighed. At least my heart had started again. I just wished it wouldn’t beat so fast.

“Oh, Cindy, you’re awesome.” Jess wiped away tears and I looked up past a grinning Dave at Wanda and Jack, who was barely looking at the road anymore.

“Sorry, I need my towel to buy the gas.” Wanda shouted through the rear window, twisting to face all the way back at us and thoughtfully blocking Jack’s view in the process. “Why don’t you ask Jess to share?” She even seemed to be holding Jack from turning around with one arm across his chest, which was nice.

“Heh, ya okay. Sure.” Jess smiled, looking down at her knot, pulling her towel free. “Here you go.” She held it out and I quickly rolled forward and up onto my knees, grabbing for it.

Jack, of course, managed to downshift just as I did and the truck lurched forward again, the wind sucking Jess’s towel away too. It flew off to the side of the road behind us as she stumbled to keep her balance. I landed hard on my hands, Jess laughing uproariously and falling back onto the wheel well next to Dave, her own hands landing gingerly in his lap.

“With this truck jumping like that, I should really hang onto something nice and rigid.” She said, gripping his clear erection through his shorts. “I wouldn’t want to get hurt!”

“That sucks, Cindy.” Wanda said as we slowed to a stop and I crouched there on my hands and knees, glaring up at the truck cab. “Cause we’re about to pull in, too.”

I whimpered and pulled over to the side of the bed, looking over the rail at a fairly desolate gas station by the side of a pretty lonely looking stretch of road. I cowered down, curling into a ball in the corner as we rolled in.

Wanda leaned back, and it looked like Jack was going to cover the gas, because he seemed to be ruffling through his pockets for money before they both hopped out of the cab. “Hand me the gas can.” Jack climbed out and stepped up on the wheel well behind Jess and Dave. He smiled down at my naked self as Wanda walked around behind him.

The can was sitting next to me and I eyed it, balled up to cover myself as Jack eyed me.

“Jeez, Cindy.” Jess rolled her eyes and stepped over, bending down with her back to Jack as she slid the can behind her to him. His eyes were glued to the crook of her unnecessarily straight legs as she casually paused there before standing back up.

“Thanks.” Jack smiled as Jess slid back into her seat next to Dave. Jack dropped down and I peered over the edge. We were in a parking spot just across from the pumps. Wanda was walking over there to fill up her can.

“You know, Dave,” Jess said, reaching over again to grab his plainly stiff cock through his shorts. “No one can really tell I’m bottomless, right?”

“Well, I dunno.” He looked down at her lap, “Seems pretty obvious to me.”

“No, I mean, like,” She frowned, then smiled, spreading her legs, “Jack, can you see my pussy?”

“What?” Jack hopped up on the passenger-side wheel well opposite them, as Jess snapped her knees together with a grin.


“Oh, ya, sure, okay.” Dave nodded as Jack’s frown turned into a smile again when he looked down to me from his perch on the wheel. “No one else can see, sure.”

“Well, no one could tell if you were bottomless, too, right?” She said as she climbed down onto her knees in front of him. As she reached her fingers into the waist of his trunks and pulled bursa anal yapan escort them off, she leaned in close enough that his very hard cock practically smacked her in the face when it popped free.

Jack’s eyes left my mostly-covered self to stare unashamedly at Jess’s raised ass. I couldn’t blame him, she really was doing that on purpose. She pulled the trunks around Dave’s feet and sat down in the middle of the bed, Jack’s oogling darting from her now-hidden ass to my largely-covered nakedness. I sighed.

“So you don’t mind if Cindy borrows your shorts?” She smiled turning to me and holding out the shorts. I looked up at Jack then back at the shorts, snatching them from Jess and pulling them on, unfortunately having to bare my tits to Jack in the process.

“Thanks Jess.” I smiled at her, dropping my legs more comfortably, siting indian-style, my arms across my chest.

“Don’t thank me, thank Dave.” She nodded, climbing back up next to him and crossing her legs.

“Thanks.” I nodded at him, and Jess shook her head.

“No, I mean, you should show him your thanks.” She grinned and hefted one bikini clad breast meaningfully.

“What, I don’t get any thanks for giving you girls a ride?” Jack said.

“You have gotten plenty of thanks.” Wanda frowned as she climbed up the driver’s side wheel behind Jess and deposited the filled can in the bed. I heard a car pull into the station and Jack frowned too, looking worried. I peeked up over the side and saw a middle-aged man climb out of his car at the pump where Wanda had just filled the can.

“Ya, okay, sure.” He shrugged, hopping down and climbing into the cab, sliding over to the steering wheel as Wanda hopped off and came up to his door. He opened it and she paused, then jumped up, climbing over him, her arm crossed stiffly against her towel as her chest pressed past his face. He was grinning when she finished crossing and he looked back through the window. “But I still think Dave should get a little somethin’.” He started up the truck.

“C’mon, Cindy,” Jess was calmly stroking Dave’s stiff, exposed member as she spoke, “Dave needs a little more, you know, stimulation. Let’s see something!” I felt my face turn red. I peaked up over the side again to see the middle-aged man staring right at me with a quizzical look. I turned redder.

“Can we just go?” I sighed, scrunching up low, hiding from the man.

“Not until Dave gets his thanks.” Jack grinned through the rear window as the engine shut back off.

“Jesus, Jess, just drag Cindy over and make her suck him off already so we can get going.” Wanda pressed against Jack to look through the rear window too.

“Whoa, so not what we were saying.” Jess actually looked surprised at Wanda, then nodded, an appreciative grin crossing her face. “But definitely better!” She stood up and stepped over to me, her bare crotch in plain view of the man over at the pump. She grabbed my arm and pulled me up, dragging me to Dave. I crossed my free arm hard against my bare chest and looked out over at our audience. The man grinned and tipped his ball cap at me, no longer quizzical.

“Okay, just… just go.” I yanked my arm free from Jess and she sat back down. I stepped in front of Dave and sunk to my knees, his cock at attention directly in front of me. “You guys suck.” I glared at Wanda who, as much as she’d inadvertently doomed me, appeared to be the only one trying to help my situation at all by pushing Jack back from the window.

Jack started up the truck a moment later and we started moving. Jess tried to pull the arm off my chest to make me grab Dave’s large erection, which was less than a foot in front of my face now. I batted her away with my free hand, and sighed, grabbing Dave’s cock haphazardly and stroking it.

There I was, wearing only a pair of borrowed swim trunks that were much too large, kneeling in front of the bottomless guy who gave them to me. I had one arm across my chest and my other hand was pumping at his cock. And as much as Jack had gunned it earlier to make me lose my towel, he was cruising well under the speed limit now to extend the trip back to our car.

And god, what made me really angry was how unbearably turned on I was…

“Dave looks a bit bigger than John…” Wanda commented from the cab, barely needing to shout over the slight wind. I looked up at her, pressed against the rear window like before, her arm still across Jack’s chest, her shoulder moving slightly. Was he trying to look back at me and she was stopping him?

“He is.” Jess replied a little too confidently, “I can’t believe I fit the whole thing in my mouth!” She grinned, my eyes wide at the thought of doing the same, my legs shifting unconsciously as my thighs responded to the thought as well.

“There’s no way I could do that.” I looked back at the cock in my hand and opened my mouth, swallowing experimentally.

“Oh ho ho!” Wanda laughed, “Now you have to!”

“Oh, definitely!” Jess grinned and I frowned. “Don’t worry, Jack can pull over if it’s going to take a while.” I glared up at her, my eyes quickly darting back to the hot, hard, surprisingly responsive flesh in my hand, inches from my face. An image flashed involuntarily through my mind, and I tried to ignore it and only picture the stiff, hot, thick cock in my mouth instead of… another place. That wasn’t exactly helping, though.

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A Close Friend

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“Oh damn lover! Take my cock and suck it…oh damn that’s it!!”

“ssshhhhhh…don’t forget Bill is here! We need to keep the noise down, but after 3 days I have to have your cock. Just keep it down.”

I had just come out of the spare bedroom and heard voices. The door was slightly ajar and I could hear them talking clearly.

“I know…but my balls are full and watching you do me is driving me crazy! Lay down here beside me and suck me while I fuck you with this dildo and you can do yourself with the vibrator. You know how I love that!”

“Are you going to tell me a story and then shoot your cum all over my breasts?”

I had been invited to stay with Jerry and Terry for a week while a crew worked on my house. The foundation in the basement had shifted and they were rebuilding it. To save the money of having to stay in a motel for a week Jerry had suggested I just stay with them. He and I had been best of friends all through school and had both lived and worked in the same town all of our life. The difference being he was still married while mine had ended in a rather messy divorce. My cock was pressing against my shorts and I allowed my fingers to rub along the length. At 50 years old I hadn’t been to “lucky” in the sex department the past year. I had visited some of the single bars but felt rather out of place, so had relegated myself to porno flicks and those pictures and stories on the Internet. Masturbation wasn’t all that bad, and I had begun to enjoy it more than the actual act of lovemaking.

“Ohh, the precum is leaking! You must be thinking of a good story for me, aren’t you?”

“I just might be.” I could hear Jerry chuckle. “One of your favorites and now all the better.”

“Ohhhh, Gawd!! Jerry!! Yes, tell me. With Bill in the next room it will be so real! My pussy is wet thinking about it!… tell me! Tell me!!”

My cock throbbed listening to them! Did they have a fantasy that included me?! I moved closer to the door. Jerry continued with his story and I could hear the hum of the vibrator working over Pat’s clit. She was getting aroused and began to moan. My own cock raged inside my shorts as I listened to Jerry telling Terry how he and I would have her body…

“That’s it fuck him lover! Take that cock of Bill’s deep! You want his thick hard cock fucking you and then shooting his load all over your pussy and belly…wouldn’t you?”


Terry started to cum and I could literally hear the dildo as Jerry slammed it in and out of her pussy. As her orgasm subsided she then began…

“…and you would be straddling my head, stroking your cock watching him cover my belly with his white sticky cum… wouldn’t you…you would love to see him cum…wouldn’t you lover…”

“Yes…yes…you know I would!”

I could hear his fist working up and down his cockshaft

“Do it lover…let him see you jack off and shoot your hot cum across my tits and down my belly to mix with his cum! That’s it stroke that hard cock of yours…ohhh, you balls are getting full!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! My cock strained inside my pants a large wet spot of my precum had soaked through. My fingers ran along my shaft bursa escort through the material.

“Oh my God, Jerry! …He’s licking his cum off my pussy and sucking my clit!…Watch him…watch him do me Jerry!”


There was no mistaking that he was unloading his cum all over Terry’s body! As it became quiet in their bedroom I moved silently towards my room, undoing my shorts as I went. Lying across the bed I pulled the skin down tight towards the base of my cock and cupped my balls. Using my other hand I circled the crown with my finger and thumb and began rubbing over the highly sensitive area. Closing my eyes I pictured Jerry’s fantasy and my balls filled. My fingers moved faster, I could feel my cum building. ‘Damn I’d love to lick her pussy!’ I thought to myself. Squeezing the base my entire fist closed over the shaft and I stroked faster. “…grrrr…” I released the base and my fist slammed the length of my cock. ‘Terry’s pink slit stared at me, my cock head pointed directly over her clit.

She takes her fingers and spreads the lips and I can see it protruding from the hood.’ My hips rise off the bed. “gggaaawwwwdddDDD…” Cum explodes and I feel it landing on my chest and belly. My fist moves faster and faster, emptying my balls. All the time picturing it landing on Terry’s open slit! My hand slows and I milk the last of the cum from my softening cock. The cream covers my fist as I slowly stroke. Drifting off to sleep my thoughts are of what I had just overheard.

“Did you sleep good last night?” Jerry was still in his sweats sitting at the table drinking coffee. Terry was dressed in a pair of fairly tight jeans, sneakers and a sweater that clung and outlined her breasts. This was how she normally dressed on her days off, not overtly sexy, but after last night I looked at her in a very different way.

“Yes, I sure did!” I laughed and thought to myself, ‘if they only knew how good!’ Grabbing a cup of coffee I sat down at the table with them.

“Bill, I’m going to do some shopping and then get some groceries this morning. My Saturday shopping spree. How about I get some steaks and we’ll do them on the grill this evening?” Terry smiled at me. I felt my cock stir in my pants as I looked over at her and could see her nipples adding another outline to her sweater.

“Sure! Here let me give you a couple bucks and let’s do some real nice Prime Rib, and pick up a couple bottles of wine too.” I handed her a couple twenties. “I’m going to run over to the house for a bit and see how they are coming along.”

“Going to be a busy morning,” Jerry chuckled. “I’ve got to take my truck in for service, so I’ll be gone awhile myself. Which I better get myself dressed and out of here.” Jerry got up and headed out of the kitchen. I glanced casually and couldn’t help but notice the outline of his cock hanging freely inside his sweats. I don’t usually ‘checkout’ guys cocks, but his had to be 8″ long hanging down against his thigh. I had always thought that my cock fully erect at 8″ and 5″ around was big! I couldn’t help wonder what his was erect!

Terry giggled. “Yeh, he’s a stud!” I could feel my face turn beet red as I looked back over to her, not realizing bursa üniversiteli escort that I must have been staring.

“Ah…ohh…I didn’t mean…I mean…I…” Damn this was embarrassing!

“That’s ok, you couldn’t help but miss it! Besides Jerry has always enjoyed showing himself off when he has the chance.” Terry laughed again. “Well, I better be on my way.”

I watched her walk out the door and couldn’t help but admire her soft black shoulder length hair, and the gentle movement of her ass as she moved. I wondered what her nipples looked like on what must be about 38C breasts? My cock began stirring again. I shook the thoughts from my head and finishing my coffee headed out the door.

It was about an hour before I got back and noticed that there was no one at the house yet. I hadn’t been able to get the thoughts of the night before out of my mind, and then to top it off I couldn’t help but wonder what Terry’s comments had meant. My cock had it’s own ideas and as I walked in the house it was pressing tightly against my jeans. Since there wasn’t anybody around I headed up to my bedroom and pushing my pants down around my ankles I laid back across the bed. Reaching for the oil I coated my cock and began stroking along the length. Closing my eyes I pictured what Terry’s nipples would look like naked. My fingers played along the crown. Replaying everything I had overheard the night before I grasped the shaft and the sound of the oil slickly moving between my fist and cock was erotic. I pumped faster feeling my balls begin to fill…

“I guess I’m not the only one that likes to masturbate.”

I jumped up, my cock still in my hand! Jerry was standing in the doorway with a grin on his face. I began trying to pull my pants back up.

Jerry smiled. “Hell man, don’t be embarrassed. I do it all the time myself. Besides after listening to Pat and I last night you must really be horny.”

“Huh?!?!…,” was all I could manage.

“I saw your shadow pass the doorway last night and knew you were listening… then when you went back to your room we opened our door and listened to you jack off. Terry found it quite exciting… as did I.” Glancing down I noticed that his cock was hard and outlined along his leg. “Terry won’t be back for a few hours, come here I have something to show you.” Jerry turned and walked towards his bedroom. My cock was still half hard as I pulled my shorts up and followed.

“This is one of my favorites.” Jerry pushed a video in and hit ‘play’. On the TV came a picture of a woman who could only be Terry was half sitting on the bed completely naked with her legs spread wide. “Sit back and enjoy, I am.” Jerry pulled his shirt off and dropping his pants sat down on the bed. I looked at the screen and then at Jerry. He slowly slid his hand up and down the length of his cock. It was huge! It wasn’t as thick as mine but it had to be at least 10″ from base to tip! Looking back to the screen I could see Jerry standing next to her. She held his cock in her hand and was licking along the head, slowly sucking it into her open mouth. His hand held the end of a thick dildo that he pushed into her open pussy.

“damnnn…” I raised my karacabey escort hips pushing my shorts and boxers down around my ankles. Lying back on the bed next to Jerry I grabbed my hard cock and began stroking. Jerry picked up the remote and adjusted the volume.

“…you’d like to suck Bill’s cock wouldn’t you? Get it nice and hard then feel his white prick fill your naked black pussy.” Terry’s free hand found her clit and as the dildo slammed into her pussy she spread her slit open and her finger began to rub furiously on the hard button. “You want to feel his cock fill with cum and explode… feel his hot cum fill you and run out of your used slit!” Terry moaned as she listened to Jerry and her finger continued rubbing her clit. Jerry stood over her breasts his fist moving in a blur up and down his cockshaft. “I’m going to shoot cum all over your tits while he cums in your hot black cunt!”

“OHHHHHHHYESSSSSS…” Terry’s hips bucked off the bed as her orgasm peaked. Jerry slammed the dildo into her spasming pussy. His own hand a blur as his first loads of cum shot across her breasts and nipples. You could hear Jerry groan as the screen went dark.

I was completely engrossed in the scene and my own hand was jacking my length. I could feel my balls tighten as they filled with cum. The only sound in the bedroom was of our fists pumping our cocks. It wasn’t planned but I felt Jerry’s fingers wrap around my shaft and I in turn reached over and took his long hard prick in mine. Our eyes met for a split second then we each watched our hands stroke the others hard cock.

“ohhhh…ohhhhh.” The sight, the feel, the sound of Jerry’s hand doing me was like nothing I had ever felt before. His large black fist wrapped around my white cock and pumped. I couldn’t contain my cum any longer and felt it course through the shaft and explode into the air blowing load after load onto my belly and chest. “ahhhhhhhdamnNNNNNNN…” The end of my load oozed from the tip and over Jerry’s hand.

“Bill…finish me…ohh damn!” Jerry was staring at my shrinking cock and the cum running down over his hand. I could only stare at his huge black prick in my own fist. The thought of the old song “Ebony and Ivory” flew through my mind as I watched the muscles in his belly tighten and his hips push up off the bed. His hand still held my cock and my hand increased the tempo and I could see his balls begin to rumble in the sac. “ohhhOHHHHH…aaaHHHH…” I could feel the load streaking along the inside of the shaft. My fingers continued stroking, my thumb and index finger encircling the crown. “FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!” Load after load exploded from his cock. Cum landed on his chest and belly…I continued jacking his cock until his cock became limp in my hand. We both lay quietly in our own thoughts but yet holding one anothers spent pricks.

“ugh..uugghh…ohgawdyesss…” We both jumped at the sound and looked to the doorway. There stood Terry! Her blouse open, the straps of her bra pushed over her shoulders exposing her breasts and large hard nipples. Her jeans and panties pushed down around her knees. Leaning against the doorjamb one hand holding her slit open while two fingers of her other hand were bringing her to orgasm. We both watched as she orgasmed. Her eyes fixed on our hands holding each others cocks. Undoing her blouse and bra Terry moved towards us, pausing to remove her jeans and panties. Naked she approached the bed and looking Jerry directly in the eyes whispered…”I want to suck that white cock…”

Jerry smiled and nodded…

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The Elites Ch. 03 – Synorax

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Author’s note – Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!

We landed at a private airstrip near Las Vegas, where two black Escalades awaited us. This time we wouldn’t have to share the ride with Archer and Pam (Thank God!)

The driver told us it was an hour’s ride to our hotel and asked if we would like to have lunch first. We declined. We wanted to get the check-in done as soon and quickly as possible.

We reached “The Zephyr” around four. The event organizers had reserved a whole wing of the hotel, including multiple event spaces, for the weekend. Guests were directed to a ballroom on the first floor to check in.

We were the only ones at the elite desk, so either Archer and Pam had already checked in or were still having lunch. Either way, we were glad that we did not have to wait.

A woman brought us a tablet to complete a questionnaire and sign waivers. She insisted that we read everything carefully and escort bursa e-sign only If we agreed to all the terms and conditions. It was all or nothing. We would not be allowed to participate if we disagreed with any of the items on the list. Here is a shorter version of the rules.

* The event is for adults 25 and over only.

* Participants may engage in sexual activities with one or more individuals. A non-exhaustive list is included in the accompanying document.

* All sex will be consensual. A “No means No” rule strictly applies. At any point, if an individual declines to participate in an activity, either verbally or non-verbally, you must respect that person’s wishes. You must not ask that individual to participate in the same act again unless they initiate it. Any violation of this rule will cause you to be immediately ejected from Black.

* Videotaping is prohibited.

* Sharing of personal information bursa otele gelen escort is prohibited.

* Smoking is strictly prohibited.

* You will be tested for Sexually Transmitted Diseases, including HIV. You will not be allowed to participate if you test positive.

* Condoms are optional (except for vaginal sex unless the receiving partner is using or practicing some form of birth control.)

We agreed to T my butt was clenched tight.

“Stop, Stop,” I said. “I cannot count, and I cannot hold it in.”

She did not stop. She continued at her steady pace.

“STOP. PLEASE!” I begged, but she did not. I stopped fucking her mouth and let her blow me. I hoped the decrease in intensity would delay my impending orgasm.

At seventy-five, I exploded. She was on her way up, and the suddenness of my release surprised her, and she released my cock. I spurted all bursa sınırsız escort over her face. The volume of cum turned her nicely tanned face the color of my jizz. Looking at her, I realized this Synorax-laced cum was more viscous and whiter than usual. Her face looked like it had sunblock on it. Poorly applied sunblock because no one really whitens their eyebrows or hair.

“That was seventy-five. I usually do a hundred,” said Kate disappointed. “But given the extra effort I put in, I think seventy-five will do.”

“I need a drink of water, and then I will move to the next block of work,” she said after a pause.

“You are not done yet!!!” I asked incredulously.

“Haven’t done my squats yet. Remember my booty workout?”

She walked off to fetch her water bottle. I closed my eyes, and images of me fucking Kate’s suitcase popped into my mind. I watched myself humping her outfits, my fit ass thrusting in and out of the suitcase compartment. For some reason, I found that arousing. The image of me fucking a suitcase full of clothes. And, I was hard again.

Kate returned a few minutes later and gasped at my impressive hard-on.

“Oh, my goodness! Again? They weren’t kidding around with this Synorax stuff!”

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My 10-Inch Lover

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I met Talulah in a small coffee cafe in Greenwich Village. It was a Tuesday, and I was wearing a green shirt. Should I have known better? I had no ulterior motives; it was just a nice shirt with intense color. Maybe I should have remembered from High School that Green on Tuesday meant you were gay.

I looked around the room for a free table, and there wasn’t any; that was when my eyes met Talulah’s. Instantly, I was aware of how pretty she was, and from her expression and how she smiled at me, I thought she was approachable. I don’t care for snobby women, common among New York ladies, particularly the wealthy.

Tall women have always attracted me. I sensed she was taller than I was, and I was comfortable with this. It may indicate something deeply psychological about me, but I’ve learned that when you are intimate with a large woman, it transports you back to your childhood in your mother’s arms. You feel protected and secure in her arms.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no pansy. I muscled out when I was a college wrestler at 156 pounds. When you stop training, you put on weight, but I tip the scales at 169 (okay, 170-172). But the fact is, I’m 5’8″ (okay, 5′ 7 1/2″), and she was easily 5’10 “. With her high heels, she must have been 6’3”.

When I looked at her, I assumed she was in her mid-twenties; I was forty-five.

Was I ever married? Of course, I was married; who hasn’t been married? But fate played a cruel joke on me. My wife was a singer in a few successful Broadway musicals. Like many actresses do in off-time, she signed on to a six-week tour in 2012 on a cruise ship that crashed into the Italian coast. Thirty-three deaths occurred, and hers was one of them. Discussion of that event is too upsetting, so I rarely mention it. I never looked at another woman for the next five years and only occasionally dated. Of course, I felt I was too old to chase after this beautiful young woman, but perhaps sitting in her presence might be permitted.

I was holding a folded copy of the daily newspaper and pointed it at the empty chair across from her, and to my surprise, she waved at me to come closer.

I wasn’t looking for romance; if I was, I knew I didn’t stand a chance with such beauty. I thought, young women can tell you there are many advantages to dating a middle-aged man. We older guys have had more sexual experience, wealth, and there must be a third thing, but I don’t recall what it is. Holding on to that thought bolstered my confidence.

The little cafe was crowded. I approached the empty seat at her small table and asked,

“Do you mind if I sit here?”

“No,” she said, and her eyes opened wide.

“Hi, I’m Anthony. I work nearby.”

“I’m Talulah.”

As I sat down, I realized I have a thing for Latin chicks; my first wife was Nicaraguan. I wasn’t sure of Talulah’s origin. I could tell she wasn’t Mexican. I assumed she was from one of the Caribbean archipelagoes. Is that what it is, or is it just an Island?

She wasn’t white, but I’ve known Mexicans who could pass for Swedes. Her skin was better than white; it was a beautiful golden color, and as the sun shifted and filtered through the window, I thought she resembled a golden statue with a Hermes scarf around her neck.

Her long hair fell to her shoulders, her lipstick was a light tan, and her breasts were large enough to suckle an army of admirers. I hadn’t yet seen her rear. As I looked, I saw it was magnificent. I realized instantly that she was the girl of my dreams.

“Do you speak English,” I asked.

“Of course, do you speak Spanish?” She countered with only the slightest trace of an Island accent.

“Not well, but I can get by.”

“Let’s start in English,” her eyes locked on mine.

We made small talk for a while.

I asked her how she’d come to the US.

I’m studying fashion. I work for a well-known fabric house in Jamaica.

“How interesting. If I had my way, I wanted to design Women’s clothing, but my parents pushed me to attend Law School.”

“So, you are an attorney.”

“Well, yes, and no.”

“Yes. I worked for a huge real estate firm, I named the company.I do mostly contracts for large block purchases.”

“Isn’t that the outfit whose heir had murdered a few people and dressed like a woman to avoid detection?”

“Yes. The firm doesn’t like to talk about him. He was the black sheep of the family. He died after a lengthy trial in Los Angeles.”

“What did you think of his attempt to pass as a woman?”

“He worked hard at it but couldn’t get the voice down, so he passed as a mute, very clever. He was intelligent. He beat a murder rap, pleading self-defense. It worked in Texas but wouldn’t fly in New York City.”

“He had top attorneys.”

“Yes, the firm paid millions for his defense.”

“Were you involved?”

“No, I just handled rental contracts and small buyouts. I left the law firm recently when I was hired to manage security at the art museum. I was an Anthropology major before law school. I have to deal https://sokkan.org with many legal questions relating to artifacts, particularly the providence of art objects we inherited or purchased years ago. The rules of acquisition are much stricter today. If an object has shaky providence, it may have to be returned to the country that claims an ownership right.”

“Like pre-Columbian statues?”

“Exactly; native American bones, many early African carvings, are the classifications currently being challenged. We get visited by diplomats with paper and pen making lists of items on display that they think should be returned to their country.”

When I felt my coffee cup had gone cold, I realized I was fascinated by this beauty.

Our discussion continued a little longer, and then she said,

“I have to say goodbye. I have a class starting, so I will arrive on time if I hurry.

“But we just met. Can we carry on our discussion at a later date? I mean, could I take you out to dinner or a special museum tour?”

“That would be nice.”

“Would you give me your phone number?”

“Sure, but I think it best to make something clear, so there are no misunderstandings.”

“Oh, are you married?”

“Oh, no.” and she laughed.

“So tell me,” and I came closer and looked into her dark eyes. Tell me this deep, dark secret. Did you murder someone?”

“Oh no, I’m not violent, but okay, I’ll just say it.”

“Go for it.”

“I’m a transsexual woman. If that is a problem for you, I understand.”

“You mean you have a …”

She finished my sentence for me, “Penis, yes, a very large one.

At her comment, said a little louder than I would have preferred; it seemed as if the cafe chatter around us was silenced.

To save the day, I reached for Billy Wilder’s line from ‘One Like It Hot’ that came out of Joe E Brown’s mouth. “Well, no one is perfect.”

She laughed, ‘Some Like it Hot.’

“Yes, wasn’t Marylin gorgeous in it.”

“And the dress blew up on the sidewalk.”

“Jess, terrific.”

“Did you know that Wilder shot that scene between 52 and 53rd on Lexington Avenue? DiMaggio was Marylyn’s husband, and he was furious.”

She smiled,” I guess he was being protective of her.”

“He was jealous, almost ruining one of the best scenes in cinematic history. It’s not as if Marylyn was a virgin; she’d had a history of being passed around to service the movie executives.”

Talulah nodded. “Jess, If you marry someone who is so promiscuous, you have to accept that fact.”

I thought her English was terrific, but she hadn’t mastered the Y in yes, pronouncing it “jess.”

“So give me your number, and we will have some fun.”

She handed me a linen business card, ‘Talulah Carre’, with a company name and a street address. She took out a slender red pen and added her cell phone.

“Call me anytime; I live not far from here.”

I arose, and she extended her small hand. I don’t know why, but I kissed it.

She smiled, picked up her large Vuitton envelope handbag, and left me sitting there. At the door, she turned and gave me a two-fingered wave, and she was off, but the delicate perfume she wore was still in the air. That was when I saw her gorgeous ass and a bead of sweat ran down my forehead.

What had I gotten into? How do I describe her? There was no question she was a ‘she,’ but under her fashionable outfit, she said she had a guy appendage. How big is that Penis? Oh? God, I’ll probably find out soon enough.

We were going to have to set some rules of engagement. Let’s be clear on one thing, no one was fucking me in the ass. I’d experimented with anal with several ‘modern’ girls where I was ‘analyzing’ their butts, and a tight ass-pussy was quite pleasing, but for me, anal was a one-way street. I could fill the hole, but no one was filling mine.

How do you sexually satisfy a transexual or trans person on a date? Give her a blow job, jerk her off? I knew already what the answer was, you let her fuck you. Oh damn, and she said she has a big one.

When my occasional girlfriend Judith, a ‘me-too’ girl, not the best in bed but always available, wanted to service me with a strap-on, I refused.

Judith said, “You should let me; it will teach you what being a woman is like. A woman on the end of your big dick.”

“It’s not so big.”

Judith responded, “I know, I was being kind. I’ve had bigger inside me. That dildo you spied on my night table is bigger than you.”

“Thanks, now I feel like shit.”

“A little competition shouldn’t drain the blood out of your weiner.”

“I’m sorry we’ve had this conversation. I apologize, I shouldn’t have opened your drawer.” I said.

“No need to apologize on the phone,” said Judith, “When you are ready to make amends, come over here and take off your pants and offer up your ass to meet Mr. Dildo. That’s the only apology I’ll accept.”

Judith hung up on me, having said the last and final word. I sent her flowers to apologize, but she never responded. bursa eskort There is no chance of getting back inside her pussy unless I comply, and it’s probably already too late.

I wanted to say to her, “After all, I’m the man; my dick is like a jackhammer; I don’t come in second!” But she’d hung up, and the cell phone line closed, and my dick was limp.

Back to the case at hand—

I phoned Talulah the next day. It was early morning, about 8:45 am. I wanted to catch her before her work or school day started.

“Hi, Talulah?”

“Yes, who is this?”

“Did I wake you?”

“No, I’m up and just about out the door.”

“But who is this?”

“Frank Ganin, we met at the coffee shop yesterday.”

“Franky, don’t you know you are supposed to wait at least three or four days before calling a girl? It builds suspense.”

“I don’t need suspense, Talulah; I need you.”

I was breaking out in a hot sweat, amazed that I had called, but I couldn’t wait any longer.

“Can I take you out for dinner, wherever you like, maybe Saturday night? I think it’s Thursday now.”

“No, Franky, it’s Friday.”

“Not adequate notice? You already have a date? Oh, I’m so sorry and disappointed.”

“No, Franky, I’m as free as a bird and looking forward to seeing you. Wherever you’d like to go is fine?”

“I’d like to kiss you right now, was that part of your invitation?”

“Sounds good to me. I’ll text you my address. Is 7:30 a good time?”

“Any time is good; I can’t wait to see you.”

“We did discuss my situation, didn’t we?”

“I’m eager and ready, and nothing is going to stop me, and as for your situation, I don’t see any impediment; I’m so nervous I’m losing my breath.”

“Have you ever dated a trans person?”

“I don’t think that way. I consider you a beautiful woman, 100% perfect in every way. I won’t disappoint you. I know it would be crazy to say how I feel.”

“How do you feel?”

“I feel I’m in love; it’s crazy. But give me a chance, and we will be the perfect couple.”

“You must be crazy, but crazy good. I gotta run. See you Saturday.”

“Text me, don’t forget.”

“I won’t, bye for now.”

“Oh, T, your voice is so beautiful.”

“Okay, Franky, bye now.”

She hung up the phone, but my dick felt like it had grown two inches, but that wasn’t the dick I was worried about.

The next night, I called Talulah around 7:00 pm to tell her I was on my way. She didn’t answer my call but called me back a few minutes later, breaking my disappointment.

“Sorry, Franky, I was in the bathroom. Sure, come on over.”

“Will you wait in the bathroom for me?”

“Stop with the jokes, I’m hungry.”

“Me too, hungry to give you a good kiss.”

“Okay, tiger, keep your pants zipped and come on over.”

“I’ll be right there.”

It took a little time to arrive; it was only about twenty New York short blocks away. The short blocks are the numbered streets, and the long blocks are the avenues. I lived on the west side in the 40s, and she was also on the west side but in the mid-60s. My mother’s sister lived on 72d Street, and as a kid, I’d spend an occasional night sleeping on the living room sofa, hearing the sirens of the ambulances and watching the cop cars go by below her window. New York City was always busy, day or night.

I recognized her apartment building, which I’d passed often on my way to the subway station from my Aunt’s apartment.

Talulah’s building was constructed just before the Second World War ended, probably in 1942. Only six floors and a rounded red brick exterior that had turned gray from accumulated dust. Surrounding the doorway entrance were glass bricks to let light through their yellowed surface. The lobby was small, serving as an entrance to the small elevator. Shiny brass postal boxes were on the left. Miscellaneous legal notices were attached to a large bulletin board on the right. Some letter-boxes were stuffed with old mail, and had broken doors. Then I spotted 402B, with Talulah’s name on tape attached to the letterbox.

I lingered a moment, looking at her precise penmanship. Talulah Brown was her full name. The ancient slave market often assigned the name Brown when auctioning off slaves. If her ancestors came from the Caribbean or immigrated, skin color often replaced a last name. But there was John Brown, a white man who fought as an abolitionist, so my theory was fragile. I’d ask about her ancestors if it was not too personal. And there was Hamilton Brown, an 18th-century white Jamaican enslaver whose plantation was used as a model for the American plantations where cotton was king and human life was worth what the auction hammer deemed. Brown eventually freed his slaves, and as freemen, they probably carried his last name. This was my historical curiosity but of no importance.

I felt comfortable as I waited for the elevator to descend. I thought about my name, a derivation of Gaelic, ironically meaning white. The coach made a few stops and finally orhangazi escort arrived, disgorging several black and white shoppers on their way to the nearby grocery store with rolling wire baskets. The inside of the elevator was clean, not painted with graffiti, although the 4th-floor button was starred by someone with a sharp knife.

Times have changed; as a child, it was rare to find black tenants or condo owners in this area, a sign that maybe the promise of America was finally working. Black rights are a given, but trans rights seem to have run into a backlash, primarily a result of guys in skirts winning all the swimming events. Can’t they have their own separate tourneys? These conflicts serve to keep the kettle boiling. Talulah could pass, but it doesn’t take long for neighbors and friends to find out what she has in her panties, even if no one mentions eight to ten inches. How will I be received when I’m identified as her lover? Do I have the courage to deal with backlash?

I was curious to walk up the stairs rather than take the elevator, but I feared I’d get sweated up or accused of being a stalker. I got into the elevator and pressed number 4. The elevator door took a while to close, then let out a grunt and started uphill. On the 2nd floor, an older woman got in carrying a potted iris. She smiled, and I smiled back.

“Have a nice day,” I said as I exited on the 4th, and she continued her ride.

There was no sign to indicate the direction of Talulah’s apartment, but I got lucky and spotted the door marked 402B. An antique metal buzzer on the door didn’t work, so I knocked twice. The door opened into a fog of heated air that smelled of perfume and shampoo. Talulah wore a red Terry cloth bathrobe, and her impressive cleavage divided the robe. She didn’t pull the bathrobe tighter as she leaned forward to give me a damp kiss.

“I’ll be ready right away, Franky.”

“No rush, we have a half hour to get to our reservation; if we miss that, it’s McDonald’s.

“McDonalds? Sure, that would work,” and then, with a sly smile, she turned and disappeared into the bedroom.

A few minutes later, she appeared fully dressed,

“You look marvelous,”

I imitated Billy Crystal imitating Fernando Lamas. Lamas was an aging Argentine-Hollywood actor years back, married to two famous starlets. It was a funny line, but I was never a Billy Crystal fan, although his career was going strong after ‘Harry Met Sally. I admit I thought he was ‘marvelous’ in that flick.

Talulah didn’t seem to catch the parody, and I let it slide. But after I helped her on with her tight leather jacket that left her curvaceous Latin ass beautifully exposed, she grabbed my jacket cuff as we walked to the elevator,

“Cristal, Lamas, ‘Harry met Sally,'” she said.

“So you caught it?”

“Of course. Did you think you were dating a dummy?”

If I did, I wouldn’t think so anymore.

The elevator descended, and we exited in the lobby.

“How long have you lived in the US?”

“Just about all my life. Why, can you hear a bit of Island in my voice?”

“Hardly, probably a family influence, and it’s very charming.”

“My dad was in the military. We traveled. He retired after 29 years, and we settled in Mount Vernon, New York, just outside the city. That was the home of Harry Belafonte, Ruby Dee, and others. That was when the black stars had not yet achieved superstardom; they all moved to the West Coast when they became famous.”

By now, we were out on the street.

“Hey Tal,” some dark, straggly haired, slender ragamuffin type, probably in his 40s, ran up to us. I would have decked him if he hadn’t said her name.

“Franky, this is Romeo Garcia the 3rd. He has outfitted an old bus, and he, his boyfriend, and their older lover are going on a tour of the USA with their two bulldogs.”

I nodded, “Good luck,” I said, “Sounds like a great adventure.”

“Romeo, I’ll catch up with you later, ” said Talulah, “We are on our way right now.”

“Sorry, sure, have fun.” And Romeo dropped back and stopped following us.

“Who was that?”

“Oh, one of the neighborhood crazies. I see Romeo and his group with the two black dogs seated in front of the luncheonette. I don’t know much about them, but from what I know, they are all gay; the older one is not often in their company, but he is the one funding them. They have two dogs, Boston Terrier mixes, and they are adorable and friendly.”

“Are they dangerous?”

“The dogs?”

“No, the group.”

“No, not at all, just hippy-style crazies. God knows how they will manage in that old covered school bus when it breaks down in the middle of nowhere.”

“Why are they on the road?”

“They got into a row with the apartment building, probably over unpaid rent. Now they have thirty days to pay up or get out, and they are getting out.”

“Changing the subject, we have only one more block, and then we get to the restaurant.”

“Where are we eating?”

“It’s a new place, recently written up in the morning paper, called Astoria; they have classic American dishes like roast beef and ham, southern desserts like Pecan Pie or sweet potato pie, vegan dishes, and a wide assortment of bread and rolls.”

“Okay, sounds good.”

“I should have asked if you were vegan.”

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