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Sweet Dreams Ch. 01

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Nina tossed aside the blanket and flopped onto the bed. The sheets were less than crisp. She flipped her pillow, hoping for a few seconds of cool cotton, but no. It wasn’t happening. The day had been the hottest of the year, with temperatures over 100 degrees for most of the day, and it hadn’t cooled off much. Even with air conditioning the house was stuffy.

Robbie, her boyfriend, was out of town. While she missed him, it was actually a bit of a relief in one respect. She didn’t have to share the bed. She could stretch out and create as much surface area for the fan to cool as possible. In one important way though, Robbie’s prolonged absence was uncomfortable, to say the least. She hadn’t had sex in weeks.

She let her hands wander for a bit, brushing fingertips over her nether lips and her body responded. She shuddered as an almost electric sensation tingled its way through her body. Then, she became aware of the sheet sticking to the small of her back, and the dewy sheen of sweat on her breasts and stomach and suddenly, it was too hot and she was too uncomfortable. The pleasure soured into frustration and she turned onto her stomach, burying her face in the pillow, and strangely wanting to cry.

Sleep didn’t come easily, but eventually it did. She drifted off into a surprisingly deep sleep for most of the night and became vaguely aware of waking up and thinking that it was close to sunrise. She then promptly fell into the most intense dream she could recall.


Nina wasn’t in her bed anymore. The familiar pale green bedding and whitewashed walls morphed into a shadowy sea of deep blues and grays. She lay on her side facing a wall; she was alone in the bed. She sat up, catching a glimpse of herself reflected in the glass of a framed photo on the wall. Her auburn hair fell in dark, messy waves almost to her waist, and her green eyes looked gray. The dragon tattoo wrapped its serpentine way from left hip across her back to under the right breast.

A woman almost exactly the same size as Nina came through a door. Ana. She was of medium height and build. She was a bit softer than Nina, and had rounded, smooth curves, where Nina’s were more muscular. Ana’s straight black hair was cut at an angle, falling to her collar bones in the front and partially exposing her neck in the back. A streak in the front was dyed a purplish shade. Her eyes were nearly black and tilted up a bit at the outer corners.

Ana moved like a cat, her body swaying smoothly and easily from side to side with each light step. She had the appearance of walking slowly, but that was just an illusion. antalya escort She crossed the room and stood at the side of the bed. A mischievous smile tugged at the corners of her lips, giving her the look of a pixy.

Nina reached out, long fingers slipping around Ana’s full hip and tugging her onto the bed. Ana edged on hands and knees the short distance to the far side of the bed. She bent down and brushed her lips against Nina’s cheek, then her lips. Ana’s top lip was slightly larger than her bottom one and they were well formed but not full. The contrasting feel against her own intrigued Nina, whose were full and pouty. They fit together like puzzle pieces. She relished the sensation and drew Ana’s top one lightly into her mouth, her tongue sliding along the edge. She felt Ana part her lips to accept Nina’s tongue. Nina obliged, and felt heat forming low in her body and beginning to radiate through the rest of her.

Ana leaned harder into the kiss and lifted a hand from the mattress, angling her body toward Nina’s, and brushed the lightest touch of fingertips from Nina’s neck to the soft spot low on her stomach. Nina felt her nipples harden and she arched her back, hoping to attract more attention to the area, but too caught up in the kiss to do much else. She slid an arm around Ana’s waist and pulled Ana on top of her. Ana adjusted accordingly, and began to straddle Nina’s hips, but put a knee between Nina’s thighs, just barely not touching her pussy.

Nina wrapped both arms around Ana and drew her closer. Their breasts touched, and Nina could feel Ana’s nipples graze against her own and then press into the softer flesh, as her own did the same. Both women gave a little gasp in response, and Ana pulled away from the kiss. Nina drug her nails lightly across Ana’s back and sides and massaged her breasts. Ana moaned, and when Nina rolled her nipples between thumb and forefinger, spasmed briefly but it was enough that Nina felt a brush of Ana’s pussy against her hip. Nina ground herself into Ana, until she could feel her wetness sliding on Ana’s thigh. Ana shifted her weight, moving her knee forward for continual contact. Nina raised her leg to rub against Ana, but the angle wasn’t great.

With one hand still playing with Ana’s nipple, Nina let the other wander. It was a bit of a reach, but she got it between Ana’s legs and brushed her fingers over Ana’s lips. She was surprised by how much of a turn on it was when a finger dipped in and discovered that Ana was dripping wet. Ana gasped and buried her face into Nina’s shoulder, biting down lightly. Nina took the opportunity to explore a little, excited by the feel of another woman’s pussy. She stroked the lips, until Ana was nearly panting, and then drove her middle finger hard and fast deep into Ana, and pumped a few times. Nina wasn’t in a hurry, and wanted to make Ana wait too, so she entirely avoided the most sensitive areas.

Ana began kissing her way down Nina’s jaw, to her neck, and lower, lingering on the dip above the collar bone. Her lips drew on Nina’s skin, just lightly enough to not leave a mark, but hard enough to radiate pleasure all the way to Nina’s toes. She sighed as the tip of Ana’s tongue trailed down the center of her chest and stomach. At the belly button, Ana began to nibble lower. Nina’s body ached with unreleased energy. Ana worked her way lower and just as her tongue reached the very top of Nina’s cleft, and began to slip into wetness, Nina’s world dissolved.


The soft, cool wash of blues and grays was gone and so was the soft, passionate woman who had been lying on top of her. Nina found herself once again in a dark, stuffy bedroom, sweating and tangled in the corner of the leaf-patterned blanket. Her pillows were strewn in the floor, and somehow, the mattress was slightly askew. She must have been thrashing far more than the activities of her dream had required.

Oh, the dream. Nina was suddenly pulled back into recollection and she was shocked. A sex dream! Unusual in itself. But, a sex dream involving a woman. She couldn’t even imagine. She had never had sex with a woman. She’d never even kissed a woman. In the past she’d appreciated the attractiveness of some women, and she certainly appreciated the feminine look and feel of her own body, but she’d never seriously considered a “lesbian” encounter. Robbie would be thrilled if she suddenly took up bisexual habits. He’d been trying to talk her into a threesome for what seemed like ages. Thus far, she’d passed it off without a second thought. However, at the moment, the girl in the dream, Ana, was the only thing on her mind. Well, that and the fact that she was dripping wet and couldn’t recall ever being hornier in her life. She was still short of breath.

Nina wanted to think about the meaning of the dream, but the more she thought about it, about Ana, about her softness and the beautiful blue-gray room, the more she couldn’t deny her body. She wasn’t shy about pleasing herself and if she tried to swallow this much desire, she’d be a miserable bitch for a week. She kicked the blanket off her legs and let the fan begin to cool her skin.

Under the mattress were a handgun and a vibrator. Her fingertips grazed the pistol, and groped around for a frustrating moment, then finally found the toy. It was pink leopard print. Not that it mattered, but Nina preferred her sex toy to not look anything like a real penis. The dildos that were flesh colored, or not, but that were shaped realistically and had veins and whatnot, were far too creepy for Nina to enjoy. She liked things to look like what they were. A vibrator wasn’t a penis and it didn’t need to look like a penis. It could be smooth, hard, leopard print plastic and do the trick just fine. Not to mention, the creepy looking ones didn’t feel any better, in her opinion.

She took the toy and turned it on. It buzzed at full power and she was pleased that she had splurged on lithium batteries. Suddenly, she couldn’t wait any more, and she wiped her hand over her lady parts, to remove some of the excessive slickness. She was the kind of girl that typically only played with the clit when she was going solo, and if it was too slick, it was hard to keep the toy in place. Using the fingers of her left hand she spread herself wide and closed her eyes and let the toy get to work. She placed the rounded tip near her clit, and adjusted it a few times, searching for the sweet spot. She found it quickly, probably because she could have come to orgasm by touching almost anything to almost any part of herself.

The pleasure was intense, and the familiar warm buzzing began to flow from her groin throughout the rest of her. She particularly enjoyed when the current ran up the back of her neck to her scalp. It drew a low moan from her throat and her mouth felt dry. She tried to slow things down a little, and switched to lightly stroking herself with just her fingertips. Her efforts weren’t terribly successful. Just as she was about to take a tiny break, the orgasm rolled over her, warm and sweet and complex. Her mind was flooded with images of honeysuckle, the vines intertwined and densely wrapped, the beautiful and delicate blooms, and their distinctive sweet summer perfume.

She wrapped herself up with the warmth and beauty of the imagery, and explored the new world that sensuality had placed in her head. It proved elusive and began to fade to the more realistic warm and foliage themed room around her. She could still smell just a hint of honeysuckle, and though there was some outside her house, the window was closed and she’d never noticed being able to smell it in the house.

As reality became more firmly grounded in and around Nina, she began to cool down. The fan was doing its job, and somehow, with the cool air, came cooler thoughts. Within moments, her newly relaxed body drifted to sleep saving her intrigue over her female phantom lover for another time.

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Cock Fighting

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“What do you think of Greco-Roman wrestling?” Neville asked as he rubbed oil into his skin.

“Pardon?” I replied with some confusion.

I had been admiring his naked body and how tanned it was as we lay in the sun in my backyard. Ever since meeting him we had been able to enjoy time together to tan and enjoy other things. He shaved now and I loved to see his cock erect and ready for my mouth to take it between my lips. Whenever I could I would oil his skin before we tanned and I made sure that I lathered oil on his skin around and on his cock. How I loved to feel his sack shrink about his balls and his cock rise as I excited him.

Still he enjoyed doing the same to my cock and he would be sure to kiss the tip before we settled under the sun. While we did this my wife and Neville’s girlfriend Alyce enjoyed time to be girls they said. They had told us that they would be back until later in the evening.

My wife had been introduced to Neville as my gym buddy and she had casually said that he seemed to be a good influence on me since I had certainly improved with my firness. Neville always brought his girlfriend with him a young woman from work who he said was undemanding, both women didn’t know about the affair we were having though every now and again my wife would say something that suggested that she knew something was going on between us.

Still if she did she also seemed to approve of him and seemed to like Alyce and never seemed to wonder what we did together when we were without them.

“Greco-Roman wrestling when a man tries to pin the other man to a mat. Looking at you with that tan and oiled up made me think of it,” Neville explained.

“Oh, why would you think of that?” I asked.

“Well I would love to wrestle you. Kinky isn’t it but I want to pin you down and then suck your cock until you tell me you surrender,” he laughed as he said this.

Thinking about it I realised that the thought of holding his body and making him submit to me was also arousing to me. In fact almost as arousing as the desire to jerk him off and lick up his cum as it squirted out of his cock. I felt my cock grow harder at the thought and I wanted to wrestle him and I knew that he wanted to do the same to me. We had time I knew since my wife and his girlfriend wasn’t due nilüfer escort back for hours.

“Okay but let’s make this interesting whoever wins does whatever the winner wants as a submission,” I said.

“Even if I want to fuck you in the ass?” he said.

That made me pause since I had never had an interest to have anal sex, just to enjoy mutual masturbation and oral. However the thought of this wrestling match was so arousing that I agreed to the situation and we stared to oil our bodies for the contest. It is fortunate that my backyard is very private and that we could use the soft grass as a wrestling mat.

“Okay the winner out of three bouts,” I agreed.

Now we began to oil our bodies with the sun-tanning oil again so that it would make it more difficult to get a grip on each other’s bodies. So instead of a light covering on our bodies we made a second skin that shone in the hot sun and also oiled our hair so that would glistening in our match. Setting the arena for our match we settled into the corners and looking at Neville made me wish that we had a camera since he looked magnificent.

His body seemed to shine a pale gold and his dark hair was a slick that as darker than I had ever seen it. His muscles were so well formed and seemed to stand out. I could understand how the Greeks could consider the gymnasium to be the place for the beautiful. Looking at his cock it seemed to be lit with flares of fire as the sun shone it Being framed by his bare flesh instead of the hair previously made him a living statue that could have been created by Phidias. It looked so magnificent that I wanted to kneel before him and take it deep into my mouth.

“You look so eatable and I want that cock but only after our match. Now the best out of three wins,” Neville said as he slipped into a half squat and made his way towards me.

I wondered if he had done this thing before since he seemed to know what to do. I wasn’t experienced at this but I was willing to try. I reached for him and found my hand slip off his oiled skin and then discover him behind me and his arms laced through mine and his hands behind my neck in a half nelson. I found myself being pressed to the grass as he slipped down along my body and pulled me so that my back and shoulders görükle escort rested on the grass until a slow count of three finished and he released me after winning the first of our contests.

“This is going to be easy,” he remarked with a big smile.

All I could think of was how his cock had slid up and down my leg leaving his precum there. His words however did make me consider how I could at least beat him and then when we were ready we started. Instead of waiting for him I pounced on him and using my heavier build pressed him into the grass. It was difficult grasping his body as the oil made me slip all over his body. At one stage he was face down beneath me and my cock was rubbing between his ass-cheeks. I felt my cock grow hard with the feeling of his ass pressed against my body until with desperate will I was able to wrap my legs about his waist and swing him over my body so that his neck and shoulders rested against the grass.

My count of three seemed to take forever but in the end I made it and I released Neville who rubbed his neck. He looked at me with a small smile and I could see that he would not be letting me use that trick again. So we now stood facing each other realising that this was our deciding match.

We circled each other ready for any opening until Neville leaped towards me. We tried to gain purchase using our hands to find a place to grip but our hands and arms slid off the heavily oiled skin. I felt his cock touch mine and I imagined both of them erect and crossed like swords trying to gain advantage in some tournament and as I imagined this he was able to throw me to the ground.

Taking advantage of my lack of concentration he pinned his body against mine and squatted over my chest as he tried to push my arms shoulders into the grass. As he did this I tried to throw him off and struggled with all my strength against his hold. He pushed forward and held his legs firmly pressed to my chest. I felt that unless I was able to find a solution to this hold in the end he would win. It was then that I noticed that his cock was almost next to my lips as he used his legs to push my body against grass.

The sight of his cock next to my mouth and my desperation made me try something completely unexpected as I licked bursa escort the head of his cock.

He shuddered and his gripped relaxed slightly. Lifting my head I slipped the oiled head into my mouth allowing my tongue to run along the soft skin and his cock rose to full erection. As he became even more excited I felt the pressure from his legs ease and I was able to ease my arms from the trap he had created. He moaned as he began to pump his now fully erect cock into his mouth and taking hold of his thighs I parted them so I could move my body further between his legs.

Then in a smooth single move I pulled his body against mine and rested his shoulders on the grass. Kneeling with his legs draped over my shoulders and his tight butt against my chest I took his cock into my mouth. Using my tongue it hardened and I sucking it into my hungry mouth. As always he tasted of that mixture of salt and meat and this time with the trace of sweat and sun-tanning oil.

“Three,” I gasped remembering our match before I took his cock into my mouth again as it pumped in and out.

I heard a chuckle and then felt his lips sucking my balls into his mouth while his fingers slid up and down the length of my cock. Then all I could concentrate on was sucking and licking at the cock in my mouth. All the time I stroked along the slippery oiled flesh that seemed so firm for me now. I felt his cock stab in and out of my mouth. I must say it was difficult to concentrate with what he was doing to my cock and every now and again he touched my ass-hole and it was exciting but I really didn’t want him putting his cock in there.

I sucked on his cock intently allowing my tongue to run around the rim of his glans and massaged his balls gently with my fingers feeling them tight in their sac. I felt the familiar bucking of his hard flesh as he shot cum into my mouth.

As he shot the liquid I gulped it down and to get even more of his bitter seed. Softening the cock slipped from my mouth and onto his shaved pubis. Then I felt his hand speed up as I released his body to slip to the grass. The touch of his hand forced my cock to grow ever more aroused until I came. I felt my cock drained of my my cum and I felt him release it and I moved from my position so that I could admire the pearls of cum over his chest.

Dipping my fingers into my cum I allowed him to lick each drop from them. As he did this I heard a slight gasp and turning my head saw my wife her hand under her skirt playing with her cunt looking at us lust in her eyes. Seeing me look at her one eyelid dipped and she winked at me.

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