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First Swinging Experience

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I am a married housewife in my mid thirties, with one son and one daughter. My husband is a businessman in his late fiftees. My husband very rarely takes me to parties, unless he cannot avoid leaving me alone at home.

On one such occasion he told me to get ready for the party by 7 in the evening and he will come early for the party. When I asked him what is the party and where. He disconnects the line by saying that he will discuss after reaching home.

First of all I was very happy that he is taking me to the party and secondly there was no need to prepare dinner for the night. I got busy with the regular household activity by setting the home back to normal after my daughter left for school and my hubby to his business. Prepared lunch before the delivery boy could come and kept the lunch packs ready for my hubby and my daughter, which the boy came in time and left with the lunch packs for delivery. I had my lunch leisurely while enjoying my favorite shrimp fry with chips and home made bread. Cleaned the dishes and put away after my lunch. As usual went to my daughter school and picked her home, after her school. Then relaxed for sometime until my daughter refreshed when I served her evening snacks with a glass of orange juice freshly squeezed. Then I started to sort out my party dress and chose my favorite color of bright cream, one piece, full length long gown with frills and red rose print. I selected dark blue suit with sky blue shirt for my hubby and made ready for wearing after pressing the party wear. For my daughter I selected pink top and tights.

Then I started grooming my nails, followed by lazy tub bath with a glass of champagne to lift my spirits.

I helped my daughter complete her homework and told her about the party in the evening with her dad. She felt happy when she knew we are going for the party and she herself got ready for the party. When her dad came home, he disclosed that the party is with his business partner who is entertaining a small gathering on their marriage anniversary at a beach resort and children not part of the party, but my daughter got upset. I volunteered to stay at home with daughter but my hubby insisted on my presence and convinced my daughter with new video games that he brought home for her. He got himself ready in half an hour after a quick shower and a couple of his routine drink.

By the time we arrived at the party, already there were a few guests gathered around and exchanging greetings and a formal chat. From the hosts I recognized my hubby business partner in his fiftees and his wife in her forties. Upon arrival we greeted my hubby partner and his wife on their anniversary and handed them the gifts my hubby bought while returning from his business. We were received warmly and offered drinks and I picked a glass of champagne and we were introduced to other guests, while more guests kept arriving in couples, while a light background music of Latin guitar amusing the guests to the party environment. Men gathered in groups and kept chatting about politics and current affairs, while we women gathered with our usual gossip in general about fashion, celebrities and our hubbies, without which we never conclude our gathering.

At around 08.30pm the couple cut the anniversary cake and we all wished them long and prosperous life, after which we all were served with the cake, drinks and the party Sex Hikayeleri started when a few couples went on dance floor and kept dancing to the orchestra and the live singing by a Latin Lady in her sweet voice, which I could understand while many of our guests just enjoyed the sweetness of her tone and the music while encouraging the couples on the dance floor. After a while a man in his forties with his wife in her 30s, whom I saw for the first time came to the table where me, my hubby, his partner and his wife were sitting and after introductions he held on to my hand and invited me to the dance floor for a dance with him. When I looked at my hubby and I could see his disapproval and I tried to excuse myself when my hubby partner nodded his encouragement.

As we went on to the dance floor we started moving slowly to the rhythm of the music. Soon after my hubby partner joined the dance floor with his wife and my hubby with the man’s wife, with whom I am dancing. After sometime I could not see my hubby on the dance floor nor the man’s wife with him. When the music stopped for a few minutes we all returned to the tables but my hubby no where to be seen. When the music started again, we joined the dance floor and the man with me took liberty of moving his hand lower and lower from my waist to the hips and started pulling closer and closer, when I saw my hubby and his wife return to the table and share drinks, while watching us dance, with evil in my hubby’s eyes.

All through the dance, his hand never left my hips while his pelvis kept pushing into my thighs now and then when at last we parted and returned to our tables. My hubby was drinking heavily with hardly any glance at me. when the next number started my hubby partner wife took my hubby to the dance floor and they kept dancing while my hubby partner took my hand and joined the dance floor with me. The atmosphere was electrifying with the flashing lights and music while already having the effect of our drinks on my mind and soul. My hubby business partner took me into a corner of the dance floor a little away from my husband and his wife, and took my lipz into his and started kissing passionately while I tried to free my mouth from his with his both hands on my hips and pushing me into him. My husband was watching us and I could feel his jealous look at me, with clear anger on his face and I somehow freed from my hubby partner’s embrace and tried to keep the distance between us during the rest of the song.

Then dinner started and every one started taking from the buffet and moved to their tables and some eating while standing in twos and fours. My hubby and his partner ate together at a corner while me and his wife along with the man and his wife with whom I danced earlier. While eating he introduced himself as the executive in a bank and recently got transferred from US to UK and trying to settle down. I shared my background with them of my parentage from Latin Dad and Goan (Indian Mom), and married to my husband from Norway with sound business standing. I got up for my second serving of main course with fish fillet and French fries and some salads with a drink of red wine. When I was about to return to my table Bank Executive joined me at the buffet and close to my ears complimented on my beauty in an explicit and graphic manner and how he is feeling about me. It amused me Erotik Hikayeler and touched my heart while looking back at him with a look of smile and surprise on the selection of his phrases, which I cannot put on paper.

All through the party I could feel eyes on me which my hubby was not liking a least bit and even offered to leave a couple of times but ruled out by his business partner firmly with support from the other men and their wives at our table.

Out of pure anger and the sheer jealousy my hubby kept taking more and more stronger drinks on empty stomach with hardly any food except a few starters from chicken and meat dishes. It was almost 11 by the time most of the guests left with hardly a handful of 4 couples and two single men left.

The atmosphere became strictly private and cozy with no more guests around except the close circle of my hubby business partner. She was sitting in my hubby’s lap with her mouth locked with my hubby’s mouth, while am sitting in my hubby’s partner’s lap as he offered me wine from my glass with one hand on my boobs fondling gently and his lipz kissing my neck, ears and cheeks. I was not protesting any more but enjoying the feelings but could not look into my hubby’s eyes which were staring at me though his partner’s wife kept distracting him from me.

Then she unzipped my hubby’s zipper, pulled out his dick started to suck on it which was half limp and semi erect, while his partner exposed my boobs from the top of my gown and kept sucking my boobs while offering me the wine to my lipz. When my hubby emptied his cock in her mouth, he went blank with last drink of the night and he was carried upstairs to the guest room while we all remained in the party lounge. The first one to take me was my hubby’s partner who lasted for more than half an hour with me, without removing my gown but by sliding up and exposing me from my hips, while changing positions to keep prolonging his climax. Men kept stuffing their cocks now and then while changing position with each other’s wives. A couple of them could not last more than ten minutes while the other two very good by any average in love making with long stamina and staying power.

When my hubby partner came in my pussy, his wife was riding the Bank Executive while watching him cum in me with lots of his load spilling out of my hairy twat, while another unknown man spilled his seed in my mouth which I swallowed as he had a nice and thick cock that I loved so much to keep sucking and tasting the cum from his vibrant penis. The minute the Bank Executive saw me free from my hubby’s partner, he caught hold of my hand and pulled me to him with his mouth Frenching my mouth non stop while the partner wife joined us in the kiss. Then I went on to my knees and took out the cock which was very long and good in girth with bloody veins decorating the cock to my liking which I kept sucking and then stuffing back into her pussy as she kept riding again with her mouth in his while I kept kissing and licking their inner thighs, his balls and her clitoris when she came with loud moaning extended orgasm that her hubby watched with a smirk on his face with his cock limp and back into his foreskin sack.

As soon as she finished she joined her hubby on the sofa and kept kissing him on his mouth while the Bank Executive took me in his lap and inserted his long Tecavüz Hikayeleri penis deep into my hairy vagina as I moaned in delight and took his mouth in mine while his hand kept groping and fondling my tits and my buttocks when a man in my back started to make his efforts in entering my sphincter. At last he succeeded with the fifth attempt and gained more and more access into my burning asshole while I enjoyed the painful and pleasurable mixed feelings with both cocks doing me same time. Then I had my explosion at the same time with the Bank Executive who kept shooing in my pussy with his repeated spurts of cum that kept dripping down my pussy lipz to my ass cheeks and thighs, as the melting of my pussy kept releasing my orgasmic flow without control for more than a minute while the other man too removed his cock and offered in my mouth that I kept sucking deeper and deeper as he rocked with each stroke of his spurting streams of his cream which I enjoyed swallowing.

Then two men from the party carried me outside the lounge to the beach with a natural pool from the beach waters, where they took turns with me by filling my mouth and my vagina during the foreplay. Then they filled my pussy and asshole with their cocks while sandwiching me in the waters between them as they stuffed harder and harder in my pussy with the wet sloshing of the waters around us and in my pussy while we three lip locked and kept kissing and now and then, kept sucking and fondling my boobs like hungry men.

More couples spilled out into the open and joined the pool with playful chasing and choosing their partners with deep engagement of romantic love making, while my partners kept changing positions and my vagina and my asshole to their liking, when the man in my asshole emptied his cum in my ass while the man in my pussy in my mouth when I too came for the second time in the night with long feelings of those spurting orgasms in a multiple release while feeling the heavenly bliss that made my mind go blank with heavenly feelings of deep and pure lust that I very rarely felt. Then I was carried into the guest room where I dried my hair when the Bank Executive and my hubby partner took turns with me while ending up with double penetrating my pussy and sphincter with delight that last nearly an hour between them when at last they spilled in my mouth together which I swallowed followed by a glass of champagne.

Then I lost count with whom and how many times till morning past 5 am when we were dropped off in the Bank Executive’s car at our home with my hubby fully drunk and out. The Bank Executive wife parked our car in our parking and joined her hubby and they left.

All those dicks that I have tasted and experienced during that swinging night, were much better and bigger than my hubby’s dick of 3 inches with premature ejaculations which never satisfy me to an orgasms until I go solo with my fingers and palms.

This was my real experience with no exaggeration or fiction but my first swapping and swinging experience when my hubby watched me fucking other men. Since then he hates me and whatever I do he does not change his attitude and his aggressive controls on me.

When he vanished with another woman, with no guilt, my indulgence with other men eating his head with increased drinking and spending his time with his friends at their private club, while leaving me alone with my daughter at home to look after the home.

Hope my readers enjoyed my experience. I will share more of my life experiences without fiction or fantasies for my readers just to relive my life’s greatest moments and relish the passion that I love so much.

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