How I Became a Daddy Ch. 04



Feedback welcome. I want to continue the storyline, but simply don’t know where to take it. Looking for character evolution ideas.


Fucking Ali became a obsession, she literally molded herself to be a fuck toy. Everything about her screamed BIMBO, from her smell, extreme outfits, and crazy curves. She didn’t act like my new girlfriend, she made it known that she was my personal toy, her daddy.

Our relationship revolved around sex.

Here I was a few days from our excitement at the coffee shop using Ali how she wanted to be used.

Our routine quickly evolved into staying the night at Ali and Maddie’s dorm room, then waking up early for a quick fuck before classes.

I loved the sex with Ali but we weren’t really boyfriend-girlfriend, fuck buddies would be too liberal of a term for our relationship, I was definitely her “daddy” but I didn’t really know anything about her besides her Bimbo act.

On the other hand my relationship with Maddie was awesome, we talked about cool new music, argued about politics, and an amazing back and forth of ongoing inside jokes.

But here I was using Ali early morning, slapping her huge ass with Maddie watching me from across the room.

Ali’s ass was sticking straight up in the air at me, her huge ass curving so wide it made her waist disappear from my vantage point.

I started to pump into her at a steady pace, quickly speeding up when Ali started moaning. Grabbing her soft ass cheeks I started to pinch and play with her ass, spreading her cheeks apart pushing her ass up and down on my dick. Gripping from both sides.

Ali’s moaning was echoing off the dorms concrete walls. “Ohhhh…emmmmm…yes baby, use me, just a trophy for daddy!”

Maddie’s piercing blue eyes were watching me licking her lips, wicked smile across her face.

I absolutely hated when Ali would talk during sex, I was cool with moaning, but talking all types of crazy absolutely not.

To shut her up I pushed her head into the bed by placing my hand on the small of her back. This motion quickly brought her ass further up into Gaziantep Anal Escort the air.

Speeding up my motion in and out, Ali’s moans were quickly muffled by the bed sheets. I was lost in the motion of her amazing rear. Rapidly ascending and descending my dick.

Doggie Style was quickly becoming my favorite position to use Ali. The way I saw it, doggie didn’t allow me to see her face and recognize her as a human, from my vantage point looking down at her phat ass she was only a piece of meat for me to get off with.

Here I was pounding away at Ali, organisms rolling through her as I grabbed onto her ass cheeks so hard I left red marks.

Her pussy was slowing learning what I needed and she felt amazing, pushing back at me rolling her hips to give me just a little a more visual stimulation.

Suddenly I stopped thrusting, grabbed onto her waist, brought myself all the way into Ali and started unloading into her. I could feel the first large spurt eject out into her womb, unloading into her brought up my primal needs and made me feel invisible. I continued to ejaculate into Ali, loving the extreme warmth of her pussy.

After my climax ended I quickly removed my dick from Ali, she lets out a little sound, almost inaudible as her head is muffled by the sheets. I was getting use to our morning fucks where I simple enjoyed sex, not thinking about my partner or her sexual needs. For Ali’s part of the bargain she never mentioned anything about her wants or demands, she just had a smile on her face.

Quickly slapping her ass forcing her body to the mattress, I grabbed some boxer’s realizing I was probably going to be late to my first class. Frantically dressing and tying my shoes, I caught a glance of a well fucked Ali giving me her signature wicked smile. Looking at Maddie still staring at me from across the room, I said my goodbyes.

“See you Maddie, probably this afternoon or something.”

“Ok. Jonny, Like whatever you need, just text me. Have a good class!” Maddie replied.

Leaving the dorm, I didn’t care to really say goodbye to Ali. She was going to blow up my phone with sexts as soon as she came out of her post fuck comma, so I didn’t bother.

Walking to class I thought about how quickly everything was progressing, my relationship with Ali, Maddie, and how they treated me like a sex god.

I knew I couldn’t stop fucking Ali, but I definitely blamed her for making me use and abuse her, I still hadn’t come to terms with the extent of our relationship.


Ali and Maddie at this point never attended their classes. I on the other hand didn’t fully think everything was going to work out with Ali.

To top it off I really enjoyed school, it was easy and I especially enjoyed my major.

Usually around 10 or 11 am texts from Maddie and Ali started to flood in. Settling into my short break between classes I looked at my phone.

From Maddie, “Hey babe, see you after your last class of the day!”

From Ali I received crazy pictures probably taken by Maddie. Usually of Ali wearing lingerie and a bunch of pictures of her pouting her lips and pushing her tits together. After a week of seeing these pictures I still looked on as if I was admiring just another Instagram model. Instead I was fucking the slut so expertly reminding me that I was “her daddy.”

As hard as it was I had to avoid looking at my phone for extended periods of time.

After leaving my last class of the day, Maddie and Ali were waiting for me.

“Like Jonny! Over here hun!” Maddie said through the crowd of people.

Looking their way in the quad they were getting their share of attention.

Looking as slutty as usual the outfits they choose were always showing more skin than covering. I especially enjoyed their bare midriffs showing off their tight thin waists.

Ali was slowly changing Maddie’s sense of style and today this was in full view. Both were wearing matching red tops highlighting alot of cleavage. The type of top that required a female to always adjust the straps and pull up the middle to insure she wasn’t revealing too much.

Maddie’s cute C-cups looked amazing on display. Ali’s huge F-cups, probably G or H, who really knew were popping in for full effect. Maddie on her own looked amazing, the definition of slim fit, Ali on the other hand took it to a whole other level, male fantasy and the excess of an Instagram model defined Ali’s Bimbo look.

Walking up closer to them I noticed something was different about their appearance. I was trying to place it. As I approached I instantly knew the change.

“Like omg I haven’t seen you in foreverrr!” Ali screamed as she ran up to me and planted a hug and kiss on my cheek. She then proceeded to make sure she pushed her breasts into my torso.

“Good to see you too Ali”

Maddie interjected “Do you notice anything about us?!”

“We like did it for you babe!” Ali excitingly responded.

“Yeah, your lips are fuckin huge, what happen!?”

As I was saying it I was looking at Maddie, turning to look at Ali her already large lips had grown considerably. Their lips a matching pair.

“We like got twin lippss, aren’t they hot?” Ali said as she pouted her lips for emphasis.

“Yeah, we did a bunch of research and asked the doc for blow job lips.” Maddie quickly added.

Looking at their matching lips i was awestruck. Their size and expense were truly ridiculous, they were so thick and puffed off their faces so dramatically, shouting fake.

Ali grabbed my hand. “This is so we can be better fuck toys for you!”

“What do you mean we?”

“Well Maddie was thinking she could join us!”

Turning to Maddie, there was a look of concern and fear on her face.

I was tongue tied for a minute but managed to reply.

“Join us?”

“Like yeah! Another fuck toy for you!”

Ali replied as she rubbed by chest.

A little shocked by the situation I quickly replied to Ali’s comment.

“Um… I think we need to talk more about that.”

Maddie’s facial expression changed from fear to a look of rejection.

Ali tried comforting Maddie.

“Don’t worry hun, he will come around in no time! He’ll need you pretty soon.”

They both giggled and laughed at the comment.

I just gave Ali a weird look, trying to make sense of the situation. .

Shaking my head. “Let’s grab some food.”

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