How I Helped My Hubby to be Happier



I remember the first time my hubby asked me to “force” him to eat his own cum. It was an out of left field kind of thing one evening. I was watching some tv and he came out to the living room and asked me to come to bed. I figured he was just feeling frisky. Turns out he was watching porno hub on his tablet (which wasn’t too out of the ordinary and I didn’t mind him getting worked up for me).

I started to undress when he ask me to do something for him. When I asked what, he showed me a couple of videos of women riding a man then hopping on their face once they came. I was shocked and thought it was a joke but he said he was serious and could I please do that for him. He went on to say that he’d lose interest after he came so he needed to be “forced” and that using our handcuffs might be a good idea.

So grabbed the cuffs out of the nightstand and cuffed his wrists to the bedposts on either side. I doubled check that they weren’t too tight and if he really wanted this. He said yes on both accounts, so I slipped off his boxers and straddled him. He came faster then I thought was possible, moved up and starting grinding my used pussy on his face. Needless to say I didn’t see the enjoyment for myself from doing this as he reluctantly licked me clean.

Time went on and occasionally he would ask me to feed him his cum but every time he seemed like he didn’t enjoy it. I figured maybe this was something I could say during sex to push him over the top when he was close and it wasn’t something he really wanted. The strange thing to me was if I gave him head and kissed with a mouth full of cum, he was fairly responsive and passionate kissing me back.

When I asked him about why the difference, he basically said when I kissed him there was no choice but to swallow it but when I fed him his creampie he knew he could back out. He also said the next day after I’d feed him he’d get so turned on thinking about it that it was hard to focus at work and that he wished he could taste himself every time we were together. After that I did some googling and read a few forums with people Gaziantep Oral Escort discussing cum eating, which in turn led to stories on Literotica. What i slowly realized is that in the beginning my hubby wanted me to leave him no option other than eating his cum for me.

I talked to him about it one evening to find out why he kept asking me to do something he didn’t seem to enjoy. His response was that it was difficult getting past the shame he felt for wanting that. That floored me, we had always open and supportive of each other. Getting deeper into the discussion I found out that he had tried a lot of times to work up the nerve after cumming to go down on me but couldn’t bring himself to do it from a combination of lack interest after finishing and what I’d think about him. As the conversation developed he explained the only reason he asked was “he’d get to point that he needed it”. I felt I might have been a bit selfish because I knew whenever he asked he had no stamina and I felt cheated because I didn’t get any pleasure all the while he wasn’t getting what he felt he needed from our sex life.

That’s when things changed for me. I started researching how to get him past his shame and make it a normal thing for us to do. I came across a story about training a man to eat his own cum over the course of week. With the final day him licking his own hand clean after masturbating. So with that framework and watching some of those CEI videos I went about training him.

On the first day I gave him head and kissed him, I started there since that was something he already seemed to enjoy. The second day I had him cum on breasts then rolled him and pinned him down. So I could keep him place while he sucked and licked them clean. The third day prior to having sex I put a collar and leash on him. After he finished I ran the leash under my thigh so I could pull his face right into my pussy and told him to lick me clean, then make me cum. The fourth day I sat next to him on the couch and gave him a hand job. Once he finished I put my hand up to his mouth and made him suck my fingers clean. Plus he had to orally please me each day, hey i can enjoy training too. Then like in the story I teased him for 2 days with no release.

We even went shopping for a nice martini glass while I teased him. On the seventh day I used our over the door restraints to lock him in place with his hands over his head. I alternated between sucking and stroking teasing him to the brink of orgasm. I did this for about a hour, I wanted to make sure this was an intense orgasm. I went and got the glass off the dresser and held the glass to catch the cum as I stroke him with purpose. He about collapsed when he came with the restraint straining to keep him up. I sat the glass down on the nightstand and undid the restraints. As he sat down on the bed I hand him the cum filled glass and said I wanted to see him drink it. I explained that all this was to help him get over his feeling of shame. I figured if he could drink his cum in front of me then he’d realize there wasn’t anything to feel ashamed of. I watched him work up the nerve and he quickly downed it it like a shot high proof liquor. I sat next him and held him for a bit til things got heated back again.

I’d like to say that week got him used to eating cum but it didn’t completely, he definitely was less reluctant and over time after that he finally was able to lick me clean without being “forced” (I will say he seems to enjoy it a bit more if I tell him to eat it in a firm tone though). We’ve incorporated his cum eating into usual routine and he’s become an even more attentive lover. I always tell him or ask him to lick me clean, though more as a way to reinforce I’m ok with it and to give him encouragement if he’s having trouble getting motivated to do it himself. Sometimes he gently licks me clean after sex, sometimes I ride his face, there’s times now I give him head randomly just because I want to see him lick his cum off my tits or just kiss him. He knows now that he’s gonna be tasting cum anytime we have fun, I truly believe that’s what eased his shame fully. And the best part is after he has tasted himself he becomes so eager to pleasure me any way I desire so it’s a win win.

I like teasing him by whispering in his ear about how he swallows more cum then me now. Or call him my little cumeater/cumslut in private. I find myself wearing skirts and dresses more now too. Mainly because it’s easier to play my favorite game. When we’re are out shopping or driving around, if find a secluded restroom (that’s clean of course) I’ll pull him inside. Once I sit on the sink I’ll pull up my dress and tell him to cum(i make him ruin it since real orgasm for him are for at home)on my pussy then eat me til I cum. It also works in the car or truck if you have a secluded place you can park. We still use the martini glass on occasion though I usually pour his cum somewhere on my body for him to lick up. He seems to enjoy that more then taking cum shots. He asks me about my fantasies on a regular basis now. Always saying he loves me and wants to help me fulfill any desire or kink I would like to try. And I might take him up on that in the not too distant future.

You may be wondering why bother indulging him since a good hubby will give wife oral anyways. My hubby was having issues lasting that started awhile before he first asking me to feed him. Looking back I think part of that was the anxiety of his fantasy. He’s back to normal in the stamina department now. Plus the trust between us has never been stronger and we’ve become more open with each other about feelings or concerns in other areas. My hubby seems more motivated and confident in general now. Funny how getting past one little hangup and indulging a harmless kink help him so much in other areas of life. So if your partner expresses a harmless kink indulge him if it doesn’t cross a hard limit for you. If you think he might be hiding one, find it. Maybe he likes wearing panties, maybe he’d like to be pegged. Tell him if wants to taste your moist juicy peach, he has to put on your panties first. Or give him head a slide a finger in his backside, if he doesn’t resist and enjoys it, try a small vibe or dildo. Maybe you’ll discover a kink you have yourself trying to find his. And discovery between a loving couple is a fun journey in itself.

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