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A Night On Her Knees

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The feeling of her hair alone was enough to arouse me. Her hair was so soft and thick in my grasp, I couldn’t help but grab a handful of it every time I circled her; she was down on her knees, yet in an attentive position. Her feet rested together, soles facing upwards, her calves also together, and her knees were bent at a 90 degree angle. Her cuffed hands lay at rest at her butt cheeks which were just barely covered with a thin partially transparent pink miniskirt. Her back was straight in good posture, and in front even her breasts were pushed up at attention by her magenta lace cups. Her lips laid partially open in a sense of readiness, for her site was restricted by a black cloth tied around her eyes and the back of her head. I walked slowly around her as her body was stiff in alertness. Every time I grabbed her thick locks and gave a slight tug of dominance, I notified her of my position. This time I pulled tight enough she had to face upwards where the wall and ceiling meet, and I held her there.

“My sweet little girl,” I slowly walked to the front of her, her hair still tangled between my fingers. “You’ve been a naughty girl, haven’t you?”

She tried to nod, but I pulled her hair tighter so her face couldn’t turn away from mine. “I want words little one.”

Her lips trembled slightly, as she’s almost never naughty. “Yes, Sir, I have.”

I let my forefinger pet up her extended throat, under her chin, and brushing up just underneath her lower lip, and then I let my finger trace back down past her throat, past her collar bone, and down right to her cleavage where even she couldn’t even tell if I was really touching her breast or not. I continued this slowly up and down as her breathing picked up. “You’ve disobeyed me in 2 ways today.” I watched her grow goosebumps around her body from both my words and from the seductive petting of her chest and throat. “First, you could not complete your given task.”

“But I couldn’t…” she began to protest just barely after I finished, but before she could finish, I rushed my finger to her lips and pressed gently. “Sshh.” I pull down on her lower lip gently in a teasing manner. “Do not interrupt me, slave, and do not argue. You’ll be punished the same either way.” Her face flushed pink and she remained silent. I let go of her hair gently, and obediently, she kept her head up towards me.

“Not only did you not complete your task, but you were late arriving here without calling to let me know ahead of time.” After these words, though, her head lowered in shame, and I force her face upwards with my finger under her chin. “Am I right?”

In almost a whisper: “Yes, Sir.”

I let go of her completely now, taking a step backwards, letting her wait. Still she knelt attentive, waiting and listening. At this point, my cock was throbbing in my jeans. She was so hot, gorgeous, and still innocent even as a bad girl. Her being so naughty only gave me more reason to do great bad things to her. I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my stiff cock. Rubbing slowly in my hands, I crept back towards her as quietly as possible. I held my penis straight out in front of me and gently aimed the tip at her lips.

Precum oozed in anticipation to those soft lips, and I gently nudged the head right between them. In reaction her face leaned slightly forward when my cock moved away and her tongue cleaned off the new driblets on her lips. I smiled to myself knowing she wanted me, almost as much as I wanted her. But no matter how much I wanted her, she could not have what she wanted. I decided to tease her once more, pushing the head to her lips again. As soon as her mouth opened more and her tongue tried to get a lick, I drew away and even without seeing her eyes, disappointment shadowed her face.

“Do you want Master’s cock?” I teased.

“Uh huh,” she managed to breathe out.

“Well bad girls don’t get what they want. They have to earn it, and that doesn’t include your punishment.” In my view, punishment was something she usually had no choice in taking, but earning what she wanted and being back on Master’s good side was a matter of choice. If she chose wrong, or failed, she receives more punishment, and the same or harder task and it becomes a cycle, for I refuse to have a naughty slave all the time, and to be on my good side takes dedication. I knew my girl had it in her, and it was time for her to receive what a naughty girl deserves.

The teasing was over and it was time to do what I had to do. I went into a closet, one where many of the toys were kept hidden, and I pulled down from a rack of different whipping and spanking tools and 2-sided flogger. On one side was a long feather, and the other were 7 1-inch niğde escort wide leather straps. I closed the closet door and came back to my gorgeous slave who hadn’t moved since I left. Her mouth gaped slightly, as if listening intently, trying to figure out where I was now.

I gripped the bar, right before the leather straps began and let the feather point down at the floor. I stepped up close to her and let my foot disappear under the pink meshy fabric and nudge against her wet pussy lips, in which her thighs loosened slightly to allow my foot between them. “Spread.” Submissively, she spread her knees wider so her calves and thighs were apart. “And do not move.”

I brought the feather gently up her inner thigh, watching the goosebumps rise again. I brought the feather up her thigh to her pussy lips which were well lubricated by her own body. I brought it up to her clit which seemed unconsciously to push out towards the object. I smiled as I watched her body’s reactions, most of which she could not even realize or control. Since the feather was underneath her skirt, the pole had lifted up a small area of it, and I kept the feather against her as I circled behind her. The pole revealed her hidden skin as I went around, and the feather still lightly brushing back down her other inner thigh and around the front and sides of them to her lower butt cheeks as I circled. Her cheeks tightened a little from the light tickling of the feather hairs on her cheeks and then I let the feather go upwards in her crack. While I did this I gathered a better grip on the bar so that when I needed to I could flip it quick to the flogger side. I pulled the bar out from under her skirt and let the feather then go up her spine from the waistband of the skirt up to her shoulders. Her back arched, and her head leaned back as the feather got near her neck.

“Bend over” I ordered firmly. She let her thighs fall to her calves, and bent her body over so that her face was facing the floor, her cuffed hands resting on her lower back. As she bent, her skirt slid up slightly to reveal more of her gorgeous round cheeks. I flipped the bar quickly and gave a hard whip of the leather pieces to her cheeks. She let out a squeal, not prepared for that at all. I gave her 5 more lashes. “You moved…twice. That’s 3 for each time you moved.” She knew by this explanation that that was not indeed the punishment from before at all, that that was just the quickie because of her minor disobedience.

I walked away for a moment to go get another toy. I quickly rushed to the bedroom and grabbed the remote control raising bar and a vibrating dildo from the drawer. Again when I came back, my slave was still in her bent position, again listening and waiting for my return. The floorboards creaked under my feet as I moved, and her relaxed waiting body stiffened. I smiled to myself as I could tell she was preparing herself for anything that might happen.

I did notice on my return though, that her legs had crept back much closer together than I had left and her feet pointing inwards. I cracked the flogger up the middle, a couple of the leather straps curling up and smacking her pussy. Her body stiffened and she bit her lip quick to hold back any noises. I hadn’t forbid her of noises, but she’s one to stick it out, and won’t let me be satisfied with the pleasure I get out of anything bad done to her. I never punish her for this, for this just brings on a fun challenge for the both of us. “Legs.” I say quickly, introducing the purpose of that sharp smack. She quickly spread her legs back to how they had been previously, but this still wasn’t good enough for me. I tapped her pussy with the bar threateningly, “wider, slut.” Submissively, her thighs and the rest of her legs opened, now beckoning me to move between her.

I got to my knees and placed the dildo on the end of the adjustable raising bar, and slid it underneath her body. The bar was only about 4 inches above the ground, and with the push of a button, the dildo on the end of it rose as the bar moved upwards. I could tell she heard the light buzzing of the pole rising as her hips rose a tad as well, as if trying to avoid what might be coming. Smiling to myself, I watched as I knew she couldn’t escape if she wanted. I lowered my face so I could see when the tip of the dildo would press against her clit, and when it finally did, I turned the knob at the bottom so that it would start vibrating. It was a simple one-speed, and as soon as the vibrations were triggered, my little slut’s hips fell into it, pressing for pleasure.

“You may grind for pleasure all you want, my little slut, but you’re not allowed to cum.” Her mouth fell open ordu escort in disbelief, but she knew she had it coming. I stood back up, and pulled her skirt up completely now, letting the fabric flap over her back so that her full ass was exposed to me. I couldn’t help wanting to grab her and just the fuck the shit out of her right then and there, so open and vulnerable to me, but I knew I had to hold back and follow through with her punishment first. I reared my hand back and gave her ass a very hard slap, causing her body to sway forward a tad. A grin formed over my lips when I saw the pink hand print I had left, and decided that a simple pink mark was too awkward. It would look better if the rest of her ass was red too.

I gathered the flogger in my hand and began to whip at her ass over and over…not too hard at first. Just enough to get her used to the consistent light sting on her flesh. “Just this once, slave, I’m going to give you a choice during this punishment,” I told her as I gradually smacked her ass a little harder, but it wasn’t yet noticeable to her. “I can either continue what I am doing here, whipping you not as hard as I should be, but for a longer period of time and with one added part to this punishment…” I paused for effect as she listened carefully, and when I did not continue she nodded in acknowledgement to what she’d heard thus far.

I could also tell that she was trying to lift her hips higher off of the vibrator, but it wasn’t working as…she didn’t know it, but when she raised her hips before, it trapped her in an invisible corner to which she couldn’t escape the pleasure if she wanted to. The pole was raised to that point as high as she had lifted, and here she was, juices dripping down her inner thigh and down the sides of the vibrator as she grew wetter.

“…Or, I can use something else, and beat you harder like the naughty slut you are and as you deserve…but for not as long.” I knew she didn’t like these options, but she wasn’t supposed to. I could tell her mind was racing, trying to sort out all the pros and cons as fast as she could. She did not like the hard punishment, though she knew it’s what she deserved, but at the same time, it wouldn’t be as long as the mediocre spankings she was getting with the whip. Those mediocre spankings could last as long as I wanted, not to mention there would be another object involved. Either way there was a sacrifice and I could tell by her stillness, even with the vibrator still penetrating her clit, that she was calculating which would be worse. I was growing impatient though, and refused to wait any longer.

I came around front and gave her dangling nipples a tight pinch that she was not expecting. Her hips reflexively thrust down in pleasure as she squealed. “Choose or you get both slut.” I pulled on the back of the cloth that covered her eyes as it fell to the floor. I gathered it, crumpled it in a ball and threw it aside, and she looked up at me, her eyes squinting, adjusting to the light. She saw the impatient look on my face as I tapped my foot before her.

Her eyes clenched shut, as if the decision she was about to make was ludicrous and she replied, “The harder one, Master.” I smiled down at her, for she was up for the challenge, and I loved that about her. “As you wish, slut.” I taunted. She disliked being called such a dirty name, but I found it appropriate when she was in trouble, or was in a dirty situation, and it was a good humiliation for her so that she remembered what she was to me, and who she belonged to.

I stood up and she looked up, staying in her bent position still with her hands behind her back yet. I returned the flogger and replaced it with a different one, single sided this time, and with only 3 wider straps. I heard her let out a slight groan, probably in regretting her decision. I, however, was very impressed with her decision and decided to cut her a bit of slack. “Is your back getting sore my dear?”

She nodded her head quickly. By the instant reaction, I knew that it was probably extremely uncomfortable, considering how long she was in that position. In fact I was very proud of her for not asking to move at all or complaining. With that, I grabbed the handcuff key out of my pocket and released her hands. Her arms fell to her sides as if they were numb, and there were some slight red marks on her wrists. “You may rise to all fours, sweety.”

“Thank you master” she said deeply. I waited until she rose to all fours, but I noticed that the vibrator was no longer hitting her clit. “Stay put” I ordered sternly as I readjusted the pole and then pressed the button for it to rise. I could see her close her eyes and bite her lip rize escort again, as she was rather relieved of the pleasure when she rose, but she was not allowed anymore advantages.

I went straight behind her and reared my hand back with the flogger, watching her body tense in anticipation. Her back was stiff, and her head hung low with her gorgeous hair draping down the sides of her face. I yanked my arm forward, flicking my wrist, and the snap echoed in the air when the leather hit her cheeks. Her body was thrust forward slightly, which also caused the vibrator to push against her pussy more. She jerked her head back and let out a groan…I couldn’t tell if it was out of pain from the beat or pleasure from the new position of the vibrator. I continued over and over hard, turning her ass from a light pink to a darker pink, and in a couple areas to a good red. Each time I had thrust back, I watched her body and noticed that each time she held her breath and would let it out as she was hit. Some times it seemed to be forced out of her, a couple times in grunts. Not only that, but her breaths were quicker.

I dropped the flogger on the floor and knelt down between her legs and reached under, pressing my finger against her lips. They were unebelievably wet, and if I didn’t know any better, I could’ve sworn she did come during the time I was beating her and that vibrator penetrating her poor sensitive clit…but I did know better and know very well when my little slut cums, and also how obedient she generally is. Her hips sank in reaction to my fingers against her lips, and she let out a moan. I could tell she was close and almost anything new would be able to set her off. “Don’t you disobey me, slut.” I demanded. Even these harsh words made her wet, as I felt some lubricant slip out onto my finger. She was concentrating like a good girl, just to obey her Master, and I couldn’t have been more proud.

At that point, I couldn’t stand just watching her anymore. My cock was throbbing in my pants as I slid down my jeans and my boxers. I stood erect and knelt down between my little slave’s legs again. I reached underneath and moved the vibrator away, first letting it brush the full slit of her pussy lips though. Her hips sank into it again as it was now set aside. I grabbed hold of her hips, and thrust my hard cock into her quickly. I rested my palms on each of her ass cheeks, both of which were extremely hot and I’m sure my cool hands felt good to her against her cheeks. “I’m very proud of you, little girl. Not only did you choose the harder punishment, and took it like a good slut, but you did not cum for me that whole time either. I’m very impressed.”

A smile broke the surface of her lips, and I thrust my cock in her harder and quicker. She let out a moan and leaned her head back, not as I was punishing her before, but more in a sense of enjoyment. I rubbed her cheeks softly, at first she flinched from my touch and movements due to the stinging, but soon my hands soothed her. I kept rubbing her skin as I fucked her, slowly first and then eventually harder and faster, and deeper as well as I knew that I wanted her so bad, and she was obviously needing to cum more than ever. I wanted to see if I could wait as long as possible before giving her permission to come…wanting to see if she was desperate and daring enough to start begging for permission to cum, but I knew she well deserved what she had earned.

I reached up with one hand and gripped her hair hard and jerked it back. She let out a moan, I knew from pleasure, and I felt her inner walls twitching around my hard cock. She was on the edge and holding back, and I couldn’t even let her hold back anymore. “You may cum my pretty slut.” I permitted. With those words, I pulled her hair harder, her face jerked up to the ceiling, and I thrust in her hard. She let out a scream, not from pain or shock of the pull and thrust, but out of pure pleasure and lust. She humped back at me so hard and fast, she even exceeded my own speed. I went faster to keep up with her, as I was hornier than fuck now. I felt her inner walls pulse around my cock, squeezing it between them when her juices were forced out around it. She moaned loudly, and soon after I found myself needing the same release. I jerked out of her and came all over her ass just as I pulled out.

Her pretty red ass was now covered in my cream, and I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful site. She was still on her hands and knees, hardly able to hold herself up, her hair all over as she had been shaking and moving her head around when she came like dirty beast. Her head lay low, her posture completely slack, but I didn’t care. I leaned over her body and kissed her neck tenderly. “Lay down on your back sweety, let me clean you up” I whispered in her ear.

She simply looked back at me, smiled sweetly, and gladly rolled over to her back with her arms and legs sprawled out as she was so warn out and exhausted.

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Fun In The Tub

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Laura was running herself a hot bubble bath when the phone rang. She decided to let the machine get it as she peeled off her robe and climbed into the tub.

“Please leave a message after the beep…”

“Hey babe, how’s it going? Just thought I’d give you a quick call to let you know I’m coming home for your birthday. I will be in town for two weeks and was hoping we could meet up. It would be great seeing your ass… I mean, you again. It’s been too long. Anyway, give me a call. Bye babe.”

Laura’s heart was racing at the thought of Edward coming into town. It had been about six months since their last rendezvous. That was the night their friendship crossed all boundaries and would never be the same again.

She lay soaking in the tub, bubbles covering every inch of her smooth, tanned skin, all except her round, supple breasts. Her 36c’s looked huge on her small, slender figure. Her nipples were hard from the cool breeze blowing in from the window and with the feel of her silky soft skin she couldn’t help feeling turned on.

She closed her eyes and started thinking of the last time she and Edward were alone together. She slowly ran her hands up her thighs and over her flat, toned stomach before reaching her beautiful breasts, massaging them and gently pinching each nipple, causing a low moan to escape her lips.

It was Laura’s 25th birthday. Her friends Ella and Kristen had arranged a surprise party for her at a local bar. All her friends were there including her best guy friend Edward. They had known each other since high school and had remained close ever since, meeting up once or twice a week for coffee and a chat.

Laura circulated the party, thanking all her friends for coming, especially the ones she hadn’t seen in ages. She was having a great time drinking, dancing and catching up on all the latest gossip when she saw Edward at the bar and went over to say hello. She was amazed at how gorgeous he looked. He was wearing jeans, a white t-shirt and a grey jumper over the top. Laura was used to seeing him in shirts and ties straight from the office, but she found herself liking this casual look on Edward. Maybe she had had too much to drink, but as she stood at the bar talking to him, she found herself becoming more and more attracted to him. Staring into his big brown eyes, she listened as he told her how he had split from his latest in a long line of girlfriends because she was too clingy.

“Well I’m glad my relationship dramas amuse you,” he said sarcastically. This was when Laura realised she had been smiling the whole time he had told her about his latest break up.

“I’m sorry, but it was bound to happen eventually. She was far too possessive over you and she hated the fact that you and I are friends.” This was true. They had only been going out a couple of months when she contacted Laura by text, telling her to stay away from her man!

“Ok, ok, go ahead, say I told you so.”

“I wouldn’t do that…but I will let you buy me another drink,” she said draping her arm around his shoulder and kissing him on the cheek. “I’ll always be here for you. You know that, right?”

“I think you’ve had enough to drink,” he joked with her as he handed her a glass of bubbly. “Happy Birthday. Cheers,” he said as they clinked their glasses together. Antep Bayan Escort They finished the bottle of champagne in record time and were extremely drunk by the time they hit the dance floor, shaking their booties to Beyonce, Britney and Lady GaGa. But as the night drew to a close, the DJ played a few slow songs. Laura went to leave the dance floor but Edward grabbed hold of her hand and pulled her in close to him, wrapping his arms around her waist.

“What are you doing? You hate slow dances” she said looking him in the eye.

“Well maybe I don’t hate them with you,” he replied, pulling her in even closer, whispering in her ear, “You look beautiful tonight. I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off you all night.”

“I think you’re the one who’s had too much to drink.”

“I mean it Laura, you’re beautifu,l” and then he kissed her, gently at first, to test her reaction. When she kissed him back they kissed with so much passion, like there was no one else around, they were full of lust and couldn’t get enough of each other.

Laura pulled away and looked him in the eye again. “This is insane.”

The music stopped and the lights came on in the bar. As people started to leave, Laura stood at the doors, saying her goodbyes and thanking her guests for coming, the whole time wishing people would hurry up and leave so she could be alone with Edward.

“Maybe you could come back to my place for a few more drinks? You can fill me in on what you have been up to for the past six months?” She offered nervously. He took her hand and led her towards a waiting taxi. During the ride back to her apartment, they laughed and talked the same as they always did when they were together. Laura was amazed at how at ease she was with him and this whole situation.

Inside her apartment, Edward made himself comfortable on the sofa while Laura fixed them some drinks. As she sat beside him, he took both glasses from her hands and placed them on the table before turning to her and firmly kissing her lips. He had taken her completely by surprise but she liked it, and she let him know by moaning softly as she positioned herself so she could lay on her back with Edward on top of her.

Their kissing grew more and more intense as they pulled at each other’s clothing. Laura pulled Edwards jumper and t-shirt off in one go and was amazed at the toned body he was hiding underneath. As he stood up, she kissed down his stomach, licking each groove of his six pack. She looked Edward in the eye and gave him a sexy smile as she undid his jeans and pulled them down, revealing an already obvious bulge in his white boxers. He kicked his jeans to one side as Laura rubbed the outline of his cock through his boxers before slowly pulling them down his thighs, licking her lips as his big seven inches stood to attention before her wanting mouth.

She took his cock in her hand and slowly stroked his full length. She could feel him getting harder with each firm stroke. Gradually moving faster, she twisted her wrist as she moved up and down his shaft. She started to kiss and lick his balls, still pumping his big dick furiously; he was moaning and moving his hips in rhythm with her hand.

She kissed her way from his balls right up his throbbing cock and began licking the precum that was already oozing out of him; it tasted so good, she couldn’t wait to taste his full load. She stared into his eyes. She circled the tip of his cock with her tongue before taking him deep inside her mouth. He moaned loudly. He felt a lot bigger than she had expected, but he felt and tasted so good that couldn’t help moaning, sending vibrations through his cock. Laura began moving her head up and down, using one hand to gently squeeze his balls and the other to grope his ass.

Edwards breathing got heavier. She knew it wouldn’t be long until he would cum, and she was right. Within seconds, she felt the twitch of his cock and a huge moan escaped his lips before he shot load after load of his hot cum down her throat. She swallowed every last drop, moaning as she did to let him know how much she liked it. She milked his cock dry until there was nothing left. She looked him in the eye and smiled. He could see from the look in her eye how horny she was and wasted no time in removing the remainder of her clothes and lay her on the sofa, spreading her legs wide so he could get a look at her naked, shaven pussy.

“You smell so good,” he said before kissing her lips. She knew she was already wet. He pulled her lips apart and gently started licking her clit before moving down to lick her hole. His tongue felt so good inside her. She bit her lip to stop herself from moaning as his whole face was buried in her pussy. He moved back up to her clit, licking furiously. She couldn’t stifle her moans any longer. She began screaming out Edwards name, begging him not to stop.

Without warning he thrust two fingers deep inside her, causing her hips to buck slightly. She began grinding her hips against his fingers as he pumped them faster and faster. He was twisting and playing with her nipples. It was almost too much for her. She could feel herself getting ready to explode. He continued to work his fingers in and out of her. To her disappointment he stopped playing with her nipples. Instead, he moved his free hand and began caressing her ass. He used the juices from her sopping pussy to lube her up before pushing a finger into her tight hole, slowly pushing deeper until it was too much for her to bare.

She screamed loudly, her orgasm taking over her body. Her legs clamped around his face as his fingers still slammed in and out of her hot pussy. Her hips were bucking wildly, her eyes were closed as she revelled in the pleasure Edward was giving her. She collapsed on the bed, her whole body relaxed and she lay sweating and out of breathe. After a couple of minutes she opened her eyes, looking at Edward. “Wow,” was all she could manage to say. But the look in his eyes suggested he wasn’t quite finished with her yet.

He climbed on top of her. He took each of her nipples into his mouth in turn, sucking and biting them before kissing her hard on the lips. His hard cock slid right up inside her wet pussy. She moaned in his mouth, gently biting his tongue. He felt so good inside her. She felt so full and content. He slowly pumped his cock deeper into her pussy with each stroke, and it wasn’t long before they were both ready to cum again. Laura pushed Edward on to his back so she was now on top. He felt even deeper as she started grinding her hips on his cock faster and faster until he couldn’t take it anymore. He exploded deep inside her pussy. The feeling of his hot cum inside Laura sent her over the edge and she came hard, her whole body shaking as she collapsed onto his chest, desperately trying to catch her breath. The next thing she remembered was being woken up the next morning by Edward kissing her neck, smiling at her before diving under the covers and between her legs.

Laura was brought out of her day dream when she heard someone knocking on the bathroom door, it was her flat mate Cat who was desperate to use the toilet. Laura had known her since school, and they had lived together for 2 years. They had seen each other naked loads of times, so Laura didn’t even give it a second thought when she climbed out of the tub, unlocked the door and dived back into the tub again. “Come in” she called out to Cat.

“Thank god! I was banging on that door for ages. What the hell were you doing?”

“Sorry, I was in a world of my own,” Laura said with a slight smile on her face. “Anyway, I thought you were out with Jason?”

“I was, but we had a fight whilst out to lunch so, I made him bring me home.” Cat and Jason were always fighting, usually over silly things like what movie to watch or which restaurant to go to. So Laura was quite shocked when Cat said they had been arguing over her.

“What do you mean, over me? What did I do?” Laura asked, slightly confused.

“you didn’t do anything, I admitted to him that I was bisexual, and now he thinks I have a thing for you.”

“What did you tell him?”

“I told him we have hot, wild sex all the time,” she said, laughing at the shocked expression on Laura’s face. “What were you dreaming about before I rudely interrupted anyway?” Cat moved to sit on the edge of the tub, playing with the bubbles in the water. Laura told her about Edward calling and how he was coming to town.

“Oh, so that’s what got your nipples nice and hard?” She reached out and pinched both of Laura’s nipples. Laura laughed at her friend and told her she couldn’t help but get turned on when thinking about him. Cat was still pinching and twisting her nipples. Laura closed her eyes and laid her head back.

“Mmm that feels really good.” She parted her legs and began gently stroking her shaven pussy lips. Cat watched as she slid a finger inside her pussy and started fucking herself.

“Need a little help there sweetie? Stand up.” Laura pulled her finger out and slowly stood up, raising one leg and resting it on the side of the tub. Cat grabbed Laura’s ass and pulled her closer. She drove her fingers straight into Laura’s pussy and began licking her clit.

Laura ground her pussy into Cats face. “God that feels so good. Fuck me, make me cum” Cat needed no more encouragement and began working her fingers and tongue faster. Laura’s leg began to shake and she grabbed the wall for support as Cat brought her to a blissful climax.

Once Laura came back to her senses, she lay back down in the bath, smiling at Cat. “Enjoy your bath, you dirty slut. I’m going to go and make up with Jason, if you know what I mean.” Che walked out of the flat, giggling to herself.

Laura realised the bath water was now cold, she climbed out, dried herself off and put on some PJ’s. The phone was still flashing with the new message. She played it back, listening to the huskiness of Edwards sexy voice. “Now this is going to be a birthday to remember.”

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