How I Paid The Rent Ch. 04


Double Penetration

This has been one heck of a year. Early on I was juggling two jobs, skimping on nearly everything and merely trying to make ends meet.

Today I got flowers on my doorstep.

Okay, lots of girls get flowers from guys. I know. But it’s not just the flowers, but the new job that I’ve really gotten good at, as well as the people I’ve met. I’ve got a few bucks in the bank, a little bit of a wardrobe and some security.

My wrists are toned from working out too.

Oh, I haven’t been to the gym, nor have I purchased any weights. I’m not lifting things around the house or the apartments I oversee for that matter, unless you consider the one trash can that has broken wheels. Nope, I haven’t become one of those workout wonders who hit the gym and work out several days a week.

The stronger wrists, for those who’ve thankfully read the first three installments of this series, were from stroking the cocks of several men who reside in Mr. Orvis apartment building. Uh huh, you read that right, I stroke dicks as an incentive to get the apartments filled. I’m embarrassed to say it, it’s somewhat humiliating, and those wrists aren’t the only parts of me getting a workout over the last few months.

Damn, what a ride this has been! On one hand, I’m happier than I was a year ago, more financially secure, and sexually, well, I’m very satisfied. But of course I know some of the things I’ve done were unequivocally wrong, but well, so very, very right.

Take Mr. Orvis. He took a chance on me. He had fired the former property manager of his building, and I, a resident working a couple jobs and struggling to make ends meet, was available. I volunteered; he took pity on me and gave me a shot.

Soon I had filled vacant apartments with Mr. Morley and a man simply going by the name of Thornton. Oh, he had a first, middle and last name on the lease, but to all his friends and acquaintances he insisted on his last name being his preferred method of greeting. The guys each drove a hard bargain, a deal that required them to pay top dollar for their space and sign an iron clad lease. Oh, and in return they got a nice apartment and once a month I had to give them each a hand job, but who’s asking anyway.

Various other deals were cut over the next several months as friends told a friend or whatever, and all of a sudden, well, I had my hands full!

Okay, so much for my sense of humor, but it was true. Once a month I’d visit my clients, those who rented in the building, and, well, took care of their naughty needs. Once was talked into jerking Mr. Morley off, once we had sealed the deal and the world didn’t end, the following escapades were somewhat easier.

Mr. Orvis was more than pleased with my success, and soon I was off probation, had business cards printed and even joined the local property manager association. My job was secure.

Oh, I know it’s wrong, I know some would consider me a whore — heck some of you have written and told me just that. So I guess I am. But for me, given my situation, I justified it all as part of the all is well that ends well syndrome. I got over it. Not that I’d tell my mother what I’d done, that’s for sure. But I am dealing with it.

My college loans were being paid off ahead of schedule, I had a nice apartment, had food on the table and had even been on a couple dates with local guys who didn’t know about my extra services, they not having the pleasure of having any of them.

So when Mr. Orvis called and said he wanted to meet and talk about a couple things, I was not all that worried about being called in to see the boss but was still a little apprehensive. He wasn’t a renter, so he didn’t get any of my special privileges, but he was my boss and on two occasions I’d, well, you know. I sucked his dick.

That sounds so wrong, but it was true. I did just that. Twice. Not to get the job, not to keep it, just, well, because. Besides, he didn’t know I put in a great word for him with Mrs. Spencer, the woman more his age who had me somewhat under her thumb. Well, between her legs too, was more like it, as I’d become familiar with her pussy when she did all but blackmail me into giving her the same kind of deal as the male tenants.

Mr. Orvis had been a gentleman about his lusty goal. Well, at least as much of a gentleman as a guy who asked a girl to go down on him could be. What I mean was he didn’t threaten or demand. He asked. Nicely. And sent flowers afterward. So, while we weren’t dating I wasn’t some girl off the street.

It was nearly 10 when Mr. Orvis arrived. He met me in my makeshift office in the basement, a place where files bulged and one of the lights always flickered….just enough not to be fixed. It was on the list.

Turns out the first think Mr. Orvis wanted was to thank me for my hard work and getting the apartments filled. I was doing a good job, he said, and he was appreciative. Second, he was heading out of town for two weeks, and I was going to be totally in charge. He told me Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort not to mess up.

I took a deep breath, that wasn’t so bad now, was it? Smiling at the man, I asked where he was going.

“Florida. Some old friends and I are getting together to play some golf. Relax and enjoy the sun. But I will be available if you need me,” said the man. “It will be my first vacation in a couple years, and I am counting on you to keep the trains running and all that.”

Telling him I’d take care of everything, and not to worry, I said everything would be okay.

Thanking him for the flowers, I said they were much appreciated and brighten my week.

“It was the least I could do,” said the man. “You were such an angel.”

We made small talk for a bit, he asked me about my new friend Caleb, the guy I’d dated a couple times. Mentioning he was nice, but it was still early, Mr. Orvis asked if we’d been intimate. Acting shocked, I said of course not.

My boss smiled an infectious smile. Something was going on in his head, laser flying around it, and we were for a moment both quiet.

He broke the silence. “So, uh, Kimberly, I will be away for a couple weeks, and I wonder if I could ask you a favor.”

“Of course, Mr. Orvis, what can I do for you?”

He smiled. “Would a blow job be out of the question?”

Damn, I walked right down the primrose path right into that one. So that’s the real reason for the personal visit. My boss needed his cock cleaned before he set off to the Sunshine State.

“Really, Mr. Orvis, is that what I am to you? A blow job queen or something? A receptacle that you can use to solve your man problems when you need me to?”

Hanging his head, the man stared at the floor. He didn’t demand, he didn’t order, he didn’t make threats. He just sat there.

What was I to do?

“Where do you want it,” was my witty reply. “Here? Now?”

The man’s face brightened and his body came to life. Tongue tied, he sat there with a big smile on his face.

“Mr. Orvis, can you help me with something upstairs?”

The man stammered, thinking his blow job chance was just lost.

Striding out of the room I pointed upstairs and told him to shut the door on his way out. Walking up the stairway I made sure my hips moved back and forth, the way they would have if I’d been wearing heels. But today I had on sneakers, so I had to work on my sway for the man.

Toward the top of the stairwell he caught up to me and grabbed both of my ass cheeks, fondling them.

“Mr. Orvis!” I said with vigor, “Keep your hands to yourself. Do not sample the merchandise.”

We walked upstairs, side by side now, back to being co-workers. We greeted a couple tenants, looked at some frayed carpet, and when the coast was clear I slipped him inside my apartment.

“We have to be careful, very careful, because I do not want others to know about this,” was my cautious comment. “I don’t generally bring guys here, and I surely don’t do what we’re going to do here.”

I really think the man was, well, caught totally off guard. I think he thought he was getting a quick salami munching session in my office, and instead he was deep in my lair.

Directing my boss to the chair in the corner, I slipped over and kissed his cheek while slipping my hand down to his crotch. There I found something growing as I played with it, slowly stroking his manhood while kissing behind his ear.

“So, do you think you will me missing me, sir?” I cooed. “Are you afraid that little Mr. Orvis down here might not get satisfied down in the Sunshine State? Let me see what I can do to ensure your visit ends and you are back here soon!”

Unzipping his fly, I slipped down onto my knees and reached around in his pants, eventually finding the man’s hard cock. It was silky soft, and I was starting to enjoy it. With my other hand I unhooked the clasp of his pants and started maneuvering them down. It was a feat, and soon I realized I had to let go of his cock to get the job done.

First came his pants, then his briefs, and there unveiled before me was a rock hard cock pointing up toward the ceiling. His did wasn’t the largest, but it was soft yet powerful. It throbbed to my touch. Touching it drew grunts from deep within the man.

“Oh Kimberly, you tease, oh that feels so very good, so very good indeed,” said the man. “You just have to suck it, please suck it.”

Continuing to stroke my boss’ dick, I asked if he was sure. If he really wanted me to suck his cock. The words coming out of my mouth just set him crazy.

“Yes, yes, yes, suck my cock. Please Kimberly, you have to do it, you have to suck my cock right now.”

Lowering my head, I licked the tip. Not exactly sucking his dick but he did love the feel of my tongue on his throbbing manhood. I licked around the top before starting down the stem, all the way down to his balls and then right back up. Alternating licks with kisses of his cock. The man when nuts when I simply kissed his dick.

“Don’t forget the balls, kiss my balls too, kiss them and lick them you angel.”

The guy wasn’t much for words but he did give pertinent quick direction. I did as asked, holding his hard cock in one hand and lifting it up and away from his midsection. Then I bent down and licked all over and around those hairy balls of his. Alternating licks with kisses, I made the man groan while laboring over his balls and stroking his cock.

“That is fantastic, girl, you are simply amazing,” were the words heard from above. “Oh yes, be careful, suck those balls, stroke that cock. Oh yes, you are going to make me cum you vixen.”

Guessing he liked what I was doing, I continued my licking and kissing ways on his ball sac. His cock seemed to grow to my stroking, and soon I heard a guttural moan. “It’s time, Kimberly, I’m going to cum. Get your mouth up there, suck my cock.”

It isn’t easy being a man toy. I mean, ordering me to do this and that while I’m enjoying myself. I liked licking his balls, but when he made his command I had the sack in my mouth. Extricating myself from that, without causing him damage, took a few seconds. I hadn’t stopped jerking him, so my the time my head was moving up toward his cock it had already began to spurt.

The first volley hit my forehead and hair, while the second was a direct hit just above my nose and right between my eyes. Subsequent shots of man sauce did make it into my mouth as I worked his dick and sucked out all his cum.

“Oh yes, that’s so hot, suck me off girl. Oh yes, you have a face full of cum, you look so beautiful,” said the man. I heard a click and looked up, but it was too late. My coated face was now saved for posterity on his phone camera. “Damn, girl, that’s so hot. Keep sucking. Oh yes, I will jerk off to this down in Florida. You are amazing.”

Pissed about the picture I didn’t complain until I had fully taken care of his still hard cock. Licking up all the cum, and making a production of using a finger to move it away from my eyes and into my mouth, I smiled at the guy.

“I must look a mess.”

Mr. Orvis smiled. “You look absolutely adorable….and don’t worry, that photo is just for me.”

The man kept to his word. I never heard a thing about that photo, although I later found out he had taken several of my naughty mouth actions. Yet he was a true gentleman and kept the photos to himself. In fact, when he called from Florida, he made note of the fact that he’s whacked off several times that week to the photos, so I think he had a thing for me and them.

With the boss away I was a little less careful with my time, but didn’t neglect any duties. I worked a new contract with the trash removal service, had a painter redo the basement steps in white rather than the darker shade of whatever that was left over from years before. I mean, it was like walking down to a dungeon, not that I’d ever been in a dungeon but you know what I mean.

On Tuesday night I provided my hand “service” to Mr. Morley, who couldn’t have been nicer, and the following night I took care of Thornton who actually took me out for a sandwich after the hand job nice guy that he is. On the way back to the apartment I actually fell into an embrace with him near an alleyway where we kissed and he fondled my ass. I made sure he knew that nothing more would happen. The following day he said I hadn’t completely satisfied him the night before as he had to jerk off after our little alley action. But he said it with a big smile.

Yes, things were going well.

# # # # # #

The second week of Mr. Orvis’ jaunt to Florida was filled with normal tasks around the building. There were bills to pay, to-do lists to complete, a broken window from an errant baseball (yes, whoever skipped without taking responsibility) and some general maintenance work. Just a normal week, all part of the job.

The job had become very likeable. Oh, not just the regular paycheck but also the people. By and large most of the tenants were really likeable people. Oh, I know what you are thinking; some of them liked things because of their special deals that I fulfilled, but I it’s not as if I was doing every tenant in the place or anything. Just a handful of special deals that I actually kind of enjoyed.

I enjoyed the give and take with Mr. Morley and Thornton, somewhat less with Mrs. Spencer and a whole lot more with Riley Johnson. The fact that Mrs. Spencer convinced and cajoled me to lick her perfectly trimmed pussy, something I’d never even remotely thought about in my wildest dreams before her. Look, I didn’t love doing it, but I did, and quite frankly, I’d masturbated a couple times since thinking about being between her legs and orally satisfying the older woman.

Riley Johnson was a whole different situation. The guy was really a nice, sweet man who was bitter about a bitch ex-wife that basically abused him because of his tiny cock. Anytime something went wrong in their marriage, it was his fault. Normally his pencil-sized dick fault, as he said it. I had no reason to disbelieve him, because everything about him said he was a nice man.

I did worry that he might spill the beans to Morley and Thornton — that sounds like a law firm by the way. I didn’t want to be on my knees sucking cock of every tenant now, did I? I mean, I didn’t want to be a Stephanie Crawford, did I? Who’s Stephanie Crawford? Why a high school classmate who allegedly sucked off more than half the male members of our graduation class.

Stephanie was the go to girl for a blow job and downright proud of it. She had some principles, like requiring a trip to the malt shop first before getting down on her knees or leaning across the front seat of a guy’s car. Once it was rumored she was out with Ben Friday and they were at the malt shop when she slipped out to go to the rest room. Only she went past and sucked off the football team’s starting quarterback in the back alley. That quick BJ took less than five minutes, and she was back sitting with Ben at the table in no time. Rumor has it she kissed him before sitting down.

No, I wasn’t a slut like Stephanie. But I knew that I’d pushed the limits of decency with some of my escapades at the apartment house. Still it was like the greater good. My actions had made things better for me, Mr. Orvis and hopefully the tenants too. Things were going well, and I liked that!

Riley was a pistol. He had been put down and humiliated so often by his ex-wife I actually think he was amazed he could convince me to be a bad girl. Okay, so I had my reasons, but he was so cuddly and friendly and just a real nice guy. Oh, a real nice guy with a miniature cock. I mean, there are girls with tiny boobs but I’ve never heard of a guy who didn’t want to suck them. And while Riley’s cock was small, heck, it was quite thrilling to see him go wild with a simple touch.

It was such a different experience for me, it was very exciting to know that I could work his dick is no many ways and just hear his enjoyment. I loved his excitement when I played with him, and while jerking him off was something I hate to admit orally satisfying the man was beyond that. I mean, it got me tingly all over playing with that little thing.

After our first interlude, Riley would stop by my office and see if I’d be available for a meeting…his code for me taking care of him. It was always 30 days after the last one because, well, we had a deal. And he told me he loved it so much he didn’t want to wait longer. But he always asked if it was okay, and that he’d understand if I didn’t want to get together. Point is, we had a deal but he gave me an out, and that was so sweet. It made me feel like we were, well, dating.

Our most recent meeting was very special. He stopped by early in the week and asked if the following night was good for a meeting. I agreed, and he asked if I liked Chinese food. I said yes, and he said to be at his apartment at 7:30. When I arrived the aroma of Moo Goo Gai Pan and ribs and wanton soup was evident. He welcomed me, handed me a glass of white wine, and said I looked adorable. I was in a bright pink tee top with knee length skirt and tennis shoes, not exactly dressed up, but he complimented the look.

We ate dinner and laughed at the fortunes in the cookies, adding “in bed” at the end of each of the sayings. We spoke for a while before he poured me another glass of wine and excused himself to take a shower. Well, he didn’t actually say he was taking a shower, but once he left the room I heard it running. Wow, he was cleaning up for me! It’s a little thing, but it made me feel special.

It was a fast one, as he couldn’t have been gone 10 minutes. In the meantime I looked around his room, noting the knick knacks and items on the shelves. He had some memorabilia from sports that was interesting, and a couple bowls of matches from places he’d been too.

He came back into the room in shorts and a tee shirt, casual but presentable, and smiled a beaming smile that I could read as anticipation.

“Thanks for waiting,” was all he said. “Can I freshen your wine?”

I stopped him with my glass half full, setting the goblet down on the table and patting the loveseat area next to me. Riley sat and I pulled him close, pushing his head against my neck where he proceeded to nuzzle against me scattering hot breath with kisses there. All the while I was stroking his leg, up and down but not touching his manhood. Glancing down I could see twitching, so I know my actions were having their desired effect.

Soon I was caressing his cock, still protected by his shorts and underwear I surmised. Moving my hand around, I played and stroked and felt it grow in his pants. His kisses on my neck felt wonderful, and I was getting a little tingly before coming to my senses and remembering what was the plan. Slipping onto my knees in front of the horny man I reached up and slipped down his shorts.

He was lying in front of me, a small tent in his undies, and I looked into his eyes as I caressed the little bulge.

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