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Coed Temptation

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Things were getting out of hand. It was getting to the point where I didn’t want to look at my webmail account – but couldn’t quite work up the self-control not to. In the next set of pics she sent she was at a football game or something, large crowd, lights, field, bleachers. The photos showed her entering the stadium, dressed in a short skirt, knee-high stockings, white blouse, etc., looking like any other coed among hundreds there.

Then, in a series of shots, she finds a seat near the top of the bleachers, spreads a poncho over herself and a friend. Her friend looked a lot like her – blondish, healthy, wicked legs, at that stage where girlish cuteness was just giving way to downright sexy.

Then the pics are obviously being taken under the damn blanket. Buttons opened, a nipple being pinched hard, a skirt up, fingers tracing puffy pussy lips through wet white panties. They get kind of confused in the final shots but I got the point. Shit. What the hell was I going to do with her? My cock, of course, had a pretty good idea. It was sitting up and begging like a bad dog.

There are more nerve-endings on the head of an erect penis than anywhere else on a man’s body. When each and every one of them is screaming in mad exquisite pleasure it’s pretty hard to consider scruples. Watching the raging purple knob of my swollen cockhead being swallowed whole by the dripping lips of my niece’s tender sweet nasty little barely legal cunt quickly erased from my brain all thoughts of what was right and what wasn’t.

Leaning over the bathroom sink, the crotch of her blue bikini bottom yanked up on one fat, firm, fleshy buttock, legs spread, she was dancing impatiently on her tiptoes, quivering like a colt as my nerve-screaming shaft slowly pushed aside the wet willing walls of her greedy, sucking palpitating Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort puss.

Outside, the party was well into its fifth hour, everybody getting drunker and louder, falling into the pool, her parents and my wife among them. After teasing and tempting each other from afar all evening, she’d followed me upstairs and slid into the bathroom with me, both of us a little bit high and a lot horny. She flicked off the light and turned to me, a dim light coming through the frosted window cast her soft fuzzy grey hues.

She leaned into me and whispered, Fuck me. Fuck me like it’s the last time you ever will, her eyes glowing from beer and lust. She turned away very deliberately, looked back over her shoulder at me and wiggled that fine bikini’d ass ever so slightly. With her other hand she cupped a breast, pinching her nipple through the blue fabric of her bikini top.

No way, I said – for effect. I mean how could I not?

Pleeease. I’ve been wet all night. And sticky too.

She dipped a hand down the front of her skimpy bottom, brought it out and showed me a moistened finger glistening in the dim light. She licked it clean, very slowly, lots of tongue action, little sucking noises.

You’re a bitch to be doing this.

I can’t help it, she whined softly. My body just…wants you. Wants to be fucked by yours. I don’t want anything else. Just…to fuck.

You gotta find somebody your own age.

She stood closer, whispering an inch from my ear: I know. I will. This can’t last forever. But when I go to bed at night, and my hands wander down to my pussy, and stroke my clit and I’m all hot and nasty…I think about you. And I cum so hard. I cum so my whole body shakes and the juice drips all over my legs and ass. I came five times last night thinking about you fucking me.

She bit my earlobe. Her hands, ever so tentative, reached up to stroke, ever so gently, my nipples, which swelled hard to her touch. I grabbed her wrists, spun her around so she was leaning over the sink. Our eyes locked together in the mirror, burning desire. I yanked the crotch of her blue bikini to one side. She spread her legs and gasped. I slid my own shorts to the floor and when she felt my prickhead nudge against her insatiable, barely legal, greedy grasping little cunt, her knees buckled. I held her small but oh so curvaceous frame against my much larger body.

I gazed down at the taut athletic curves of her. In the dim light I could see her sinuous haunches stretching wide, feel her flat belly against my hand, taste the saltiness of her neck in my mouth, smell the perfume of her hair. I ran my hand up and palmed a handful of tit, kneading the flesh, so smooth against my rough skin, feeling her rigid nips swell uncontrollably.

She began to squirm against me, hands reaching back to hold my head, butt trying to impale itself on the stiffness of my rigid and insistent shaft. Her breathing came in raggedy gasps.

Hard, fuck me hard. Fuck me like it’s the last fucking time you ever will.

As she said that, her cuntmouth found my cockhead and she used her weight to sit back on its hardness, literally falling slowly downward till she had swallowed it full inside her. I reached my arms around her to hold her against me and I thrust my hips upward. She arched backward and her legs lifted off the floor. I held her aloft for several moments writhing and gasping, skewered on the spike of my cock.

The view in the mirror of her torso wriggling, her breasts stretched tight against her chest, legs wrapped backward around my legs, arms holding my head and mouth agape – would make a dead man hard.

I did – I fucked her like it was the last time. Driving my cock up into her slobbery wet drooling cunt, mauling her little tits with one hand while the other stroked her clit, sucking on her neck, plundering her fine slender budding body with the unrelenting madness of illicit lust.

I hissed and growled all the while: you fine fucking slut, you make me feel like one huge red hot cock that wants to climb inside you and explode in a million colors, flooding your body and brain with my cum, I dream about being inside you feeling your cuntlips around my badness sucking the big head pulling the jism from my balls, your body is made to be impaled by hard red cockflesh, oh I want to feel you cum sweet little whore feel your hot nasty girl honey pot overflow and drip your bad girl cumslut juice all over my balls…

…and so on, and on, and on. She sort of became catatonic when I got to talking, eyes rolled back in her head, body quaking in orgasm after orgasm. We ended up with her face jammed into the mirror, her ass suspended in midair, legs dangling, as I held her hips in place and pumped the contents of my scrotum out through the nerve-screaming head of my full mast pole into her jelly-dripping, juice-filled, sorely abused little badgirl puss.

Fuck. Funny, we both gasped the word at the same time. We started to laugh. Then somebody was pounding on the door, some drunk. I told him to get lost, use the one downstairs. She washed herself up, straightened up her bikini.

She turned to me before going and said: there’s only one way this can go on.


As she opened the door and walked out she looked back over her shoulder and said this: I’m going to seduce your wife.

I watched, slack jawed and stunned, as that cute little freshly-fucked ass disappeared down the hallway. And I had to take a cold shower before I could fit in my swimsuit again.

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Cupid’s Death

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Hades watched with irritated disdain as all the wood sprites fussed and giggled with Cupid. No longer the cute little blond brat that ran around striking down mortal and god alike with his stupid little love arrows, the insipid brat had grown into an impressive male god. He’d saunter around Mount Olympus, swaying his tight little ass and tossing back his long blond locks and flirt shamelessly with god and goddess alike… everyone except him… the god of the underworld.

What irritated Hades the most was that everyone he knew did nothing but sigh and giggle about Cupid. Hades didn’t think he was even that cute. So what if the blond idiot had nothing but muscle and sinew underneath that tight sun-bronzed skin. Hades was even more buff than he was! He was quite proud of his dark good looks. Though a bit on the pale side, he had shoulder-length black hair and silver grey eyes, always dressed in black, and had a masculine swagger to his walk… unlike the insipid Cupid… shaking that little tushy around and lifting his pert little nose in the air whenever he passed Hades… as if something smelled-conceited fucker that he was.

The night before Valentine’s Day, Hades decided to get some retribution for Cupid’s snubs. Sneaking into the god’s rooms while he bathed and flirted with Narcissus, Hades found his arrows and hid them around Mount Olympus. Satisfied, he turned back to the palace to make sure he left nothing amiss to warn the prince of love that he had a hand in the disappearance of his arrows. Peeking into Cupid’s rooms, he spotted a lone arrow on the floor.

Swearing roundly, he darted back into the room and grabbed the arrowed he’d obviously dropped in his haste. Holding it with both fists, he was about to break the golden arrow in two when he heard Cupid’s voice laughing just outside the door.


Cupid fended off Narcissus’ advances as he reached the door to his rooms. Ha! The silly boy thought to seduce the prince of love… as if.

Smiling deviously at Narcissus, he closed his eyes and puckered his lips as if to kiss him. Narcissus gasped and puckered up too. Cupid slipped the last arrow he had on himself, and pricked the insolent boy. Narcissus gasped and opened his eyes in shock. Cupid held a mirror before his face.

“Oh!” Narcissus gasped. “How beautiful!”

Cupid chuckled, letting the silly boy take the mirror from his hands. “That’s right. Go play with yourself now, kiddo.”

Still chuckling, he sauntered into his rooms and stretched. He needed to rest. Tomorrow was his big day. He’d swoop down into the mortal world and make a few losers happy. Make a pretty, young maiden fall for some fat old wretch, and some young strapping boy lust after his best friend’s mother. How totally inappropriate and wicked. Sighing, he gazed with pride at the table where he’d laid out all of his golden arrows… and gasped.

They were gone!

He ran around in circles within his bakire porno suite of rooms searching to see if perhaps he’d placed them elsewhere. He was sure he’d laid them out on his table. Feeling overcome with anxiety he stumbled back into his living room, raking his fingers over his face.

“Oh, no! No more arrows! What will I do?” His arrows were special. Even if he ordered more, they’d never be ready for tomorrow. He thought of all the frustrated losers on the Earth below. They’d never get their chance at finally getting the mate of their dreams. His mother was going to be so mad at him.

With a loud sob, he threw himself back in his favorite chair, letting the cushions swallow his lovely muscular body.

A sharp jab made him gasp, his eyes widen. What the hell…?

Cupid popped up again, and after taking a deep gulp, turned to look at his rump.

Protruding from one of his pretty, pert ass cheeks was one of his arrows.

He stared at it for all of two seconds before running out of his suite of rooms screaming like a lunatic!

He didn’t get very far. The second he passed through the golden doors to his rooms, he knocked someone over.

“Get it out-get it out,” he screamed! Oh, how he hoped his lovely ass didn’t get a permanent scar!


Hades couldn’t breathe. The insipid oaf had come barreling out of his rooms like a psycho, screaming.

“Get it out-get it out!”

Hades could barely see with all that blond hair in his face. “Get off me, idiot!”

“Not until you pull it out. Oh, how it hurts! My tushy!”

Hades pushed at the oversized blond, his white wings flapping behind his back. Reaching behind Cupid, he yanked the arrow out, hoping the fool would get his big seven-foot body off him.

Cupid jumped to his feet, turning in circles to see his ass. “Tell me it’s not deep! Tell me,” he demanded.

Hades found a hand twisting into his hair, pulling his head down to inspect the prince of love’s suntanned buns.

He had but a tiny prick that oozed a drop of blood, but the sudden sight of that tight little ass up close did something strange to Hades. His blond hair came right to the cleft of his ass and deep blue eyes peered at him over his shoulder.

“It’s just a nick,” Hades snarled. “Now let me go!”

Cupid didn’t let him go. Hades was slammed against a wall, a very aroused Cupid pinning him there with a decidedly lusty glint in his blue eyes.

“Oh, thank you,” the prince of love sighed before his lush lips crushed Hades’ in a passionate kiss.

Shock rolled through the god of the underworld’s body as Cupid’s tongue licked every corner of his mouth. “Stop! What are you doing?” Hades gasped. “You don’t even like me!”

“Oh, I’ve always liked you,” Cupid murmured, letting his tongue slide down Hades neck, pressing his cock against Hades’. “Brooding Goth guys really turn me on!”

“Brooding…?!” brazzers Hades tried in vain to disentangle himself from the overgrown brute. Everywhere his hands pushed, he felt nothing but solid muscle and sinew. “I’m the god of the underworld, not a Goth— Hey!!!”

Hades gasped when Cupid unlaced Hades’ pants and slipped a naughty hand in to grasp Hades’ prick.

“Cupid, stop! This is the influence of the arrow. React! You do not like me!”

“Oh but I do! You’re always so serious and cold. I always wondered what you’d look like writhing beneath me and crying out in passion. I’ve always wanted to fuck you.”

“My dick is big and you…” Hades stopped mid sentence. Had he heard right? “You want to WHAT?”

Cupid grinned. “Oh, Death,” he rubbed a very hard, very BIG cock against Hades belly, “I always top.”


Cupid pushed him back into his suite of rooms. The man looked absolutely terrified. When he tried to push him into his bedroom, Hades struck Cupid, hitting him on his jaw. Stunned for only a second, Hades almost escaped out the door, but Cupid tackled him. Ripping his loincloth off, Cupid used the golden cord to tie Hades hands, and then dragged him back to the bed.

Hades bounced, his black hair spilling over his bare shoulders when Cupid pushed him onto his bed. When he tried to scramble away, Cupid took the opportunity to pull Hades black leather pants down and off his legs, baring his lovely pale globes to his hungry gaze.

“This is madness! You can’t fuck the god of the underworld!”

“Watch me,” Cupid chuckled.


Hades legs were spread roughly. Again, he tried to squirm away from the psychotic prince of love and received a stinging slap on his ass as a reward.

“Be still, or I shall have to punish you!”

Hades opened his mouth to give him give him a stinging retort and gasped instead. Something slippery was slithering between his ass cheeks. Wiggling around like a goldfish out of water was a naughty little tongue. Cupid’s hot tongue slithered around the cleft of his ass, sliding up and down, tickling his perineum, licking the underside of his balls, until Hades crossed his eyes from the pleasure. When Cupid’s roving tongue rimmed his pucker, Hades gave a jolt, and rose to his knees in alarm. Again, his rump was swatted, sending the most delicious flutter through his belly.

“I said be still!”

Five more swats warmed his cheeks, making Hades groan and tilt his reddened ass up for more.

“Hmmm… I think you like being tied and spanked.” Cupid stung his flesh again with his big hand.

Hades was panting, unaware Cupid was wetting his fingers in his mouth to push first one, then a second into Hades tight, virgin ass.

“Fuck,” Hades shouted!

“In good time, pretty boy. Let me loosen you up a bit.”

“No-no-aaaahhh!” Hades shivered, dede porno eyes wide, when Cupid rubbed something brutally exciting inside him. His cock twitched and his balls tightened, sending a jolting ache into his belly. His sudden need to be filled overwhelmed him, and before he could stop himself, he was begging for Cupid’s cock.

It wasn’t a gentle claiming. Cupid took him like a… man. The prince of love’s thick prick cleaved his ass, splitting open his rosette, thrusting in so deep, Hades was sure he could taste the god’s cock in his mouth. They grunted and writhed, coupling like beasts. Hades arched his back and pushed back, feeling Cupid’s heavy balls smack his own with every frenzied pump. He’d never felt so much pleasure! It was more exciting than the time he fucked a Minotaur. His eyes snapped open. He remembered the Minotaur’s tail had been tickling his ass.

He liked this. He liked the feel of hard thick prick branding his hole with a good rough fucking.

Stars exploded before his vision when Cupid wrapped his hand around Hades straining prick and stroked him.


“Fucking Hell!”

Cupid smiled. Oh, yes. He certainly was. He squeezed the lovely dick in his hand, letting his tightened fingers stroke up the shaft, running the pad of his thumb over the soaked tip, before sliding back down. Hades cock jerked in his grip, the hot muscles clenching his own prick spasmed rhythmically, making Cupid cross his eyes in agony.

Oh, he was about to blow loads and loads into the writhing god of the underworld… but not before Hades.

He nailed him harder. It was what he loved about fucking men. They could take it really good and hard, no tenderness needed… tenderness was for pussies. Cupid chuckled. His hand stroked faster and harder, until he was sure the friction was going to cause instantaneous combustion. Hades only moaned louder, begged to be fucked harder.

Cupid complied.

Before long, Hades tensed beneath him, his shout of completion reverberating through the bedroom. Thick lines of ropy cum drew pretty designs on Cupid’s red satin sheets. Hades tight ass clamped down harder on Cupid’s prick, until Cupid was sure it was going to break… then it did.

The fire started at the base of his spine, sending jolts of pleasure into his belly as his cock erupted into that snug hole. Cupid cried out as spurt after glorious spurt filled Hades. His balls felt as though they were about to implode from ecstasy.

Chills ran up and down both their bodies in the aftermath. They both remained unmoving, locked in their intimate embrace.

“Now,” Cupid panted, “Who is this pretty ass going to belong to?”


Cupid smiled caressing the quivering flesh beneath him. “Who does Hades belong to?” When Hades refused to answer, Cupid rolled his eyes and said, “My ass belongs to Cupid. Say it.”

“You’re crazy,” came Hades’ stunned reply.

Cupid smiled. “You have no idea. Now confess.”

Hades looked over his shoulder, clearly perplexed, but cleared his throat and complied anyway. “My ass belongs to Cupid.”

“Nice.” Cupid smiled patting Hades’ tushy. “Now… tell me where you hid all of my arrows, bitch.”

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