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Changing Mouse

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Fraternity life is usually pretty awesome. Its better than living in the dorms and I have made friends and business contacts that I know I will be availing myself of for the rest of my life. If there is a negative to fraternity life on our campus it is little sisters.

Don’t get me wrong I love Sororities and the mixers with them are great but little sisters are meant to be mentored not bedded. The Gamma house is our sister sorority; every year their incoming freshmen are paired with some or our juniors and seniors. Dating is not permitted. We are to escort them across campus if they feel they need a bodyguard, study with them at assigned hours and mentor them on college life and help push them to good grades. Sure relationships DO pop up from time to time but the program is mostly for public consumption. Its usually a pain in the ass. Most of the brothers for example already have girlfriends and escorting some nubile freshman across campus puts our regular girlfriends out of sorts. But our national chapters like the program, our college likes the program, and the dean likes the program so it continues.

This is my junior year, because of my grades and class rank I was destined to get a Gamma little sister. And little she would be next to me I am six foot seven. I’m strong as an ox and a a very large human being I don’t play basketball but I make all the round ball coaches droll when I walk past. I’m in engineering with a minor in acoustics. I want to design concert halls and sound stages. The only indoor places where I feel normal sized. Having to make time in my studies to squire around a Gamma was really going to cramp my style but it looks good on a resume …

Anyway I first realized something was up when the “Madame President” of the Gamma house called me over to the house for a conference. That NEVER happens. I was led into the office the president has in that house. I was not alone. Seated off to one side was a really tiny girl. I guessed her height at about five feet even. I towered over her even more than I towered over normal people

The president of the Gamma’s looked up from her desk. She is a knockout by the way, long blonde hair, big blue eyes, tall like I like my women and completely unavailable. The school quarterback has the privilege of dating her, and doing other wonderful things to her spectacular body, I bet. So powerful is the sisterhood off Gamma. That when she talks the entire campus listens.

“Ahh Stanley! Nice of you to come over. How are you doing? Are you still dating Roseanne?”

“Diane,” I replied “You know Roseanne broke up with me some time ago. What’s going on. I know the president of the Gamma’s doesn’t call an ordinary Omega over just to exchange pleasantries. What’s up?’

“We have a discipline problem. A little sister that needs a strong hand, a mature hand and a powerful hand. We have a little sister for you but the program we have in mind for her is neither usual nor entirely pleasant. Come here Mouse!” said Diane.

The pint sized Gamma came to stand next to me. She barely cleared my waist. Her eyes were downcast. She must have done something very wrong to not even be able to meet the gaze of her chapter president.

“Stanley, this is Mouse. Her real name is Loretta but she won’t be called that until this year is over IF she passes the punishment we have in mind for her. Mouse here lost the chapter fundraiser money. The ninny didn’t spend it she LOST it. All of it was cash. The dummy was on her way to the bank with the money in her purse. The money was nowhere to be found when she arrived at the bank. We retraced her steps, checked with the bank tore her purse apart. The money was just gone. The sisters had to dig into their pockets to replace the lost funds. Fortunately national did not get wind of what happened or our charter would have been yanked. Now we sisters are much poorer and all of us are in a foul mood. Mouse here still wants to be a member of this sorority; we will keep her so long as she agrees to the punishment we have meted out for her. I ran it by Mouse and she is agreeable. The punishment has to sting, has to be humiliating and has to last all year. That is where you come in.”

Diane eyed the cute college girl they called Mouse contemptuously and continued to speak.

“Mouse, since she can not be trusted with adult responsibility is going to be reduced to something befitting her physical stature and apparent attention level. We are reducing Mouse to the status of baby. in ALL respects. She will sleep in a onesie and an outside crib. She will have to be fed and bathed and she is going to be rendered hairless as an infant and compelled to wear diapers at all times. You, as her big brother will be responsible for changing her, sometimes dressing her and making sure she attends class, studies hards and keeps her grades up. If you cooperate with us Stanley I will make sure you get a citation from our national chapter for meritorious service and personal courage. That looks very nice on a resume. It even comes bursa escort bayan with a plaque and a nice awards ceremony.”

“I looked at Diane, then I looked at the diminutive Mouse. “You want me to play nursemaid?”


“And if I refuse?”

“Mouse gets blackballed and is on the hook for all the money she lost. Accept our, I will admit offbeat, proposal and she stays a member and in a year she has her full rights as a sister restored and the rest of us will never mention her punishment again She knows how important our network of sisters is to her future career especially in her major. Without the help and support of the Gamma’s her future gets much harder.”

I looked at Mouse she really was a cute girl. Her hair was long and dirty blonde. She was skinny and did not seem to have much of a bust line but her face was practically angelic. Bee stung lips and large green eyes, a very sexy nose and a brilliant flawless complexion. She really was a cutie. But so tiny. I imagined I could pick her up and toss her around as though she weighed nothing. “And You are OK with this Loretta?” I asked.

“I have to be punished. What I did was really stupid and all that money was in cash. I can never pay it back. A year of embarrassment and humiliation is what I DESERVE.”

“But, Loretta, I and your sisters will be stripping you and controlling you. I’ll be seeing you naked and getting very intimate with you physically. Its a total loss of privacy. Its complete humiliation.”

Loretta inhaled deeply, thought for a moment and then spoke.

“So be it. I need the contacts this sisterhood provides. I need a clean slate and and a fresh start with the girls. Madame president has explained to me that this is my ONLY option. I’m a Gamma, I will “embrace adversity and mature through self knowledge” as our creed states.”

I looked at Diane and then at Mouse. It was a very odd situation, but it had some definite appeal. I admit part of me was turned on by what my responsibilities would entail. Part of me also realized that the girls of Gamma had enough power to make trouble for me. Refusing to participate in the little sister program earned you a black note on your transcript. The Greek letter organizations were very powerful on our campus, a situation I usually welcomed. We could get in a lot of trouble if we were discovered but I knew that the women of Gamma were way too smart to allow themselves to be caught.

“What the hell. “Embrace adversity” as you women are wont to say. I’ll do it!”

“Wonderful Stanley,” said Diane. “Mouse’s regression ceremony is tomorrow at 8:00 P.M. Be here a good ten minuets early. It is formal. The sisters are rounding up the last of the necessities for Mouse’s punishment. I really think you will enjoy this Stanley, As will all we women of Gamma.”

I left the morose Mouse and the ravishing Diane and went about my day. Diane had given me Mouse’s class schedule and, fortunately, most of her classes were near my own. I realized that the two of us would look mighty strange walking about campus. That was no doubt part of the plan. It really didn’t bother me. EVERYBODY looks tiny compared to me, Mouse just more so. I know I was assigned to her to make Loretta/Mouse feel even more insignificant and immature when paired with the punishment.

I was at the Gamma house the next day at my appointed time. God do I look awkward in a suit, but no matter. I was led to a chair in the basement across from the sorority president and the ruling council. This was the format of a normal little sister/big brother pairing but the regular ceremony was a week away. This was a special assignment so there was only one chair. There was a yoga mat on the floor between myself and the front of the room. An acolyte entered and lit the candles about the room. The lights were dimmed and the ceremony began on the dot.

The sisters marched in looking radiant in their gowns. Gammas are by far the most beautiful women on campus. Gazing at them all made up and in sexy dresses was an honor in itself. As each girl entered she curtsied before the president and ruling council and then filed into the space behind me. At last being led in by the sergeant-at-arms (As denoted by her broad sash) was Loretta/Mouse She looked very pretty indeed in her ball gown and heels. I realized how lovely she really was. Mouse was made to stand front and center, just of to the right of me.

The silence was broken by Diane rapping her gavel.

“I Diane Hollis, call to order this disciplinary meeting of the Gamma Gamma Sorority. Before us is the matter of Loretta Larkspur, henceforth known only as Mouse. All of you are familiar with Mouse’s shortcomings and censurable stupidity. I will give Mouse some credit however. She is willing to accept

an alternative punishment from her sisters. There must be far more of the Gamma spirit and fortitude withing her than she has heretofore displayed.”

Diane paused a moment and then read off a long list of charges gorukle escort against the wisp of a girl that stood in front of me. I had to give Diane credit, The charges were not bullshit, concocted by a kangaroo court. Every infraction was cited to a bylaw of the Gamma handbook or national charter. Diane also pointed out that only by handling the matter internally and not reporting it to the national organization could Mouse hope to remain a member of the sorority. The VERY first thing national would do would be to demand Mouse’s resignation.

“Ms. Larkspur, AKA Mouse, do you agree with the list of charges read against you and do you further agree to undergo the punishment that shall be meted out to you with no evasion, refusal or denials under ANY circumstances?”

Mouse nodded her head stared intently at Diane and said. “Yes Madame President. I shall accept whatever punishment my sisters mete out with no evasion, refusal or denials under ANY circumstances.”

Diane rapped her gavel. “So has it been agreed to and so it shall be rendered.”

A stunned buzz went around the room. Apparently the sisters thought that Loretta would chicken out at the last moment. The girl had spunk, that was obvious.

Diane gaveled for order and then said, “Very well. In light of your behaving like a brainless, forgetful infant It is the decision of this council that Mouse be reduced to her proper station in life for the next 365 days. When in the chapter house or under the authority of the sisterhood Mouse shall be as an infant. She will be obedient to her big brother, Stanley. It is hoped that she will use that year to mature mentally and spiritually to become a member in good standing once again. While on campus, to reflect her childish nature she shall be dressed as a child for her classes and social events. Loretta Larkspur, once this meeting concludes you will be referred to only and simply as Mouse, Since infants do not talk, you with either babble or remain silent in the chapter house. In class you may speak, from class you may send letters to the chapter house if you have need to communicate something more than “wet” “tired” or “hungry.” Also since infants and children do not have sex you are sentenced to a year of celibacy. Now let the punishment phase begin.”

Loretta/Mouse was ordered to turn around and face the main body of sisters. She wore neither a defiant look, nor one of resignation. Simple acceptance was written on her face A beautifully gowned Gamma came forward with a damp washcloth and approached Mouse.

“Babies do not wear makeup.” She said as she removed every trace of makeup from Mouse’s face. She was still cute but looked much younger.

Another sister came forward and announced

“Babies do not wear adult shoes” The sister bent and removed Mouse’s heels, she shrunk in stature but her poise was intact.

“Babies do not wear adult dresses.” Said the next sister to come forward. She unzipped and removed Mouse’s smart looking ball gown. She stood now in just thigh high stocking panties and a bra. I noticed that Mouse did not have much in the way of breasts. Although, she had a bit more curves than I had though the first time I saw her. I had to shift in my seat to hide the stiffy I had developed.

“Babies do not wear jewelry” The sister removed the pearls and earrings of Mouse.

“Babies do not wear nylons.” Said the next Gamma as she claimed Mouse’s stockings.

The next Gamma claimed Mouse’s bra. She stood now, shivering in the cellar in just her panties. Another sister later and Mouse stood in all her unclad glory in the spotlight. I could tell she she really was a cutie. Her tummy was taught. Despite her short stature her legs were very nice and rather long. Her bush was the same lovely dirty blonde as on her head. I had to give Mouse credit. She was not going to allow the girls to see even a hint of a tear in her eyes. She stood at attention like a proud but fully clad soldier.

Diane rapped her gavel and asked “Why does this infant have pubic hair and why is she not in pigtails and properly attired? Sisters rectify that situation.”

A group of sisters came forward and surrounded mouse. Some carried shaving implements others carried diapers and clothing. The scrum of girls forced Mouse over to the yoga mat. I heard them laugh and mock Mouse to the point where I felt sorry for her. Then the crowd parted and Mouse sat on the mat. She was clad in large pink footie pajamas with a zipper up the front. It was obvious she was diapered beneath it. Her hair was in pigtails and she had been given a bottle of something or other which she now sucked on. With as much dignity as she could muster Mouse stood up.

Diane rapped for order and said “That is more like it.” She looked in my direction and said, “Will Stanley Bruner please come forward.”

I arose from my chair (fortunately my boner had faded) and stood before Diane, I have to say that the power Diane wielded made her even more attractive. bursa merkez escort bayan

“Mr. Bruner Gamma Gamma Sorority is entrusting you with the one we call Mouse as a little sister. You understand that this assignment is not run of the mill and must be preformed with discretion and sensitivity?”

“Yes Madame President I do.” I replied

Diane read off a long list of responsibilities and I agreed to them all. Some were obvious, I would respect Mouse’s celibacy and that I would be gentle with her always. That I would be a firm disciplinarian if need be and would be her closest confidant. That I would see to it that she excelled at her studies (if possible) and so forth. The things I agreed to were a lot ore than a simple big brother/little sister agreement.

After I had made my pledges I was told to sit down and Mouse was led to my lap. She looked like a ventriloquist’s dummy. A very arousing ventriloquist’s dummy.

“Mouse Stanley is not only your ‘big brother” he is your lifeline. I doubt that you or any other woman would make it through your upcoming sentence without a friend to rely upon and confide in. For the next year you will NOT be receiving that from your sisters as you may not, short of the chapter house being on fire, speak to us. Stanley is wise and mature, a very good man. I know that the sisterhood is proud of the fact that we do not need men but sometimes they are just what the doctor ordered. I am about to gavel this meeting closed. Stanley will brush your teeth and put you to bed. Your bed time as of now, except for lake classes is 9:00 P.M. If you survive this Mouse, not only will you be fully restored as a sister but I will put your name on the short list for president of this chapter for you will have proved yourself tougher and more resilient than the rest of us combined. Dismissed!”

With that Diane rapped the meeting to an end. Mouse and I stood up. Wordlessly mouse led me to bathroom of her floor of the house. The other sisters waited while I tried to do my best to brush her teeth. After a while I got the hang of it. Back in the hallway I handed Mouse’s bottle to a sister and Mouse led me to her room. The sisters had erected a cage around the bottom bunk of the bed she slept in. I was instructed to lock my charge in. To my surprise, Mouse kissed me on the cheek just before I locked her in. It was just a peck on the cheek but it felt pretty good.

As I made my way out of the huge Gamma house various sisters came up to congratulate me and thank me for helping the sorority out in their time of need. I don’t think I was imagining it but I got the feeling that if I helped Mouse successfully complete her punishment the Sisters would be more than happy to help me out. If you know what I mean.

The next morning I swung by Gamma to escort Mouse to class. Where the sisters came up with the outfit I’ll never know but there stood Mouse waiting for me. She wore saddle shoes and bobby socks a wide little girl skirt hid her diaper. She wore a thick sweater to hide the points of her tiny breasts and had been outfitted with Hello Kitty backpack. Pigtailed, She looked like some student’s kid sister on a campus visit. Before I could escort her to class I was taken aside by Diane. Mouse’s skirt was hiked up and the matching shorts under it lowered. Protecting Mouse’s diaper was a locking mechanism. They must have spent a fortune on this thing. The catch was inaccessible to the wearer and it opened and closed by a computer code. I was given the code on a slip of paper.

“This is to prevent Mouse from avoiding the consequences of her punishment. She can’t sneak off to the loo and tinkle ans poop like an adult. Here is your diaper bag Stanley, you will need no doubt need it. ”

Diane handed me a very sporting looking bag. It was very manly and looked like a couriers satchel. Inside were several thin, disposable diapers and all the things required to change a baby. I hadn’t changed anyone since my nephew, and he was a few years out of diapers.

Not knowing what else to do I then took Mouse by the hand and we were soon strolling across the quad. Stares we inevitable. I asked Mouse if she had any thoughts. Her voice was very pretty indeed.

“The girls told me that you are a very nice guy. The year ahead is going to suck royally but I will show the sisters what I am made of. Promise me, Stanley that you will be gentle with me always. Frankly, I’m terrified of your size. I’ve already reconciled myself to the fact that you will get to know me as intimately as my gynecologist this year. I can handle that but please don’t man handle me. I know this will be awkward for both of us especially at first. I also know that you are a wizard at math so I will be picking your brains to get me through calculus with at least a B average.”

We talked for a while and I realized that Mouse had a very sweet and vivacious personality We realized that we really liked each other and Mouse said that I seemed as trustworthy as a brother. That made me feel good. Too bad she was such a midget. When We came to her class room she insisted on kissing me on the cheek again. Six hours later and both of our classes for the day were at an end. We had agreed to reunite at the founder’s fountain. Mouse looked a bit distraught. She pulled me away from the crowd and said,

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An Older Man’s Poolside Delight

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His face reddened, veins visible at his temples, eyes closed, and teeth clenched as Vinny grunted, releasing a load of sperm onto a picture of an 18 year old vixen in the pages of the “Barely Legal” magazine that lay in front of him on his bedroom floor. The 51-year-old man lay back on his bed to catch his breath. He finally felt somewhat relaxed. His wife Anne and daughter Marie had left town for a week to visit Anne’s parents leaving the undersexed Vinny some privacy for a change. Not only was Anne growing more and more frigid as she grew older, but her schedule was consistent with her husband’s leaving him little time to even gratify himself in his own home. The stocky built, muscular man reflected for a moment as his head rested upon his pillow. When he met Anne the two of them shared a vibrant sex life. She was a hot bodied, mammoth chested, golden haired prize when they began dating.

“How has it gotten to this point?” wondered Vinny to himself. He now looked forward to showering every day because that, at the very least, left him with his one daily opportunity to stroke his deprived cock. “Well, no sense wasting my time thinking about it,” Vinny told himself, “I’m just gonna concentrate on enjoying the privacy I have this week.” The moment Anne and Marie pulled out of the driveway that morning Vinny was on his way to pick up a few magazines to entertain himself with. Anne was quite disapproving of them, so his opportunities to peruse the pages, enjoying the pictures of the sexy, young women gracing the pages were few and far between. He was especially excited to look at the teenaged girls in the “Barely Legal” magazine.

Younger women, admittedly, were Vinny’s weakness. Both he and Anne were high school teachers and on may occasions he had difficulty keeping his eyes off some of his female students, not to mention some of Marie’s friends. Marie, who was 19, seemingly had an endless string of teenaged friends at their house swimming every day of the summer. Vinny often found himself peering out the window at the girls when Anne wasn’t around. He felt bad doing so, but he just couldn’t help himself. “Plus,” he thought, “there’s no harm in looking and I would never even think of touching any of them.”

As he began flipping through the pages of the magazine again, looking at the pictures of the exposed young pussies, his mind began to drift once again to Marie’s friends. “I wonder if this is what their pussies look like?” he wondered. As the faces and bodies of her teenaged friends drifted through his mind he scanned a picture in front of him of an 18 year old blonde’s pink pussy lips with the soft blonde hair of her pubic bush surrounding it. He began to feel a stirring in his groin again. All of a sudden he was awoken from his lusty thoughts by the sound of the doorbell downstairs. “Shit!” he exclaimed in an annoyed tone, “Who the hell can that be?” He finally had some valuable time to himself and he was already being interrupted. He quickly closed the magazine and shoved it under his bed. He stormed down the stairs and angrily swung open the door.

“Hey Mr. B!” It was his daughter’s close friend Ilana. Vinny’s mood quickly changed from angered to cheerful. Ilana was one of his daughter’s more attractive friends. But he wondered why she was here now. She had to have known that Marie would be away for the week.

“Oh, hi Ilana! Nice to see you. What brings you here today? You know that Marie is gone for the week don’t you?” he questioned with a warm smile.

“Oh yeah, I knew that.” She chirped with a smile of her thin pink lips, “But she and Mrs. B told me last week that if I wanted to come over at all this week to use the pool I had their permission. Is that okay with you?” Her gorgeous, large, soft, blue eyes stared up at him. Vinny examined her eyes and the soft, flawless skin on her face.

“Yeah that’s fine with me! C’mon in!” he said, dirty thoughts creeping into his mind. The 18-year-old girl was dressed in a pair of short, khaki, cotton shorts and a powder blue colored tank top, showing just a hint of cleavage. “You can get changed upstairs in Marie’s room if you’d like.” he suggested.

“Oh, thank you!” she said excitedly. She smiled at Vinny and their eyes locked onto each other’s for a fleeting moment before she headed up the stairs. She wore no make up and didn’t need any either. She was naturally beautiful. Vinny followed her up the stairs. He had the excuse that he was following her upstairs to be polite, but he knew that the truth of the matter was that he wanted to glimpse up the girl’s shorts if possible as she climbed the stairs ahead of him. She entered the room to change, closing the door behind her. Vinny, meanwhile, retreated to his room to make sure that his magazine was adequately hidden from view. A few minutes later Ilana emerged from the room. She was clad in a one-piece navy blue bathing suit. It was a bursa eskort modest suit, with a high neckline. Nothing revealing about it. But Vinny still reveled in the sight of the girl’s teenaged body clad in the tight bathing suit. “Are you going to come outside and go in the pool too?” she inquired innocently.

“Yeah, I don’t see why not.” he answered, “But I still have to change and do a few things inside first. I’ll be out in about 15 minutes.” He smiled warmly at her as his eyes quickly and lustily examined her shapely body.

“Cool!” she said joyfully and bounced down the stairs. Vinny waited, heard the door to the backyard open, then close and he quickly entered his daughter’s bedroom. He made his way over to the window and peered outside, watching as Ilana sat in a chair and applied sunscreen to her short yet slender legs. As he glared lustily at the young girl he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. Piled on his daughter’s bed were the clothes that Ilana had just changed out of. He went over and carefully sorted through them. He lifted up her bra first. He held it to his nose, picking up the scent of perfume that she must’ve applied this morning. It was a lacey, white bra. It was simple enough, yet incredibly sexy to Vinny. The handsome 51-year-old man examined the tag. “34B” it read. He had suspected that her breasts were B cups. He had spent much time this past summer examining her perky young tits through her bathing suits, along with the other friends who Marie had over.

A few moments later he carefully put the bra back on the bed in it’s original position and then proceeded to examine the crown jewel of his findings. He lifted up the skimpy pair of high cut, purple satin, bikini panties that rested on the bed. As he made his way back over to the window he lifted the panties to his nose. He inhaled and lustily reveled in the strong musky odor that the crotch of her panties gave off. As he did this he peered through the blinds as Ilana was wading into the pool, going no further than knee deep on the pool’s steps. Vinny continued to sniff the panties, also sucking lightly on the crotch, which he had discovered, were slightly moist already. He then adjusted them to sniff the full back of the panties, which covered Ilana’s butt. They were virtually odorless. Vinny smiled knowing that she must have a nice tight, clean anus. As he watched Ilana step back out of the pool and make her way back to the lounge chair he decided it was time to change into his own swimming suit and join her outside. A few minutes later he emerged from the house to the delight of the young woman.

“I was beginning to wonder where you were!” she said with a playful smile. Vinny sat down next to her.

“Sorry I took so long.” He told her. “Just had a few things to tend to inside.”

“Oh don’t worry about it! I was only kidding” she said, still smiling at him. “I’m glad you’re out here now. I think I’ll enjoy your company.” Vinny smiled and thanked her for the compliment. They continued to make small talk for a few minutes, exchanging pleasantries and compliments. All the while their eyes examined each other’s bodies and played flirtatiously with each other. After a little while Ilana asked, “Can you do me a favor?”

“Sure.” answered Vinny.

“I couldn’t reach around to put sunscreen on my back and I don’t think I did a very thorough job on the back of my thighs. Do you think you could put it on those areas for me?” Vinny felt his knees go weak and was glad that he was seated when she asked.

“Ummm, well, yeah, sure, I guess.” he stammered. She thanked him then got up and sat at the bottom of his lounge chair in front of him with her back towards him.

“You can start with my back.” she informed him. Vinny took the sunscreen tube, squeezed a little into his hands, rubbing them together and began to apply it to her back. The one-piece bathing suit she was wearing was open in the back leaving a great deal of her exposed to the sun. He savored the feeling of her smooth skin and slightly muscular back as he applied the sunscreen. She had very fair skin that was slightly pink from the vast amount of time she spent in the sun throughout the summer, but she, by no stretch of the imagination, was tan. As he rubbed the lotion into her back he had to push aside her long, loosely curled, golden colored hair that normally cascaded over halfway down her back. It looked absolutely magnificent with the sun shining on it on this hot July day.

After applying the lotion to her back Vinny had Ilana stand up so that he could do the back of her thighs. His hands trembled as he squeezed more lotion into the palm of his rough, masculine hands. She was standing in front of him, with her back towards him, and her lovely behind a mere foot from his face. He slowly began applying the lotion just above her knees, gradually bursa merkez escort moving up her thighs. He stared ahead, almost in a trance like state at her covered ass, which jiggled ever so slightly as he rubbed her upper thighs. He smiled thinking about the conclusion he reached concerning her clean anus only a short time earlier as he sniffed her panties. He desperately wanted to taste her young asshole right now. But he kept his senses and finished applying the sunscreen. “Thank you,” she said, “you’re quite good at that! It felt nice. I’ll have to have you do that more often!” she said playfully. Vinny thought he noticed a somewhat naughty, lusty look in her eyes as she spoke to him, but he brushed it off as his dirty mind digging for a reason to touch this girl in ways he shouldn’t.

They continued to chat with each other throughout the course of the afternoon, growing more and more flirtatious with each other as they went. At about 3:00 Ilana informed Vinny that she’d have to get going. Vinny was disappointed. He had been enjoying the girl’s company along with the obvious lustful thoughts that went along with it. His examining of her body had become more blatant and he even caught her looking at his crotch and muscular chest a number of times. Their afternoon together had stirred an unbelievable thirst for sex in him and he knew he somehow needed it quenched. As she got up to go inside and changed Vinny noticed her erect nipples seemingly ready to burst free from her bathing suit, cutting through the air in front of her.

He got up with her and followed her upstairs, his eyes fixated on her ass the entire time. As they got to the top of the stairs she went into Marie’s room to change and Vinny went to his own room to change. As he dropped his bathing suit and pulled on a pair of boxer shorts he thought of the magazine under his bed. He thought of the young pussies on the pages of that magazine and then thought once again about Ilana. He was dying to see her pussy. Dying to see her bare breasted, to lick her nipples, to kiss her sweet lips, to make love to her like he had been thinking of all afternoon. He knew that she had been checking him out all afternoon. He was sure that he wasn’t mistaken about that. He’d never have another chance like this, especially not when Anne returned home. It’d be back to jerking off in the shower like usual. He had to act. He had to have Ilana and he decided nothing would stand in his way of having her.

Dressed in only a pair of boxer shorts he made his way to Marie’s bedroom. “No sense in knocking,” he thought, “better to just walk right in.” With that thought he swung the door open. Ilana, who was standing with her back to the door while she changed, wearing only those purple satin panties, turned around quickly. She was surprised, not knowing what was going on. She stood still and faced Vinny. Her bare, young breasts hung freely in front of her. Vinny stared at the small, hard, erect, pink nipples that sat so magnificently atop those breasts.

“What’s going on?” she asked calmly. Vinny didn’t answer her. He didn’t need to. They both knew what was happening. He walked towards her and as he got to her reached out one of his rough hands and gently placed it on her supple young breast. She closed her eyes as he rolled her nipple between his fingers then bent forward and kissed her on the lips. As she kissed him back he reached around with his free hand, grabbed her fabulous ass and pulled her towards him.

They became lost in a sea of passion and lust. As he kissed her deeply he crudely groped and fondled her soft ass. His hard cock was poking out of his boxers against the young girl’s thin, yet undefined stomach. He forcefully pushed her onto her back on his daughter’s bed. He helped her wiggle out of her panties and as they dropped to the floor he paused to take in the amazing sight in front of him. As she laid innocently on the bed her legs were spread open for him revealing a beautiful pussy. Her thin outer lips looked somewhat swollen and were protruding just a bit as her inner lips, glazed with her pussy juice, seemed to be jumping out ready to pull him in. Just above her cunt was a fairly small patch of surprisingly dark, thick pubic hair. She shaved her bikini lines and the contrast of her white skin with the dark hair looked amazing. Vinny seemed almost lost as he took in the fabulous sight before her girlish voice snapped him out of his trance.

“Please eat my pussy Mr. B.” she said quietly, almost timidly. Vinny quickly thrust his head between her thighs and began to explore her cunt with his tongue. She tasted incredible and he savored the strong, musky scent that he had early sniffed from her panties. Never in his life had he seen such an exquisite pussy and he enjoyed eating every bit of it. She pushed her cunt against his face as he lapped away at bursa sınırsız escort her. “Uuuugggghhhhh! Fuck Mr. B, that feels so fucking good! Eat my pussy!” she squealed. Just then his tongue darted up to her clit that was protruding from the hood shielding it. He massaged it with the tip of his tongue, quickly sending the sexy young girl into a screaming fit of orgasm. “Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss!!!! FFFFFFuuccccckkkkkk!!! Uggghhhhh!!!” she screamed as she pulled her own nipples and bucked her hips.

“Mmmmmm, you have such a delicious pussy Ilana!” Vinny exclaimed just before he turned her over onto her stomach. He massaged her ass cheeks as she lay still. It was the most fabulous ass he had seen in quite some time. Soft and round, it jiggled a bit as he rubbed it, but not at all fat. He grabbed a handful of her ass in each hand as he massaged it. Then pulling her cheeks apart wide he examined her tight, pink, puckered anus. “Delicious!” he thought. Immediately he thrust his face shamelessly between her butt cheeks rimming her anus with his tongue. Ilana who had never experienced any type of anal stimulation before was moaning once again.

“Ugggghhhhh yesssss Mr. B! Lick my asshole! Lick it good! It feels so good Mr. B!” she squealed in delight. Vinny continued to lick it and suck it before thrusting his tongue into her bowel. As he did so he began to explore her pussy with one of his free fingers. Her ass was twitching as he continued to pleasure both her cunt and asshole. He had managed to open her virgin asshole up quite a bit, squeezing his tongue and later fingers into it. The 18-year-old girl was cumming like she never had experienced before. After a little more playing with her ass Vinny stood over her.

“Are you ready for some cock hun?” he asked excitedly. Ilana could only nod her head as her exhausted body lay on her best friend’s bed. Her eyes widened as she watched Vinny remove his boxers. While it wasn’t very long he had a very thick cock. Along with being thicker than her wrist it had veins popping out of it and looked hard as a brick. She had no idea how he was gonna fit it into her tight little pussy. She followed Vinny’s directions as he instructed her to turn onto her back. She spread her legs and he crawled between them, pushing his cock head against the opening of her cunt. He began to push slowly inside of her. She felt her cunt being stretched wider than ever before. Vinny had forgotten how tight teenaged cunt could be.

After years of fucking Anne’s gaping cunt Ilana’s tight little snatch was a welcome change. After pushing and pushing he finally had his entire length inside of her. With her legs dangling on his shoulders he pounded away at her young pussy with reckless abandon. Her loud screams could be heard throughout the otherwise empty house and most likely beyond. “Mmmmm yes, what a tight little cunt you have baby! Do you like my fat cock in that pussy?”

“Ohhhhhh yesssss!!!!! Ohhhhh god fuck my cunt! Fuck my cunt hard!” Vinny, with all of the force he could muster, drilled the teenager’s drenched pussy relentlessly as she continued screaming. Then, pulling out of her, he turned onto his back and instructed her to ride him. The young girl eagerly mounted his thick cock and began to ride him. She dug her fingers into his chest as her hips began swiveling back and forth as she humped him. As she rode his prick he held her hips, blasting his cock up into her tight cunny. Her hips in constant motion, her gorgeous golden hair covering her beautiful face, she grabbed her nipples, pulling and twisting as she reached yet another orgasm before crashing limply to the bed, complete and utterly exhausted.

“Now for the best part!” thought Vinny. As Ilana lay on her stomach Vinny stood up behind her. “Get on your knees and stick that ass up here!” he commanded her. The suddenly slutty teen seemed to know exactly what was coming.

“Oh yes Mr. B, put it in my ass! PLEASE!” After fingering her ass a little more to loosen it up Vinny placed his cock head at the young girl’s anal rim. “UUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” she moaned as Vinny slowly pushed it into her. She was in a bit of pain but was able to look past that at the immense pleasure her best friend’s dad was giving her by putting his thick cock into her butt hole. Her moans grew louder as he plunged deeper into her bowel. Her tight asshole wrapped tightly around his pulsating cock, seemingly sucking it in deeper. He began pounding in and out harder and harder, deeper and deeper. Pulling the girls hair, slapping her ass as he went.

“Mmmmmm, oh yesssss Ilana, your ass loves my cock doesn’t it!” he grunted, “Take it all bitch, take that fat cock in your ass you little whore!” He drilled her ass with everything he had as the teenager, experiencing yet another orgasm, started to pass out. At the same time Vinny felt his cock exploding into her anus, filling it with his thick, creamy, cum. He collapsed on top of her the two of them on a semi-conscious level, lying motionless together. Just before falling into a deep sleep a very exciting thought crossed Vinny’s mind…he’d have the house all to himself for the rest of the week to fuck his newfound whore as much as he’d like.

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