Step-Stories: Happy Birthday Ch. 03


Group Sex

(See, Step-Stories: Happy Birthday, Parts 1 and 2)

She observed her husband and stepson in the water, dunking each other and generally rough housing as boys do. After a few minutes, they calmed down and began tossing a small football across the length of the pool. She loved watching them together, doing those regular father-son things she knew her husband had dreamed of when her stepson was just a boy.

“Just a boy,” she thought to herself. “Not anymore. I can’t believe how hot he’s gotten.”

The last time she saw her stepson, he was sixteen and just starting to fill out. Still an awkward adolescent, he had been more interested in video games than spending time with his new stepmother. It wasn’t that he resented her presence. In fact, he was happy to know that his father had a companion again and it was easy to see how much they cared for each other. He had just started noticing girls, though, and was disconcerted by the constant erections he would get in her presence. He felt guilty about getting turned on by his stepmother and spent most of his time hiding from her in his room or in the shower, jerking off.

Now, however, he was an eighteen year old stud: football star, junior fireman, and starting at the academy in a few months to become a naval aviator. She knew he had become sexually active, his mother had found an empty condom wrapper in the washing machine last year and called her husband to give them a heads up, and it was easy to see why. His 6’3″ frame, dark blond hair, and green eyes were enough to make any girl wet her panties, but he topped it all off with a perfectly cut physique, maintained by his rigorous routine of running, weight lifting, and sports. The fact that he was here, half naked in her pool, was just a bonus.

She squeezed her legs together again and glanced down at her erect nipples. Her husband had taken such good care of her that morning, bringing her to orgasm twice before breakfast, but she was getting wound up again. She smiled as she remembered the article about a woman’s sex drive peaking in her thirties. The only problem, of course, being that the same study stated that a man peaked at eighteen, which made complete escort gaziantep vip bayan satisfaction slightly more elusive. Her husband certainly knew how to fuck her but she was ready to go again in just a few hours, while he needed 24 to 36 hours to recharge his batteries. As a result, she spent more time masturbating now that she ever had when she was in college and had first discovered porn.

She refocused on the pool, watching the water churn her stepson dove to catch a throw from his father. He came up quickly, one hand on the football and the other reaching up to push his hair from his eyes. As he was retracting an arm to return fire, the sun caught the water on his muscled chest just right and the sparkle made his stepmother gasp. The sound was enough to break his concentration and, as his eyes flicked toward her, the ball flew from his hand, arching over his father’s head and into the tropical shrubs that surrounded the pool.

“Really, son?” his father shouted with a laugh. “Brought down by a pair of tits? Aren’t you used to playing in front of cheerleaders?”

He blushed and began paddling to the side of the pool to retrieve the ball. “Well, I can’t usually see their nipples during the game.”

Now, it was his stepmother’s turn to laugh. “Sorry, buddy. I’ll cover up.”

“No, no,” replied his father. “Leave them out. He needs to appreciate the presence of a beautiful woman instead of those little skirts he’s been chasing.”

His son hoisted himself from the water in front of her and she bit her lip at the sight of his arms. He gave her a little smile and flicked chilly droplets on her as he strode over to the bushes. When he turned, however, her mouth fell open at the sight of the tent in his swimsuit. At her gaze, he glanced down and, seeing what had attracted her attention, held the football in front of his crotch and ran back to the water. The splash of his re-entry caught her and she squealed.

“Get in here, gorgeous,” called her husband. “I could use you on my team!”

She stood up with a grin, removed her sunglasses, strode confidently to the water’s escort gaziantep yabancı bayan edge, and executed a perfect dive into the pool. Staying under water, she swam the length pool, pinching one and then another firm bottom as she passed. When she came up to breathe, both men were swimming toward her with purpose.

“Get her!”

She laughed as the two men chased her around the pool, hands grabbing at her and legs trying to capture her own under the waves. She felt two distinct erections rub her ass and her tits were manhandled more than once. Finally, the splashing stopped and, as the waters settled, she found her way to a sunny ledge in the deep end.

“Mmm,” she murmured, “the sun feels nice. This water is colder than I expected!”

“Baby,” her husband called, “I can see your thermometer from here.”

She cocked her head at him questioningly as he swam toward her, not understanding his reference. He pulled himself up between her legs and pinched her erect nipples. She giggled and arched her chest against his palms.

“Well, why don’t you warm them up for me?”

He glanced over his shoulder at his son, who had exited the water to turn up the thermostat for the pool. Using a free hand to pull down the side of her swimsuit, his hot mouth descended on her breast and he began to suck and nibble her cool flesh. With eyes closed, she ran a hand up his back and tangled her fingers in his black hair, pulling him firmly to her chest. She began to slowly hump his leg and sighed quietly at his expert attention.

The slight noise attracted the gaze of her stepson, who was making his way back to the water’s edge. As he surreptitiously watched his father nurse at his stepmother’s breast, his erection returned and he wet his lips. He could practically feel her fingers in his hair, pulling him closer, and taste her tight bud in his mouth. When he noticed her gentle humping of his father’s thigh, he dropped his hand to discreetly rub the ridge of his cock.

Her eyes fluttered open as the sun went behind a cloud. As her vision cleared, she saw the dark head of her husband escort gaziantep yaşlı bayan bobbing at her chest and, several feet behind him, the intense gaze of her stepson. She smiled dreamily at the boy and allowed her eyes to shut again, relishing each touch experienced under his view. She felt her husband begin to rub between her thighs and spread her legs for him, allowing him to brush the crotch of her suit. Pushing against his hand, she moaned quietly.

“More,” she whispered to his bowed head and was rewarded with the tips of his fingers slipping past the elastic of her swimsuit. He brushed her outer lips, teasing her before slipping two fingers deep into her hole. She moaned quietly and lifted her ass from the ledge, allowing him to enter her fully. Her lips parted as he began to stroke her and her head fell back. He continued to suck on her tight nipples and his thumb contacted her clit, causing the walls of her pussy to contract on his thick digits.

Her orgasm approached quickly and her husband strengthened his grip on her waist, holding her tightly to his hot mouth and hand. A stifled mew escaped her lips and he clamped his teeth down, biting her nipple hard as he furiously rubber her g-spot. Her eyes flew open at the sudden pain and made eye contact with her sexy stepson. No longer trying to hide his observation, he had turned fully toward them and was stroking himself through his board shorts. With a single cry, she began pulsing on her husband’s fingers while looking into her stepson’s deep, green eyes.

Movement at her chest caused her to look down and smooth the hair on her husband’s head. His hand slipped from her swimsuit and he raised his lips from her breast to kiss her.

“How was that?” he asked, with a smile.

“Mmm. You’re amazing,” she grinned and kissed him lightly, squeezing him under the water.

“Let me get you a drink.” Her husband pulled himself up, adjusted his erection, and went inside to pour her another cocktail. He passed his son with a wink. “Need anything from the kitchen?

“Uh, no thanks. I’m good.”

“Thanks for turning up the water. She’s feeling better already.”

As his father stepped into the house, her stepson was surprised to hear his stepmother quietly call his name.

“Huh?” he asked, wondering if she was upset and expecting a reprimand.

“Did you like the show?”


“Don’t even, you know I saw you watching. Did you cum?”

He blushed furiously.


“Too bad. Why don’t you join me? Things are heating up in here.”

To be continued…

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