Son and Mom Have Sex Ch. 02


Alexis Fawx

Please read my original story “Son and Mom Have Sex” to see where this one begins.


Over the next three days, Mom and I talked several times on the phone.

The main theme of these talks was the fact that we didn’t feel guilty about what we had done.

“Harry, I feel so young, so alive, so free, freer than I’ve felt in years. I never imagined that a young, virile guy your age would even want to hug and kiss and touch a fat, old woman like me. I’ve never gotten so hot and wet so quickly in my life. My nipples never felt bigger and harder. You made me cum bigger, harder, more often than I’ve ever done. Harry, you woke me up sexually like never before.”

“Maybe it’s the incest thing, Harry, the fact that mom and son should never do what we did, but damn it, it was the best sex of my life. As soon as the ache goes away in my back, legs and pussy, I want to see if I’m still attractive to you and not just a one-time thing.”

“I love you, Mom, with all my heart and soul. I don’t feel the least bit guilty about what we’ve done. I know Dad treated you like shit, that he cheated on you more times than you can count. He ignored you physically and sexually, and you didn’t deserve that.”

“I promise you, Mom, never to hurt you in the ways Dad did. I’ll be there for you, any time, any where, any time you want. I’ll give you what you want, Mom, just the way you like it.”

“When I get over this soreness, Harry, I just want to do what we did the other night, nothing wild or crazy, nothing weird. I want, no, I need, Harry, you to hold me, kiss me, touch me and play with me like a man should do for a woman. I want that naughtiness of incest to turn me into a hot, horny woman who will fuck her own son without a second thought. Harry, one night with you has me spoiled already. I want you, Harry.”

And when the soreness passed, Mom invited me over for dinner and to spend time with the kids. I knew by the way Mom looked at me from the time I walked into the house that she had plans for me and her later.

Mom didn’t look any different, she didn’t dress any different. It’s just that every time she saw me look at her, she lowered her eyes, looking at the floor, acting shy, flirty.

At the dinner table we sat side by side, and her knee would press against mine every now and then: her hand would brush against mine and I would feel a rush of arousal. As we cleaned up the kitchen after the meal, her body would “accidentally” press against me and I saw the blush in her cheeks.

While I sat in the den with the kids talking, laughing, watching TV, Mom sat across from me in her favorite chair. Her knees no longer pressed tightly against each other, now slightly separated, and when she thought I was looking, her knees parted a little more, coyly giving her son a peek up under the hem of her housedress, up between her legs, a look at her thighs a son shouldn’t see. But she did want me to look, to see her as more than a mom, but as a woman who had wants and needs and wanted me, her son, to fill them.

As the kids gathered up their stuff and headed upstairs to bed, Mom picked up the newspaper, opened it and started to read the paper. As the kids went upstairs, Mom rustled the paper to get my attention, then slowly made a move to cross her legs. It was a slow process for her, giving me, her son, an opportunity to look way up under the hem of her housedress, way up the length of her stocky thighs, all the way up to the flash of her tightly packed panty crotch before she finished the move. Even after she finished the move, I could escort gaziantep sahibe bayan see a good deal of her thighs. She sat like that for several minutes, acting like she was reading the paper, showing me her forbidden skin, until it grew quiet upstairs.

She then put the paper down, slowly uncrossed he legs, then got up and walked across the room to the kitchen doorway. She stood there in the doorway and shyly looked over her shoulder at me. When she saw me begin to get up, Mom walked further into the dimly lit kitchen.

I followed her into the kitchen, saw her standing in the middle of the room, her eyes diverted to the floor. I turned off the last light in the kitchen and walked up to her. I took her hands in mine and felt the electricity in the room.

I leaned down and kissed her lightly on the side of the neck. Mom jumped, aroused by my touch.

“I love you, Mom, like a man loves a woman.” I kissed her neck again, then her cheek.

Mom turned her head and we kissed lightly on the lips several times.

“This is so very, very wrong, Harry, but I can’t deny the feelings surging through my entire body this moment. I ache for your touch, your kiss, the feel of your body against mine.”

I left go of her hands and now held her by the hips. Her arms found my shoulder and the back of my head and she pulled me to her for a lover’s kiss, a long, slow, deep intimate kiss between a man and a woman, the forbidden kiss of a mother and son. The moment was extremely erotic as Mom’s full-figured body pressed against my muscular young body. I felt her large, hard nipples against my chest, even through her bra and dress, her rounded stomach, her puffy pubic mound pressed tightly against my steely erection.

As my hands now found her mature, full-figured ass and I began squeezing, stroking, feeling up her ass, Mom moaned, her mouth opened, her tongue began to work against mine and her hips began to rock and roll, rubbing herself openly against her son’s manhood.

This lasted for several minutes, the two of us discovering just how into each other we really were. Mom wanted and needed the kisses, she wanted me feeling up her ass, caressing her back, she needed to feel my aroused body pressing against hers. She wanted and needed to be seen as a desirable, sexual being. The fact that it was her very own son turning her on to such a fever pitch, the fact that it was her attractive son turned on by her full-figured body, the forbidden, taboo thought of wanton, animal sex with her own son was intoxicating, erotic.

We stayed in the kitchen, kissing, touching until it was quiet upstairs.

I stepped back from Mom, took her by the hand, and we now walked quietly out of the kitchen into the den. We went around turning everything off in the den then moved into the living room. I left go of her hand and watched Mom move to the front door to lock it up. I turned to close and lock the French doors, again closing us off from the rest of the house.

The room was dark, the only light being the streetlight dimly shining through the front window’s curtains and blinds. Mom was in the middle of the room, again standing there, shyly looking at the floor, looking coy, flirty. She reminded me of the girl at the party, across the room, looking at me, acting like she wasn’t really looking.

I walked over to her and took her by the hand, leading her over to the sofa we made love on the other night. Like that previous night, Mom sat with her ass perched on the edge of the escort bayan şahinbey cushion and I sat next to her the same way.

I slipped one arm around her, beginning to stroke her back.

“I like that, Harry, very much. You have the magic touch when it comes to what I need.”

My other hand touched her cheek and Mom turned her head to me.

“Touch me, play with me, make me even hornier than I already am, Harry. My nipples are hard, my pussy’s dripping, I want your big cock in me, fucking me senseless.”

We kissed deeply, intimately, tongue against tongue as my fingers moved down and explored her 42DD titties and large nipples. Man, she was aroused, whimpering and moaning into my mouth, her legs slowing opening and closing, fanning the flames of arousal. Her one hand found the back of my head, pulling me even deeper into her mouth as her other hand briefly felt up my chest and stomach before it settled on my hard cock. I moaned.

Mom’s hand slowly stroked and squeezed my cock, learning everything she could about her son’s love muscle.

“So big, so hard, so thick. Harry, I can’t believe you fucked me so thoroughly the other night, that I so willingly took such a big cock so very deep in my pussy. You were in places I didn’t even know I had, places no man had ever been, driving me crazy with the strength you had, the stamina to fuck me again and again, the desire to please me so completely. I want you now, Harry.”

I ignored her request for immediate satisfaction and again kissed her deeply. My hand moved to the buttons on the front of her housedress and I undid the first two. This allowed me to slip my hand inside her housedress onto her large bra cups, feeling her breasts and nipples even more intimately. She loved it, moaning, feeling my fingers sliding up enough every now and then to touch her bare tit flesh.

Mom emphasized her need for sexual action by pulling down my zipper and pulling out my nine inches of manly cock. She stroked it slowly, enjoying the feel of this cock, her son’s cock, the most taboo of cocks, jacking off her own son. The precum that bubbled out of the head she rubbed into the head with her thumb.

My hand on her tits now moved down across her rounded stomach, down her thigh to her knee, then up along the inside of her thigh. Mom sighed and spread her legs for me. Her panty crotch was hot and wet and she again jumped when I touched her crotch.

“Yes, Harry, yes, your mom needs you to touch her there just like that. I need you to work your magic on me, baby, give me what your dad couldn’t or wouldn’t.”

I slipped my hand under her, grabbing at her panties and pulling them slightly off her ass. This loosened them up enough that I could bring that same hand back to the front of her panties, up to the waistband. She let out an “Oooh!” as my hand moved down inside the front of her panties, over her hairy, puffy mound and into her pussy from the front.

“Nice hot, wet pussy, Mom. You want my hand here, don’t you? You want your son’s hand in your panties, in your pussy, getting you off, don’t you?”

“Yes, Harry, I admit it. I think about you and me, sexually, time and time again during the course of the day. I think of you, your lips, your hands, your muscular body. I think about your monster cock in my hand, moving between my legs, pressed against my pussy lips. I think about your big cock in me, in my tight little pussy, how naughty, how nasty, how erotic the fucking is, mom and son, and how much I want to cum on escort şahinbey your cock and feel you cum up inside me. How, except for a few years, how dangerous your cock, your cum would be to me when it comes to making babies. Yet how much I’d like that.”

We French- kissed for several minutes while I finger-fucked Mom’s pussy and she stroked my cock. Her hips rocked and rolled, driving my finger even deeper into her.

“Shit, Harry, I’m close, very close. Your cock in my hand, your finger in my pussy, your tongue in my mouth……”

“Maybe my tongue licking your nipples, Mom, my lips sucking your nipples, my teeth nibbling of your nipples….”

“Harry, Harry, Harry, my son, my lover, ooooh…..”, Mom wailed, as her body was consumed by the biggest, most painful orgasm of her life. “Harry, Harry, Harry”, Mom whimpered again and again as her body shook from head to toe.

Her ass finally settled back down on the sofa as the orgasm passed and she fought for breath for a minute or two before her eyes opened.

“Take off your panties, Mom. ”

Mom slid her panties down her thighs, past her knees and they now fell to her ankles. I watched intently as she moved her feet and her panties lay pooled on the floor.

I stood up and turned to face her. I watched my mom now turn and lay on her back on the couch. Then she drew her legs up, bent at the knees and made sure I was watching as the hem of her housedress slid up her thighs. Mom slowly opened her thighs wide, her open pussy and rounded ass on display for only her son.

“Take off your pants and boxers, Harry. Take them off and come fuck me before I explode. I want your dick, Harry, up inside me, now.”

I did as I was told, removing my pants and boxers and climbing up between her forbidden thighs. I stretched out over her and felt the large, swollen head of my cock press against Mom’s pussy lips.

“Do me, Harry. Fuck me, fuck your mom. Fill me with your cock, your cum, your spunk. Make babies with me, Harry. Please!”

I pushed and felt Mom’s pussy yield to my rigid cock. Little by little, inch by inch, she took her son’s incestuous cock deeper and deeper into tight little pussy.

“Mom, your pussy is stretching for me, fitting my cock like a glove. Oh, Mom, I love you.”

“Give it to me, baby. Fuck me hard, fast and deep. Make me cum. Cum in me. Make us one.”

And for the next hour or more, I fucked Mom just like she wanted. I fucked her relentlessly, making the couch creak and squeak, making Mom moan and groan, her legs wrapped around me, her heels digging into my ass, her fingers ripping the shit out of my back.

And time and time again, I heard “Harry, Harry, Harry”, as Mom had orgasm after orgasm. And I pumped cum into her again and again and again, orgasming like it was my last night on earth.

Believe me, Mom fucked me every bit as furiously as I fucked her. Her legs worked to lift her full-figured ass off the couch every time I stroked into her, her legs relaxing on my out-stroke. She breathed hard, sweated like an athlete, matching me one for one. It was a valiant effort, but eventually we had nothing more to give each other. We both were totally spent.

Like the previous night, I again rolled us over on our side, still locked together, and spent a fair amount of time enjoying each other’s body and the afterglow of a proper fuck.

“Mom, you are definitely not a one-night stand. You as a woman and a mom turn me on emotionally, sexually. I want to please you every way I can. I know you’ve been deprived of love, attention, sex for a long time, so whenever you want me back here to hold you, kiss you, touch you and fuck the daylights out of you, just say so. The ball’s in your court .”

“Thank you, Harry. I love you and love how you make me feel. Once you leave tonight, stay close to the phone.”

And when I left her, I knew there was more to come.

And there was…

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