Spying Ch. 01


Big Tits

Candy left school early on a sunny Friday afternoon. Pep rallies weren’t really her thing so who really cared if she wasn’t there. She started walking the two blocks to her Uncle Jamie’s house. He was usually home during the day and could give her a lift to her house on the other side of town. Even thought she was 18, her parents wouldn’t get her a car. And since they both worked during the day, she couldn’t use one of theirs.

Candy was a pretty girl. She had honey blonde hair and big green eyes. She was a petite girl. Standing only 5’2, she was slim with firm breasts, a narrow waist and slim hips. Even though she was short, she had long legs. Her ex-boyfriend always said her legs were great. And at the moment, they gracefully led her down the street away from her high school.

It was a warm day in May so Candy enjoyed the walk to her Uncle’s. The sun was shining, flowers were starting to push up from the earth, and the squirrels were happily running up and down trees. As Candy approached her Uncle’s House she walked around back, he escort gaziantep suriyeli bayan always left the back door unlocked. Her Uncle Jamie was a landscaper so he had a beautiful yard. There was an in ground pools right off the deck and behind that was a lush lawn filled with flowers and pretty little trees. She started up the deck when she heard a groaning noise. Puzzled, she slowly peered down the deck towards the pool. Her eyes opened wide in shock. Her Uncle Jamie was lying naked on a reclining lawn chair, his right hand moving up and down in his lap. Her uncle was masturbating by the pool! His eyes were closed and his fist was wrapped around his tool, stroking it gently. She could hear him groaning gently and muttering something. Candy quietly crossed the deck behind her uncle and came up on his right where there was a trellis that would hide her watching form.

Candy looked through the holes in the trellis at her Uncle’s naked form. She never noticed how attractive he escort gaziantep türbanlı bayan was. He was only twenty six, her mother’s youngest brother, and he had a tanned muscular body. He had dark hair and pretty hazel eyes. And from what she was seeing now, he had a huge cock. Candy felt her pussy grow wet in her tiny shorts. Uncle Jamie’s hand started to move up and down faster on his shaft. She could hear him better now. He was groaning loudly now and talking dirty.

“Oh Yeah, that’s it baby. Treat your Uncle Jamie right.” She heard him say. “Candy, baby, that’s it stroke your uncle’s big hard cock, that’s it baby. Yeah”

Candy’s eyes grew wide again. He Uncle just said her name. Her Uncle was thinking about her while he was masturbating! She didn’t know why, but this made her really hot. She stuck a hand down her pants and found her wet, waiting pussy. Her fingers dipped down to retrieve her juices and traveled back up to her clit. She rubbed the sensitive escort gaziantep ücreti elden alan bayan little nubbin like there was no tomorrow. Only a few feet away, her uncle was moaning her name loudly, slamming his fist on hi meat. Candy leaned against the wooden beams of the trellis, her free hand reaching up under her shirt, lightly pinching on her nipple.

Candy knew her uncle Jamie was close to cumming. His movements were more frantic, his moans louder than before. “That’s it baby girl. I’m gonna cum on your sweet little titties. You want that Candy? You want my man juice all over you firm tanned titties. Oh Yeah, I’m cumming baby, I’m Cumming!”

Uncle Jamie exploded all over his tanned muscular thighs. His load seemed to keep coming and coming. This set Candy off. She pinched her nipple hard while her fingers sent her soaring over the edge.

After recovering, Candy removed her hand from her shorts and brought them up to her mouth. She greedily licked her juices off her fingers. She noticed Uncle Jamie had put on his trunks and hopped into the pool. Quietly she made her way across the deck to the side of the house. Once there she adjusted her clothing and prepared to walk up the deck nonchalantly. Her mind was reeling. As she walked toward the deck she smiled mischievously. She knew what she was going to do. She walked over to the edge of the pool as Jamie came up from under the water.

“Hi Uncle Jamie, What’s up?”

To Be Continued…

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