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Dr. Mabuse’s Stories of Incest: Dan and Connie

Hello, my name is Dan. I graduated from high school in 1971 and attended community college the following fall. My part time job just barely covered college expenses and party money, so I was still living with my parents. My sister, Connie, graduated high school the year before me and married her longtime boyfriend this summer. Connie and her husband had a one bedroom apartment in a brick four family flat which are very common in the south end of our city. Connie’s husband had received his draft notice later that year and to avoid being drafted, he enlisted in the state National Guard.

While he would not be away for several years, he still had to do six months of basic training starting in March. The neighborhood they lived in was relatively safe but Connie did not want to be by herself for those 6 months. They asked me if I would live at their apartment with Connie while he was gone and that I could use their living room as my bed room. The living room had the good stuff, their stereo, tv, and a couch that had a hideaway bed. My sister and I were not that close but we got along very well together and I didn’t have to live with my parents for six months. I was all for it.

March rolled around. Connie gave me a key the morning her husband was shipping to boot camp and I moved in the next day. I didn’t have much, just a box of clothes and my favorite records. We didn’t see much of each other during the day because of our schedules. Connie worked for the city government at 8 in the morning and my first class didn’t start until about 10. I went to work after classes and wouldn’t get to the apartment until about 8 in the evening. I usually brought home fast food for us as neither one of us were much for cooking. Connie has quiet that first week when her husband left. She eventually perked up. It was much like when we were younger in the evenings. We would sit on the couch and watch TV until Carson was over. I would be wearing briefs and maybe a T shirt while Connie always wore oversized college T shirts. Connie looked the same after a year or so marriage, same platinum blond hair in a flip, big green eyes, and nice petite body with about a 34c bust and hips that could be somewhat smaller. The only real hassle about living there was pulling the bed out of the couch and pushing it back in the morning.

Everything was going good except when May rolled around. Connie’s husband told us that they would be in a 2 month security black out and that she would not hear from him and she could not contact him by phone or mail. Connie was assigned a special project at work that required overtime and weekends for that month. I was concentrating on finals and trying to work as well. May was all work and no play. Connie and I made a deal that when her project was over in June that we would celebrate and have some fun.

Summer came early that May. The temperatures were in the high 80’s during the day really didn’t cool off in the evenings. It was very uncomfortable as the only window air conditioner was in the bedroom and the living room stayed warm. Connie and I were watching TV on the couch after my sleepless warm night.

“Dan, it is too hot in here for you and really too hot to watch TV in here. Let’s move the TV into the bedroom and you can sleep in my bed. There should be plenty of room for both of us in that king size one.” said Connie.

I completely agreed and moved the TV to the top of her bedroom dresser. It was so nice to be in a cool room and a very comfortable bed. Lacking sleep from the other night, I feel asleep before 10. I woke up around 5 in the morning snuggled next to Connie with my arm around her waist and my hard dick in my briefs pushing on her back. She appeared to be asleep and I slowly untangled myself as I didn’t want to cause any embarrassment for me or her. As the hot days continued, I slept with my sister in her bed.
There were more times that I snuggled with her and at times she was asleep holding me and sometimes had her head resting on my chest. I enjoyed her snuggling and loved to smell the perfume in her hair from the day before. Neither one of us said anything to each other about it. I wondered if she enjoyed it too?

Eventually, the first weekend of June came around. My classes were over and Pam’s project duty had ended with a large overtime check to spend. Connie suggested that we go to a nice place for dinner (on her) and go dancing somewhere. She used to go dancing with her husband every Saturday night and she really missed it. Connie even commented that it was like having a date but it wasn’t cheating since I was her brother. I was anxious to go and be in the company of an attractive woman. Honestly, since school was out and my co workers were all male, there were not many opportunities to meet new women and go out on a date. I could see that Connie had a couple of tough months and really needed to be treated right with a lot of attention. escort gaziantep özbek bayan I told Connie that I would take care of everything and she would have a special evening. Little did either of us know how special it would turn out.

Saturday afternoon and we were busy getting ready for the evening. There was some real excitement in the air as we were anticipating having a good time which we hadn’t experienced for awhile. I had this black low turtleneck T to with this great leisure outfit. It was about 6 o’clock and I was killing time watching TV, waiting for Connie to finish getting ready. She walked out of her bedroom and I was stunned. She had on this great green blouse, white mini skirt, wide leather belt with a lot of brass, and knee high white boots.

“What do you think?” asked Connie as she twirled around

“I think every man will be jealous of me tonight” I said as I could not take my eyes off her. I put my arm around her waist and said “let’s go”. We walked down the stairs of the flat and it was then I noticed that Connie wasn’t wearing a bra that night. They jiggled so nice as we descended to the street. We walked down the street to where we usually park our cars and stopped next to this black El Dorado. Putting out the keys, I opened the passenger door and said “step in”

“Where and how did you get this great car?” exclaimed Connie.

“My boss let me borrow his since I wanted something nice for a special occasion and he owed me a favor for covering for one of his screw ups. You like? Feels nice not having to drive those wrecks we’re driving. Sit back and enjoy!” said Dan as he pulled away from the curb in the smooth comfort of this El Dorado. Connie was impressed!

“Where are we going for dinner?” asked Connie

“Its’ a surprise” I said

“Well, here, you need this” said Connie as stuffed a roll of bills into my pocket. “This is my treat from the overtime money but I know you don’t want me giving you this at the restaurant or paying the bill, myself”

“Thanks Connie, you know how guys are even if they are as broke as I am” I said with a laugh. It was when she was sliding the money into my pocket that I noticed what nice nails my sister had. They were very smooth and polished with a pearl color that matched her lipstick. We drove down the highway with the radio turned up. The station was playing Billy Preston’s “Will it go round in a Circle” and Connie was bobbing side to side, singing along with lyrics. We pulled up to a brightly neon lighted building as two valet parking attendants opened our doors and ushered us in.

“The Playboy Club!” exclaimed Connie, “How did you manage this?”

I leaned over and whispered in her ear, “My boss gave me his club key. He said the steaks are the best in town and the dance floor on the second level is great.” We were escorted to the front counter where I showed the house bunny the club key and told her we had reservations for dinner. Bunny Diane came over, escorted us to our table, and asked us for our drink order. Neither one of us was 21 yet but if you got in you were served. Connie just looked at me funny not knowing what to order but I told the bunny to bring vodka Collins for both of us which broke Connie into a big smile.

“I’m glad you know what to order. I don’t want to look stupid here.” Connie whispered to me. “Was does a Collins taste like?”

“They are kind of like lemonade but real tart with some orange flavor” I said. The bunny brought our drinks and handed us our menus. The food order was going to be easier than our drink order. We toasted our drinks and I could see that Connie really liked the taste of her Collins. We placed our steak orders and as expected, the meal and service was exceptional. I kept the conversation light and avoided bringing up the subject of work or her husband. We had ordered our third round of Collins drinks and Connie was feeling the effect as she was very relaxed, almost giddy. I paid the tab and we took our drinks up to the second floor were everyone was dancing. There was a DJ playing records with the volume cranked up and as many lighting effects as you could pack into a single room. Connie and I danced for about an hour before I went to get another set of drinks.

As I came back, Connie said “So many guys really liked the way we danced and wanted to dance with me. I told them that you were my husband and we don’t share dance partners!”

We took a breather, finished our drinks, and danced for another hour or so. The DJ finally played a slow big band song as it was getting later in the evening. Connie and I held each other close and we slowly glided across the dance floor to the music. I could feel Connie’s nipples pushing into my chest and for the first time ever, I was getting a hard on just being close with my sister. It felt nice and I was enjoying the moment. When the song ended, Connie wanted to leave as porno videolar her feet where starting to really hurt in those white boots. I put my arm around her and we walked to the entrance where the valet parking attendants had the El Dorado waiting. I slipped them a few bucks, they closed our doors and we were headed for home. While we were dancing, apparently a big thunderstorm has passed through the city. Everything was wet and large puddles of waters slid across the polished Cadillac. We were both quiet for about half the trip home and I guess we were catching our breath and feeling the effects of Tom Collins and dancing. Connie starting talking, telling me what a great time she had and how nice the surprise was. It was the best time she had in a long while. Me too! As we parked close to the apartment, I could see that the thunderstorm had knocked out the power in our neighborhood. The street lights were working so getting to the building wasn’t too bad. I held Connie closely with my arms around her waist as I didn’t want her to trip from the wet pavement or the dark streets.

We felt our way up the darken stairway and spent what seemed to be the longest time trying to fit the door key in the lock. For some reason, we broke up in a fit of laughter over it and finally the key slid and we were able to open the door. The apartment was very dark with only some ambient light from the street lamps below. I told Connie to feel her way to the couch and I’d find some matches to light a candle or something. I felt my way to the kitchen and searched for the stove. The pilots never worked well and I knew that we had some matches lying on the top of the stove. I swept my hand across the top and grabbed a match book. I felt my way to the bedroom where Connie had some scented candles that were more for scent than for light but it was all we had. I lit a match to see where the candles were and got one lit before the match burned out. I lit another match and ignited another scented candles. I found two more and lit them from the candle in my hand. It felt real stuffy in the room so I opened the windows and let some rained soaked cooler air in. I took the original candle and went back into the living room to guide Connie into the bedroom. It was so quiet with no power in the area. Connie said there was an old transistor radio in the top drawer which might work but she had no idea how old the battery was. I rustled through the drawer and found the radio. I fiddled with the station dial and got a classical station to come through clear and didn’t sound too bad through its small speaker. Connie was lying on the bed with her boots hanging off the edge. I slipped off my jacket and shoes and climbed in.

“Dan? Would pull my boots off? My feet really hurt and I can’t get them off” exasperated Connie.

“OK and hey, I’ll even massage your feet too” I replied.

I walked over the edge on the bed where her feet were dangling. Her feet must have swelled somewhat from all the dancing and the boots were on tight. Very gently I angled each boot to one side and each slid off with a slight whooshing sound. I started to rub each foot, starting with the arches, working to the toes, and back. Her feet were very warm from being in those boots and I could tell that her arches had been cramping. I worked her feet until the muscles started to relax and her “that feels good” subsided. I took my socks off, climbed back in bed, and propped myself on a pillow next to Connie.

“I’m sorry about the power. It wasn’t the best way to end this evening” I said

“No, this is actually very nice and I had wonderful time this evening” sighed Connie. Connie turned to me and gave me a very nice kiss. As she pulled back slightly, I watched her lips smile in the candlelight.

“I would like to that again, it was very nice also” I whispered. I kissed my sister again and this time the kiss was lasting longer. I’m not sure why I did it but I slipped my tongue into Connie’s mouth. Instead of turning away, her mouth was eager to share mine. I think I knew at that point what we going to do and that we were both hungry for sex. The french kissing continued for awhile as I slipped her green blouse from underneath her belt and slid my hand to her breasts. Her breasts were so firm as I massaged each one and rolled each nipple. My cock was so hard in my pants. I rolled on top of my sister, her thigh across my hard imprisoned cock, feeling her breasts, and kissing down her neck. I unzipped her blouse in the back and eased the blouse through arms and over her head. What beautiful breasts! They slung down low from her shoulders but rose high from chest making her nipples stick high in the air. And what nipples! Each one was small but each harden nipple stuck out another a quarter of an each. I kissed down to each breasts and I don’t think that I ever sucked on such great nipples as these. Connie moaned every time I sucked on her nipples and rus escort bayan gaziantep she was pushing her thigh harder in my crouch which pushed my hip more on her pussy.

“Let’s get naked” I whispered to my sister.

She looked me with a very sexy smile and happy green eyes as I stepped off the bed and removed my clothing. As my briefs slid down, I knew from the look on her face that I was hung bigger than her husband. I bent over Connie and unbuckled her belt and unzipped the side of her miniskirt. Slowly sliding the skirt off, I could feel the heat of her body, the smoothness of her pantyhose as my hands and her skirt ran down her legs. Very gently, I peeled the pantyhose from her legs and there my sister, Connie lay naked in front of me, blond hair, green eyes, small hard nipples, light brown pussy hair, and a wanton smile. I worked my mouth up her calf and thigh while climbing back into bed. kissing and licking on the way to where I wanted my tongue to be. I began slowly kissing around her pussy lips, gently spreading them to where I could place my wet tongue between them.

“Mmmm, no one has ever done that to me” sighed Connie “I have wondered what it felt like” “It gets even better” I mumbled through her muff.

The more I licked, the more I was able to feel, kiss, lick everywhere. My tongue ran up and down the insides of her pussy lips, her clit, the folds, and at the edges of her passion hole. As she was enjoying every lick, I pushed her legs over each shoulder. I sucked on her hard little clit and ran a finger in her. She was getting very wet as my tongue replaced that finger. Her breathing started to get harder, and her moans louder. I took my mouth back to her clit, sucking on it and tonguing it at the same time. With that Connie screamed out in orgasm and pushing my face hard on her pussy. After a few orgasms bucked through her body, she relaxed enough for me to start kissing across her stomach back to her face. We exchanged some very delicate kisses as she finally touched my naked cock for the first time. It was already sticky from precum as I was eating her.

“I told you it got better” I whispered

“God, that was so good!” she panted “I want that every night!” She started to stroke me, playing with my balls, and feeling my ass. “I can’t wait, get in me!”

I maneuvered between her legs and slowly slid my cock between her pussy lips. Connie has very wet but she was so tight. Her pussy had the warmest, softly tight hold of my cock of any girl I had been with. She let out a few grunts as I eased my entire shaft into her. Very slowly at first and then faster, I began to pump her. As I was going faster, I raised her ankles over my shoulders. I was pumping her very rhythmically and with a free hand alternately massaged a breast and her clit. Connie has rolling and bucking her hips towards me, moaning loader.

“Oh God” she screamed as she hit her ultimate orgasm.

I kept pumping as I was not quite ready yet. Then I came to the realization that I’m fucking my sister, my real sister! We both loved what we are doing! With that, I came the hardest I ever had in my life. We both collapsed and I rolled on my back. Connie rolled over and snuggled with her face on my chest.

“Oh that felt so good” I whispered

“Dan, you are the best” Connie whispered.

Connie snuggling me prompted a question. “Connie, did you know that we snuggled a lot over the last few weeks and did you like that? I asked

Connie replied” Yes, I really liked doing that but didn’t know how you felt. I loved waking up to felt your hard cock against my back but this felt even better. Now get some sleep, I’m tired”

With that we both dozed off. I woke up about 10 the next morning. Apparently the electricity came back on. Connie had fresh coffee waiting for me. She had closed the windows and had the AC on. The candles had burned down and extinguished themselves and the transistor radio battery went dead overnight. I sat up, propped a pillow, and took a drink of coffee with a freshly showered Connie next to me.

“Connie, I had a great time last night and I’m not talking about the time at the Playboy Club. I know that being brother and sister, we shouldn’t be doing it but I have no regrets and I loved it” I said.

Connie looked lovingly into my eyes and gave me a light kiss. “Dan, I loved it too. It was the best sex I ever had. I know what people say about incest but I don’t care. I’m not ashamed of what we did, we both enjoyed it, and I feel that I really not cheating on my husband either. I want to do this as often as we want and snuggle as close as you want” said Connie “In fact, I think fucking my brother is so erotic and so nasty. Now go get a shower. You’re still sticky from yesterday”

I climbed out of bed and grabbed a quick shower. As I was rinsing off the soap, I thought about what Connie said and agreed with it all. I dried off and jumped back in Connie’s bed, just your average naked brother and sister drinking coffee together.

“You look and smell better now” laughed Connie “would you like this for breakfast?” as she spread her legs. “I really enjoyed getting my pussy licked”

I sat my coffee cup down and rolled my sister on top of me in a sixty nine position. “If you want more licking, you better get used to this position!” I said.

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