Spare the Rod Ch. 1



At 17 Katey went to live with her big sister. Coming from a large family there was quite an age difference, with Mary being the oldest and Katey being the youngest there was almost 16 years difference in their ages, and a good 20 years difference between Katey and her Brother in law Scott.

Scott had always held a special place in his heart for Katey. It was hard not to. She was only 5 when he married her sister and moved to the neighboring state, and Katey came to stay with them many times. Snuggling up to him like a little kitten when she was younger, and retaining that playfulness when she grew older. He’d always felt very fatherly towards her and loved her. This had never been a problem until she hit her teen years.

Katey developed a very sexy body by the time she was 13, and with each year her package got sexier and hotter. Scott noticed, every man around her noticed. And Katey was so happy and friendly that she drew people to her like flies to honey. When Katey was 18 she came to live with Scott and Mary for the summer to help Mary out with her 10-year-old twin boys.

Scott found it more and more difficult to keep his hungry eyes from wondering to his sister in laws tight body. She spent most of the summer with the boys by the back yard pool, her tanned lithe body barely contained in the skimpiest of bikinis. When Mary commented on that, Katey called her a prude. Katey seemed very comfortable in her skin. Whereas Mary was very straight laced and not the fun girl that Scott had married all those years ago. Mary threw her whole self into motherhood, saving no time or energy for Scott or their marriage. Scott had tried many times to change this, but he finally just accepted that the distance between them had thrown them more into the role of roommates than lovers. Mary seemed to lose all interest in sex after the twins were born.

Scott found himself thinking about Katey more and more. He watched her day after day and found himself having more boners than he’d had in years. He enjoyed being aroused, and entertaining different fantasies about Katey as he relieved his aching balls. His favorite times were playing in the pool with Katey and the boys. This gave him an excuse to touch her, feel her firm young body, and rub against her ample breasts. It seemed her nipples were always hard as erasers, standing at attention, tormenting him. He noticed how they tormented others also. Each might Katey went out with a group of kids from the neighborhood, or had them over to swim. Scott noticed how at ease she was with everyone, playful, funny. There always seemed to be a lot of wrestling going on in the pool, and Katey seks hikayeleri was always right in the middle of it.

One day he took the afternoon off from work, Mary was taking the boys to a children’s play over in the next town. Scott thought he’d go home and change and then get in a round of golf. As he walked through the house he glance out by the pool and almost creamed in his pants. There was Katey, laid out on a lounge chair, topless, with one hand down her bottoms and one hand tugging at her nipple. The backyard was very private, and Katey thought she was all-alone. Scott approached the screen door and he could hear her moaning ‘mmmmmm yes Scottie, right there, touch me, it feels so good.’ Scott was paralyzed. Scottie, was what she had always called him, but never in that deep sexy voice.

Not even remembering moving, he was standing over her, casting a shadow over her half naked body. He was rubbing his cock through his pants when she opened her eyes. His heart stopped, he thought she might scream, or run, but instead she looked up at him through half open passion filled eyes and licked her lips.

‘K-K-Katey, what are you doing?’ Scott stammered.

‘Thinking of you……’ she moaned and he saw her fingers pinch her nipple.

Her eyes lowered to where his hand was slowly pressing against his hard cock. Again, she licked her lips.

‘Maybe you should go inside an get some clothes on…’ Scott suggested.

‘Maybe you should stay out here and take some clothes off….’Katey countered with a smile.

Scott was speechless. Here was his wife’s sister, smiling up at him so sweetly, and so invitingly, while she continued to play with herself.

She stopped playing, threw one leg over each side of the end of the lounge chair, and reached up for his hand. He held it out to her and she tugged him down til he was sitting on the end of the lounge, between her legs.

‘Scott, I’ve seen how things are with you and Mary. You act like brother and sister. I love my sister, but I see how devoted she is to those boys, and how she doesn’t take care of her man. I think it’s such a waste. I want to help…’ Katey pulled Scott’s hand to her breast. ‘Touch me, it’s alright. I’ve been wanting you for so long. Every boy I’ve ever had has been a poor subsitute for you.’

‘Katey what are you saying?’ Scott said hoarsely. He was lightly running his fingers over her breast and watching the nipple tighten up even more, matching the tightness in his groin.

‘I want you Scott. I’ve wanted you for a very long time but I knew that we couldn’t act on it . So I’ve been escort gaziantep şişman bayan trying to transfer these feelings I have for you to others, but it’s not working. I’ve seen you looking at me, and I know you want me too…..’ She moaned as Scott firmly cupped her breast in his hand.

‘Katey, I don’t think…’ that’s as far as he got, and as far as he thought, because at that moment, her hand found his hard erection and traced the long firm line of it in his pants. ‘Oh God….’ He groaned.

‘Just touch me a little, Feel how wet I am for you.’ Katey instructed as she guided his hand into her bikini bottoms.

She was liquid fire. He could feel her heart beat, there in the warm wetness of her pussy. That was the final straw; his fingers gently stroked her hot lips as his mouth found hers. Both of them groaned and gave up any thought of stopping. Before they knew it Scott’s clothes were gone and he was devouring Katey. Nibbling at her neck, down to her breasts. As he licked her nipples her hands tightened on his back ‘Oh yes Scottie, suck my nipples, that feels so good, it goes right down to my pussy.’

Her words spurred him on hotly. He gave the other nipple equal attention and she ground her bikini-covered mound against his leg, burning into him. He worked his way down to her stomach, tongueing her belly button. He could smell her musky heat and was salivating for a taste of her. He pulled off her bottoms and looked at her shaved pussy, it beckoned him to sample her delicacies.

They were both panting as he traced her outer pussy lips with his fingers. Katey made a deep animal sound. ‘What do you want little one? Tell me.’ All at once Scott felt very powerful, almost wanting to make her pay for all these weeks that he’s been lusting after her.

‘Please, Please, take me…’ she begged.

‘Are you sure,’ he said as he ran his finger around her throbbing nubbin, making her arch her back and squeeze her breasts. ‘I’m not one of those boys you’ve been playing with, I’m old enough to be your father.’ He saw an odd light come into her eyes.

‘You’d be my hot, sexy, Daddy. Making me so hot, Daddy. Making me so wet, Daddy.’ She groaned as Scott’s finger slid into her hot, wet pussy. He could feel her walls squeeze his finger every time she called him ‘Daddy’. And in turn, when she looked at him like that, and called him Daddy like that, he almost shot his load.

She rode his finger as he pushed it deeper and added another. He lowered his mouth to taste her juices. The moment his tongue touched her pussy she made a keening noise escort gaziantep sınırsız bayan that rang through him right to his cock. Her hips rose and fell, she pulled at her nipples. ‘Oh, yes, that’s soooo good. MMMMMMMMMore, I need more’

Scott now had 3 fingers in her as he sucked at her clit, she was going into a frenzy, making little animal noises. But Scott wanted more… He raised his head and withdrew his fingers, she panted, thrashing her head from side to side. She was so sexy, he loved watching her, knowing that he was making her this way, he wanted to play, he wanted to get nasty, ‘You are such a hot little girl, such a naughty girl. Laying out here, touching yourself, making yourself so wet, making Daddy so hard.’ He ran a finger from her clit to her puckered pink hole. Katey arched off the cushion. ‘Talk to me, tell me what you want.’

Katey looked him right in the eye and breathed, ‘I want your cock Daddy, Fuck me, I’m such a bad girl, I want your cock.’ She sat up and wrapped her hand around his engorged cock, her other hand ran up his torso until he leaned back a little and her mouth found his nipple and sucked. Her tongue darted out to play with the hard bud and then traveled to the other one, all the while her hand expertly stroked his cock. Her tongue snaked down his stomach, dancing in and out of his belly button until finally, her mouth engulfed what it could of his hard cock. Scott groaned, ‘You better stop or I won’t last long at all.’

Katey ran her tongue around his cock head and then pulled her mouth away and looked up at him with a dangerous glint in her eye, ‘Make me, Daddy’

Scott came over her until his body pinned her to the cushion ‘Well, you are a naughty little girl aren’t you, and you know what they say ‘Spare the rod, spoil the child’ I have a very special rod for you, young lady…’ and with that he plunged his hard thick cock into her dripping pussy.

Katey threw her head back and her arms around his back, ‘Yes Daddy, give me your rod, punish me hard Daddy. Oh yes, harder, such a big rod Daddy.’

Scott pounded into her welcoming heat. Feeling all the blood rush from his other extremities to the one that was getting all the glory. ‘Daddy’s rod is only for you Katey, Daddy loves giving his little one the rod, Take it Katey, Oh baby, baby….’


Scott gave it all he had as he emptied himself into her.

‘POUND ME DADDY, UGH, UGH, UGH, UGH AAAAAAA YES YES YES I’M CUMMING, FILL ME UP’ Katey cried as she wrapped her legs around him and came with him.

After a while, they both seemed to come to the present. They looked at each other, surprised and pleased and satiated. ‘That was incredible…’ ‘It’s going to be a long hot summer’ ‘And we’re gonna make it even hotter…’

This is my first try at a story, I’d love to hear what you thought. You can e mail me with suggestions or comments at the address in my profile and please vote.

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