Fireman’s Lift

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I replace the receiver and my hand trembles at the fear of the flames in my garden, silly me fancy lighting the barbeque so close to the wooden fencing? Within minutes I hear the sound of sirens, at first in the distance, but getting closer. I tuck a strand of stray blonde hair behind my ear as I stand transfixed as my garden burns. I compose myself, feeling foolish, what have I done?

The engine pulls up outside my house and the neighbour’s curtains twitch, some even come out into the road feigning concern, meeting the fire brigade I explain what has happened and show them into my garden. A tall handsome, dark haired, green eyed fireman tells me to step aside as he runs past me with a hose in his hands. I’m flattened to the brickwork as a blonde stockier fire fighter joins him taking up the slack. I am frozen to the spot but a third fire fighter takes my elbow and escorts me to safety.

It’s not until we reach the pump that I realise I am shaking, it can’t be from the cold as it’s a warm summers night? He tells me “Don’t worry love it’ll soon be out” my knees buckle as he speaks to me and he can see I am about to fall. Quickly with lightening response he lifts me over his shoulder.

Before I know it I’m sitting in the back of the red vehicle and I’m being offered some water. I notice the strong fingers, no wedding and nicely trimmed nails. He removes his helmet and I look up into dreamy izmir escort blue eyes and observe his cropped hair. I feel myself becoming damp; my black silky knickers are sticking to my engorged pussy folds. He smiles at me with perfect teeth as if he knows what I am thinking. His colleagues are running around outside the pump. Taking off his jacket he places it around me shoulders, his hand catches my left breast and I sigh as his thumb brushes against my hardening nipple.

Sitting next to me he whispers in my ear “Jeez I’m so hard for you, feel” in disbelief I look down into his crotch and see his trousers bulging, I can almost make out the size and shape of his cock. I can’t believe it; a fireman is coming onto me! Now I’m really excited, I can feel my juices dribbling around my bud and leaking out. I’m almost certain he can smell my arousal.

Slowly he unzips his navy blue trousers and pulls down his boxer shorts to reveal a beautiful cock, fully erect with a weeping eye, he has no foreskin and egg sized balls. I can’t take my eyes from it as he asks, no orders me, to turn around and bend over. Half in shock, and half so turned on, I stand up and do as he says. He roughly hitches up my skirt and tugs my delicate knickers to one side. I feel his cock head moving up and down my slit, opening my lips before he thrusts his hips and erection inside me in antalya escort one hard and sudden movement, I’m filled to the hilt.

He fucks me hard and fast like a pair of dogs on heat, I notice his boots and I remember where I am and what I am doing, trying not to cry out in pleasure and pain as he rams me quickly from behind. As he gets faster and closer to cumming I hear a door open. Oh my god I’m going to get caught with my arse in the air and a fireman’s cock in my pussy. Instantly I feel my pussy clench and tighten around his shaft, whether in fear or pure ecstasy, I do not know?

The next thing I know is that I am being turned to face the window; I care not if anyone sees. The blonde fire fighter is climbing the three steps up to join us, a huge smile on his face; he takes my head in his hands and kisses my mouth deeply, tonguing me. I’m so aroused I moan into his kiss mouth, sucking his tongue. “Good girl” he tells me “Now suck this!” he holds his cock is in his hand, foreskin rolled back over his ever so thick and slightly shorter cock than his mate has. I ease forward further to take his phallus into my mouth.

Together the three of us move in synchronisation, I am being pushed and filled from both ends, but I don’t mind. My tits swing and I feel myself rocking on my heels and toes to stay upright as both boys get faster and nearer kayseri escort to ejaculation. If my mouth wasn’t so full I’d be smiling. “This is just the ultimate girls fantasy” I think to myself, just then the door behind me opens and the dark haired green eyed fire fighter looks in, I hear him chuckle just before climbing in the cab beneath my feet.

Oh wow I can’t believe it his face is next to my pussy, his tongue is caressing my clit and I gulp harder on the cock in my mouth, thrusting back on the cock behind me. The engine feels like it’s swaying as the four of us encourage each other. I am so hot and wet I hear only moans of pleasure and slurping and sucking, would it be possible for us to all cum together?

I can’t hold on much longer, the incessant licking of my bud and fucking of my pussy is driving me insane, I take the cock from my mouth and wank it to my face, afraid of biting down as an enormous orgasm racks my body and soul. I lick the tip and stroke upwards, fondling his sack, encouraging him to spray me with thick white spunk. Looking up into his face I see him wink to his companions and with a slight nod of the head I am being covered and filled with male bodily fluids, while my outer lips and mound are being sucked dry of my juices.

Pure heaven! I feel faint, my legs go weak and I’m falling, no, I’m being carried back to my door. Gently my number one fire fighter places my feet on the ground salutes me and he is gone. I take a look at my singed fencing and say to myself “That was so worth deliberately starting the fire”. I notice the water logged garden as a trickle of mingled juices runs in a trail down my thigh as the fire services pull away from the curb. They can service me anytime.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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