The Fulfilling

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She was so turned on that her pussy was already completely soaked, throbbing and feeling that it was almost vibrating with lust. She loved nights like this, when she’d got things to go a little wild and kinky and very horny/fantasy/playful. Nothing wrong with a bit of slash hey? Tonight was sort of part of her warm up plan for the weekend, part of the enticement, the build up and part of the preparation. He was going to need to be suitably accommodating right?

The lights in the bedroom were turned down low, the temperature warm and the bed covers strewn with various sexy items from the private box now laying open on the floor. On the far wall the projected movie continued to stir and entice. There were a good few hot bodies enjoying lots of action on the screen, and lots of that was guy on guy. The bi-sex scenes were definitely pressing their buttons and making her imagination run like crazy.

With one hand toying with the black silk tie-up scarf, she moved her hand down from stroking his hard cock, already dripping with cum, and traced her fingers down over his recently shaved balls. As she cupped them she felt their warmth and the softness of the smoothed skin. She liked him like this, it looked and felt so good. She smiled as she caressed over the top of the black stockings that she had slid over his legs a little while into the lovemaking. Tonight it upped the sex another notch getting him to submit to her kinky idea. It’s not that she was always in the mood for them and it wasn’t a specific fantasy on its own … but there was something about how it felt so as they rubbed together with her. She moved her hand down and started to stroke her own hard strap-on. That was all part of the intention that tonight it was him taking her cock. That was the bit that was making her want to cum just thinking about it. It was also the bit that she was hopeful for on the weekend and the swing club invite she had secretly arranged. It was why she was so hot tonight. Getting him all turned on and willing was what made it so horny. Tonight it was about her doing the fucking and him being the one receiving. It was about him not being the guy. It was about him taking it all the way.

“Maybe one night I’ll get you to wear something under your jeans when we go out. Maybe even with a garter belt so I can just feel them through the denim hey? I’d get horny thinking you wearing them when perhaps we are talking to a couple of good looking guys. It’d make me think about you having to fuck them for me …”

She kissed down from his lips, his neck and chest and then started to suck his nipple as she slipped her finger into his ass. He almost imperceptibly lifted his hips to allow her inside a little more. He was definitively turned on and in the mood to let her play her fantasy out. She licked and sucked at his nipple as she started to finger him slowly in and out. He was tight but was relaxing as her lubricated finger fucked him ever deeper. Then moving her kisses back to his mouth she withdrew her middle finger and traced her fingers back up his cock … pulling his skin up so she could pinch together her finger and thumb to gathering his hot creamy cum between them. He was so turned on it was already quite a lot and she wanted as much as she could get so that she could put it to his lips and watch him take it into his mouth. As he did so, she gave her little moan of approval and wanked his cock for encouragement as she kissed him deeply to play with the taste on her tongue the same time.

She loved that he got turned on as she put the cum to his lips and so was all for encouraging it. This was also why she liked putting on hot bi-sex porn for them to watch so that she could see his cock get hard watching two guys together. That was part of her play tonight after the suggestive talk and a bottle of wine. She’d said she hadn’t seen it for so long and wanted to watch it together. Watching two men together was so bursa escort horny and instantly turned her on but a good part of the reason was that she loved that he got turned on by it and couldn’t stop showing it in his pants.

The movie had started with a scene on a couch where one guy was sitting with his jeans unbuttoned and another was kneeling in front. The girl was doing her best to get things going to fulfill her plan of getting her boyfriend to have a threesome for her. She’d undone the last button so that the hard shaved cock had sprung up out of the denim and flicked a little cum. Before long with her excited cooing and encouragement she had pushed her boyfriends head onto the other guys cock and she was working it up and down to her delight.

“oh baby yes, wank yourself off as you suck him for me!” she moaned as she pulled down his trousers and saw that her boyfriends cock was now raging hard too. The girl in the movie seemed in a world of her own as she danced her own fingers into her pussy as she watched the hard cock moving in and out of her boyfriends lips for her.

Back in the bedroom it was certainly raising the temperature too. It was hot watching the bi-sex scenes. The guy on guy action was not only turning her on, but also showing what she wanted to happen and something she loved getting him hot for. She’d love to see her husband go down on a cock or even better to 69 a guy. She could just imagine the scene of them both sucking each other and pushing their hips into each others mouths. That would be amazing to watch. That wasn’t the ultimate though. The thought of him taking a cock in his ass and getting pumped full of hot cum was making her crazy with want.

She knew too that watching the guys on the screen was turning her hubby on too. That made her even more wet and excited. As she was watching she liked to stroke his growing hardness and begin to wank him off as he watched them sucking each others cocks, whispering for him to tell her how he wanted to do it and how good it would be. Then as the scenes changed she made sure that her favorite bits stood out. Those shots of a smooth shaved cock pushing against a guys virgin asshole was what she wanted him to see and desire. Just like the girl in the film, having her husband wank himself off as he watched a hard cock slip into another guys ass and start fucking him almost made her want to cum on its own. She definitely wanted to make sure he was getting fully turned on with that action so that she could get him to do it for her himself!

“oh yeah baby look at that nice hard cock going to push up against his asshole. Mmmm I can just imagine that I am holding it in my hand, all warm and velvety and hard. You know I’d be putting the head right into your waiting hole baby don’t you? I’d be cupping his balls as he pushed his cock into you… I’d want to push him in all the way and then watch him fuck you for me.”

Tonight, after getting him horny and curious, she was going to make him feel her cock in his ass and make it so good that he’d want the real thing. Perhaps enough so she could get to see it happen! She was going to get him to wank himself off as he was taking her cock all the way in to its balls, and when he came she was going to take a good handful and put it deep into his ass and watch as her cock pushed it all the way inside. Her strap-on was very realistic. She’d bought it on purpose to make it look and feel as real as she could and it was going to be so hot to watch the cum soaking out of him as she pumped it up him.

Taking his arms above his head she straddled him and slipped his cock into her as she started to tie him to the headboard. His cock was feeling so good in her pussy as she moved up and down on him as she worked. She almost wanted to just stay in this position and just fuck him but managed to hold herself so she could keep the kink bi-sex malatya escort working up. Pinning him down and playing a little domination and bondage was maybe part of how she wanted him to get taken by a few hot looking guys … How would it happen, if at all, on the weekend she wondered? She loved the idea of perhaps him being tied over something on his hands and knees so he could be fucked from behind. She loved the idea of him not being able to prevent it but having to suck and fuck those cocks for her! There were loads of horny options and as usual she wanted them all, and not just to chose one. One guy in front forcing him to suck one cock, one guy from behind fucking him all the way so that his balls were right up to his ass and then still another perhaps underneath sucking him off and making him so hard and horny for more. He would be made to be hard and wanton almost against his wishes as he was having to give in to the pleasure of being fucked by two or three hard cocks.

The scene was one she had fantasied about before of course and she would be involved too, licking and sucking and fucking. At times she knew she’d just want to be watching it all in front of her as she fingered her pussy or used her vibrating bullets. Other times she imagined that she would be sucking one of those gorgeous guys cocks rock hard and wanking it gently as she pushed it up to the entrance of her husbands lubricated and exposed ass. Oh the turn on as she guided him in and got to see her husband take that cock all the way up his ass … she was going to cum many times as she watched it she knew! and she was going to watch them ALL cum inside him. When one cock had fucked him deep and shot his cum she was going to watch as he took it out and the hot cum slid out of her husbands ass and onto his aching hard cock. But she wasn’t going to let him cum yet. She was going to watch as she guided another hard cock into his ass and started fucking that cum deep into him ready to shoot another load inside. She was always undecided as to whether she wanted to allow another guy to cum in his mouth in the first orgy. Not that she didn’t want to see that. In fact she was going to want to watch him suck the cum of the cock of the first guy … but it was more that she loved the idea of him taking it in his ass so much! Still, there was something that was a huge turn on to see her husband sucking a guy and having to swallow a hot load of cum. Of him taking it every which way with another man. Only finally when it was all over would she watch her husband finally shoot all that built up cum and she wanted that to be in her … or in another guys ass too!

She moved off his cock and reached down to take some cum from him again but this time she put it all over the head of her cock as she positioned over his face.

“oh that looks so hot baby. This cock looks so real doesn’t it? I want you to suck all that tasty cum off it for me baby. I want to watch as if you were doing it on another guy for me. Come on suck it baby!”

As he lays there against the headboard he opens his mouth and she puts it in, all the time imagining. It looks so good to see him with a cock in his mouth! and he is sucking all that cum off.

“oh yes baby I’d be making you suck cum off a few cocks and making them nice and hard so I can watch them fuck you honey!”

Moving back and reaching across the bed for a small bottle, she starts stroking her cock with the anal oil and making it nicely lubricated. With a smile she takes her little vibrating bullets and slipped them down inside the harness so that she could get that thrill onto her clit as she was fucking him. Maybe she should move him so that he could watch what was happening on the screen better to view a nice close up of a cock going into a guys ass. He definitely needed to be seeing hot guys fucking each other so she could enjoy watching him watching çanakkale escort it. She took some more cum off his dripping cock and put it all over the head of hers so she could start as she meant to finish and then gently placed the head pushed against his hole. Slowly but deliberately she pushed forward as she looked down to watch it go in. Oh it was going to look so good to see it for real. It looked so good even now. A little more gentle pushing and she slid inside. Now he was taking it nicely. She could start fucking and she knew she enjoying going deeper and deeper and would push it all the way so he could take it all. It felt good pressing against her pussy as she thrust her hips back and forth, holding onto his hips and pulling him onto her. With a flick of the button of her toy, her pussy took another leap into ecstasy as the bullet tingled her clit.

It was all so good! Amazing lusty fantasy in her head, the guy on guy fucking on the screen and her husband watching it, with her cock fucking so deeply and easily all the way to the hilt she wasn’t going to last much longer herself! She moved her hand round to the front of him and felt his cock so amazingly swelled and hard. She moved her fingers up his chest, tracing the lines of cum over him as she played with his nipples as she kissed and fucked him. Time to take the last step and make him cum hard with her inside him.

“If I untie you … I want you to play with yourself baby. I want to watch you wanking as you watch those guys fucking and imagine it is you. You like my cock in your ass don’t you baby? Oh it looks so good going into your hole. I want to see it for real baby. Wouldn’t it feel so good to have a real one fuck you just like that? Oh I want to watch as he fucks you and cums in your ass baby … you will do that for me wont you? I want you to get fucked by all those cocks and take all their cum baby”

He is so turned on it is hard not to cum instantly but gives a nod.

“If I untie you … and let you wank your cock as I am fucking you, then you know that I am going to get it in real life don’t you? and today I am going to take your cum and put it fuck it into your ass when you cum”. “You’d like that. I know you like the idea of hot cum dripping from your hole don’t you? and I want to watch as guys are lined up to put their cock up you as cum is dripping from you …”

Again, so wanton for the desire to cum he nods. Her cock is feeling so good fucking him and his cock is so hard and dripping it is aching! As she unties him she guides him to watch the screen as she puts his hand on his cock and wanks him together and encourages how he wants to let another guy fuck him with her, for her. His hand now starts moving quickly on his own cock as he watches and she now starts to fuck him hard and fast from behind. Her cock going deep all the way making her ache to see it for real knowing that her husband can take a big cock and is going to enjoy it despite himself. The buzzing against her clit and the thrust of her hard cock into him suddenly builds into an unstoppable orgasm and she can almost feel shooting her load into him as she cums. Feeling it all pushes him over the edge and with a moan and an arch he starts to cum too. Moving one hand off his hips quickly in front of him, she manages to catch as he spurts a big wad of cum into her hand and fingers. Just as he is fading she moves her hand back behind him and as she slips her cock out she runs it through her hand getting as hot cum much on it as she can and then pushing all the cum inside his open hole with her fingers. She wants it all up there and moans as she easily slips her hard cock in and pushes it right up. Oh yes. A hard cock and cum inside him. Loads of hot dripping cum being fucked up his ass, right now! Oh yes baby I am going to make you take hot cum in your ass and mouth so much and I am going to love every minute!

When they slump down together, exhausted and spent and dripping in sweat and cum she drifts off into thinking how she cant wait to see that happen for real on the weekend if it all comes together. She has got in touch with a place and by sharing her fantasy desires with the very nice woman patron and a little “just asking” she’s got a little something lined up …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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