My Enchantress



This story was wrote as a challenge, and as such there maybe some discrepancies in exactly how each character feels. The reason behind this, is simply I am male, the story is about a lesbian couple, there is no way at all that I could ever truly expect to describe what two women can/could or do feel in throws of passion. All that is left for me to say is that I hope you enjoy what is detailed below and please, all feed back is welcome, but I would appreciate any who can give me constructive criticism, and especially those ladies that could assist in any second or follow up script. My thanks.

The failing light of a once glowing fire was all we had, the silence of the room, interrupted only by the tender crackling of wood which was slowly burning through. In the lateness of the hour, I remember feeling sleepy, my eyes heavy, and my body aching from the tribulations of the day that was almost passed. I remember how you looked at me that night, in the fading reflection of the wood fire; your face was enchanting, eyes filled with desire, tenderness and love.

You smiled so softly, a warm glow that was the imitation of the fire, a soft generous act that made me feel almost refreshed and excited at the same time.

We had been out, down to Jasper’s, an elite restaurant, old fashioned like the jazz clubs of 1920’s, but only they didn’t play jazz, it was piano music, that wafted in the scented air, like an entrancing spell. We had danced some of the night together, bosom-to-bosom, holding each other close like lovers should do. We’d had our first passionate kiss, damn, I will forever remember that such delight, that it has been burnt into my memories, never to be erased. The sensual lust of it all, lips against lips, touching, enveloping the others mouth, feeling and letting tongues explore in an unhurried and relaxed pleasure, content not just to explore but to taste as well. I remember the shiver of delight that ran through my body, the flutter of my heart, and swirling of my head as you pulled away and I smelt the sweetness of your perfume.

I was dressed in low cut black silky dress, off the shoulder at one side, which plunged downwards, displaying the tops of my rounded feminine charms. It slinked down my slender body, adhering to the curves, which you earlier had whispered that you liked, as your hand had slowly followed the contours. On the opposite side to where the top plunged, at the bottom of the dress, there was a split that rose up, to a point just below the dark band of my black nylon stocking. Do you remember slipping your hand discretely under it, feeling the pattern of the soft nylon band, as you gently kissed my neck, your mouth was so precise, so slow that sensuality spirited through me like a rocket.

In the darkness of one corner we sat, so close that our bodies did touch, the odour of your perfume engulfing and besieging my sense, locking my mind into sensual overkill. Looking at me through those blue eyes, they were akin to mystical gems that held an ocean of pure passion and dedicated lust, I was sure you could see the depths of my soul, the nakedness of my true person. When you looked at my body, it was like a silken hand sweeping over my flesh, every nerve end within me tingled and buzzed, a breeze of erotic delight and pulse of sexual desire, all merging together to present a crescendo that I just can’t explain.

The soft caress you made upon my face left a trail of glowing embers behind, not to dissimilar to those I see right now. Oh how at that moment my heart did flutter, so much so that silently I yelped for air. I was drawn to you, my sweet enchanting lover, like a moth to a naked flame, you could have asked anything of me and I would have done my hardest to complete it. Once again you smiled, so soft, so affectionately that I nearly melted, my heart aching, pinning indeed for your taste. I wondered if you had read my mind, could you see my thoughts, I secretly asked myself, for when a second later you inched forward, like a gliding, skilful plane, your lips touching mine, then parting them as you tongue slipped within and we embraced so softly that eroticisms were overloading within me.

A face of desire, a look of pleasure, the need for privacy, all were suddenly blatantly obvious. You held my hand, drew me to my feet, all I could do was stare and look at the majestic figure that was you, in awe. I wondered where you would take me, to which room of this amazing lovers club, and would we be together for the night, an hour or perhaps forever, the latter surely being nothing more than a dream. We meandered down a narrow corridor it’s walls covered in velvet dim barely lit lights mounted regally upon its surface, I trailed behind you, my eyes feasting upon the gorgeous rounded, tight rump that was clad in thin, fine silk.

The room you led me was romantic to say the least, a dramatic and exquisite lace four poster bed, its most prominent feature, its sheets so soft, it wood so grandiose. Starzbet At either side were two small bedside cabinets, each with leaded cut glass lamps, their drawers crafted in mahogany, the handles leaf gold. To the furthest side was a small alcove, an arch in the wall that led to darkened sector of the room, in gentle movement you had found the controller, a dimmer switch that you turned so sweetly, that all the electric could do was to respond. That’s when I saw it, the single golden bath, it’s water fluffed up with Rosemary essence, layers of foam on its surface. Steam rose up from it like a gentle mist, swirling the air, caressing the mirror, which then produced a thin layer of condensation.

You turned to face me, I shall never forget that face, the way it just shone and beamed exuberance, it so filled me with love. We walked slowly towards the bath, its surface glinting in the light, taps sparkling, the mist rising, the fragrance as alluring as you yourself are. Drawing me into you, inching closer to each other, I was overcome, overpowered and in admiration of how gracious and gentle you were. A kiss of passion once more flowed, a sumptuous, opulent embrace that bespoke volumes of what were then sharing, how luscious and desirable you were, how tender and sweet, so enthralling that my heart sang a million tunes of utter bliss. Skilfully your mouth worked its magic, seducing me like no one else; the feeling of bliss and euphoria rampaged through me like some ravenous, but sweet disease.

Each gentle bestowal you made upon me, the tenderness of your embraces, the caress of your tongue brought me closer to submission, to you capturing, if not ensnaring both my heart and soul forever I felt you run your tongue down my neck, this was interspersed with long exuberant and often passion filled kisses, embraces that resonated with prolific desire, their tremors shaking the very fabric of my being. You began to descend, kissing your way down my body, unfailing in your desire to let no space escape this sensuous seduction. Your mouth embalmed every part of my neck, my whole body a quivering delight of emotions that were by now as rampant as they ever had been. The nakedness of my shoulder was next upon the agenda, the kisses more soulful, more pronounced than they hand been, you turned me round, a hand slipped under the outline of my breast, a finger stroking the soft fabric that refrained it from being naked.

The sensations were wonderful, I had never tasted love such as this, my body was so vibrant and alive, and pulses of electric desire were now everywhere, shooting through me with the velocity of a meteorite. After a few moments where your fingers teased the erectness of my breast, which stood out so proudly, beneath the silken fabric, the hand moved, I felt it traverse, glide up to where a single strap did rest.

There was pause, a moment of reflection, a space where sensation could be digested and the future contemplated, but it was not long, barely a second before the tie of the strap became unclasp by your own hand and the silken black dress slide down my body like a river of cream. It slipped downwards, revealing the nakedness of my tender body, displaying everything for your eyes to study, the soft unblemished skin, the shape of my breasts, the roundedness of my hip and trimness of my long legs.

Turning me round to face you, I looked into those mystical eyes and felt as though I was drowning, the pleasure of erotic delight one gets from them, made my head swirl, I felt dizzy, light headed and encapsulated by you. You face inched towards me, head moving towards the left breast, my body hung in desire, a shiver and a quake, a tremor of delight and anticipation that was similar to the waiting explosion of champagne, prior to its cork being blown.

The throng between my legs resonated like a pounding drum, the thundering of my heart echoing the wild excited ness, which did so grip me. A breath upon my breast sent me into wild pleasures, as your luscious mouth drew ever closer, poised to taste the satin of my feminine breast. My legs trembled, they were weak, my body struggled with the emotions that ravaged within me, my mind ablaze, tormenting my imagination, which grew ever wilder with the prospect of your unique kind of love.

The kiss was exuberance, delightful and enthralling, feeling your mouth press against my aching breast, you lips encompass my nipple, a tongue toy and tease it, a suck that drew its summit within your oral moist chamber. I purred like a kitten, my head lolled back, my eyes closed as I savoured the pleasure, letting the feelings and sensations cascade through me like a fountain of eroticisms. A slow and methodical embrace, one that was designed to unleash the passion that was pent up, a kiss that loaded with sensuous lust, slow and gratifying your mouth worked harmoniously to send me into the raptures of bliss.

My nipple engorges itself under the influence of your lips; Starzbet Giriş it strains and hardens, as you embrace so dedicatedly and majestically. I swoon with delight, my head swirling with the bliss of it all, my body meek and near collapse, such is the dramatic pleasure you have upon me at that moment. My chest rises and falls with dramatic vigour, you gradually after a prolonged worship of my breast, begin to descend. Lips and tongue, the latter swirling, skimming over the section in between the throbbing ness of my bosom, inching downward, towards my stomach where again you linger with such emphatic dedication.

My eyes close with the effects, I struggle to keep the muses of delight within me, I strangle the deep sensual sigh, as your lips fold around my navel, your tongue teasing, following its indentation, lapping at the shape. It pleases you I think, to see me standing there, totally naked, with exception for the stockings. My glistening body is wet with perspiration, hot salty water that has been borne from your loyal and teasingly erotic labour. You hold my waist so tenderly; your fingers stroke the soft flesh, whilst your mouth embraces and your tongue applying its magic. I can feel the desire washing over me in limitless waves; every pulse is like a drug that nears me to the point of addiction.

You lightly force my legs to open, just a tiny amount, there is tension within me, I feel my sex responding, the bashful pounding of my clit, escalating to a thump, if not solid beating, like that of a deranged pulse. My body is now tensed to its max, muscles straining and erect, your breath washes over my crotch, its hot sultriness only adding to the pleasure that engulfs it. I close my eyes in preparation, but you do not go straight for the most obvious point, instead with a tenderness agony, you force me to wait as your lips kiss my inner thighs. Each oral caress sends an echo of pleasure that reverberates through my body, it lingers around the moistness of feminine mound, the lips open, waiting, exposing the sopping flesh that I know you will eventually cleanse.

I inhale deeply as your lips touch the throbbing moistness of the sex, a minor, brush of your oral lip, against the lip of my sex, but it’s enough to send a buzz of delight traversing through my body. My eyes close, my chest exhales, my breasts throb, mind in rapture, waiting, hoping that you shall soon return your attention to it. You do, I feel your hot tongue tease my clit, flicking the lips before slowly slipping into its wet velvet folds. Your lips curl around it, you embrace it with the tenderness of an exquisite lover, a woman that was born to bring joy and oral climax to all that she blessed with her employment. It slips further in and begins to caress it, your mouth now poised to embrace it fully, to draw its wetness into your own oral chamber. I shudder with delight, my heart flutters almost violently, my whole body is meek with lust, feeling your mouth, touch, caress and draw liquid from my most intimate feminine part. My hands move to your head, there they entwine themselves in the golden silk mass of your hair, as my own head is thrown back with abandonment to the sinful, erotic pleasures that you are bestowing upon me.

From where you are positioned, your eyes do glance up at me, they are so lustful, so intense, your embraces upon my sex passionate, as if the taste is driving you on to dizzier heights. Broad sweeping oral caresses as though it was mouth to mouth kisses as opposed to mouth to sex embraces. Your tongue flicks back and forth, running up and down the tiny slit of my virgina, before you make a long exaggerated sucking movement that tries in vain to drain from within it. Deeper and deeper you force your tongue to go, to delve further into the moist warmness of my pussy, each time, you relent, it is only short and followed by a kiss of unequivocal exuberance.

I moan with sheer delight, my chest heaves dramatically; my pussy is alive, vibrant and tingling with erotic that you have supplied to t. My clit, which frequently you have toyed with and drawn into your oral chamber, now thunders, like an express train, unable to stop. Nipples throb, they are erect and hard like never before, I can not help but draw myself down to meet your enchanting mouth. You know how much pleasure is rampaging through me, how overloaded my senses and body is, yet you do not stop, instead you become even more passionate, your mouthy making broader sweeps of my sex, whilst you hands clamp my tender waist.

A kiss of passion, an exploring, roaming tongue that licks and now a finger that slides into the moistness of my erotic hole. I can barely stand the pleasure, it captivates me, runs through me, alighting my nerve ends, sending them into spasms of rapturous joy. You know all this and soon enough replace the finger with your mouth once more, forcing the orgasm to tear through me, and cause me to scream with utter euphoria. Your mouth laps up Starzbet Güncel Giriş the fluid of my lust, the spent energies of trying to deny it, the tiresome work which you put into it, to amass and free such quantity, leaves me exhausted and delighted at the same time.

My body is now totally naked, the stockings having been removed; you look at me, holding both my arms, your face soft and gentle, a picture of perfect love. Assisting me into the water, you watch as slowly the nakedness of my form is submerged into the steaming, fragranced wetness of soothing fluid. The look of lust reappears upon your face; eyes once more sparkle with desire. As slowly a hand dips into the water, touching the inside of my leg. Again I feel the now familiar and blissful tingle of expectancy, the hopeful surge of arousal as you soft, erotically stroke my inner calf. My legs instinctively open, my eyes close, chest again heaves, and bosoms ache with the throng of desire. I feel you press a finger against my sex, then two, opening it up letting the flesh of my sex feel the ripples of water caress its inner surface.

You watch my delight, smiling softly, happy at the state of my arousal. Your face so vibrant, so cheerful and pretty, eyes so luscious and awake, they are beguiling. I focus upon those red full-bodied lips; they appear so seductive and sensual, that I crave to feel them against mine. You smile and run your tongue over their surface, moistening so that they glisten in this perfect romantic light. You move to the bath’s base, there you cradle my left foot, holding and touching it, assaulting the leg as far as you can reach, with sweeping sensual molestations.

Slow and gradual your touch so soft, so tender akin to silk that upon the flesh it leaves a trail of bliss. Holding my foot, I watch with awe as you lean forwards, your lips ajar a passionate kiss upon the rear of my big toe, leads to a sensual lick that in turn leads to you placing it within your mouth in an exasperating suck. Your hands are relentless, remorseless in their tender touch, massaging my foot, smoothing out the days stresses. I can feel every muscle within me relax, the tension evaporate like steam from my body.

You tell me to turn around, to draw my back towards you; I do so, your voice soft and rich, my compliance sheep’ish in its nature. With my back to you, my body now brought up to the bath’s edge, your hands gently sweep through my hair, brushing it from my neck, inching down towards my shoulder and neck’s base. Gradually you begin to tease the tension away, to massage my shoulders, infecting them with a relaxation and pleasure, which is truly remarkable. I cannot help but lean further back, to be drawn into the abandonment of the sensations that your hands do instil. Slowly you let one slip downwards, gliding across my chest, feeling the top of my rib cage, moving towards my swell. I silently pure with delight, my eyes are beginning to be clouded once more, desire is like a disease, a virus of enthralment and pleasure, as you lightly pursue the contour of my bosom.

Returning back to my shoulders, your hands continue to diligently apply their pleasure, your face moves closer to mine, this I know without looking, I can feel the hot sultriness of your breath wash across my cheek, your lips lightly against my ear. You fingers continue to relax and loosen me up, whilst your mouth bequeaths upon me a kiss of delight, an act of kindness of love and eroticisms that traverse throughout my submerged and naked form.

Your touch is faster now, though it is still for the present away from my wanton, aching and lustful breasts. A kiss of passion falls upon one side of my face, a long exuberant embrace that cascades through me like a rippling waterfall, its magic sinking harmoniously through me, its potent power alighting nerve ends and sensually pleasing my entire form. It’s effects resonate within me, lingering with intensity around my breasts, and a pulsing between my legs, pleasures which strangely I am growing accustom to, yet their power is somewhat magnified by the familiarity. Your fingers do move, descending down the nakedness of my feminine form, resting upon the erect, stork like bud of my nipple. Soft, sensuous touches, a finger and thumb begin to gently tease it, to caress and toying with its base. I am in bliss; my breathing is deep, my body basking in the mild euphoria that you are granting me. Every single caress that you make upon me causes a flood of new sensations to engulf me, a nudge closer to happiness of an orgasm, in a mind and body that is in truth in utter agony to feel your touch upon its sex.

I purr with delight as once more I am being ravaged by bliss pleasure, the burning ember within my soul have barely subsided from the earlier time, now they have been re-awakened and are rapturously enthusiastic about it. The slow sensual abandonment that you are instilling into me is exquisite, how your hand does move, the slow erotic descent, traversing down my body, slipping down the centre of my rib cage; the intensity of the desire within me is immense. Your fingers are like erotic feathers, their touch so soft, so majestic that every caress no made sends me in a fit of whirring delight.

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