My Daughter’s Friend Ch. 01



Laura made love to me many times while she was here; we had a few quickies because of Becky my daughter, who may have been upstairs at the time, or we may have been up there, all chances were taken, I loved the quickies because they were so naughty and secretive.

And each time left me wanting more, I was absolutely in love/lust with her, it didn’t matter what she wanted, she got it from me willingly.

She even fastened the double ended dildo on me sometimes and made me sleep with it in me, the number of orgasms I had because of that was nobodies business!

She could leave me drooling in my home simply by touching me secretly even with my husband or Becky in close proximity.

I was asleep with the dildo in one night, Laura had told me she would join me later and we could have some more fun, my husband was on one of his frequent business trips thankfully.

I have described her astonishing beauty, 5ft 10″ ash blonde hair, huge blue headlight eyes, tall, body to match, legs that went on for ever and could trap me at the drop of a hat.

And she had told me of her mother Jennifer Lawrence who was my long lost friend and my very first female lover, and the only real one until Laura had entered my life and taken me over.

I awoke at about 12:30am and thought to myself as I looked at the clock ‘where is she?’ I wondered.

I got up and made sure the dildo was out of sight in case Becky came out of her room and saw me, and tip toed down to Laura’s bedroom at the back of the house.

I thought I heard a muffled noise as I passed Becky’s room, as I made my way quietly to Laura’s.

I silently and slowly cracked her door open, hoping she would waken and come to me in my room.

She wasn’t there!

Where on earth is she? I wondered to myself.

I made my way downstairs thinking she had fallen asleep or something on the sofa where I had left her after she had given me a knowing wink before I went to bed and to obey my orders.

She wasn’t there either; I walked around the house, nowhere to be seen, oh God I thought where is she? I hope she is ok.

I silently went back up to me room, passing Becky’s on the way, I was sure I heard a noise, maybe they were studying even though it was late at night.

I went to my room and removed the dildo so I could enter Becky’s room in a normal state of dress, my night dress was a modern one, Laura was slowly changing my wardrobe.

I went to Becky’s door tapped twice on it softly and entered, what I saw nearly knocked me off my feet; as I peeped my head around the door, the side light was on and dimmed, and there was Laura on her back with her feet over her shoulders Becky on top of her and plunging into her with a strap on!

I just stood there with my mouth agape, I couldn’t speak, and they never heard me either it seemed, Becky was really giving it to Laura, and Laura was moaning and mewling quietly as she received the battering Becky was giving her, the dildo was flashing into and out of Laura’s pussy like a piston engine, they both came in unison and both moaning in unison too.

Becky flopped down onto Laura after a few moments, and Laura gasped ‘oh Becky that was fantastic.’

Becky responded, ‘yes Laura it was, absolutely wonderful but now you will have to go and see mum and take care of her okay?’

Go to my mum? What! Becky knew of me and Laura?

‘In a few minutes Becky, let me get over this first, I’ll hardly be able to walk,’ she giggled.

Becky did too.

I backed out very slowly and very quietly, and closed the door silently, I went back to my room in a state of shock, I was, had been worried about Laura seducing Becky, but it looked like the other way round, Becky had been giving Laura a fucking of astronomical proportions.

And Becky knew of my liaison with Laura that was a certainty, I had heard what she had said!

I stood in the middle of my room wondering where this was all going to lead and/or even end.

I decided to play my part for a while and to see what happened, I fixed the dildo back onto and into me, and waited for Laura to appear as Becky had said she must.

I was laid in the middle of the bed facing away from the door, when I felt it move, it was Laura, she cuddled into my back held me tight, snaked her arm around me and took hold of my left nipple, explosion time, Boom!

I wasn’t ready for that, I didn’t think I would react like it, my mind was in turmoil because of what I had seen and heard, and in a heartbeat Laura had removed my anguish by simply squeezing and rotating my nipple.

I moaned like I always did, she moved Starzbet around me, checked I still had the dildo in, ‘good job you have it in Lisa, I was going to punish you if you hadn’t got it there,’ she giggled at me.

She rolled me onto my back and kissed me, I was lost in seconds, how could she do this to me with such ease?

She unfastened the dildo and refastened it around her.

‘Come here now Lisa I have a big day tomorrow so I need some shut eye,’ she whispered.

Yes I thought to myself because you have just had a heated sex session with Becky!

I didn’t like myself for that thought, so turned to Laura and gave myself to her again, I came in record time, but it was ‘seeing’ Laura getting it from Becky that made me cum as quick and as hard as I did.

Laura, bless her seemed to sense I was a little unhappy and asked if there was something wrong.

‘No,’ I whispered in the semi darkness, but she saw the tears in my eyes.

‘What is it Lisa? Tell me baby.’

‘Its okay Laura, I’ll see you in the morning darling off you go, nightie night,’ I said as I kissed her softly.

‘Okay,’ she replied just as softly and crept out.

Unbelievably I slept the sleep of the dead for what was left of the rest of the night, I awoke really refreshed but with a somewhat troubled mind.

At breakfast they were the usual whirlwind, I got hugs from them both, I pretended to be okay and carried on as if nothing had transpired the night before, Laura was between me and Becky with her back to her when she hugged me and she took a good hold of my bum, and dug her fingers into my crack it was so lovely I almost kissed her.

I knew that Becky was at the dentists in the afternoon, so I said to Laura, ‘are you staying home with me this afternoon or going with Becky,’ I asked.

‘Im staying with you Lisa, Becky is a big girl now and can go on her own,’ she said as she looked at her, and I saw a look pass between them.

They went out to town, and I discussed my situation with myself and decided that I must have it out with Laura, things could go wrong now, and I didn’t want any kind of disaster or upheaval happening.

And now my thoughts were slowly turning more and more to Jennifer, Laura’s mother, my lost love, I wanted to meet her now, I had shied away from it, but now I wanted to see her again.

When lunch time arrived, I steeled myself for a possible confrontation with Laura, I was not looking forward to this, but I felt like I had to see it through.

Laura came back with her shopping, and what happened?

Yes you’ve guessed it, within 5 minutes of Laura arriving home; she had me in bed begging her to let me cum.

We had a wonderful 2 hours and then she made me make love to her with the dildo, she had her legs over my shoulders, just like I had seen her with Becky.

It was a wondrous sight seeing her thrash about under me like that, we both came in torrents, the thought occurred to me that maybe she was submissive to Becky but dominant to me?

Then came something so so different to what we had done, to what she had had me do, to what she had done to me.

I lay there in my usual stupor.

I didn’t really understand what she was doing, before I saw it, I was already 3 limbs tied to the corners of the bed, with her reaching for my left leg to complete her task.

‘Laura,’ I said, ‘what are you doing honey?’

She climbed onto the bed and got next to me, kissed me, touched me and took any protests out of my voice.

‘Lisa baby its okay, don’t worry, do you trust me baby?’ she asked me.

‘Yes of course I do Laura, but?’

‘But nothing,’ she smiled as her kiss settled me.

Then she fastened a mask over my eyes and under my hair, I couldn’t see a thing, ‘

I felt her moving around me, and then she started on me again.

‘Laura, please.’ I said.

‘Shhh,’ she whispered into my ear.

She appeared to jump around the bed for a moment my nipples were crushed in her fingers, her kiss was on and in my mouth, but what could I do, I couldn’t have stopped it even if I was free to, and I certainly wasn’t.

She kissed and licked her way around me, there was no where on or in my body her mouth and tongue didn’t go and the wagging my clit received drove me wild.

‘Laura,’ I bleated quietly, ‘what about Becky? She will be home soon.’

‘Don’t you worry about her Lisa,’ she said as she lay beside me, ‘oh and oh by the way, did you think that I hadn’t seen you the other night when you came into her room and saw her fucking and making love to me Mmmm?’

I froze at her words.

‘Come Starzbet Giriş on Lisa, you saw us, what did you think of it?’ Our beautiful Becky was giving me a real seeing to wasn’t she?’

I tried to speak but I couldn’t.

Her mouth was now clamped to my pussy and as those thoughts of her and Becky invaded my mind again and I orgasmed, she lifted her head as I did, and said, ‘you came very quickly there Lisa didn’t you, were you thinking of me and Beck’s?’

‘Especially Beck’s hey?’

Tied down like I was and blindfolded added to my arousal ten fold, it was amazing.

‘Oh Laura, please you are driving me crazy, tell me all about you and Becky please,’ I begged.

She climbed on top of me and started talking.

‘Becky and I have been lovers for a year now, and she wanted me to get you and seduce you, which turned out to be fairly easy didn’t it?’ She said as she twisted my nipples sending shockwaves through my heaving body.

‘Mum told me all about you both, how you loved each other so.’

‘And she still loves you Lisa, after all this time you don’t know that do you?’

‘And Becky wants you too Lisa, she wants to share your body with me, she wants to fuck you, and make love to you with that dildo she fucks me with, what do you think of that Lisa?’

She loves you too.’ She said into my ear.

‘My God, she doesn’t Laura, my Becky; she wants to love me like you do?’ I was dazed.

As I said this her fingers dipped into my pussy, ‘think of her right now Lisa, think of her fingers there in your pussy, what does it feel like, is it goading you on and up into an orgasm Hmmm?’

‘Oh God yes Laura it is, Im going to come in a second,’ the fingers were working their usual magic, and now I was on my inevitable way to a huge orgasm.

‘Say her name Lisa, call out for Becky!’

‘Tell her you want her, say it right now!’ Laura ordered me.

And I did, just like that.

‘Oh Becky please, do me baby, do your mum, I want you do whatever you want to me darling I need you desperately baby’ I beseeched her.

That’s when the mask was pulled off my eyes.

I squinted at first and nearly died with shock, it wasn’t Laura on top of me it was Becky! Laura was stood at the side of the bed leaning over.

Becky was making love to me and Laura was doing the talking!

My orgasm exploded like an atomic bomb in me, I was overwhelmed with it.

Becky leaned forward and kissed me, only it wasn’t a daughter’s kiss it was a lover’s kiss and I returned it too.

As I recovered we talked but they didn’t untie me, one on each side of me.

‘Oh Becky,’ I said, ‘I feel so embarrassed about this, you finding out I liked women, you won’t hate me will you baby, I couldn’t bear that darling.’

‘I will never ever hate you mum,’ she said as she began murdering my nipple while Laura assassinated the other one.

They played and toyed with me all the rest of the afternoon, Laura ate my pussy while Becky straddled my head facing Laura, I came so much, I felt Becky cum on me and tasted her juice for the first time.

And they made love together in front of me as if I wasn’t there, it was one of the most erotic sights I have ever been witness to, no strike that, it is the most erotic sight I have ever witnessed.

We all slept (eventually) in my bed together in what can only be described as a loving tangle.

In a few weeks I had gone form a loyal(ish) wife to a crazed lesbian lover of my daughter’s friend and then my daughter Becky.

My husband rang the following morning to tell me he was sorry but he would be staying over for approximately 4 more days.

I was sort of unhappy about that but it also made me happy as well because it would give me more time with Becky and Laura, Oooooh the thoughts that went through my mind made my knees buckle.

But it wasn’t to be that way, I told them Becky’s dad wouldn’t be home for another 4 days.

They looked at each other and Laura said, ‘well plan B has to be brought forward Becky hey?’

‘Yep, looks like it Laura,’ Becky said, ‘mum go and pack a bag for a 4 day 4 night trip, we are going away, and make sure you pack the new nightie’s and the rest that Laura has made you buy ok?’

‘What? What do you mean Becky, where are we going?’ I asked.

‘Never you mind mum, go and get ready and I want you looking like a million dollars ok? Now, Go!’ was her response.

She and Laura disappeared, I assumed to pack too, and left me with nothing to do but do as I was told, I felt like a little schoolgirl being ordered about like this, Starzbet Güncel Giriş but it was fun too.

An hour later I was downstairs with my travel bag, ‘do I need my passport,’ I asked Becky?

They both laughed at that, which confused me.

They got their gear and out we went and into Laura’s car, Becky got into mine.

‘Why is Becky getting into my car,’ I said to Laura?

‘Mine needs a service so we’ll use yours later she told me, and off we went.

We drove about 100 miles chatting and discussing our tri circle, Laura was happy about it, but she did say that she and Becky were going to end up as a permanent item one day.

Meaning eventually I wouldn’t be there in it.

This saddened me greatly but I didn’t react except to say, that they were the nicest happiest words I had ever heard, if Becky was going to be happy and with Laura forever that was good enough for me.

They really were good together, any idiot could see that, they were meant for each other and I would gladly step aside and become ‘mum’ again.

We eventually arrived at a lovely white thatched cottage set deep in the countryside; it was so beautiful it took my breath away.

‘Oh Laura this is fabulous, whose is it? I said.

‘You’ll see,’ she told me.

We got out followed by Becky who was right behind us.

I got my bags from the boot and trailed Laura down the intricate path bordered by roses and other flowers it was glorious.

‘Oh I like this Laura, it’s wonderful.’ I commented.

‘Glad you like it Lisa, you will love being here I promise.’

Becky was behind us and reached through and rang the bell, the door opened and I nearly feinted, it was Jennifer standing there smiling at me, I was absolutely flabbergasted; I never expected this at all.

Tall and blonde, beautiful in every way as she always was and still was, Laura’s double but a more mature version.

She stepped forward put her arms around me and kissed my cheek, her fragrance assailed my nostrils, it took me right back to my days in love with her.

I was in some kind of state of shock, I couldn’t move, until I heard a car start behind me, and I heard a shouted, ‘Bye mum, Bye Lisa.’

I turned and there was Laura and Becky driving off in Laura’s car.

They had tricked me, I was expecting a hotel or a boarding house but I was here at Jennifer’s home, with her again, in her arms again after all these years.

She let me go and guided me into her home, it was so lovely open fire grates and the rest, it was a 400 year old renovated cottage, I felt as if I was home somehow.

Then we started, talking to each other, at each other, over each other until we fell laughing into each others arms, where Jennifer stared into my eyes the way she used to when we were younger, and then we kissed like we used to when we were younger.

We spent that 4 days and nights rediscovering our love, I had loved her daughter, I had loved my daughter, but I had never loved anyone as much as I loved Jennifer, nothing could ever rival this, I had felt earlier like I was ‘home’ and now I knew I was.

We discussed things, I told her everything about my time with Laura, and she told me she knew because Laura had told her, they had no secrets from each other, but the overall idea had been to get me here.

My seduction had been planned by her Laura and Becky, I had been had over big time and was I so happy about that

It had started when Laura had taken Becky home to meet her mum, they were falling in love and wanted advice, Laura had told Becky that her mum Jennifer was lesbian too, but was lonely for her lost love and eventually it came out whose daughter Becky was, Jennifer had said straight away that she wanted to get in touch with me again.

She had talked to Laura about it, who in turn had talked to Becky, and the plan was hatched.

And now here I am with the woman I love, and we both have two daughters now, who are both successful, and both deliriously happy as we are.

I had returned home after my ‘getaway’ with the girls.

I told my husband that I had bumped into Jennifer, and while I loved him but in a now more brotherly way, I was absolutely in love with Jennifer and was going to live with her, I was sorry but it was how it was going to be.

He, bless him, said he understood and that he had half expected it one day as he had known of my ‘other’ sexual orientation.

He then surprised me by saying he had been ‘seeing’ a girl from work, a divorcee.

We agreed that he kept the house I took only my personal effects, and he would pay me a maintenance fee monthly.

Becky was happy and sad about it, but she has us both there for her if needed.

My life is at last fulfilled, Jennifer and I are making up for lost time, and doing it wonderfully, I couldn’t be happier now.


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