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Chloe, Sarah, And The Cow Ch. 2

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“Betsy said go slow. I don’t like to have my pussy eaten quickly.”

“I guess she would know with all of that watching she has been doing.”

Chloe wrapped her hands around Sarah’s thighs and pulled her down slightly to meet her lips. With care, she put out her tongue and swept it along the line of Sarah’s slit. It was her first taste of another woman and it’s earthy aroma and taste drove her to explore further.

“Mmmmmm,” Sarah responded as Chloe penetrated her labia with an eager tongue. “Oh, yes.”

Chloe pushed deep into Sarah’s hole, wiggling around inside her, never moving around the same place twice, constantly changing her rhythm but never stopping until Sarah had been driven into a frenzy. Sarah massaged her clit as Chloe tongued her until her thighs were shaking against Chloe’s cheeks.

“Oh, fuck me, Chloe. Fuck me with your tongue. Harder. Harder. Mmmmmm.”

Chloe licked at Sarah vigorously as she heard her lover cry out her pleasure over and bursa otele gelen escort over again in ecstatic moans.

“I’m coming, baby. I’m coming. Oh, make me come, Chloe. Yes. Yes. Yes.”

“Mooo. Betsy offered a final comment but it went unheard as Sarah’s sweaty body trembled violently and surrendered into orgasm.

They laid close, buried in each other’s arms until it grew too cold to stay naked outside, caressing and kissing each other until exhaustion made them stop. Neither noticed at what time Betsy decided to go home, but she was gone when they helped each other dress and returned as quietly as possible to the house. Waking up Sarah’s family was the last thing they wanted to do.

“I guess it is a good thing cows can keep secrets, huh?” Chloe giggled as her imagination explored the idea of them possibly getting caught in their moment of sensual bliss. Sarah gave her a lingering kiss at the door before they tip-toed escort bayan inside and found their beds for the couple of hours left until the sun came up.

At dawn, Chloe was awakened by the furious pace of early morning farm life. She wandered around, greeting Aunt Naomi, Uncle Henry and the vast number of cousins and such, but she was looking for Sarah. The woman was no where to be found.

At breakfast, Chloe had a long face, worried because no one had seen her leave and her car was gone.

“Don’t fret so, honey, Aunt Naomi told her. “Her stuff is still here. And she ain’t never missed a meal. She’ll be here before the food gets cold.”

As if by command, Sarah almost collided into the screen door in her rush. “I smell bacon and eggs,” she cried with pleasure.

In the large dining room she skidded across the floor in an effort to get in the chair next to Chloe and stare at the food at the same time. In the crook of her arm, she carried mudanya escort a small white rectangular box as if it were precious cargo.

“I went into town this morning as soon as the mall opened. I wanted to get you a gift.”

Sarah handed the box to Chloe and encouraged her to open it. Nervously, Chloe broke the seal at the bottom and lifted the lid. Inside was a card that read, “To always remember our night at the lake. Wear this often so your thoughts will be bound to it and me.”

“How come you never drive an hour into town to buy me a present?” a cousin grumbled over his plate, an obvious rivalry between him and Sarah that went deep into their childhood, yet was playful at the same time.

“Because you don’t deserve it.” Sarah responded with the same overgrown childishness then with a serious expression added, “We are going back today and I wanted to get her something to remember the farm.”

Chloe lifted the card and underneath found a beautiful white silk scarf with little black and white spotted cows printed on it. Her eyes met Sarah’s and she felt them begin to water.

“Now she is a real country girl,” Sarah smiled intimately back at her. Grabbing a plate with one hand, she slipped the other under the table to caress Chloe’s thigh. “Let’s eat.”

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