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Couch Dance

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In yet another weary attempt to satisfy my bisexual urges I had placed a personal ad for “Women seeking Women” online and received many responses but one of the responses grabbed my attention. Her name was Amy and she seemed like a really friendly woman. Although I hadn’t seen a picture of her yet something told me that I was going to be intensely attracted to her. After we talked online for a couple of weeks we decided to take matters to the next level and exchange telephone numbers.

One night I was on my way out the door to the 94th and the phone rang. Yes it was Amy. We just started talking about the typical stuff – work, kids, boyfriends – and the subject of where we went to high school came up. As it turns out we went to the same high school and graduated the same year. At this point both of us were frazzled and trying to figure out who the other person was. After questioning each other back and forth it just so happened that Amy and I have known each other since junior high school but hadn’t talked since our high school graduation. We were both dumbfounded. We couldn’t believe that we had met again, years later over the internet especially bearing in mind the circumstances. Needless to say we got off the telephone pretty quick even though we wanted to continue talking. I think we both needed time for the initial shock to set in.

After talking for a few months and becoming better friends then we ever were in the past we decided that it was finally time to get together. So one Saturday evening off we went. I had hopes that we would hook up sometime over the course of the evening but I had no idea it would happen the way it did.

What I thought was going to be another mundane bisexual tryst turned out to be one of the most arousing nights of my life, thus yet. Amy picked me up around 9:30 and she looked great! I hadn’t seen her in about five years so I was a little apprehensive about seeing her but I wasn’t at all disappointed. Amy looked just as good if not better then she did years ago. She is a petite girl much like myself but she has a much more curvaceous body and beautiful, full breasts. I could have said to hell with going out for drinks and jumped on her right then and there. We had no idea where we were going to go or do for the next couple hours. Personally, I wanted to go and get a hotel room.

We started driving around trying to figure out different places to go when finally Amy suggested in a soft, wary voice that we go to a local go-go bar, The Purple Orchid. From that moment on I had a great feeling about the evening.

We stopped at another local bar, Hammerheads, to have a couple drinks and basically break the ice since this was Amy’s first date with a woman. This was a big mistake – it was bursa eskort bayan the day before Valentine’s Day and there were single inebriated men out and on the prowl to put it mildly. After hearing a few pick-up lines we decided that it was unmistakably time to venture on to the Purple Orchid.

I think Amy felt a little uncomfortable about going to the Purple Orchid since she had never been in an go-go bar before. I was eminently excited! We walked into the bar and found a couple empty seats. All of the men in the bar were starring at us. If they didn’t have a totally bewildered look on their face then it was an ear to ear smile. After a couple beers Amy seemed to feel right at home watching the beautiful, naked women dance. We were talking, watching and having a great time. We joked about which of the girls we would like to take home with us for the night.

One particular dancer kept coming over to us after her sets were over. Her name was Kelly. She was adorable – tall and tan with a perfectly proportioned body. I told her how I had an interest in dancing and she grabbed my hand and told me to come on that she would give me an outfit because there was no time like the present. Amy sat there cheering her on but I chickened out. What Amy and I found really attractive about Kelly was her high-spirited disposition. Basically she was totally goofy and seemed like someone who knew how to have a good time. As time passed by the DJ mentioned to the crowd not to forget about getting couch dances. Amy and I just looked at each other. We could practically see the light bulbs above each other’s heads. Kelly was on her way back up to the stage when we stopped her to ask how much couch dances were. She got a big smile on her face and said that she would be over to take care of us as soon as she was done her set.

Well Kelly figured that she would get us worked up as much as possible before the couch dance. So the entire time she was on stage she dedicated herself to us. She was having a great time up on stage and we were having a great time watching her. She stood right in front of us caressing her beautiful breasts, sucking on her fingers, fondling her pussy. I don’t know about Amy but I was already wet.

Finally her set was over and she motioned to us to meet her at the other end of the bar. We walked into the partially sectioned off area where the girls showed off what they really had to offer. Kelly showed us both how and where to sit – I never knew there was a specific way to sit during a couch dance and she started dancing for us. It didn’t take long before she was right on top of me dancing and grinding against me. Before I knew it I was kissing her as she stroked my pussy. Then she moved over to Amy and bursa merkez escort started kissing her and rubbing her breasts. Watching the two of them touching and kissing made my pussy so wet. Back and forth Kelly went between Amy and I. At this point Kelly was pretty much straddling over us. She was rubbing Amy’s pussy while I sucked on her firm breasts. Then Kelly sat backwards on my lap and placed my hands on her pussy. As I rubbed Kelly’s pussy I leaned over and started kissing Amy. Her lips were so soft – I just wanted to rip off her clothes right there and fuck her.

I was so enthralled with Kelly and Amy at this point that I barely heard the bouncer come over and tell Kelly that we had to calm down. We all stopped what we were doing and unfortunately returned to reality. Kelly’s time with us was just about over so we started to straighten our selves up. Kelly was laughing her ass off because we all had lipstick all over our faces. She grabbed me and then Amy and gave us a kiss good bye and thanked us for choosing her.

Needless to say we were both glowing with ecstasy. Amy and I went back to our seats at the bar but not before fighting off a couple of “high fives” and the shouts of “you go girls” from the men in the bar who got a glimpse of our little private show. After making her rounds through the bar Kelly stopped back over to talk to us. She was curious about why we chose her for the couch dance. I told her that it was her silliness that attracted us to her and she proceeded to start rubbing my inner thigh. I was so horny at this point that I wanted to get in the car with Amy and drive to the nearest hotel but we probably wouldn’t have made it past the parking lot.

Kelly headed back up to the stage and started fucking with us again. This time I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. As I watched her I placed my hand on Amy’s thigh and gently worked my way over to her pussy. As I touched her pussy from the outside of her tight fitting, black pants I could feel her panties getting wet. She sat there intently watching Kelly dance. I continued to rub Amy’s pussy, I wanted her to cum right there in the bar. I could see her biting on her lip and digging her nails into her thigh. I knew she was really close. Finally Amy’s body tightened up and she grabbed my hand. She just looked at me and kissed me.

We decided that it was time to leave the bar before we ended up in the bathroom fucking. So we threw on our coats as quick as possible and headed for Amy’s car. As she unlocked my door for me I came up behind her and started kissing her neck. She just stood there for a few minutes enjoying my kisses. She eventually turned around and started kissing me. Her soft, wet lips and bursa sınırsız escort bayan our tongues thrusting against each other felt great. We stopped kissing abruptly as a car of guys drove by and started bellowing out vulgar remarks. We both agreed that Rising Sun Avenue wasn’t the place for this show of affection so we got into the car. As Amy drove we both sat there pretty quiet. I know our minds really weren’t on going home at least not separately.

Finally, Amy broke the silence. She told me that Dave, her boyfriend, said that he would not have a problem with her staying out over night to spend the night with another woman. My only response was that I knew of a few hotels with really nice rooms that had jacuzzis in them. On that note Amy pulled over to a dark parking lot and we started kissing, again. I slowly took off Amy’s shirt as well as her bra and began rubbing and kissing her breasts. She layed back in her seat just taking it all in. As I slipped my hand down her pants and began fingering her pussy. Her back began to arch and she was moaning with pleasure. I slid her pants and panties entirely off so that I would have full access to her pussy. The more fingers I slipped into her soaking wet pussy the loader she cried out. She was now thrashing her pussy in rhythm with my fingers. My pussy was so hot and wet from just watching her. I slid her seat all the way back, leaned over and started to go down on her. Her pussy was so wet and I was happy to be pleasing her. After a few minutes Amy began to cum. She couldn’t sit still.

After Amy regained her composure she began to undress me. First my shirt and then bra. She loved my nipple ring and it felt so good as she sucked and nibbled on it. Before long she was sliding off my pants and climbing on top of me. She began to grind her wet pussy against mine. As she straddled me I fondled and sucked on her breasts. When Amy started to finger me – I lost all control. The faster she fingered me the hotter and wetter I got. As I was cumming Amy started to kiss me hard and deep. I could feel the cum flowing out of my pussy.

I realized that I wasn’t ready to go home yet so I reclined my seat all the way and pulled Amy’s pussy up towards my face and I started to eat her out again. Despite the lack of space Amy couldn’t sit still again. It didn’t take long for both of us to cum again. I loved the taste of her cum in my mouth. Amy slowly slide down and I kissed every inch of her body that passed my lips. We just laid there for a little while softly kissing. I don’t think we could have gotten up if we wanted too. My legs were completely numb.

We realized it was really time for us to get home so reluctantly we started to get dressed. As we drove we didn’t say much – I guess we were afraid that we would end up making another pit stop. When Crista pulled up into my driveway I lean over and kissed her gently good bye. As I was getting out of the car she leaned over to my seat and told me that she had a great time and can’t wait till next time. How could I not absolutely agree with her?!?

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