Happy Hairy Birthday Surprises!



Phil was a few weeks short of his thirtieth birthday and as he felt it was a milestone in his life he wanted it to be special; something he would remember for many years. While walking through the fields hand in hand with his girlfriend Evie he confided to her how he would love to be pleasantly surprised.

They had been a couple for nearly two years after they met at a local farmers’ market. Phil had been wandering around the various stalls until he spotted Evie’s stall which was selling a variety of home grown fruits and some locally collected mushrooms. Initially, his gaze was on the colourful produce but as he looked up he had one of those “wow” moments!

There looking at him was this warm, beautiful smile from a gorgeous, sun-soaked woman. Phil smiled back and was aware of a tangy, organic aroma that seemed to waft from the woman. Not the artificial smell of cosmetics but something earthy and natural-pheromones perhaps?

Evie was attracted to Phil’s physique too. As a jobbing gardener he was pretty fit and also lightly tanned and Evie certainly liked the look of Phil’s bare muscular and fairly hairy arms.

At this moment Evie subconsciously raised her arms to play with her hair and Phil was momentarily speechless! As Evie’s arms went up Phil was greeted with the spectacle of a growth of wild dark, long hair in her pits. At the same time the earthy fragrance Phil had noticed minutes earlier was now ever more pervasive. If smell could be sexual this was definitely it!

Stumbling over his words Phil asked for some blackcurrants and blewits. Evie sensed his slight unease and was worldly enough to realise he was attracted to her and trying to hide it. She broke the ice and gently flirted with him and asked him about his line of work.

After five minutes of chat Phil felt more comfortable and asked Evie if she would like to go out some time. As the attraction was obviously mutual to anyone standing nearby, Evie accepted with excitement.

On his way back home, Phil couldn’t get Evie out of his mind- that warm smile, her long dark hair and those wild hairy pits. Though he had seen a few women with unshaved pits in the past he had never been quite so close to them or had had such an impact on him. In fact it wasn’t a feature that had ever been on his sexual radar before. His encounter with Evie had been a real Eureka moment!

There was something so animalistic about them. The sight of the dark bushes nestling under her arms was revelationary- wildly sexual. This combined with the earthy, musty fragrance emanating from them which was heady made for a potent erotic cocktail.

As soon as he got in he fell on to the sofa and dropped his shorts and whipped out his fully hardened and leaking dick to give it a very satisfying wank. How he fantasised about nuzzling and licking those earthy forests while fucking her!

Needless to say their first date went swimmingly well given the real mutual attraction. Evie was well aware of the erotic pull of her furry pits. It’s true they have a Marmite quality in which guys either hate or love them with little in between, yet she was fully aware that there were plenty of guys who are totally aroused by them and they tended to be the more adventurous and intelligent guys, so the haters were easily weeded out. It was obvious from Phil’s reaction at the stall earlier that he most definitely did like them!

As the drinks flowed and the two flirted like mad it was obvious that they would fall into bed together that night. Evie was certainly a very natural woman. No make-up at all and she had never used it, no synthetic perfume when she had her own alluring body aromas and hair removal was something other women did. She hadn’t used a razor since she left school and there was no way she would submit her body to the dubious torture of waxing or put nasty chemicals on her skin to dissolve her fuzz.

As they fell onto the bed Phil ripped off Evie’s top and raised an arm. He gently caressed the long dark hairs between his fingers before putting his face deep in the moist dark recess. In fact he was so immersed in the sexual aromas of her hairy pit he had hardly noticed her small but beautiful formed breasts! Licking and nuzzling furiously Evie managed to undo the zip on Phil’s trousers and extract his fully erect penis. Though she wanted to give him oral, Phil was so engrossed with her furry pits she decided to give him a relieving hand job for now.

After furiously firing out his hot, milky cum, Phil began to appreciate Evie’s boobs and also amused to see her nipples were slightly hairy and began to tweak them. Evie never removed her few nipple hairs as they gave her so much more sensitivity and she climaxed so much more rapidly when they were tweaked.

Removing Evie’s jeans he was excited, but not totally surprised, to see she also had a massive bush that spread well beyond her underwear. Phil’s eyes were almost Gaziantep Grup Escort on proverbial stalks as he excitedly saw the generous growth extending down Evie’s inner thighs. The rest of her thighs weren’t so hairy but they were still visibly hairy with much finer dark hair. Below the knees Evie’s legs had a strong covering of long, rather coarse dark hair. Even her toes were quite hairy! Phil had certainly never had an intimate encounter with such a hairy woman before! In fact he’d never seen such hairy legs on a woman before. It certainly didn’t bother him but boy was he aroused by those heavenly hairy pits and that furry bush!

Sex always involved plenty of pit fore-play whether stroking, tugging, licking or nuzzling. He also loved it when Evie let him cum in her hairy pits. Sometimes he would jerk himself onto the hair, other times she would work his cock into a lathering frenzy before letting the contents flood her fur with a creamy pie.

Two years flew by as both Phil and Evie loved each others company, shared interests in the great outdoors, growing things, laughing and lots of enthusiastic hairy sex! Evie knew Phil had a high sex drive as not only was he ready for it with her she caught him wanking several times while watching porn on his tablet.

When she sneakily checked on what he was watching it came as no great surprise to see all the women he looked at had hairy pits. Perhaps less predictable was his penchant for watching lesbian sets. Being very open-minded Evie didn’t have a problem with this and she’d rather Phil jerk off to a movie than philandering with another woman.

This gave Evie an idea for Phil’s birthday treat! One of her best friend’s was openly bisexual and maybe she could come round and give Phil a thrill he wouldn’t forget in a hurry!

So the big day came around. Evie called Phil into her living room and said she was going to tie him up for a thrill. Phil looked confused but excited as she led him to a comfortable seat before handcuffing him and putting a gag in his mouth. She then slid off his shorts leaving Phil in his undies.

Evie wasn’t dressed in her normal jeans or long flowery dress but had on a tight t-shirt and fairly brief white shorts with thigh high socks. Already Phil enjoyed the novelty and loved the sight of her fuzzy thighs above the sock and below her shorts.

The bell rang and it was Evie’s friend Sam.

“Hi!” said Sam to Evie. “And you must be the lucky Phil? Happy birthday! You ain’t going to forget this!!”

Phil looked bemused but was full of anticipation at what might be about to occur. Being gagged he couldn’t say anything but smiled on.

Sam was fairly well built with larger breasts than Evie and had short mousy hair. She also had on a t-shirt that revealed her arms as being quite hairy (one area Evie wasn’t that hairy) and also had shorts on. Like her arms, Sam had quite fuzzy thighs but her lower legs were only slightly bristly as they had been shaved 3 or 4 days earlier.

At this point Sam gave Evie a big hug and kiss before lifting off Evie’s top.

“My they are beautiful!” exclaimed Sam as she admired Evie’s pale well-rounded boobs before going, “Wow!” as she lifted up Evie’s left arm. “That’s a seriously sexy rain forest you’ve got growing there!”.

Evie giggled at that and she noticed Phil’s dick getting bigger across the room. Sam took out a comb out of her bag and began to groom the long dark hairs. Earlier in the day Evie had done quite a lot of vigorous exercise so they would be sweaty and gloriously smelly. she wasn’t going to admit to Sam but she hadn’t washed them for a couple of days so the odour would be pervasive.

She knew her smelly, hairy pits were a total aphrodisiac for Phil and luckily Sam wasn’t put off. In fact after combing them for a couple of minutes Sam put her tongue deep into the thicket and began to vigorously lick and nuzzle the hair. Evie began to moan with pleasure at Sam’s skilful tongue work. She also noticed Phil’s dick straining with excitement. With his hands bound he was unable to pleasure himself but his dick had shot through the aperture in his pants and standing to attention while leaking badly.

Sam had a big grin on her cheeky face as she realised she was massively turning on both Evie via her pit arousal and also Phil as spectator. Sam headed to Phil and took his weeping member in her hands and thrust his aching cock in her hands to relieve him while Evie put her own hand under her shorts to complete her orgasm.

With both Phil and Evie temporarily wasted, Sam began to caress and nuzzle Evie’s other pit. Phil had seen similar action on-line but didn’t expect to see girl to girl hairy pit action in front of him like this. Evie becoming more energised then removed Sam’s top and like her she had very hairy pits and in front of Phil stroked the long strands in front of him and let him sniff them. Not as potent as those of Evie but he loved the look of them.

As the hairy pit play session seemed to conclude Phil assumed that was it. A birthday treat to remember for sure! Not only Evie’s gorgeous hairy pits but with another hairy-pitted woman with her this was the stuff of his fantasies and internet world.

Expecting to be released from his ties, Phil tried to get up!

“You’re going nowhere yet, matey!” laughed Sam. “The show hasn’t finished yet!”.

While Evie had discussed the evening’s entertainment a few days earlier with Sam, she came up with another idea that Evie would never have thought of. In fact she wasn’t sure how Phil would react to it but with Sam’s persuasive personality Evie decided to go along with it, even though she had reservations herself.

Phil looked totally bemused as Sam walked in with a large bowl of warm water. What was going on? The next thing he saw Sam slowly remove one of Evie’s thigh length socks revealing her hairy leg. The hairs were criss crossed in an untidy pattern and Sam ran her fingers through them!

“Hairy aren’t they!” exclaimed Sam. “Don’t think they’ve had any TLC for a very long time!”

In fact it was probably over a decade since Evie had last shaved her legs for a wedding. The hair grew back so quickly that she didn’t see the point. anyway; the hair was natural and it didn’t bother her having hairy legs. Also none of her lovers had complained about them!

Sam fiddled around in her bag and pulled out a can of shaving foam and a couple of disposable razors. Evie knew what was about to happen but she was curious to see Phil’s reaction. He looked confused!

As Sam removed the razor from its plastic case she played with it running the back of it along the hairy leg pretending to mow down the coarse hair .Phil was looking more intrigued now- still somewhat confused. His lover had only ever been hairy in his eyes.

Looking pleased with herself Sam started to rub the foam into the thick hair on the front of Evie’s calf leaving interesting patterns of swirling dark hairs. Sam then reached over for the razor and began to draw the blade up from the ankle scything down the long hair with ease like scraping molten butter with a knife.

Evie was still apprehensive about this and nervously looked across to Phil to see his reaction. His eyes were now transfixed on the movement of Sam’s hand wielding the blade up Evie’s hairy calf. He didn’t seem angry and it looked as though intrigue was slowly converting to keen interest.

It was obvious that Sam was pretty adept at shaving and it took no time to free a couple of lengths of leg from its fur coating. Phil now seemed to be getting aroused which is what Sam had told Evie he would be, though she seemed less sure.

With the front of one calf now completely denuded of its thick hair, Sam took the leg and held it up to remove the more scantily haired back. Evie noticed that Phil now had an almighty erection which made her relax and she began to enjoy the pampering herself. Having denuded the left calf of the abundant growth she then began to shave above the knee which even Evie was surprised by. Too late to say anything, Evie let Sam do her thing. With the thigh hair being much finer it was over quickly apart from manipulating Evie to shave the hairier back of the thigh.

It was now obvious to both of them that Phil was now beside himself with excitement as his cock was ready to explode and his pupils widely dilated! He was going to have to wait a little longer for some merciful release!

Sensing Phil’s need to pleasure himself Sam yanked off Evie’s other sock. Such was the contrast of a gleaming hairless leg with the very hairy unshaved one! Evie wasn’t sure which one she preferred- they were so different!

Hairy was what her legs were, what she was used to! Yet the clean shaven leg was not without appeal it didn’t seem like hers. Though it was now smooth, it seemed slimmer without the carpet of unruly fuzz and maybe looked a little longer too?.

Setting to work with efficient speed Sam revelled is soaping the second furry leg and as she scraped the first column of hairs she teased Phil with the razor full of hair in front of him. This seemed to excite him even more. Already he was beginning to accept his all natural hairy girlfriend was going to be a little less hairy for at least a while.

Evie had never been shaved by anyone else before and reluctantly she was actually enjoying it too, much to her surprise. This was for Phil’s birthday treat after all.! Sam did say guys get very turned on by seeing a woman’s legs being shaved- something both sensual and intimate about the experience!.

With the defuzzing now complete, Sam towelled off both smooth hairless legs and then yanked down Evie’s brief shorts.

“Isn’t that beautiful?” asked Sam.

They could admire Evie now wearing only some lacy knickers but with a full furry lining as the inner thigh hair hidden by the shorts escaped the chop. Intentionally!

Sam then gently pulled off the remaining garment revealing a full very furry bush creeping onto the thighs but with a clean cut off line. Sam stroked Evie’s smooth legs while Evie lent back raising her arms to reveal the matching furry pits to her massive bush!

Proud of her handiwork Sam declared, “Hairy in all the right places! So hot, I could fuck you myself, but I’ll leave that to birthday boy. Nothing hotter than a woman with full bush and pits!”

Sam then went on her way and Evie untied Phil who even with the gag was groaning with pleasure and the need to fire his load.

Phil virtually pounced on Evie and slid his desperate penis into her very moist vagina and raised an arm to nuzzle a hairy pit while at the same time pumping ferociously. With such pent up frustration he emptied his load in seconds but then gave him time to enjoy the delights on offer.

Cuddling together Evie asked whether he enjoyed his treat?

“Now I’ve discharged- yes that was amazing! The pit pampering was just awesome- a fantasy come to life. The leg shaving- well that was unexpected. You know I love you natural and hairy, though I don’t have the same fetish for hairy legs that I have for hairy pussy and especially smelly, furry pits. I don’t mind them though. But it was incredibly sexy to watch the razor slide up your legs and shave off the hair!”

As her began to stroke the now hairless legs he continued, “They feel nice and soft now but it was strangely exciting to watch them being shaved. Not something I would have expected, but yes it was an unusual erotic treat!”

“So you’ll expect them to be clean shaven now?” queried Evie.

“Not at all!” responded Phil. “I’m pleased to see this different you and strangely with your legs and most of your thighs clean shaven it does make your bush seem even hairier which is exciting. I do like the contrast of smooth and very hairy. But it would be a chore to maintain that. But hey as a special occasional treat it would be more exciting than routine shaving! But please never ever think of shaving your wonderfully hirsute pits or bush- that would break my heart!”

Liking what she heard Evie gave him a loving peck before rubbing her smooth legs against his hairy ones, For the first time his were hairier than hers! The next couple of hours were more of a slow burn of touching, feeling and stroking before a final sleepy fuck to round off Phil’s not to be forgotten 30th.

Some three weeks later on a wet Sunday afternoon Phil and Evie were cuddled up on the sofa watching some dull movie and Phil was rubbing his hands up Evie’s legs. No longer smooth they were now covered in rapidly growing bristles, though the finer thigh hair was slower to reclaim territory.

Phil quite enjoyed the prickly sensation but then whispered in Evie’s ear, “Can we have a bath together and will you let me shave your legs? Ever since i watched Sam shave them I wanted to try it myself.”

Evie smiled, responding, “You are naughty, but yes I’d like that. Very much!”

Without looking she knew his cock would be super-erect and ran her tongue round it before wanking him off.

“Now let’s go and clean up!” as she took him by the hand to the bathroom.

As Evie had suffered a little from razor burn on her thighs they decided to let them be and anyway Phil did like her fuzzy thighs a lot, so the shaving would concentrate on the serious stubble on the shins. Phil was enjoying soaping the legs and feeling the bristles against his skin. Then Phil wielded the blade carefully shaving the stubble from ankle to knee. Not quite as deftly as Sam had done, as he did leave a couple of small nicks, but this was his first time leg shaving! Though probably not the last!

After drying Evie’s smooth again calves he began to kiss and lick her toes (with the few hairs still intact!) before kissing and licking her shins before working up to the hairy holy grail and licking Evie to rapid orgasm. With Evie sated he placed her freshly smooth calves over his shoulders while pumping away amidst the pristine jungle of hair. She held her arms back to excite Phi even morel with her extremely furry and aromatic pits exposed.

Over the next few months things returned to normal and once again Evie had her very hairy legs hidden under long skirts, though she was always happy flashing her sexually charged pit fur. They both knew that it wouldn’t be over ten years for her next leg shave though. Hairy pit love was always the key turn-on for Phil but every now and again a leg shaving pampering session gave a new minor interest for them both. It wasn;t to become a necessary chore but a rare erotic treat. Sometimes Phil made the move but just as often Evie might drop a hint about a sexy shave by leaving a set of ladies razors around. And the thighs always stayed fuzzy!

A 30th birthday neither would forget and one that enhanced there already exciting hairy love life!

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