Jennifer’s Jewellery Shoot

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This story arose from some e-mail correspondence with a reader who mentioned that she had some very specific fetishes, and that she didn’t think that anyone else would find a story about them to be hot. I took that as a challenge, so here goes…

Times were tough for aspiring young models. Of course, times are always tough for aspiring young models. It was particularly tough for Jennifer because she was trying to build her modelling career while attending UCSD. But she was somehow managing to keep a roof overhead and her student loans to a minimum. Besides, it was always easier to diet when the cupboards were virtually empty anyway.

Jennifer got the call on a Thursday night. It was supposed to be a Saturday jewellery job, but it was way out in the suburbs. The money was significantly higher than usual for a jewellery shoot, but she didn’t have a car so she’d had to turn the job down. That was a problem. The client had specifically asked for an Asian model with medium breasts, and she was the best fit the agency had. She thought it funny that they were worried about the breasts, but she decided there must be necklaces in the shoot, and they wanted an appealing background. When she told her agent why she had to turn it down, he had strong-armed the client into sending a limo. It was her first limo.

“High end job. High end requirements. High end perks.” He’d said

And so it was that at 11:00 on Saturday morning a long white limo pulled up in front of her building. The driver opened the door for her and took her hand to guide her into the seat. When he closed the door behind her, the hot morning air was gone. Replaced by the cool sweet smell of air conditioned leather. The intercom buzzed, and the driver told her to enjoy a glass of chilled champagne from the open bottle in the silver ice bucket.

“How can you call anything made out of silver a bucket?” she thought to herself

It was not her custom to drink much at all, let alone before lunch, but swept up in the opulence, she decided to indulge herself. So as the limo cruised smoothly down the freeway, she poured herself a glass of the sparkling wine and lay back to enjoy the luxury. Time slipped quickly by as she sipped the wine and daydreamed of a time when this would be a commonplace occurrence, so she was surprised to see that it was approaching 2:00 when they left the freeway and entered the “burbs”.

She had a moment of concern as they pulled into the parking lot of one of those small industrial malls, but then she looked around at the inside of the posh limo, and remembered that since her agency always vetted every client, and she knew that everything would be OK. They pulled up in front of a single unit identified by a simple sign as BD Enterprises. It looked classy enough. Out of force of habit, she reached for the door handle but before she could pull it, the door opened and the driver stood there, holding out his hand smiling.

“Here ma’am, allow me to help you out.” This as he took her hand to guide her out of her back seat haven.

As she stood, the wine and the heat hit her at once and she stumbled. The chauffeur was quick to react and grabbed her by the waist to keep her from toppling over.

“Careful there ma’am.” he admonished. “I think you may have had a bit too much of the bubbly”

She still felt a bit unstable and was glad when he extended his elbow for her to take as they moved from the limo to the door.

“GET IT TOGETHER GIRL!” She screamed to herself. “You’ll never get another chance if you blow this now.”

The two guys who met them inside were rather unremarkable, not at all what she expected, but they were very friendly and welcoming. They even offered her another drink which, in her current state, she knew enough to decline, particularly since there didn’t seem to be any food around to soak up the alcohol. After the introductions, handshakes, and requisite small talk, they moved through the office into the back room. There were two professional looking photo studios, one fitted with video. She had expected to see some dressing rooms, make-up area, and perhaps a wardrobe area, but the rest of the building was full of shelves stacked with boxes.

“OK Jennifer, We might as well get started.” Enthused Duane. “Jake, go back to the office and bring us the products.”

Now she was really confused. She had taken care to wear one of her best half cup underwire bras to provide some cleavage as a backdrop to any necklaces that might be part of the shoot, but, expecting to be supplied with appropriate wardrobe, she had simply pulled a scooped-necked tee over her head. The confusion was not reduced when Jake returned with a stack of boxes and no clothing.

“Excuse me Duane.” She began. “Is there a wardrobe, a particular dress or top you want me to start with?”

“Wardrobe? Particular dress?” He laughed. “No deary, just strip to the waist and let’s get on with it.”

Strip to the waist? Had she heard him correctly?

“Sorry? I was told this was a jewellery shoot. Why would I need to strip to the waist?” xslot she inquired

“Jewellery?” laughed Duane who was quickly joined by the others. “There’s no jewellery here deary, We sell BDSM gear and today’s shoot is all about bits and gags. So just strip and let’s get on with it. We’re burning daylight.” This with a bit of annoyance.

“I’m sorry.” She began. “I don’t do that kind of modelling. I was told this was a jewellery shoot. If you don’t mind, I’ll just head back out to the car and you can take me back home. I’m sure the agency can find you a suitable replacement for next week.”

“BULLSHIT” howled Duane. “I’ve got a lot of money tied up in this escapade today and if you want to default on our agreement, you can damn well WALK home.”

She was stunned. She certainly had no objection to showing some cleavage, or the side of her breast for that matter, but her most risqué appearance to date had been a topless shot with a professional she had known and trusted for years, where her breasts were almost completely covered by her hands. She wished she hadn’t had the champagne. It was affecting her clarity. What was she going to do? This entire thing was a complete misunderstanding. She was here for a jewellery photo shoot, not some BDSM fetish crap. Surely there was some compromise that could be made.

“Duane,” She started in a soothing tone,” Duane, surely we can come to some…”

“Some WHAT?” he yelled. “I’m out $5K and if you don’t model this stuff Today, RIGHT FUCKING NOW, I am going to charge it all back to you. You signed a contract didn’t you.”

OH GOD. She couldn’t even afford a cab ride back home, let alone to pay that penalty. She certainly couldn’t walk all the way back home either. What to do, what to do? Damn that champagne. She couldn’t think straight, couldn’t weigh her options, couldn’t even think of any other options.

“O..O..OK.” She stammered. “B..B..But you have to make sure my nips don’t show in the final pictures, and that’s non-negotiable.” This as she started to regain her confidence.

“Done. Now let’s get this show on the road girlie. Get that damn top off and let’s get going.”

Jennifer realized that she was trapped. There was no way out. It was going to happen and there was nothing, absolutely nothing, she could do to save her dignity. She looked around the room and saw that all the men’s eyes were glued to her. A sudden rush of embarrassment caused her face to flush. She was the only woman in the place and she was about to go topless. As if in a dream, she crossed her arms across her waist and pulled her tee over her head in one smooth motion. No sense in letting them know she was terrified.

The sudden intake of breath by every man in the place disturbed her, and her face went red hot with embarrassment.

“OK.” She announced. “Let’s get this show on the road.”

“Yeah. Right. As soon as you drop the bra honey”

Oh God he was serious. There didn’t seem to be an option. Her trembling hands slowly climbed to the clasp on the front and then, quick, like pulling off a band aid, she opened her bra and threw it on the table with her tee. The instant the cool air hit them, her nipples stood rigidly at attention. The men’s eyes were riveted to her firm high tits. If she hadn’t already been beet red, she would have blushed. As it was, all she could do was cross her arms over her chest to try to maintain some semblance of dignity.

“OK. Let’s get going people.” exclaimed Duane. “Tom, hand me the B215.”

Jennifer’s eyes widened as she saw Tom pick up a leather strap with a bright red rubber ball in the middle. Duane took it and moved behind her.

“Open wide” This as he reached over her head and pulled the ball portion into her mouth.

Then he had fastened the the buckle tightly behind her head, stretching her lips and pulling the ball firmly into her mouth. He moved around to look at his handiwork, reached his hand up and gave the ball a little push back into her mouth, and when he was satisfied with the fit, he told her to move into the photo studio.

She had never worn a gag before, never played any BDSM games, never been submissive. But this did kind of remind her of a time…. NO. She couldn’t think of that now. She had to get through this and get out of here.

“Arms down deary.”

Why did he keep calling her deary, and honey? It was demeaning. She had a name, why wouldn’t he use it. As these thoughts were running through her mind, she almost didn’t notice that they had started taking pictures. Jennifer raised her hands to cover her exposed breasts from the camera lens, but Duane stopped her with a stern shout. The leather strap was pulling the corners of her mouth back causing her lips to close around the ball so she couldn’t form words. When she tried to tell them not to shoot with her nipples showing, all that came out were unintelligible grunts and huffing. She reached behind her neck to undo the gag, but when she did the photographer started snapping wildly.

“Nice.” sneered Duane. “But don’t you even think of trying xslot Giriş to take it off.”

Jennifer’s mouth was filling with saliva and with her jaw stretched, she couldn’t swallow. A trickle of drool escaped her mouth, ran down her chin and dripped onto her chest. Once again there was a frenzy of pictures. She had never felt so humiliated as she did in that moment. Topless, gagged, and drooling. Never so humiliated, and yet just a little bit excited.

After about 15 minutes of shooting, Duane walked over and removed the gag and tossed her a towel to wipe the drool off her chest. Jennifer reached up and massaged both sides of her face to relieve the tension in her jaw muscles. When she could finally talk, she squared off with Duane.

“I said not to show my nipples.” She hissed. “You are shooting my whole upper body”

“I agreed not to show them in the final product. I’ll put a star over your nips if you’re going to be such a prude” Duane sneered back.

A similar scenario played out repeatedly for the next two hours, with more and and more complex gags. The most complex devices took more than one man to fasten to her head. Her jaw was aching from being held open for so long. She had been stretched by balls, rings, bits, spreaders, and even one that expanded with a squeeze bulb until her cheeks hurt. Her taste buds had been assailed with a wide array of rubber, latex, leather, and wood. She had never let any of her lovers put a gag on her, either figuratively or literally, and yet there was something tickling the back of her mind, something slightly arousing about this whole scenario. No don’t think of that now.

When they brought out the first metal gag, It all rushed in on her. Her eyes locked onto it and her mind returned to that time. To the orthodontist who had fitted her with the braces. The mere thought if it caused her pussy to contract involuntarily and she felt herself start to lubricate. It had all seemed too weird to her at the time and so she had driven it to the back of her mind, but now, standing topless in front of all these men looking at that gleaming metal, it all came rushing back, and it hit her like a truck.

“Oh no.” She moaned “Oh no c..c.. no you can’t. Not that one. Please.”

She had become so compliant that the men were totally taken aback by her reaction. All eyes were locked on her as she stood there trying to form a sentence, and failing. Duane was the first to realize that something was amiss and he pressed his advantage.

“Oh YES deary” He growled “And there’s three more after this.”

Those words shocked Jennifer into action, and she started to move, but not quick enough. Duane was on her in a heartbeat. She never saw where the cuffs came from, but she certainly felt them tighten on her wrists, pulling her arms back and presenting her breasts to the men. Helpless, she started to plead with Duane, but his only answer was to grab her shoulders and tell Jake to put it on her.

Her pulse quickened and her pussy throbbed as Jake approached with the metal gag. As he lifted it towards her mouth, she started to struggle and shake her head until Duane shook her shoulders.

“Hey Honey, settle down. You don’t want us to chip those pretty straight teeth with this hard metal gag do you?” And then as she stopped struggling “That’s a good girl. Open wide.”

Those words…The metal moving towards her mouth. She couldn’t stop the flood of memories…

It started when she was 18. She was walking down the street and as she passed the second-hand book store she had glanced in the window. She had no idea who John Norman was, had never even heard of Gor, but the cover art on the book in the window stopped her dead in her tracks. The girl in the picture wore a thick metal collar. She was chained, on her knees. Submissive. Jennifer stood on the sidewalk, staring through the window. A sudden chill ran through her, followed by an intense heat which centered in her groin. She didn’t know why, or how, but that picture touched her soul. She quickly entered the store and arranged to purchase the book. It was only $5 but she would have paid a hundred to have that book.

Book in hand, she rushed straight home and into her room. Her parents were very strict and she couldn’t let them see the book. Not that book. Not with that cover picture. In the secrecy of her room she opened the book and began to read. The words she read were like nothing she had ever imagined.

“Earth girl, captured by intergalactic slavers, awakens on a strange planet. She looks up to see three moons, one large, two small. Her ankles are chained, but even more horrifying, her neck is encircled by a collar of steel, to which a chain is attached. And so begins her adventure, as a slave girl of Gor.”

She couldn’t put the book down until she had devoured every word. In the ensuing weeks, she had re-read the book until she had it committed to memory.

It wasn’t too long after that, her parents finally had the insurance package to cover the orthodontic work she’d needed since her wisdom xslot Güncel Giriş teeth had been removed. They made an appointment, decided on a plan of treatment, and soon enough, Jennifer was laying back in the chair with her mouth wide open.

“That’s a good girl. Open wide”

She had thought the Orthodontist was kind of hot, but when he showed her the metal braces he was going to fit into her mouth, her tummy had flip flopped. OMG. This man was going to fit all that metal into her mouth, and make her keep it there. It wasn’t a collar, but it was metal and she wouldn’t be able to take it off after he installed it. As that thought passed through her mind, she felt a tingle in her pussy and the beginnings of arousal. As the braces were fitted, the arousal increased, and by the time he was ready to tighten the wires, she was squirming in the chair.

“Are you doing OK there Jennifer?” He asked kindly “Am I hurting you?”

“Oh no. I’m OK”

But as she formed the words she could feel all the metal he had placed in her mouth, and it spiked her arousal to a new level. She started to get up. She needed to leave before the smell of her juices gave her away, but he gently guided her back into the chair.

“Oh no you don’t young lady. I still have to tighten the wires.”

She spent the next 10 minutes squirming in the chair as he adjusted the braces. As he applied his “mouth bondage” to her

“Any pain? Am I making them too tight?” He asked.

“Oh no, Sir. Tighter is OK.” she replied, and then felt her insides melt as he increased the tension…

When she came back to the present, she realized that she had been standing motionless staring into space.. Everyone was looking at her.

“You OK honey?” Duane asked, a bit concerned. “You kind of zoned out on us for a minute there. Open wide.”

Still half in a daze, she did exactly as she was told and then felt it. The gleaming metal clicking on her teeth. The pressure keeping her mouth open. And as Jake fastened the straps tight behind her head, her pussy flooded with juice.

When Duane moved away from her, she heard the rapid fire clicking of the camera, almost as in a dream. Her nipples were impossibly hard, both her mouth and her pussy were drooling, and they were capturing it all with their camera.

As they inserted the second of the metal gags she groaned her arousal.

“Mmmmm. Somebody’s starting to enjoy herself.” Laughed Duane.

She could feel her moisture seeping into her slacks. She knew that at any minute now they would smell her and if this kept up there would be a dark wet patch for them to see too. She had never been this humiliated before, and yet never so aroused. She could do nothing but stand there and leak from both ends as the men watched and the photographer moved around her to capture the scene from all angles.

The last one. She was almost done. Almost done in more ways than one. The last one was a one piece metal bit. It had bends on the outside to fit in the corners of her mouth, holding them in a permanent smile, and a big bend with a downward tilt which pushed on the back half of her tongue forcing it down to the bottom of her mouth, effectively immobilizing it. When it had been fitted, she had a kind of slack jawed smile that was very appealing. She could close her lips, but she couldn’t lose the smile.

This time when Jake was done tightening the straps, he stepped back just a bit and reached out with one thick finger. He wet it in her drool and started to gently paint her lips with it. Again and again he wet his finger and slowly, sensuously drew the moisture around her lips. When he slid his finger between her lips and ran it along her perfect straight teeth, she lost it.

The orgasm that shook her was like nothing she had ever experienced. Her whole body tensed and then released repeatedly. She lost complete control and if it hadn’t been for Duane still holding her arms she would have fallen face first on the floor. Grunting and groaning, screaming, lost in her orgasm, she did not see the men watching, but they never moved their eyes away from the spectacle. Jake’s finger left her lips and he pinched one of her nipples with each hand, twisting and pulling as she continued to spasm. She was riding the crest of an unending wave. She groaned, gasped, and squirted her juice into her slacks. All while the camera recorded her debasement.

The intensity of her orgasm caused her to lose consciousness. Duane and Jake, picked her up and moved her to the couch. The cuffs and gag were removed, and she was covered with a light blanket. Nobody else moved.

“What in Hell was that all about?” Followed by silence.

“I’ve never in all my life seen anything like that, even on the Internet”

Slowly, Jennifer floated back to reality. Her jaw and shoulders ached. Every other muscle in her body felt weak and used up. As she began to come to consciousness, she started to recall what had happened. The embarrassment and humiliation washed over her, causing her to sob into her arm. Then, she panicked. What had they done to her after the performance? Had they raped her? She jumped and quickly reached down to find that she still had her slacks on. They were soaked with her juices and she couldn’t wear them home, but they were still on and she hadn’t been raped.

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