Jamie and Amby Ch. 01

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It’s been awhile since Jamie had a session of female domination. He and Amby started out as amateurs and experimented with each other. Over time, Amby got better at the femdom game, and Jamie learned new tricks and ways to cum with prostate stimulation. He’ll never forget the first day Amby made him squirt; it was surreal. He’d never heard of a guy purely squirting without cumming. Now, he was driving to her house for a day of female domination, and he was overly excited.

He wore a butt plug on the way over. Every so often, he would clench his ass muscles, and feel the sensitivity the plug created in his anus. At times, he would find himself rubbing his dick through his swim trunks, and would have to stop himself. With a plug in his ass, he could easily pop on the drive over. Jamie hadn’t masturbated in a little over a week, a great feat for him. He wasn’t addicted to sex, but he would cum at least a few times a week; and at least once a day when really horny. He took a deep breath as he continued the drive over.

Once Jamie arrived at Amby’s house, he walked over to the back porch like usual. He brought with him a backpack and a duffle bag. The backpack had a few items for entertainment, but the real fun was in his duffle bag. It was packed with bondage gear and all of his favorite toys. Jamie stripped down, placed his clothes into his backpack, and walked up to Amby’s sliding door completely naked. He knocked on the door, and Amby calmly walked over.

Amby saw Jamie standing there naked around the pool, in the patio area. She says, “What are you doing naked?”

“I just wanted to be ready for you, Mistress.”

Amby hurries Jamie along. “Just get in before someone sees you.” Jamie walks in, and Amby looks at his ass as he enters. She notices the butt plug. “Have you been wearing that butt plug this whole time?”

“Yes, Mistress. I was very horny and needed something to keep me under control on the way over.”

“Get over here now, slave!”

Jamie drops his bag and walks over to Amby. “Yes, Mistress?”

“Sit outside near the pool. Get on your hands and knees. I’m going to see what toys you brought with you this time.” Jamie does as he’s told. He gets on all fours and waits for Amby to return. She comes out into patio area, kneels next to Jamie, and pushes his head down to the floor. He instantly raises his ass up into the air as he lowers his head. He can hear xslot Amby lubing up a toy. Excitement starts building in his chest. Amby presses on the plug, and Jamie slightly moans, wanting the pleasure so badly. Amby teases him, making him wait for it. Then, she pulls the plug out. Before Jamie can make a sound, Amby presses the toy against his ass, nearly forcing the first entry of the day.

Amby isn’t holding back. Jamie had been a bad slave, giving himself minimal pleasure on his way over. He feels a couple inches, then 6, then all 12″ of his favorite jelly dong enters his ass in moments. He moans loudly, and Amby starts pounding his ass without pause. She gives him all 12″, fast and hard. Jamie uncontrollably moans and squeals outside. “I’m gonna, I’m gonna—”

Amby pulls all 12″ out of Jamie’s ass at once. “No, bitch. A good slut earns her orgasm.” She walks away from Jamie and says, “Stay there, just like that until I get back.” Jamie sits there, with his ass up and exposed, waiting.

Amby comes back out. “Come inside before I get my crops and whip you.” Jamie gets up and walks inside. “Now come with me to the couch. You’re gonna be a good lil’ slave and please your mistress while she enjoys some TV. I was watching my program when you showed up.” Amby grabs Jamie by his dick and leads him over to the couch. She sits him down on the floor. At first, Jamie didn’t notice, but Amby’s pants and panties are off. “Well, slut? This pussy isn’t going to lick itself. Make me cum.”

Jamie places his hands on Amby’s thighs and traces them to her pussy lips. He lowers his mouth, and she says. “No hands. A good pussy licker only needs to use their tongue. You’re good at eating pussy, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Jamie lowers his mouth down to Amby’s pussy, and starts licking at the lips. Amby lets out a sharp breath, but that’s all. Jamie continues to lick her pussy lips up to her clit, and starts lapping at it. Amby softly moans. Then, Jamie starts licking it more, faster, and moves his head with each lick. He sucks on her clit and lips, licking her pussy like a dog.

Amby starts moaning more and turns off the TV. She grabs Jamie by the back of the head and holds his head down, pressing his mouth where she wants to be licked. He keeps licking her and she moans loudly. Her hips shake and she pushes Jamie away. “Good girl,” Amby says. “Now, sit here naked while I finish my xslot Giriş show.” Jamie sits on the couch next to her in silence. Afterwards, Amby looks at Jamie up and down. “Let’s go for a swim. You get in, and I’ll join you soon.” Jamie nods and enters Amby’s pool, still naked, and waits for Amby. Soon, Amby enters the pool, wearing a small bikini. She floats over to Jamie and pushes him against the wall. She immediately starts grinding his dick, knowing he’s not allowed to fuck her.

“Turn around, slave.” Jamie does so, and Amby pushes him against the wall again. “Aim your dick at the jet and pull your skin back.” Jamie complies, letting the jet tickle the head of his dick. Amby grabs his ass and opens his cheeks. She slowly enters a finger into his ass and starts to finger him, rubbing his prostate. She grabs hold of his ass with her hand, causing him to ride her fingers as she moves them back and forth. Jamie starts to give little, soft moans. Amby presses deeper. “Moan for me. Louder.” Jamie lets out several moans, and Amby laughs. “Gooooood.”

Amby turns Jamie around. He didn’t realize it, but she took off her bikini. She grabs his dick, noticing how hard it is. She spreads her legs and starts teasing Jamie, rubbing her pussy on the head of his dick and along the shaft. She presses his dick against her pussy, knowing it’s nearly impossible to get it in without some force when in the water. She continues to tease him, making him want to fuck her, knowing he can’t. She starts stroking his dick, and in intervals she grabs his balls; 50% pleasure, 50% just enough grip to stop any chance of orgasm.

“Sit up, slave. I’m going to give you a gift.” Jamie sits up at the edge of the pool, and Amby spreads his legs. “Since you’ve been such a good slut, I’m going to do you a favor. I’m going to suck that pretty clit of yours. But you’re not allowed to cum, or else. Got it?” Jamie nods his head. Amby pulls his legs around her shoulders and starts sucking his dick. It feels so good as she licks and sucks the head, working it in and out of her mouth, bobbing her head. Jamie can’t help but keep himself from moaning loudly. Amby can feel his dick engorging, and that just makes her want to lick and suck it more. She grabs the foreskin and pulls it all the way back. She sucks hard on his dick as she slowly pulls it out of her mouth.

Jamie completely loses control of his dick, and xslot Güncel Giriş he busts a nut. He cums his first big load of the day all over Amby’s face and tits. She submerges herself in the pool to clean off the cum, and then comes back up. “Bitch, what did I say? Did I say you could cum? No, I didn’t. Get up, you’re coming with me.” Jamie stands up. Amby gets out of the pool and grabs him tightly by the balls. She pulls him along as she walks out of the pool and over to the fence around her ranch. She pushes Jamie against it. “Stay there.” Jamie stands there, his naked body pressed against the fence, waiting for Amby’s next order. She comes back with rope, cuffs, and straps; she ties Jamie to the fence. Then, she goes into her horse stables.

Amby returns with a crop. “Bad girls get punished.” Jamie says nothing. Amby starts to smack his ass lightly, taunting him. But soon, she hits him harder with the crop. She make marks on his ass, and tells him to beg.

“Mercy, Mistress. Mercy!”

“Oh you want mercy? Okay, I’ll give you mercy.” She smacks his ass again and walks into the house. She comes back out wearing nothing but a strap on harness with an 8″ dildo attachment. It’s thick, veiny, and shaped like a dick. She instantly bends Jamie over and starts fucking him roughly. “Is this what you had in mind when you asked for mercy, slut?” Jamie can only answer pleasure-filled moans.

Amby continues to fuck Jamie. “You better not cum unless I say you can, bitch. Or next time I’m gonna make you bleed with that crop.” She fucks him deep, and pulls on his hips. She gets all 8″ inside him, and fucks himfaster. Jamie can feel the pressure building after each anal orgasm. His dick starts leaking profusely with thick pre-cum.

“Mistress can I please cum? I can’t hold it any longer.”

“Oh you want to cum? Okay. Come with me.” Amby unties Jamie and grabs his dick. She pulls him to the front of her house and onto the porch. “Cum here for all to see.”


“Oh, you can’t take orders? Okay, I’ll fix that.” Amby bends Jamie over on the porch and starts fucking him again. “I said cum, slut. Make yourself cum.”

As she continues to fuck Jamie, he grabs his dick. Amby knows he hates having to make himself cum when getting fucked, but this is punishment. She continues to fuck him; his ass spasms, and he cums another heavy load onto the porch. Amby pulls out. “Good girl.” She turns him around and gets on her knees. She sucks his dick and plays with his ass and taint. She sucks until she’s certain she’s captured every last drop. “Now, come inside. This is just the beginning of your punishment. I’m gonna milk you dry.”

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