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Together, Forever! Ch. 12

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For two weeks, Colin tried calling, dropping by and even sending things to Victoria’s apartment . . . flowers, candy, anything. He constantly left messages on her machine. Everything he did only made it worse for her. Katherine Spencer dropped by during a trip to Los Angeles, trying to convince her that she had to be mistaken. And the whole time, Mark tried to convince her that it was better this way. Victoria wanted to believe Kathy and all the positive things she had to say about Colin, but Mark was constantly there, pointing out the obvious.

Between Colin, Kathy and Mark, Victoria was desperate for some relief. She felt as though she was about to split in two. So Brad became her refuge, her rock. They spent as much time together just to relieve the pressure on her. They went dancing, to movies, out of eat, or just driving around the countryside. There were many times Victoria was sure she would break down if it hadn’t been for him. His relationship with Mark became a bit strained as Brad told him to back off and give her some room. The time spent with him reminded Victoria of the lustful dream she had had about him, but since then no more dreams of them being together had come to her. She was relieved because she didn’t want to complicate matters any worse than they were already. Besides, Brad had a girlfriend.

One night, Colin came over and pounded on the door for thirty minutes, begging for her to open the door and talk to him. Mark happened to be over there, consoling her as usual and she was having a hard time not giving in to him. Brad was the one thing that kept her from giving into Mark and his silken words. Summer thought she was probably attracted to Mark because he was so attracted to her and . . . if she was real honest with herself, to get back at Colin ~ mostly to get back at Colin. After thirty minutes of listening to Colin and watching her heart bleed as the tears continued to flow, Mark decided to take action where Victoria would not.

Striding over to the door, he wrestled with the locks while Colin stepped back, surprised that she was finally going to open the door, unaware of who it actually was. Victoria could just imagine the shock on his face, when an angry Mark confronted him there instead. “What the hell do you want?” he demanded. “Why are you insisting on tormenting her, when clearly, you have done enough of that already?”

Colin tried to tell him his side of story, but Mark announced that no one wanted to hear it. The confrontation would have come to blows if Victoria hadn’t finally come up behind Mark, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Mark, it’s okay.”

He turned to her, concern etched in his face. “Let me just shut the door on him and your past.”

“Mark, I need to see him. I need to hear what he has to say.” Colin looked relieved and Mark looked frustrated. She leaned over to him, kissing him on the cheek. I’ll be fine.” Colin looked disturbed over their parting and reluctantly followed her down the steps to the landing, looking back to see Mark watching them.

She looked back up to her door. “Mark, it’ll be okay. Give us a minute.” Reluctantly, he went back into her apartment while she turned to face Colin, her back against the wall and her arms crossed over her chest.

“Looks like you’ve got yourself a watchdog,” he commented.

“Yes,” she replied, her eyes boring into his. “He cares about me.”

For a moment, Colin just stood there looking at her with regret in his eyes, and then reached for her. Quickly she recoiled from him and the hurt sprung into his eyes. “Look, what you heard on my machine was a cruel joke on Marisa’s behalf. You have to believe that I didn’t have any plans to meet her that night or any other night.” He pleaded with her that she had to believe him . . . he hadn’t been with Marisa since before they had met, and had no plans to ever be with her again.

“What do you want, Colin?” Outwardly, she was calm, even curt, but her insides felt like a quivering mass of jelly. Just being alone with him like this made her want to stammer and blush, then wrap him in her arms and kiss the breath out of him.

He answered with the first words to come to his mind. “I want you, Victoria.”

His blunt statement brought her abruptly out of her daydreams. Without a word, she started back up the steps, intent on heading back up to her apartment. Her usually gentle blue eyes were now as cool as a frosty mountain morning.

He was blocking her way in a flash, his hand over hers on the railing before she could walk off. For a moment, they stared at one another, each taking the other’s measure. “But I’ll settle for us getting back on speaking terms – I know things are not the same, but deep down inside I know you still care. Tell me what to do to get things back the way they used to be.”

By the time he had finished imploring her to take him back, she was crying, tears streaming down her cheeks, but she wasn’t aware of them. She was caught up in memories and longings too long held at bay.

Colin saw his opportunity and took it. Before she could decide to run off again, he held her close görükle escort to him. He let her cry for a few moments, and when her tears began to slow, he held her away from him so he could see her face. “Darling, tell me what to do to make things right. If you knew how I was feeling inside, you wouldn’t shut me out like this.”

“Damn you, Colin Mengatti!” she wailed. “Why are you doing this to me?!” She beat her fists against his hard chest. “Go back to Marisa and leave me alone!”

“Vicky, honey, you are the only woman I want to be with,” he said softly, his eyes like soft blue clouds.

She closed her own against his spellbinding gaze. “Oh, Colin! Don’t do this to me again! It hurts too much!” she moaned.

“Tell me something, baby,” he murmured, his breath whispering over her hair, “Can’t you see, I’m trying here. I just want a chance to love you.”

She gulped back another sob. “I can’t do this.”

Colin sighed heavily. “What is it going to take to convince you that there is nothing between Marisa and me but friendship, and now thanks to her latest stunt, probably not even that.”

“Nothing. It doesn’t matter.”

“It matters to me,” he declared. “Give me a chance and I’ll prove to you that you’re wrong. I’d rather die than live without you now.”

“I’ve got to go, Colin.” Tears blurred her vision as she started back up the stairs to her apartment. With a catch in her voice, she questioned, “Do you suppose we’ll ever get back what we’ve lost, Colin?”

“I hope so, baby. That’s a question only you can answer for yourself.” All Victoria could think about was how she was going to get through life without him. She needed him in her arms, needed him to love.

“I’m so confused, I don’t know who or what to believe just now.”

His hand reached out to grasp her arm. “Well, believe this, Victoria. Regardless of all else you do or do not feel, I still want you, and I mean to have you back someday.” Victoria closed her eyes. Without him she wasn’t sure what she was going to do. She felt lost without him.

He turned her and pulled her back down the few steps she had taken until her face was close to his. His free hand reached up to cup her chin and his lips covered hers in a warm caress, full of urgent desire and masculine demand. When her lips softened and parted beneath his, signaling her surrender, unwilling though it was, his mouth deliberately enticed hers until she swore she felt her bones melting, and clutched at his broad shoulders for support. His tongue played briefly with hers, eliciting a moan of desire from her throat.

As suddenly as his lips had captured her, he released her, gently pushing her upright again. “Dream about me, Victoria, because I’ll be doing the same,” he whispered softly, studying her bemused expression.

She shook her head. “Don’t come here again, Colin,” she said sadly, tears glistening like dew in her blue eyes. How was she going to survive this?

“I’ll be back, baby. Wild horses couldn’t keep me away. I deserve a second chance.”

As she went back up to her apartment, Colin watched, wondering how he was going to solve this problem. The first thing he was sure of was that he had to deal with Mark, and he regretted that confrontation.

Mark continued his quest to keep Colin and Victoria apart. He practically lived at her apartment so he was able to intercept phone calls from Colin, threw out dozens of flowers and continued his push for Victoria and him to get together. She valued his friendship and everything he had done for her during this time, but she knew she could never let him in. She didn’t want to hurt Mark. He had done so much for her already.

Instead, she tried to spend any extra time she had with Brad. He was the one thing that was stable and consistent in her life. Being Mark’s roommate and friend, he knew that Mark was pushing it with her. She was definitely on the edge. “You okay, Vicky?” They were at Victoria’s apartment, watching movies and drinking margaritas.

“No. But I will be, I guess,” And then a trickle of tears coursed down her face. “I just want things back like they used to be.”

Not knowing what else to do for her, he took her in his arms and held her, and she laid her head against him and cried. He wanted to tell her then that he loved her, but he was afraid of scaring her off. He had loved her the first time he had saw her, with that incredible red hair. But she had been so in love with one of his best friends and now she acted like she never wanted to be with anyone else. Even his roommate and best friend was in love with her, but he didn’t care; he just wanted to hold her and tell her he loved her. They sat like that for a long time, and then the tears stopped.

“Thank you.” She looked at him for a long, quiet time, stirred by his strength and his youthful beauty. “You’d better go. You don’t want to be stuck with an out-of-control, emotional woman.”

“You know something?’ His voice was deep and sexy. “I’d like that.”

“You would, would you?’ Her eyes were teasing but she could see that his were bursa escort bayan not. But she didn’t think what she was suddenly feeling was what Brad needed. He didn’t need an emotional older woman, and on the rebound yet, on his hands. He was young. He had a beautiful girlfriend. He had his whole life in front of him. But she was suddenly so desperately lonely and memories of her dream kept coming back to her. She wanted to reach out to him but before she did something foolish, she wanted him to go. “Okay, I’m okay. You better go.” She sat up and tried a smile.

“I’m glad to hear it.” And then after a moment his voice somber. “You are so beautiful.”

“Go on, Brad.” She looked worried. “It’s time for you to go.”

“I don’t want to leave you, Victoria. I want to stay here.”

But she shook her head as she looked at him, took his hand, held it to her cheek, and then kissed the fingertips gently as she let it go. “You can’t stay, Brad.”

“Why not?”

“I won’t let you.”

“You’re still in love with Colin?” He bridled like a young stallion and she smiled.

“I don’t know. I have a lot of things to think about.”

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted you?”

Victoria put a finger to his lips. “I don’t want you to tell me. I want us to be friends for a long time, Brad. Please don’t spoil it.” And then, with tears in her eyes again, “I need you right now. You and Mark, and all our friends, but especially you and Mark. Don’t do anything to change that. I just . . . I couldn’t take it . . . I need you too much.” He held her once again then, kissed the top of her head, and then stood up and looked down at her.

“I’ll stay if you want me to, Victoria.”

She looked up into the brilliant green eyes and shook her head. “No, honey, it’s okay. You go.” He nodded slowly then and stood looking at her for one last moment in the doorway, and then she heard his footsteps echo in the room and the front door close.

What was she supposed to do now? She didn’t want to hurt Mark or Brad or anyone else, but God help her, she loved Colin, hurt or not. And to top it off, she was starting to forgive him and believe what he had said about him and Marisa. ‘How could she do something like this to us? Was she really that vindictive?’ These thoughts and thoughts of Brad’s new revelation plagued Victoria throughout the night.

Victoria finally got a free night and took advantage of it by going for a drive. It was quickly turning into fall and she loved this time of year. The air was turning brisk and she could wear soft flannel shirts again. It was a Friday night and it had now been three weeks since she had spoken to Colin. Mark had finally backed off but Victoria was fighting the urge to turn to Brad. He was not pushing anything, but something drew her to him. If she didn’t work things out with Colin soon, she wouldn’t be able to help herself anymore. Resolved that this was the night to finally talk to him, Victoria turned her car towards his house. As she approached his house, she saw another set of car lights turn into the drive. Not recognizing the car, she stopped at the drive and watched from her car.

When the driver stepped out, Victoria strained to see who it was. Whoever it was made their way over to the passenger side and helped someone get out. It was obvious that the passenger was too drunk to walk on their own and now, Victoria was concerned that it was Colin. But who was that helping him? As they reached the front door and the light that was there, it became painfully clear that the driver of the car was Marisa. As Victoria stared in despair, she saw Colin’s arms draped around her shoulders and she could hear his laughter all the way down the driveway to the street. Tears filled her eyes as she watched him turn to Marisa and kiss her, his hands traveling down her backside to her buttocks and rest there. Marisa laughed out loud as she fumbled with the keys, finally unlocking the door. Victoria turned her head; blankly staring at her steering wheel . . . she was too late! Her own stubbornness had caused her to lose Colin forever. She couldn’t think anymore, she was overwhelmed by tears. Panic ran through her. ‘Oh, god, what will I do? What have I done?’ She turned back to find that they had disappeared into the house and out of her life. She dashed at the tears, putting the car into motion, but to where she wasn’t sure.

“Who is it?” came the sleepy voice from the other side of the door. Victoria glanced at her watch, shocked to see it was two on Saturday morning. She blinked, wondering how the time had gotten away from her so quickly. As the door opened, she looked up, tears glistening in her eyes. “Vicky . . .?” Brad’s hand rose to shield his eyes from the glare of the front light. “Wh-what are you doing here? What time is it?”

“I’m s-s-sorry . . . I . . . didn’t know where . . ., Oh Brad!” She ran forward until she was in his arms, holding him close to her. Rejection from Colin turned her into Brad’s arms for comfort, for refuge. Instinctively, his arms went around her, his face in her hair. Without saying a word, bursa escort he gently pulled her into the house and closed the door.

He led her to a barstool and sat her down, turning on the light in the kitchen. As he started to make a pot of coffee, Victoria came around the bar and took his arm. “I don’t want coffee, Brad.” He stopped and looked at her.

“Are you okay?”

Victoria continued to look at him, desperate to forget what she had seen tonight. Without answering his question, she stepped over to him, her hands lightly running up his bare broad chest to cradle his face in her hands. Brad watched her, his body screaming to react but his mind telling him to wait. “Victoria . . .?”

“Shh . . .” she whispered, coming in closer to him. With a need born of desperation, he pulled her hard against him and kissed her. Deeply, hungrily, with all the longing and urgency he had suppressed during the past weeks and months.

Slowly, Victoria’s body grew soft and supple as she burrowed into the welcome comfort of his embrace. When his tongue teased her lips apart, she opened to him, accepting without protest the hot, stabbing warmth. She wanted to forget what she had seen, escape the haunting memory that tugged at the fringes of her conscience, forget everything except the wonderful euphoria Brad’s kisses brought her.

She wanted to feel again. The hard hand caressing her back in strong circular motions grew bolder, until reaching her hips he pulled her flush against him. Heat, searing, scorching, flowed over Victoria like torrid currents of air, leaving her aching and wanting. Those god-awful images of Colin and Marisa slowly slipped away, replaced by the breathless reality of Brad’s lips teasing hers, of his tongue slipping into her mouth to taste her sweetness, of his hands boldly exploring the curves of her body.

Plunged into a swirling torrent of hot desire, Victoria gasped for air as Brad searched the inside of her mouth. She writhed and moaned against him, her emotions condensed into a hot rush of exquisite tension that spread throughout her body in undulating waves.

Brad’s kisses grew frenzied as he tried to withdraw from the explosion of passion between them. He failed utterly. His original intent was to comfort her when he knew she had been hurt again, not to seduce her. Victoria’s response had surprised and thrilled him. But it could not continue. Brad knew that if he kept this up there would be no turning back. The need to make love to her was an ache inside him and within a very short time the threads of his control would snap and he’d do something he feared she would regret.

When Victoria offered no resistance, Brad’s kisses fell like gentle rain against her mouth, eyes, face, wherever her skin lured him. When his searching lips reached the pulsing hollow of her throat, she arched to give him better access, long past caring how Colin would react if he knew. He had abandoned her for Marisa, and Brad was the only tangible in her shattered life. That terrifying thought made her cling to him with the desperate tenacity of a drowning person.

“Oh, god, Vicky, stop me. I didn’t mean to take my kisses so far.”

Victoria looked up at him. She didn’t want Brad to stop. She never wanted him to stop. The powerful emotions he had created inside her had swept away all thought of Colin and Marisa. If ever she needed the comfort Brad offered, it was now. “I don’t want you to stop,” Victoria said in a trembling whisper. “I – I need you.”

A shudder shook Brad as he reacted to her words. “You don’t know what you’re saying. You’re not thinking rationally. You love Colin.”

“Colin doesn’t want me,” she said bitterly. “He is with Marisa.” She reached over for him, dragging his lips back to hers. “Love me, Brad.”

He watched her closely, watched her blue eyes darken, and watched her flesh grow rosy in anticipation of what was to come. His voice was rough with need as he rasped, “I want to love you so damn bad I ache, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Tomorrow you will be sorry.”

Deep in her heart, Victoria knew Brad was right, but at the moment nothing mattered but his lips and arms and the way he made her feel. Tomorrow she might be sorry, but she knew she was the only one to blame. Despite that awareness, she rushed to embrace him and the forgetfulness that went with him.

Brad took her hand, turned off the kitchen light, and tiptoed with her past Mark’s door. Victoria’s eyes lingered on the door, wondering if he’d hate her tomorrow as well. For a moment, she wondered why it was Brad she was turning to and not Mark. When they reached Brad’s room, he pulled her in and quietly closed the door behind them. “Victoria, are you sure . . .” She quieted him by taking his hand and led them to his bed.

Victoria lay down on her back, gently pulling Brad with her. His hands were shaking as he molded the firm roundness of her breasts. When he could no longer bear the obstacle of her clothing, he unbuttoned her shirt and slid it down past her shoulders, baring the soft white mounds to his gaze. His eyes dropped hot and certain to her breasts. Their pink crests were puckered into taut buds, inviting his intimate caress. He gave it freely, drawing one nipple into his mouth and laving it with the moist tip of his tongue. Victoria gasped and cried out, lurching upward into the sudden heat of his caress.

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Speech and Debate Pt. 07

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When my eyes opened on the morning after my first workout session with Daniel, I wondered if I had been transported to some kind of medieval torture chamber while I slumbered. Or if the Black Death had made a sudden come back and ravaged my body overnight. Maybe small pox? Or Polio?

I was engrossed in a pain the likes of which I had never experienced, never even thought possible. Each of my limbs felt carved of wood, every joint stiff and unbending. Even my skin seemed to hurt. If opening my mouth to scream hadn’t raised the specter of even more pain, I would have cried out to anyone in a five mile radius.

It took several minutes for the panic of my condition to wear off and to make an attempt at physical movement. It was not a pleasant experience, but I eventually maneuvered my legs to the floor and stood on what felt like 100-year-old dry twigs that threatened to break under the weight of my body at the slightest provocation. I shuffled to the bathroom, a journey of about 30 feet that took at least five minutes, all of which I spent cursing Daniel and his insufferable weight training machines.

Burn them all!

I had nearly reached the desired oasis of the bathroom, with the promise of scalding hot water and steam to loosen my body back towards a human state when my mother called up the stairs to me.

“David!” she cried. “Are you up? Is that you?”

In agony, I raised my hand to my temple, suddenly very aware that not only was my body on fire, but my head also throbbed inside my skull. A lovely sidecar to the hateful cocktail of suffering I had morphed into.

“I’m up,” I croaked, steadying myself against the hallway wall. “Jesus, Mamma, do you have to scream!”

Her response was immediate and Southern to the core.

“Watch your mouth, young man!” she admonished. “I brought you into this world and I damned sure can take you out if you don’t check that tone of voice!”

I actually considered taking her up on the offer. I eventually decided against it.

“Sorry, Mamma,” I said as humbly as I could.

I was 18, but I could have been 45 and it wouldn’t have made a difference. In the South, your Mamma is your Mamma, with all of the due respect that title entails.

“Your friend is here, Sweet Pea,” she called, mollified by my filial response enough to no longer threaten my very existence with sudden termination.

My friend? Here? It’s barely 6:00 in the morning?

“What?” I asked, my throbbing head unable to make sense of the new information.

“Your friend is here,” she called back again, obviously unhappy with having to repeat herself. She sighed mightily, as if raising me was suddenly a great burden and she wanted to make sure I knew just how much trouble I put her through on a daily basis, but in the loving way of mothers. “Never mind.”

Her voice lowered and through the constant sound of blood in my ears I thought I heard her speak to someone downstairs.

“Go ahead up, hun. Second door on the right.”

If I had been able to run, or move, or even crawl, I would have. My hazy eyes suddenly focused on Daniel’s energetic and fully functioning body as he bounded up my stairs two by two.

Like a goddamned gazelle.

I stood, supporting myself against the wall in my pajama pants, torso bare, as he settled before me with a huge smile plastered across his face. Despite my body’s ache for him, I wanted to punch him square in the jaw. If I could have felt my arms, I would have. At least, I like to think I would have.

“Wow, nerd,” he said in his sultry baritone as he surveyed my humiliation, “you look awful.”

“I wonder why!?” I snapped and immediately regretted the decision to raise my own voice as it echoed with terrible consequences inside my head and sent me reeling. Daniel’s arm shot out to steady me. Amazingly, his touch seemed to have a calming effect on my muscles and head alike.

He flung his arm over my shoulder and turned me to lead me hobbling back towards my room. I would have panicked at him seeing it in such a disheveled state, but the harm was already done. What good would it do to rush ahead and throw my dirty clothes under the bed now?

Rush. HA!

Now that was a thought.

“Come on. Let’s get you up and moving.”

He pushed me gently to my bed, and made no comment about the state of my room. My legs stuck out straight in front of me, my knees unable to bend as they should. My thighs felt as if I’d been whipped with bamboo sticks.

“I’m never working out again,” I moaned as I fell back onto my mattress, laying across it in the wrong direction. I didn’t even feel Daniel sit down beside me towards the foot of the bed, I was so wrapped up in the torment my body had decided to inflict upon me.

Daniel’s fingers wrapping into my right thigh made me wince. He pressed firmly and eased off. The pain lessened a bit, the blood beginning to work back into my legs. He worked my sore muscles, first my thighs, then bending to the floor to massage my calves.

I tried my best not to sigh, but it görükle escort was a hopeless cause. His fingers knew just where to prod and push, which knots to attack first. For once, his touch wasn’t sexual or even emotional. It was healing. He drew the pain from my body, inch by tortured inch, his fingers a magic salve on my skin.

The fire I’d been burning in began to subside to a dull ache. My hips loosened so that I thought walking might be possible in the not too distant future. My arms and shoulders melted under his touch, my shoulders un-bunching and my lats relaxing so that I could actually breathe easier. I hadn’t even realized I had been hunching in on myself through the pain, as if protecting myself from a coming blow, but Daniel soon had me straightened.

“Feel better?” he asked after minutes of silence while his touch danced over, around, and through my muscles.

“Much,” I replied, still laying on my back, but now able to raise myself onto my elbows. I stared at him for a moment, seeing him for the first time, the blinders of my torture removed.

He smiled at me, his hand rested warmly on my thigh, his thumb moving slowly over my pale skin. I crunched myself forward, uncaring of the blistering pain it re-awakened in my stomach, and kissed him. He returned the kiss gently and his grip tightened a bit on my quads.

“What are you doing here, Daniel?” I asked when I pulled back.

“Just making sure you’re okay,” he said. I could tell that he meant it.

“That’s very sweet of you, Daniel, but you didn’t have to do that.”

He chuckled at me.

“The little wooden boy I found in the hallway might suggest otherwise,” he joked.

“I’m never gonna live this down, am I?” I asked in my most dramatic fashion.


We smiled at each other again.

“Come on, Nerd,” he said, suddenly rising from his seat beside me. “We still got work to do.”

He stood with his hands on his hips, looking down at me as if he actually expected me to rise up and match his pose. I felt better, yes, but not to the level of his apparent ease. I hadn’t even worked as hard as he had last night in the gym, but he looked fit as a fiddle.

He must have noticed my confusion.

“Come on! Grab your books. My car is parked five miles down the road. We’re going on a run.”

Grab your books. Right. Run? You should be committed. You are obviously dangerously insane.

My jaw worked but no sound came. Daniel grabbed my wrists and yanked me to my feet over my wordless protests.

I’m not sure how I got dressed, much less how my books made it into my bag and onto my back. It all passed me by in a bewildered fog. Going down the stairs was something akin to a death march. The look on my sister’s face as I shuffled to the door, my face painted in absolute agony, Daniel urging me out from behind, was humiliating. I would have to find some way to repay her when my body decided to return from vacation.

That first morning run took me nearly an hour. Daniel literally ran circles around me, chatting amiably about this and that, pushing me on and giving me words of encouragement and kindness at each new step.

I prayed for a car to hit me.

Better yet, a Mac Truck.

The next three weeks passed in a similar fashion.

My strength increased little by little until I was only marginally dead when I awoke each morning. Daniel would arrive at my house, we’d jog to his car and he would drive me to school; or he would drive along side me in my Camry as I ran so I could drive myself the remainder of the way. Then the weight training sessions after school.

I hate to admit it, but I began to actually enjoy the physical exertion. For the most part. I still don’t recommend it, but no more will I judge those morning joggers and gym goers with so harsh an eye. There are benefits.

One of which, at least for me, was that I got to shower in the Varsity Showers every morning before school.

With Daniel.

As we settled into this daily morning routine, the showers at school soon became the biggest motivating factor in my quest for physical fitness. Each time we entered the Varsity Locker Room, still only dimly lit by a few flood lights so early in the morning and completely absent of the Varsity players it usually housed, my brain flashed to my first encounter with Daniel within those walls.

Though my body ached, I was hard by the time I heard the water of the semi-private showers at the end of the room spring to life. Daniel adjusted the water temperature. It was a race to see which of us could strip off our clothes faster. Sometimes, in our haste to undress, we would forget an article or two of clothing and step into the spray, our bodies pressed together and arms grasping at each other, only to find the clammy wetness of fabric still attached to our skins.

Though I wanted nothing more than to admire the beautiful curves of his body, to wash his skin with my tongue and hold him to me until the bell rang, the nearness of other students bursa escort bayan and the coming first bell always hung over our heads like a knife. It did little to deter us but it added a level of possible discovery and intrigue that was impossible to deny.

Daniel had my back pressed to the tiles of the big open shower space, his hand working my aching cock in a slow twisting motion he was growing more adept at. His lips pressed to my neck and he softly moaned into me. My head rested on the wall behind me and I melted into his kisses, my hand grabbing for his uncut cock as the water poured over us.

The taste of him, the heat of his cock in my hand and mine in his as I kissed him in the open shower was like a drug.

I was an addict and I didn’t care who knew it.

Well, that wasn’t exactly true. A small part of my conscious mind still listened intently for the sounds that would indicate someone coming.

We knew we didn’t have time for a full-on sexual encounter in our brief morning sessions, but my hands grabbed at his ass and stroked his cock, feeling his wet balls slap against my wrist as I urged him towards his release.

“Fuck yes…” he groaned against me, his own manipulating on my cock never slacking.

We kissed fiercely under the water, his tongue roughly pressing for entry. I granted it easily, every time.

“Mmmmm,” he moaned into me. “Don’t stop, I’m close. A little faster.”

I continued as he asked, increasing my speed a bit.

“Oh shit…yes…oh, god, I’m gonna cum soon. Fuck, you are so fucking hot.”

That was the first time Daniel had mentioned ME as being the object of his desire; not just my cock or hole or some body part.

The effect was instantaneous.

I grabbed at his ass for support and raised onto my toes as I felt my cum travel up my shaft.

“Ahhh,” I yelled as quietly as I could, unable to tell him what was coming.

My cum splashed against his stomach and mixed with the hot water and mingled into his body hair.

“Fuck yes,” he moaned and kissed me roughly.

I felt his cock expand in my hand, my grip tightening in the throws of my release, his tongue making me go weak in the knees. His cum shot upwards and landed on my chest, right between my pecs, as he collapsed on to my body. His cock pressed into my own and my grip expanded so that I held both of our jerking tools in my fist, slowly milking the white cum from us both.


Our breath came in gasps as our passions ebbed and flowed together. Daniel kissed at my neck and his grip on the small of my back pulled me against him firmly.

It our orgasmic state, we hadn’t heard the sound of the main locker room fluorescent lights buzzing to life, or noticed the change in light levels. We were still panting when we heard the voice.

“Is somebody in here?”

It called and echoed around the empty space, a deep and manly tone.

Daniel and I sprung from each others’ embrace as if we had been burned by the sound. We immediately turned to face the wall and opened at least a foot of empty space between us. My cock leaked ropes of white from my still aching slit and they fell to the tiled floor and were washed away immediately. Daniel’s own cock was arching up to the ceiling and bobbing as it pulsed out a final stream of his seed.

At least, with our cocks towards the wall and our bare asses facing the opening of the shower room, anyone who saw us would only see two guys showering before school.

We heard the footsteps enter the varsity locker room a moment later but we kept our eyes locked on the wall in front of us, knowing that even the slightest change in our posture could give away our very evident states of arousal.

“Daniel? Is that you?” The voice came again.

Daniel craned his neck around, careful to keep his body facing flush to the far wall and answered.

“Yeah, Coach. It’s me.”

“You’re here early.”

“Sorry,” Daniel began. “Just helping my friend here start up a work out routine.”

He nodded his head in my general direction.

I know it’s stupid to think that I would have been invisible to Coach B as he saw the two of us from behind, but until Daniel had indicated, “my friend,” I held out the vain hope that I would somehow go unnoticed by the man.

“Who is that?” Coach asked, his voice shattering any lingering hopes of my escape.

“Umm…Hi…coach,” the word sounded odd on my tongue. “Hi,…umm. I’m David.”

Coach B laughed at my flustered state, a full-throated, very friendly, and utterly masculine sound.

“I know who you are, David. You may not play a sport, but I make it my business to know just about everyone at this school.”

“Sorry,” I offered, unsure how to respond.

“Keep up the good work, boys. I’m sure Daniel can whip you into shape. He’s one of my best players. You’re in good hands. Lookin’ good, the two of you.”

I stood and stared at the wall, my cock deflating rapidly from abject terror mixed with utter confusion bursa escort at what had just happened. I listened as Coach’s footsteps receded towards his office at the far end of the main locker complex. I could have sworn that I heard a deep chuckle under his breath as he left.

I must have imagined it. Coaches didn’t chuckle. Certainly not at two naked guys in the Varsity Showers, one of whom was as out of place there as an Octopus in the Sahara.

“What the fuck just happened?” I asked Daniel, as I released the breath I’d been holding, afraid to so much as move in case the Coach should suspect…something.

“That was Coach B,” Daniel said beside me. I noticed that I wasn’t the only one to return to his flaccid resting state.

“Obviously, jack-ass,” I retorted. “Do you think he saw anything?”

Daniel shrugged and twisted to rinse himself in the shower spray.

“I dunno,” he offered with little evident care in his voice. “If he did, I don’t think he cared.”

I was shocked, to say the least.

If the Coach had seen something, then Daniel and I were both at risk. Unless, as Daniel suggested, he truly didn’t care. It seemed unfathomable that he COULDN’T have cared. We were two guys, after all. And this was the South. This kind of thing just wasn’t done. Was it?

My classes with Daniel had become the highlight of my daily academic experience. We had settled into a comfortable routine in the classroom, one of teasing and furtive glances and secret text messages. I still kept mainly to myself most of the time, but even in my usually day-dreaming state, I began to notice that my classmates had begun to regard me with less hostility, or at least a different degree of apathy.

The attention that Daniel had begun to show me, never overtly really, just an acknowledgment of my existence, had served to awaken others to my presence as well. It was a disconcerting change but not an unwelcome one. No one invited me to the popular parties that weekend, or asked how my night had been, but neither did they simply stare through me on the sidewalk. Now, they would step out of my path if I was walking towards them.

I wondered if Daniel had sent some kind of message to the popular crowd, through their secret popular club meetings I was sure they held on a weekly basis, alerting them to his protection of me.

I doubt it.

High Schoolers are often seen as brainless automatons a vast majority of the time, acting on unseen forces that the rest of the world has moved past and left to dimly recalled memories; but they are often capable of subtle shifts in behavior that most don’t give them credit for. It is a strange and unique landscape.

Dr. Plarston’s AP English Literature was still my favorite class, and not simply because Daniel had taken up residence across from me and teased me with near constant groping of his package and licking of his lips.

“So, as you know,” she began one bright spring day some weeks after our return from Boston, as the air was just beginning to warm, “the SAT’s are coming up in two weeks. I know most of you have already taken them, and already applied to schools and universities, but this is the final opportunity to better your previous scores and impress the admissions departments.”

I looked at Daniel sitting across from me. I knew that he had gotten into the State University, just a few miles down the road and he was planning to attend. I was still undecided myself, but my options were all very good. Neither of us were in need of taking the SAT’s again.

I had gotten a 1580 (damned quadratic equations had tripped me up, yet again) and I was satisfied with my score. I didn’t know what Daniel had gotten, but it was obviously enough to garner a spot at a decent school.

“I’m going to pass around a sheet. Sign your name on the left if you would like to receive some tutoring on the SAT’s from one of your peers. And sign on the right if you are willing to tutor a fellow student,” Dr. Plarston announced as she held up a clipboard and started it around the classroom.

“There is extra credit involved for both sides of the tutoring spectrum, so keep that in mind.”

The bell rang, releasing us to our next class. I began to pack my things amongst the hustle and bustle of my peers doing the same. I didn’t sign the sheet when it arrived at my desk, simply passing it along to the student behind me. I didn’t need tutoring, I had no intention of taking the test again; once was more than enough. I doubted if anyone would like to spend any more time with me outside of class, even given my apparent rising social status.

I had maneuvered my backpack onto my shoulders and was headed towards the exit when Dr. Plarston called my name.

“David,” she called to me as she sat at her desk. I turned an walked towards her, unsure what she might need from me. I had turned in my assignments and my grades were still the highest in the class.

“Yes?” I asked hesitantly.

She looked up from the clipboard that had made it back to her.

“I’m glad to see that you signed up to tutor.”

“Pardon?” I asked confused. I hadn’t signed the paper.

“It’s nice to see you reaching out a bit, opening up. I know High School can be a trying time, but I’m happy to see you taking advantage of your time here with us.”

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Cyber with Steve Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: No More Computer

I put the finishing touch on my makeup and gave myself a once over in the full length mirror next to my bed. I turned slightly as I inspected my petite, 5’5″ frame, with the tiny waist, full, rounded ass, and ample 36D breasts, topped with a full mane of auburn locks. I loved the way my new red dress hugged my curves like a second skin. It was a halter with a plunging neckline that showed off my braless breasts, barely concealing my perfectly shaped nipples. It reminded me of a new fashion I saw on TV which is painted directly onto a naked woman’s body. The dress was only slightly less risque.

Satisfied with my appearance I sprayed on a bit of Chanel, grabbed my tiny purse and left my apartment. I was a little nervous. I was meeting someone off the internet for the first time. His name is Steve. You might remember him from our previous encounter.

A few weeks ago, he watched me on my web-cam as I broke in one of my many toys. I had done this several times before, but had never considered meeting one of my online voyeurs in person. Steve was different, though. Something about him and his nine-inch cock made me want to experience him in person. I had been fantasizing about him ever since that night and figured the best way to get it out of my system would be to live it out.

I pulled up to the theater where we had agreed to meet and scanned the crowd in front of the box office. I spotted Steve immediately. He stuck out, being 6’4″. While I waited for a parking space, my eyes did a full sweep of his muscular body, from his tight calves and thighs, past the slight bulge already evident in his jeans, up to his broad, muscular chest in the skin tight black T-shirt. I already knew from our online encounters that his cock was a thick nine-incher that I couldn’t wait to wrap my lips around.

I checked myself one last time in the vanity mirror before locking my car and approaching Steve. He had his back to me but as I got closer, he turned, and when he saw me, I couldn’t help the knowing smirk that sprang to my luscious red lips when I saw the expression on his not quite handsome face.

“Samantha?” he asked.

“Of course,” I replied. “Do I look that much different on your computer monitor?” I giggled, a little girlishly. All my nervousness had turned into anxious anticipation of what we were about to do.

Steve’s eyes did a slow, lingering once over, focusing a little longer on my ample chest than the rest of my voluptuous body. “Wow! That’s some outfit!” He grinned widely and took my görükle escort arm as we got in line to purchase our tickets.

It was still fairly early, not quite a matinee, but early enough that the theater wasn’t crowded. We bought tickets for an R-rated movie that neither of us wanted to see. It had gotten really bad reviews and, although I preferred to have a small audience, or at least the chance for one, I didn’t want to get kicked out of the theater either. As I had been hoping, we were joined by only two other moviegoers in the small auditorium, both of them male (which brought some more ideas to my head other than a one-on-one romp at the movies).

As the lights went down, I immediately allowed my skillful hands to stray to Steve’s crotch. I was delighted to find that he was already semierect before my hands had even brushed his groin.

Before the previews were over, Steve and I were all over each other. He had pulled down the front of my dress, exposing my plump breasts and rosy nipples to his roving mouth, and I had unzipped his fly and was feeling his now rock solid cock through his thin boxers.

We were seated near the center of the theater and I knew both of our fellow patrons could see us, even if they hadn’t quite figured out exactly what we were up to. Steve and I were kissing, his tongue massaging mine as I let one hand roam under his T-shirt (the other was now exploring his long shaft through the slit in his boxers), when I noticed that the guy who had been sitting about five or six rows back had moved to a seat one row behind us and a little to the left. Knowing that he was aware of our actions made me wetter than I already was. I could feel the moisture begin to coat my inner thighs.

Steve chose that moment to venture one of his hands under the hem of my dress, dragging his fingers lightly over my silky skin. When he reached my mound he gasped quietly and whispered, just loud enough for our visitor to hear, “I always loved a girl who wasn’t afraid to go ‘commando’.”

He slipped a finger into my waiting pussy and I shuddered, relishing the finger of his stroking finger and the gyrating thumb he placed on my clit. Giving myself over to the pleasure of the moment, I leaned back in my seat as he finger-fucked me, increasing his pace, as he slipped two more fingers inside me, finally bringing me to my first orgasm. I could hear the sounds of skin slapping skin behind me and turned to see our “friend” had pulled his cock out and was furiously jacking himself to the sight of Steve’s bursa escort bayan fingers inside my smoothly shaved pussy.

I smiled and winked at him as I pushed Steve back into his chair knelt on the sticky floor in front of him. Pulling out his massive cock, I slowly began stroking the long shaft from base to tip, lightly dragging my nails along the sensitive underside.

A movement to my right caught my eye and I looked over to the man seated across the aisle who was shifting uncomfortably in his chair. In the dim light I could barely make out the large bulge in his pants. I looked directly over at our newest companion as I circled the large purple head of Steve’s cock with my tongue. The scrawny kid, he couldn’t be more than eighteen, immediately began massaging himself through his clothing.

On my left I could still hear our other friend pleasing himself, although he had slowed his pace when I began to play with Steve’s cock. Satisfied with my audience, I devoted myself to the task at hand.

I love to suck cock. I always have, and I probably always will. I devote my self to the task fully and completely, intent on giving my partner the best blow-job he will ever have. And I gave Steve no less than my best. I swirled the tip of my tongue around the head a few times, finally taking the first bit of him into my hot, wet mouth. Slowly, I began to slide my luscious lips further down his shaft, swirling my tongue back and forth as his cock slid deeper into my throat. Steve moaned as my lips touched the base of his cock and I could feel the head brushing the back of my throat.

I moved one hand down between my slick thighs and began stroking my clit as my head bounced on Steve’s cock, I twisted my head a little, moving back and forth, increasing the sensation as Steve approached his climax. Our young voyeur had taken out his cock by now and I could barely see him pumping away out of the corner of my eye. The man behind Steve was also still at work, although, judging by his face, I could tell he would most likely come before the other two.

Just as I was bringing myself to another orgasm, I felt Steve’s cock twitch in my mouth, a split second before I felt his hot cum streaming down my throat. I wrapped my roving hand around his cock and carefully milked him with my hand and my mouth, careful not to let a drop go to waste.

When I got up off my knees, I looked up in time to see the man in the row behind us explode into his popcorn tub. The guy across the aisle wasn’t far behind, although bursa escort he let his stream fly through the air and onto the back of the seat in front of him.

I smiled and looked at Steve, who, much to my surprise (and delight) was still semi-hard. “I’m good for at least one more, Baby,” he informed me, not even bothering to whisper anymore.

Never one to waste an opportunity to fuck, I immediately pulled my dress over my head, proudly showing off my body to all three of my admirers. Steve got out of his chair and spread his T-shirt onto the carpet in the aisle. He pulled me over to him and kissed me roughly before laying on the floor and pulling me down with him.

Our two new friends moved to seats on either side of the aisle to get a better view. Steve’s member was now fully erect again and ready for action. I couldn’t wait to feel all nine inches of him deep inside my quivering pussy. I straddled his body and positioned myself over his enormous cock allowing just the tip to tease the entrance of my hole. I reached out and grabbed the cocks of each of our companions, gripping them tightly as I impaled myself onto Steve. I raised myself on my knees, stroking the men on either side of me as I bounced up and down on Steve’s cock. Steve out his hands around my slender waist, setting his own pace as he lifted his hips to thrust into me with more power.

“Oh my God!” I moaned. “I’m gonna come again!”

I came before I could finish my proclamation, my juices leaking out onto Steve’s body and even dripping onto the dirty carpet. I still had a cock in each hand and I pumped them furiously as my pussy pulsated around Steve’s cock. The man on my left, I think it was the older one, suddenly stiffened and shot a stream of cum which landed in my hair. Steve grunted at the sight and suddenly increased the pace of his thrusts, slamming into my body harder than before and quickly bringing himself to his second orgasm, just as the guy on my right shot his load directly onto my breasts. I came again as Steve was finishing, milking him dry with the well-exercised muscles of my pussy.

I finally released my grip on the men beside me and collapsed onto Steve’s chest, trying to catch my breath. After a few moments, Steve and I got up and got dressed, and I cleaned the cum off of me as best I could with a paper napkin. Without a word, the four of us returned to our seats under the pretense of watching the movie. When it was over, none of us said a word as we left the theater. Once outside, Steve walked me to my car and said goodbye, promising to get together again sometime soon.

As I drove home, I thought back on the evenings events and smiled. This was definitely an experience to remember, and I was looking forward to my next adventure with Steve. I guess internet liaisons aren’t as crazy as I thought!

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Quicksilver Messenger Pt. 07

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Chapter 13

Steve stood from the chair holding his naked princess in his arms. Her face was still nuzzled against his neck and her arms wrapped tightly around his shoulders. She needed to feel his strength right now, but things made an abrupt turn when he whispered in her ear, “Where is your bedroom my love?”

April sniffed back her tears and shifted in his arms so that she could look into his eyes. She saw a warm, loving compassion, but also a firm hunger ready to test her strength again. With that one look she felt the yearning in her body return, with her nipple’s hardening and a steamy heat between her legs.

She looked down at her nude body nestled in his arms and she felt sexier than she ever had. Her breasts jiggled desirably on her chest with her nipples pleadingly hard. Her concave belly led to her appealing, but still swollen pussy lips, glistening from her incredible orgasms. His huge hands and massive arms holding her seemed to make her look much more delicate and diminutive. Her tongue licked her suddenly very dry lips as she breathlessly whimpered, “The first door at the top of the staircase.”

April felt her body humming and she felt more alive than she ever had. She felt loved, treasured and sexually wired laying naked in his arms. She couldn’t wait to feel him inside her making love to her like a real man should. Her romantic dreams of having a big strong man whisk her off her feet were coming true. He had seized the opportunity, knowing what he wanted from her and taking it. As he carried her towards the stairs she shivered in anticipation, already imagining his huge cock splitting her in two.

Steve carried her up the staircase as if she weighed nothing and as he reached the bedroom, he gently laid her on the bed. April’s eyes never left his, and she was suddenly impatient for his next command. Steve looked at her with a hard-dominant look and asked, “Where are your toys? I want you to show me how you pleasure yourself. You may not cum, but I want you to watch you get yourself as close as you can without cumming.”

April’s eyes popped open and her jaw sagged as she heard his demand. This was certainly going in different direction than she had planned. She didn’t know if she could do that. Pleasure herself while he was watching, it was too embarrassing and humiliating. She knew she couldn’t do that and she knew he would understand. “I can’t do that with you watching, it’s too … personal.”

Steve’s face turned hard and his look said, ‘Don’t cross me.’ April responded with a whimper and a reticent look that said, ‘Please don’t … it is too embarrassing.’ Then she orally responded, “Please, I can’t do this in front of you. Please make love to me!”

Steve put his arms across his chest, gave a hard stare and said, “April you will do as I say or there will be dire consequences. Remember the conditions, you belong to me tonight and you will obey my every command, or else I will have to punish you.”

April was still laying nakedly on the bed, cowering from his sudden change. Her face was a confused mishmash of lust, embarrassment, fear, humiliation and passion. He had already punished her once and although she loved it, she didn’t want a repeat, at least right now. She was still feeling the smoldering heat coming from her ass, but she knew she couldn’t do as he asked.

Steve could see all the emotions running across her face from when he started carrying her up the stairs. She had been hot and bothered, with passionate anticipation ruling her body. His demand had stripped the lust from her face and now she had an embarrassed yet fearful look on her face.

He knew he could talk to her softly and persuade her to do as he asked, but he felt like April needed to be broken of her prideful arrogance. He gave her a stern look and said, “I am going to get a chair and when I get back you better be ready.”

Steve turned and walked to the door, where he stopped and looked back at April lying on the bed. She was laying in casual splendor and unintentionally she was being suggestive in a raw steamy kind of way. She wore her nakedness like a Vera Wang gown, proudly with a lofty arrogance. Yet her face was frozen in fear and she looked at him like a deer caught in the headlights. In a soft but firm tone he said.

“You have been the unbeaten champion of your life with no one breaching the walls around your heart. Those days are over, because I’m the warrior that will scale those walls and triumph over your heart, no matter how long it takes. You have been waiting for someone like me all your life and now I’m here, so you need to trust me with your heart, mind and body. Only when you trust me, opening your mind and heart to me, will you achieve the paradise you’ve looked for all your life.”

He started to turn to leave but looked over his shoulder adding, “April, if you let it, tonight can be life-changing and you would never think about love the same way. I want you to feel emotions you never imagined, passion you never görükle escort thought possible and love you always craved. I want to know your fears, your mind, your body, understand your pain and I want you to trust me to take care of them. April, if you trust me; let me guide you, and do as I ask.”

Steve turned to leave the room going down the stairs to retrieve one of the dining room chairs and his gym bag. He was thinking he may have to use the articles in the bag sooner than he had thought.

When he left April sitting on the bed, she began wondering what, she should do. She smiled as she thought he might spank her again and the memory of those incredible orgasms made her shiver. However, her ass was still burning and he could also have other plans for her. His looks had hinted at things she wouldn’t like. She opened the drawer on the bedside table and pulled out her two favorite vibrators.

April turned back to the doorway and saw Steve watching her holding a straight back chair and his gym bag. She blushed and automatically used her hand to cover her toys. His looks did things to her and made her feel like a schoolgirl waiting for the head master to admonish her. Sitting nude in front of his hungry and demanding gaze sent ripples of desire coursing through her body.

No one had ever made her feel this inadequate or this impassioned and she didn’t know whether to run away or beg him to fuck her. Usually she only had to give someone the promise of showing them her body, a kiss, or even a hug and they would bow down and give her whatever she wanted. She still didn’t know what it was about him that made her yearn for his attention.

Now she was sitting on her glowing red ass, totally nude, gloriously exposed to the man she desired and he just watched her. She could feel his eyes studying her, watching every muscle twitch with nothing escaping his probing eyes. When he looked into her eyes, she could feel him probing her heart and drinking in her darkest fantasies.

She desperately wanted him to just take her, but she didn’t know what to do or how to act. She only knew she didn’t want him to stop and she urgently wanted to feel his hands touching her skin again. In fact, she felt feverish with need and would do anything if he would only make love to her. Well, anything except masturbate in front of him.

Steve slowly walked towards her with his eyes taking in the fearful and mortified look on her face. Her posture was a cross between wanting to run away, and submission. He could easily tell she frantically wanted him to continue to take her and make her feel more of what she had just felt. However, she was still prideful, humiliated and cowering from him; unable to release herself to him. Steve knew that until she learned to trust him completely and open her heart, she could never feel the bliss they both yearned for.

Steve stood by the bed with April anxiously staring him, silently pleading with him to cease his demands and just make love to her. Nothing in her life had felt like the spankings and orgasms earlier and she wanted more; much more. She felt him trying to bend her to his will, but submitting to him was difficult. She was after all April Hunt, queen of Brewster County.

Steve glanced at the open bedside drawer, and his eyebrows rose in interest. Inside were floggers, leather restraints, nipple clamps, and handcuffs. When April saw him looking in the drawer, she tried to kick it shut with her foot. Her whole body turned a deep shade of crimson with humiliation. Her secret fantasies were exposed and there for him to look at.

Steve’s eyes grew hard and angry as she moved to cover her dark dreams. He grabbed her foot and dragged her across the bed until she was firmly in his grasp. Then like a cowboy bulldogging a calf he whipped out some soft, thin leather straps from his gym bag and trussed her hands in front of her. He threw a rope over the exposed beam in her room then bound her hands to the rope.

When he dragged her across the bed April’s excited tremors took over her body. She felt his masterful dominance as he bound her hands and many of her fantasies flashed through her mind. Her caveman/cowboy was taking her and he was going to give her the fucking she yearned for. Then he threw the rope over the beam and tied it to her hands and her excitement was replaced by fear and she began to fight. She twisted, swinging her hands and feet, turning and trying to run away, but it was too late.

Steve pulled on the rope, yanking April off her bed and he kept pulling until her feet were barely touching the floor. She screamed, yelled, twisted and kicked at him trying to get away. Her fear had turned to terror with tears streaming down her face as she fought to save her life.

April had felt her back pop as Steve pulled her off her feet and her shoulders ached as he pulled her higher. He kept pulling until she felt as if she was in ballet class perched on her toes. She was stretched and as painful bursa escort bayan as it was, her elongated body felt oddly sensual and alive. Her every sense seemed heightened and she was aware of every color and sound that surrounded her.

Steve tied the rope to the leg of the bed leaving her hanging, cursing and fighting. He pulled the chair over and sat down watching her. Again, his studies of her unnerved April and some of her fear began to dissipate, only to be replaced by anger. She began to calm as he watched her and she waited for him to make a move.

Steve had seen beautiful women before, but April was the most stunning woman he had ever seen. Hanging from the rafter she was beyond gorgeous. Her fit athletic body was stretched taut, hollowing her tiny waist that flared into her suggestive womanly hips with runner’s legs. Her toes were only skimming the rich wood floor and the strain only made her legs look more perfect. Her firm fleshy ass cheeks were tight with the strain and they made Steve want to run his hands over her reddened skin.

Then of course there were her remarkable breasts. Her D cup breasts were always the focus of every male’s attention, but stretched and pulled high on her chest they were simply stunning. Her hard breathing made her breasts mouthwatering as they wobbled insolently. Her hard-distended nipples seemed to be pleading for his attention, and they were about to get it.

Steve focused on her eyes and saw that she had a confused, arrogant and scared look. She seemed to have no idea what was going on, so he asked, “Do you know why I am doing this?”

April defiantly shook her head. Steve responded harshly, “You will answer me when I speak to you!”

April still defiant, but a little softer said, “No I don’t.”

Steve gave her a passionately dominant look, and April’s defiance seemed to melt from her face. In a disappointed voice he said, “From the moment we tussled over our first kiss, I knew we would wind up here; lover’s fighting for control. Yes, from that first kiss we were destined to be lovers and I don’t just want your body. I want you, the real you and all of you. I want you to stop hiding from me and show me all your inner beauty, desires and secrets, because I will not accept anything less. If you hold back, we both loose; so, I want all of you, without misgivings or hesitation. It is what we both should accept and settle for nothing less.”

“That’s why you’re here. I have given you an order to masturbate in front of me and you disobeyed it. The masturbation would have shown me what you like and where your sensitive spots are. You made everything so much worse when you tried to kick your toy drawer shut. Not only were you defying me in that moment, you are also trying to hide things from me. So, I must punish you and teach you that hiding from me will not be tolerated.”

Steve stood in front of her looking deep into her eyes. April felt as though he could see her very soul and she couldn’t hide from him. All of her desires, perversions and fantasies were there for him to see and appreciate. The heat in his eyes told her that he was going to make everyone of dreams come true. The fire in his eyes filled her with desire, but also a belief and trust in him.

It was at that moment, bound, stretched and hanging from the rafters, that she knew she belonged to him. His eyes told her that he would never hurt her, only fill her with the kind of blissful emotions she never knew existed. Bound as she was, she knew she didn’t have a choice; he was going to rip her long-hidden desires from her. After her incredible spanking and orgasms, she would’ve given herself to him anyway. However, she knew she had to fight him, if for no other reason than for him to earn her submission. Even though she craved it, her pride still fought his dominance.

His deep penetrating eyes and strict mouth told her he would leave no desire unexplored. All her life April had longed for a man like Steve. The man that would eagerly take what he wanted from her and make her feel like a woman. She also wanted a man that would uncover and explore her deepest needs. She quivered inside with both fear and anticipation on what this night would bring. As she looked at him with pride trying to cover the desperate longing in her eyes, Steve knew she was ready to discover her inner most desires.

April suddenly sucked in deep breath as his fingers roamed over her tightly stretched skin. That seemed to be all that it took. His fingers on her skin made her forget about everything. All her thoughts and doubts disappeared as his touch filled her with desperate need. His fingers insistently roamed her legs, hips, belly and breasts, cajoling blistering cravings from her body. April’s eyes burned into his desperately begging for more and she whimpered passionately.

Steve whispered to her, “When you put your hands behind your back without being told I knew you would be mine tonight. Then when you knelt when I told you bursa escort to and shattered when I spanked you, I knew you wanted me to conquer you. From the first moment we met we’ve had a passionate connection that neither of us can deny. Both of us are smart, strong willed people used to getting our own way. However, I want you to trust me enough to submit your heart and body to me. It takes a strong woman to put her body in the hands of her lover and that’s what I’m asking you to do.”

Steve stepped back from her, took off his shirt and stood in front of April so closely that she could feel the heat emanating from his chest. Her face still had the prideful hard hungry look and began to soften as she felt the hairs of his chest provoking her nipples. She could feel his beer laden breath on her face as his eyes reached inside her and began tearing down walls around her heart.

She felt his fingers once again lightly caressing her tightly stretched skin, roaming over her hips, belly and breasts. Her skin seemed more sensitive now and each light caress chipped away at her humiliation and feigned anger. She ached to feel his hands on her skin and found herself pushing with her toes trying to lean into his caresses. Her pride wouldn’t let her admit it, but she knew she hungered after his domination.

Steve’s tongue came out and licked her lips, but when she reached for more he pulled away. He gently kissed his way across her cheek until he nibbled at her ear. As he leaned in the hairs on his chest maddeningly nuzzled her nipples and breasts. In his deep base and gravelly voice, he whispered into her ear, with each word pulsating inside her.

“You are your own strong and intelligent woman; I respect and admire that. You are incredibly beautiful and sexy, full of hidden desire and passion. You fill my mind with wondrous possibilities and my heart with the desire to protect you, even from yourself. Tonight, I will be your lover, your master, and your teacher as I discover all the passion you kept hidden from the world and yourself. Tonight, I will train you, fuck you, possess you and find my own pleasure in you as we explore your long-hidden desires. Remember what I told you, when tomorrow morning dawns you will know love, desire and you will be mine.”

Steve backed away from her, leaving her mind spinning and her body throbbing. Her anger and humiliation were totally gone and now she only wanted him to fulfill his promises. She wanted him to teach her, to break down the walls inside her and let her finally feel love and ecstasy. Oh God, she wanted this, but she was scared and her pride wouldn’t let her admit that she wanted this. Her heart and body desperately craved what he was saying, but her mind fought him. Steve knew that was his objective, to quiet her mind, push her into subspace so the needs of her heart and body prevailed.

Steve went over to her toy drawer and pulled out all the toys, laying them across the bed. Then he brought to his own gym bag and added a riding crop to the mix. April looked at all of those toys with anxious butterflies in her stomach. She had bought almost all the toys wanting to feel their painful yet erotic bite, but she never had the courage to use them. Now he was going to make it happen. There was fear inside her too, but that only seemed to make her cravings that much stronger.

“When you hide your toys from me or try to slam a drawer to hide your toys you’re holding back. Your embarrassment is a way to hide from me and it means you don’t trust me to love you the way I should. From now on you will never lie to me, hide things from me and especially hide your feelings from me.”

“Therefore, I have no other choice except to punish you. When you trust me totally; then together we can find ecstasy and happiness you always yearned for. So now we begin!”

Steve walked up to her and let his hand weave through her hair at the back of her head. It was chillingly sensuous to have his hands meandering through her long silky hair and she pushed her face into his arm acknowledging the luxurious feel. In span of a heartbeat his hand closed in a fist pulling her hair and knotting it behind her head. She felt his raw masculinity controlling her as he bent her head back. Only then did his lips descend on hers in a primal mating kiss. The kiss was coarse and indecent as it sent ripples of primitive desire surging through her body.

She was hanging helplessly in her own bedroom with a man twice her size taking whatever he wanted from her. It felt so fearfully delicious as his lips brutalized her mouth and his hands roamed at will over her naked body. With anyone else she would have feared for her life, but with Steve she knew he would take what he wanted, but he would never hurt her. She realized that she did really trust him and she would be the ultimate recipient.

Her tongue battled with his and she strained, pushing on her toes, stretching towards him to deepen the kiss. Her eyes closed as she let the kiss sweep her away and she felt his fingers sweep over her tightly stretched belly to her swollen breasts. His hands cupped her breasts while his fingers repeatedly tweaked her nipples. Again, his kiss made her head spin and her knees tremble, while his fingers electrified her sexual core.

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Cum from Outside

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Big Tits

A night not really different than most. Or so I thought.

It’s nighttime. 10o’clock or so. And I’m in the car. Probably shouldn’t be wasting gas but fuck it. A night alone. So I’m out here.

Not too much of anything. A blunt or two and beer. Hoping the feds don’t fuck with me tonight. I’m trying chill. But damn, I’m just driving.

Three minutes and a couple corners later, I’m two blocks down from my baby mama’s house. Hummm.

‘Wonder what this hoe up to’ I think to myself. And I’m about see. I really want to. This weed and shit talking. I’m zoning and hope she there. I guess it thrills me to be nosey. By nosey I mean, peeping Tom.

I mean a few times I’ve rode through. Might’ve hopped out. Took a walk around the block but in her windows I may have looked too long. Perfect timing I could call this night though.

Some lights on. Still 6-7 houses down I can tell it’s some action. Someone’s home. Cool. I’m near the driveway now and ease my steps towards the front porch. Look in one window. I’m trying to make out any movement. It’s difficult through these blinds but I can’t sitting duck myself. Next window.. wallah!

Her sitting on the loveseat, facing the the direction I am. Can see she’s görükle escort fidgeting with a phone.

Her bf is five feet away from her. Standing up in front of the couch on the connecting wall.

I’m geeked. Jackpot. And I’m just talking about finding them here and I can play peekaboo till I should probably go home. I don’t want to right now. For sure.

Few minutes drag by. They are practically not moving. Until she looks up at him, and says something. He responds. Then starts walking towards her. I duck. Boom. ‘Fuck!’ I scream inside. Trying not to blow it and get caught, i snail myself to a standing position. I hear no scattering coming from inside the house so I’m losing my anxious.

But oh my gosh damn. What I returned to, as I scoped back in the blinds, changed my life.

Him standing over her at 6ft. Her sitting as before. With her hands at his waist and her head in his lap.

Ding ding ding!

Never have I ever thought I’d be in a moment like this but I was glued. Ok so two things. I’m a straight guy, one. And two, I can keep it real. So no funny shit but I see why she rushed him in after me.

This guy was standing so casual. Phone in hand. Into that. bursa escort bayan Paying no mind to the pretty, and obviously cock hungry, bitch trying to devour him.

And what a man’s dick does he have. A brown polish sausage hung from his zipper. And the woman I would kiss goodnight and good morning to every day is snaking her pretty little lips up this pole of a penis. I’m stuck.

I can’t remember ever looking behind me again to see another if you know another person was watching me play spy. But I did not care.

He had to put his phone to the side. She shunned his ‘record her’ notion. No lie, I was ready to record.

This dick is getting big. By this dick I mean the lucky nigga feeding my ex lover half his dick right now. Half is about four inches. It’s a whole handful plus dick she can stoke outside what’s filling her cute mouth. Damn I loved kissing that bitch. And when she kissed me. And now I’m damn near cheering her on to eat this big black cock she has at her will. And I can tell he loves it. Head held back. Then right back down to view this beautiful young woman sucking his stick.

This about 15 minutes until she pushes him back. Sitting him on the couch to get bursa escort on her knees. “O-k!” I say to myself.

She’s throating this nigga’s dick and I want to be their photographer. She begins shedding clothes. Shirt, then unbuttons her pants, stand up all while this long dick never leaves her lips.

I’m throbbing in my pants. Cannot look away. She slides his pants off completely and walk back to him. Grabs the dick and straddles on top of him. It’s just like the porn. Her on top, ass hiked up as that wet pussyhole finds that mushroom dickhead. Slowly slides down on it. His hands got her round asscheeks spread and I can see the pussy juice running down that bbc.

I’m so turned on. Don’t know if I want to stuff her sexy freaky ass or help her please those hard 9inches she’s currently filled with.

About ten minutes of that, and this where I get jealous. Lol.

He pulls her off, placing her face in the cushion. Bringing her hips up, I knew what was coming. They are facing the same direction as myself, so there back is to me. Her ass is to me. Pussy open from riding her daddy’s dick. He slides right back in. Doggystyle.

Wap wap wap. Smack. Ohhh Baby. Damn daddy. Wap wap wap. I’m talking pound after pound of long dick has her moaning insane. I’m on rock.

They go blow for blow almost 10 minutes straight and I can nut right along with them. I know she is in heaven. And he is sent from heaven with that big ass dick. Damn.

Hope I catch a rerun. Lol.

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Fantasy Come True

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I’ve always known that I enjoyed anal play and that ever since I started masturbating that I would sometimes use men in my fantasy. I’d even tried going to gay hangouts and answering classified ad’s but always either backed out or ran like hell. So even though I wanted to try man to man sex it looked like I wasn’t going to ever find someone I was comfortable with and that I was going to have to settle with fantasies and my wife using her strap-ons (which she is good with) and vibrators on me. My wife and I do enjoy group sex and when some close friends of ours approached her about playing she invited them to come over for a hot tub party. We all had a great time and enjoyed each others company but it was still pretty reserved with lots of straight sex and “accidental” brushing between the 2 guys and 2 gals.

The next day Ty came by and said that his wife Caroline would like to have sex with my wife who is openly Bi in the proper situations. I told him that I was sure it would be alright with my wife and that since he had brought that up what did he think about man to görükle escort man sex. He didn’t hesitate to answer and said he has been wanting to experiment for a long time but had never had someone to try with. He said he had been looking at me the other night and had thought about reaching out and grabbing my cock to see what my reaction would be but thought better of it. We talked and talked and found out that we both had pretty much the same fantasies and wants and were ecstatic to have finally found someone that we could explore with. And it was also a plus that both of our wives also wanted to see 2 men together. We went into the house and let the women know what we had discussed and set up a date for the following weekend.

I stayed horny with anticipation all week. I read all my Bi and gay mags paying attention to giving head and preparing for anal sex and even kept my wife busy fucking my ass with my life size realistic vibrator. I wanted to be able to experience it all and the best part of all is that we all knew each other real well and disease bursa escort bayan issues were non existent.

When the night finally arrived we all started out in the hot tub but unlike the last time we openly reached out and felt each other. We all played with one another for awhile but eventually the women paired up and me and Ty paired up. What a great feeling to hold another mans cock and to explore it. And even better is that while I am circumcised Ty is not, so I was playing with a totally different cock than my own. I tried to take his cock in my mouth but with four people trying to grope each other it was a little tight so I was only able to just get a hold of the head. We went ahead and got out of the tub and on our king size bed and worked ourselves into a 69 position. I loved pushing the skin back over the head of his cock and I explored every inch of it. Ty was doing the same to mine and I kept thinking that this is great and I am enjoying every second of it. I went into serious cocksucking mode and worked his cock farther and farther bursa escort into my mouth.

Ty was having trouble getting all of my cock into his mouth but what he did have he was really working over. I finally got his cock to start going into my throat and reached around to work my fingers into his ass. While I was slowly working his asshole open one of the gals shoved one of our buttplugs up my ass and I just about lost it as it passed my prostrate. God what a feeling to be living a long, just about given up fantasy. My cock was buried as deep as he could get it in my buddies throat, my ass stuffed with a butt plug and my own mouth and throat stuffed with a real live cock, not a plastic imitation. I finally got Ty’s ass opened up and I started to finger fuck his ass while I poured on the vacuum and stroking of his cock. It didn’t take long until I was rewarded with a hot load of cum that wasn’t my own. I savored it as I let it all go down my throat enjoying every drop he gave me.

Shortly after his mouth action brought me off and I gave him his load. As we lay back to rest a minute I joked that dam there’s a lot of work to this giving head, to which my wife replied, “See what I go through all the time, but the rewards are worth it”. Me and Ty both had to agree that we both enjoyed it immensely and that there would be more to come.

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Think About Icebergs-Intermezzo

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Max woke as the cold of the morning air hit his skin. Rolling in the sleeping bag he watched as Alli walked to the edge of the clearing, squatting to take her morning pee. Seeing her braid bounce between her shoulder blades, the early morning sun glistening rosy off her copper skin, and the bounce of her full buttocks as she walked, Max thought again that Mother Eve in all her glory must have looked much the same. As Alli began to pee, he noticed steam rising in the morning chill and felt a faint stirring of more prurient interest, despite his own need to take a piss.

The sulfur smell rising from the hot spring was more noticeable in the morning damp she thought. Hearing the light crunch of Max’s steps moving behind her, she shifted her weight, turning her head to smile over her shoulder at him.

“Morning baby! I’m sorry. I didn’t wake you did I?”

“You didn’t – your absence did! There was a cold spot cuddled up next to me instead of a warm woman.”

Standing next to her, dick in hand, he winced noticeably. Reaching up and stroking his leg Alli inquired –

“Are you okay?”

“Oh yeah,” he grunted. “I’m FINE. It’s just hard to pee when you’re hard….and you’re NOT making it easier?”

“Me?” She stood now, moving against him. “What did I do?”

“Well to start with,” he chuckled, giving up on the idea of peeing momentarily and using his morning wood to stroke her damp cleft instead, “there was how appropriately hot you looked with steam rising up your crack.”

Pressing into her wet heat he stroked her with his fingertips, separating her folds in search of her deeper core of heat and wetness. He chuckled as she leaned against his hand.

“I take it that feels good,” he murmured against her forehead.

A muffled moan was his only answer as she clung to him tightly, her hips moving against his hand. Her knees buckled slightly as her passion began to climb.


He grabbed her around the waist, pulling her against him tightly and supporting her weight momentarily till she could stand again. Licking his fingers he grinned through his growing beard.

“Mmmmmm. Tasty!”

“NOT!” She exclaimed. “I am SO not fresh and I just peed – let me go wash off!”

“No WAY!” He pulled her to him even more tightly as she squirmed to get away. “Right now you taste like girl! NOT like mineral hot spring! Come with me…”

Half pulling her, half carrying her they moved back to the comfort of the sleeping bags. Letting her down he turned and hurriedly threw some wood on the fire, grabbing a towel from his pack to toss beside her. Standing over her, his cock aching now, he enjoyed the look of her sprawled across the surface of the joined bags, goosebumps pebbling her skin from the morning chill, her nipples hard and ridged, begging to be sucked, rubbing her thighs together in her excitement. Dropping to his knees he bent and wrapped his lips firmly around one puckered tip, hearing her catch her breath and feeling her back arch under him as he moved to separate her thighs. Sliding between them, feeling her move to wrap her legs around his waist, he pressed both breasts firmly together stretching his mouth wide to suckle both nipples briefly.

She hissed in delight, moving her own hands to cover the warmth left behind by his mouth as he slid further down her body. Kissing and nuzzling as he went, he avoided her upthrust hips to lick and nuzzle the sweet spot behind each knee. Max paused briefly, admiring this view of görükle escort her – thumbing her nipples, head tossed back, tongue clasped firmly between her lips as she writhed against him. Finally becoming cognizant he had stopped she raised her head to look at him.

“Just wondering what you’d like next m’lady?”

Oh gawd, baby…EAT me….” nearly sobbing now with frustrated desire. “Tongue fuck me! Suck my clittie….just….eat me!”

“No more nonsense about washing first?” He stroked the folds of her slit with his knuckles, rubbing them gently across her clit, watching as her hips lifted to maintain contact with his hand.

She shook her head firmly, “No Sir! Never! Just….oh baby….EAT ME!”

“My pleasure…” bending his head to her he took one lingering lick, separating her folds. “Mmmmmm….tangy! A little musky…but ALL pussy!”

Burying his face against her, mouth wide, he licked and sucked, nibbling her lips, sucking them before moving to the wet heat of her core. Pointed tongue darting in and out now he fucked her with his mouth, arms wrapped under her hips as she thrashed against his mouth, grinding herself against the burn of his whiskers and the steel of his teeth. Already sensitive from their exploits last night her pleasure was building fast.

“Don’t stop. Yes baby! Soooo Good!”

He heard the steady litany, loving the sights and sounds of her pleasure – burying his face deeper against her – and the taste of her pleasure he thought. Stroking the pearl of her desire with his thumb he felt the first pulsing of her orgasm. Sliding two fingers inside her, rubbing along the roof of her vagina. As he stroked smoothly he turned his attention and focus to the throbbing bud at the top of her slit, alternately rubbing it smoothly and flicking with his tongue. She came again, the wet velvet sheath of her sex milking his fingers while her thighs locked on the side of his head. She bucked against him again and he nearly bit his tongue.

Sliding up and forward, her legs draped over his upper arms he teased her, keeping the head of his cock just between the lips of her cunt. Regardless of her struggles she was unable to force herself further onto his length. She was whimpering now, her clawed hands pulling at him.

“What do you want now, baby girl?”

“FUCK ME!!!”

The echoes of her scream bounced off the nearby trees and the far hills. He laughed out loud then –

“They probably heard THAT in town.”

He slid forward another inch so that the head of his cock nestled just within the mouth of her pussy. Her hips seemed to have a life of their own as she trashed against him.

“Is this what you want?” he asked, teasing her by pressing forward half an inch, only to withdraw again.

Her legs still locked over his upper arms she was unable to use their powerful muscles to pull him into her, and her arms weren’t quite long enough to get hold of his hips and pull him in that way. Her teeth were buried in her bottom lip nearly to the point of drawing blood and she was nodding frantically.

Finally acknowledging that the tease was torturing himself as much as it was her, he pushed home, burying himself to the hilt in her pulsing wet heat. Closing his eyes in relief at the pleasure they shared he moved against her once, feeling her immediately begin to spasm around him. The clasp of her inner muscles milking his length was exquisite. Groaning he leaned forward against her briefly, kissing bursa escort bayan her deeply. Pulling back and away he pulled almost entirely out of her, the cool morning air providing a delicious counterpoint to her heat. Locking eyes with her, he buried himself against her again, pounding hard, the wet slap of their bodies coming together clearly audible over the crackle of the fire and morning bird calls. Over and over he hammered against her, losing track of how many times she thrashed and came under him.

Her wide brown eyes now soft and unfocused, all of her attention narrowed to the central focus of her pleasure. No longer capable of rational thought only the knowledge that she had never come so often…so hard…never before this…that understanding pounded through her with every beat of her pulse and every smack of their bodies joining. Just then, feeling himself nearing the point of losing control, Max slid one hand between them, and one hand under her ass. Continuing to pound forward into her, feeling from the electric tingle and drawing sensation how close he was to cumming, he rubbed her swollen clitoris with his thumb, once – twice, and when she bucked against him, he slid the index finger of his other hand into the tight rosebud of her anus.

All of her muscles seized against him and it took all his strength to hold himself against her. Her heat seemed to increase from fever to volcanic level as he felt the first of his own emissions exploding out of him, feeling as though it was pulling his nuts inside out in the process. In one wild instant he thought, ‘now I know where that saying comes from – getting your nut off’. But until he felt Alli begin wiggling, quickly escalating to giggles and eventual gales of laughter he had no idea he’d said the words aloud.

Pulling him down to wrap her arms around his neck she kissed him soundly, and with lips still pressed together she murmured, “I ADORE you! But I have to pee again so let me up and don’t make me laugh again or I can’t be held responsible…”

His eyes gleaming mischievously he pulled away just far enough to grin widely.

“Is that so?”

Pouncing on her he began to tickle all her most sensitive spots that were within his reach.

“You BASTARD!” she howled, pounding him on the chest with her fists while trying to push him away using the leverage of her legs.

“Am NOT! My parents were married when I was….ouch!!! SHIT!!! Geez, Alli, not so rough!”

Laughing nearly as hard now as she was he clutched her more tightly, dropping her legs, but he never stopped tickling her ribs and the fold of skin where her ass met the back of her leg. He was deflating but not as quickly as usual and still had enough of a semi to be able to stay buried, so he was aware nearly as quickly as she was when her overburdened bladder finally cut loose, flooding both of them, and the bedding under them with her hot pungent stream.

Quick as thought he grabbed the nearby towel to shove under them, hopefully catching the worst of it or they’d be sleeping cold for a few nights he thought. Then realized he was hard as steel inside her again. Alli, oblivious to his arousal, was mortified. Red with embarrassment she had buried her face under one arm. Pulling her arm down he kissed her nose and eyes, pulling her hand down to the site of their joined bodies.

“Alli, no…sweetie…it’s okay. Feel this sweetheart?”

Wrapping her hand around his granite length he pulled bursa escort back far enough that she could see the wetness curling his public hair was a mixture of their cum, liberally spattered with her yellow urine.

“Ohhh Max, I’m sorry!”

“Hush woman! Nothing to be sorry for if you can’t tell.”

He kissed her soundly, rubbing the head of his cock, up and down her wet slit, unable to tell from which source the wetness came. Following that contact he stroked her with his fingers, feeling the aftershock spasms of her orgasms still radiating through her.

“There IS just one little problem, though…” he said, arching his eyebrows and looking meaningfully at the edge of the woods.

She looked at him blankly so he continued, “I still haven’t pissed and I REALLY have to go now, but I may need some help, because I’m still hard as a rock.”

Giggling a little she asked, “Would it help if I turn on the faucet for you baby?”

“Don’t be disrespectful woman!” He laughed down at her to take the sting from the words and make the joke apparent. “Actually, I WAS thinking it might help a little to get in the warm water, but I wondered if you wanted to share in the fun a little…maybe…I dunno, give me a target?”

He thought for a minute she was going to turn him down cold but she surprised him by thinking it over. Then, without saying anything she slid out from under him, striding to the edge of the hot springs and laying back on the cold ground. Legs spread wide, knees up, leaning back on her elbows she called back to him –

“How’s this for a target, baby?”

Heart swelling with love for the woman, he thought briefly that nowhere else on earth was there a female so perfect for him.

“Beautiful!” he called, getting to his feet. Dick in hand he walked into the warm water, thigh deep, feeling the sharp contrast between air and water temperature beginning to act on him. Finally, with a head-rush that nearly made him dizzy he felt his bladder release, his stream arcing strongly away from him, golden in the clear morning sun. Holding himself and aiming carefully he began by spattering her feet, striding further out of the water once he began to realize his “range”. Ending standing nearly between her feet he painted her with his stream, breasts and belly, finishing with a strong surge of hot pee directed against her open sex.

He wasn’t entirely surprised to see a tremor run through her, as though she had another little climax, but he was a little surprised when she let down her urine again, peeing against the force of his stream against her.

“Wow! That was inten…,” he started, pausing as he saw her getting to her feet – a fiery glint in her eyes. “Wha…?” He managed to get out before she tackled him, launching both of them back into the water her hand searching frantically between his legs. As he splashed, spluttering to the surface he was about to ask her ‘what the fuck was the idea?’ when he realized that was exactly her idea. Plastered against him, limpet tight, she settled onto his length, sighing in delight.

“That was so friggin’ HOT baby!” she exclaimed.

Simultaneously he was saying, “I gather you didn’t find that entirely offensive?”

They laughed together, even as his hands moved her on his cock. Nearly weightless in the water she clung to him, rocking her hips. Both already sensitive and stimulated, their loving this time was more leisurely. There was time for long passionate kisses, for tweaking the raspberry points of her nipples and stroking the cleft of her ass. Time for her to reach below and fondle his testicles, drawn up tight, hard and smooth against his groin even in the heat of the water.

There was, they both began to realize, all the time in the world….

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Those Autofellatio Blues Ch. 07

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After all that happened Saturday night, a visit to Elaine was decidedly in order. She had, after all, been the instigator of all the mayhem that occurred after my folks walked in and found me as the filling in a mother-daughter sandwich. I wanted to both thank her and scream at her for all she put me through. But when she opened the door and I saw that sweet, gentle face smiling at me, my theatrical anger melted away. I was still in the mood for some screaming, but I wanted her to be the one screaming, and in a good way.

“So, all’s well that end’s well?” she asked after I told the tale. “Did you want to thank me, or are you here to put me over your knee and give me a spanking?”

“Any reason why I can’t do both?”

She giggled, and I could tell that she was as horny as I was. It had been a week since my sexy, fiftyish lover had felt my unusually hefty cock inside her, and from the way she looked at my crotch and licked her lips I had an idea that we wouldn’t be talking for very long

“Did you know what would happen when my folks came home?” I asked.

“I had an idea. It was a desperate move, but it seemed like the time for desperation.”

“You know that I’m probably scarred for life, seeing what my mom and dad did to Julia. My mom touched my DICK, for Christ’s sake.”

“Oh come now, from what you say there was nothing sexual about it. When she’s disciplining a wayward slave like Julia she gets very impatient. She would never want to do anything with you, honey. I guarantee that.”

“Thank God for that, at least. You know, my parents will probably be coming to your next party.”

“That’s good. I’m looking forward to seeing them. I’m sure everyone else will welcome them with open arms.”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to go if they’re there.”

“Honey, you’re still welcome. You’re parents wouldn’t mind.”

“I would! I don’t relish the idea of watching my mom get triple-teamed.”

“Yes,” Elaine said thoughtfully. “That was her specialty.”

“I definitely, definitely won’t be there.”

She frowned. “That’s too bad.”

“Too bad for your friends, maybe,” I said, unzipping and slowly pulling my pants down. “But not for you.” Her eyes gobbled me up as I stripped and presented her with my thick, throbbing stick. I walked close and her cool fingers closed around my erection.

“Is this my reward?” she murmured.

“Every inch.”

She put her other arm around my shoulder and pulled me close. She kissed my cheek and stroked my aching penis. “I’ve missed you, honey. I’ve missed you so much.”

“I missed you too,” I whispered. There was more I wanted to say, but I was afraid to, so I just sighed as she used her thumb to smear the tiny drop of precum that oozed from my tip all over my fat, purple head.

“Let’s go upstairs,” she said, nibbling at my ear.

We went up to her bedroom, and I took the lead, letting her relax and enjoy herself, to thank her for last night’s brilliant plot. She took off her clothes and lay down on the bed, and I immediately went after her heavy tits. I tugged her big, chewy nipple into my mouth and started sucking. Her nipple slowly came erect, and I spun my tongue around and around the sensitive tip.

“Oh, Danny, honey,” she said as I went from her left breast to her right. “How long are you going to make me wait for your cock?”

“Long enough to make you come.”

With both her nipples fully risen and purple with excitement, I patiently worked my way down her body. I printed kisses between her breasts, down her tummy, over her belly button.

Elaine’s wide hips started gyrating already, knowing what lay in store. “Are you hungry, little boy?” she teased. “Breast feeding wasn’t enough, you want something else to eat?”

“I haven’t had breakfast yet,” I said, and then my head was between her plump thighs. I licked the soft red pubic hair that was matted already with her own excited juices. Her strong feminine scent and flavor were intoxicating, I had to have more.

At first I just used my lips, kissing her up and down her cleft, but soon enough the urge to taste the voluptuous flesh between her legs was too strong, and I extended my tongue and swept it up and down her moist furrow.

Elaine’s quick sigh of anticipation was all the feedback I needed. I buried my head between her plump thighs and licked her pussy with quick, side-to-side strokes. I gave her clitoris the occasional visit from my nimble tongue, but for the moment I wanted her to suffer a bit.

“You’re TEASING me,” she groaned. She pushed herself up on her shoulders so she could get a better look at what I was doing between her splayed legs. “You know what I want, honey. Come on, eat me. Eat my pussy.”

I peered up between her heavy breasts and winked. She bit her lower lip as my lips closed around her button. I sucked gently at first, sucking and swirling my tongue around and around. Elaine took in a deep breath through her nose and slowly exhaled. Her hips went up and down, slowly at first, and then faster as I started slurping at her with görükle escort more enthusiasm.

Her lips puckered and she said, “I want to give you kisses all over your cock.”

I shook my head. “Not till you come.”

She closed her eyes and pressed her pelvis into my face. “That’s going to happen soon, if you keep doing that.”

“I’ll do it all day, Elaine.”

She lay back and put her hand on the top of my head. “Another minute will be enough.”

I covered her clit with my lips and started sucking again. I parted my lips enough to let my tongue snake through and slither around her hot spot, and she seemed to like that. “Oh…oh…that’s it…that’s it honey…come on…you said you’ll do this all day?”


“Just give me a little bit more…a little bit more…” A huge smile blossomed on her gentle face. “Oh, here I come baby…” her hips started trembling, rubbing her vulva against my face. I kept my lips locked on, sucking and sucking, drinking down the juice pouring from her excited pussy.

“Oh, BABY!” She rose up on her elbows, her eyes half closed, her nipples taut. “Here I come, here I COME!” Her hips rose off the bed and I slid my hands under to cup her quivering buttocks and lift her pussy deeper and deeper into my hungry mouth. “Ohh…ohhhh…OOOOHHH! Eat me…honey, eat me!”

I would have licked her all day, as advertised, but as Elaine’s hips slowly returned to the bed and the tremors of her climax eased away she whispered, “Danny, darling, fuck me. I want to feel you inside me.”

I wasn’t quite done with her. I kept my head between her legs, plunging my tongue inside her hole, bobbing my head like a chicken as I fucked her with my tongue. “No…please, honey, fuck me! I want to feel every inch of that huge cock…Danny…please…”

Again I looked up at her sagging breasts, smiling as I saw the thin sheen of sweat that shone in her cleavage, and shook my head. I was ready to burrow back into her pussy when she grabbed fistfuls of my hair and pulled me on top of her. She kissed me hard, her tongue thrust deep inside my mouth, and as we shared her taste our pelvises aligned. I wiggled my hips, my big probe seeking her opening, and then…

“AHHH…” we both sighed as we coupled. I slid myself slowly inside her, slowly, every throbbing inch of me. Elaine’s dark brown eyes closed. “Honey, just fuck me, fuck me any way you want, but fuck me hard.”

I put her ankles on my shoulders and rolled her back and pumped her pussy with long, liquid strokes. I felt the sweet squeeze of her pussy at the base of my spine. I closed my eyes and concentrated, pulling my cock out of her sheath until the head nestled in her slippery lips, then snapping my hips forward and burying every inch of myself inside her. After a minute of this patient thrusting I asked, “How’s this?”

Her soft lips formed a tight O. She shook her head. “Harder!” she begged.

“Harder?” I rolled over on her hands and knees and did her doggy-style, her big pendulous breasts swaying as I pounded her. “How’s that?” I growled.


I looked down and saw my big pole swallowed up by Elaine’s pussy, saw my shaft go in and out, in and out, glistening with her juices. Her cushy asscheeks rippled as my hips crashed into her. “Oh, yeah, fuck me…fuck me..” she hissed. “Fuck me, baby.”

I lay her on her side and spooned behind her and entered her that way, lifting her left leg in the air and thrusting myself between her scissored legs. I caressed her soft breasts and kissed her neck and shoulders as my big dick glided in and out of her slippery tunnel.

“You’re so big,” she whimpered. “You are so fucking big, and you feel so fucking GOOD inside me.” Her jaw tightened, and then her eyes popped open and she gasped, “I’m coming AGAIN!”

“I wonder,” I whispered in her ear, “if you helped me just because you’re a wonderful, loving person, or because you couldn’t bear the thought of never having THIS,” I speared her with my cock, “inside you again.”

She moaned and pushed her tongue into my mouth. “Honey, another week without your cock and I would have killed Julia myself.”

When at last she tired of coming around my cock Elaine said, “Fuck…fuck my tits!” I scrambled atop her and settled myself at the base of her big juggs. I lay my pipe between them and she squeezed her huge breasts around me, my engorged cock nearly disappearing around all that soft flesh. My cock was slick from her pussy and her tits were slippery from sweat, and as I thrust between her melons it made a sexy, squishy sound.

“Uh, God, you have great tits for this!”

She smiled up at me. “You have a great cock for it.” I was getting close, it was heavenly having my cock surrounded by her breasts, it felt like two warm loaves of rising bread dough. I leaned forward and put a hand on her shoulder and started thrusting with more gusto. “Let me have a lick,” she said, and I pulled my cock from her valley and fed my cockhead into her mouth. She slobbered all over my dick, getting me wet bursa escort bayan again, and then I plunged back into her canyon.

“I liked that, I liked having that cock in my mouth,” she panted.

“Yeah? Would you like to have all of it in your mouth?”


“Would you like a big mouthful of hot come?”

“Mmm…oh yes.”

I rolled over and Elaine crawled between my legs. She didn’t waste time, wrapping her lips around my cock and pumping my shaft with her long-nailed fingers. I caressed her soft red hair watched her pink lips slide up and down my cock. “Want to taste me?”

She said nothing, only nodded.

“Then keep doing that.” I meant licking my crown back and forth with her tongue. She did it faster and faster, her wet tongue caressing my sensitive tip, and I grabbed fistfuls of the bedsheet and twisted my hips. “Oh, Elaine…” All the tensions of the last few days ebbed away even as the terrible pressure in my cock grew and grew. My emotions were a bit out of whack, and I said, “Elaine, I love you.”

Her eyes met mine, and they were filled with such kindness, such tenderness. I couldn’t bear to look at her looking at me that way. I started to come and I said again, “I love you, Elaine.” I thrust my hips forward and buried my dick deep in her mouth and I came in long, milky jets. She drank me down, thirstily sucking at me until my balls were dry.

She looked up at me. I had to say something, so I said, “I’ve missed that so much.”

“Yeah, me too.” I wanted to say something else, but it was a recurring theme for the last few days-I didn’t know what to say.

She snuggled up next to me. “You know I love you too.”


“I do. I love you very much. But I think what we have is different than a romantic kind of love.”

I felt like I might cry. “I feel that way for you.”

She kissed me. “I’m not going to tell you what you’re feeling. Only you know that. If you feel that way about me, well, I can’t tell you how flattered I am. But as young as you are, sex and love can get really confusing.” She nuzzled my ear and said. “You’re going to go away to college soon, and you’re going to meet all sorts of girls there and forget about me.”

“I’ll never, ever, ever forget you.”

“I know. But I don’t want you pining away for me when you should be meeting girls your own age and having fun.” She reached between my legs and fondled my limp penis, which immediately twitched with delight. “You just have to promise to visit me on Spring Break.”

She kept caressing me and I kissed her on the lips. “For the rest of my life every girl I sleep with will be compared to you. And they won’t measure up.”

She laughed. “You know how to make a woman feel good about herself.” She reached down with her other hand and began manipulating my balls as well as my shaft. I was fully erect again, my cock towering over the bed. “You make me feel good in so many ways.”

I rolled on top of her and wiggled my hips, searching for the opening to her steamy nest. “Let me show you another.”


So everything was fine with my parents. Everything was fine with Elaine. Julia was declawed. I was on easy street.

Just one potential problem left. Bridget.

I didn’t see her at all Monday morning. Math class wasn’t until 7th period. So when I went to lunch I had my head on a swivel, looking for a gorgeous blonde with murder in her eyes. But I didn’t see her. Maybe she hadn’t come to school today.

I was at lunch, disposing of my hot turkey sandwich, when my friends suddenly froze en masse and looked over my shoulder. “What?” I asked, afraid of what might be lurking behind me.

Their eyes stayed locked at a spot behind my left shoulder. I turned, and there she was. She was dressed down today, just khakis and a preppy powder-blue oxford. Just a touch of lipstick. She looked fantastic.

“I want to talk to you,” she said. Her eyes flashed at my friends. “Alone.”

My friends started to scatter like roaches surprised by the kitchen light switching on. But I stood up first and raised a hand. “Stay here,” I said to my cowering buddies. I looked Bridget in the eye and motioned with my head at an empty booth. “Come on.” She followed me to the booth.

Three hundred pairs of eyes watched us take our seat.

I decided to take a civil tone and see how it went. “How are you?” I asked gently.

“I should have called the cops on you, after what you did to my mommy!”

So much for civility. “But you didn’t, because of what your mommy did to me. Don’t waste my time playing the innocent, Bridget. My lunch is getting cold.”

She got hot, she tried to intimidate me by staring me down, but I wasn’t having it. I asked, “Is your mom OK?”

“No, she’s not. She’s been so…nice! She hasn’t bossed my dad around. We went to dinner last night and she wasn’t rude to the waiter. She’s changed!”

“For the better, it sounds.”

Her creamy skin flushed red. “I want you to tell your mother to leave my mommy alone.”

“No bursa escort way. So far as I’m concerned, everything that happened that day didn’t happen. Julia is a big girl, she can take care of herself.”

Bridget looked down at the table. “You mean, what we did together, you don’t want to remember that?” Those blue eyes rose and met mine and I felt the rest of the world fall away. The cafeteria was quiet as a church.

I decided to lie and see how it went. “No, I don’t. It was wrong, and your mother shouldn’t have put us through it.”

Now her anger showed. “You make it sound like you hated it. I could see your eyes while you were inside me. You fucking loved it.”

“But she humiliated me!” I noticed heads turning and leaning in to listen, and I lowered my voice. “She made me wear a mask. She fucked me up the ass. She used me as a dildo, neither of you gave a damn about me as a person. She made me have sex in my parents’ bed, and she didn’t care whether I got in trouble or not.”

Now that I was talking Bridget seemed more animated. “She made you suck yourself off and let me watch.”

“That was the worst part of all.”

She leaned close, and put her fingertips on the back of my hand. “I fucking loved it.”

I got the butterflies, both from her touch and from the lusty look in her eyes. “I thought you’d think I was sick.”

“I do think you’re sick. But it turns me on. I want to watch you do it again.”

“No way. It hurts when I do it, my stomach muscles cramp.”

She ignored me. “I want to watch you do it again, I want to watch to lick and suck that big, thick cock.”

“No,” I said, though it did sound nice.

“I want to watch you open your mouth, and use your tongue all over the head, get it all wet and purple.”

I shook my head, because I no longer had the power of speech. I looked at Bridget’s lips, her full, moist lips, and watched them say, “and then, after you’ve gotten your big dick all hard and wet, I want you to put it inside my pussy. I want to feel you penetrating me, I want to feel that huge cock fill me up and THROB inside me. I want to wrap my legs around you and have you fuck me “

My head swam. “Uhh…”

Her fingertips went up to my forearms, her nails playing with the hairs on the back of my arms, hairs that instantly stood straight up. “I want you to fuck me, and fuck me, and fuck me, until I’m screaming, until I’m clawing at you because your huge cock is making me insane.”


“And then, when you’re about to come, I want you to pull out and lie on your back and suck yourself off. I want to watch you make yourself come with your mouth, I want you to taste my pussy while you’re sucking yourself. And when you come I want to lick up the semen that’s dripping down your face.”

Oh, boy. Oh boy. I felt like I was drunk. “You…you’ve been thinking about this awhile, haven’t you?”

“I played with myself all last night, and that’s what I was thinking about.” She moved her hands back, folded them in front of her. “Meet me at my house after school so you can fuck me.”

What makes a man different from the animals? Intelligence, honor, creativity? Sure. But self-control is on the list as well. Every fiber of my being screamed for me to fuck this girl. My very genes demanded it, demanded to be mixed with the obviously successful genes of the supremely gorgeous creature in front of me. But I knew that having sex with Bridget would eventually lead to madness. She would, in time (and not too much time) own me as utterly as my mother apparently owned Julia. So, I had to be strong. Stronger than any 18-year-old male should ever have to be.

I said, “No. We’re not going to have sex again.” As soon as I said it, I thought, “Wait, was that MY voice? What the hell am I DOING?”

Her blue eyes grew dark, stormy. “Oh yes we are. I want you to fuck me. Right after school.”

The words I’d longed to hear since the eighth grade, and I answered by saying, in a trembling voice, “No, I…I won’t.”

“If you don’t, I’ll…”

And then a thought occurred to me, a wonderful, magical thought. Bridget Landau was in love with me! Just as I fell in love with Elaine because of our physical intimacy, Bridget just couldn’t bear to live without me. It made perfect sense. I felt my heart swell, I couldn’t help the broad smile than blossomed on my face. I’d won the heart of this beautiful, beautiful girl, the most beautiful girl in the world. I had a moment of sublime, perfect happiness, just a moment, and I knew it would be enough to brighten the rest of my days.

I gazed at her, that dopey smile on my face, and repeated the words from the conversation I’d had with Elaine the day before, with the roles reversed. I made my lips pronounce the words she’d said to me the day before. “I’m not going to tell you what you’re feeling. Only you know that.” I skipped the part about being flattered, since that was obvious. “I know you’re in love with me. As young as we are, sex and love can get really confusing. But, with time, I think that you and I could really…really…”

I can’t fully describe the expression that had come over Bridget’s face. I’d say it was a blend of incredulity and disgust, about an even mix, with a healthy dash of white-hot rage to spice things up. “You…you think I’m in LOVE with you?”

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Some Time in the Fall of 1963 – John Pt. 01

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She smeared her wet snatch right into my face, her juices running freely. The smell was intoxicating. She was my first girl friend, Claudia. I was eighteen and still a virgin. I was sort of loner in high school. The girls looked me over real good and I heard they thought I was cute. I guess I looked real cute and boyish.

She continued pushing twat into my face, making wet sloppy sounds as my lips and tongue sucked on by her aromatic wetness. She ground away, moaning.

My family was a disarray mess. My father a religious fanatic and my mother worse, they tried to get me to work as a Mormon Missionary. I told them I wasn’t interested. I didn’t like it and I didn’t like how I felt. I wanted something more. I bought a guitar and was learning to play it. One day I came home from school and it was gone. It was their way of discouraging me from leaving the path they had planned for me.

She now pushed it against me, rubbing it into my face as if she were mashing pie against it. It was literally sucking on my face, trying to eat me instead of me it.

In school, I was very small and frail. Initially students picked on me and bullied with vicious harassment. My father, who was once a gold gloves boxer, finally started teaching me how to fight when I was fourteen. I learned real slow. I was too small to begin with and his first few lesson resulted in me getting knocked flat. But though a slow learner I was, once I learned something I became very good at it.

Now she started ride my face, going up and down, kissing me with her hot and hungry twat.

It didn’t take long for me to drive off the bullies. Most of them were yellow to begin with because they were picking me, someone they felt safe trying to start a fight with. I now knew how to hit and how to take someone down who left themselves open, and that was most of them. Unfortunately, that got me into trouble. I was no longer picked on, but for a while, the school had me down as a trouble maker. Fortunately, it only took two guys getting seriously punched out for me to relax.

She was getting out of control and began to grind it again my nose and mouth, the smell was getting sweet and intoxicating.

In all, the best thing was I was no longer as shy as I had been. I asked out Claudia. The trouble was, she was a virgin and didn’t want to change the issue any time too soon. However she didn’t mind being eaten out. Thus, for several months and past graduation, I’d munched down on her pussy and ass asshole at least three dozen times. The problem with it was, and I was becoming extremely impatient with the issue, she didn’t reciprocate. Now matter how much I pleaded, she wouldn’t suck my cock. I would spend over an hour with my face in her crotch, sucking her clitoris and licking and tongue fucking both her cunt and anus, and then heading to bedroom as soon as I got home to beat off and cum all over the place.

She continued to fuck my face, my nose basically becoming a small cock as she ground away against it, and then I pushed my tongue up her anal way, and man was it good.

One day I went to her place and asked her to take walk in the park with me.

She now fucked harder and sharper and it squirted out in gusher, drenching my face and hair, even getting in my eyes. I was thoroughly face fucked.

We sat on park bench and necked and kissed. She said, “We can go do it by the creek. Would you like to.”

I pulled a condom out of my pocket and showed it to her. She opened her eyes wide and gave me a worried look. “I told you I wasn’t ready for that yet.”

“How’s is not time. You can’t get pregnant if I wear it.”

“You’re a virgin, too. I know that.”

I rolled my eyes and said, “Yeah, an eighteen year old virgin. Don’t you think it’s time we both did something about it? If not, the least you could do is… suck mine. It’s only fair.”

“A girl who does that is considered a whore. I don’t want a reputation like that.”

“I won’t tell anyone. You know I won’t.”

“No John, and that’s final.”

“It isn’t fair. I have to go down on your snatch every other day. I get all your juices in my mouth, including your ass, and I get nothing.”

“I thought you liked my taste. If you don’t, then don’t do it. You make it sound so dirty. A whore has a snatch. I have a vagina. Now, we can go down by the creek and put a blanket on the ground. No one will see us. I’ll slip off my panties and sit on your face. If anyone comes by, I’ll stand up and it will be just me standing with my skirt where it’s supposed to be and you lying on the blanket.”

“Or I can pull out my dick and put it in your snatch and we can fuck for the first time, and if someone comes-”

“You can forget about it. I changed my mind. Take me home.”

I took her home and dropped off. I was disgusted. I liked giving her head. It was hot. But I didn’t like the one way street our relationship had become.

After that night, it was over a week without görükle escort seeing her. Then to my shock, I got phone call from one of her girlfriends telling me Claudia wants to breakup. I didn’t care. I hung up the phone and spent the rest of the evening watching television with my parents. I was really into a new show call The Outer Limits, an episode called The Man Who Was Never Born. My parents didn’t like it. I thought it was great. I couldn’t take it anymore. I got up and took a walk.

I was ready to head in the house after taking out the trash when my neighbor across the road, a tall black haired guy named Nick, called me over to his porch. I was curious, why not.

“Hey, kid, come over here.” He was about thirty years old, and as I said, tall with dark curly hair, kind of like a statue of Apollo.

“What is it, Nick?” I said. “I was just taking out the garbage.

“Come on over, John.” He said while leaning out his screen door.

I was curious, why not. I crossed the street and he held the door open as I entered. He led me into his kitchen and told me to have a seat at the table.

“How have you been?”

“Not bad. My parents are kind of pushing me to get a job, now that I’m out of high school.”

“Come over here I’ve got something to show you.”

I went over to where he was sitting at the head of the table. He showed me coin he had found in his back yard and handed me a magnifying glass to check it out. It looked like a common ordinary coin to me. Then I felt a tug and heard my fly zipper. Before I knew it he had fished my cock out of my pants and had it in his mouth.

“Nick! what are doing! I tried to pull away, but his tongue and throat had my seven plus inches of cock fully hard and engulfed. He had the whole thing in his mouth and was swirling his tongue around the base and against my balls.

I couldn’t resist it. It was too good. Way too good. I realized I had my hands on his head, putting my fingers through his hair as his mouth continued to bob up and down on my super hard cock.

I knew I was quite feminine looking, more so than most teenagers my age. I looked soft and that was attracting him to me.

“Oh god,” I said, “Why are you doing this?”

He kept it deep in his throat, sucking like a vacuum. I continued to massage and run my fingers through his hair, now face fucking him.

I moaned and thrust my cock into my mouth and throat, soon picking up pace. I dug my hands into his curly hair, holding his head in place as I fucked his face. I couldn’t take it and began to shoot my stuff, spurting deep into his throat. He almost choked but then started swallowing. It was a large load. He took it all. While draining my dick I was lost in the moment, too lost, allowing him to unbuttoned my pants and unbuckled my belt, letting them drop to my ankles.

He began massaging my bare ass as he sucked me dry, my penis finally softening and dropping from his mouth.

“I can’t believe this,” I said, not realizing how vulnerable I was with my pants around my ankles.

H didn’t let up. He kept licking my balls, trying to bring me back. I tried to move but he had me trapped with those pants. Then he got to his knees and easily turned me around and before I could object his tongue was up my butt crack.

“Oh no,” I said, “this isn’t right.” He was in control. His tongue continued to snake its way up shit shoot, tongue fucking me into a raging hard on.

He kept doing it. He was cleaning my asshole with his tongue and I was trapped with a pair of pants around my ankles. But it felt great. I leaned my hands against the kitchen table, bending over to give him better access. His tongue began to fuck me more aggressively, with me moaning and breathing heavily as he dug it in. I fucked back at it, fucking myself on that live wet snake coming out of his mouth. It had me under. I was lost in the nether land of lust.

I felt the tongue pull away for a second and heard a drawer open. Then it was back up my wet hole, giving it a tongue fucking. I continued to fuck back and my dick began leaking onto the floor, and then spurting somewhere under the table. Wow, that felt good.

“Oh, wow,” I said, “I got off from that.” I was still leaning on the table, bent over slightly. I felt something cold and wet on my poop chute and something enter it, fingers. He began immediately working them in and out.

“Hey, don’t do that,” I protested. He moved the fingers in and out and back and forth. My breathing was getting heavier. “I don’t think this is right.”

“You like it don’t you. You liked the blowjob, and I know you liked the rimming.”

“But… oh, god.” Those fingers were hitting something in there, making me want them, “That feels good…but… I’m not a queer. This isn’t right, uh…”

“You want me to stop?” He moved the fingers in and out faster, massaging something inside me.

“I…uh, uh… don’t know.”

My ass bursa escort bayan made was slopping sounds from the stuff he put in it.

“What did you put, uh…uh… in my ass?”

“Just something to make my fingers go in and out more easily.”

He didn’t stop, working those fingers in and out like magic. In my trance, I felt him take off my shoes. He then rubbed by butt with one hand and finger fucked me with the other. I leaned over and put my elbows on the kitchen table. I felt my pant legs coming off. I had no pants on and those fingers continued to work their magic and I was bent over with my ass in the air to accommodate them.

Oh, then the fingers came out. Their absence left an empty feeling that had my ass crying for them back and then there was suddenly more wetness. He added more of the lubricant. Why would he need more?

“You’re about finished, aren’t you?” I said. “I got off already twice.”

Then without warning his head went in front of me and stuffed my semi hard cock into his mouth, once again throating my whole cock. I was lost in a world of lust and pleasure. I suddenly realized the fingers were back in my anal canal, going in and out, while at the same time he was blowing me. I was ready to bust off another series of cum shots and with those fingers doing their walking up my wet gooey asshole, it was really getting intense. And then he stopped and got up.

“Why did you stop?” I said in frustration. I was still leaning with my elbows on the table, half out of it, and with my ass bent over. Then I heard something lightly hit the floor.

I began to straighten up and said with groggy voice, “Are you going to finish blowing me?”

He pushed me forward. I was ready for more tongue fucking. And then I felt something large and warm pushing against my wet hole.

“You’re going to finger fuck me again?” I said. And then the pain and shock hit with his next big push. Something went into my ass and it was too big and hard to be fingers.

“OUCH, dam, what is that! GET IT OUT!” I tried to pull away but he had me pinned in front of the table.

“What did you put in me?” I was confused and scared. He had something up my ass. I think it was his dick but I couldn’t be sure, and then he pushed and I felt a lot more going into me. It hurt like hell. “OUCH, damn! what is that! GET IT OUT!

“Calm down, it’s only my cock. It won’t hurt for long. Just stay calm and relax.”

It started to go in and out. I tried to straighten up and turn around. “It hurts. I want it out. I’m not a queer. Why is this happening?”

He pushed me forward and told me to relax. I was pinned between him and the table. He was raping me. I was being fucked in the ass. A man was using me like woman.

“I’m not queer either. I got a woman upstairs that I fucked early before you got here. I’ll let you fuck her later.”

He kept slowly pulling it in and out, and I realized it was doing to me the same thing the fingers did, making me want it to continue. It hurt and felt good, dammit. I didn’t want to be a homo. I didn’t want to be a queer. But it was feeling good.

“How big, uh huh, uh, is that thing?”

“I’m not that big, just relax and go with it. It’ll start feeling real good very soon, believe me.”

“Uh, uh, uh, man you feel… big. If…uh, you’re, uh… not that big… I wouldn’t, uh, uh, ah, ooh, want a big one.” I realized I was fucking back at it now. I was enjoying this. This can’t be happening. I was enjoying sex with man. He was fucking me, dominating me.

For a cock that wasn’t big it seemed to go on forever. It felt like it was getting deeper and deeper in my poop chute. And it felt good. It felt fantastic, and I was calling for it.

“Ooooh, oh, oooo, ah,…huh, uh, huh…oooh…fuck me, uh, ooh, uh, fuck me hard, fuck me good… uh, huh, oooooh, god…AAAHAAAH, AH, HUH…”

It seemed to go deeper in spite of his claim it was small and then I felt pubic hair at my opening. He was all the way in now, going in and out with really long strokes. God it felt deep. I was gettin all of it.

“Fuck me, oh fuck, give me that dick, fuck me… OH GOD, this feels gooood. Oooh… fuck it, fuck it, oh baby fuck me, baby fuck me…”

“I told you it would, huh, feel good. Yuh like that dick in your ass, don’t you… huh?

“It feels great. I love it. FUCK ME. FUCK ME, FUCK ME, oh please fuck me. Give me that cock. It… feels… like… it’s… real… longgggg, like a snake in my body.”

“I’m pretty, huh, deep in yuh…I got a big one.”

“Huh, what, oooh, god that dick, fuck me, fuck it, oh shit it feelsss, sooooo gooood… huh, uh, uh. I thought you said you weren’t… uh, uh, too bigggg, oooh god, fuck me.”

“Baby, you got, huh, an eleven inch cock, huh, all the way in you, huh, oh, I’m about to pop soon.” I couldn’t believe what he just said. Nobody has an eleven inch cock. He was teasing me. He had to be.

“Eleven, bursa escort what, uh, uh…oooh fuck me. You’re lying. It, oooh, uh, uh, ain’t that big, is it? Uh, uh, uh…whoa, ooooh, ooooh, aaah… aaah…I’m cumming, I’m… uh, cumming.”

“So did I,” he said. He had his cock buried in me full hilt, still throbbing and no doubt giving me a big load of semen. He slowly pulled it out.

I stood leaning over the chair in a state of shock, my legs shaking, and cum dripping from my ass and running down my legs. I reached back and felt my hole. It was gapping and squishy loose.

“Don’t worry, it goes back to normal. It doesn’t take long. Since it was your first, you might be a little tiny bit sore, but I had it lubed so well it shouldn’t be too bad.”

I straitened up and turned and saw his cock. It was still hard. Still eleven inches or maybe a little more. He wasn’t lying. I was afraid it might have hurt me inside. But mostly I was afraid I become faggot, a queer.

“Oh my god, you fucked me. You fucked me with an eleven inch cock. I’m a homosexual now.”

I pulled up my pants and buckled my belt. Tears welled up in my eyes.

“You sonofabitch, Nick, I’m not a homo.”

I sat down at the table and broke into tears, crying like a little baby. I was devastated. I didn’t feel like a man any longer. What had happened made me feel like…like… like a female, a girl getting fucked by a guy.

“Putting something that big in someone,” I said, it could have hurt me. I could be injured inside.”

“Oh, I kinda forgot your name kid.”

“My name,” sniffle, “John.” He fucked my ass and didn’t even know my name. I was raped.

“Look, John.”

“I don’t want to be homo. I have girlfriend. We never did anything yet. I’m still a virgin.” I put my finger against my ass again to feel around and looked at my fingers. I was looking for blood. All I saw was sticky and wet fingers from a gooey asshole.

“I told you I got woman upstairs. You can go up there and fuck her right now if you want.”

“I Just got fucked… with and eleven inch penis. That makes me a queer.”

“No it doesn’t make you queer. Getting fucked in the ass once in a while is normal for anybody.”

I was distraught and totally confused as to what to do about it. “What kind of damage did it do me? It must have been in my colon. I felt some slight pain and discomfort, deep inside me.”

It won’t hurt you. And, Yeah, I was in you’re colon, first in the rectum and then the bowels and then the colon. The slight pain you felt was my cock head leaving your bowels and entering your colon. It stretches through a little. As long as I’m lubed real good, there’s no way it can hurt you. It just gives those inside a good massage, kind of turning them in a vagina of sort. And it doesn’t make you queer. You just got fucked, that’s all. Now you know what it’s like.”

He was right. I enjoyed it and obviously I wasn’t hurt by it.

“I’m scared,” I said, and I was. I didn’t want to be a homosexual.

“What for.”

“Because I liked it. That makes me a queer.” I sat at the table and pushed my fingers against my eyes, trying to suppress tears. But I had to be honest myself. My biggest fear was that I did like it, and I liked it a lot. “I shouldn’t have liked it,” I said. “I should be calling the police and charging you with rape.”

I hoped this would worry him. He sat staring at me in deep thought. If he tried anything, I’d wail into him fists flying. I felt like doing it anyway.

Then he said, “I hope the neighbors didn’t hear yah crying for help when I was raping you. What was it you were screaming, ‘fuck me, fuck me, fuck it, keep fucking it.’ Something like that, right, over and over again.”

I took a deep breath. He had me. In spite of my hatred for what he did, I did like it. I liked it and screamed like a queer slut for him to keep doing it.

“I guess I liked it. It’s so big. You lied. You told me it wasn’t.”

“I didn’t want you getting scared. The ass can accommodate some very large cocks, and I knew you could take it. But the size might have made you panic if you had known. It would have made you tighten yourself up and you’d being really sore right now if you’d done that.”

He still had cock out and was looking it over. I notice there was a streak of shit along the side of his dick. He went over to the sink and got a wet towel and wiped it off. Then he got me some wet paper towels and told me to wipe off my ass. I did and the towel showed some brown.

“Next time,” he said. “When you come by for another round, give yourself a good enema before hand, so it’s not so messy. It helps when things stay clean.”

“Enema? You mean you think I want you to do that to me again?” I was afraid he was right. Already I was thinking about how much it made me want more.

“All I’ll say is, anyone who’s ever had my eleven incher has come back for more. I don’t see any reason you won’t.”

“Well, I’m not. This was a one time thing. It felt good. I hate saying this, but it all felt good. But it was wrong. I’m not a homosexual.”

I was determined to resist these feeling. I didn’t want to be a queer. It was degrading, and degenerate.

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Society 1.2: Modernus Experiens

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“Ah, alone at last, my darling Mistress Elena,” Jacob teased flirtatiously once the last guest had left.

Elena laughed and waved toward her boys. “Not quite, my darling Master Jacob. There is this pretty little toy that I’m eager to train.”

“Yes, little Jason. Handsome choice. And a star. I’d like to check out his folder again, beloved.” Jacob thanked Siena with an absent fondle of her breast before flipping through the questionnaire.

“Come, pretty little toy. We will begin your training immediately. Master Jacob, do you care to walk and read?” Elena asked sweetly.

“Mm.” Master Jacob held out his arm to her with his eyes still glued to the pages.

Elena tucked her hand into the crook of his arm with a roll of her eyes. She began leading their little convoy through the back hallway toward the ballroom, and the entrance to her dungeon.

Jason crawled after his Mistress, his heart pounding and cock throbbing. The hallway seemed to go on forever. Nine open archways along the right side led to a huge, darkened ballroom. Shrouds covered a multitude of chairs, tables, and even three huge chandeliers. He was so astounded by the sheer size of the room that he almost ran into Mistress Elena’s heels when she stopped abruptly.

Snapping to attention, Jason peeked past her robe and felt a little jerk in his stomach. The wide carved set of double doors at the end of the hallway were the exact same doors that he had clicked on almost every day for the past three years.

They must have some sort of sensor, because they slowly opened on their own to reveal a wide, well-lit carpeted staircase leading down. Jason followed her down the stairs on automatic pilot.

When he got to the bottom steps he gaped in shock yet again. Mistress Elena’s dungeon was much larger than it looked in her videos. It had to run the entire length and width of the massive ballroom above.

There were stations set up along the walls from one end to the other. Punishment benches, padded tables, swings, one huge cross and two framed impaler towers were all set strategically around the room. Elegant but practical work benches held trays and a multitude of drawers at each station. He’d seen all of the training furniture, of course, but had assumed that they were all in the same small velvet-lined room, just reset and shot at a different angle.

But no, they were each individually set up. The two huge showers were real, too. They took pride of place in the middle of one wall. But what really surprised him were the areas that were never shown on any video. Near each station there was a setting of two or three chairs with a drink table and oversized pillows on the floor, presumably for the comfort of favored toys, slaves, or subs. Small, intimate audiences.

The entire far wall, however, was obviously set up for the comfort of a much larger audience. Armchairs and drink tables cozied up to five fireplaces with warm area rugs over the rose-veined marble. A long bar offered every type of liquor known to man, and every shaped glass to serve it in. The cushions on the floor were oversized, and would easily hold two friendly toys each.

Calculating quickly, Jason figured that there had to be room for at least fifty audience members just in that area alone. His eyes darted to the throne-like chair closest to the bar and the middle fireplace. That would be Mistress Elena’s chair. He could almost see her there now. Surrounded by the Council, and their favorite playthings. They would all be there to watch him perform.

That thought shook him. The fantasies that he’d entertained about being Mistress Elena’s toy had mostly been private sessions. Training sessions. He desperately wanted to be trained by her. But he hadn’t really considered what would happen if he became a perfect toy, and was expected to perform in front of an audience.

But this was real. Mistress Elena had expectations. And, frankly, financial obligations. No matter how inherently wealthy she may be, this setup was fucking expensive. Not only the furnishings and the implements, but the cameras everywhere.

Jason had no doubt now that The Society was real, and he also knew that their website had to be a huge cash cow. There were months when he’d struggled to pay his membership dues. And he’d never even contemplated using the live feeds. First of all, Mistress Elena never did live feeds, and second of all, his credit card would have laughed its ass off if he tried.

He’d seen videos from every one of those cameras. Now it would be his ass high up in the air for Mistress Elena.

Elena watched Jason take in his surroundings while the rest of the company descended the stairs. She found it very interesting that his eyes were darting to the comforts on the far wall and the cameras mounted throughout. Most little ones were very eager to be used, and hardly noticed anything other than the training furniture on their first evening in The Society.

“I am certain that you are somewhat familiar with the görükle escort amenities, little one. Mount a punishment bench.” While Jason scurried to do her bidding, Elena turned to Siena. “Beloved sub Siena, if you would be so kind as to do the honors?”

“Yes, beloved Mistress Elena,” Siena agreed obediently. She was as at home in Mistress Elena’s dungeon as her Master Jacob’s, and often acted as her sub during training sessions. Fetching the tray of lubricants and fluffy hand towels from the closest workbench, she stood next to her Master and listened to him making thoughtful noises as he read Jason’s questionnaire.

Jason settled onto the punishment bench. It was surprisingly comfortable. His knees and chest sank into thick leather-covered cushioning. More cushions covered the supporting bars that spread his legs wide. The exposed position immediately made him as hard as a rock. He stuck his ass up high in the air to make up for his lack of control over his cock.

“You watched me for years, little one, through those cameras. They record you now. If you do very well, then the videos may be posted on the website. But even if they are not, I will always be watching. You will be expected to service the guests of my House. Starting now. Master Jacob, how would you like to take this virgin ass?”

Jacob finally set aside the file on a workbench and approached. “I suppose it depends on exactly how virginal that ass is,” Jacob said thoughtfully. He eyed the gorgeous man holding perfect Position on the bench without being strapped into place.

Elena and Jacob both accepted lubricant from Siena and rounded Jason, chatting idly.

“You may wish to have Erik guide him in a weight-lifting routine, darling,” Jacob suggested. Running his fingers over the sleek muscles of Jason’s back, he admired the sheer width.

“I’m sure you’re right, Master Jacob. He has fine definition, but I get the impression it’s more from youth than exersize.”

Jason tried to calm the incredible shaking as Mistress Elena slid her hand along his torso like a child playing with a fence while she walked past. He knew his cock was raging hard, but that was a lost cause, at least tonight. Focusing instead on not coming, he tried to ignore the small slaps on his ass and cock.

“Not exactly a baby, but young enough to train properly. Are you thinking he might be a slut?” Jacob fished. His dear friend obviously had something special planned for the boy, but she’d been very tight-lipped about the whole thing.

“Mmm… Maybe. I’m hoping for at least a perfect anal slut toy out of this one. He definitely wants to be fucked. Don’t you, little one?” Elena refused to divulge her ultimate plans, even to beloved Master Jacob.

Swallowing hard, Jason mumbled his agreement against his leash. God, yes, he wanted to be fucked. By her. But he knew he was going to be fucked by everyone else who wanted him first. Erik and Master Jacob. They both had huge cocks. He desperately hoped that they’d be gentle. But not too gentle.

“Very pretty ass, Mistress Elena. Turned up in the air perfectly. He has been studying, hasn’t he?” Jacob wondered about the early diagnosis of anal slut, though. It was one thing to want it. It was quite another thing to be able to take it. On the other hand, one had to want it to be able to take it, he supposed.

“Yes, he has. The Positions are all perfect. But that leaky cock… I’ll have to do something about that sooner or later,” Elena said with a moue of disappointment.

“Far be it from me to instruct, but it is the poor dear’s first night in The Society. I always let my little ones come as many times as they can on their first night,” Jacob reminded her mildly.

“Yes, of course you’re right. But I’d be very pleased if he could hold out for a little while. Maybe a nice treat to suck on will help him take his mind off of things. Erik, dear, please come fuck this little one’s mouth,” Elena instructed.

“Yes, Mistress.” Erik jumped to his feet and approached Jason eagerly. Pulling his hair back lightly, he began to slide his cock into Jason’s open mouth.

Jason barely had time to blink in surprise before he was invaded. Groaning at the incredible taste and texture, Jason slurped and sucked eagerly. He ran his tongue across the satiny flesh, savoring his first cock. When Erik tried to push deeper, Jason convulsed as his gagging reflex kicking in. He cursed himself and tried again, with the same results.

“Not yet, dear slave Erik. Very disappointing, of course, but we’ll train him how to deepthroat tomorrow. Just act like he’s your first boyfriend. The eager one who had no idea what to do,” Elena teased.

Erik hid his chuckle at that dead-on assessment of his first boyfriend. “Yes, Mistress.” He backed off a bit, and let Jason practice on developing his skills.

“Hold your ass cheeks open, little one.”

Mistress Elena’s calm voice distracted Jason from the cock in his mouth. He reached back and pulled his ass cheeks bursa escort bayan as wide as he could. Sticking his ass up further, he refocused on his oral duties, to Erik’s quiet delight.

Erik was well aware that this was a test for him, as well. Mistress Elena had said she wanted him back when Jason was fully trained. She’d said she thought he could be invaluable. He figured the premier Mistress of The Society was ready to set up a proper House, and had already tapped the kid to mold into her perfect sub. A sub meant slaves. Slaves were invaluable.

Putting two and two together, Erik was pretty damn sure that if he could help train the kid up a bit, he’d be brought back into the House as a favored, perfect toy and rise through the ranks fast. Focusing on Jason’s mouth on his cock, he looked down and hid his fond smile. Mistress Elena had chosen the right guy. Jason was eager, and would take training well.

Jason groaned on Erik’s cock as Mistress Elena slid two lubed fingers into his ass. His memories of her training videos were like echoes in his mind as she said the same words to him that she’d said to countless others.

“Push against it, little one.” Her calm encouragement mesmerized him, sending him into a trance.

Elena raised an eyebrow in surprise when Jason responded before she’d even finished her sentence. It was like he’d done it a thousand times before. Shooting Jacob a quick, triumphant smile, she slid a third finger into Jason’s ass.

Her pretty little boy reacted beautifully. Moaning on Erik’s cock, Jason rearranged his hands and spread his ass cheeks wider in invitation. He arched his back; not in pain, but in exquisite pleasure. Or something deliciously in-between.

“Beloved sub Siena, if you could gather a training set of butt plugs. No weights, just stretchers.”

“Yes, beloved Mistress Elena.” Siena quickly pulled together a tray of plugs and presented them to Mistress Elena with downturned eyes.

“Thank you, dear. We’ll start with the number two, I think.” Elena regretfully pulled her fingers from Jason’s ass and favored him with a hard slap to his ass cheeks.

While she lubed up a plug, she eyed Erik, who seemed to be very happy to be suckled on. “Like a babe on a teat?” Elena teased.

Erik couldn’t quite hide his chuckle that time. He peeked through lowered eyes at her and nodded. “Yes, beloved Mistress Elena. He’s very loving and tender. Tongue is always moving, stroking. Swallowing,” Erik hinted subtly.

“Mm… well, let’s see how he does, shall we?” Elena shrugged vaguely. She was much more interested in the hole in front of her than the one that was in front of Erik.

Jason quivered as Mistress Elena began working the butt plug into his ass. Pushing back against the invasion, he breathed deeply and accepted the mild pain, letting it flow through him. He mumbled his thanks against Erik’s cock. A full mouth was no excuse for not showing his gratitude at her generosity.

Elena smiled and pet Jason’s ass fondly. “That was easy, wasn’t it? Maybe you’re ready for a number three already?” She pondered his hole, jiggling the plug lightly and pulling the bulb in and out against his tight sphincter.

Jason mumbled his agreement against Erik’s cock, nodding his head frantically for a second before settling back into perfect Position, cheeks spread wide open.

Chuckling, Elena pulled out the plug and hummed as she looked over her options. Perhaps… she shot a sidelong glance at Jason, considering his eager shaking. Picking up a number four, she began to lube it while twisting her lips thoughtfully. Her eyes were locked on that almost-virgin asshole winking at her.

“I would dearly love to offer my beloved Master Jacob a tasty little treat. He is very fond of almost-virgin asses. Not too tight, you understand. Master Jacob’s cock is four inches around, and nine inches long. That means going very deep. And very wide. Are you prepared to learn how to take beloved Master Jacob’s cock?”

Jason swallowed hard before he agreed obediently. He could do this. True, he’d never done it. But he’d never taken a deep enema, either. Or any of the other amazing things Mistress Elena would want to do to his holes.

But he’d watched it. He’d watched every second of training footage from her dungeon. He knew that if those toys on the screen could do it, then so could he. Every night for more than three years he’d dreamed of her training him. Somehow, he’d stumbled into this incredible fantasy world, and he wasn’t about to burst the bubble. He’d find a way to take Master Jacob’s cock tonight, on his first night in The Society.

Elena watched Jason tense at the new command, then struggle to relax. “Very good, little one. Don’t fight it. Accept your gift,” she urged. Sliding the tip of the plug into place, she began to work it against his tight sphincter expertly.

Jason focused again on Erik, and the cock in his mouth. Slurping against it, he swallowed and tried to push bursa escort past the reflex again. Of course he was thwarted, and his spasming ass forced the plug back against his Mistress’s hand. That earned him a hard slap on the ass, and a quick twist of his balls.

“Pay attention, toy. Relax your asshole. You’ll have Erik’s cock down your throat soon enough. First you’ll service Master Jacob,” Elena reminded her boy severely.

Jason flushed and nodded, mumbling his agreement. When Mistress Elena let go of his balls with a relatively light slap, Jason was grateful to have gotten off with such a light punishment. But the plug in his ass that had been gently working him open was abruptly shoved deep into his hole, and he realized that his punishment wasn’t over.

Arching his back, Jason was torn between screaming and coming. Mistress Elena was relentless. She rammed the plug in and out while he struggled to hold Position. The bulb stretched and re-stretched his tight hole over and over. He fought the need to pull away from the abuse, and pushed back against it instead. Reminding himself that he deserved his punishment, Jason finally forced his body into accepting the pain as its due.

“Thank you, thank you, beloved Mistress Elena.” His words were completely muffled by Erik’s cock, but Elena knew exactly what he was saying.

The huge plug was shoved incredibly deep one last time, and stayed. Jason sobbed with relief on Erik’s cock and blinked the tears out of his eyes, gasping for slobbery breaths.

“While I am not necessarily displeased by your wish to advance your training, little one, you must remember to accept what I give you, not take what you want. Has that lesson been learned?” Elena asked sweetly.

Moaning in pain, Jason nodded his agreement. He began trying to lick up the worst of the slobber on Erik’s cock, keeping his ass spread wide for his Mistress.

“You took your punishment very well. So well, in fact, that I think we can skip a few steps. Master Jacob, do you think you can work you way into this hole?”

“Hm. Probably. But I’d rather not make him actually scream, of course.”

“Of course not. Sensitive ears. I understand. Are you paying attention, little one? No screaming. Master Jacob prefers small squeals of pain. Personally, I’m fond of gags. Dear Erik, you do make an excellent gag,” Elena noted with a warm smile for the toy that she had very high hopes for as well.

“Yes, Mistress,” both toys agreed.

Jason focused on what small squeals of pain sounded like.

Erik, on the other hand, tried to hide his grin. Dear Erik. She’d called him Dear Erik. That was the slave honorific.

Jacob picked up the deep lube applicator off the tray and handed it to Elena with a grin. “You know what Master John would say,” he teased.

“Lube, lube, and more lube,” Elena agreed with a nod.

Sliding the plug out slowly, she allowed Jason to adjust to the movement and stretching. She set it aside, and carefully inspected his stretched, red sphincter. It was quickly tightening, and she slapped his ass casually.

No, you’re nicely stretched. Don’t tense up. We’re going to stretch out your inner sphincter a bit more. Master Jacob is very long, little one. The lube will help. Sorry, no Anal-eaze. It’s all edible for come-sucking,” Elena informed him idly as she slid the probe in.

Jason wasn’t even sure what Anal-eaze was, but his mind whirled at the thought of Erik eating come out of his ass. Master Jacob’s come. No, that wouldn’t happen, would it? Master Jacob only came in his beloved Siena.

The probe in his hole was thin, but long, and Mistress Elena continued to feed more into his ass until he winced slightly at a deep jab of pain.

“Just like the enema, little one. Find a way to take it deep. Wiggle your ass.”

He honestly couldn’t tell if it was her, or the videos instructing him. Jason automatically relaxed, and pushed back until he found the angle that didn’t hurt. The probe finally slid deep. Groaning at that incredible pleasure and pain, he wondered how much more intense it would be if the probe was four inches wide.

Jacob tossed back the remnants of his snifter of cognac while Elena lubed up the new toy. He was very interested to see if the little one showed any anal slut tendencies. The boy had performed very prettily so far, but it was a long jump from one to the other.

Standing, he approached as Elena finished pulling out the lube probe. She squirted a large dab on the little one’s hole before backing off. Jacob took a bottle of lube from Siena and opened his robe. His cock sprang to attention.

Elena watched her dear friend spread more lubricant over his cock while she set aside the probe and wiped her hands on a towel. “I do hope you enjoy, Master Jacob,” she urged with a fond smile.

“I’m sure I will. Very pretty, as I’ve said. But anal slut? I suppose we’ll see,” Jacob shrugged before stepping into place between Jason’s legs.

Desperately trying to ignore the throbbing between his thighs, Jason accepted the slow invasion of Master Jacob’s huge cock. Anal slut. The title rang in his ears. It was reserved for the perfect toys that could take any size cock, and still hold up a four pound weight on a number one butt plug.

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