It Started with a Garage Sale

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The idea started when we were at a huge garage sale in a neighboring town. As soon as I saw the box I knew that it had a lot of potential and that I had to buy it no matter what the price. As I dragged it up the the woman who was running the sale Sam stopped me and asked me what I’d found. I showed her the box and started to pull out the pieces of leather, the belts, snaps, dog collars, and show them to her.

She rolled her eyes and asked what did I think I was going to do with this stuff, but I think she already knew, when I just said that I had ideas. When it was out turn to check out I was surprised to find that they only wanted $10 for the whole box full, and it I wanted some of the tools that were for leather working it would only be another $10 for those as well. I said sure and already knew that this would be the best $20 that I would ever spend.

We spent the rest of the morning checking out other garage sales, but my mind was occupied with the possibilities of using the leather belts and things that I had bought.

We got back home around 2 pm and while Sam was busy sorting though some of the things she’d bought I quietly went down to my work shop and started to sort through the leather pieces.

Time passed quickly and when Sam called me for supper I had no idea that 4 hours had already passed. While we ate our meal she asked me if I was having fun, and what was I inventing now? She had a twinkle in her eye when she asked me that and I’m sure she realized that I was putting together something that would be used in our sex play.

About 8pm that evening I told her that I’d gotten something ready, and suggested that she take a nice hot bath a relax for awhile. As soon as she was finished I hopped into the shower and then met her in the bedroom. She looked at me and asked me if I had something ready to show her yet, and asked about what had I put together. I then asked her if she was ready to try it out without any questions and with a little laugh she nodded her head.

I quickly ran down to the basement and brought up a several pieces of leather that had rings and clips attached to them. I asked her to stand and placed a wide belt around her waist and buckled it in the back. I then took the two smaller pieces and buckled them around each wrist. They reminded me of the 70’s style wide leather watch bands that used to be popular back then, but instead of holding a watch these had a metal ring attached to them.

The belt had a clip, like a dog chain clip on each side so that when I clipped her wrist bands to the clip her hands we held at her waist with her elbows behind her. This position helped to arch her back a bit and left her little tits proudly sticking out as if they were asking to be seen and used by whoever might be in front of her.

I then took another length out and buckled it around her neck much like a dog collar would fit. She thought this was pretty funny and even barked and growled at me a couple of times. Since she was playing along with the “pet dog” theme I clipped on a leash and walked her around the bedroom a couple of times.

By then she tried to reach the clips on her waist but because of their position she couldn’t reach either of the clips and couldn’t reach across her body to unfasten them either. There was no way she could slide the belt around and it would have been impossible for her to reach the buckle in the back. I was satisfied that the “belt” I had created for her was a perfect fit.

I wanted to try out my creation a bit so I picked up the lease and with a little pull she followed me out of the bedroom and down the stairs to the living room. We went slow so she wouldn’t trip, but she could hold on to the railing a bit as we walked down the steps. When we were in the living room I just walked to the front door and after I switched off the security light brought her outside.

She hadn’t said a word until then, but as she stopped on the front steps she said she didn’t want he neighbors to see her naked in the front yard. I asked her for a quick lap around the house and she said ok. We moved quietly in the dark and although the neighbors lights were on they didn’t see us. I walked her into the garage and helped her get into the front seat of our car. She still wasn’t sure what was going on, but as I buckled her in I also told her I was going to get the keys.

She was pretty helpless sitting in the seat as she couldn’t reach the button to unfasten her seat belt, so she waited until I came back. I asked her where she would like to go so people could see her naked. She only said somewhere that I don’t know anyone. I asked if she wanted a blanket or anything and although I think she really wanted to cover up she shook her head no. She was getting turned on by the xslot thought of this adventure and by not having a blanket to cover up with she would be forced into exposing herself to others.

We drove around for what seemed like both hours and seconds, but in reality was only about 20 minutes. I did enjoy driving along the freeway and when I would pull along side a semi or pick up truck I would turn on the map reading light on her side of the car and expose her nakedness. By the time we turned around and started towards home Sam was squirming in her seat and looked like she was ready to explode. I certainly felt the same way but left the map light on all the way back home.

When we got back into the house I unsnapped one of her wrists so she could take care of her seat belt and get out of the car and into the house. When we got up to the bedroom she asked if I would reattach her wrist again as she was kind of enjoying the feeling of not being able to control things and wanted to finish off the evening the war it had started.

After hooking her up again I spent a few minutes caressing her, rubbing her body and playing with her tits. She looked frustrated by not being able to return any of the caresses but when I asked she still wanted to stay hooked up to the belt. Eventually I pushed her onto her back and started to kiss and lick her body from her lips, taking extra time with her little tits and down to her pussy.

She was so turned on by now that it didn’t take more that a few seconds and she was having an orgasm. I knew that she has been turned on by being shown off while on our ride, but I hadn’t realized how excited she really was.

After she settled down a bit I helped her sit up and then move to the floor. All I had to say was “your turn” and she quickly sucked my cock into her mouth. Previously when she’d given me blow jobs she’s always used one hand as well, but this time her hands were held down so she could only use her mouth. She did her best, but I almost felt like she was fucking me with her mouth instead of sucking me off.

Just as I was ready to cum I pulled out and sprayed her face with my cum. This isn’t something new, but this was the first time she couldn’t direct it to the side with her hands, or get up and wipe it off right away. Although she tried to catch most of it with her mouth a good amount covered her face and dripped onto her little tits.

At this time I just let her sit in front of me enjoying the feeling of having used my wife as I wanted to, and the fact that she enjoyed too it was all the better. The cum was starting to dry by now so I helped her up and unfastened her collar and her belt. I took off the rest of her clips and leather and she went into the bathroom to clean up. I tossed the belt into the corner with the thought I’d deal with it tomorrow.

After we snuggled up in bed and had kissed and hugged goodnight she asked me when I was going to use the belt again. I thought maybe she wouldn’t allow me to use it again so I asked her when would she like to use it again. I barely heard her, and made her repeat her response which was “soon.”

As often happens with great ideas and plans life gets in the way. I had fully intended to take out the belt and use it on Sam in the next few days, even if it was just around the house. But a few weeks went by instead. On a Friday before work I asked her she’d like to wear her belt tonight and she responded by telling me that she’s been waiting for me to ask. I called her from work and told her that I’d be home early so we could get an early start to our evening or fun.

I was trying to tease her a little, and to see what she might be up for that night, and to my surprise she indicated that she wanted to do more than last time. She told me to hurry home as as when she gets her belt on she feels like she’s being put on display and enjoys the submission that goes with it. She said she wants to be shown off and wants to be used in ways that she hasn’t allowed before. Needless to say I cut the rest of my work day really short.

I called Sam on my way home and she said she was going to bathe to be ready when I arrived. I was closer to home that she thought and as I went up to the bathroom she was still soaking in the tub. After some kisses and caresses I helped her shave her pussy nice and bare. When she got out of the tub I went into the bedroom and picked up the belt and brought it to her.

She turned her back to me as I slipped it around her waist and buckled the back. She was ready to be hooked up as I buckled the wrist bands and hooked them to her waist. I fastened the collar around her neck and then we went down the stairs. Since it was late afternoon I think she though I was once again going to lead her outside xslot Giriş and around the house. But instead I brought her to the front door and after wrapping the leash around the railing clipped it onto her collar.

She was now fastened to the railing right inside the front door. I left her there for a few minutes and I went to the basement and came back with another piece of leather. Unlike the heavy leather belt this was very soft and I had cut two holes in it so that it could serve as a mask to hide her identity a bit. I slipped it on and tied it in the back. She asked me what it was for, and I told her I didn’t want anyone to recognize her somewhere else.

We discussed what we should do next, and what we might do that evening. She was very reluctant to offer suggestions so I finally asked her if she was willing to have sex with other guys. Of course I was disappointed she said no, but she did agree to let me show her off as much as I wanted, and she finally said that I could let some men touch her if I wanted.

That started a discussion about how could we do that and still be safe enough so it wouldn’t get out of hand. I finally suggested that the only was for me to keep it safe was to have it happen here in the house, but she didn’t like that idea. I finally told her that I had a plan and after a moment of looking through the phone book ordered a pizza for delivery from a place that we had never used before.

As Sam listened to my phone conversation she didn’t believe me at first. But then she she also heard me call for a Chinese food delivery she knew I was serious about what was going to happen. All in all I called about a dozen places, but only 5 of them said that they delivered to our neighborhood. The delivery times were spread out over the next 2 hours so I thought that our evening would be quite filled with activity.

I told her that at least 5 different people would be bringing us food in the next two hours and it was my desire to show her naked body to all of them. I asked her if she wanted them to touch her too and she quietly said yes.

Within minutes our first delivery arrived and Sam was standing at the door nude the money clutched tightly in her hand. She opened the door wide with her left hand and asked the driver to come in. Although I couldn’t see him I could tell he must have been shocked as I heard Sam respond “yes, I’m all right” and would you like to come in. He finally came in the door holding the pizza in front of himself like it was being used to keep space between himself and my naked wife.

Sam waved the money at him and he finally noticed her trying to hand him the payment for the pizza. About the same time I walked over to take the food from him and he got even more afraid of what was going on. I asked him if he liked the “tip” we were showing off to him and he muttered something I couldn’t quite hear. I asked him if he’d like to touch her and I did get a clear yes this time. He quickly ran his hands over her body and eventually found his way to her freshly shaved pussy. He lingered there for a little while and then grabbed his change and turned around and left.

By then Sam was starting to laugh at his nervousness and she made some wise cracks about my scaring him off. She also said she had to use the bathroom and if I didn’t let her loose she’s make a mess right there. I wasn’t sure if she’d come back of not, but almost a quickly as I unhooked her she was back waiting for me to hook her up again. I asked her if she was having fun yet and she replied that she came back didn’t she.

It wasn’t long before the next order arrived and the delivery played out almost exactly as the first one had. However, this guy spent a couple more minutes playing with her body and didn’t seem as anxious to get back to work. I could tell that Sam was really getting turned on and I think that if he would have kept rubbing her pussy for another minute or two that she would have orgasmed.

I kissed her and caressed her to make sure that she was staying in a very aroused state. I also kept giving her a drink of red wine now and then which helped to loosen her up a bit. As we heard the next car pull into the driveway I was surprised to hear Sam say “I want to do more this time.” I didn’t have time to ask “what more” before the doorbell rang and Sam had the door open and the delivery guy was already in the house. She took the food from him and quickly set it down on the floor and told him that she was the tip if he’d like to feel her up for awhile. He looked at me and after I gave him the go ahead and he immediately grabbed Sam by the tits and pulled her towards him.

He looked like either he hadn’t had much chance to play with a women’s breasts before, or he just liked to be xslot Güncel Giriş a bit rough as he seemed to be mauling her little tits. He was literally sucking on them and chewing on them as he squeezed and pinched her nipples. When he tried to back away Sam had a hold of his belt and was busy getting his pants pulled down around his knees. Although she was somewhat restricted by the belt she managed to get his cock out and was stroking it the best she could as he continued his assault on her tits.

It didn’t take long for him and with quick jerk, and a bite on her left breast, he started to cum. His first spurt of cum managed to spray across both of Sam’s thighs but the rest of it just trickled onto the floor or onto this pants. He seemed really embarrassed then and quickly pulled up his pants and without even taking any money with him he bolted out of the door and back to his car.

As he was running back to the car Sam said “that was fun” and laughed when I told her he didn’t even take the money for the food. She thought that a hand job was pretty easy payment for what we’d ordered. We talked about if she should clean up or not, but when it came down to it she was playing the slut and as a slut she could stay dirty.

I asked her if she was ready to fuck the next guy and although I expected a huge argument to my surprise said yes.

I went to the bedroom and brought back a box of condoms just as the next car pulled in. Once again Sam eagerly met the delivery guy and the door and asked him to come in. He looked very nervous as he looked at me, and the belt and collar that kept Sam in place but he couldn’t keep his eyes off of Sam’s naked body. I told him that everything was cool and don’t worry about a thing.

It was then that Sam surprised me by telling him that she was supposed to pay him for the food, but she didn’t have any money. He just kept staring at her and after seeing the box of condoms got a big grin on his face and nodded. By now Sam was busy undoing the guys belt and when the sound of her taking down his zipper happened I knew that she was ready to get fucked by anyone that walked in the door. She wanked his cock a couple of times but he was already stiff as he could get. She handed him a condom and he quickly rolled it down his cock.

Without wasting anymore time Sam turned around and leaned over the railing as she presented her ass to him so they could do it doggy style. This was about all the movement Sam had with the belt and even then had to hold on so she didn’t lose her balance and fall over.

With one quick motion our delivery guy shoved his cock into Sam’s shaved pussy. It was obvious that she was very excited since with the very first thrust her pussy was making wet sloppy sounds. I’ll give this guy credit, although he’d only been in the house a minute we was ready to go and he was managing to last long enough that I knew Sam was getting something out of it at well.

Just as he started to grab her hips and pound even harder the front door opened. This was the last delivery of food that I’d ordered. In Sam’s haste to get the previous guy into the house and get his cock into her she’d forgotten to close the front door. The last guy walked in and without saying a word started to take off his pants. He dropped his pants on the floor and walked around to Sam’s face and offered his cock to her mouth. I wasn’t sure what she would do, but without any hesitation she opened up and allowed him into her mouth. He had could tell she wasn’t going to help out much due to being belted in place so he grabbed handful of hair on the back of her head and started to fuck her mouth. The guy who had just finished fucking her pussy watched as our latest delivery fucked her throat like it was a cunt.

Since Sam was bent over at the waist and was facing her newest sex partner all she had to do was tilt her head up and he had a clear passage for his cock to go as far down her throat as he could push it. Sam gagged several times as he pushed every bit he had into her mouth but she took all he had. After several more moments he also couldn’t take any more and with a last hard thrust tried to get every drop of cum down her throat. Sam tried to swallow it all, but as he kept his cock shoved deep into her mouth she gagged and coughed cum up through her nose.

After everyone calmed down a bit both of the delivery guys offered to stay around awhile but I told them we were done. As they drove away I unhooked Sam and took off her belt and leash. We had several days worth of food sitting on the counter and she said she was starving and wanted to eat. She asked if she was still my slut, and I of course said yes, to which she said then she wouldn’t wash up yet since she was still a whore.

As we sampled some of the food we discussed the events of the night. She finally admitted that if we do this again she’d like to have sex with all of the delivery guys, and not just one or two. I assured her that I could arrange that, and even more if she’s willing.

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