The Ballad of Barry

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Part 1 – The young man

Barry was in his early fifties. He stood about 6ft-1, and weighed nearly 300 pounds. He had brown hair going to gray, and green eyes. In his youth, he’d been considered handsome.

Barry was also very lonely. He was struggling to cope after the loss of his wife nearly five years ago. His wife of 25 years was a companion he sorely missed, both sexually and mentally. She was very open to his needs and willing to experiment. She’d even bought him a subscription to Playboy a couple of years and watched him as he was turned on by the beautiful models.

After her death, Barry hired an older woman, Consuela, come clean and cook for him. She was short, round, with ponderous breasts, and mischievous grin. She also knew he was staring at her large breasts. She was also widowed.

She caught him looking through an old Playboy, stroking himself. Barry was very embarrassed when he saw her grinning. She removed her dress and underwear and stood before him. Her breasts had saucer sized aureoles with nice big nipples. She saw the lust in his eyes.

“Let me help you with that,” she said, looking at his stiff, six inch cock.

She expertly sucked him off, then stood over him, her breasts nearly hitting his face. Barry pulled one to his mouth and sucked eliciting moans from Consuela. After that, one day a week, she would clean his house naked and let him play with her breasts before sucking him off.

Consuela cleaned for Barry about a year, then informed him she was moving away to be near her grandchildren. She offered to stay the weekend and let Barry use her anyway he wanted. Barry fucked and ate her several times. She sucked him and fed him her breasts.

After that weekend, Barry was alone again.


Barry would occasionally sneak off to an adult bookstore when his wife still lived. He suspected she knew, but never said anything to him about it. She didn’t care to suck cock and would do it, but not very enthusiastically. He found he often received fantastic blow jobs when he stuck his cock through the glory hole.

After Consuela moved, he returned to the glory holes, often several times a week. Some days, he’d spend a whole afternoon hoping to get sucked.

One afternoon, he was approached by a young man before he entered the booth. The man was nice looking and a little on the short side.

“I see you here, quite often,’ he said. “I’ve even sucked you a few times.”

He then added, “I really love sucking cock. I wondered….would you mind if I came into the booth with you and sucked you? I will pay for the movies and you could sit and watch them while I sucked your cock.”

Barry shrugged, then motioned him in. he dropped his pants, sat on the edge of the bench and spread his legs. The young man handed him twenty to put in the slot. $10 would buy thirty minutes. The young man handed him another twenty. That would be nearly two hours!

He looked at Barry and said, “I hope you don’t mind. You can leave at any time, but I hope you’ll stay.”

He then stripped and knelt taking Barry’s cock into his mouth. Barry came very quickly. The young man took him all the way in and licked Barry’s balls. He stopped for a minute and looked up.

“Whenever you come, grab my head and pull me tight against you, forcing me to swallow. Then I’ll start all over again!’ he said, then resumed bobbing up and down on his cock again.

Over the course of the next two hours, the young man’s mouth rarely left Barry’s cock. His tongue would lick Barry’s balls every time he came.

Barry needed to go pee, but the young man said to pee in his mouth and he swallowed it all!

The time had run out and the young man was still sucking. The door opened and another man stuck his head in, watching a couple of moments then leaving.

“I’m out of money,” the young man said sheepishly.

Barry pulled a ten out of his pocket and the young man smiled. Barry came several times the previous two hours, but was spent. The young man had no problem sucking on Barry’s now limp cock. By the end of the third hour, he’d managed to make Barry come one last time, then left.

The next evening Barry sat back in his easy chair and stroked his cock. He played with a nipple as he relived the previous day’s encounter. He remembered the young man, smooth, pale skin, the flare of his hips. Hips that begged to be gripped tightly as a cock was driven up his ass. Barry hesitated, uncomfortable with the idea of fucking another man.

That night he tossed and turned, wondering and fantasizing about the young man. The next morning he woke to find his crotch and sheets covered in cum. Embarrassed, he cleaned up and resolved never to think of the man again, even to the point of watching porn only at his computer. But each time, he found himself drawn to the gay porn sites.

Barry decided to return to the arcade and approach the young man if he encountered him again. He was prepared for rejection, but he had to try. He stood around, checking out various DVDs olgun porno when he heard a familiar voice behind him.

“I haven’t seen you in a while,” the young man said. “How have you been?”

After a little small talk, Barry asked if he would like to suck him again. The young man smiled and followed him to the booth. Barry put twenty in the slot and the young man stripped again. Barry let him suck him a few minutes, then stopped him.

“You have a beautiful bottom,” Barry commented. “I’ve fantasized fucking you.”

The young man grinned and, “That would be nice, just not in here. We can rent a private viewing room here for a couple of hours for $50 bucks. It has a nice couch and cushions. I only ask you let me suck you after you fuck me.”

Barry agreed and let the young man make the arrangements and pick the movies. The young man undressed and stood naked, encouraging Barry to strip. Barry was very self-conscious, being as heavy as he was, but the young man only smiled and ran his hands along Barry’s chest.

The young man knelt and took Barry into his mouth, sucking only long enough to make him hard. He took some lube he’d bought and coated Barry’s turgid member. He turned around and spread his cheeks, offering his asshole. Barry lined up his cock and pushed it in. He slid in easily, going all the way in.

“Yes! You feel good inside me!” the young man exclaimed.

Barry grabbed his hips and started thrusting rapidly, coming too soon for his, or the young man’s, liking. He was disappointed with his poor performance, but the young man immediately spun around and took him into his mouth again, sucking with gusto!

“I like sucking a cock that’s just been in my ass! I like my taste on it!” he said and returned sucking.

It took about fifteen minutes of vigorous sucking before Barry was again hard. The young man stood, spread his legs, and leaned against the wall. Barry stood behind him and slid his cock between the youth’s ass cheeks. The young man reached behind him and guided Barry’s throbbing manhood back into his asshole. He then pulled one of Barry’s arms around his chest, placing the hand on a nipple, encouraging him to play with it. He pulled the other arm around and placed his hand upon his cock. Barry held him close as he thrust up into the young man. He leaned forward to nuzzle the young man’s neck. The young man reached behind him and drew Barry’s head close.

Barry hadn’t felt this good in a very long time. He had fucked his wife this way many times, foundling her breasts and plating with her clit. This wasn’t much different: he was just playing with a cock instead. He rolled a nipple between his thumb and a finger pinching slightly. The young man groaned in pleasure.

Barry thrust harder, his pelvis grinding against the young man’s round bottom. The young man moaned appreciatively. He rotated his ass against Barry.

Barry managed to fuck the young man nearly twenty minutes before he gave one final hard upward thrust and filled the nice ass with his cum. He collapsed on the couch, the young man next to him. They held each other a few minutes before the young man leaned over and, once again, took Barry’s cock into his warm mouth. Barry ran his fingers over the young man’s smooth skin.

The young man drained him, then smiled as he dressed and left. Barry sat a few more minutes and realized he’d never asked the young man’s name!

Over the next several days, Barry would sit naked, stroking his cock and reliving the encounter. He felt guilty about not learning the stranger’s name, but soon lost himself in his memories.

Part 2-Todd

Barry soon began to wonder how it would feel to suck a cock. He didn’t want to prowl the arcades. With few exceptions, most the men who sucked him were older men who looked quite pathetic. Barry didn’t want to be remembered that way. But where to go? He researched a few clubs and picked out some likely places. One might yield some contacts.

Barry dressed nicely, wearing a sports coat and tie. He was nervous as he left his house. It had been a long, long time since he’d tried to pick up someone in a club.

The first place he entered was a seedy dive and he turned around quickly and left. The second obviously catered to a rough crowd. The third had a few desperate looking older men. He visited a couple more, neither appealing to him. He had one left: a place called “the Flagpole”.

Allen was working the bar, his twin brother, Todd, seated at a table in back. Both were tall, fit men in their mid-to-late twenties, both very fit, both very handsome. Allen noticed the nicely dressed, but heavy, older man enter, look around, then proceeded to the bar. Something was different about his stranger. He looked to be new to the “Scene”. Allen took his drink order. He caught Todd’s attention and nodded towards the stranger. Todd nodded in return, and soon sauntered over.

“May I buy you a drink?” he asked. When the stranger nodded yes, he introduced himself. “I’m Todd.”

“Barry,” the stranger porno replied.

“I haven’t seen you around before,” Todd continued. “What brings you in, tonight?”

“Cruising,” Barry responded.

Cruising? Todd looked more carefully at this stranger. He didn’t look like a player. He seemed very nervous and unsure! Todd was intrigued.

“Care to join me? I’m about to order a sandwich. “He then walked back to his table, Barry close behind.

Over sandwiches, Barry told him about his wife and his encounter with the young man. Then he mentioned his desire to suck his first cock and was looking for someone who might be interested.

Todd was surprised, and secretly pleased! While mainly a very submissive bottom, he’d occasionally sample another bottom. And this stranger looked like he might be a willing bottom. And a virgin, no less! Allen would be jealous!

“I’d be pleased to let you suck me!” he exclaimed. “Would you like to come home with me?”

Allen stared curiously as his twin walked out the door with this stranger. He wished his brother good fortune before turning to his next customer.

In the apartment, Todd stripped and asked Barry to do the same. Nervously, Barry removed his clothes and folded them neatly. Todd checked looked him over. Barry had little body hair, and what he had was fine. Todd liked big people, and Barry was big, but not too big. Barry also had a nice six inch cock a little thicker than Todd’s. Todd wouldn’t mind taking it in his mouth, or his ass!

“How would you prefer me? Standing? Or sitting?” Todd asked.

“Sitting, if you don’t mind,” Barry replied.

Todd sat on the edge of the sofa and spread his legs wide. Barry knelt and took him in him about half his length. He closed his moistened lips around the shaft and lightly sucked as he pulled back. Todd moaned encouragingly. Barry opened his mouth slightly as he slid back down, taking a little more of Todd’s cock. Soon, he was taking all of Todd’s cock. The head hitting his throat caused him to gag, but he soon learned to ignore the sensation.

Todd arched his back slightly, allowing Barry to take it all. Barry’s tongue dragging along the underside of his shaft felt fantastic! For a beginner, Barry was doing all the right things! He tickled Todd’s balls with the tip of his tongue. He pulled back when he felt Todd’s body stiffen.

Todd filled his mouth with his load. Barry thought it tasted bitter. He didn’t want to swallow, but had no idea where to spit it out! The young man had always swallowed!

Todd saw Barry’s expression and said, “Share it with me. Kiss me.”

Todd knelt to meet Barry’s mouth. He kissed him and used his tongue to take the load from Barry’s mouth. He swallowed most of the load, and Barry decided to swallow the remainder. He decided to try to swallow more in the future.

“Your turn, now,” Todd said, with a smile.

Todd had Barry stand with his legs spread slightly. He rapidly sucked Barry to coming. He continued sucking and Barry was soon stiff again. Todd reached between Barry’s legs and fondled his balls. The moans he heard told him he was on the right track! He reached further and found Barry’s asshole. He lightly fingered the rim and Barry rewarded him with another load, which he quickly swallowed.

“May I suck you again?” Barry asked.

Todd stood in front and offered his cock. Barry kissed the head and licked the slit. Todd ran his fingers through Barry’s hair. He wanted to hold his head and fuck that warm, moist mouth, but he didn’t want to scare the older man away. After all, Barry was doing an excellent job on his cock. He took the cock all the way and ran his tongue along the younger man’s balls. Todd grabbed Barry’s head and filled his mouth with another load. This time, Barry forced himself to swallow it all.

“What? You didn’t save some for me?” Todd teased.

Barry was pleased with himself and promised to get together soon and do it again.

Part 3 – Todd and Allen

Later that night, Todd filled Allen in as his brother drove his thick eight inch cock deep into his ass. Allen was unusually turned on by the tale.

“Are you going to fuck him?” Allen inquired. “You’re not going to let a piece of virgin ass get away from you, are you?”

“I’m taking it slow with this one,” Todd replied. “I think I’ll let him fuck me first.”

“Do you think he’d be willing to be a threesome with us?”

“Being in the middle of two brothers fucking might be too much for him, right now. He’s still new to all this.”

“I want to hear every juicy detail,” Allen said.

“I’ll be glad to tell all……as long as your cock is deep in my ass!” Todd laughed. “Now shut up and fuck my ass off!”

Part 4 – Barry and Todd

Barry got together with Todd often over the next several weeks. He enjoyed his evenings sucking off Todd and Todd returning the favor. Todd was slowly working up to taking Barry’s anal cherry.

Barry lay back on Todd’s (and Allen’s) bed. He had his knees bent. Todd had been slowly Porno izle working a long, well-manicured finger inside Barry’s asshole. Previously, he’d only ran it around the rubbery ring. Barry now accepted the finger inside and moaned. He filled Todd’s mouth with his warm juices. He and Todd were now in the habit of sharing loads when they kissed.

Barry enjoyed kissing Todd. They even made out while waiting to recharge. Todd felt Barry was close. He’d make his move soon.

Barry invited Todd to his place. He planned to grill steaks and have a bottle of wine. He intended to ask Todd to let him fuck him. He worked hard to set the right mood. He didn’t realize Todd had the same intentions toward him.

After the meal, Barry asked, “Do you take it up your ass? Would you be willing to let me fuck you?”

Damn! This may be easier than I hoped! And I’ll get fucked, too! He thought.

“I’d like that,” he replied.

In the bedroom, Barry undressed Todd, kissing him, and exploring his body with his mouth. He sucked Todd’s nipples, nibbling gently. Todd held his head close, wanting Barry to chew on them, bite them hard, but Barry wasn’t ready for the rough stuff. Not by a long shot! Barry moved down, licking the navel and curves and hollows of the young man’s hips, before finally taking his cock into his mouth.

Todd raised his legs slightly and allowed Barry to slide his lubricated cock inside his asshole. Barry offered to use a condom, but Todd said he preferred bareback. Todd wrapped his legs around the older man’s waist and pulled himself onto Barry’s cock.

Todd’s ass felt nice and warm on Barry’s cock. Barry couldn’t help himself as he thrust faster and harder. He only fucked Todd a few minutes before he stiffened and filled Todd’s ass. Barry felt embarrassed, but Todd was squirming beneath him, clenching his asshole around the rapidly stiffening cock. Barry was soon thrusting again. He found his rhythm and knew he could last much longer this time.

“Your cock feels sooooo gooood inside me!” Todd declared. “Please! Ride me hard! I want you sooooo bad!”

Barry felt better than he had in a very long time. Not only was he having great sex, his partner was also having a great time. He was so captured by the moment he didn’t notice the fleeting look of impatience that crossed Todd’s features.

I wish he’d just hurry up and finish! Todd thought. I’m ready to fuck him! I want his cherry!

Todd put on his best ‘I’m enjoying this’ face as Barry continued thrusting into him. Barry felt nice, but he wasn’t nearly as good as Allen. He missed Allen’s big cock right now.

Barry was thrusting wildly, nearing orgasm. Todd squirmed beneath him, trying to hurry his finishing.

“Oh, Barry! Come in me! Fill me with your cum!” Todd encouraged.

Barry stiffened and dumped his second load. He rolled into his back. Todd immediately took Barry’s limp cock into his mouth. He needed Barry drained before he worked on fucking him. He’d ride Barry expertly, milking that last bit of cum. Barry would have to let him fuck him then!

Todd straddled Barry’s cock and sat on it hard. The older man looked surprised to be so hard so quickly! The younger man was expertly riding his cock. He could feel muscles in the younger man’s ass gripping his cock as he lifted. It was almost as if he was getting a blow job from Todd’s ass!

Todd had plenty of practice milking his brother’s big dick with his ass. He’d been trained to be the perfect bottom. He could get the most out of any cock he rode! He could feel Barry twitch beneath him and knew the older man was about to come.

Barry grabbed Todd’s hips and pulled him down hard as he emptied his last load into the younger man’s talented ass. Todd rolled off and snuggled next to Barry, kissing him lightly.

“That was great,” Todd said. “I really enjoyed this!”

He saw the older man was exhausted. Todd was frustrated, but knew better than to push anything right now. Maybe another time. He started to get out of bed when Barry laid a hand on his thigh.

“You could spend the night, if you like,” Barry said tentatively.

Maybe all isn’t lost! Todd thought. Maybe after he rests… the morning perhaps?

“I’d love to,” he replied.

The next morning, Todd woke to the sound of the shower. When he saw Barry, he decided to join him. Barry seemed a little self- conscious this morning. He wondered how someone could be attracted to a guy his size. Todd soaped the older man’s cock and started stroking it. He kissed Barry.

“Good morning,” Todd purred.

Barry hesitated, then asked, “Would you like to fuck me this morning?”

Todd couldn’t believe his ears! Yes!!!! He thought.

“After we finish here!” he said, then knelt to suck the now hard dick in his hands.

Todd had Barry lay face down on the bed. He proceeded to massage the older man’s neck and shoulders and worked his way down his back and legs. He wanted the older man to relax and surrender to the moment.

Barry flinched a little when Todd spread his cheeks and probed his asshole with his tongue. Todd lightly licked and kissed the rim. He was also expert at this. He had plenty of practice on his brother and his very dominant older sister. He knew how to make someone feel good with his rim jobs.

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