Tapes from a Garage Sale

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Disclaimers: Yes, I need an editor. No, I do not want an editor. If that bothers you, stop reading now. Yes, there’s too many people to keep track of, yes it jumps around too much, yes, it’s too long, yes, it’s too short, yes it’s in the wrong category, yes this is stupid shit, and yes I am a horrible writer.

Just scroll down to the end and leave your comments based on the disclaimers alone.

For everyone else, I hope you enjoy this short tale.


Josh Jacobs and Scott Carmichaels were bored. It was early on a Saturday, school had finally let out and both eighteen year old boys had finally graduated from high school. No more teachers, no more tests, homework, stupid stuff.

It was hot, humid, but at nine thirty five, the sun had not risen high enough to start scorching the ground in their Sweet Oak, Texas neighborhood.

Walking along the street, Josh saw a familiar sight; an 8×11 sheet of paper taped to a telephone pole, announcing a garage sale the next block over.

“Twenty seventeen; know who’s house that is?” Scott asked.

“Isn’t that, think that’s that old guy’s,” Josh said.

Both boys were slim of build. Scott was five foot ten, but Josh was only five foot four. Both boys had slightly long hair; josh’s was long enough to be pulled back in a ponytail. Both boys had handsome faces; Scott’s was a square shape, whereas Josh’s face was round. Scott had dark brown eyes, Josh had light blue eyes.

But, even though both boys were handsome, no girls at Lloyd M. Bensen High School had paid them any attention. Neither boy could throw a ball to save their lives. Neither boy was smart enough to be considered geeks. Neither boy had much ambition, other than to graduate from high school so that they never had to return.

Rounding the corner, they saw that 2017 Trenton Street was indeed ‘that old guy’s place.’ There were a few cars parked in front of the house; there were some women picking through the items on card tables and picnic tables.

Much of it was junk. The sort of junk gathered over a few decades of living, of collecting memorabilia.

“What’s this?” Josh asked, looking at a black plastic box.

“V.C.R. Plays these old tapes,” Mr. Goldberg wheezed, wheeling his oxygen tank over to the two young men.

“Huh? Oh! Oh yeah! Think my dad’s still got ‘Snow White’ somewhere,” Scott said.

“Ten bucks, I’ll throw in these tapes,” the man labored to say.

Josh pulled out his wallet, pulled out a five and three singles. Scott paid the other two dollars and the two boys left the old man’s driveway.

Back at Scott’s house, they set the old box up to the television after figuring out how to connect the cables to the back of the television.

“Cool,” Josh said when the machine whirred to life. “Least it works.”

There was already a tape in the machine so Josh pressed ‘play’ on the front of the machine.

“Cum sucking…” Scott said as he read the title on the screen. “That nasty old fucker!”

The two boys settled back to watch, their cocks already quite hard in their shorts.

“Aw yeah!” Scott said when they saw a cute brunette with large breasts kneeling down and sucking on a man’s cock.

Neither boy said anything as they watched the woman suck the man’s cock until the man’s cock erupted in a geyser of semen. Then the camera backed up and they saw that the woman wasn’t a woman, but a transsexual. The brunette was jerking her hard cock while catching the man’s semen on her smiling face.

“Huh?” Scott asked, mouth open.

Josh said nothing, just blushed hotly.

The next vignette showed another large breasted brunette kneeling in front of two men. She alternated between stroking one cock while sucking the other, then she would switch to the other cock. Her own cock hung limply while she performed oral sex on her two lovers.

Both men began spurting their semen at the same time and their cocksucker smiled as she stroked the two cocks, aiming their semen stream at her open mouth and outstretched tongue.

“Uh, dude?” Scott finally said as the next vignette showed two transsexuals in a sixty nine position, hungrily sucking and slurping on each other’s cocks.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m on it, dude,” Josh said.

Josh figured out how to eject the tape and dug around in the old cardboard box.

‘Sissy Slut’ was on the box and it showed a gorgeous little blonde surrounded by four well-muscled men.

Josh put the new tape in and pressed play. He sat back next to his friend and watched the blue screen begin to dissolve.

Neither boy would say it, but their cocks were tenting the fronts of their shorts. Neither boy would admit it, but watching the transsexual activity had been quite thrilling to them.

Josh certainly would never tell Scott, but he was quite attracted to his best friend. He had often masturbated, thinking of sucking Scott’s plump cock, tasting Scott’s thick cream. The tape jerked, pixelated briefly, then faded to show a petite blonde woman knocking on a door.

“Hi bayrampaşa escort Nicole,” a well-muscled man said to the petite woman in half shirt and Daisy Duke Shorts.

“Hi Brad,” Nicole said. “Is Jack here?”

“No; want to come in and wait?” Brad offered.

The scene switched and showed Brad and Nicole in a passionate kiss. Then Brad helped Nicole out of her half shirt and she helped free his hard cock from his tight jeans.

“Aw yeah,” Josh said as Nicole began to suck Brad’s cock.

Brad began to unzip Nicole’s shorts but she pushed his hand away. A moment later, he again attempted to unzip Nicole’s shorts and again she gently pushed his hand away.

“No!” she giggled flirtatiously. “A girl’s got to have her secrets.”

“Well, it’s no secret you’re a natural born cock sucker,” Brad leered.

“Because I love cock,” Nicole agreed.

Nicole bent and slurped hungrily on Brad’s thick cock.

“Damn, wish mine was that big,” Scott said, looking at Brad’s long, thick cock.

“No shit, mine’s not even maybe half that size,” Josh agreed.

“How big’s yours?” Josh asked a moment later.

“I uh, shit, I don’t know,” Scott stammered.

“Brad, I told you no,” Nicole yelled.

Both boys looked back at the television in time to see that Brad had unzipped Nicole’s shorts and Nicole was sporting a fat erection.

“Aw, this is, that’s a dude!” Scott protested.

He might be protesting, but his cock spurted some of his excitement, forming a stain on his cotton shorts. Josh’s own cock twitched and some of his own fluid dribbled out, forming a stain on the front of his shorts.

“Wow, Nicole, that’s a, you’re a,” Brad stammered, then smiled.

“You are one sexy sissy slut,” Brad declared.

“You, you mean it?” Nicole sniffled.

“You bet,” Brad enthused and bent and kissed Nicole.

“You, you’re not going to tell Jack, are you?” Nicole asked.

“You mean, Jack doesn’t know?” Brad asked.

“No, he’s clueless,” Nicole giggled.

The two kissed again, then Brad began to suck Nicole’s cock.

“No, no, Baby, I want you to fuck my pussy,” Nicole said.

Both Josh and Scott watched as Brad began to pound Nicole’s well rounded backside.

“Oh yeah Baby, oh, that’s it, fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy,” Nicole cried out.

They watched as the two actors fucked for a few minutes. Finally, Brad pulled his spurting cock from Nicol’s stretched, raw looking anus, squirting an obscene amount of semen onto the sissy’s buttocks.

“What the hell? Brad, what are you doing with my fiancé?” a pot-bellied, balding middle aged man demanded.

“Hi Jack,” Brad said.

“Hi Jack, the engagement’s off,” Nicole calmly said.

Still, the two boys sat and watched as another vignette started to play.

“You uh, you wouldn’t ever uh, you wouldn’t ever do that, huh?” Scott asked.

Josh didn’t answer, just ejected the tape as the transsexual on the screen began sucking a handsome man’s cock.

The next tape was also a transsexual tape and the one after that was a transsexual tape as well.

Scott’s mother called out to the two boys that Scott needed to get busy on yard work so Josh went home.

Walking home, Josh felt odd, almost numb.

Entering the two bedroom apartment he and his sister shared, Josh smiled as he could smell coffee. That meant Sabrina was up.

“Hey Sweetie,” Sabrina said as she sat at the small kitchen table. “Where you been?”

“Hanging out,” Josh shrugged. “Any coffee left?”

“God gave you two eyes, use them,” Sabrina teased. “Yes, just made the pot.”

Sabrina looked tired, puffy bags under her eyes. Working as a bartender at Red’s Sports Bar meant she usually didn’t get home until one thirty, two thirty in the morning. Being around all the cigarette smoke, eating nothing but fried foods, it was beginning to wear on her.

Thankfully, in just four months, she could quit. In four months, Sabrina would be inheriting her half of their late father’s estate. One point nine million dollars would go a long way toward getting her out of the drudgery of being the only female bartender in a male-dominant atmosphere.

“Ooh, that’s cute,” Josh admired Sabrina’s light pink teddy.

The matching short robe was draped over the back of the kitchen chair.

“Yes it is; don’t be borrowing it,” Sabrina teased.

She then patted his cheek.

“Got you your own; it’s on your bed,” she said.

Josh squealed and ran to his room.

There was a bag from Donatella’s department store on his neatly made bed and Josh peeked inside.

Sure enough, there was a pale blue teddy and matching short robe.

Josh wiggled out of his tee shirt and shorts. His plain white cotton briefs also fell to the floor.

Josh wiggled into the slinky garment, reveling in how the silky material caressed his hairless balls and smooth cock. The thong nestled deliciously between his well-rounded buttocks. He pulled the matching robe on and smiled; it barely reached to mid-thigh.

His last act was to slip his feet into his clear plastic slippers.

Then escort bayan istanbul he left his room and returned to the kitchen.

“Little fucker,” Sabrina teased. “Shit, wish I had legs like yours.”

Then she pointed to her head.

“Hair, Gina, hair,” she said.

Josh’s name was Joshua Eugene Jacobs. So, when he was dressed up, he was ‘Gina’ instead of Josh.

Josh pulled the band out of his ponytail, then fluffed out the long brown hair.

“Hate you, Gina,” Sabrina said. “How can you just roll out of bed and look that good, huh?”

“Oh please,” Gina said. “I don’t even have make up on.”

“Oh, oh, almost forgot,” Sabrina said and motioned to her purse. “They had that eye shadow you been wanting.”

“Oh thank you!” Gina enthused and dug through Sabrina’s purse.

“Listen, why don’t you get dressed and we’ll go to Kung Pao’s for lunch?” Sabrina said. “Got paid yesterday.”

“But then I have to get out of…” Gina whined.

“No, no, Sweetie, why don’t you, Gina, get dressed and we’ll go out,” Sabrina corrected. “Just us two girls?”

“I uh, but…” Gina stammered, horrified.

“Gina, Sweetie, you’ve got a bunch of clothes, but you only wear them in here,” Sabrina said gently, hugging her.

She kissed Gina on her lips.

“Come on, you have to get out there sooner or later,” she coaxed.

It took a little more persuasion, but finally, Gina agreed.

She first scrubbed her face, then used an astringent. Patting her face dry, she then used a cover stick on a few imperfections. Then she applied a light foundation and reflected she was going to have to use a better sun block; her face was getting a little tanned. Because she believed her nose was a little too large, she used light lines to minimize this flaw. A little blush brought out her cheeks, the smoky eye shadow enhanced her light blue eyes, and some mascara gave some definition to her pretty lashes.

She then found a light lip gloss. After all, they were going out in the daytime. If it had been night, Gina would have used a brighter lip color. She also would have gone a lot heavier with the blush, the eye shadow.

Gina found a cream colored blouse, a light green and cream patterned skirt, and some nude hose.

She taped her flaccid cock back, then pulled on the bikini panties, a matching bra, which she stuffed with a pair of rolled up socks, then pulled blouse and skirt on.

Some strappy little shoes and she was ready to go.

“I hate you,” Sabrina declared as Gina stepped into the living room.

Then the doorbell rang.

Gina and Sabrina looked at each other for a long moment.

“Well, get the door,” Sabrina ordered.

“But I’m… I’m…” Gina whispered.

“Fully dressed, get the door,” Sabrina ordered.

Gina went to the door, heart thudding in her slight chest. Pulling it open as far as the chain would allow, Gina saw that it was Scott.

With a squeal, she slammed the door shut.

“It’s Scott!” she hoarsely cried to Sabrina.

“So? Open the door,” Sabrina ordered.

“Sabrina, no,” Gina almost burst into tears.

“Sweetie, it’s your best friend,” Sabrina comforted, hugging the girl tightly.

Scott rang the doorbell again.

“Hang on, Scott, be right there,’ Sabrina yelled out.

“Listen, Gina, sooner or later, you’re going to have to tell him,” Sabrina counseled.

“Later,” Gina decided.

“No, now,” Sabrina ordered. “Now, open the door, introduce yourself and ask him if he wants to go to Kung Pao’s with us.”

“Sabrina, no!” Gina wailed.

“Yes, Gina, yes,” Sabrina said. “Baby, it’ll be all right.”

Gina’s hands shook as she slid the chain off the door, then opened the door.

“Hey, I uh, I’m Scott; Josh here?” Scott asked the cute girl that answered the door.

“Hi Scott, come on in,” Sabrina said from behind the stranger. “Josh’s not here; thought he was with you?”

“No, no, he was, but then my old lady made me cut the grass,” Scott said.

“Scott, you remember Gina, huh?” Sabrina said, pushing the frightened girl forward.

“No I uh, no, don’t think…” Scott stammered, clearly intimidated by the attractive girl.

“Really? She was at Josh’s graduation,” Sabrina said. “Oh well, thought y’all met. Gina, this is Scott; he’s Josh’s best friend. Scott, this is Gina, our cousin.”

“Hey,” Scott said.

“Hi,” Gina mumbled.

“Hey Scott, we’re fixing go to Kung Pao’s; want to come?” Sabrina asked.

Gina shot Sabrina a look of rage.

“I uh, yeah, sure,” Scott agreed readily.

He had a bit of a crush on Josh’s older sister. And he was attracted to the cute girl standing right in front of him.

“I’ll just text Josh, let him know he should have been here,” Sabrina said. “Gina, Sweetie, why don’t you go get your purse?”

Sabrina did send a text. Gina went to Josh’s room and found her purse, then quickly shut off Josh’s phone.

“Ready,” she announced.

“Yeah, yeah, I guess, I mean, you do look, I’m sure I’ve seen you before,” Scott agreed as they trooped out to Sabrina’s car.

“See? taksim vip escort Told you,” Sabrina smiled.

“So, uh, where you from?” Scott asked as the waitress led them to a table.

“DeGarde, Louisiana,” Sabrina answered.

“Oh, how long you here?” Scott asked.

“How long you want her here?” Sabrina teased and both eighteen year olds flamed bright red.

“Get anything but the seafood,” Gina counseled as they looked at the menu.

“Now how you know that?” Scott asked.

“Uh, Josh told me,” Gina quickly said.

They’d placed their orders when Sabrina’s phone chimed. Sabrina looked at the text and frowned. She punched a number and waited.

“Hey Harrison, what’s up?” she asked the manager of Red’s Sports Bar.

“What? She said after a moment. “Zeke’s got the flu, huh? My ass too. Uh, wouldn’t have nothing do with that Manuel guy waiting for him last night after work, huh?”

Sabrina sighed.

“Fine, fine, but listen, I’m at lunch right now with Josh, uh, Josh’s friend and my cousin. Yeah, Gina, anyway, I’ll be in, God, give me what, forty minutes?”

The waitress brought their food, refilled their glasses, then assisted other patrons.

“Nuh uh, don’t y’all rush,” Sabrina said. “Harrison’s got it until I get there.”

“Anyway, dumb ass needs quit hiring his friends; they’re all a bunch of dope heads I swear,” Sabrina muttered.

They ate, talking very little. Scott was slightly tongue tied, Gina was nervous, and Sabrina was irritated. Sabrina paid for their lunch, waved away Scott and Gina’s thanks, and drove them back to the apartment.

“Now, y’all don’t get into no trouble, hear?” she teased and again both teenagers flamed bright red.

“So uh, what uh, what you want to do?” Scott stammered.

“I don’t know; what you want to do?” Gina asked.

Then she lightly kissed him on his lips.

“I uh, I guess, I you want to I don’t know, talk and stuff?” Scott asked.

“Okay, yeah, I’d like that,” Gina enthused.

They held hands as they walked to the apartment door and Gina unlocked the door.

“You uh, Sabrina’s got some beer, want a beer?” Gina asked from the kitchen.

“Sure!” Scott said.

Gina got one can, washed the top and wiped it dry.

“Josh does that all the time,” Scott laughed.

“Well, you should; know how many hands have touched that can?” Gina defended.

She brought the can to him, slid off her shoes, then sat next to him on the couch.

Scott popped the top and drank deeply. Gina reached out a nervous hand and lightly stroke up and down Scott’s arm.

“So, uh, what would you like to talk about?” Gina asked.

“I uh, I mean,” Scott stammered and put the beer can down on the coffee table.

“Use a coaster,” Gina ordered.

Scott did. Gina leaned into him, gently rubbing his arm, then she reached and rubbed Scott’s scrawny chest through Scott’s plain white tee shirt.

Then Gina pressed her soft lips to Scott’s lips.

A moment later, she licked at his lips and Scott opened his mouth.

Beer, along with beef and broccoli was not the most pleasant of tastes, but Gina was sure her Pork in garlic sauce did not do much for her breath either.

The two teenagers kissed for a long moment, Scott’s arms clumsily around Gina’s torso while Gina rubbed up and down Scott’s slender torso.

“I uh, I’m not, I don’t do this all the time, you know, but there’s just something about you,” Gina murmured into Scott’s ear.

She then playfully nibbled on Scott’s earlobe.

Her hand reached down and gently stroked the outline of Scott’s straining erection through his shorts.

“Ooh! Is that for me?” she cooed and kissed Scott again.

“Uh yeah,” Scott said.

“I’m serious; I don’t do, in fact, this is my first time,” Gina admitted as she stroked Scott’s bulge.

“Oh God!” Scott groaned and ejaculated into his briefs.

“Shh, shh, it’s all right,” Gina assured the crestfallen young man.

“Drink your beer; I’ll be right back,” Gina whispered and got to shaky legs.

In the bathroom, she made sure her cock was securely taped back. There were a few times she had felt it threatening to pop up, hard and throbbing. Then she wet a face cloth in the sink and brought it back out.

“Here, here Sweetheart, let’s get you cleaned up,” Gina cooed and worked Scott’s shorts down.

She knelt on the couch and gently sponged Scott’s sticky cock clean.

“You, that’s a pretty cock,” she praised.

“Uh, yeah?” Scott asked.

“Yeah,” Gina assured him, kissed him, then kissed his cock, then left the room.

She returned just as Scott was pulling his shorts back up.

“Uh, no sir,” Gina said forcefully. Shorts, down and off.”

Scott blushed hotly but did drop his shorts to the floor. His cock began to stiffen in anticipation.

“Uh, don’t I mean, you wouldn’t rather go you know, into your room?” Scott asked, glancing nervously at the door.

“Here,” Gina said, putting the security chain up.

They sat on the couch and kissed some more. Schott did play with Gina’s breasts. If he noticed that her breasts were two wadded up socks, he was gentleman enough not to mention it. But Gina knew Scott, knew that he wasn’t gentleman enough. So, Scott obviously could not tell the difference between a girl’s breast and a sock. This didn’t surprise her; she knew Scott had no experience with girls.

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