The Adventures of Lexi Ch. 05

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Part V – The Double Date

I was getting excited as the weekend approached because Jessica had set up a double date for us on Saturday night. I was so distracted during the week that I could barely concentrate in class.

When the big day finally came, I spent all afternoon getting myself ready.

Since I kept my blond hair short it never requires much work. I put on my favorite dress, it was a short black silk number with spaghetti straps. I had to wear a strapless bra with it but fortunately Jessica got me one that had built in silicon breasts. I wore a pair of black silk panties just tight enough to hold my cock against my body and prevent me from getting an erection.

I knew that our dates were rich and would be taking us to a fancy restaurant so I spent extra time on my makeup. I threw on a pair of high heels and left to meet up with Jessica at her house.

I took her a while to answer the door, but when she finally did she pulled me to her and pushed her mouth onto mine. I could taste her husbands hot cum as her tongue touched mine. We kissed as she pushed her tongue into my mouth forcing his cum down my throat.

“I have something for you.”

She took my hand and pulled me into her living room.

“Open it.” She said as she handed me a little white box with a pink ribbon on it.

I opened the box and pulled out a long black rubber cock with two straps hanging off the end.

“Since you liked my strap-on so much I thought you might like this too. Let me show you how it works.”

She pulled out a tube of KY jelly and took the cock from my hand. “Bend over Darling.”

She lifted the hem of my dress pulled my panties down letting them drop to the floor. I felt her pushing the rubber cock into my ass. I wiggled my ass a little to help her get it all the way in.

I felt her hand on my thighs as she attached a leather strap around each leg.

“All done. Now you can wear it all night long!”

I shook my ass back and forth and could feel the cock moving around inside of me but it was firmly secured by the two leather straps.

She knelt in front of me pulling my panties back up my legs. She pushed my cock into her mouth once before tucking it into my panties.

“I almost forgot the best part.”

She pulled out a little device that that looked like a remote control with a few knobs and buttons.

“Your new best friend has a few tricks.”

She pushed one of the buttons and I could feel the cock vibrating inside of me. The vibrating increased as she turned one of the dials. She pressed that button again stopping the vibrating and then pressed the other button. This time the rubber cock started to push against the leather straps and was fucking me in my ass. The thrusts increased as she turned the second dial. “And to top it off.” She pressed the first button again and my knees almost gave out as the cock started vibrating while it pumped into me.

I let out a low moan under my breath as the vibrating cock pumped into me.


Fortunately she was kind enough to stop it before I fell over.

She led me back to the front door and turned back to the house and yelled “Bye honey, Lexi’s here.”

Turning back to me she said “Let’s go.”

A cab was pulling up to her house as we walking down the driveway. We hopped in and sped off to the restaurant.

Jessica was wearing a sexy little black dress that accentuated her cleavage and hid little else.

When we arrived at the restaurant I could see two handsome men standing by the door.

Jessica introduced us. Her date was Alex. Alex had short light brown hair. He was a little taller than Jessica and had an average build. My date was Mark. He was about as tall as Alex and looked a little more muscular. He had neatly trimmed black hair. They both looked sharp in dark suits.

Alex led us into the restaurant “Ladies.”

We arrived at our table and Alex ordered a round of martinis. I was seated next to Jessica and we were each facing our dates. As I took my seat I felt the rubber cock pressing further into me as it pushed against the chair. I could feel it sliding around with every movement of mine. I had to be careful.

The 1080 porno size of table led me to think that it was meant for a larger party. By the time the drinks arrived we were all warming up to each other. I felt Jessica’s hand slide across my leg under the table. I spread my legs apart so that she could reach me better and she responded by sliding her hand up to my panty covered crotch.

All of a sudden the cock buried in my ass started to gently vibrate inside of my asshole. I let out a gentle moan before I noticed that my date was staring at me.

We sat there talking as she massaged me through the silky panties. Somehow she managed to each her appetizer with just her right hand as her left hand teased me under the table.

Our dates were kind of boring and seemed like they only wanted to impress us with how much money they had so I focused my attention an Jessica’s hand.

After the main course was cleared from the table Jessica took her hand off of me and leaned over the table.

“Who wants dessert?”

She flashed a sexy little smile and disappeared under the table.

I followed her lead and slid to the floor. It was a little awkward to me to move around because the rubber cock continued to massage me with a gentle vibration. Fortunately the large table gave us ample room to maneuver beneath the table cloth. I inched forward on my hands and knees and crawled up my dates lap. I briefly massaged his legs before unbuckling his pants. I pulled out his growing cock and pulled it to my lips. From the muffled groans coming from Jessica I could tell that she was well under way.

I circled my tongue around the tip of his cock and cradled his balls in my hand. After teasing him for a little bit I pushed my mouth onto him and slid down his shaft. As I lowered my mouth onto his shaft I felt the cock in my ass started to move deeper inside of me while it continued vibrating. I tried to match the rhythm of the rubber cock as I sucked on my date.

I had a hard time not hitting my head against the table as I bobbed up and down on his cock. I could hear the rhythmic knocking sounds that I was making but I kept up my pace.

His cock wasn’t very big but he deserved a little fun since he bought me dinner.

Slowly the pounding cock in my ass picked up momentum and pushed itself deep into me. My mouth tried to keep up with the new pace as I furiously sucked him into my mouth.

I felt his cock twitch in my mouth as I tugged on his balls. I sucked harder as I anticipated his orgasm. His cock twitched again as it filled my mouth with his cum. He shot two more blasts of salty liquid into me and then I pulled off. Jessica turned off the device after my date came. I could still feel shockwaves of the vibrating toy rippling through my body.

By the time I finished with my date Jessica had already taken her seat again.

On my back to my seat I decided to make another stop and moved between her legs. The rubber cock kept teasing my as I worked my way over to Jessica. She eagerly pushed her thighs apart and slide down her chair. I could already smell her sweet perfume as my hungery mouth approached her dripping pussy. I started licking her when I felt her finger pressing against her clit. Since she seemed like she was in a hurry I figured it must be time to go so I pushed my tongue deep into her wet box. Her juices were already flowing and with her help she came very quickly into my mouth. I pushed my tongue into her to make sure that I swallow every drop of her sweet cream.

Finally I moved back to my chair and pulled myself back into place. I rocked my ass against my chair so that I could feel the rubber cock squirming inside of me again. When I finally looked around the table I could tell by the smiles on everyone’s face that they enjoyed their dinner.

The check was already on the table and I saw that several waiters were staring at us.

Jessica turned to me and said “Lexi, Alex suggested we all go out to a club. how does that sound?”

“Sounds good to me.” I flashed my date a little smile and said “Let’s go.”

We piled into a cab with my date in the front seat and the remaining three of us in the back 2 k porno with Jessica in the middle. It was dark out as we made our way to the club and I could feel Jessica’s hand sliding up my thigh once again. I looked down and saw that she was also massaging Alex through his pants. I let my head fall back as she stroked my cock through my panties. I could feel my panties getting wet as she rubbed my pre-cum all over me.

When we arrived at the club I saw that this wasn’t an ordinary club. It was a high end strip club. A gentleman in a tuxedo held the door for us as we entered the lobby. Alex went over to the Maitre d’ and arranged for us to get a table. I overheard the Maitre d’ telling Alex that he was very sorry and that they had no more tables available but they did had one private suite left. The cost was $5,000 with drinks and dances separate. Alex turned to us so that we would see him placing his Platinum credit card in the Maitre d’s hand and said “We’ll take it.”

“Right this way.”

We were led down a long hallway that had several leather doors positioned every 20 or 30 feet. When we arrived at our suite he held the door and told us that our waitress would be with us shortly.

The room had two soft velvet couches against the back wall. There was a small table for our drinks in the middle of the room and the wall opposite the couches was open so that we could see the stage. Three naked girls were dancing to a thumping techno beat. Our waitress arrived to take our drink orders but before she left Jessica leaned into her and whispered something into ear. The waitress flashed her a wicked smile and told her no problem she would take care of it.

The door opened again and four gorgeous women entered. Our dates were sitting on one couch and Jessica and I on the other. Each of the four women approached one of us. Mine was a smoking hot Asian dressed like a catholic school girl. her hair was in pigtails and she even had braces on. Her top was a sheer white blouse completely unbuttoned and tied tightly across her stomach. She had a short pleated skirt, patent leather shoes, and white knee socks. I could feel my cock jumping in my panties as she approached me.

I slid back into the couch feeling the rubber cock moving around inside of me. I let my legs fall apart as she danced for me. She pulled my hands to her body encouraging me to touch her. I grabbed her small tits through her blouse squeezing her hard nipples. My hands drifted down her sides until I reached the tops of her knee socks. I let my hands travel back up her thighs and under her skirt.

Her hips swayed to the music as I explored her body. My hands reached her panties when I noticed that something was different. I rubbed my hand across her crotch and felt something hard. I slide my hand into her panties and felt a hard cock. I looked up into her eyes and she smiled at me. This must be what Jessica had asked for.

I glanced over at Jessica who gave me a little wink. As she did I could feel my rubber cock come alive and slowly resume fucking my asshole against the couch.

I looked over at our dates and saw that they were too distracted to notice what I was doing. I pulled her panties off and let her cock free. She crawled up onto the couch and straddled my lap. She kept dancing and rubbing against me. I slide my body down a little bit so that my face was positioned in front of her crotch. I lifted her skirt and gave her a little kiss on the tip of her cock.

My hands traveled back up to her blouse and untied her shirt as I wrapped my lips around her. My hands made their way up to her breasts as she started pushing her hips into my face. I pushed my head against her matching her motions. her hips were gyrating in my face as her cock plunged deep into my mouth. I pinched her nipples and hear her say “oh baby, don’t stop.”

Her hips pushed hard against my face as my rubber cock continued pushing into me. I pinched her nipples harder. I felt her hips thrust one last time before she filled my mouth with her cum. I swallowed as she shot several more streams of hot salty cum into me. She slid off of me and picked up her panties. Her skirt was still being held up by her semi-erect 3 k porno cock. She looked incredible. She tied her shirt back, pulled her panties on and left the room.

I sat there alone as the other three enjoyed their lap dances. I was enjoying the feeling of the long rubber cock slowly fucking me when I saw the door open again.

Another dancer walked in and moved towards me. She moved between my legs and danced for me. I looked up at her and our eyes met. Her body swayed from side to side as she slowly lowered herself to her knees. Her hands found my legs and started to caress me. She slid her hands up my thighs and under my dress. I felt her grabbing my cock through my panties. She blew me a kiss as I looked down at her. She moved up my body and crawled up onto the couch straddling me like the last dancer. I moved my hands to her crotch and could feel how wet she was through her panties. I pulled on her panties until they ripped off in my hands and massaged her wet pussy as she danced for me.

Her hand moved back to my cock and slid it out from my panties. Nervously I looked over at our dates and saw that they were completely oblivious at this point. She lowered her body onto me guiding my cock into soaked pussy with her hand. I felt the cock in my ass increase it’s momentum as my cock slid into her.

I heard her make a little gasp as I filled her up. She arched her back and rocked her hips into me grinding my cock deeper into her. I pushed my hips into her. We found a good rhythm as she sat there fucking my hard cock. She leaned into me and pressed her lips to mine. I felt her tongue enter my mouth as her rocking increased.

I felt her juices running down onto me and knew she was going to cum soon. I grabbed her hips and pulled her into me with each thrust. Each time I filled her up she made a little noise. I kept it up as her noises grew louder and louder. Every time she moaned Jessica would turn up the device. It kept pushing further and further into me moving faster and faster each time. I could tell that we finally got the attention of our dates as they watch this hot stripper riding my cock.

She bounced up and down moaning more and more as I pumped my cock deep into her and the rubber cock pumped deeper into me. She pulled all the way off of me and dropped down with all her weight pressing against me grinding into my crotch. Her tongue fell from my mouth as she screamed.


The cock inside of me came to a stop.

My date was staring right at me now. He wasn’t quite sure what he was watching anymore.

After her orgasm passed her head fell into my neck. She slowly started to slide up and down my cock again. I could tell that she wanted to feel my hot cum inside of her. I adjusted myself a little to give me a little more room and pushed hard into her with each thrust.

The rubber cock resumed fucking me and started to vibrate as well. She whimpered into my neck as I pounded her with my throbbing cock. I could feel myself lose control as she fell into me. My cock erupted as her pussy clenched tightly around my cock. The cock in my ass was furiously pounding my insides and vibrating so hard that my whole body was shaking. Her pussy lips spasmed against me with every burst of cum. She stopped moving and collapsed onto my body. We sat there with my cock inside of her as she continued to orgasm. Her pussy massaged my cock with each shock wave of orgasm.

The pounding in my ass stopped and only a gently vibration was left. I sat there with the rubber cock lightly massaging my asshole while her orgasm subsided. She released another moan into my neck. After a few minutes she slid off of me and helped me reposition my panties. I looked over and saw that Jessica was cumming as her dancer’s face was buried in her pussy.

I sat there watching her writhing in ecstasy next to me.

When she was finished, her dancer stood up and both of them left the room.

Jessica got up, fixed her dress and walked over to Alex.

“It’s been real fun guys, but it’s getting late and I need my beauty rest.”

She leaned in and gave him a little peck on the cheek and grabbed my hand as we fled the suite.

We hopped in a cab out front and headed home.

I wrapped my arm around her as she nestled her head on my shoulder and massaged my cock through my panties while the rubber cock continued to gently massage my insides. We sat there in silence the rest of the way home.

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