Escapades of Eva Christmas 2009 Ch. 12

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When Cher and the men who had just given her a great fuck recovered a little she was still a bit shaky, so the heavy set man with the raspy voice helped her Master take her into the bathroom and wash her up again. She could hear more moving noises in the living room, but the sounds seemed muted and far away. And she was still feeling pretty deep in sub space.

Master and the man chatted while they bathed her. But, when she stood up she felt a little dizzy and had to sit back down quickly on the side of the tub. The man suddenly leaned her head back and looked at her eyes. “Ho, ho, ho,” he laughed, “It seems we have another space case here my friend.”

All of a sudden she felt her attention focus again and she looked into the twinkling eyes of the naked masked man. And then, looking at her Master she asked quietly, “Master may I speak freely?”

“Of course Pet.”

“Thank you Master,” she replied and turned her attention to the man who was smiling at her kindly.

“Will you please tell me who you are? I know I’ve heard your voice before and I promise not to tell anyone else. Just please tell me who you are.”

“Well didn’t you recognize your Big Daddy when he fucked you?” he asked with a big grin.

Cher shook her head then as if she was trying to understand. “I did recognize your voice when you called yourself Big Daddy and fucked the little slut in me. I know now that was you, but there is something else. I just don’t know what it is.

The man chuckled as he lifted her chin gently and looked into her eyes again. “You’re not afraid of me are you?”

“I feel comfortable around you. And I enjoy playing with you,” she confessed with a giggle, “Especially when you play with those yummy knives. But there is just something that keeps bugging me about you.”

He took the huge fluffy towel that her Master was handing her, and wrapped it around her shoulders and playfully tousled her wet hair with it. And then he reached for a large comb and started gently pulling it through her hair.

Looking up at him innocently she murmured, “Won’t you please tell me who you are? Please?”

And then with a jolly laugh he tweaked a nipple, making her jump, and without answering her question he pulled her head back by her hair and asked, “Who do you think I am you cute little slut?”

Looking back at him in her haze induced state she smiled sweetly and whispered, “Santa???” With that both men laughed out loud. And then, Master tweaked her other nipple causing her to cover both titties with her arms defensively as she gave them both a little frown.

Her Master immediately reached down and pulled her arms away from her titties and giving her a no nonsense look, with that raised eyebrow, he said simply, “Did I tell you that you could cover up My Titties?”

“No Master,” she said, “Thank you Master.”

She guessed then that Master’s Dominance over her body must have turned Big Daddy on like it did her because he was squeezing his stiffening cock. And then, unable to help herself she giggled uproariously and quipped, “Hmmm … I think perhaps Big Daddy may be a jolly old pervert.”

“Ho, ho, ho,” He and her Master both howled, slapping their thighs and holding their sides.

Shocked by their reaction and the belly laugh that came out of them both, she looked from one to the other and saw the same grin on both faces. Shaking her head in disbelief she felt truly confused and rubbed her eyes hard. And, then holding her hands to her head she murmured, “Ohhh! … I must still be in sub space. Maybe I am tripping.” And looking at them again she asked plaintively, “Am I tripping again or do I just have testosterone poisoning from too much fucking?”

“I’ll show you testosterone,” Big Daddy growled as he grabbed Cher’s hair while she sat on the side of the tub and pulled her head back again. His now fully erect cock pushed without delay into the already waiting lips that she parted sensually as she smiled up at him with smoldering eyes.

Without asking she quickly put her hand around his hard meat and held it at the base to assist in keeping it hard. She ran her soft warm tongue up and down all over the shaft several times. And then she licked around and around the thick head, sliding her tongue and up and down, over and over, as if she was licking an overly full ice cream cone to keep it from dripping.

She slid her tongue around and around the sensitive head, finally sucking it into her mouth with her hot lips. She slid his cock in and out of her strong cheeks, sucking and nibbling, and letting his insistent tool slide effortlessly in and out, letting it end with a little nudge against the back of her throat.

He fucked her face rhythmically a few times, sliding it in and out a little faster while she took it deeper and deeper with each arousing plunge of his swollen penis into the soft snug recesses of her hot mouth. And as soon as she started to suck faster he unceremoniously pulled his cock out of her lips.

As sex izle she started to moan her disappointment he said, “No more for you right now sweetie. We will be leaving soon and we have a big fucking finale planned for you my sweet little cock sucking slut. And I don’t want to ruin it by letting you suck me off too soon. So, off with you,” He said as he stood her up and pointed her in the direction of the living room with a swat on her butt

Her Master brought her back in the room and sat her at the table. She was still a little weak and he made her eat some more fried chicken and drink another coke. She was really famished at that point and she ate two more pieces of chicken, a deviled egg and another gingerbread cookie.

As she finished her coke she looked around the room. She looked at Master who was grinning at her with that mischievous raised eyebrow again. The men had placed two tall saw horses in the middle of the room. And there was a pile of straps and ropes under them. She smiled and wanted to ask about it, but she knew better when Master had that roguish look, and she knew the evening’s fun was not finished yet.

“Gentlemen,” her Master said, “The next thing I think we need to do with this luscious slut is give her a special holiday fucking before you have to leave. Don’t you guys?” he chuckled.

And as the men voiced their raunchy approval he held his hands up and added, “Of course I know that it is useless to try to keep strictly by the agenda for the evening so I am just going to let you take over and take her any way you want, as long as she is not harmed.” Cher felt the slickness gather quickly in her cunt at the thought of the impending gang bang. She could hardly wait to be fucked some more.

“Are we ready?” Master asked.

“I think we are,” Big Daddy said as he motioned to the men.

While Master disappeared into the basement with Big Daddy, the man with the condiment tray then picked up some cans of whipped cream and began to distribute them to the others saying, “Ahhh! I think she would look like a really pretty Christmas gift if we dress her in this and lick suck and fuck her under the tree, don’t you all agree?” Of course, all the men agreed amid the many lurid looks in her direction.

Picking up the bowl of maraschino cherries he walked over to where she sat and balanced a cherry on the tip of his hard penis just an inch from her face. He added, “I sure do agree, and when she is all decorated like a yummy Christmas treat we can eat her all up.”

And then as the rest of the men chuckled he said to Cher, “Do you want this baby?”

“Yes please Sir,” she responded with an evil little twinkle in her eye.

“Well open wide,” he said. “And let me give you my cherry,” he teased.

“Mmmmm!” She mumbled, opening her mouth wide.

As he very deftly slid his cock into her mouth he joked, “And here is a treat for you complete with a cherry on top.”

And as everyone laughed Cher maneuvered her open lips over the head of his cock and sucked it all into her mouth without dropping the cherry. But as the man started to moan and slide his cock further into her mouth she quickly sucked the cherry into her mouth. She swiftly chomped down on the cherry, took a quick little lick of his cock with the tip of her tongue, and pulled her head back. And, with a naughty grin for him she proceeded to slowly chew the cherry.

Unable to believe his eyes the man turned to look at his buddies and demanded, “Did you see what she did?”

“Yeah,” someone said, “She took your cherry like you wanted her to.” And then everyone had a grand laugh.

And then her Master, who had just returned from the basement teased, “Pet no feeding the animals please.” And that brought great mirth from all assembled.

Big Daddy was holding his jiggling belly as he laughed, “That’s right Cher. If you feed the lions and tigers and bears they might just eat you up.”

“Mmmmm …” Cher responded licking her lips lasciviously.

The men all laughed out loud and several of them began to stroke their hard cocks as they nodded in Cher’s direction. And, even though she could not see their faces she could tell by their stance that they were looking at her as if she were indeed a yummy treat.

“Since we will all have to leave soon I would like to have desert before we go, and, I think I will start with an appetizer. But first I think we need to take these darn ski masks off don’t you guys?”

Everyone agreed and they reached for their masks. Cher was excited to finally get to see the faces of the men who had been fucking her so well all evening. But she let out a huge groan of disappointment when the masks came off only to reveal another Zorro type mask that covered their eyes and noses.

To make it worse they all had the exact same color hair and moustaches making it impossible to tell one from the other except for Big Daddy’s white hair and beard. She looked at Master then with a little sikiş izle frown, and as he laughed heartily he crossed his arms over his chest and said, “Well I didn’t say you would know who they are Pet.”

But as the nine naked masked men gathered around her in a tight circle she suddenly couldn’t stop giggling. She laughed and laughed until Big Daddy gave her a typical Dominant frown and shut her up with a long hard kiss.

Finally when she calmed a bit he said, “And what’s so funny girl?”

Stifling more giggles she managed to say, “I am sorry Gentlemen, but having you gathered around me like that it suddenly occurred to me that it looks like I am at a nude Zorro convention,” and she started giggling all over again.

But, instead of being angry the men joined in her laughter as they looked at one another. There they all stood stark naked and only wearing the severe black masks that covered their faces. And they got tickled right along with Cher.

Finally, Big Daddy said, “I know how to handle this you silly slut.” And he quickly grabbed her in his strong hands and threw her across his lap, where he proceeded to spank her bare bottom.

She was kicking her feet up and down, and giggling, and yelping all at the same time as he spanked her naked ass.

“Owie! Owie!,” she cried out.

“Are you finished young lady?” he inquired.

“Yes Bid Daddy,” she said trying to compose herself and rubbing her red bottom. But, suddenly her straight face burst into more silly laughter. “Or maybe it was a convention of Lone Rangers,” she sputtered as she started giggling all over again.

“Oooooo!!!!” All the men groaned in unison.

Big Daddy picked her up and tossed her like a rag dog to another man who pulled her across his lap and spanked her hard as well. And when he was through he tossed her to yet another man who continued her spanking, admonishing her to, “Stop that you silly slut.”

She passed from man to man then and each one spanked her bare ass as she cried and apologized and begged for mercy, and all the while she was still giggling. She was truly afraid of men who were strong enough to toss her around like that. But, she was also enjoying the spanking fun, and when she looked at Master she winked at him to let him know she was really okay.

Finally, when the last man had spanked her she noticed that they all had raging hard cocks and were sliding their fists up and down on them. But, she calmed down when her Master took her in hand after the last spanking.

“Are you finished now?”

“Yes Master,” she whimpered as she rubbed her sore bottom.

And then, looking at the men he said, “I apologize for my little brat men, and since she shortened the time you have left I am going to turn her over to you to do with as you wish. And I trust you will make sure to teach her what naughty bratty girls get when they misbehave, wont you?”

“Oh definitely,” the raspy voiced Big Daddy said. “I don’t think this insatiable slut has been used and abused nearly enough. And we do want her to be well fucked for Christmas don’t we men?”

Everyone agreed and laughed, leering wickedly at Cher who could only gulp hard and wonder what they had in mind.

Master and Big Daddy then brought in a huge St Andrews Cross like the one that she had seen at the local dungeon where she had attended with Master. She wondered if that was the secret project he had worked on all summer and wouldn’t let her see. He said it was in the back in his “private room” in the basement, and that Cher couldn’t see it until it was finished.

But, unlike the tall black one at the dungeon this one was a little shorter. In fact she noticed that it was proportioned to fit her size and height and Master had padded it and covered it with black canvas instead of leather. She was happy to see that since she always slipped off the leather and plastic equipment when she perspired during scene play. Her hope was that she wouldn’t slide as easily on the canvas.

“Listen up men,” Big Daddy said, “As you all know we will need to go in less than an hour. We have a lot of work ahead of us tonight. But we also need the special energy that we so enjoy when we play with this hot little slut. Right?” All the men called out their lewd approval of his suggestion.

“Okay then Lets get to it,” he said turning to Cher’s Master.

On her Master’s cue the men went to work. They positioned the St. Andrew’s Cross between the saw horses right in front of the Christmas tree. Cher noticed that holes had been drilled in all the ends of the cross and the men were securing them with the straps and ropes to matching holes on the sawhorses.

And on closer examination she saw that the part of the sawhorse that went under her feet was in sections with the bottom legs of the cross hinged at the knees and hips. It allowed her legs to be lifted up in the air, and spread wider or closer together. It was also made in such a way that the legs türk porno could be spread with the knees up or out flat. And if straps or ropes were placed around the mid thighs the bottom portion could be tilted to either side at the waist.

She realized the way Master had constructed it could serve two purposes. It could be leaned against the wall, like they did at the dungeon. And the submissive’s ankles and wrists could be secured by the leather straps that were mounted on the ends of the cross. Or, it could be used horizontally when the Master wanted to lay the subbie down to play with her. She also noticed that the arms and legs of the cross were spread a little wider than usual and that a seat belt was attached to the middle.

Beaming with joy and pride she smiled at Master. She knew then that he had built this surprise for her for Christmas. She felt hot tears of love gathering in her eyes as she blew him a kiss. Her Master was so smart, she thought, and she loved him so.

“Cher what would you deny me?” her Master asked for the second time that evening.

Rousing herself from her depraved thoughts she said, “Why you know I would deny you nothing Master.”

“Good girl. Now do you remember what I told you about vocal bondage?”

“Yes Master. And thank you Master.”

“You have done very well tonight Pet, but now I need you to concentrate. I am going to let your relax a bit on the verbal bondage. However, you will be blindfolded for the rest of the evening, and you will be bound to the cross. You may speak to me at any time, or to the men when spoken to, but you are to ignore any strange sounds, and know that I have everything under control and you are safe.”

“Now Pet,” Master explained as several men lifted her onto the cross and laid her down spread eagled. As they adjusted the straps on her ankles and wrists and thighs and the seat belt around her waist, her Master continued, “I am not going to tie you this time. But, these fellows are.”

“I know you will drift in and out of sub space periodically but I will need you to concentrate enough to use your safe word, because I won’t know how you will be affected by the new cross, or how you will feel once you are placed on it. So, speak up whenever anything doesn’t feel right. Do you understand Pet? ”

“Yes Master, I think I do. And thank you Master.”

“But first you cute little cock sucker,” Big Daddy grinned as he tried her bonds to make sure they were secure. “The men will have to leave as soon as they are finished, but first we each want to share something with you, before we fuck the daylights out of that hot twat of yours again. Are you ready?”

“Yes Big Daddy, I’m ready … I think,” she replied nervously.

“Well,” Big Daddy said, motioning for the men to gather around him again. “To start with I think I am still hungry. Say, my friend didn’t you say we could have some more food?”

“Of course,” Master said, “Help yourself.”

And while the others were laughing at her displeasure Big Daddy bent over and started licking Cher’s spread-eagled cunt. She started to moan immediately as he licked her clit from top to bottom with his warm silky tongue. And to make matters worse feeling his soft beard teasing her pussy made her even hotter. It felt so good that she started to moan and squirm again.

Lifting his head he chuckled, “I don’t know. I think this snack needs something else don’t you guys?” And all the men chuckled in agreement. She saw the same steady gaze that she loved to see in Dominant men studying her from behind his black mask. And then with an evil little smile he reached for a can of whipped cream.

Shaking the can in one hand he separated her bare little pussy lips with his other hand. And then he unceremoniously squirted a giant mound of whipped cream right into her slit and all around her cunt mound. And then he reached for the chocolate sauce and drizzled it all over the cream.

Cher was giggling riotously at the feeling of the cold whipped cream in her pussy. But she didn’t laugh for long as he dove face first, beard and all, right into the middle of her pussy.

He licked and lapped the sweet chocolaty cream from her cunt, running his stiff tongue all over her pussy mound. She started breathing hard when his hot tongue started licking between her legs, sliding it up and down in her slit, gulping and noisily slurping gooey chocolate and whipped cream as he went. She loved the feeling of his beard scratching softly between her legs as he drove her wild with his talented tongue.

Once he had cleaned her cunt of almost all of the desert he had concocted he centered on her clit rolling his tongue around and around and flicking the tip softly up and down over her stiff little fleshy nub, making her gyrate her hips trying to mash her clit harder against his mouth. And when he kept licking her clit again and again she began to moan and whimper in her desire for him to bring her to climax.

And as if she had given him a cue Big Daddy licked harder and this time he licked all up and down the inside of her pussy lips and occasionally he would suck her clit into his mouth and gently play with it between his teeth before trailing his tongue back down to the bottom of her ass cheeks.

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