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I can’t believe I am standing here naked, at a cocktail party, with my arms held behind my back in handcuffs. I must be crazy, but let me tell you how it all started.

About two weeks ago I met Jeff, an old friend from high school. I have been working as a journalist since finishing university, and Jeff was working as an engineer at a local high tech firm. We went for coffee and talked about old times. He asked what I was working on now, and I told him that I was researching an underground group called Erindale. When I mentioned this, his face lit up, like he was surprised and knew more than he was saying. He said he had heard of the group, but wondered why I was so interested in finding out about it. I told him that I had been doing freelance work for a local community paper, and they had asked me to find out what I could.

We talked for about an hour but Jeff kept steering the conversation back to sexual subjects. He wanted to know everything about my sexual orientation and experience. When I finally asked him why he was so interested in my sex life he said, “April, I have been a member of Erindale for several years.”

Jeff explained that if I was to continue my quest as a journalist, the conversation about Erindale was over. On the other hand, if I was interested in joining the group he would tell me more. He explained that he had no interest in exposing the group to the media but thought that I and Erindale members may be compatible.

Of course I wanted to know more, but it was getting late and Jeff’s company was making me quite horny. I suggested we go back to my place a couple of blocks away.

Jeff was a slow, considerate and passionate lover, much more so than the few men I had met recently. We had sex for hours, and by bedtime I was completely drained.

In the hazy bliss after several orgasms, I again asked him about Erindale, and if he learned all that from his friends. He said that Erindale was indeed a group of friends, but they used BDSM and sex as the glue that held them together, lessened inhibitions and deepened their relationships with each other.

He said that if I was really interested in joining the group, he would try to arrange for me to attend a selection dinner and dance. He explained that every 6 months they had a special party for the purpose of finding new members. Several prospective members were invited but before he would nominate me I had to swear to give up my journalistic interest in the group. It was a secret and private group, and I had to agree to keep it that way. With some reluctance, and total fascination, I agreed. A week later Jeff called and said that the party was in two weeks.

The evening was very different.

All the people were warm and interesting, and many stopped to talk to me and asked me many very personal and intimate questions. I guess I was being tested, because a week later Jeff called and said that everyone liked me, and if I was still interested, I would be accepted. But there was one last big step before becoming a member.

Then he told me that there was a sexually oriented initiation party and I would have to agree to several things on the night of the party. My commitment to this life style would be thoroughly tested. I wanted to know everything.

Jeff said that I had to agree to be the sex slave of the whole group for the evening. If I backed out after the initiation started, I would be banned for life. I had to be sure I was committed because if I failed it would be a mark against Jeff’s judgment in recommending me, and he wouldn’t be able to recommend anyone else for 2 years.

Jeff said that my inhibitions would be put to the test, and I had to trust him and the group. I would be tormented, teased and experience such great pleasure that I would be bound emotionally to the group forever.

“Okay.. Okay”, I said. “What are the conditions?”

It was very simple, I had to abstain from all sex, no orgasms at all, for the next three weeks. Jeff would pick me up at 6:00 pm Friday and we would go for a couple of beers, and show up at the party about 7:30. Almost as an afterthought, Jeff said, “And no panties.”

“That’s all”. I said.

“No,” he said, “You also have to sign a statement that you are a willing participant and that they are relieved of any liability.”

Three weeks seemed like three years. I normally get pretty horny after a week, and at the end of three weeks I was ready to climb the walls. Especially thinking about what might be done to me on initiation night.

Jeff picked me up at 6:00 and we walked to a local pub. Just rubbing against him as we walked sent sent tingles through my body. He was the last person I had sex with, and he was really good, and I was more than horny.

Jeff asked, “Are you ready for the experience of your life?”

He told me that I would be the special person of the evening, and that everyone at the party would be totally dedicated to my pleasure. I asked him what kind of pleasure, and he just smiled and porno said he was sure that I and everyone at the party would be pleased with the evening. We left about 7:00 and a taxi was waiting outside the pub. I got in the back with Jeff, and before I could sit down, he pulled up my dress so that I sat bare ass on the leather seats. My pussy was already damp, and the half hour ride into the country created a very wet slippery spot on the leather.

The house was large and well lit, and as we entered everyone stopped talking and looked at us. I guess they were wondering what kind of new member I was, and I was sure wondering what I had gotten myself into.

They took me to a small room off the entryway, and explained that unfortunately they had to do the formalities first. The agreement and release were short and to the point, and I signed without reading it.

Two women then took my hands and led me to a bedroom. They undressed me completely, and then tied my hands behind my back with soft lined leather cuffs. I really had to pee by now, from the beer earlier, and asked for a bathroom. They just said that they would show me in a couple of minutes.

They led me to a large patio, where about a hundred people were standing around drinking and talking. Everyone was so friendly, and I was never left alone. One person after another came up to talk to me. As my hands were tied, they offered me their own drinks and held them to my lips. Many men and women softly cupped my breasts, pinched my nipples or gently rubbed my ass and sometimes my pussy.

Every time I asked for the bathroom, they said they were not sure where it was, but would go and find out for me. Then different people would gather around me and I would forget about it.

I was just starting to think that they were avoiding the bathroom question when four men arrived carrying a round wooden table with four legs, and a strange looking device attached to the padded top. The table was about four feet in diameter, and had 2 round padded bars, one about 2 feet high and the other about a foot high.

A couple of women led me to the table, undid my handcuffs, and instructed me to climb onto the table and kneel over the bars. I offered no resistance when they then adjusted the height and position of the bars so that one was across my chest against my arms, and the other was across my lower abdomen against my legs. They then spread my knees apart and cuffed my legs, feet, hands and arms to the table.

They explained that they called this the un-cage, because you were totally immobilized, but at the same time totally exposed. I could not move forward because of the bar against my legs, and I could not move back because of the bar against my arms. My ass was totally exposed because I was on my elbows and knees with my head lower than my ass.

As I started to comprehend the position I was in, I started to get embarrassed for the first time, and really had my doubts about what I had begun. I noticed the round mirror under my stomach and legs, and could almost see my exposed and open pussy. I wanted to scream, but I also was dying from curiosity to see what would happen next. I also didn’t want to bring disrepute to Jeff by backing out now.

And then Jeff leaned in close to my ear and whispered “Your word is ‘printer’.” I turned my head to look into his eyes with a question on my lips. He shook his head and whispered “Say it.” Then he leaned in again, his hair tickling my lips next to his ear.


“Good girl. That is your word. You will know when you need it. You will know when to say it. But you only get to say it once and you can never come back.”

For the next hour, there was always someone at my table, not talking now, but gently rubbing some part of me, or offering me a drink from a straw. There was never a time without several hands stroking some part of my body. Women and men brought chairs up to the table, and started to slowly rub and pinch my nipples, and with every touch I got more turned on, and more embarrassed. I was sure I was going to lose control any time now, and pee all over the table top, with all these people watching.

Then a woman stood directly in front of me and said, “My name is Monica and I am the master of ceremonies tonight. Your torment and pleasure is in my hands.”

Monica then reached for a shaving brush and razor, and started to rub warm lather all over my pussy. The feeling was unbearably good and I could feel the slow climb to a wonderful orgasm. She rubbed the soft bristles all over my pussy and asshole, and then shaved what must have been every bit of hair from my crack and pussy. When she was finished she massaged warm oil into my cunt and ass. All this time, the men were still pinching and rubbing my nipples and I was getting extremely turned on.

I jumped as I felt a strange sensation on my cunt. Looking in the mirror I could see that Monica and another woman were using artists paint brushes to tickle me.

Monica was very good anime porno at sensing when I was approaching orgasm, and just as I was about to cum she said, “Very slow and light on the nipples and ass now”.

I almost came, but the tickling was too light to bring me over the top. It was just light enough to drive me totally crazy. My pussy juice was starting to drip onto the mirror between my legs, and I was clenching hard so I wouldn’t start to pee as well.

I started to push against my restraints and said, “Please make me cum now.”

Then the strangest thing of all happened.

Each and every person lined up, and my head was pulled back so I was looking straight ahead. Every person came up to me and told me their name, and kissed me on the lips. Each kiss was different. Some were soft, and others wet with soft probing tongues. The feelings aroused in me with my sensitive parts being softly caressed, while dozens of strangers kissed me, were to say the least indescribable. They told me that I would soon be one of them.

Half way through the kissing line, I couldn’t hold the pee any longer, and as hard as I clenched, it started leaking onto the mirror. My nipples were very hard and very sensitive, and my pussy was enlarged and red and exposed and starting to have little tremors of orgasm, but never enough to bring me off completely. I struggled against the padded bars and alternately pushed my cunt out and pulled it in as far as I could. I was going out of my mind.

Suddenly all the touching stopped and my body shook with the emptyness of it. Several men then picked up the table, me and all, and carried it off the patio to a backyard grassy area. I just moaned and screamed, “Noooo” as Monica removed a large enema bag from a satchel and inserted the tube into my ass. I screamed and pulled at my restraints as the warm liquid ran into my bowels. The warm liquid in my bowels was pressing against my already full bladder, when Monica pulled back the hood of my clit, and put a very powerful vibrator directly on my clit, and at the same moment someone pinched both nipples hard.

I let go completely, or I should say, my body let go involuntarily, and I emptied my bowels and bladder simultaneously. For some reason the vibrator did not make me cum. I guess it was just too much of a shock. They washed me off with warm water and dried me and then carried the table and me, back to the patio. I was soooo horny.

People slowly gathered around the table and started massaging my sore muscles with oil. It was starting to feel good again, when a woman with full red lips lay down on the table with her head directly under mine. She said, “My name is Sally. Do you mind if I kiss you?”

Not quite comprehending, I must have nodded because she started kissing me on the lips, ears and eyes.

I jerked forward against the bar and moaned as the tickling of my swollen and super sensitive cunt started again. The soft brushes, dipped in warm KY tormented my exposed clit.

Two more tables were drawn up at my sides, and two women lay down with their heads under my breasts. When both women took my nipples in their mouths and sucked and laved them I thought I would die. I got very close to having an orgasm, but each time Monica told them to slow down just before I came. They kept this up for what seemed forever until I was bucking against the bars and begging them to make me cum.

A man arrived with two bowls and said, “I guess now the real fun begins.” I could see the bowls were full of dildos.

Monica said, “Let’s start with the two small hot ones, but be ready with the icy cold ones.”

While they were sucking my nipples, and tickling my asshole and clit, they inserted hot dildos in my cunt and asshole. I almost passed out from the intense feeling of the long slow strokes. I screamed, “I’m cumming” and Monica screamed “Now”. They immediately replaced the hot dildos with the ones made from solid ice.

I screamed. I moaned and drooled as I lost control. The ice stopped my orgasm, but my sphincter muscles continued to spasm around the ice. As I slowly calmed down I looked up to see 100 people watching. They were laughing and fondling each other. I could only say, “Please, Please make me cum now.”

They removed the cold dildos and Monica and her helpers started again with the brushes and the tickling and the women sucking my nipples. I could see my clit in the mirror and it was larger and shinier than I had ever seen it. Two brushes moved to opposite sides of my clit and I was immediately going crazy again. They kept this up for several minutes but slowed the tickling when I was just about to cum. Monica said, “Now” as they inserted larger hot dildos in both my holes. The hot after the cold was excruciating.

Something new was happening to my body. The feelings were so terribly intense that I could not have an orgasm. I could feel my vaginal and rectal muscles in spasm against the dildos, and every nerve was alive. The feeling arap porno was more intense than actually having an orgasm.

As they continued the stimulation of every sensitive body part, the sensations continued to build. I moaned into Sally’s mouth as she tried to kiss me. My nipples were on fire and my sphincters were snapping open and shut. I pushed my cunt out as far as I could and then clenched my muscles back in tight, but nothing stopped the growing pleasure. My body was not mine any more.

Monica said, “Okay, let’s bring her a little closer, with longer twisting strokes and Sahra, lay down underneath her and suck her clit into your mouth.”

As I started to cum, Monica yelled and everything stopped as two icy cold dildos were rammed into my holes.

I must have passed out for a minute as I woke with them rubbing my forehead with cold washcloths. As I came to, the feelings in my cunt and asshole and nipples surged back, as the spasms gripped the ice dildos. They all rubbed my sore muscles as I calmed down a bit. I never thought someone could be this horny. Never in my life. I would have done anything for any of them just to get relief.

I was drenched in sweat and asked for water. They removed the icy dildos and gave me a drink. They told me that we were near the end and soon they would make me cum and I would be part of them. I started crying and said that I couldn’t take it any more. I was so confused. I wanted the feelings to come back and I didn’t really want it to end.

I thought about the safe word and how I could end it right now. Then what?

I get to go home and play with myself and never see this group of people again. I finally said, ” Please go ahead, but make me cum as soon as possible.”

I felt a different sensation on my pussy and looked back in the mirror. They were attaching a little bar and clamps to my labia that held my pussy wide open. Then a little lower down, near my clit they attached two more clamps to the skin, and to these two clamps they attached a weight. I moaned a little as they let the weight go as it pulled down the skin over my clit and completely exposed it.

So here I am, with my ass high in the air, and clamps holding my pussy wide open, and weights holding the natural cover over my clit pulled tight and down. The weights pulled so hard, and my clit was so enlarged anyway, that it stuck way out with its sensitive skin pulled tight and shiny. I no longer had any control over my red and enlarged cunt. The spasms had stopped because my muscles were so tired.

Monica then suggested to everyone that maybe I should be made to cum with a full bladder. She asked if I had ever cum when I had to pee really bad.

I said, “No, I don’t want to even think about it”.

She said it was time to experience it, and inserted a catheter into my pee hole and hung the bag high above my ass. She then draped a hot towel over my ass and pussy, and said that was just to keep me warm while they had a little break.

I jumped in surprise at the feeling in my tits, which were hanging down toward the table as they put the whole of both breasts into bowls of hot water. Monica explained that this would make the nipples and breasts much more sensitive.

The feelings were quite foreign for me, with my breasts hanging down into bowls of hot water, and a hot towel over my ass and cunt, and the pressure from the catheter slowly filling my bladder. It felt like I was going to pee, and I clamped down to stop it, but every time my sphincter relaxed the warm water rushed into my bladder again. In a short time my sphincter muscles were quite tired and started to spasm open and closed, and each time a little more water entered my bladder and increased the fullness and urge to pee.

Everyone got a new drink, and seemed to be ignoring me as my bladder slowly filled. I later learned that what they were waiting for was my bladder to get so full, and my sphincter muscles to get so tired that I just let go and relaxed and gave up trying to stop peeing. When this eventually happened, the rest of the water rushed into my bladder and increased the sensation of having to pee beyond what I had ever felt. The feeling became so intense that I completely lost control.

They left me like that for a good half hour, and my over full bladder and general horniness kept my sensations quite confused. Finally they turned their attention back to me again and Monica asked how I was feeling. I said I never imagined anyone could have to pee this bad. She just smiled and said the feeling would add to and intensify all other feelings. They removed the bowls from under my tits and the towel from my ass and started again.

They left the catheter in to keep the pressure in my bladder, and started with very light tickling with brushes on my nipples, asshole, cunt and also my very vulnerable clit.

The tickling was torture it felt so good, but was too light to make me cum. They kept this up for about 15 minutes as I slowly went out of my mind. My sphincter muscles could no longer contract and a river of pussy juice was dripping onto the mirror below. I cursed and swore and begged them to make me cum. Then the two women turned their mouths to my nipples and started sucking again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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