The Path to Happiness Pt. 08

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My life became fairly routine. 4 months had passed since I starred in my first porn film. Since then I had started university, and this took up most of my time. I still had my waitress job, but the stripping and escort work had trailed off. I did make my second porn film; I played a girl who had a visit by the police and was fucked by a guy dressed in a police uniform.

I still hung out with David, and we had explored the London gay scene, though neither of us had any hook ups. The main bonus of the passage of time was my hormone therapy was really kicking in and my body was noticeable different. My hair had also grown so I could have a very feminine pageboy cut. I had my extensions removed and I allowed my natural colour to grow back out.

Half term was approaching and I decided to check in with the studio. Steve told me there was no T-girl films planned at the moment, but I could pick up some extra work if I wanted. It would be a two-day shoot on location, it was another schoolgirl picture and he needed to fill some background parts. He also told me if I knew anyone else that could pull off a schoolgirl to let him know.

I met Dave at our local pub and was chatting, he was bemoaning he was hard up for cash. He joked that he should not have spent his £500 prize on a rent boy, but he is glad he did as it led to our friendship. Dave caught me staring at him, I was lost in thought. He brought me back to the moment, I told there was a way I could help him earn £500. He sat up and listened to my plan. I told with a little work I could help him get some extra work in my upcoming film. It took him a minute for the penny to drop when he realised, I meant he had to cross dress.

It took have a bottle of wine to get him to at least let me try and transform him. On the way back to my flat we stop off at a store for some supplies. When we got to my flat, I gave him the hair removal products and pushed him into my bathroom.

10 minutes late he came out with a towel around him, I whipped the towel off reminding him I had seen it all before. I handed him a pair of panties and a pair of hold up stockings. I then stuck my breast forms to his chest and handed him a bra. I pulled out my school uniform and gave him the blouse to put on, followed by the skirt. He was hopeless at tying a tie, so I took over and tied a perfect Windsor knot. After he put on the pullover and blazer, I fitted my old wig and made up his face. He looked perfect. It was only 3.30 in the afternoon, so with David’s reluctance I called a cab and took him whilst dressed over to the studio to see Steve.

Steve was pleased to see us and gave David a quick screen test. His movement was Ok and Steve gave David the job as a schoolgirl extra. We had a chat and mentioned that David was gay, so Steve said he might have some roles for him coming up.

When xslot we arrived back at my flat, I had David change into one of my dresses and we went back out for the evening. By the end of the night David or Samantha as we now called her was a natural.

For the rest of the week it was back to our classes, so that took up most of our time. On the Friday after class, David came to my flat and I transformed him into Samantha. I packed her a bag and we caught a train to the village the film shoot was happening. We caught a cab from the station to the large house that was doubling for the private school in the movie. I found Sara and she kitted us both out with a full school uniform each, then she showed us to our room. We unpacked our stuff and joined the other actors and crew for dinner.

They had already shot the sexy scenes, and over the next two days they will be filming the inserts between the scenes. We shared some food and a few drinks and there was a party atmosphere. But we were all in bed by 11pm and soon fast asleep.

Sara knocked on the door and woke us up at 7am, and we went and had breakfast still in our pyjamas. We waited for the other girls to use the showers before we had our shower. I helped Sam get ready and dressed before I put my own uniform on.

The dining room had been set up as green room, and we gathered with the other extras dressed identical to us. For the first hour we just sat around, before Sara called 5 of us out. We were taken to the library, and arranged like we were studying. We shot a couple of setups in the library before returning to the green room. I passed the time reading my law books, Sam was playing cards with a couple of the other girls.

After lunch I was on set out in the grounds shooting a scene where we walked outside the house. As we waited for a lighting change, I got to chatting to a very handsome guy who worked on the crew called Chris. It was clear he was flirting with me, he told me he knew I had something extra under my skirt. I asked him if he wanted to find out, he said he would indeed.

During our next break, Chris and I sneaked off and found an empty room. His lips were quickly on mine as we made out, as we fell onto a large sofa. His hand stroked up my nyloned legs until he reached my panties, and started to rub my cock. He removed his hand from under my skirt and open my blazer and slipped it off my shoulders. It was clear he wanted to undress me, so I let him as I pulled his t-shirt over his head. After he peeled off my pullover, broke the knot of my tie and opened my blouse. I unbuckled his jeans and pulled them down with his boxer shorts, his hard cock sprung out. Chris pulled the front of my bra down freeing my boobs and he started to suck on my nipples. He kissed his way down my body, he lifted my skirt and started to kiss my rock-hard cock through xslot Giriş my panties. With one swift motion he pulled off my underwear and my cock was within his mouth. He was a great cock sucker, and I could tell this was not his first time. As he blew me, he started to work some fingers into my arse.

I told him I needed him in me, so he let go of my cock and lined his own up with my arse. With a shove he was deep into my and began to fuck me. He alternated between kissing me and sucking on my tits. This was the best shag I had in ages, he was a good balance between rough and tender. Unfortunately, he did not last too long and unloaded into me, before I came. He pulled out and to my surprised sucked my eager cock back into his mouth and gave me an intense blow job until I fired into his mouth.

He crawled up to my face and we spit-balled my seed between us. We had a quick cuddle, but time was getting on so we quickly redressed, and I fixed my makeup.

Sam gave me a funny look when I re-entered the green room. I went back to my books as I sipped a coffee.

The director called a wrap to today’s filming and we headed back off to our rooms. As I walked down the corridor, a hand whipped out of a side room and grabbed my arm. Before I could tell what was happening, I was pulled inside the room and into Chris’s arms.

His lips were back on mine, and I melted into his arms. I sank to my knees and whipped out his cock and swallowed it whole. I sucked him hard and fast.

I wanted to be fucked so I pulled off of him and went over to the desk, bending over it. He did not need asking twice and he was in me within seconds, I told him to fuck me good. He did not disappoint this time and fuck me with meaning. I loved as each thrust rubbed my tits against the desktop. This time I did come before him, soiling my knickers. He dumped his second load into my in a matter of hours, and then collapsed on top of me. He kissed and caressed the back of my neck as his cock soften inside me and plopped out.

Chris got off me and helped me to my feet, he hugged and kissed me. I told I’d see him at dinner and returned to my room. Sam was sat on her bed; she had removed her blazer and pullover and her tie was loose with her top button open.

She looked pissed at me, I took my blazer off and hung it up and sat next to her. I asked her straight out what I had done. She looked embarrassed then said she knew I had sex with the guy from the crew, she continued that as silly as it seemed she was jealous I was getting fucked and she was not. I laughed and put my arm around her and told her not to worry, we would get a cock in her soon enough.

I had an idea, so I removed my tie and opened my collar and left Sam alone in the room. For the couple of films, I had made I had gotten to know most of the crew. I knew xslot Güncel Giriş there was a guy called Adam on the crew and he was gay, I decided to try my hand at match making.

I did some discreet asking around and Adam was single, I had a word with Steve and he did not care if Sam or David come to dinner, as long as Sam was in her uniform ready for filming. I went back to my room and told Sam she could dress as a man tonight, she looked relieved.

I stripped to my underwear, and hit the showers. There were a couple of other girls in there but I did not care, I peeled off my clothes and got under the water. I had Chris’s dried cum leaking out my arse.

Back in our room I dressed for the evening in t-shirt and sweatpants. David was back after I helped him remove the wig and breast forms.

At dinner, I sat near Adam and David sat next to me. Chris also joined us. We ate our food and out came the beers. I engaged Adam in conversation and slowly work David into it as well, soon they were in their own dialogue I hoped one thing would lead to another and nature would take its cause.

I turned my attention back to Chris, he put arm around and we spent the evening cuddling and actually getting to know each other.

Around 9.30 Adam and David disappeared, I smiled that my plan appeared to be working. At 10.30 I kissed Chris goodnight and went to bed, just after I slipped into bed David came with a freshly fucked look on his face. He stripped and got into his bed. He told me he knew what I did, and that I was a good friend. I winked and told him I did not know what he was talking about. We turned the lights out and went to sleep.

I was up bright and early, and helped David transform back into Sam for the last day of film. After a light breakfast it was back to our room to pack and put on our uniforms. I did not see Chris at breakfast as he was off helping setup for today’s filming. Sam and I headed to the common room and I took a large coffee and set myself up with my law books waiting for my call to set.

The morning flew by and soon we wrapped after 3 setups. The Crew all meet up in the common room for a quick wrap, the girls were in various stages of undress as ties and blazers were discarded. I choose to keep my full uniform on, even for a porno shoot I wanted to remain prim and proper. Though I did have 3 glasses of cheap fizzy wine. After a few hugs and kisses we started to break up and return to our rooms, Chris caught me on the way out and we shared a smooch and swapped phone numbers. I was tempted to drag him off and get him to fuck me, but I had to rush off and catch a train back to London. Sam and I returned to our room and stripped off our uniforms for the last time, Sam changed into David and I put on a summer dress leaving our uniforms on the beds and left the hall.

A couple of hours later I fell into my flat and made a light dinner and took a long bubble bath and slipped into my silk nightie.

As I watched TV, I shared some text messages with Chris and at 11pm I slipped into bed and fell fast asleep.

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