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Exquisite Agony Ch. 01

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It was seven pm on a Friday night. I was standing in the kitchen washing dishes, wearing a sexy French Maid outfit Master Tristan picked out for me. Sometimes he would sit and watch me while while I did chores, but tonight he was upstairs, quite possibly preparing for a very interesting night.

Friday nights are our date nights. Most Fridays, I make us dinner and Master Tristan cooks up a kinky sex scene for dessert. I tingled with excitement as I thought about what might happen tonight. Even though I was facing the kitchen sink, my ears were focused on the stairs behind me. A squeak near the top alerted me that he was coming, so I set the plate down and turned to look for him. He strode gracefully down the stairs. I smiled at him, admiring his thin, muscular body, on display more than usual tonight in a black leather vest and dark jeans.

“Hello beautiful. Keep working.”

“Yes, sir.” I turned back to the dishes, very conscious of him as he crossed the room toward me.

Big, strong hands slid across my sides and over my breasts, gliding over the satiny fabric of my costume. I moaned, but continued scrubbing the plate, then put it in the dishwasher. He massaged my breasts and pinched my nipples. As his hands roamed my body, he kissed the nape of my neck, first tenderly and then aggressively. I leaned into him as his lips and teeth claimed me, trying futilely to focus on finishing the dishes. He flipped up my skirt and slapped my ass, once on each cheek. I squealed in pain and delight. Then he strolled over to the kitchen table to watch me work.

A few minutes later I put the last oversized pot in the drying rack. I wiped my hands on the towel and brushed my hair away from my face, and then turned toward my Master.

“Good girl. Now, get on your hands and knees.”

“Yes, sir.” I knelt and put my hands on the floor in front of me.

“Come here.” He stood to watch as I crawled toward him. I wasn’t wearing nylons with my outfit because he made me do this so often. After I reached him he scratched my head, then lead me up the stairs.

The comforter had been removed from the bed and folded on the floor, exposing the soft crimson sheets. porno To the right of the bed was our weight bench. It was one of the very simple flat leather benches with sturdy metal legs–perfect for restraining someone or fucking doggie style. One of our pillows had been placed on the floor in front of it.

“You’ve been a good girl this week, so I’m going to let you have your vibrator. Stand up and take off your clothes for me.” Master Tristan watched as I took off my costume and set it aside; then he picked up a rope and my rabbit vibrator off the bench. Now that I was standing, I could see a flogger, arm and leg cuffs, and a leather belt lying on top of it. I grinned in anticipation and waited for his instructions.

He approached me with the toy. “Spread your legs.”

He inserted the vibrator and tied it in place but didn’t turn it on. He ordered me to put on the arm and leg cuffs, then called me over to a hook secured in the ceiling. The hammock chair that normally hung from it had been taken down and replaced with a loop of rope. Master Tristan snapped my wrist cuffs to the rope and tightened the loop until I was pulled just slightly off the ground. I could take the strain off my wrists by standing on the balls of my feet, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold myself like that for long before my ankles got tired and my feet began to ache. The helplessness of my situation made my groin tingle. My muscles clenched around the vibrator and my stomach began to do flips. I loved every second of it.

He clipped my ankle cuffs together, and told me, “Don’t move, and don’t make a sound.” Then he kissed me, and the fun began. A hand struck my ass.


Pain flared up, followed by a soft tingle of pleasure. I closed my eyes, concentrating on being calm and accepting all the sensations my master was giving me.


The pain made me clench my muscles and heightened my excitement. Master Tristan spanked my ass and thighs repeatedly until they began to sting and burn. My pussy spasmed with every impact and I began to slip into subspace–the pain and pleasure became a fog of sensation overwhelming my mind. I struggled to japon porno keep myself silent and still as my body demanded that I react. The bite of a flogger on my ankles almost startled a yelp from my throat.

Master Tristan began at my ankles and slowly worked his way all the way up my back, stopping a few inches shy of my neck. The impacts were hard and rhythmic. Sensation washes over me in waves. I hung from the ceiling, still and silent,, surrendering to the pleasure and pain. He moves around to the front and continued the flogging, encouraging my silent bliss.


The impact of a belt followed immediately after the flogger connected with my thigh.

“You flinched. Now you need to be punished.”

I wanted to apologize, but I remained silent like I was told. I know that he surprised me with the belt just to make me flinch, but the trick didn’t bother me. My Master enjoys unleashing his cruel streak once in awhile, and I find fulfillment in serving him, even when his punishments are severe enough that they are more painful than pleasant.

He moved behind me and began to work on me with the belt. The impacts were hard and random–my butt, my back, my thigh–each strike a surprise. I stood silently, eyes closed and body stiff. It hurt more than I would like, but it was still turning me on.

*SMACK* Pain blooms on my calf.

*Smack* My butt. I felt my eyes beginning to tear up.

*SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* The same area on my lower back, three times in a row.

*SMACK* The belt hits my side and whips around to strike my breast so hard I cry out.

“That one hurt, didn’t it?” He walks around to look into my face.

“Yes, sir.”

“I told you to stay silent. Now what should I do?” He stroked my face, eying me with a malicious smirk. He knew that I would come up with a worse punishments than he would.

“Do it again until I can hold still and stay silent.”

“Good idea. But now that you’re expecting it, you’ll probably be able to stay silent the first time. No, I think we’ll do ten of those. Scream all you like.”

He pressed his finger to the bright red spot on my lezbiyen porno breast where the belt struck me. I gasped, but the cruelty in his eyes sent a wave of excitement down my spine. Fear of what’s coming made me tense, but somehow continued to excite me. I felt the juices dripping down my legs. Master Tristan reached over and turned the vibrator on high, then walked around behind me. Pleasure flooded my body. I was concentrating so hard on not coming that the first impact almost surprised me. I screamed in pain.

“One.” His voice is filled with confidence and satisfaction.

“Thank you, sir.”

He didn’t order me to thank him, so I didn’t have to do it, but I enjoyed thanking him for punishing me. Even this, which hurt so much that my eyes were watering, would make my eventual orgasm that much stronger (if he allowed me to have one).

“Two.” The belt whiped around my side and lands right where the first one landed. I screamed again.




“It hurts!” I was tempted to use my safeword, but I told myself that I could take it.


*Smack. Smack*

“Please. No more.” I begged him to stop because I know he likes to hear me beg, not because I expected mercy. I knew that he wouldn’t stop unless I said my safeword or he felt like stopping.


“Eight.” Tears are streaming down my face now. My breasts burn and ache. It’s almost over.

“Nine.” I let my knees give way and hang by my arms.

He walks around to face me. The smile on his face when he sees my tears is positively evil. “Sometimes, I just love making you cry.” He wipes the tears off my cheek with one hand, then walks around behind me, rubbing the belt against my thigh as he walks by.



“Thank you, sir, for correcting me.”

“Darling, it was my pleasure.” He turned off the vibrator, lifted me by the wrists and unclipped the rope, and then lowered my arms around his neck. He picked me up and carried me over to the bed. “You’re such a strong woman. Thank you for working so hard to serve me.”

Kissing me gently, he lowered me to the bed and laid beside me. I sigh and snuggle into him as he held me in his arms and stroked my hair, praising me and saying he loved me. I held him tight, burying my face in his hair. I breathed in the clean apple scent of his shampoo and basked in the catharsis that comes after a good beating.

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