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The Wyrm’s Curse Ch. 06

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A brief note… In reading over the previous chapter I noticed that I had been remiss in failing to consider the lighting, or lack thereof, in Sylvie’s bedroom – so I’ve gone back and added a couple small windows in the outer wall and, upon entering the room with Kara, Miri has/did/will have, through the time bending magic of retroactive editing, lit the candle on the stand beside the bed. So… windows… getting dark outside… candle. I think that brings us up to speed.

Oh right… sorry about the wait. heh.


Sylvie hugged herself with one arm. Her other hand hovered where she had raised it to push her spectacles up her nose at some earlier point. Realizing she had spoken aloud and was now both starer and stare-ee, she clapped the raised hand over her mouth.

The tableaux dragged out for several long seconds while each of them tried to think what to do, and, failing, resorted to waiting for one of the other two to act first.

“Um…” Sylvie finally ventured, bringing her left hand out in front of her.

She held a rolled up half sheet of parchment.

“Ah, Sylvie… what’s that, then?” Miri asked, getting over the surprise and deciding to skip being embarrassed altogether.

Kara, meanwhile, did her best to unobtrusively clean herself, Miri and the bed, using the bedsheets. She eyed her clothes, regretting having left them strewn across the floor.

“Um…” Sylvie slowly lowered her gaze to the parchment in her hand. Thankful for the distraction, she unrolled the little scroll and stared at it. “The translation. I was thinking that it was very strange…”

“Not as much now, relatively, huh?” Miri suggested.

“Well, there is that, but… I um, I saw your f-friends…” Sylvie gestured vaguely in Kara’s direction without looking up from her parchment.

“Oh… you saw Kara’s cock.” Miri slid off the bed and walked over to examine the parchment over Sylvie’s shoulder.

Sylvie swallowed hard and nodded.

“Sorry, I-”

“Don’t be silly dear. It is your room, after all.” Miri interrupted.

The candle had by then burnt down to a tiny puddle of wax. All three women looked over as it flickered violently for a moment before snuffing out with a faint ‘poof’, leaving a thin coiling breath of white smoke to rise and dissipate.

“Aye, well done. Now the light goes out.” Kara remarked.

Miri unhurriedly recited the same incantation she had used earlier at Sylvie’s desk. When she finished, an identical globe of warm light grew into existence just below the ceiling near the middle of the room. That done, she returned her attention to the parchment Sylvie held.

“Ah, um, right… well, uh, at any rate, I think… see, each closing line? I think it must all be metaphorical.” Sylvie touched a fingertip to the parchment here and there as she spoke.

The two shared a murmured conversation while puzzling over the translated text. Kara moved around them, collecting clothes from the floor. Hopping a bit, she pulled on her tights, then stood, holding the rest of the garments against her chest.

“Care to cover up a bit?” Kara asked, nudging Miri.

“No, I think I’ll just wait til I’ve cleaned up with water.”

Kara rolled her eyes. Miri always had been quite comfortable with herself, so to speak. With a shrug Kara dropped the armload without bothering to pull on a top. She crossed her arms under her breasts and waited.

“Well? Is it gibberish?” she asked impatiently.

“Mmm, no. It was probably a sort of poem in the original language. Loses something of the flow in the translation, I imagine.” Miri replied.

“Uh huh.” Kara paused. “Mirielle. Does it explain anything? About me? Growing a cock?”

The other two glanced up from the scroll, Sylvie quickly lowering her gaze again. Kara felt a twinge of sympathy for the beleaguered young woman.

“Oi, relax girl. We’re all women here. Er, mostly.” Kara stepped forward, reaching out to gently lift Sylvie’s chin until they were looking each other in the eye. “I know we just met earlier, but you’re a friend of Miri’s and any friend of Miri’s… is suspect. I’ll try not to hold it against you, if you’ll return the favor.” Kara smiled and gave her a wink.

“I guess that’s fair.” Sylvie smiled. “Thanks.” she added belatedly.

“Good. Now, what about this poem?”

“It goes on about pollinating various flowers and orchids.” Miri spoke up. “We think it’s all a metaphor. In the beginning here it says something like ‘the growth of spring shall not subside until the needful seeds are sown.'”

“And by ‘meta-four,’ you mean it’s not really about flowers and… Oh. So ‘growth of spring’ is…” Kara trailed off, one hand unconsciously straying toward her crotch.

“And assuming the metaphor holds, the flowers represent women.” Miri nodded.

“And… how sure are you about this ‘meta-four’ business?” Kara asked, frowning.

“Um, well, see, there are descriptions of different flowers.” Sylvie explained. “One was about a sweet and slender bloom of white. Bahis Sitesi I had translated that one and moved on, but a while later, those lines were gone from the copper scroll. There was just a gap of plain flat copper in the middle of the text where they used to be.”

All three were silent for a long moment.

“I noticed the change just a few minutes before I came back here and, er, came in.” she finished lamely.

Kara sighed.

“So the scroll is… enchanted. And the flowers are women I have to ‘seed.’ And when I do, their description vanishes from the scroll. And… when I’ve fucked all these women, I stop growing a cock?”

The other two nodded.

“And, I’m a sweet and slender bloom.” Miri smirked.

“Slutty flower, is what you are.” Kara snorted. “Now, how many ‘flowers’ are there on that little scroll?”

“Well, there were seven, but…” Sylvie tipped her head to look Miri up and down.

“Six.” Kara murmured, eyes going out of focus for a moment. She blinked. “I can do that.”

“Um…” Sylvie countered.

“It’s a bit more complicated than that.” Miri helped. “The descriptions aren’t highly specific, but we think they are suggestive of certain aspects of the ‘flowers’ you have to couple with.”

“For instance, there’s a ‘hearty blue Iris of the frozen northern isles.’ That must be a woman of the Northern Jarldoms.” Sylvie offered. “The Northmen are known for the high occurrence of blue eyes among them. And inhabiting the far northern islands, of course.”

Kara groaned.

“Nothing can ever just be simple.” she grumbled, flopping onto the bed.

Miri slid the parchment from Sylvie’s unresisting hands.

“We’ll just put this in here for later.” she said, finding Kara’s belt in the pile of clothes and tucking the rerolled parchment into a pouch.

” ‘m just gun’ go slip now. Te’ me th’ res’ t’merer.” Kara announced, face half buried in a pillow.

Sylvie remained standing where she was, apparently lost in thought. Miri stepped close behind her and leaned forward to wrap her arms around her.

“As her friends, we should probably try to cheer her up.” she whispered in Sylvie’s ear.

Sylvie twisted around enough to look at Miri.

“Wh-, uh, we… I…” she verbally floundered.

This was a bit too much for Miri. She broke into laughter.

“You… you have to take these off.” she drew Sylvie’s spectacles from her face and bent to set them on the little mound of clothes.

“And probably this, too.” Miri added, deftly untying the slim leather strap cinched over Sylvie’s ink stained tunic and reaching for the hem.

Sylvie squeaked, too flustered now even to speak. She grasped at Miri’s hands before her tunic could be dragged up and off. Miri paused. She let go of Sylvie’s tunic and leaned forward, tipping her head down so that their foreheads almost touched.

“Easy, love. If you don’t want to… I certainly don’t want to be pushing you into anything. I got the impression you might be interested, what with all the shyness and averting of eyes and such. Of course, no reason it couldn’t have been regular old shyness. You already knew me, but this was all rather sudden, and with a stranger… a particularly strange stranger, you could say… you probably don’t-“

“But I do…” Sylvie quietly, but firmly interjected. She glanced furtively over to where Kara lay.

Miri followed Sylvie’s gaze. She leaned back and regarded the little librarian again.

“You’re actually quite taken with Kara, aren’t you? That’s why you were so bothered… after walking in on us… in the state we were in. Naturally a bit shy, suddenly thrust into an awkward situation with someone you find attractive. Someone maybe already a bit intimidating. Exotic and dangerous. If you like, I could-“

“Miri?” Sylvie interrupted.

“Yes, dear?”

“Shut up, okay?”

Mirielle blinked.

“Okay.” she replied after a moment, smiling fondly. “I think I’ll wash up before I come to bed.”

She whispered a few strange syllables, dimming the glowing globe above before walking over to make use of the wash basin.

Sylvie nodded, took a deep, calming breath, and padded over to the bed.

Kara lay on her stomach with her face turned away. Her breathing was slow and regular. With a glance at Miri, Sylvie pulled her tunic up and off. Wearing only a barely adequate cotton loincloth and her stockings, she eased herself onto the scant space between Kara and the near edge of the mattress.

As often happened in times of uncertainty, Sylvie’s thoughts turned to her vast knowledge of written works. After considering the various references to courtship and mating rituals that came to mind, she decided it might be best to simply ‘dive in.’

Sylvie carefully moved over Kara to straddle her on hands and knees. She gently settled her pelvis on the upper curves of Kara’s ass and dipped to kiss her way up between Kara’s shoulder blades to her neck. She felt the heat of kara’s body, not only on her chest and Bahis Siteleri face, but on her inner thighs where they were separated from Kara only by the thin barrier of Kara’s tights.

Sylvie didn’t know what she had expected, really, but Kara’s body was something else. She could feel the firmness of muscles beneath the surface, but unlike the whipcord lean young guardsman who had been Sylvie’s one short-lived sexual affair, Kara’s muscles lay beneath a soft, svelt surface that lent delicious, fluid curves to everything. Twice Sylvie felt the taut smoothness of scars beneath her lips. When she reached Kara’s neck she nuzzled against it, inhaling deeply. Kara’s natural scent came mingled with faint tinges of sweat, leather, wine and the scented wax she sometimes worked into her hair.

Kara stirred as Sylvie indulged in a taste of her, licking along the outer edge of Kara’s ear.

“Mmp… Mir’… dun thick I can go ‘gain. ‘M sleepy.” Kara murmured without so much as cracking an eyelid.

In her muddled state, Kara clearly assumed it was Miri kissing her. Sylvie smiled. She planted a quick kiss on Kara’s cheek before sitting up and again working her way up Kara’s back, this time rubbing and kneading at the muscles beneath the surface as she went.

“Mmmmmerrrmmmmm… ‘kay. Ne’er mind.” Kara amended, with something between a moan and a purr.

Sylvie looked up when Miri slid onto the bed between Kara and the wall. Again, Kara took no notice, but was apparently not so dead to the world that she couldn’t continue issuing intermittent appreciative purrings.

“Awww, how cute.” Miri whispered.

She watched for a bit, then scooted closer and leaned to whisper in Sylvie’s ear. When she drew back, Sylvie was smiling her shy little smile, but she met Miri’s gaze and nodded. She worked her way backward and Miri moved to take her place, straddling Kara’s lower back and taking over the massage.

As she crawled back over Kara’s legs, Sylvie unceremoniously dragged Kara’s tights along with her. It took a couple strategic tugs to work them over hips and ass, then Sylvie slid them down to Kara’s knees.

“Uh? Miri…” Kara began, sounding surprised and annoyed now. She lifted her head enough to look back over a shoulder.

While she saw Miri resting her hands in front of her there on Kara’s back, she felt something press in against her crotch from behind. In the moment it took her to work out who was doing what and where, Sylvie’s tongue wormed in between her nether lips to tease her hole. Kara gasped and flinched in surprise.

“Miri! What the-?” she began, somewhere between annoyed and outraged.

“Shhh.” Miri cooed, lowering herself onto her elbows to plant wet, sucking kisses along the side of Kara’s neck. “Most people can’t afford this kind of treatment, sleepy-head. Mmmm… so just hush and enjoy.”

Kara had intended to issue one or two objections before grudgingly accepting the attention, but Miri knew how to get to her. Where to kiss or lick or nuzzle. Between that and Sylvie’s slippery explorations between her legs, Kara had gone limp and twitchy before Miri had finished speaking.

Pleasure and arousal slowly mixed with the receding soft-around-the-edges quality in Kara’s mind. She moved languidly. Spreading her legs for Sylvie, she resumed her earlier purring moans as the girl’s tongue found her clit.

Shortly there came a muffled squeak from the vicinity of Kara’s crotch. The change had come suddenly and was over in a blink. Kara rolled her hips back to accommodate the growth of her erection, inadvertently painting her juices up Sylvie’s face.

Sylvie drew back, grinning and sputtering. Miri glanced back.

“I think you may have given her a fat lip, but she’s smiling.” she informed Kara. “Was that my new friend joining us?”

Kara nodded.

“Good.” Miri rolled off and motioned Sylvie back. “Let’s roll you over and say hello.”

Kara rolled her eyes, but turned over onto her back. On a whim she drew her legs up, pressing her thighs together, hiding her cock. She propped herself up on an elbow to watch Sylvie’s face as she spread her legs again. The little librarian’s reaction was priceless. Kara soaked it in for a moment or two before moving a hand down next to the focus of Sylvie’s attention and curling a finger in a ‘come hither’ motion.

Sylvie looked up to meet Kara’s gaze. She blinked, smiled, but didn’t lower her eyes this time.

“Sorry about waking you.” she offered, wiping a lingering bit of dampness from her nose. She moved closer, running a hand slowly up Kara’s left leg.

“Eh. I gather you had help.” She turned her head to shoot Miri an overly dramatic, accusatory glare.

Miri smiled beatifically.

“Well, with you likely leaving tomorrow on your flower hunt quest, I thought it best to make the most of tonight. It’s possible we might even miss you when you’re gone. Maybe. A little bit.” Miri replied in mock indifference.

“Uh huh.” Kara returned her attention to Sylvie, who had crawled Canlı Bahis Sitesi up between her legs.

“May I…?” Sylvie asked hesitantly, tipping her head to look up around Kara’s cock.

“I’m not gonna stop you,” Kara laughed, “just mind the teeth.”

Miri watched, bemused, while Sylvie shifted between indulging her curiosity and her lust. Shortly, she lay back to rest her head on Kara’s shoulder. Bringing her left hand up, she absently caressed Kara’s breast.

“‘S funny,” Kara murmured, “For all this business with cursed cocks and flower fucking quests, I thought I’d be the one hunting for sex, not having it thrust upon me like a stallion at a stud farm.”

“You’re big, but I wouldn’t go so far as to compare you to a horse.”

“You been studying horse cocks while I was away?” Kara teased.

“No. Not yet. Although, with you leaving tomorrow…’

The two shared a laugh.

Further down the bed, Sylvie had been tracing a fingertip down the underside of Kara’s length and watching as it twitched. She raised her head a bit.

“But you don’t really feel that way?” she asked.

“Hmm?? What’s that, love?” Miri paused in her idle chatter.

“You don’t really feel like… like a stallion-?” Sylvie addressed Kara.

“Like I’m being used just for sex, you mean? Of course not.” Kara smiled. “Just… ironic – I have this quest to find girls to fuck, and it’s supposed to be-“

“Daunting.” Miri chimed in.

“Daunting,” Kara cut her eyes momentarily in Miri’s direction, “but now I’ve got two at once, giving me more than I know what to do with.”


Satisfied, Sylvie moved her face close to Kara’s considerable erection, but without breaking eye contact. Holding Kara’s gaze, she pressed a firm, moist kiss to the underside of the hot, swollen head. Pulling back again, she gave Kara that shy smile, but with a definite hint of naughtiness.

The kiss felt good, but the way the little librarian held her with those usually innocent eyes while delivering it had a much stronger effect. Kara inhaled deeply, feeling the heat of lust within her rekindling. As Sylvie drew back, Kara’s cock throbbed, reflexively bobbing to thud gently against the girl’s nose. She blinked, then broke into a grin.

Wrapping one hand slowly around Kara’s shaft, she considered it’s girth and the length still emerging above her grasp.

“It’s not as big as before, is it?” she asked, sounding thoughtful.

“Well, to be fair,” Miri replied, “it’s last performance was rather spectacular, and that was just before you came in. Probably even a magical curse-induced cock is going to need a little recovery after that.”

“Still… big.” the little librarian said slowly, moving her hand up to rub her palm over Kara’s swollen head.

“Just take it slow, love.” Miri softly encouraged. As she spoke, she shifted about, moving to straddle Kara, facing Sylvie. “Why don’t you come up here with me. If you’re on top, you can control things – how fast, how deep… and I’m sure Kara won’t mind someone else doing all the work.”

Kara feigned clearing her throat loudly.

“She’s right, Sylvie.” Kara spoke from beneath Miri’s hind quarters. “Although I don’t know when she decided she was a chicken and my head was an egg.”

A little drunk on hormones, pheromones, and unusually pleasant comeraderie, Sylvie carefully moved up to straddle Kara’s midsection. In moving over the other woman’s lap, she stayed low enough that Kara’s cock fetched up against her crotch. As she moved forward, the shaft was pressed back and down so that as she settled, she pinned it between her slick pink mound and Kara’s belly.

Kara made a happy little sound as Sylvie eased down a little more of her weight and ground her hips forward and back. At the same time she regarded Miri’s freshly washed, if still a bit rosey, undercarriage.

“Didn’t you just get clean?” she asked, bringing her hands up to her friend’s ass to help her balance.

“Yes. I did. Very.” Miri replied, dipping her hindquarters just slightly closer.

“Just for me, huh? How thoughtful.” Kara mused before tipping her head back and putting her tongue to good use.

“Mmm, you say that now…” Miri replied cryptically.

Kara got no chance to ponder the comment, as Sylvie chose that moment to realign things and then lower herself onto Kara’s cock. She took just the head at first. Kara’s tongue stopped for a moment. She moaned her surprise into Miri’s again moist cleft. Sylvie was obviously smaller than Miri, but Kara hadn’t considered how much smaller she might be on the inside. Miri had been tight, but Sylvie felt like a slick second skin that was almost too tight to fit. Except when her insides flexed and spasmed, loosening here, but tightening there.

A second surprise came on the heels of the first when, without warning, Miri shifted forward. It took a moment for Kara to realize exactly where her tongue had ended up.

“Mmph!” she hummed angrily.

“Very clean.” Miri reiterated, as if to herself.

Kara stopped trying to press herself back into her pillow. She supposed one more new thing wasn’t likely to kill her. Maybe. Tentatively she extended her tongue again. After a bit of probing, finding nothing offensive, she pressed gently at Miri’s tight little pucker.

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