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Educating Sara

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It was Thursday night when my friend Sara came over to help bake chocolate chip cookies for my Dom and her new boyfriend. We set some fun music on and chatted as we hunted down ingredients from the cabinet and started mixing. As usual, we tried to sneak bites of dough when the other one wasn’t looking. And we often caught each other. I was reaching for the chocolate chips and opening the bag when I saw her from the corner of my eye with a bit of dough in her mouth. I picked up and wooden spoon and waved it at her, “Bad bad bad girl!!” We both chuckled, yet I noticed her eyes were brighter. I kept the spoon beside me.

We continued to mix the cookie dough with the chips. Soon we were rolling the balls onto sheets to bake. I leaned over to check the oven temperature and was surprised by a whack on my ass. “Sara!!” I wailed and leaned back up. She was grinning, laughing “Ha ha… I know you liked it.” I couldn’t truly deny it so I kept my mouth shut. And started thinking.

We slid the first tray in and sat back at the table. Sara looked like a woman with something on her mind. We were always open with each other, she knew I was a submissive. Sometimes she asked questions and we joked with each other.

I watched her from across the table. She had long brown hair like mine, but straighter. Her eyes were blue and her mouth soft and smiling. I looked lower and saw her low cut T-shirt stretched over her large breasts. I twirled the wooden spoon in my hand, afraid of where my thoughts were going.

She lifted her eyes to mine and they were questioning, and strangely inviting. I lifted my eyebrows and smacked the spoon hard in my hand. Sara jumped in her seat. I grinned.

“Time to get the cookies out before they burn,” I whispered as I walked to the oven. I leaned over and reached in with an oven mitt. I slid the tray out and sat it up atop the stove. I felt hands on my ass as I rose. I pushed back a little, feeling those hands tentatively caressing. I stood up finally and turned around. I reached up, twirling a lock of her hair, pondering her. She whispered quietly, her eyes lowered, “Teach me?” I lifted her face and looked into her eyes. Why she was as turned on as I was. I whispered, “Sara? Are you sure?” She nodded shyly.

I turned, taking her hand and led her to my Master’s playroom. I sat her in a big leather chair. I walked over to a video camera along the far wall. I looked back. “We can tape this. We don’t have to show My Dom or your boyfriend, unless we both agree.” She twisted her hands, then looked straight at me, her lips parted slightly. “Go ahead.” She smiled and I smiled back.

I told her I would be right back and went to the closet. I walked in a bit and looked up and down the wall. I removed a paddle, crop, cuffs and clamps. Then I removed my shirt and jeans. I slid on a leather skirt üvey kız kardeş porno and high boots. I slid on a jacket, that I left open over my breasts. I walked back out.

Sara nearly jumped when she saw me. She fidgeted in the chair until I told her to be still. She heard the change in my voice and froze. She watched me come closer, cuffs in one hand, paddle in the other. I saw her eyes on my breasts and felt myself get damp under the skirt.

“Sara, remove you shirt and jeans.” She hesitated and I smacked the paddle down on my thigh. “Now!!” She stood before me, mesmerized, as she undid her jeans, lowering them down her long legs. I walked a little back and forth, watching, patting the paddle in my hand. I watched as she stood back up and pulled the shirt over her head. She looked at me and grinned. I gaped.

Her breasts were large and firm, round and soft. Her hips were a bit wide and she had some extra weight like I did, but it revealed itself in lush, smooth curves. I saw her pussy clean and shaved and licked my lips. I forced myself to look up to her face and command her to present. She didn’t know how so I showed her. I pulled her feet apart on the floor. I reached up, leaning against her body as I placed her hands behind her head. I brought my hands back around and traced a finger down her cheek and smiled. “That is present. Only one more thing.” I paused, then whispered, “Lower your eyes darling.”

She smiled softly and lowered her eyes. I slid myself around her letting my body rub against hers. Our breasts rubbed together and I felt her nipples against mine. I would taste those nipples soon. I got to her back and pinched her ass. She jumped and I brought the paddle down on her ass.

“Owwwwwwww” She moaned. I watched her cheeks redden and whispered in her ear. “You are not to speak, nor move.” I will have to punish you again. I reached up and gently cuffed her hands together. I led her over to a hook in the ceiling, with a chain dangling. I hooked the cuffs to the chain.

I saw her eyes look up to the chain. I saw her struggling to stay still. I knelt down to the floor and attached a soft cuff around each ankle and attached them to chains on the floor. Her feet were wide apart. I smiled and stood behind her. I smacked her ass hard with the paddle three times on each ass cheek. I heard her gasp, but she didn’t scream. I smiled, “Very good Sara.”

I ran my hands over her ass cheeks, feeling their warmth. I slid my fingers lower to her pussy lips, playing with them. I heard her gasp again, her hips sliding back and forth. I playfully spanked her ass and her thighs. I slid my finger inside her wetness and pushed it back and forth, while spanking her again. She moaned and pushed against my hand.

I withdrew my hand and stood up. I walked xnxx porno around before her. I looked at her face, her lowered eyes. I reached out and touched her breasts with both hands, rubbing and caressing them lightly. I whispered, “You may moan Sara…. I want to hear you moan.” I knew I had to be gentle or I might scare her away. She was so delightful. I hoped she’d let me share the tape.

I brought a low chair behind her and lowered the chain holding her handcuffs. I sat her down and bound her hands to the back of the chair. Her knees were up and bent, her ass a bit above the floor. I knelt between her thighs and kissed her belly. I heard her gasp, a sharp inward breath as my breasts moved along her crotch, my nipples rubbing in her wetness. I stroked my hands up her body to her breasts and lifted one to my lips. I attacked her nipple with my mouth, licking and sucking. She sighed and moaned, writhing a bit, unable to move. I nipped at her nipple, catching it between my teeth and lightly biting. Then I sucked it and licked around her breast.

My other hand pulled and pinched her other nipple. I could feel her body shaking. I pinched and twisted the nipple, making her groan deep, resonating through her body to mine. I slid down her body, licking her stomach. I leaned over her pussy, my own ass high in the air, my legs spread. Just as I kissed the top of her shaven pussy I felt my hands caught behind me and my head was pushed down. I heard Sara gasp, knowing what she saw.

My Dom was behind me, caressing my ass, holding my hands behind me with one of his. I pushed my face between Sara’s legs, licking her pussy lips, sucking on her clit in my mouth. I heard her gasp again and then she was quiet. I peeked my eyes up to see her boyfriend’s cock filling her gasping mouth.

My Dom was rubbing against me, his pants removed. I felt his cock rubbing up between my legs, as he slapped his broad hands on my ass, spanking me over and over. I grew so wet, my mouth licking Sara, knowing her boyfriend was watching my ass being spanked by my Master. Feeling my Master’s hands caressing, spreading me open, and fingering my wet cunt. I pushed back finally and felt him lean forward to pinch my breasts. I moaned loud in Sara’s pussy, lapping at her with my tongue. Wiggling my ass, wanting my Master’s hard cock. I peeked up at Sara gulping her boyfriend’s cock deep in her throat, his balls rolling over her forehead.

I suddenly felt my Master’s cock sliding in my pussy hard and deep. I moaned and pushed back. I heard Sara’s boyfriend, Jake, moan and started to feel her wetness flowing over my tongue, her body spasming. I licked and licked, sliding my tongue inside her.

My Master pumped his cock hard in my wet pussy, making slapping sounds. But there were sounds everywhere. I felt him watching zenci porno me go down on Sara and felt watched by the boyfriend. Master spanked my ass and made me count. I counted each last lick on Sara’s slit. I counted each time I thrust my tongue inside her climaxing body. When I was at five, master thrust harder, pulling me to him. I heard Sara’s boyfriend, moaning, “Ohhhhhh god……. I am going to come….. look at that ass.” He thrust into Sara’s gulping mouth, caressing her hair and then he pulled back, coming all over her face. It dripped down her heaving breasts. Master thrusted five more times as I counted, gasping for breath and then I felt him coming deep inside me, spanking my ass redder as I pulsed and throbbed, climaxing hard. My muscles clenched around him and I screamed loud and long, my sounds muffled between Sara’s legs, my face buried, as My Master thrust harder and harder.

Slowly after a few moments, Master pulled back. He motioned Sara’s boyfriend back too. He told me to lie back and he held my hands above my head, sitting behind me. He nodded to Jake and pointed with one hand to the bureau. He told him “Second drawer, right side.” Sara and I watched as he withdrew a large jelly like dildo. Our eyes grew wide. I shook my head, “I don’t know.”

Master held his hand over my mouth, “Hush.” I quieted. He left his hand there. Jake brought the toy over and uncuffed Sara’s hands, giving the dildo to her. He sat behind her, holding her legs as she leaned over my crotch. I heard my Master. “Do it now Sara.” She looked back at Jake and he nodded.

I felt Master pinching my hard nipples as Sara pressed the dildo up between my thighs. I felt it at the opening to my pussy and moaned on my Master’s hand. His thumb rolled and pinched the nipple as he watched the toy disappear up into my wet cunt. Sara, eyes wide, withdrew and the thrust in the dildo again. Then again. I felt my thighs tensing, quivering, my belly hot and tingly.

Master nodded and Jake told Sara, “That’s good.. watch it slide inside, see how her lips grab it as it slides out.” I heard Sara moan, and thought Jake must be fingering her, cause she jerked the dildo in faster and faster, moaning, leaning down, licking my clit now.

Master kept rolling my nipples, squeezing and pinching them, harder as I grew close. I moaned and begged, “Please… Master… Please…” Sara kept ramming the dildo into my pussy, deeper and deeper now. Master and Jake urged her on, knowing we were both about to explode. Finally, my Master, shouted, “NOW…. NOW!!” My whole body tensed again and I came, flowing over Sara’s face. I heard her moaning and screaming into my pussy, felt her climax too, opening my eyes I saw her body shaking and heaving as mine was. I moaned loud and long, my body pulsing, riding the waves.

After a moment or two, Sara rested her head against my thigh and Master let me go, and I curled in his lap, holding Sara in mine. Jake sat beside her, caressing her hair.

I smiled up and told them, “There is one batch of cookies in the kitchen, Sirs.” Sara giggled, adding, “Watch out for the wooden spoon though.”

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