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The Lady Inside Ch. 01

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I looked at the sinuous curves of her body. The long legs, the curling hair. She was built like my fantasy, every inch of her in pale ivory and inky black. Her pumps hugged the delicate curve of her feet—the arch and the heel. Her dress matched in deep crimson and swung light and silky around her narrow hips and broad back. I stared, unsure if what I was seeing was real or just Hollywood smoke and mirrors. When she turned to me and smiled—lovely white teeth glistening behind her red, red lips—I almost fell backward. I was beginning to think she was a mirage brought on by the heat of the Mexican sun or the parasites in the Mexican water.

“Hi, Daddy,” she said in a rich alto. She waved with her fingers and winked.

I couldn’t not speak to her then.

“Anna Marie Clemton,” she said as I approached.

“David St. John.”

She looked at me so sweetly I thought for sure I was imagining it. My vacation was full of such imaginings. I had imagined that I could drink more than four beers without getting drunk, for instance. Something I’d never once accomplished in my life. I imagined that a stolen credit card was no big deal. The credit companies require a signature. I imagined that my girlfriend was only “talking” with my best friend in his motel room while I was alone watching re-runs of Lucy and wondering when I’d see her again. Surely, I was imagining this gorgeous woman with the soft Georgia accent smiling and winking at me like I was a prize.

“I saw you looking at me,” she said like a kitten. “Do you like what you see?”

I didn’t know how to answer that without turning bright, beet red. “Umm…yeah. You look really great. Wannahangoutsometime?” I blurted out.

She giggled. “Let’s go to La Casa Del Marcos and get a bite to eat then you can tell me all about what you see.”

I loved this woman.

We walked there, side-by-side in the August heat of Cabo San Lucas. The streets glittered with the heat and the sun. Somehow, she wasn’t sweating. God knows how she wasn’t sweating. Maybe her sweat was just so beautiful that I couldn’t see it properly. She glanced at me and talked about the city, her trip, and her friends back in Atlanta. She was a great socializer but she needed to get away from them now and then to really be herself, alone. “And you? What kind of trip are you on?”

“Last-chance-before-the-fall-semester trip,” I said. “Me and my best friend, my girlfriend, and a few others came out for one last party. The best parties are in Mexico.”

I was lying. Hiding my awful trip and the hollow ringing sound that filled my ears nowadays. My return ticket to Seattle wasn’t due for another week and I was desperate to kill that time as quickly as possible. I think she might have known. She just said hmmmm and looked thoughtfully at me.

“Here we are!”

I hadn’t noticed, so engrossed was I in our diverting conversation, but we were already there. La Casa Del Marcos is a huge, carnival-esque atrocity of human taste stuck in the center of the city. porno indir It attracts the most noisy, roughest, and flamboyant of the visitors to Cabo San Lucas. We slipped inside past a prospective employee who shouted, “Quinientos pesos, señor. Señorita.”

The restaurant was noisy and dirty. A mad-looking hostess led us to a tiny table in a dark corner that was barely balancing on its stand. It had burn stains and rings all over it, like something in my dorm room. She rattled off a list of food available but got called away by an emerging fight behind her. Anna giggled at me and smiled.

“What’s it like at Flescher’s?” she asked.

“Oh, boring. Teachers, classes. That kind of thing.”

“Got any girlfriends?”

The question. And also, friend-S?


Our waiter had arrived with a click of his heels. He wore a black vest with gold trimmings and a little hat like a bell hop. “Drinks for you, señor y señora?”

He had this way of tilting his head like a cocker spaniel with its ear up. I ordered a soft drink and Anna got a tequila with lime. He left and I was on my own again.

“I had a girlfriend. She’s in Cabo San Lucas,” I said. “Now she’s with Brian and that is the end of that.”

Anna’s lips pouched into a moue and she made a soft cooing sound of sympathy. She didn’t really look all that upset. Something in my groin kicked up with this understanding. And there was something about her that left me feeling strange—as if I was kind of sleepy and kind of high. I’d never gotten high off a person. It was really something special.

“Maybe Brian and Anna will tear each other’s throats out,” she said brightly as the waiter returned to take our orders.

“Our waiter is cute, isn’t he?” Anna said as he walked back to the bar. He had a tight little butt and I felt myself heat up when I realized she had seen me watching it rise and fall. I even liked his little mariachi outfit and wanted to take him to my motel room with Anna.

What was up with me? It was like the exposure of my girlfriend’s cheating to the bright southern sun had opened up a sex drive in me that I hadn’t felt before. Anna sat across from me with her legs crossed and her ankle bouncing up and down. She wasn’t watching him. She was watching me. She had a secretive smile on her face. A knowing kind of smile.

“So, let’s say you and me go back to my motel room—” I started to say.

“How about we go to my hotel. It’s the Imperial,” she said.

I laughed. “Okay, let’s say we go back to the Imperial. Is there anything I would want to know about? Boyfriends? Husbands?”

She drank an ounce of tequila.

“Girlfriends?” I posited hopefully.

“I’m single. Single for real, in Atlanta and here. I’m heading back tomorrow and I’d like one more night to be me. Let’s say you and me don’t be single tonight.” She looked over at the waiter who was returning with our lime-drenched shrimp.

I smiled at her and we finished dinner without rokettube ordeal. Things were happening around us. Noisy things. But I didn’t hear them. Her voice covered up the drone of the crowd and her face was lit to me like the moon against the night sky. She nodded and flirted. There was something about her, shy and confident at once. I couldn’t put my finger on it but she made me want to leap out of my chair and wrap my arms around her. I can’t even remember what I ate.

We walked back to her hotel. It was by the shore—empty this time of night except for an occasional giggling couple who knew they weren’t supposed to be there. The inside of the hotel was white—white walls, white ceiling, and white carpet with shades of pale silver white curlicues running through them. We stepped into a white and gold elevator and rode to the second floor.

She showed me her suite proudly, as if she had built it. It was impressive. Three rooms, all in white and silver grey with the same gold trimmings that furnished the whole hotel. She had a veranda hanging over the beach with sliding glass doors leading to it. The moon was rising over the water and filled the room with soft light. It was so bright she hadn’t even flicked on the overheads.

“I’m dying to see what you’ve got under there,” I said and pulled her close.

“Ah-hah,” she said with her hands up and blocking me. What had I done?

“Did I misread—? I thought you wanted—”

“I’m not like other girls,” she said softly. “I have—”

She leaned in close to me and whispered.

“A penis.”

She clapped her hands over her mouth as if she had said a dirty word. Her eyes were wide. I took a deep breath. I had to.

“You have a penis. Like a man?” I said a little bewildered.

She pursed her mouth and nodded. I could see her eyes glistening with tears that threatened to fall onto her lovely pale cheeks.

“Well,” I said and paused. “Well, I have a penis, too, and I think it’s just great.”

She looked up and laughed a little but not enough to stop a single tear from leaping off her eyelashes and onto her cheekbone.

“In fact, I love dicks. They’re the best,” I continued, sounding dorky to my own ears but desperate to make her stop crying.

“You do?” she trilled out. “I never would have thought. I guess this makes us both dicks, huh?”

She was laughing now and I took the opportunity to grab her and haul her close to me, the way I’d been wanting to all night. Her mouth was watery and soft and I kissed it with every ounce of my hard-driven longings rising out of me. I could feel her dick pushing against mine from in her pants and the feeling turned me on. I swept her over to the white bed in the white moonlight and fell on top of her.

“Baby, is it really okay?” she said. “I’m never like this when I have sex. It isn’t okay where I’m from, the people I live with. I don’t even have sex, really.”

I nodded as I drove my head into her neck. She wrapped her seks filmi arms around my shoulders like a baby. I slid my hands up her skirt and straight onto her cock. It was large and hard in a pair of silk panties that seemed cut to hold it. I stroked through them, relishing the feel of her hardness under all that silk. Her balls were swelling underneath and I rubbed them gently and lifted them up. She was breathing deeply and making small whimpering sounds that turned me on even more.

“You can move to Seattle,” I said as I stroked hard, pulling her dick and balls up and massaging them like a sore muscle. “People in Seattle don’t care. You can do whatever you want.”

I kissed her chest and belly, driving downward onto her legs. She ran her fingers through my hair.

“My money,” she whispered softly and then moaned as my mouth met her cock.

I let her cock fill up my mouth and I sucked hard, the way I liked it. She was arching backward and making noises that must have carried through the walls and down the beach. I licked the soft head and sucked on the skin between her dick and her nutsack. She didn’t come but pushed me off.

“Do me. Can you do me like a woman?” she said.

I breathed in deeply. I could do her like a woman. I stripped off the last of our clothes. She had been wearing a padded bra and underneath she had a skinny chest with a small tattoo of a rose on it. I turned her around. Her asshole was small and pert. I pushed into it a few times to test it out.

“Lube,” I said into her ear.

She reached under the bed, into a small bag with what looked like sex toys and bottles of different lubricants. She picked one out and handed it to me. “You have a lot of boyfriends?” I asked.

She shook her head. “My people. They don’t like it when boys have boyfriends.”

“You aren’t a boy,” I said and started to rub my cock and her asshole with the lube. She liked this and closed her eyes as she fell on the pillow.

I penetrated her easily. She was hot and tight. Her moans filled my ears and made me feel strong—a way my ex had never made me feel. Sweat ran down my abdomen and onto her small, tight ass that bounced up against me as I pumped. It wasn’t long before I came. I could feel her ass closing down on my dick as the jets of semen shot up inside of her. She was doing it on purpose. I collapsed onto her back and just stayed like that until she rolled over, pulling me out of her while she did it.

Her dick was still hard and it pressed against my hip. I inched down and took it back in my mouth. Now, I didn’t give porn star head but sucked like it was a baby bottle—trying to squeeze out some precious drop of cum. She raised her hips to meet me and I was driven into her hairless pubis. I swallowed with her big dick deep in my throat and she started to jerk. I held her hips up and sucked harder, swallowing her head and raising my mouth almost to the tip before plunging down and swallowing again. She came with a furious thumping of her cock and a slow, hot pooling of her cum on my tongue. I dropped her hips and she threw her head back. I climbed next to her and said, “So, about Seattle. Maybe you don’t need your money.”

She looked over to me and smiled, running my hair through her fingers. “Maybe I don’t, baby. Maybe I don’t.”

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