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The Meeting Pt. 03

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The thought of meeting up with Mike again was with me constantly, planning what to wear and what to do next time. I resolved that whatever we wore, I wanted him to make love to me, a step which was beyond what I originally thought would happen. But we had hit it off, we wanted each other, we wanted to enjoy our rainwear together, so why not take it completely the whole way. I had never done that with a man before so would need careful handling as I’d read it would hurt and I didn’t like excessive pain. However, I was nervous to suggest it to him even by text or phone call, because he might not want that…

I also had the thoughts about women’s rubber underwear floating around in my head since his suggestion and whether to risk dressing in some for him.

The venue for our meeting was an easy choice as a friend of mine had asked me to look after his flat while he was abroad, so I had a set of keys to a private hideaway.

After talking with Mike about the flat and agreeing for him to meet me there, there stage was set for our third rendezvous.

Arranging to meet at about 11am, I got there early to open up the place and get it warmed and aired, and, of course to get myself ready for my guest!

I had bought online some clothes which I thought would appeal to Mike. Firstly, a black rubber basque fitted over the top half of my body. It fit beautifully and was smooth but rigid with suspenders for stockings attached to the bottom of it. I was already aroused and had barely started. I clipped the fasteners on the basque and felt the tightness against me. I then carefully attached some black silky stockings to the suspenders. Onto my feet, I pulled a pair of knee length, high-heeled boots, made of the softest black leather. I had practised walking on the high heels to make sure I could be balanced. The boots had the effect of straightening my posture, which made my erection even xhamster porno more obvious. The finishing piece was that over the top I threaded my arms through a calf length, shiny red, rubber mac. This was a ladies’ fitting which hugged my body down to my waist. It was slightly military in styling, with clean straight lines, and a type of epaulette on the shoulder which included buckle and straps to match those at the cuffs and at the high collar.

I tightened the buckles around my wrists so they would be deemed waterproof, and then pulled the collar up and tightened the double buckle there. I buttoned the mac all the way down to the waist and then tied the belt tightly. I had never really been into restraint in any way, but, I have to admit that it felt good to be tightly buttoned up in the basque and the mac. The boots added to the feeling as I zipped up the side of the boots and felt my legs encased in the soft leather. I stood up straight and stroked my hands down the front of the mac as I finished buttoning it to midway between my knees and ankles. From the waist down the mac had a full skirt to it which gave it a very feminine shape. I was ready to seduce my friend.

The doorbell rang and I opened it carefully, not wanting him to see the full effect until he was fully inside. He stood on the threshold, wrapped up in a full length dark blue rubber mac which he hadn’t told me he owned. Clearly, I was not the only one who had been planning. He stepped inside and I closed the door. He looked me up and down, and ravished me with his eyes. I had never seen such a look of emotion, lust, passion and amazement in someone eyes before.

He said, “You look wonderful and sexy.” I replied, “So do you.”

This situation was already far outstripping my wildest dreams, and, as he put his arms around me and pressed me against the wall, I was still nervously yaşlı porno caught up in those dreams. He cupped my face in his hands and brought his lips to mine. His arms slipped around my waist with a rustle of rubber and he pulled me a little closer. His soft lips parted slightly and the tip of his tongue brushed my bottom lip. I let out an involuntary moan and let my tongue meet his. Our tongues caressed tenderly. There was no great rush: our kiss was gentle and slow and easy and for me it was even better than the first somewhat clumsy kiss in the car. The pressure of his lips increased and his tongue became more urgent exploring my mouth, with his body pressing me harder against the wall. With our macs rubbing against us and, for me, the feeling of my bare flesh against the inside of my outfit, I was in heaven.

I knew I wanted more and would give this man kissing me anything I could for his enjoyment and pleasure. Also pressing against me urgently I could feel his stiff penis through his mac. As we broke our kiss, I looked down and saw the bulge in his mac. I moved my hand and stroked his erection through the rubber. What a sensation that was for me, to stroke the length of his hard cock up and down the rubber. He whimpered quietly so was clearly enjoying what I was doing. I reached in between the buttons of his mac and realised I was not the only one who had come prepared, as he was naked underneath. He must have been enjoying this even more than I thought he was, as he was feeling his mac all over his bare flesh, just like me.

I suggested we go to the bedroom down the hallway, and breathlessly started to move in that direction, all the while holding onto each other and continuing to kiss passionately. We made it to the bedroom but it took a while longer than just walking hand in hand might have done. Once inside the door, I led him to the bed aldatma porno and pushed him down on his back. He sat on the edge and I knelt in front of him and pulled his penis out between the buttons of his mac, at the same time managing to rub his penis with the mac and wrapping the rubber around it with my hands holding it and stroking it up and down. I proceeded to wrap my lips and my mouth around his engorged cock. Sucking for a while, I enjoyed my own sensations of rubbing my lips onto the rubber of his mac and smelling the warm rubber and man smells. I continued until I could feel his breathing change, and then I stopped, as I wanted to make this experience last. He moaned something about me being a tease but stopped speaking when I stood and began to slowly undo my mac in front of him. I pulled it open to reveal my basque, stockings and boots. His eyes went wide as I said to him that this was all just for him.

Then I dropped the bombshell:

I said, “Mike, will you make love to me, properly, gently, and carefully.”

I waited with bated breath for the refusal and look of horror to come, but it didn’t.

Instead, he murmured, “Of course, I will, as I was hoping with this amount of privacy, we could take this further.”

I was flabbergasted, as he reached for me and pulled me into his arms and kissed me again, gently then passionately. We spent a long time just stroking and caressing each other through the rubber of our macs. He spent what seemed like ages just stroking my body through the basque and then my legs through the leather of the boots. I spent equally a long time just caressing and stroking him by running my hands all across his mac. I couldn’t get enough of the sensation of gripping his stiff penis through the rubber and then just stroking the length of it up and down as it pushed its hardness against the rubber.

I moved to present my back to him and he lay on top of me with his erection pressing against my rubber-encased buttocks.

I said, “I’ve never done this with a man before, so please, you’ll have to be gentle.”

He said that he would be the most gentle lover the world had ever known…

To be continued…

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