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Embracing Our Truths Ch. 07

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Hello everyone, sorry for the long delay but this situation we’re living i is definitely taking a toll. I’ve had some personal issues and family tragedy that has kept me from writing.

Any and all spelling and typing mistakes are mine, I don’t have an editor and try to proof myself, so bear with me on this, since English is not my first language either.

All Characters are over the age of 18.

Let’s catch up with Joe and Alex, and see what they’re up to?



I woke up alone on the bed, the smell of fresh coffee being brewed was slowly pulling my mind out of the sleep induced fog of just waking up. I got up and followed my nose down to the kitchen. Alex was there, puttering around preparing breakfast for both of us. She was only wearing an apron, leaving her perfect ass exposed, silently, I crept up behind her, making sure that she didn’t have anything sharp in her hands. With a smack, I grabbed one of her cheeks while nuzzling her neck. She was startled at first then slowly melted into me with a soft sigh.

“Good morning, Kajira, are you ready for today?”, I whispered in her ear, making it sound like a soft possessive growl.

“Good morning Sir, I’m not sure how I feel about today. I feel excited, nervous, scared and intrigued; all at the same time.” She answered with a soft moan.

One of my hands had moved from her hip to her breast, and was teasing her nipple, while the other was wrapped around her waist, holding her against me. I stepped away looking for a cup, my brain was in dire need of caffeine, and the aroma of the coffee brewing was calling to me like a siren song. The pot was still brewing away, so I decided to warm up some water for Alex; I knew she didn’t like coffee, but would like to have some tea with her breakfast. Then I proceeded to set the table and pour some juice before returning to the cups to fill them.

When Alex was done cooking, she brought the plates to the table, setting them in our respective places, she was about to sit on the chair when I stopped her.

“Kajira, why are you going to sit on a chair when you know where you must be for meals.” I said in a subtle yet commanding tone.

“I’m sorry Sir, I guess I’m a little nervous today.” She replied as she took off the aron and sat on my lap.

I proceeded to feed her and myself from the plates, taking my time to tease her as well as letting her eat her fill from my hand. The omelettes proved to be a little tricky, but the strips of bacon and the fresh fruit were a bit more interesting. Taking a strawberry, I rubbed it along her breasts and down to her labia, allowing the strawberry to make a sweet and tart trail on her skin and letting her juices begin to flow, coating the ripe berry with them before taking a bite from it.

“Hmm, this beats anything that you could put on the strawberry. You are absolutely delicious, and your pussy goes well with the strawberry.” I teased.

“Thank you, Sir,” she panted as I began tracing her clit with my fingertip.

“As much as I’d like to continue playing with you, we have to get ready for when J.R. and Laura arrive.” I said as I flicked my tongue on the nearest nipple. “We have too much to do.”

With a look of disappointment and arousal, we proceeded to continue our breakfast, making her cum once before we were done. Taking the plates to the sink, I washed everything that was used and left it to dry; the rule at my house has always been ‘The one that cooks the food, does not wash the dishes,’ which I had a sign made and placed above the sink.

“Today, you will have a choice of dress, since we are receiving guests today and, I believe that you are not completely comfortable with being exposed right from the start.” I said, “I have gotten you two items, you will only be allowed to wear one of these items for the duration of the weekend.”

I had placed both the dress and the bathing suit on the bed, side by side, and in a way that it looked like they would cover more than they actually did.

I could see that she was thinking about it, weighing her options so to speak. If she chose the dress, she would not be allowed any undergarments and if she bent over, she’d be flashing everyone. On the other hand, the bathing suit was cut as a one piece, but it almost looked like one of those slingshot bikinis she had heard about.

As the wheels turned inside her head, I could tell that she was trying to weigh her options. Either one was going to show off more than what she had bargained for, and on top of that, they were both white, knowing that if they got wet, they would be basically transparent.

She finally took the dress, since it offered the most coverage, even though it was just an inch or two below the junction of her legs and ass. I could see her shimmy into it and how it molded to her delicious curves, hiding them while showing them off. Her breasts moved naturally underneath the fabric and her hard nipples were outlined perfectly.

“You altyazı porno look amazing Kajira, but I think you’re missing something very important for today.” I said as I pulled a training collar from one of the bags. “This is not the leather one that we have used at home, since it would be ruined if it got wet, I had this one made for you specifically.”

It was a nylon collar, with the same thickness as the leather one I had made, although it intricately carved leather, I had had it customized with different color threads to simulate the carvings I had made on the other one. The other difference is that while the leather collar was a deep rich brown that contrasted perfectly with her pale skin, this one was white with a dark blue border. It was a subtle way of demonstrating that we were in “training” and that she was not to be touched or used by anyone other than me during this time.

Almost immediately, Alex assumed the collaring position, kneeling and holding her hair up so I could place it around her neck. I made sure that it would be tight around her neck but still very comfortable for all the things I assumed we’d be doing today.

I could feel her shudder once the collar was secured, the look on her face could only be described as ecstatic bliss and a soft blush began to form around her shoulders and neck. Almost as if on cue, I heard the doorbell ring, announcing J.R. and Laura’s arrival. That seemed to snap us out of the erotic trance we were in, and we moved to the down to the living room to greet them.

Not knowing the correct protocol for this situation, I decided to err and fell back on some of the stories I had read before. I had Alex kneel on a cushion from the couch in the standard greeting, her knees apart and her hands resting on them. Instead of her eyes being downcast, as I had taught her, she was looking straight ahead, as if she were looking at a distant spot beyond the door.

I opened the door and saw almost a mirror image. J.R. was standing in front of the door, wearing the typical board shorts and polo shirt, while Laura, wearing a diaphanous blue green pareau, kneeling in the same way as Alex, only her eyes were downcast and looking at the floor in front of her. I could see that the fabric was almost see through, giving a view of Laura’s unbound breasts and the outline of her nipples, but no hint at her areolas.

“Hi J.R., Laura, welcome. Both Alex and I are nervous and excited to get started,” I said with as much confidence as I could, without completely feeling it.

“Morning Joe, I can see that you guys are eager and ready,” he said with an easy smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll try to be as informative as I can be in this, and, of course, Laura will also be here to demonstrate and support both of you, isn’t that right my pet?”

“Yes Sir, I am ready to help them in any way on this journey that they are about to begin,” she rep[lied. I could detect a hint of a blush coming to her cheeks.

They stepped inside, J.R. giving me a firm handshake and a pat on the shoulder, but not acknowledging Alex at the moment. Laura bowed to me but never made eye contact, always looking down to a spot on the floor almost directly behind me.

Once they were in, we moved to the sofas, J.R. sitting while Laura knelt at his side. Mirroring them, I sat on the easy chair across from them, Alex also kneeling at my side.

“We’re really nervous, we have an idea of what we will be doing, but to be honest this is a bit overwhelming,” I said, while I ran my fingers through Alexia’s hair, both soothing her and seeking comfort for my own nerves.

“I know, we are somewhat nervous as well,” J.R. replied. “We’ve only done this once before, and to be honest, the first time was not a pleasant experience.”

I could see Laura’s expression change from nervous to fearful for an instant, then returning to normal. I wanted to ask about that, but decided to let it go for now and see where this would lead us.

“The first thing that I want to know is, what kind of guidelines or rules have you discussed? Also, what kind of BDSM are you interested in?” J.R. asked.

I looked down to Alex, seeing her maintaining her gaze at the spot on the couch, her breathing even, but the flush was beginning to fade.

“Kajira, I know we didn’t discuss this in depth, but I think I have a good idea of what we both want. I don’t want to speak for you, so I also want you to let J.R. and Laura know what your expectations and your limits are if I miss something.” I said.

Alex just nodded, but I could see her relax a bit more, her breaths a bit more deep, and her nipples tenting the fabric on the dress, which I took as a good sign, and that I had reassured her that I would not cross any line of our previous arrangement.

“The first thing I want to ask Alex is what kind of submissive are you?” J.R. asked; I guess the confused look on Alexia’s face made him realize how inexperienced we really amatör porno were. “I’m asking if you’re into pain, or maybe into humiliation, restraints, total power exchange, bloodplay and/or piercings?” At the mention of the last one, I saw both Alex and Laura’s faces blanche and turn a slight shade of green.

“I’m not into pain but I’m not some delicate china doll that can’t take a firm hand. I like a little humiliation not degradation; I won’t let anyone treat me like a piece of meat to be used and discarded, no urine or feces play, since that would be degrading me to a sub human level. I love feeling helpless and powerless with restraints, I don’t know about total power exchange, since I like to be independent in my professional and public life; and as far as blood, I can’t stand the sight of it, I’m deathly afraid of needles, hence no piercings or tattoos.” Alex responded in a calm, matter of fact way.

I could see the admiration in J.R.’s eyes, and felt a sense of pride at the way Alex was being specific on her desires. I ran my fingers along her shoulder as a comforting gesture, but also to let her know that I was proud of her.

“I see you have a smart girl on your hands, Joe. It wouldn’t surprise me that she keeps you on your toes and can be a little bit of a brat.” He said with a smile, “I know, because Laura is exactly the same way. She can be trying and exhausting at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.” He added, caressing Laura’s cheek in a loving gesture.

“Now, I have some questions for you, Joe.” Laura said, “If I may address you as equals at this time?”

I simply nodded, not knowing what the correct protocol was.

“What is it that you are looking to get out of this?” She asked, “are you looking to inflict pain, maybe you get off on hurting someone? Are you looking for total control over another human being, do you have an inferiority complex that you need to dehumanize someone and treat them as property or toys to be used and discarded once you’re bored?”

I could feel anger swelling up, but I held it in check. These were valid questions that I had addressed with Alex since before, but Laura had no idea what we had agreed upon before. I guess Alex could feel me tense up, so she wrapped her arm around my leg and began to rub it, trying to soothe me.

“I am not a sadist.” I answered, “I don’t enjoy inflicting pain for the sake of pain, I have always thought of it as a means to an end, and never done in anger or to physically hurt someone. While I have spanked, paddled and flogged Alex, I have never done so in anger or with any intention to cause any permanent harm. The most she actually has had is a red ass for an hour or two. I don’t believe anyone is property or less than anyone else. I don’t believe in slavery be it sexual or life, it’s why I insisted on safe words for Alex. I am pretty confident in myself, that I don’t need to feel superior to anyone, Alex willingly gave me her submission, and I accepted it as the true priceless treasure it is.”

Laura smiled at my last statement, giving me a small nod. J.R. also smiled and I could see his posture relax into the couch.

“I’m glad you said that,” he said, “I was ready to walk away and try to take Alex with me in case you were just another abusive asshole that thought that the Dominant of the relationship was really in charge.”

I visibly tensed up at his words, Alex wrapped one arm around my leg and I could feel her tremble a little in what I guessed was fear. Feeling that, I reached over and caressed her hair and her shoulders in a reassuring gesture, trying to have her calm down and letting her know that she would be safe.

Laura looked at her directly and smiled even wider.

“Alex, I can see how much both of you have bonded, and believe me, it’s a wonderful thing.” She said, “we just wanted to make sure that this was something you both wanted and not that either of you were being coerced by the other.”

I relaxed a bit more when I felt Alex do so, as well; from her body posture and her visible tension, I thought she was going to say her safe word and just end everything. The look in her eyes was now more of curiosity and anticipation than fear or nervousness.

“I guess it’s time to get started,” J.R. declared. “No point in stalling anymore, since I’ve seen all I need to see. Laura, my Pet, Please stand in display position”

“Kajira, it’s now or never.” I said, “Display!”

Almost as if they had rehearsed it, both Alex and Laura stood, holding their heads high, their hands behind their heads and looking straight ahead without focusing on anything specific. Alexia’s dress was long enough that it managed to keep her modesty for now. Laura’s dress was parted at her navel, and the bikini bottoms were on display, the same color of the pareau, were covering her mons and almost outlining her labia. Her hands pulled her hair back exposing a black nylon collar similar to Alex’s.

“I see amatör porno you have done some training on your own,” J.R. commented. “You move very gracefully Alex, and your form is almost as good as my pet’s.”

“Thank you, Sir,” she replied with a blush. “This is what I always try to do, be pleasing to my Alpha, and try not to embarrass him too much.”

“Okay, this is going to get confusing if they are both going to call us ‘Sir’,” I observed, “I think one of us will need a different honorific.”

“I agree, I think, since Laura and I will be ‘training’ you two, I should be addressed as Dom by Alex, you can still address me normally, since we are both dominants, and this is your house,” J.R. said. “Alex, would it be ok if I used the same term as Joe when addressing you? I like the way ‘Kajira’ suits you, and since you haven’t been together as long as we have I can’t call you a pet.”

“Thank you Dom. Yes, it would be confusing if I called both of you ‘Sir’, and I like the name ‘Kajira’ for me, it makes me feel like I’m the most desirable woman in the world when Sir calls me that.” Alex replied, “and when you call me that, it makes me feel like I’m almost as sexy as Laura.”

“Kajira,” I said, “what do you mean almost? You are the most sensual and beautiful woman that I have ever met and had the honor of being with. That is why I call you my Kajira, because to me, you are the epitome of feminine perfection.”

Alex blushed and smiled at this but never broke her position, to which J.R. nodded appreciatively. He took a few steps and began a visual inspection of Alex, circling her, the best way to describe it was like inspecting a thoroughbred race horse. He didn’t touch her unless it was to correct some minor position error of any part of her body, always avoiding anything that would’ve been considered as intimate contact.

He encouraged me to do the same with Laura, while I didn’t find any flaws in her position, I did notice that her breasts were being pressed out against the fabric of the pareau, peaking the light material over her hard nipples.

“You’ve trained her well,” J.R. commented as he looked Alex over, “are you sure you guys haven’t done this before?”

“First time that we’ve done this together, my ex used to play at this when she was in the mood, but never really let me do anything like this,” I responded.

I could see the effect of our conversation on Alex, her nippes were hard as rocks, and she was making small gyrations with her hips, as if she were looking for some form of stimulation. I knew that she would do this, since she did every time I had her in some form of orgasm denial or when I would deliberately tease her and not stimulate her directly, in other words, she was getting extremely horny.

“How long do you think we should have them display?” I asked, knowing that this was turning Alex on even more.

“I don’t know, I like seeing these beautiful submissives on display. You have to admit, they’re both perfect specimens of feminine beauty.” J.R. replied.

I could see both Alex and Laura blush at his compliment, and I noticed that there was a wet spot beginning to form on Laura’s bottoms, and a small drop was running down Alexia’s inner thigh.

“Let’s move this outside by the pool,” I suggested. “I think we could appreciate them more in natural light.”

With that we all moved towards the back yard, J.R. and myself leading the way while Laura and Alex followed a few steps behind. Once outside, We took a seat in some of the beach chairs, and both girls knelt on the mats that were placed next to them.

“Would you like something to drink, Sirs?” Alex asked in a soft voice.

“Yes, thank you for reminding me of my duties as host, Kajira,” I said, “J.R., what’s your poison of choice? I’ve got everything stocked since last time we were here.”

Alex took our drink orders and began to walk around the pool to the bar area. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to test her resolve and have her show off a bit.

“Kajira, don’t go around the pool, go through it on your way to the bar, on your way back you can go around it to avoid any spills,” I instructed her in a sweet yet commanding tone I could muster.

“I’ll help you Alex,” Laura said after J.R. gave her a nod of approval.

I saw her bite her lip, blushing, yet unsure of what to do, she knew that the dress she wore would become completely transparent once it got wet, but it was also exciting her that she would be showing off to our guests.

“Yes Sir,” she responded, and turned around just as Laura went to her side.

In a dramatic fashion, swaying their hips a bit, they slowly went down the steps of the pool, Laura’s pareau parting and floating like the train of a gown behind her. The pool when up to about mid stomach on me, but was chest level for both Alexia and Laura.

They reached the other side, and the way the pool had been designed, it was like a V with both ends having stairs you could walk up and out of it. With the water at waist level, I could see how Laura’s pareau would cling to her body, accentuating evey soft curve and muscle on her back. I was taken aback as I saw Alex, her dress had completely disappeared, all you could see was the white straps that had remained dry.

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