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All in the Family Ch. 02

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Please read the introduction to Chapter 1 if you haven’t already done so.

I am writing this story as close as I can from the material shared by this amazing couple. They trusted me with their story, and I hope I have done them justice. With their consent, I have taken liberties with the sexual content and in creating much of their dialogue in the interest of telling a more erotic story, but the basic settings and occurrences are accurate. I have also chosen to tell it in my friend’s voice instead of as a narrator. Jack


We went back into the cabin and upstairs. I went to the bathroom and started a shower. Just as I entered the shower, Dania walked in with a towel in her hand.

“Let’s save water and shower with a friend” she said with a grin.

“Sure, come on in!”

She closed the curtain behind her and there we were, the warm water running over us and facing each other. I turned around and felt her hands on my back spreading the soap and washing my back. I had never taken a shower with someone before. The sensations of Dania’s hands slipping over my skin along with the warmth of the water were getting me aroused.

“I love doing this” she said, “letting me get in here with you. I know that you have most likely thought of it. I know I have. Think of the enjoyment we could have had if had we started earlier.”

She finished my back and was working on my legs. Occasionally she would come all the way up and lightly touch my ball sack. I jumped. When she reached my ass she went right on washing. It was so intimate and sensual. She reached around with her soapy hands and started washing and stroking my dick. It felt just like being inside her and I quickly was getting to a full rise.

“Turn around now so I can get your front better.”

I did as I she asked and I was looking at her once more with water running down her neck and dripping off her nipples, running down her stomach on and into the crack of her pussy. She was so gorgeous. Dania started to wash my chest soaping it up and running her hands all over. She got fixated on my nipples.

“I love bursa eve gelen eskort bayan your nipples” she said, “And your chest is so beautiful.”

She continued to wash my chest and my stomach and finally she started washing my cock again.

“And this guy is amazing” she said gripping it harder as she jerked it. Impossibly, it seemed to get harder. She put more soap in her hands and jerked my shaft up and down with one and worked the soap into my balls with the other.

“I’m going to cum if you don’t stop.”

“OK lover!” was all she answered with this enormous grin on her face.

“I was thinking that you need to get washed too.” I said.

She reluctantly pulled her hands away and took a step back as I rinsed off. I put some soap on my hands as she turned her back to me. What an ass she had. I started to wash her back. Then down her legs. I bent down so I could get the full leg and thigh. Then I started to wash her sides and hips and then between her legs. When I finally got to her ass I used more soap on my hands and started to wash her cheeks, massaging them at the same time. I heard a muffled moan.

Dania was leaning forward offering her ass to my ministrations. I washed her right cheek. As I started the left one she moved her feet apart opening her thighs. I ran my hand up between her open thighs and up into her crotch. She leaned over a little more and spread her legs a little bit more. I pushed one hand between her cheeks and washed her asshole. I could feel her pushing back and forth against my hand. I moved over so the shower would rinse the soap off her. As the water ran down her back and into her crack I rubbed my finger around her asshole as if I was going to stick it in. She never moved. I rubbed it around her hole some more and stuck it about a half inch in. Man was it tight. I was moving it in slow, just in case she didn’t think she was comfortable about anal. First, a half inch – then back out. Then I pushed in once more using the soap and water as a lubricant. Dania bent over more and reached around behind with her hands, placed them on both cheeks bursa eskort bayanlar and spread them apart.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah — go for it” she was murmuring.

I proceeded to push more and more of my finger in until I couldn’t go any further. Then I slowly pulled it out , letting the water lubricate it again and pushed it back in. This went on for seemed like forever. She was breathing hard and I could clearly hear her moaning over the noise of the running water.

I pulled it out all the way and she groaned disappointment. She stood up and moved closer, pressing her ass against me. I took the soap, worked up lather, reached around her to start washing her tits. She reached up and back to rest one hand around my neck, and leaned her head on my shoulder giving me full access to her tits. With her other hand she reached behind and began to stroke my cock again. The soap on my hand made my fingers glide over each tit. I worked each one up and down stopping at the tops and then working under them paying special attention to her nipples. I felt her nipples getting hard and I pinched them. She squealed a little.

“God they are so sensitive — go easy. I’m already getting close!”

I started to work lower – down her well-muscled stomach till I was right at her mound. She was pushing up to meet my hand. I held one hand on her stomach and worked my other hand down to her pussy. She started to moan once more. It came from deep in her body — she was so excited she couldn’t move or speak.. Then it stopped.

“Please Dan. I need your finger or something in me. Please. You have no idea of how I feel right now. I can feel your huge cock in the palm of my hand and your hand ready to enter my pussy. No one has ever made me feel this aroused. Please push it in or kill me — just don’t let me hang out here like this. I have to go off.”

She raised up on her toes as I pushed two fingers into her pussy. When my fingers were almost all the way in she dropped down to her feet swallowing them. She started to fuck my fingers up and down as I was pushing in and pulling out. I could feel the muscles görükle escort bayanlar in her ass tighten up as she pushed back and forth against my thigh.

“Yeeeeesssss, just like that. Push it up hard into my pussy. Make me come all over your hand. God does that feel great. Please don’t stop. OH… Oh… I can feel it starting.”

Dania’s head snapped back onto my chest and she was gasping for breath as she approached an orgasm. When I added a third finger she hit it and her legs closed tight on my hand and I could feel her pussy working my fingers overtime as her juices flowed out and all over my hand. And then she started to pee. It was so amazing!

“Ohhh my God — oh my God, oh my God” was all she could say.

As the water washed her urine off my hand and down her legs into the drain, she spun around and got down on her knees. As the water sprayed over her and matted down her long blond hair, she grabbed my dick and deep throated me all the way to my balls. She was sucking for all she was worth and jerking me at the same time. I didn’t last long. I was so hot and ready for so long I shot my wad deep in her gapping and willing mouth. With a smile that lit up the world, she stood up and kissed me with her hands around me pushing me tightly into her. My dick found her pussy as she stood on her toes and, raising a leg, she managed to get me inside her. We just stood there as the warm water started to run out. Laughing now we turned off the water and stepped out into the bathroom. I fulfilled one of my fantasies then, towel drying my lover. By the time we were finished, unbelievingly, I was hard again. She took me by the dick and led me into the bedroom.

“Oh we should have done this long ago” she whispered to me as we lay down together. Exhausted form her non-stop orgasms, she quickly fell asleep.

The next three days were a marathon. Clothes weren’t even optional — we didn’t wear any — none at all. We fucked everywhere — in the kitchen, in the great room, on the floor, on the porch, in the grass, in the lake,– on the blanket at the lake, daytime, nighttime, afternoon, in the shower, everywhere. We were relentless. We couldn’t get enough of each other. We cooked nude, we ate nude constantly touching and arousing each other. We even burned the pot we were boiling water in for soft-boiled eggs when I reached around and fondled her tits and she reached back and grabbed my dick. You can imagine — one thing led to another and we lost track of time.

To be continued…

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