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Fantasy Island Ch. 05

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Lauren stepped onto the front porch before she turned around and quietly shut the front door. Last she knew Levi was still fast asleep in bed.

The sun’s rays were just barely breaking through the tree line and a layer of fog hung close to the ground, a brisk breeze completing the morning. With a shiver, Lauren pulled her hoodie on, a black one with cat ears on the hood, shoving her hands into the front pocket. She had a backpack on, intent on using it to carry the groceries from the store back to the house.

She quietly left the porch, careful not to hit the creaky boards, and started to jog. The grocery store was just a few blocks away, but due to the trees, actually seeing the store wasn’t possible from the house.

Just as Lauren entered the store, someone shoved past her from behind, scrambling to get into the store.

“Turtle! Turtle!” The person, a woman, screamed.

Lauren raised an eyebrow, confused. Almost as quickly as the woman had stumbled into the store, employees were rushing to lock the doors and move the frightened woman away from the large pane windows that constituted the front wall of the store.

An employee had come to Lauren, gesturing that she should move as well.

“What’s going on?” Lauren asked, “Why are you locking up the store?”

The employee that had been gesturing to her looked surprised, “You have an island collar and don’t know?”

Lauren felt her cheeks and ears burn with embarrassment.

“I forgot, okay? Why are you locking up the store?”

The employee didn’t respond and instead grabbed Lauren by the upper arm and pulled her down an aisle and then back into a storeroom where the frightened woman was. Lauren now got a good look at her and her eyes widened as she did so. She was barefoot and had little more than a white, soft slip on. There seemed to be scratches on her knees and hands like she’d tripped while running.

“He was right b-behind me!” The woman said between sobs, sitting on an overturned bucket. “Please don’t let him in! Please!”

An employee hushed her, throwing a blanket over and around her shoulders.

“He won’t get in. The police are already on their way, don’t worry.”

Lauren frowned, “Will someone tell me what’s going on here?”

Glares followed and Lauren, uncomfortable, stood up and headed for the door. One of the employee’s followed her out into the back of the store.

“You must not have read the book your Dominant gave you, huh?”

Lauren gave the girl a sour look, “I did! It’s just… been a while.”

“Might want to brush up on them unless you prefer the punishments,” the girl said with a shrug, “Oh, wait. You don’t know those either, do you?” She asked, smirking.

“Shut up! I just-“

“This is the police, are you two ladies okay?”

Both girls turned around, looking at a few uniformed men who were walking down the aisle, guns drawn cautiously.

“Yes sir, we’re fine. The girl who called the safe word is in the back storeroom,” the employee said, gesturing to the door.

“Lauren! Where are you?”

She looked up, cheeks burning red as she recognized Levi’s voice.

“Is that your Dominant?” the employee asked.

Lauren nodded and the girl giggled, “You’re in for it,” she motioned to the front of the store, “the police are here so you’re free to leave.”

The police didn’t seem concerned with her, so Lauren started to run to the front of the store but paused halfway up the aisle, “Wait, what about my groceries?”

The girl sighed but followed Lauren around for the few groceries she’d intended to pick up and then to the front of the store to a check-out lane and after just a minute or two, handed Lauren her bag.

“Thank you,” she said with a smile.

The girl left without another word, walking away rather quickly, Lauren noticed. She turned around, spotting Levi standing outside, a very angry expression on his face, arms crossed. He was still dressed in his night clothes—a pair of sleep pants and a white t-shirt—hair not even combed.


Levi pushed through to the front of the growing crowd, grabbing Lauren’s upper arm tight enough she winced and pulled her through the mass of people, not stopping his angry stride until they were nearly halfway home.

“Do you realize what trouble you could have gotten in?” He growled, “You’re lucky no one at that store asked for your paperwork!”

Lauren stared at him in confusion, wondering what he was so upset about.

“I was just trying to get groceries to make you breakfast. What’s so bad about that?”

Levi ran a hand through his hair, breathing out through clenched teeth, “You… you’re not to leave the house without me or a friend of mine. Do you understand me?”

“What? Why?”

Levi stared at her, astonished she still didn’t grasp the gravity of the situation. “You haven’t read the rules and punishments in months, have you? You literally have no idea what could have happened had anyone found out you left the house without my permission.”

“Oh please, xslot what would they have done? Messaged you or something and said I was a bad girl?” she asked, rolling her eyes.

In seconds, Levi had pulled Lauren within inches of his face, three fingers underneath her collar, “Listen to me and listen well, Kitten. If you want to be tied and left in a pen for 24 hours, go ahead, leave the house again without my permission. If you want to be publicly whipped for disobeying a rule more than three times, go ahead. If you want to be kicked off the island for disobeying the rules over and over again, go ahead.” Levi said in an eerily calm voice. “You’re being more of a brat than usual and it’s something we’re going to remedy as soon as we get home.” He added before he grabbed her by the wrist and started to pull her towards their house.

Lauren gulped, never having seen Levi reach such a level of anger. Sure, she’d irritated him a time or two, disobeyed a few rules every now and again, but never to the point that he threatened public punishments. Her stomach twisted, unsure what punishment he had in mind for her so early in the morning.

Levi took the bag of groceries from her as soon as they stepped inside.

“Go to the bedroom and strip. Wait for me, I’ll be there soon.”

Lauren hesitated, watching him put the butter, eggs, bacon, oranges, bananas and pancake mix away. Levi glanced briefly over his shoulder, “Do I need to repeat myself?” he asked in a tone of voice that Lauren knew expected no response.

“I just… I didn’t mean to-“

“Bedroom. Strip.” Levi growled, pointing.

Lauren jumped, hurrying to the bedroom and doing as told. She stood in the middle of the room, thoughts racing. ‘What is he going to do to me? Will it be serious? Surely nothing public.’

Levi walked in, immediately pulling his t-shirt off. Lauren felt herself shudder, simultaneously turned on and scared. She felt her cheeks warm as she looked at him, expecting something out of him but he didn’t so much as look at her, walking into the bathroom.

“M-Master?” She asked, hearing the shower turn on. Lauren started to go through the possible punishments he could have in mind but couldn’t recall one that had to do with the shower.

“Kitten, in here, now,” Levi called. Lauren was slow to respond, earning her a glare when she finally did walk into the bathroom.

Levi was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, arms crossed. Lauren looked at the shower, noticing that no steam was rising from within. Her eyes flicked back to Levi, wide.

“Cold shower. 15 minutes. Afterward, we’ll eat and I’ll go to work. You’re going to stay in your cage today-“

“But what about bathroom breaks?” Lauren interrupted.

Levi continued on as though she’d said nothing, “-until I get home from work. You’ll be released for dinner and then back in it for the night until I wake up tomorrow.”

Lauren felt her lower lip trembling. “That isn’t fair!” She blurted out.

Levi looked at her, raising an eyebrow, “Isn’t fair?” he echoed, “Just like it isn’t fair that you made me leave the house this morning, worrying about you? I didn’t know where you went, Kitten. I don’t want to feel that way again. Now, in you go,” Levi said as he stood up and opened the glass door to the shower.

She hesitated, reaching a hand in to test the water. She jerked it back, gasping. ‘That’s the coldest setting!’ She felt a hand at the small of her back, not allowing her to back up. She looked back at Levi, “The faster you get in the faster it’ll be over. In, Kitten.” Levi commanded in a stern tone of voice.

With a shriek of what someone might have confused with pain, Lauren tried to back into the far corner, as far away from the cold water as she could get. Levi tapped on the glass, shaking his head and waving his finger back and forth.

“Your 15 minutes won’t start until you’re in the water, Kitten,” Levi warned.

Lauren looked from him to the shower piteously before she took a deep breath and stepped into the steady stream of cold water. Levi nodded and started a timer on his watch.

As the time got closer to the 15 minutes, Levi stood up. Lauren risked a quick glance at him before she squeezed her eyes shut again, confident she was nearing the end of her punishment.

Levi pulled a fluffy blanket from the rack and then tapped on the door of the shower. Lauren wasted no time shutting off the water and rushing out into the warm towel. She shivered, looking up at Levi.

“A-are you s-s-sure the rest i-is ne-necessary, M-Master?” She stuttered but needed no response, looking up at Levi and his resolute expression. She was still going to be caged for the better part of the day and throughout the night.

She hung her head down, expecting some kind of apology from him for the shower yet he said nothing of the sort.

“I’m going to cook breakfast. You’re going to kneel next to my seat at the table until we eat. You’re going to eat at the table today, is that understood?”

She was still drying xslot Giriş herself off when he gave her her instructions. Her mouth hung open in surprise, “W-what? But-“

“I suggest you cut the backtalk out. I understand it’s been a few months since you were last with me and under your rules, but you live here now. I’m trying to spare you being publicly punished, Kitten, so I will be stern this time in the hopes that you learn to listen and obey. You agreed to our contract, did you not?”

Lauren opened her mouth to argue but shut it, nodding with a sigh.

“Good girl,” Levi smiled. As he headed for the door, Lauren paused.

“Um… can I wear clothes or…?”

Levi raised an eyebrow, “Care to rephrase that, Kitten?”

She stared at him hard for a moment, wanting so much to give him a sarcastic response but knew what he expected. She didn’t want to risk another cold shower. Lauren straightened up and clasped both hands in front of her before she spoke again.

“Master, may I wear clothes?”

He shook his head, “No, you can’t Kitten, but thank you for asking.”

Lauren pouted but followed Levi out to the kitchen and knelt next to his chair as he’d instructed her. He looked at her a few times to make sure she was still maintaining her position as he cooked the breakfast she’d intended to make: pancakes, bacon and fresh fruit. She let out a relieved sigh when he came to the table with two plates of food.

She started to stand up but caught a look from Levi and racked her mind for what she was supposed to do. After a few seconds, she returned to her kneeling position and placed her hands in her lap.

“May I rise, Master?”

Levi nodded approvingly, “Yes you may Kitten.” He said as he turned around to grab the glasses of juice from the counter.

All too soon breakfast was over and Lauren looked to her cage that sat in the living room. Levi nodded towards it as he cleaned up the dishes. She crawled and sat down next to it, waiting for her Master.

Levi removed a few pillows from the spacious cage and replaced it with a box of kitty litter, much to Lauren’s embarrassment. He’d never used this punishment before.

“If you need to use the bathroom, you’ll do so in your litter box. Is that understood, Kitten?” he asked as he stood up.

Lauren nodded, but Levi didn’t move from his position in front of the cage. Lauren glanced up at him, noting his raised eyebrow.

“Yes, Master.”

“You have your safe word if something is too much,” Levi reminded her gently.

“I’m not going to use that for this!” Lauren retorted as if appalled by his suggestion. “I can handle it.”

Levi shrugged, “I’m simply reminding you, Kitten. These were all things you agreed to but you are free to use your safe word if at any point something is too much. We’ll stop whatever it is and talk like the grown adults we are. But, I have a job to get to so…” He trailed off and gestured that she should get into the cage.

Without another word, Lauren did as requested. Levi locked the cage, but a little teardrop-shaped device hung from the metal lock on a cord.

“If at any point you need out of the cage immediately use this like so,” he instructed, jerking the cord; the lock fell off and the cage door swung open, the small device emitting a loud beeping noise. “I will be alerted and, unless I’m in the middle of something important, I’ll come home as soon as possible. It’s also linked to the police and ambulance, just to be safe. I’ve made them aware of what’s going on, as is the typical protocol for this type of punishment. I’ll see you after I’m off work, Kitten. I love you.”

Lauren gave him a half smile, not entirely happy with her position or punishment. “I love you too, Master.”


Lauren lay on her side, squeezing her eyes shut, knees pulled up to her chest.

“I don’t have to go, I don’t have to go,” She repeated through clenched teeth. Her mind flew back to breakfast when she’d drank nearly 3 glasses of juice and Levi hadn’t once suggested she slow down. He’d actually been encouraging her to drink more.

“He knew this was going to happen!” She realized, “He knew I’d have to go to the bathroom and use that,” Her eyes darted to the dark grey box in the corner of her cage. It was less than a foot away, but she didn’t want to move. She’d been moving as little as humanly possible, her bladder nearly at its breaking point.

With a cry of frustration, Lauren got up and moved the litter box so that it was between her legs, she on all fours. She resisted for a few seconds, feeling ashamed to be using such a thing, but her bladder demanded release. It took her only a second or two to force it, unaccustomed to peeing in such a position. When she was finished, she looked around for something to wipe with, realizing Levi had left her with nothing.

Finding nothing and not daring to use her few blankets she had in the cage, she wiggled her rear end, feeling a few drops fall. After a few seconds of looking, she seemed somewhat satisfied xslot Güncel Giriş and returned to her curled up position, pushing the litter box back into the corner with one foot.


Levi returned home nearly eight hours later, locking the front door before he went the living room to check on his kitten. She was sound asleep. His eyes flicked to the litter box and he smirked. She’d actually used it. He’d have to give her a treat after dinner.

Not waking her up, Levi went and showered, dressing down into more comfortable clothes before he unlocked her cage. He reached in, shaking her.

“Kitten. Kitten, wake up.”

She mumbled, fighting to stay asleep. Levi shook her a little harder and she sat up, rubbing her eyes.

“I was sleepin’,” She mumbled with a yawn.

“I know, but it’s time for me to cook dinner. Same position as this morning,” Levi said as he headed back towards the kitchen. Lauren took a couple of minutes, stretching and yawning, but crawled to his chair and knelt, yawning every few minutes.

Her nose twitched as smells from the kitchen made their way to the dining room area.

“What’re you cooking, Master?” Lauren queried.

He didn’t turn around from the range to respond, “Food.”

Lauren pouted, “I know that!”

“You’ll find out when it’s time to eat,” he added as he reached into a cabinet for bowls and plates.

Lauren’s mouth began to water as she watched him make their plates. Her stomach growled loudly and she frowned, “Is it almost ready?”

This time Levi didn’t give her any response and instead grabbed two bowls, brought them to the table and then returned for the plates and finally their drinks. When he sat down, Lauren immediately sat up.

“May I rise, Master?”

“You may, Kitten.” He nodded and waited to make sure Lauren was comfortable before he placed his elbows on the table, resting his chin on interlaced fingers. Her eyes were wide as she looked at the dinner he’d made. A simple but delicious dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

As Lauren dug into the food, Levi couldn’t help but smirk as he watched her hesitate to drink more than half her glass of tea.

“I see you used your litter box,” he mentioned casually as he dipped the sandwich into the soup. Lauren nearly choked on her food, glancing at him for a fraction of a second before she shoveled more food into her mouth.

“Slow down or you’re really going to choke, Kitten.”

Lauren slowed down but didn’t say anything.

“I think we both know how you felt about needing to use that today, don’t we?”

She swallowed and nodded a little, not able to meet his eyes.

“You’ll need to use it for other things later tonight,” Levi announced as he stirred his soup, “Think of this as your warning, Kitten. If you break my rules again like you did today, you’ll be locked in your cage, naked and with a litter box out in the front yard for all to see. I’ll feed and water you, of course… but you would be out there for an extended period.”

Levi watched Lauren’s eyes widen, letting what he’d just told her to sink in as he finished his sandwich and soup.

“Oh and not that I gave you enough to encourage very loose stool… but enough you will need to use your litter box for something other than urinating tonight. I picked it up from the clinic on my way home.”

Luckily Lauren had no food left, otherwise, she might have actually choked. She stared at Levi as he gathered up their plates and bowls, carrying them in the sink

“You-you gave me a… a laxative?”

Levi nodded, “Don’t worry, it’s as I said: just enough to ensure you’ll use your litter box tonight like a good little kitten. I’m sure I won’t have a repeat of today’s behavior though, will I?”

Lauren was still caught on the fact that he’d given her laxative in her dinner. She stared at him silently for a few seconds before she finally spoke, her voice mixed with anger and disbelief, “And if I use my safe word right now?”

He paused and sat down at the table, “We would discuss this as I’ve said before.”

She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath and then another, and another. When she finally opened her eyes, she could see worry reflected in Levi’s eyes.

“Kitten?” She didn’t respond. “Kitten?”

“Mercy.” Lauren breathed.

Levi didn’t appear angry or upset. If anything, he seemed scared. He pulled his chair over and turned Lauren so she was facing him. He grabbed her hands but she jerked away, silent. Levi waited a few seconds, watching her look down at her hands, hair falling in her face, concealing her expression.

“Lauren. Speak to me, please.”

“I have a new hard limit. You will not…” Her voice shook before her body begins to shake as well, “Will.Not.” She punctuated each word, “give me any form of medication, anything that will alter me physically or mentally, without my consent. Do you understand, Levi?”

Lauren finally looked up and Levi’s breath caught. She was crying.

He reached forward hesitantly, unsure if she’d let him touch her. She pulled away again and stood up, sniffling as she wiped her face with the back of her hand.

“I’m going to sleep on the couch tonight. I… I just need some space right now.” She said. Levi didn’t argue with her.

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