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Finding Her Master Pt. 09

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Chapter 12

Robin felt the aftershocks slowly subsiding while Joe signed the papers. Her stomach still aching from her climax when another feeling started to emerge inside her. Tensing her stomach muscles to hold back the sudden need to relieve herself. Sucking down on her lower lip and slowly rocking her body, wishing Master would hurry.

“Thank you,” Joe replied giving a tug on Robin’s leash as they walked in to the main area.

“Master, may I speak?”Robin whispered meekly.

“Yes, slave,”Joe replied, granting her request.

“May your slave go to the slave’s girls room? I need to relieve myself.”Robin pleaded, her eyes looking down at the floor adding, “Master, may I pleaasssse?”

It was hard for Joe not to chuckle out loud at her request and try to keep his composure as a slight grin appeared on his lips. When they were at home Robin just said excuse me, tonight she looked a little embarrassed for asking.

“Yes pet, you may,”Joe told her as he led her to the door of the female slave’s room.

Joe stopped her at the door telling her, “Lift your chin pet, so I can unhook your leash.”

“Yes, Master,”Robin replied as she raised her head.

Lowering his mouth down close to her ear, whispering, “Remove the plug from your ass and clean it, slave,”as his fingers pressed on the plug.

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.”Robin replied moaning deep.

Robin placed her hand on the ornately carved oak wooden door for the female slave’s room. Giving the door a push it swung open easily on its black iron hinges. Robin saw two hands cast in brass pointing left and right. Robin noticed the left hand was pointing to the locker area and the right hand was pointing to the bathroom area. Robin turned quickly to her right and walked through another oak door. The light red walls rimmed with black drapes encasing paintings of female slaves in various styles of bondage graced her eyes.

Quickly walking in, Robin saw the crystal chandelier hanging in the center of the room. The white glow in the red room with brass and paintings took her breath away. Robin saw several free standing white marble wash basins against one wall. The sound of her heels clicking on the marble tile floor as she walked over to the bathroom stalls. The doors were all oak hanging on black iron posts. Robin entered the first stall and shut the door behind her sliding the lock closed. Slightly bending over, Robin lifted her skirt above her hips. Reaching her hand behind her ass her fingers grasped the end of the anal plug.

The plug gave some resistance as she pulled it slowly from her sore hole. The plug had filled her ass for several hours tormenting her. She felt the feeling of emptiness in her as her sore rosebud slowly closed. Robin sat down on the toilet and noticed the oak panel walls as her full bladder emptied. While she was sitting there, Robin heard the sound of the door opening and the noise of heels walking in the room.

Robin stood up, lowering her skirt down over her ass. Lightly sliding her hands over the fabric. Grasping the lock on the door and sliding it open.Taking a deep breath, Robin pulled the door open. It was then Robin noticed the stunning view of a tall redheaded woman dressed in a full black fishnet body stocking encased in white satin gloves past her elbows. Robin saw her fingers lightly touching up her long red hair. Robin heard the jingle of a small pad lock on her three inch wide black leather wrist cuffs. Robin took a glance down to her white leather boots that went up to her mid thighs. The three inch black leather cuffs buckled around her ankles as she stood by the mirror her legs slightly spread.

Robin’s eyes followed up the woman’s body noticing the stocking was open down the slit of her ass and pussy. What got Robin’s attention was the leather body straps going between her legs and crisscrossing her body. She could not see the face of the woman in front of her as she walked over to one basin to wash her hands and plug. While Robin washed her hands the scent of the woman’s perfume wafted up her nose. Robin took a slight sniff and knew that scent of perfume. It was the same perfume her friend Julia wore.

Robin finished washing her hands and turned to reach the towel hanging on the bar when she saw the face of the women standing there. Robin let a small sharp gasp escape her lips, Julia’s face turned towards the sound Robin made.

“Oh my God…Julia?”Robin stuttered.

“Robin is that you behind that mask? Oh my God, what are you doing here?”Julia gasped.

“Me…what are you doing here?”Robin replied.

“Dan brought me here tonight. I met him while you were out of town. He came to the clerk’s office to file some paperwork. I knew him from college and we dated some. Now what are you doing here, Robin?”Julia asked.

Robin felt the heat of her cheeks grow red as she replied lowering her head, “My Master brought me here.”

“Robin, are you a slave? I had no idea you were in the life. Oh my, why didn’t Betturkey you ever tell me? Who is he?”Julia asked.

“Remember when my car broke down and was towed to the shop?”Robin asked

adding, “the man who owns the shop, he is my Master.”

“Your new boyfriend is your Master?”Julia gasped.

“Yes, I have been his slave since then,”Robin said meekly lowering her head feeling the heat in cheeks again.

“Oh my god Robin, you of all people. I never would have guessed you were in the life. I am so happy for you!”Julie said reaching her arms out, pulling Robin closer hugging her tight.

“Julia please do me a huge favor, do not tell Dan you saw me here, please. Dan works with me and I can not have him know my secret life.”Robin begged.

“Sure Robin, I promise, but he will find out eventually.”Julia replied.

“I have to go, Master is waiting for me,”Robin said.

Robin started to walk away from her when she turned back saying, “By the way, you look gorgeous in that outfit.”

“Thanks,”Julia replied with a grin and a wink.

Robin was still shaking a little as she walked out of the bathroom. Seeing Joe standing there with her leash in his hand she felt her nipples press on her blouse and the wetness trickled down her thighs. Just the look of his face with that grin that was pure evil, but his eyes glowed with lust as she saw him watching her as she walked towards him. Stopping just in front of Joe, Robin raised her chin up exposing the d-ring on her collar.

Joe noticed a panicky look in her eyes as he clicked the leash on her collar asking, “What’s wrong, pet?”

“Joe, I mean Master, did you see the redhead that went into the slaves bathroom?”Robin asked hesitantly.

“Yes, I did see her. Why?”Joe replied.

“That red headed slave was Julia, my friend from the clerks office. She is here with Dan Fitzpatrick, the new lawyer from the law firm. I asked her not to tell Dan she saw me here with you. I can not let him see me here tonight.”Robin told Joe, adding, “May we go home Master, please?”Her voice cracked as she choked up.

“Pet, you are wearing a mask. If Julia is your friend she will not tell Dan you are here tonight. No, we are staying and we are going to enjoy ourselves tonight,”Joe told her as his fingertips wiped a small tear from her her cheek.

“But Master…”Robin started to protest.

“No pet, we are staying here,”Joe lightly growled in her ear.

“Yes, Master,”Robin meekly said her body starting to tremble.

Joe noticed the bathroom door open and he saw Julia walk out going to the main area. With a tug on her leash they walked following Julia inside the main room.The room was large with a dining area on one side and in the center of the large open room was a circular raised stage with an x cross and a padded spanking bench. Behind the x cross Joe noticed the rack with various whips, chains, lengths of rope, and floggers. On a table near the rack was a selection of various toys placed there. Joe noticed a set of six stands holding large thick candles at various heights. Hanging above the stage was a spot light rack with different lights for different effects on the stage.

The lounge area had a long wooden bar against the far wall with black iron lanterns illuminating the bar. The whole room was lit in a light glow from the wall sconces imitated mid evil lanterns. Joe and Robin stood there taking in the expanse of the room. Music was softly coming from the multiple speakers hanging all around the room. They were greeted by a server dressed as a waif and led to a table near the stage. Joe saw Robin acting nervous as he saw her look towards a table near the lounge area.

Joe turned his head towards the direction Robin was looking and saw the redhead with a tall gentlemen dressed in a black leather vest and pants. “Relax pet, Dan will never know you are here tonight,”Joe tried to reassure her.

When they were seated the server asked them, “Sir, would you like something from the bar for you and your sub?”

“Just two ice teas,”Joe replied.

“Yes, Sir,”the waif replied, bowing at the waist as she left.

“Spread your legs, slave,”Joe ordered her as he opened the menu.

“Yes, Master,”Robin replied.

Joe was reading the menu when the lights on the stage grew brighter. “Masters and Mistress’s can I have your attention. We have a special guest here tonight. Master J.J. is going to demonstrate his skills with the bull whip tonight. Master D has graciously volunteered his services with his slave.”

Joe watched as Dan and Julia stood up and walked towards the stage. Joe also saw J.J walk on the stage with a red leather bull whip hanging from his belt out towards the stage. Dan ordered Julia to kneel beside him. J.J walked up to Dan shaking his hand while gazing down to Julia’s kneeling form.

Master J.J. or Pudge, as Joe remembered him, spoke, “Dan, would you order your slave to light that row of six candles Betturkey Giriş on the stand.”

“Do as Master J.J. requests, you will follow all his commands, slave,”Dan told her sternly looking down on her kneeling form.

“Yes, Sir,”Julia replied meekly.

Julia rose up from the floor and took the candle lighter from the table and lit each candle. After the last candle was lit, Julia heard Master J.J tell Dan to have his slave stand behind the first candle.

Dan looked over at Julia and with a nod from his head Julia walked back to the first candle, standing behind it with her hands clasped behind her back. Master J.J. removed the bull whip from his belt letting the tip fall to the floor. With a light flick of his wrist the whip stretched out in front of him. Joe watched as J.J. took a few steps forward measuring the distance with another flick of his wrist.

Joe moved his chair closer to Robin so he could have a better view of the stage. Her skirt bunched around her upper thighs from her spread legs. With her palms on her thighs, Joe noticed her eyes watching the stage.The lights dimmed and a spot light illuminated Master J. J. Another spot light appeared on Julia’s standing form behind each lit candle.

A different image was taking over Joe’s mind as Master J.J. slowly faded away. The image of Joe standing there wearing his leather pants. The white satin ruffled shirt unbuttoned to his waist and Julia’s image faded into Robin’s image. His cock slowly grew in his pants as he imagined staring deep into Robin’s eyes. He saw the heat of her lust in them mixed with the look of complete trust in what he was going to do. The ache of not having her in his arms this week slowly faded away as his fingertips lightly grazed her thigh.

Robin moved her leg towards his touch. A slight gasp escaped from her lips as Joe’s tips dragged closer to her pussy. Her body trembled as his tips touched her wet slit. Joe felt her juices cover his fingers as he dragged them up her slit. Robin squirmed in her chair as he touched her swollen clit. Joe watched the scene intently on the stage as he felt her squirm.

Julia was standing behind the tallest candle, from his view Joe saw that the candle was even with her breasts. Master J.J. raised his arm and with a flick of his wrist the whip lashed out towards the candle. The cracking sound struck his ears as the flame blew out. Joe saw the fabric of her covered breast tear and a thin red line appeared. Julia’s face grimaced from the strike. Joe pressed his finger harder on Robin’s clit at the sound of the strike.

Robin let out a small moan as he pressed her clit, her ass lifting slightly from her chair. Master J. J. motioned Julia to stand behind the next candle. Julia obeyed and moved behind the next candle. The candle was the same height as the first candle. Joe’s fingers slid down her wet slit as J.J. raised his arm again, with a sudden flick of his wrist the whip lashed out again striking Julia’s other breast. The flame blew out and a tear was visible on the stocking at the top of her breast.

Julia grimaced as the line appeared on her breast and Joe saw her knees buckle a bit. Robin moaned louder as Joe squeezed her hot pussy at the strike. Robin pushed her hips against his hand as Joe slid a finger inside her wet hole. Robin’s eyes never left the scene on the stage.

Joe leaned over and kissed Robin’s neck lightly as he whispered to her to open her blouse and expose her breasts.

Without any hesitation Robin’s hands pulled her blouse open to the sides, her breasts fully exposed. Joe continued to lightly stroke her pussy as J.J. had Julia move to the next candle. The next candle was even with her thighs. The sound of the whip cracking against her upper thigh as the flame blew out and the tear on the stocking appeared. Julia flinched at the strike but stood as still as possible

Robin’s leg flinched at the strike and another low groan escaped her throat. Joe noticed that with each strike Robin flinched with Julia’s movements. He felt her thighs getting soaked with each strike. Joe looked around the dining area and saw everyones eyes watching Master J.J.’s mastery of the whip. He heard several groans around him from the crowd with each strike. Robin was on fire, her pussy spasming with each stroke of Joe’s touch. Master J.J. motioned Julia again to the next candle.

Robin’s fists balled up tight as the whip found its mark on Julia’s other thigh. Her breathing became faster as Joe rubbed her hard clit. Joe saw her chest rise and fall with each breath as he continued to toy with her clit. Julia moved to the next candle and was told to turn around so her ass was facing the candle. Julia turned her body placing her hands behind her head and slightly bending forward.

The sound of the whip cracking through the air finding its mark on Julia’s ass. Then in a quick second after the first strike the sound of it striking her flesh again. Julia let out a soft yelp of Betturkey Güncel Giriş pain after the second strike. Joe watched as Julia struggled to maintain her pose waiting for the command to move. Robin let out a small groan as Joe pushed his thumb hard on her clit forcing her to move her hips towards his hand.

Joe glanced over to her and saw her lower lip sucked deep in her mouth. Robin’s breathing coming faster as Joe knew she was on the verge of exploding and her hands balled into fists as she held back waiting for the command to cum. His cock was straining to be released from the confines of his pants and he needed her right there and now. Remembering what the rules were for dining room Joe stopped rubbing her swollen clit.

“Master, do not stop! Please let me cum for you! I am that close. Please Master, let me cum,”Robin begged as Joe pulled his hand away.

“No my pet, later I will let you cum. Let’s enjoy our time here,”Joe said to her as he licked his fingers of her juices.

Master J.J. had Julia walk in front of the candle stand and he placed a candle in each of her hands. “Hold these up in front of you slave,”he told her as he walked away.

Robin gasped at the cuts on Julia’s body stocking from the whip. The thin lines left by the whip on her skin had already started to fade. She watched in awe as Master J.J. swung the whip in a circular fashion over his head. With a flick of his wrist the tip whistled out towards the lit candles. In a quick succession the whip cracked and half of the first candle landed on the floor. Then a split second later the second lit candle followed the first.

“Master, please can we go home? I am on fire and I need you!”Robin pleaded between gasps.

The hardness in Joe’s pants decided for him when he replied, “Yes, we are leaving now my pet.”

Joe watched as Master J.J. coiled up his whip attaching it back on his belt. The room broke out in applause as they all walked of the stage. Robin was still trembling a little when she felt the tug on her leash as Joe stood up.

“Let’s go home, pet. Master wants you,”

Standing up beside her Master, Robin could not help it and flashed Joe a huge smile replying, “Yes Master, your pet desperately needs you to use her.”

“Close your blouse pet, and we will leave,”Joe said.

“Master, please let me it leave open like this. I want to show them that I am your slutty pet tonight. Please, may I? “she pleaded to Joe with her eyes.

“Yes pet, you may,”granting her request had Joe’s cock harder in his pants at the thought of leading her out with her breasts exposed.

Standing by the table as Robin stood up Joe noticed the sheen of her wet thighs from her flooded pussy. Robin reached down to her skirt that was bunched around her waist. Joe thought she was going to pull her skirt down over her ass. Instead of covering her ass, Robin tucked the hem of her skirt in the waist band.

Joe started to feel his heartbeat in his swollen cock and his balls tightened as her saw her exposed like a slut for her Master. Robin finished fixing her skirt and looked up to Joe with a gleam in her eye. The tip of her tongue running over her lips.

Standing with hands behind her back, “Master, I am ready,”she purred.

Joe led her through the crowd in the dining room and he saw the smiles from most of the Masters.

Just as they walked out of the dining room Joe heard someone call his name, asking him to wait a minute. Turning his head to the sound of the mans voice, he saw Master J.J walking up to him. Behind J.J. were Dan and Julia walking up with him.

“I thought that was you leaving. Do you have a minute? I told my nephew here, oh excuse my manors. Joe, this gentleman behind me is my nephew, Dan Fitzpatrick, and his sub, Julia. Dan is an attorney here in town, he just moved here. He needs a mechanic and I told him you are the best in town.”J.J. said.

Joe extended his hand towards Dan’s, shaking it, “J.J. has told me about you Dan, nice to finally meet you.”

“Nice to meet you also, Joe. My uncle here swears by your work. This fine standing sub here is Julia and she works at the clerk’s office. We used to date in college and to my surprise I accidentally found her working here.”

Robin was frantic with worry that Dan would recognize her. Robin took a step behind her Master and lowered her head hoping he would not see her. Robin’s legs felt weak as her heart pounded in her chest and her pussy muscles sent a flood of her juices down her thighs. Robin silently hoped they would leave soon.

Then to her horror she heard Joe say, “J.J., that was a great demonstration on the use of the whip. It was very stimulating watching that. The slave hiding behind me is my pet, she is a little shy as it is her first time here tonight and she isn’t feeling too well. “Joe replied.

Joe reached around and found his wallet taking out a business card handing it to Dan, “Just give me a call to set up an appointment anytime. I would like to talk longer but as I mentioned my pet is not feeling too well and I need to take her home. It was nice to meet you, Dan. Julia, that was a very nice performance, so if you don’t mind we have to go.”

“Nice to meet you too, Joe, and I hope your pet feels better soon,”Dan replied.

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