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The Sex Experience of Lady Rhua Ch. 02

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Without any hesitation, I immediately opened Skype and typed her name on the search box and in a couple of minutes or so, I sent a message to her and a video call arrived to me. When it was opened, I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Puppy was there, in front of the webcam, wearing a black and red corset, black gloves with matching stockings and red panties. She was sitting on a chair and I could see a nice bulge in her panties, the proof of her excitement. Of course, it was easy to tell she was not a real girl, after all his body was a little too masculine and more important, he was not wearing any wig and there was no sign of make-up on her face. But that view was enough to bring memories back and to make my body react immediately.

That night, Puppy had the chance to just show me how she was dressed and how hard she was just thinking of me watching him. Her cock was still the same and looking at it again after so much time, gave me a strange sensation, a sensation I hadn’t felt for a long time but had never forgotten.

I really hoped to have more time to stay with her but we promised each other to meet again and as soon as we could, because there was too many things to talk about and do…especially now that I had my own space in the house. In fact, during the time away from each other, I had restructured the upper floor, a part of the house which was used just as a storage or to cook something without filling the whole apartment with not so pleasant smell. But now, I had made it a functional place for me, where I could spend time with my friends for dinner or just watching a movie and from now on, I was sure, I would be using it for something else too!

That night, falling asleep wasn’t easy. Every time I tried to close my eyes, the image of Puppy jumped in my mind and with it the memories of our past hot dates. I tossed and turned in bed for hours, trying to push those images away, but I couldn’t. The more I tried, the more they came back hammering in my mind with new and exciting games we could try. Games we would experiment with very soon, especially after I had bought and installed the webcam too.

All we had done in the past was now revived with renewed and intense passion and thanks to Skype it was now alive again. The more we met on Skype, the more we were getting closer and the more I was excited by the idea of becoming a cross-dresser too. I never revealed this fact to Puppy though, probably because I was too shy or because I was too scared by the possibility of being addicted by it.

We spent entire nights together, we explored each other fantasies again but soon it was clear, for me, how much Puppy enjoyed it when I took full control of him, especially when other men were watching her on an adult site with a free webcam service. In those moments, I would treat her as a real puppet in my hands, pushing her to do everything I or his followers wanted, but taking care to not ask her to do things which could reveal her face and identity, something she was scared about.

Of course, she wasn’t always logged on that site, there were days I wanted her just for me and those were the moments I enjoyed most, because I could finally stare at her face, at the excited expression she had while we were having sex and any time, at the end of our dates, we would lie down exhausted but happy to be finally be together again. Soon, for both of us, it was clear how much we needed each other and not only as friends, but as real partners to live our true sexuality, something we could not do in our daily life.

Soon the summer season was upon us. The hot and sultry nights became even more wild and steamy and the more I spent time with Puppy, the more two strong emotions were growing in me. The first one was born in me in the same moment I had seen her cross-dressing for the first time and the more she bought to make her into a pretty girl, the more I was attracted by that world, so mysterious and well hidden from strangers and to the outside world. The second one, was born in my heart: it was clear to me how important Puppy was now. She became more than a simple virtual partner, there wasn’t a single instant of the day that I didn’t think of her, at how badly I wanted to hold her against me and kiss her lips. It was difficult to admit it to myself, but I was falling in love with her and the fact she was a man in his daily life didn’t matter to me.

She was my little girl, my lover and even my sexual slave…She was definitely mine now and we both knew that! I was no more just Rhua for her, now I was “Mistress Rhua” and she obeyed me without hesitation, to the point I sometimes combined some dates for her on AChat, a date that usually ended to be an amazing and wild encounter via webcam. It was a slow process, something we had not planned. It happened naturally over time, as a consequence of our past games, something she really enjoyed very badly. The idea to be at another’s mercy and to satisfy any wishes Betturkey they had was electrifying her and was easy for me to make her accept my requests of shaving totally her body except her pubic area, but paying attention to always have a nice and girlish bush around his cock.

Little by little, his transformation into a girl continued and soon she learnt how to properly use the make-up and she bought a dark brown wig. She still refused to show her face to other men except me and I never pushed her to do it. Her masculine but pretty face was just for me and I loved to stare at her lips wrapped around a dildo and loved it when she took it all the way down her throat. She was very skilled in doing that now! But his complete transformation, little by little was having another effect on me.

I was still reluctant to admit to myself and to confess to her how attracted I was by the cross-dressing world. One day, however I decided at last, to change my plans to attend a fancy dress contest. I and my friends decided and wanted to take part in it at the end of October in the city of Lucca. The initial plan was to form two groups of five people which would resemble the fight between good and evil, with me dressed as a demon with a giant axe but the more I spent time with Puppy, the more the idea to take part at the contest dressed as a female demoness grew inside of me, until the point I took the decision to do it! And the final effect was better than I could ever have imagined. At last, the Lady Rhua which I had played the role of for almost three years on AChat, was finally born and realised as a vision.

The first time my friends looked at me totally dressed for the first of the three days of the Lucca Games & Comics event, they could hardly believe that this amazing and gorgeous demoness was me. The work I had done to resemble a real girl was impressive and left my friends stunned and the same could be said for the demon parts I had made. The effect was stunning and quite realistic. Using different type of materials, I had modelled dark purple scales parts to cover a pair of boots I had bought for a few Euro and I modified them adding four claws on the toe feet and instead of a normal heel, there was now a more solid one made of steel that resembled another claw. The boots covered my ankles but on the front of them I had added a sort of thin shin guard and on that, I had sculpted more scales, to give the impression of a larger area covered by real scales.

A similar work was done for the gloves, which totally covered my hands and forearms in scales and sharpened 2.5 inch long claws completed the look. The hardest part I had achieved was to create fake boobs. I had spent whole days reading on the web, different tutorials on how to create a full fake chest using silicone or other materials and I had tested the different ones till, at last, I had obtained exactly what I needed. At the end, the fake boobs (a 34C cup) were created with a sort of short shirt closed on the back, from the neck till its end and on the lower border and on the neck, I created more scales which covered all my back too, to make the piece more resistant.

A 3 feet long tail could be attached on the back of the lower border of the chest and it led right up my bum, barely covering my cheeks and to let it stay in position, I had found a very naughty solution. After trying several different ways, I had soon realized an anal plug with a sort of long tail which ran right between my bum cheeks and out at the end. There was a support where the tail could be linked to stay in position. Of course, I paid attention to use materials which were safe to use and would not cause an allergic reaction or worst…I didn’t want dangerous risks!

To complete my transformation, I added a red flaming crest on the back plate and it ran down until it covered the initial part of the tail, plus a matching long wig adorned by two pairs of horns. This completed my demoness look. Of course, I created all the parts of the armour: gauntlets, shin guards, a chest plate and a belt with plates on the flanks and on the front, and everything else I needed for finally become the real Lady Rhua.

The preparations I had made before leaving for Lucca, weren’t only about the costume. The day before the event began, I shaved my whole body and while doing it, my heart pounded faster thinking of the reason why I was doing it and in that moment, it made me think of the day I asked Puppy to do the same.

I wondered if he was as excited as me and what was running in his mind at that time. All I knew was I couldn’t wait to show the world my new self. It was what I had been doing for three long and exciting days. While I and my friends were walking all around the area of the event or posing for some photos, I couldn’t help but look around at the people staring at us and I wondered if they could easily see my real gender or even if they had noticed the anal plug.

Anyway, Betturkey Giriş at last, my test was a success, even more than I expected and now, finally, I could say I had realized my secret dream of being a real transsexual, even if I was just cross-dressing. In the days that followed the Lucca Games & Comics, I had the proof of how appreciated my work was. On the web pages linked to the event, there were lots of pictures of me and my friends and many comments about the incredible costume I had made. This gave me confidence and encouragement. People who were at Lucca talked about me as a “very cute and hot girl”! Those were the last words I needed to hear to take the final decision about become a real cross-dresser.

When I showed Puppy a photo of me dressed as her beloved Lady Rhua, he could hardly believe his own eyes and I swore to him many times that it was me and not a real girl. Eventually he believed my words and became a little envious of how pretty I looked in them but at the same time, seeing his real Mistress finally dressed up made him really happy. He begged me to always wear my costume when we played together via webcam. Not that I was not happy to do so at his request, but wearing the whole costume and armour, every night was not easy or fast. I had to plan an alternative solution. Without any hesitation, at the nearest sexy shop I found, I bought a dark blue leather stocking, matching panties and dress, paying attention to the fact I needed one with a deep slit on the back, to be able to wear the tail.

The stockings were useful to avoid the use of the shin sculpted scales. All I had to do was open up two holes in each foot to wear them over the boots I had created. The second step was to buy some make-up and lipstick, something I needed to look more like a Lady and less like a demoness.

At the beginning I had underestimated how hard it was to realize a good effect and I had to try things many times, before I obtained an acceptable appearance. But at last, I had succeeded to mine and Puppy’s complete satisfaction.

Now we were even closer, linked together not only by our passion for real transsexuals or by the bond between a Mistress and her Pet, but also we had now both entered in to the world of cross-dressing even if just privately. But soon, I realized that wasn’t enough for me, our cam dates were still giving me strong emotions but I was not completely satisfied and when Puppy told me about his plan to come to Italy by himself to visit a member of his family who lived in Rome for the end of the year, I immediately realized that this was our chance to finally meet.

At the beginning, he wasn’t sure about accepting my request or not, he was scared by the possible consequences of that decision and even if he was really tempted to accept it, he asked me to give him a week to think about it. Of course, I accepted to wait for his answer but secretly, I started to prepare everything we would need for our first real date together, quite sure he would give me a positive answer.

I found a little apartment near Rome where we could stay without worrying of being caught by indiscrete eyes. I checked the flight from and to Australia and anything else we may need for staying together for few days.

And now I’m here, waiting for Tim in the hall of the airport of Fiumicino. On the bulletin board, the airplane from Australia was on time and this meant in less than an hour, I would hold him in my arms. Everyone I knew, except for Tim of course, would not recognize me, for I was dressed as a girl! My short dark brown hair was hidden behind a flame red, long wig and the make-up on my face, cleverly hid my masculine identity.

When I had tried it for the first time, I was surprised how feminine my face looked. My clothes, of course, completed my transformation: the purple knitted dress I wore was tight enough to show off my rounded bottom. It was also short enough to reveal my black panties when I sat down. I also wore black knees high boots and a coordinated belt to complete my look.

A look that made many guys turn to stare at me. Some of them were blatant and did not care that I saw them and the little excited spark of interest in their eyes. Others turned their face away when they noticed I was looking back at them. This situation was totally new to me and I found it thrilling and exciting. I wondered what would happen if one of them tried to approach me right now. Would they see that I was a man and not a woman? Or was I attractive enough to be desirable, maybe to have sex with right here and now! The more time that passed, the more those thoughts ran wild in my mind, making the wait for my little Puppy endless.

My errant thoughts were interrupted by the speaker announcing the arrival of Tim’s flight.

I stood up, careful so as not to reveal my panties to stranger’s eyes. I picked up my jacket and the small handbag I had bought specially for Betturkey Güncel Giriş this first time meet. I moved in the direction of the check-out area. Walking on 6 inch high heels wasn’t easy at the beginning, but I had practiced daily until I had mastered the walk and sexy little sway easily. Now, it was as if I had always worn them.

I sensed all the men’s eyes glued to my bottom and the short dress that almost reveal all my thighs and I must admit I was starting to enjoy this new feeling, more than I had expected! I imagined their exalted expressions and their cocks getting hard in their pants for me. It was such a turn on and I felt chills running down my spine, to the point I started to imagine me and some of them in the toilet of the airport where they could take their pleasure from my whole body, even abusing of me, if they wanted too!

This thought excited me and it forced me to stop and take a deep breath to calm down. Otherwise the tell-tale bulge in my dress would reveal my growing cock and that just would not do.

The time passed slowly as I waited for Tim. I watched closely at all the men I saw coming through the gate announced by the speaker. I opened my eyes wide to see if that one or that one was him. Then, at last, I saw him.

He was walking in my direction with a blue trolley and a jacket under his right arm. The more he got closer to me, the more the agitation took control of me but at the same time I felt happy and my heart began to bump faster, almost ready to jump out of my chest.

When we were finally in front of each other, saying a single word wasn’t easy. Our eyes explored each other, as they had probably done the first time we met on the webcam.

Judging by what I saw, Tim was tall like me, around 6 feet, but he appeared more masculine than me: the pronounced cheekbones and a square chin were always difficult to hide for him. The first time I saw him dressed as Puppy and the same thing can be said for his hands. But, I don’t care much. For me, he was always my little sweet girl and I knew this was not going to change, even now that we are here together. The more I look at him, the more I get conscious of the fact Tim was really here, in front of me right now and even if I desired to kiss him badly, something held me back, till he finally broke the silence between us.

“You are gorgeous! More than how the cam showed me in the last months!”

And after he said this, he kissed me passionately, holding my flanks tight with his hands. That kiss was sudden but pleasant and I had waited for it till yesterday, when I arrived at the apartment that I had rented just for us.

After an initial hesitancy, I replied to his kiss with the same passion and without worrying of being noticed by other travellers passing around us. I put my right open hand over his crotch, slowly massaging it. Finding it already hard and big surprised me but at the same time made me happy, because it was the clear sign of the effect my appearance had on him and on his cock and I continued my slow and gentle massage till our lips finally pulled away.

“Gosh, I was close to cumming in my pants, my love,” he exclaimed, with his breath a little heavier than before.

“And you will be punished for it…you know it, don’t you!?” I replied with a satisfied smirk on my face “And when we are in public, call me Rhua”

“Mmmhmm…I’ll gladly accept a punishment for that…Rhua!”

I clearly heard a tone of happiness and satisfaction in his voice and it reflected in his eyes too. And I had to admit it, I was happy too, especially thinking of the days which awaited us from today and more for what I have planned for him, something I didn’t reveal to him till now. And it was still too early for Tim to discover it.

“Better move…there are lot of things to do before dinner time comes…”

“Show me the way and I follow you, Rhua!”

“This is the Puppy I love…” I told him, before kissing him again and holding his arm to lead Tim to my car.

From the point of view of people we met on the way to my car, Tim and I probably looked a normal couple: a man with his fiancée or, why not, even a married couple! But no one would even imagine the truth behind us, something we would hide from the whole world even if I revealed part of it in Lucca.

When we reached the car, Tim put his trolley in the trunk, I gave to him a box to open immediately. Inside it, were several things I had prepared just for him and to use right now: a dark grey, medium length wig, a girlish tight shirt with a high neck and a pair of fake boobs. They were smaller than mine.

Tim looked at them perplexed and doubtful about what he had to do with them but I was sure he would figure it out in no time. He was also doubtful about doing it right now and here!

“Are you changing your mind, Tim!?” I asked him, pissed off “I want to remember to you the fact that you accepted all my conditions…and now I order you to put them on!”

“Here in the parking area!?” he asked, with a scared expression and looking around.

“Don’t worry about it…there are no cars or security camera around us, I checked for them when I arrived here!”

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