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The Fishing Trip

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I am submitting this piece in the Crossdresser/Transgender category as a test story. If it is well received, I will submit more in the ftm transgender category (I have two rough drafts now.)

PLEASE NOTE that I do use the p-word and the v-word in this story because the trans-character isn’t severely dysmorphic about his genitalia. I understand some people find such words triggering and would suggest those people not read this story. Other stories I have begun avoid those words unless necessary.

Please leave comments, or if you have suggestions or criticisms (especially transmen readers). Please, submit questions to me directly so I can respond.



It was meant to be a simple fishing trip. Just me, my brother and a couple of his friends getting drunk while catching some perch and catfish at a nearby lake, nothing more. It shouldn’t have been a surprise that my brother, David, and his best friend, Mark, showed up with their girlfriends in tow. His other friend, Brian, and I started making sounds to imitate a whip snapping to insinuate they were pussy whipped. They chuckled with good nature before pointing out they were going to be getting lucky at night while Brian and I would be left alone with our fists.

I really shouldn’t have gone. If I had considered the consequences better, I wouldn’t have. You see, there were only three bedrooms in the cabin we were going to stay in. Ideally, I would have ended up with a room of my own, or bunked with my brother. Now I was going to end up bunking with Brian, a low brow muscle head jock with the crass of a drunk redneck, and that was when he was sober and in a good mood. He was a nice enough guy in low doses, but not someone who was likely to react in an understanding or supportive manner if he discovered my secret.

It wasn’t until we arrived at the little cabin among the mesquite and Arizona ash trees and were claiming our rooms that I realized the girlfriends were forcing me to bunk with Brian. Not only would we be sharing a room, but a bed. How I was going to pull off hiding my privates from him was something I had to figure out- and fast.

Brian was a big guy at six feet tall, with an above average build. His hair was black, and he had dark brown eyes that looked kind, but I knew better. I noticed his biceps bulge like small hills of flesh when he singlehandedly hoisted the full ice chest into the back of David’s truck, and knew that my slight five foot eight inch frame was no match for him if things went south. I ran my fingers through my light brown hair and had a small nervous breakdown.

We arrived late, and started drinking soon after, grilling hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner. Brian was slugging the bottles of beer like he was dying of thirst, and I hoped he would get drunk enough to pass out, making my going to bed easier, but I had no such luck. As impossible as it may seem, he actually seemed to become even more aware of his surroundings the more he drank.

Wanting to get up early to start fishing, we all retired early. Brian and I went to our room, and Brian stripped down to his underwear quickly. I hesitated, but slowly undressed, deciding to leave my packer in place as I crawled in next to him. Lights out, and he was soon snoring softy in the darkness. Relieved, I closed my eyes and drifted into sleep.

I awoke with Brian’s body pressed against me, his hard cock wedged into the crack of my ass. He had an arm draped across my waist, his hand dangerously close to my prosthetic dick and balls. Had he made a play for me in the night and discovered my secret? He woke with a break of his breath and stirred. Realizing his positioning next to me on the bed, he pulled away. I turned to look at him. He was actually was adorable in the morning light, his hair mussed, his eyes sleepy.

“Um, sorry, man.” Was all he said as he crawled out of bed. I watched as he crossed to his luggage in the corner of the room. His ass was impressive, round and muscular. As he turned to pull on his pants, I saw the bulge of his long, thick cock straining against the white cotton of his briefs. His wide chest was covered in hair, his stomach split along the cleft of his abs by a long treasure trail. “I gotta take a piss,” he announced to no one in particular as he slipped out of the door without fastening his fly.

I got out of bed quickly and dressed for the day before he got back. Pulling on a fresh pair of briefs and slipping my packer back in place, I slipped into some jeans and sex izle a t-shirt, then wandered into the kitchen to see if the girls needed any help with breakfast. They pushed me out with a cup of coffee, so I stepped onto the porch to take in the cool of night, as the sun had yet to rise. Brian rushed out onto the porch, startling me.

“Fuckers are taking too goddamned long!” he ranted, whipping out his cock to relieve himself off the side of the porch. It was a beautiful cock, even in its flaccid state. I must have stared too long, because he caught me. Looking up, I met his eyes, and he smiled at me in a strange way. It conveyed that he saw me for who I was. Not an accusation, just an accepting, reassuring smile, like it was okay if I looked at his dick. He finished pissing and shoved his dick back into his pants, fastening his fly before going back into the house for coffee.

The incident was so odd and off putting that I was glad to be alone again, but I couldn’t pull my mind away from Brian and his big dick, the way his eyes seemed to see right through me, that mystical smile he shared with me. I was suddenly aware that I was hard, and my pussy was moist with my thoughts. No way was I attracted to Brian! He was a beast of a man, hardly civilized. Absolutely not my type.

After I graduated high school, I started living my life as a man, starting my transition when I entered college and started dating a transgirl who was not adverse to fucking me. We dated throughout college, parting ways when we returned to our hometowns permanently. I remained single after that, focusing on my job and beating off when I had to.

Heading down to the lake, with the girls in tow, I left them on the dock and sought out a place where I could be alone, and away from Brian. I set up in an opening among the trees that gave me good access to the water, but was far enough away that I could sneak into the woods to squat against a tree when I needed to pee. I was startled when I heard Brian approach.

“Those guys aren’t going to catch much fish with those girls talking nonstop,” he smiled apologetically at me, “Do you mind if I join you?” He didn’t wait for an answer, dropping his tackle box and beer cooler next to a nearby tree and started baiting his hook. “I love pussy,” he continued as he sat down next to me on the little patch of grass, the lake gently reflecting the colors of dawn, “But I really can’t stand women. They’re just so… I don’t know. Annoying?” I chuckled at his dilemma, and he joined me briefly.

“Have you considered dating guys?” I asked with an air of humor, hoping not to offend him, but curious all the same.

“Tried that,” he told me, looking around to be sure no one was nearby, “I liked the company, but I’m not a fan of dick.”

I nodded thoughtfully, for his benefit. Inside I was screaming. He’s fucking perfect! What he needs is a guy with a pussy, and I just happen to be a guy with a pussy.

Now I was sitting quietly with this handsome cis guy, fantasizing about his big cock fucking my pussy in a way I never thought about other guys. I didn’t think of myself as gay, just a guy with very basic needs that weren’t being met sufficiently. Part of that was my fear that cis guys would reject me, or worse, they would react violently. I sometimes played with dildos, but it just wasn’t the same as being mounted by someone and giving myself over to a partner’s manipulations.

We sat in silence for a while, then my rod jerked, and I pulled up on it sharply, securing the hook in the fish’s mouth. I started reeling it in, my rod bent downward.

“Looks like you got a big one,” he said excitedly.

The perch was a nice size, and Brian helped in securing it to the stringer and tossing it back into the water to keep it fresh. I baited my hook again and we settled back into silence together. Brian handed me a beer, but he didn’t speak.

After a while I felt the need to pee. He had the same problem and stood and turned to take a leak nearby. I tried not to look, fighting the temptation, but finally did. He didn’t seem to notice, looking around at the landscape, but the angle he was standing at suggested that he expected me to check him out. God, how I wanted him inside me, wondering how a man like him fucked. I imagined it would be rough, hard. But he might surprise me with a gentle love making. I was dying to know.

Unable to hold it any longer, I excused myself and walked into the woods, far enough away to pull down my jeans and squat against the trunk alt yazılı porno of an ash without being seen. When I finished, I played with my one and a half inch dick a while, stroking the shaft, pulling the foreskin over the head vigorously. I needed a quick cum to take the edge off, closing my eyes as I imagined Brian ravishing me, his big cock stretching out my little pussy. He would fuck me hard, ramming his thick length in and out of my flesh, his fertile balls slapping against my ass, his cock exploding with a flood of his cum. I shuddered, trying not to make any sound as I came, then cleaned up with some tissue I had stashed in my pocket, and returned to sit next to Brian, claiming I had a shy bladder if asked. He didn’t ask.

As the sun rose and the morning grew hotter, Brian pulled off his shirt, and I followed his lead, confident the hair on my chest would camouflage the barely noticeable scars under the ridges of my pecs, which I worked hard in the gym to sculpt under the direction of my personal trainer. The silence was peaceful, disturbed only when one of us caught a fish. I had not enjoyed a fishing trip since I went with my father and brother as a child.

At noon, the girls came looking for us, and we proudly presented them with nine perch, five caught by me, and four by Brian. David and Mark didn’t make out as well, catching only three between them. I guess Brian was right about the girls.

Catching the King’s portion, Brian and I delegated the cleaning to Mark and David while the girls went in to prep for the fish fry. Brian went in to shower, and I sat on the porch. I knew I wanted him, if only for the night, but had no idea how I was going to pull that off. He was big and strong, and despite his possible interest, that scared me too much to take the chance.

After lunch, we sat around playing board games and getting drunk. By dinner time, we were happy with chips and dips to accompany the pot David produced from his duffel bag. Blitzed on pot and beer, we all headed for our rooms. I went into the bathroom and showered, returning to my room wrapped in a towel with the sounds of sex echoing through the walls as Mark and David fucked their girlfriends.

I found Brian sitting in bed, on top of the covers, stroking his big dick through the stretched white cotton of his briefs.

“Didn’t take them long, did it?” he asked motioning at the wall behind him where we could hear the headboard of David’s bed knocking rhythmically against it. “I’m so fucking horny.”

“Been a long time, has it?” I asked hopefully, but uncertain where to take this. I was naked, save the towel around my waist, but perfectly comfortable in his presence. Must be the pot, I thought.

“Months,” he sighed, “You?”

“Years.” He looked at me as if it startled him.

“You wanna, maybe… fool around a little?” He smiled sheepishly, his face suddenly looking like a little boy asking for his first kiss. “I mean, no reason why they should have all the fun.”

Yes! I heard my pussy scream as my dick hardened. But my brain wasn’t as easily plied. I was scared, feeling my body begin to tremble in response to something other than sexual excitement.

“Look, there’s something you need to know about me,” I said hesitantly.

“I already know,” he said softly, rising from the bed to approach me, “Your brother told me. It’s the reason he invited me on this trip. He thinks you and I might hit it off,” he pulled the towel from my waist and looked down at me, “And so far, I think he’s right.”

He leaned down and kissed me, tenderly, exploratory, waiting for my response. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his lips into a crushing kiss, hot, urgent. His strong, callused hands snaked around me, pressing his own urgent need against my abdomen. I pulled away, and pulled at his briefs, unleashing his rigid virility. I looked at it as I squatted in front of him, pulling his briefs down to his feet, revealing his big, hairy ball sack.

Running my hands back up his legs, I cupped his fertile balls with both hands gingerly, playing with them before licking them, lubing them with my saliva. I sucked one of them into my mouth, completely filling it. He moaned, watching me. I played with it a while, swirling it around with my tongue, then moved on to the other, doing the same to it. My pussy was moist, and I was ready for him to be inside me, but I wanted more from him than just a quick fuck.

Licking my way up his hard shaft, I capped the altyazılı sex izle head with my mouth, sucking it in, flicking my tongue around it. He groaned and I could sense him giving himself to me. Taking in more of his cock I sucked up and down his hard shaft, popping my lips over the head before taking more of him into my hungry hole. I continued until I felt him at the back of my throat, then went down on him, shoving his saliva slicked head down the tight tunnel of my throat. He bucked his hips, pushing his entire length into me, and I struggled not to choke, feeling his cock press hard on my tonsils, filling my throat until it stretched to accommodate his girth.

He fucked my mouth and throat with long, slow strokes, taking his time. I looked up at him and saw him smiling down on me, his face soft with the pleasure I was bringing him. He was in no hurry, I realized. He wanted my pussy as much as I wanted his cock.

After a few minutes, just as my throat began to feel raw and my jaw started aching, he pulled out and got me to my feet. Guiding me to the edge of the bed, he lay me down. I spread my legs invitingly as he knelt down between them. His big hand lay across my groin, completely engulfing it as he rubbed softly across my dick and pussy lips, I sucked in a deep breath as he slipped one thick finger into my pussy as he sucked my dick into his mouth, ravaging it with his tongue. I felt a trickle of pleasure flutter up my stomach and spread into my chest, my nipples growing hard in response.

He focused his attention on my dick, his lips and tongue working my little soldier over while he fucked his finger in and out of my tight pussy vigorously. I felt my orgasm rise, my breathing become shallow as he slowly brought me there. I shuddered and writhed as a wave of ecstasy mixed with my intoxication, forcing me to cry out with a guttural groan I didn’t recognize.

“Oh, God!” I cried between jagged breaths, “Fuck me. Fuck me now!”

He wasted no time rising to his feet, his big, muscular body looming over my prone loins, his cock jutting out in front of him like a large fleshy spear. He mounted me, pressing the head of his big phallus against my labia, stroking it softly before pressing into me. The big head stretched my outer ring, causing me to hiss softly, then he was inside, and a wave of pleasure started to wash over me. He pushed deeper, filling my vagina completely, the head brushing across my g-spot, pressing against my cervix. It was all too much for me and I groaned as I started to cum again when he bottomed out and pressed his pelvis hard against me. He held still, buried deep inside me as I raised up off the bed a little, pinned down by his weight and lost myself in the crest of my second orgasm.

“You’re an easy cum,” he whispered, smiling down at me, “This is going to be fun.”

He pulled out of me, and rubbed the head of his cum soaked cock against my little dick, torturing me on the raw edges of my fading orgasm, slicking it up before reentering me. He speared my flesh quickly this time, pumping in and out of me with long, hard thrusts. It took me by surprise, his thick shaft pushing and pulling my vagina apart, the swollen mushroom head stroking my g-spot, slamming against my cervix. It nearly knocking the wind out of me.

I lay there, gritting my teeth as he had his way with me, spreading my legs wider as I gave myself to him completely. His face contorted several times as he fucked me, revealing the pleasure our union was giving him. Another orgasm rose slowly, building on his every thrust. I screamed as I felt my vagina explode into a thousand sharp shards of mind numbing pleasure. He continued fucking me, lengthening my orgasm until I couldn’t stand it any longer and fought against him. He slammed into me once more, releasing a torrent of his pent-up spunk, flooding my pussy with his DNA. He collapsed against me, as I felt some of his cum dribble out around his cock.

He loomed above me, supported on his elbows, our heavy breathing falling into rhythm as we caught our breaths. He moved in and kissed me, his tongue slowly dancing with mine as his cock grew limp and slipped out, followed by a gush of our combined fluids.

“I think your brother was right about us,” he panted.

“I would agree,” I smiled with a silly half laugh.

We cleaned up and crawled into bed together, with me wrapped up in his strong arms. I had never been so satisfied, felt so safe. Drifting into sleep, I knew I wanted to have him again, and planned to.

That was five years ago, and Brian and I have been together ever since. He still gives me multiple orgasms, leaving me exhausted and full of his copious cum. We’re planning to be married in the Spring, with my brother, David, serving as best man to both of us.

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