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The Roommates Ch. 02

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There’s a bit more action this time around. There’s at least one more chapter in this and that may be it. I hope I’ve pleased the readers who liked the slowly developing story, but I do worry that this may not have had the slow burn they were hoping for.

* * *

When Brad woke on Saturday morning it was the first morning he wasn’t disoriented, obviously he was settling into the routine of sleeping on Sara and Daphne’s couch. Today was another day off work. He thought back over the week’s events, from learning Sara had a cock by spying on her shagging some chick doggy style by peeking through the gap under her door, to the blissful yet confusing session he had last night by taking Daphne up her back passage.

Thinking of Daphne he looked over to her door, and seeing it left slightly open, he assumed that she had already left for the day, probably off to the gym quite early. He really wanted to talk to her, to try and gauge how she felt about last night. After he’d cum, she’d pretty much dismissed him from her room, and then she’d proceeded to masturbate pretty loudly. He’d never even been given the opportunity to go down on her and he felt a little slighted at not getting the opportunity to even the scales.

Brad decided to spend the day cleaning up around the apartment. He wanted to repay the girls any way he could, and a bit of extra cleaning would surely be appreciated.

* * *

Saturday afternoon found Brad down at his local pub catching up with a couple of mates.

His day of cleaning had been pretty productive. He’d never seen so many feminine items around the place before, as he’d never lived with women. Mostly he ignored them, but it was an eye-opener to read some of the labels of various products. Who knew your face needed its own special cleanser?

His ‘mates’ had apologised of course for not being able to offer him a place to crash, but he could tell only a couple were truly sincere.

After a few rounds he found himself alone with Jeff, who he’d never really clicked with, though they were mates to a degree. He’d always found Jeff a little weird, like, slightly perverted and always turning the conversation dirty.

Sure enough, Jeff was soon talking about the latest chick whose panties he’d gotten into. Brad’s attention skyrocketed when he heard Jeff say, “– I thought maybe she had a cock for a moment there, but no, she just had a really huge mound and a thick thatch of hair, know what I mean?”

Up until now Brad had been giving monotonous answers, almost willing Jeff to leave, but now he was riveted, “Thank god right? I mean, what if she’d had a cock? Barf city right?”

“No way man. I mean, this chick was smoking, and I mean smoking hot. If she’d turned out to be a gender bender, I’d have turned her around and gone in the service entrance. After all, I’ve been there before,” he actually looked smug.

“You mean anal sex, yeah of course, but with… with a guy… or a chick who was or kind of is a guy?”

He was still smug, proud even, “You’ve obviously never been to Thailand. You’d be surprised how hot, and how feminine some shemales, sorry, transgenders, can be Brad. I’ve had more than a couple of experiences with them, and I’ve got to say, they’re some of my hottest memories.”


“A hundred percent truth man.”

“Because…” Brad wondered if he should be sharing this with anyone, but Jeff certainly didn’t seem like he’d judge. Jeff waited patiently; he could see that Brad was struggling with something. “You know the two chicks, the neighbours I said were helping me out, letting me crash?”


“Well, I kind of caught one of them… well, spied really. I looked under her door one night while she was moaning and groaning, and I swear, she had someone bent over on her bed, and she was doing them doggy style.”

Jeff didn’t look impressed, “Nah, from the sounds of them they’re a couple of rug-munchers, she was probably just using a strap-on.”

Until then, Brad hadn’t considered the possibility that the other party had been Daphne, who he had since taken up the arse himself. Was she the chick that Sara had been doing? Was Daphne also the owner of a penis? She’d wanted it up the arse last night, was that because it was the only hole available? Jeff was taking a swig of his beer when Brad interrupted him, “Well there were no straps, and besides, her balls looked pretty real to me.”

Jeff coughed and spat his beer back into his glass. Obviously he wasn’t completely unflappable. Finally, he managed to cough out, “No shit?”

“I’m not kidding.”

“Wow.” Jeff took a moment to digest it, and then tried to ask the question forming slowly in his head, “So how… do you… did you bar up? Are you going to hit it?”

This was a pretty intimate question from not a close mate. Brad would be much too scared to ask anyone else though, fearing they would judge him. Jeff, though, was unlikely to judge him. “Are you gonna keep this to yourself?”

“For sure, I know who I xslot am and I’m happy, but I’d never go spreading around the secrets of others. Have you ever heard me mention a single name of any of my conquests?”

Brad thought about it and realised he had a point. Jeff bragged, a lot, but he never actually named names or singled anyone out. They could sit in a room full of women Jeff shagged and Brad would never be able to tell. The same could not be said for all of his mates. “True.”

Brad had been thinking about Sara’s cock constantly, wondering what it looked like, how well she used it, how big it was, how thick, how it looked in conjunction with her titties and booty, how it would look fighting to escape from tiny little feminine panties. He’d never had any interest in cocks other than his own before, and never had any interest in men. He’d been in footy locker rooms and never even been tempted to look. As for Daphne, he’d not even begun to wonder what she might be packing, or the thought that the two chicks might both be transgender and sharing a bed. Brad embarrassedly realised his cock was getting hard. It wasn’t tenting his pants, but the blood was definitely heading there and thickening his rod.

Jeff was patiently waiting again, cautiously drinking his beer.

“It did,” Brad knew it wasn’t enough, “it did get me hard, and I keep getting hard just thinking about the possibility. I’m like a teenager again, getting random erections at bad times.”

He expected Jeff to smile at him, make fun of him, but he didn’t. “You’ve got it Brad. You’re attracted to her. I don’t mean to go all psych on you, but how do you feel about that?”

“I don’t know. I think I should feel weird or disgusted with myself, but I don’t.” He looked at Jeff, again appraising him for how much he was willing to trust him, and how much he was willing to tell him. “To be honest, I’m interested, excited and scared.”

“Sounds normal to me considering your situation.”

“So you’ve had sex with… a transgender?”

“Are you gonna keep this to yourself?” he asked with a wry grin.

I returned the grin, accepting the jibe.

“Both ways buddy, I’ve taken and been taken.”

“Ok,” Brad answered, letting that revelation sink in. The thought aroused him, not thinking about Jeff, but being in Jeff’s situation. He imagined getting in behind Sara, shagging her and watching her imagined dick swinging around. He then imagined the roles reversed, Sara behind him doggie style, mashing her big tits into his back while she shafted him and stroked his hardened cock.

Jeff broke his musings, “Listen, I have to go unfortunately.” Jeff grinned, “I have a date, and it’s one I don’t want to miss. But take my number, and if you ever want to talk to someone, call me. I know my kinks, and they’re deep and numerous, but I’m one of the most stable, happy people you’ll meet, so I won’t judge you. But you need to think about things, and examine how you feel about them. Don’t go doing anything stupid.”

Jeff got up and left Brad at the bar, and Brad got another beer.

Jeff had turned out to be quite a surprise.

Brad thought about Jeff’s advice, what would be the stupid thing to do? It would be stupid to react angrily, but Brad hadn’t really felt any anger.

Would it be stupid to confront Sara? Probably, after all, the only reason he knew all about it was because he was spying on her. Yes, definitely stupid to do that.

The smartest thing was probably to just remain ignorant. If they wanted to tell him they would. In fact, he now had an advantage in that if they decided to tell him one day, he wouldn’t be taken by surprise.

Brad realised that he was now thinking with the assumption that Daphne also had a secret between her legs. He had to be careful not to be surprised if it turned out she didn’t have a penis, because that would be extremely insulting to her.

* * *

Despite having been at the pub for most of the afternoon, he still beat Daphne home. He wasn’t sure where she’d been off to all day, and she wasn’t obliged to tell him.

He’d left just a little bit of laundry to do when he got back from the pub. The girls were lucky enough to have a small European laundry in their apartment. He’d used it a couple of times during the week. This time however, Daphne had left some of her clothes on the washer. Well, he assumed it was Daphne judging by the clothes.

His mind jumped two steps and he was thinking that he was definitely a pervert. Despite that, he couldn’t help acting on his first thought. He was going through Daphne’s clothes. There were a few work blouses, skirts, pants, but of course Brad was interested in more intimate items.

Finally he felt the cup of a bra. He checked the label, supremely curious to know the size of Daphne’s sweater puppies. 34E. Wow. He knew they were big; they looked big, heck they looked hefty, but seeing it written down, confirmed, was something else. Thirty-four meant she had a pretty small chest, but E for xslot Giriş the cups was big, especially on a 34 chest.

Brad found a couple of thongs. The temptation to hold them up to his face and have a sniff was strong. He resisted though, he was a pervert for looking through her things, but he decided he had his limits as well.

Once his laundry was done he sat on the couch that had become his bed and stared at the TV. He was getting peckish, but didn’t want to organise dinner in case Daphne also hadn’t eaten in the hope that she’d be agreeable to eating together.

Brad was just about to surrender to his stomach when he heard a key in the door. Daphne breezed in with a huge grin, “Hey Brad, how’s your day been?”

Brad smiled in reply, “Alright, you?”

“Fantastic. Have you had dinner?”

“I was just about to. Did you want to grab something together?”

“Let’s order a pizza. Why don’t you call up now, I’m starving,” she said as she headed for the bathroom.

Brad ordered and was watching TV again when Daphne emerged from the bathroom. She was wearing a grey track suit. You couldn’t get that girl out of sporty clothes, Brad thought to himself. The top was tight, but he wasn’t surprised considering he now knew she was rocking a 34E bra. Her sweat pants were of that Pink brand, and were designed to be tight across her arse and hips, while being loose and flowing further down her legs. Her top was zipped up and there wasn’t much cleavage on display, but sometimes, Brad thought, it was what a girl didn’t show that made all the difference.

They had slowly devoured the pizza and chatted about their respective days while The Big Bang Theory played on the TV. They’d shared similar days, although instead of cleaning, Daphne had spent a couple of hours at the gym. They’d both spent the afternoon hanging out with friends.

They were sitting quite close on the couch. Brad kept stealing glances at Daphne, her full, kissable lips, her delicate ears holding back her silky brunette hair.

Thinking of Sara, he studied Daphne surreptitiously, searching for some clue as to whether or not she might be hiding a secret between her legs. If there was a sign, he couldn’t find it. The old, reliable, Adam’s apple was certainly not there, and her face certainly had no masculine signs. Her body was loudly female, her hips and butt declaring her to be all woman.

Brad thought back to last night. The steamy action he’d had on the couch and in Daphne’s room. He’d do it again in a heartbeat, despite not knowing what she had up front. She’d been less than sober last night. Was it stupid to put the moves on her? Maybe it was, but Brad decided that she’d put the moves on him last night, so surely it was ok for him to give it a shot now. All she could do was say no… and kick him out to the streets… the thought gave him pause.

It was worth it, he decided.

He slowly slid his arm along the back of the couch in that cheesy, tried and true method. He daren’t touch her yet though. She didn’t seem to notice.

What now, the obvious cough or yawn?

Suddenly she snuggled into him, and he seized the opportunity to move his arm down around her shoulders.

They were snuggled up together on the couch watching TV. It was nice. It was what he’d lost with his last girlfriend long before they’d broken up. They’d been out of love for a long time.

Why was he thinking of love? He didn’t love Daphne, but he realised he really like her. She was kind and bubbly, full of energy. And she loved anal sex and had a tight, buxom, sexy body. What could she possibly be missing?

He wrapped his hand around her shoulder. The progress was slow, but he started his progress towards her breast. It was like being a teenager, trying to sneak a feel of his first, frigid, high school girlfriend. It was fun and exciting, so far so good.

When he finally reached her breast he could feel it. She was softer, her tits were softer. She had a hard body, obviously from all the exercise she did, but there were no muscles in her boob to make them hard.

Gently, he moved his hand down and around until he was in position to grab a handful of tit. Finally, he could take no more and gave a gentle squeeze.

Daphne gasped, “Brad!” She turned to look at him and smiled. She bit her bottom lip and looked into his eyes. She put her hand over his and moved it so he was completely cupping her breast before forcing his hand to give it a squeeze. “I’ve never had that move put on me you know, but I used to dream about it.”

Encouraged, Brad began to feel her up in earnest. Her breasts were every bit as large and full as their 34E tag promised. He filled his other hand with her opposite breast and began truly kneading them, causing her to moan, “Mmmm.” She closed her eyes and laid her head back against his arm and the couch.

She’d kept her hair up in a pony tail, giving him an unobstructed view of her neck and delicate shoulder blades. She was taller than him by xslot Güncel Giriş a few inches, but she was certainly of slighter frame judging by her beautiful neck and shoulders.

As he studied her face, thrown back and dreamy with pleasure, he’d unknowingly slowed his caressing of her breasts. She blearily opened her eyes and looked into his. He pulled her to him and they locked lips hungrily. He ran his hand down her back and slipped it beneath the waistband of her sweats.

He felt the telltale thin lace of a thong and passionately gripped her arse and pulled her against himself even harder.

Her hands were in his hair, gripping and pulling, mashing their faces together.

He moved his hand to her hip, staying within her pants and feeling that supremely erotic and sexy thong over her smooth skin.

She pulled away and grabbed forcefully at his pants, trying in vain to simply yank them off. Brad levered himself up and helped her get them off.

His 7″ and a bit cock was standing to attention in his boxers. Before he could remove those as well, Daphne beat him to it, but not in the way he expected. She playfully nipped his covered cock, before biting his waistband and removing his boxers with her mouth alone.

She sank to the floor between his legs as his boxers were finally removed. He looked down at her on her knees, hair pulled back in a pony tail, looking up at him with smouldering eyes.

She tentatively placed her hands on his thighs, capturing his cock between her hands without actually grabbing it. She stuck out her tongue and slowly ran it up the underside of his rod.

He threw his head back in ecstasy, as she ran her tongue up and down the underside of his shaft, curling her tongue so that it cupped the long shaft.

He reached down and ran his fingertips along her jaw line, before tracing them down her neck and across her collarbone.

She worked her tongue up each side of his dick, and got her lips involved as well, sucking and kissing his rod.

“Daphne!” he exclaimed, over come with pleasure, “Oh god Daphne, please… please… put it in your mouth. Please suck my cock Daphne?”

She smiled at him as she continued to tease him, licking his shaft up and down both sides, over and over again. It was clear that she was enjoying teasing him.

He thrashed his head around in frustration at her teasing and pleaded with her, “God, please, Daphne…”

She relented, and swallowed his cock. It felt to Brad like she had literally removed his cock, stuck it in her mouth and swallowed it down her throat.

He looked down at her again to see her deep-throating him expertly, not even a hint of a gag reflex. He had no idea how she was making his cock feel so good, but she must have been doing something with her tongue and swallowing action.

“OH GOD DAPHNE! FUCK! Oh god, you suck my cock so good. Uhhhh. Yeah. Suck on that dick Daphne.” Brad’s hips were pumping futilely, as Daphne had complete control of him, moving her head and neck as necessary to not allow Brad to either withdraw or pump forward, teasing him deliciously. “Oh fuck yes. Hurrrrr.”

What she was doing was amazing, but still, Brad found the lack of a pumping motion was becoming frustrating. This woman was amazing, able to take him to a whole other plane of teasing.

“I have to fuck you girl. We’re going to fuck,” he laid it out. He stood up, withdrawing his cock from Daphne’s mouth and throat.

“MWAH!” she said as the tube steak was removed. She looked a little scared, but Brad was too far gone to stop now.

“Maybe… maybe we should stop,” she tentatively stated.

He reached down and unzipped her track top, pulling it from her, revealing her round 34Es held only by a smooth, restrictive sports bra.

He grabbed the hem of her sports bra, and in one swift move pulled it up over her head and off. She was obviously agreeable as she lifted up her arms to help.

He watched, mesmerised as her big, heavy breasts were pulled and stretched upwards by the bra, before bouncing back into their natural, round shape and position.

“Brad, I think we should stop,” she said, a little more confidently.

Brad slid his hands down the outside of each breast, hunching his back and hips to reach down, unintentionally bringing his cock back to Daphne’s lips, where, after a moment’s hesitation, she mouthed and made out with the head sensually. He reached further down, around and under her udders, to heft and lift them, shaking them and making them jiggle. He curled his fingertips up towards the front, tickling the tips of her nipples and flicking them, bringing both he and her pleasure.

He had a pretty good idea she wanted him to stop because she wasn’t exactly in control this time, and was probably worried he might find a little secret in her panties. But he’d been operating under the assumption of its existence anyway. In fact, he knew the thought was giving him an extra erotic charge. So he had no fear concerning that. If she wanted to stop for some other reason, she’d have to tell him soon.

She knelt in front of him, half his cock in her mouth being lovingly kissed and sucked, while he crouched over her, caressing and jiggling her hefty tits in his hands.

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